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Foursome Free For All

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“Oh God Janey, you know how I hate the blind date thing,” I groaned into the phone as my best friend tried to convince me yet again to double date with her and her boyfriend Chris.

“But Maia, it wouldn’t really be a date. His friend Andrew is coming in from the east coast and he promised to show him around L.A., take him out and get him drunk, you know, typical guy stuff.

I don’t wanna be the only woman there in that sea of testosterone,” she laughed, hoping to cajole me into joining the three of them for what promised to be a wild night of partying.

I sighed heavily. “OK fine, but you owe me…again,” I said, rolling my eyes but smiling.

“You’re the best! By the way, I asked Chris if this guy is hot and he said ‘chicks seem to like him,’ so who knows, maybe you’ll actually have a good time,” she said teasingly.

“Yeah, yeah, like I said, you owe me. So I’ll see you when, around 8?”

“Yeah, we’ll come by and pick you up. See you then!”

I sighed again to myself, wondering why I let Janey talk me into these things. Actually, I had one pretty good reason – I had had something of a crush on her since we met while working in the same office building about 6 months before. She’s nothing less than a knockout: 5′ 8″, long wavy red hair and a voluptuous hourglass figure with full DD breasts, a trim waist, a perfectly round ass and legs that go on forever. I would often fantasize about the two of us together, how her body would contrast with mine since I’m on the shorter side – about 5′ 4″ – slim, with long dark hair and small breasts. I’m bisexual –I never came out and asked her if she was too, but there were times when I swore she was looking at me with just a little more than friendly intentions. I supposed that someday I would get the nerve to ask her if she was interested in being more than just friends, but for now I just kept my fantasies a secret, only letting them out when I was laying in bed at night with a vibrator pressed to my clit, imagining what it would be like to dive into that sweet pussy that I knew she must have. Feeling my own pussy tingling just at the beginnings of these thoughts, I shook off them off and got ready for my big night out.

Chris’s BMW glided down the street and stopped in front of my apartment at a few minutes after 8. I heard the horn honk and came out, walking at a moderate pace since I had chosen my particularly high heels for the occasion along with my trusty black minidress, the one that I know I always look good in. Of course, I always think Janey outshines me with her ample boobs and mile long legs, but I work with what I’ve got. As I approached the car, I saw who I assumed to be Andrew lean over and open the back door for me. I slid into the back seat next to him and my breath caught for a minute when I glimpsed his face…oh yeah, I could see why Chris said the women liked him, he was amazing looking: short light brown curly hair, brilliant blue eyes, goatee, strong jaw, and from what I could tell a pretty damn hot body as well. We made our introductions and then settled into the backseat as Chris drove us to the restaurant/club where we would be spending the evening. This might be more fun than I thought!


“So, you guys about ready to head out?” Janey asked.

I glanced at my watch and was startled to see that it was already after 1:00 am. The night had flown by and I didn’t want it to end yet. Andrew and I had totally clicked and the sexual tension had been high all night. I’m not the type to fuck on the first date, but I was seriously considering making an exception to that rule. Janey had noticed the chemistry too and I could see the gears turning in her head on how she was going to make sure the night didn’t end too early.

“Wow, I had no idea it was so late already,” I said, playing the good girl role as I do so well.

“Late? It’s only 1:00…why don’t we all go back to my place and hang out?” She shot me a wicked glance and at that moment I was in total agreement.

“Sounds good to me,” Andrew agreed, smiling at me.

Janey grabbed Chris and we all headed back to the car and then back to Janey’s place. Once there, we settled ourselves into her plush couches as she went into the kitchen to get a bottle of wine and some glasses. We were all a little tipsy already, with the exception of Chris, who, as designated driver, was drinking club soda. As usual, Janey looked amazing in her tight black tshirt, low rise jeans and high heeled sandles, her lush red hair falling loose to the middle of her back. Chris caught me staring at her ass as she swayed into the kitchen.

“Nice, isn’t it?” he said.

I began blushing immediately but he leaned over and whispered, “She likes girls, you know.”

“She does?? Why did you never tell me this before?” I said, slapping him lightly on the arm.

“She thought it might freak you out,” he said shrugging.

“Um, I like girls too you know,” I said and saw Chris glance at Andrew.

Janey came back into the living room and opened the bottle, looking around at the three of us.

“OK, why is it so quiet in here?” she asked with a bit of a smirk on her face.

“Oh, Maia and I were just talking about your gorgeous ass,” Chris said.

I opened my mouth to tell him to knock it off but Janey just laughed.

“Well Maia’s got quite the little body on her too,” she said to Chris while locking eyes with me.

I was getting a little flustered here, but I could also feel warmth spreading through my groin area as Janey sat down next to me and offered me a glass of wine. No one spoke for a moment as we all sipped our wine, but then Janey put down her glass and took mine from my hand.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time,” she purred in my ear, putting her finger under my chin to tilt my face up until my lips met hers. She kissed me gently at first, her tongue teasing my lips apart as we began to fully explore each other’s mouths. She put one hand on my back and tilted me against the sofa cushion, her other hand stroking my hair. I put both arms around her waist and pulled her closer, feeling her large soft breasts press against my perky B cups. Our kissing got deeper and more passionate and for a moment we forgot the guys were even there, we were so into flicking our tongues and feeling our nipples start to stiffen as they rubbed against each other. I could feel my pussy getting wet and I was aching to feel Janey’s pussy grinding against mine before I plunged my tongue into that hot snatch. I broke away from the kiss and maneuvered Janey so her back was against the couch cushion and I started to unbuckle her belt.

“Oh, you read my mind,” she breathed heavily. “I’ve wanted to feel your tongue on my clit for so long.”

I glanced over at the guys, who were watching with a mixture of awe and amazement that this live girl-girl porn was going on in front of their eyes. “You guys liking this?” I said with a little grin.

“Oh my God, just eat her pussy, I’ve gotta see this,” Chris said and Andrew nodded in agreement.

I turned back to Janey, sliding off her tight jeans and then her soaking wet g string panties, which I tossed in Chris’s direction. Parting her pale, flawless thighs, I was greeted with a very neatly trimmed red haired pussy, glistening with her juices.

“Mmmmm, a real redhead,” I muttered as I began kissing and licking her plump outer pussy lips. I then parted her lips with my fingers, stroking them softly and working my tongue into her slit. Janey moaned, arching her back slightly and spreading her legs wide apart to give me room to play. I teased her clit, running my tongue over it lightly before going back to the lips and then burying my tongue deep and tongue-fucking her now dripping hole. I glanced up and saw her head thrown back, her hands massaging her boobs. I reached up, going under her shirt and bra to gently pinch her stiff nipples, which made her moan even louder and buck her hips. I pulled my hand out of her shirt and grabbed her ass in both my hands, tilting her pussy up so I could really bury my whole face in her slick twat. I could tell she was getting close to cumming, so I licked up and down her slit and then sucked her clit into my mouth, nibbling it gently.

She began grinding her pussy against my face, screaming, “oh fuck, oh FUCK, I’m gonna cum!” and in a few seconds my mouth and chin were soaked in hot girl juices that I eagerly lapped up.

“Oh my God, that was amazing,” she said, trying to catch her breath. She pulled off her top and bra and just sat on the couch for a minute, her breath returning to normal. I got up off my knees and leaned over, kissing her hard on the mouth so she could taste her juices.

“You taste wonderful,” I breathed in her ear as I felt her reach around to my back and tug at the zipper on my dress.

“Your turn,” she said with a wicked smile and she pulled off my dress, followed by my bra and panties. “But I feel bad leaving the guys out, I think they need to come over and join us.”

As if she even had to ask, the guys were more than happy to come join us on the couch. Though the four of us had never been together before, I was amazed at how easily we all meshed together. I leaned back on the couch, spreading my legs wide as Janey knelt between my thighs. Chris got behind her and began rubbing her ass and Andrew sat down next to me and started kissing me on the neck. I turned towards him slightly so he could French kiss and as he slid his tongue into my mouth, I felt Janey slide hers deep into my pussy. I moaned against Andrew’s mouth as Janey’s tongue began to explore my hole, sinking deep into my slit and then pulling out again, fucking me like a mini cock. She then replaced her tongue with a couple of fingers, which slid into my wetness so easily. I bucked my hips, fucking her fingers as she flicked the underside of my clit with her tongue. Andrew took my hand and put it against the growing bulge in his jeans.

“You two are making me so fucking hard, Maia, I need you to suck my cock.” I moaned in agreement as I quickly tugged down his zipper and reached in to pull out his throbbing erection. He was big, about 8 inches, and thick, just the way I like them. My mouth was actually watering at the thought of having that hot cock shoved down my throat and before I could say anything, he got on his knees and pushed it towards my hungry mouth. I grabbed it by the base and continued to guide it in between my full lips, flicking my tongue over the swollen purple head. I sucked it further into my mouth and heard him moan slightly as I took it deep into my throat, holding it there while I ran my tongue up and down the hot shaft. As I sucked and licked, I heard Janey moan against my pussy and looked down to see that Chris had slid into her from behind and was stroking back and forth rhythmically as she thrust her hips back at him. The faster he pounded her pussy, the faster she licked and sucked my clit, which was swollen and supersensitive at this point. The combination of her three fingers ramming in and out of my cunt while her tongue swirled around my hot button was sending me over the edge, and I began to moan deep in my throat as I felt my orgasm building. I concentrated on sucking Andrew’s meaty cock, going from deep throating to a combination of hand and mouth. Using my saliva to lube up his tool, I stroked my hand up and down the shaft while keeping the head in my mouth and my tongue on the sensitive underside. He grunted in appreciation and grabbed the back of my head, twisting his fingers through my hair and pulling it back sharply. Oh God, I loved that!

His hand guided my head up and down on his cock and he half groaned, half whispered, “Fuck you know how to suck cock, Oh my God, you’re gonna make me cum so hard.” Hearing that sent me over the edge and I started to cum, grinding my pussy against Janey’s face and screaming, though it was muffled by the throbbing dick stuck in my mouth. Andrew moaned and as I reached my peak, he pushed his cock deep into my mouth and I felt a stream of hot jizz hit the back of my throat. He continued to pump his hips for a few seconds, and then slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth, his hand still pulling my hair back. He flopped back down on the couch, leaned over and kissed me deeply. When we pulled away from the kiss, I looked down to see that Chris was still stroking in and out of Janey, grabbing her by the hips and ramming into her, making her ample boobs bounce back and forth as she got pounded. I got down on the floor next to her, pulling Andrew down next to me so we two were side by side with them.

I could see that even though he had just come, he was still rock hard. “Fuck me,” I said, looking him directly in the eye. He grinned, kneeling over me and rubbing his cock against my well-lubed crack as I spread my legs wide. I turned my face toward Janey and we started kissing, tasting each other’s pussies on our lips. As my mouth was pressed against hers, I felt Andrew slide smoothly into me, completely filling my cunt. He grabbed me by the hips and began stroking back and forth and with every thrust, I could feel my pussy quivering as he hit my G spot. I reached over and started playing with Janey’s big tits, and she maneuvered around so they were bouncing in my face. I began sucking on one of her large strawberry nips, tonguing it and drawing it into my mouth.

“Mmmmmm Maia, I love your tongue,” she groaned. “We should’ve done this a long time ago.”

I smiled and nodded, then went back to her wonderful tits as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the pounding she was getting from behind.

She turned to Chris and breathed, “Fuck my ass baby,” as she reached between her legs and started fingering her clit.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Chris said as he pulled out of her wet twat and pushed the head of his cock against her tight asshole. I looked up and saw Andrew watching as Chris’s cock worked its way into Janey’s ass and I could feel him getting harder inside me. Janey moaned louder, her fingers a blur on her clit as Chris fucked her ass. Andrew turned back to me and then got serious, pounding fast and deep inside me. I took a cue from Janey and began to rub my still sensitive clitty, using three fingers to massage my button.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” Chris grunted and I watched as he pulled out of Janey’s ass and sprayed a ribbon of cum across her back. He pushed back and sat on the rug for a minute, but noticing that Janey was still rubbing her clit like crazy, he flipped her over onto her back and buried his face between her thighs, sucking at her overworked clit as he jammed four fingers into her hole. Janey groaned in pleasure, arching her hips and grabbing at her tits, squeezing the hard nips as Chris’s tongue and fingers worked her pussy. I was getting close to a second climax myself, and watching Janey squirm around made my pussy clench around Andrew’s cock as my clit throbbed under my fingers.

Janey cried “I’m cumming!!!” just as I began to go over the edge and we both screamed as orgasms rocked through our bodies. I felt Andrew’s cock stiffen even more inside me and just as I was coming down off my climax, he pulled out and stroked his cock until creamy cum spurted out all over my stomach and tits. Before I could do anything, Janey leaned over and began licking the jizz off of me, depositing it into my mouth as she crushed her lips against mine. I kissed her back, swapping the cum between our hot mouths until there was none left to swallow. She rolled off me and on to her back and the four of us just lay there for a few moments as the smell of sex drifted through the air.

“I need a snack,” Janey said and we all agreed food and a drink were in order.

“After all,” Janey said as she headed for the kitchen, “we’re gonna need the energy for Round 2!”


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