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A Dry Summer Oasis

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I woke Sunday morning, tired, and with burning eyes. I wasn’t hungover from my graduation party the previous night, but my eyes were betraying me as if I had been. I rubbed them a bit and tried to open them again but still felt as if someone had rubbed in fiberglass. I laid back in the bed and thought about the previous night. I was upset that the my best female friend and current best friend had hooked up at the end of the night and that she had not chosen me.

I guess I was just one more victim of the friend zone. I did not know it then, but it would be a pitfall I would blunder into many times in my life.

I took a deep breath and sat up, opened my eyes and turned and put feet to floor. I had a summer to enjoy before leaving for college, and damn it, it was just what I was going to do. I grabbed some some clothes, a towel from the hall closet, set them on the bathroom sink and jumped into the shower and turned the water on before letting it warm. The cold blast instantly dispelled any lingering malaise I placed my hand level, before my eyes, letting the water splash off it and into my slightly open eyes. It gradually began to relieve the burning. After a few moments of this I washed, hair, head, arms, body, and lingered to relieve some left over tension from losing out. After thoroughly rinsing I stepped from the shower and dried off. Hair brushed, teeth brushed, and remnants of an okay night brushed aside I headed out for the day.

I checked my wallet, before getting into my car, for the third time (a bit of O.C.D.) to make sure the money I received last night from friends and family was there in the proper order and direction in the billfold. I headed to Greg’s and after knocking on the door and waiting a few moments his Mother came to the door and said he had just left to help his father at their shop. I drove around town with the money burning a hole in my pocket and not a damn idea what to spend it on. Around five I gave up and headed for work. I had two months left to work at our town’s largest Woolworths. I had worked there, my first job, for the last two and a half years.

I arrived, headed to the office and checked with Mick our Manager about the night’s special needs if there were any. He just said to do what I do best so I said okay and headed to the back to get to work. Just as I finished drawing up a list I made every night I worked, to run through and check off finished tasks, I heard a light knock on the delivery door. I opened the door and there before me stood a tall, slender, blonde vision of beauty. I almost fell over trying to keep the wind from slamming the door open and possibly hitting her as it was caught and swung out. It stopped just short of hitting her nose. Her face was frozen in the shock of the near miss. I apologized and mentioned that she was late, we had been expecting the shipment yesterday morning.

“I know, and I am sorry, but there was a problem with the truck, and with it being the beginning of summer, well, we had no one to step in and bring the load.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said, lightly laughing, “I just thought I should give you some grief since I am willing to bet that there are few who would be so bold to do so. Seeing how it might hurt their chances of bedding you.”

“Bedding me? They’re bold? Right! You’ve got them beat!”

“Me? What do you mean?”

“Come on, you’re telling me that you’re not hitting on me?”

“Ma’am, while you are definitely beautiful even though you’re sweaty, and I can’t possibly think of any reason you’d want to be stuck in the hot cab of a truck on a Sunday, you are out of my league in sooo many ways.” I said looking her in the eyes, while trying not to look at her body.

“Oh my, you are good. And, pray tell me, how I am out of your league?” she asked hands on hips and a daring look spread wide across her lovely face.

I tried to hide my gulp as I thought of how to begin. “Well, okay. Number one you’re about eight, maybe nine years older than me, and seeing how I am a stockboy and just graduated high school yesterday, I am most likely very low on your list of choices for a date. Second, as I said, while you’re sweaty, your bright blue eyes radiate energy, warmth, and whisper of a soul deep and so wide as to make your beauty so much more than skin deep. Third, -”

“Oh, hell, stop right there!” She breathed out loud. “You just jumped over 99% of the men on that damn list you compiled in your head. How, why, wha . . . how can you say those things?”

“Well, let me get this load in here and if I have time I’ll let you in on what I see.” We worked feverishly to unload the truck and check to make sure the load was complete and no loss paperwork needed to be completed due to damaged goods. When done I was a sweat soaked mess and, as I turned to her, “I feel odd asking this at this point, but may I ask your name?” I had forgotten to check on the manifest.

She laughed, “Definitely!”

“Definitely. I like, its unusual but I -”

“What a smart ass!” she said laughing as she slugged me in the shoulder, “Its Melody!”

“Well, it is nice to have met you Melody, I am Daniel,” I handed her back the delivery copy of the shipping order and thanked her.

“What? That’s it? You’re not going to tell me what you see?”

“Well I am off here in 15 minutes, are you off immediately to deadhead to your next load or do you have a layover?”

I don’t need to head out until 7 in the morning. In fact I was going to ask if you knew if there was somewhere good to eat nearby I could walk to?”

“Sure, but I’ll drive, just give me a few and meet me out front.” I let her out back and had her bring her truck around to the front and to the far east corner and park it there. It would be safe out front under the lights. I shot down the aisles sweeping so quickly, but not missing a thing, mostly because I had received highest rankings for cleanliness from corporate and I was a stellar stockboy. Done, I said goodnight to Mick, and the ladies (our cashiers) and met Melody out front, where I was happy to see she had actually waited.

I held out my arm which she accepted and I led her to my car (well, my Mother’s station wagon – just another reason). I opened the door and helped her in, closed it, and headed around to my side, and before getting in, took a deep calming breath.

“What would you like to eat? We have just about everything you’d want within a mile.”

She thought for a moment, “I guess, I’d like to try your favorite place.”

I laughed.

“Whats so funny?”

“You would really want A&W?”

“Coney dogs, fries, and rootbeer? Oh, hell yes! Let’s go!”

I was stunned. SO much so that my mouth was agape and I was was falling into those deep pools of caribbean blue.

“Um, Okay, you said I have nice eyes, but I am getting really hungry now.”

“Sorry. Its just, well, I am just in awe of your beauty,” I said starting the car and putting it into reverse, before hitting the brakes and shifting to drive. I could feel my face turning red.

She moved her right hand to my thigh and said, “Its okay, sometimes I grind the gears in the truck.” But her hand remained.

Once there we rolled down the windows leaving them up a tad and ordered two mugs of rootbeer, and two baskets of footlong Coney dogs and fries. We began to talk as we waited. I found out that she was originally from Florida and had moved up this way a few months before she had turned 18 and stayed for a few months before heading home. My mind went into overdrive.

I thought for a moment. She is about my sister’s age, and when my sister had turned 18 she spent two weeks in florida and brought a skinny waif of a girl back up with her. The girl, was blonde and had been living on the beach after having run away from home because of a physically abusive drunk stepfather. I remember her fondly, because she was the first woman ever to be nude in front of me. It happened by chance.

We weren’t rich and lived in a two bedroom house, one room shared by me and my sister. One morning as I lay asleep she returned from the bathroom and a long shower. She dropped her towel believing I was still asleep. But when she had opened the bedroom door I woke. I slowly opened my eyes, and saw her drop the towel. Her back was to me and I was amazed at the wonderful shape of her ass. While there was very little fat on her at all I was enraptured by the spade shape before me. She bent forward to pick up her panties and a fleshy, thin haired blonde mound, parted by two pink pieces of flesh, hung down just out of the part. I inhaled quickly, shocked, awed, and pleasantly pleased at what i had just seen. She turned quickly and I barely closed my eyes before she looked at mine. She finished dressing, but more deliberately and slower while not trying to cover her nude body. Over the next two months this became a ritual. And then suddenly one day she was dressed and I saw no more of her.

Our food came and the waitress set our tray on the window. I served her, her food and we began to eat. As I ate I watched her thinking of those days, and then asked, “So how did you become a fan of A&W’s coney dogs?”

“Well, when I moved up here the family I lived with used to come to this exact restaurant . . . for,” she stopped, and looked as if she was trying remember something.

“For?” I prodded, wondering if I knew where this was heading.

“Well, even though they took me in, their Mother was the only parent, and though she struggled to make ends meet, she would take us out to eat every now and then.”

“Was there a brother? A younger brother?”

Her eyes opened wide, “Wow, yes, I had almost forgotten. He was about ten, and he,” her eyes opened wide . . .

“Used to watch you get dressed after you got out of the shower?”

She spun sideways nearly losing the foot long weiner in her hand. She set the dog on the dash and leaned forward and hugged me violently as she pressed her small, firm, 32A cups into my chest. “Oh my, I lost track of you guys! I called home after your Mother and I had a talk and found out my Stepfather had died in a drunk driving accident, his fault of course. I went back, finished school, and well, got a job driving trucks through my Uncle’s firm. I thought of coming back to visit, but I didn’t know if, well, you guys were still there.”

“Yep, we were, or rather are, and you were my dream until Cheryl Teigs and her appearance on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.” I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek, and then squeezed her ass lightly, “and I still think about you . . . often.”

She looked in my eyes then moved forward and kissed me on the lips before sighing and moving back to her side of the front bench seat. I sat in stunned silence taking in her body, which had put on a few pounds, but very few, and how she had matured from a waif of a girl into a striking woman.

“My how you have gone from my object of affection, to a Goddess.”

She turned red in a hurry, and as we finished eating, we talked of the present, while taking each other in and stealing glances. A thought crossed my mind and hoping for the best, I asked, “Were you going to sleep in your trucks sleeper or get a room somewhere? Because, you don’t have to. I know my Mother would like to see you, and we have a real bed for you, that is, if you’d like to come back to my house?” In my head I was hoping that this, being a night my Mother’s boyfriend was home from the road, she’d be at his house. God I hoped she was. “Besides, we could stop back at your truck and you could grab a fresh change of clothes and have a nice warm shower.”

She eyed me sideways, “A shower hunh?”

“Yep,” I said with an ear to ear grin.

“Sounds lovely.”

I pushed the buzzer, ordered a gallon of root beer to go, paid the waitress, tipped her, and waited for her to remove the tray from the window. I started the car, backed out and headed to my house.

“Do you still have the bunk beds?”

“Nah, I have an extra long full size bed, which is yours. I can sleep on the couch.”

“Wow, such a young gentleman! I knew your Mother was wonderful person. She definitely raised you right,” she said with a delightful smile.

I pulled into the drive and saw that the lights were off. I knew she wasn’t home as it was just turning ten, and she was rarely asleep before the 11 o’clock news had ended. I used the key to open the front door letting Melody in first. She instinctively felt the wall on the left for the switch and turned on the lights. “Everything is in the same place, but it is newer except for the end tables and the coffee table,” she said.

“Well, if you would like that shower now, it is right around the corner there, if you remember?”

She turned and placed a hand on my chest, “You can go first. And you can sleep in your own bed. I really need some sleep, so if you don’t mind I’ll just crash here on the couch. It looks very comfy.”

I was immediately dejected, but I was tired. The stockroom had been very hot and humid. So I left her in the living room and headed to my bedroom to grab a set of pajamas, and socks. For some reason I refused to sleep without them on. I took a quick shower, dressed, and went to my room, which was literally two feet away from the bathroom door. I left the lights off and climbed into bed. I thought about the chances of finding her again and felt lucky, but wondered how I had gotten all the signals wrong. I guess to her I was still a little boy. I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep as I heard the bathroom door open and then close. A moment later I heard the shower begin.

I must have fallen asleep because I missed the shower being turned of and the next I knew my bedroom door opened and the lights came on. Could it be? My heart jumped from resting to light speed. I slowly opened my eyes just a sliver as she turned her back to me and dropped her towel to the floor.

Before me was the most perfect, fleshy, shapely, and cellulite free ass i had ever stumbled across (I know, I am only 18). It had filled out nicely and was the same wonderfully white, lightly freckled ass of my youth. I had to fight the urge to reach out and touch it. And just as I won that battle she bent over to pick her panties up off the chair in front of my desk. The thin haired blonde pussy with the lovely folds was bare, and leaking fluids. It seemed to be puffing up before my eyes and turning a deeper shade of red. I could contain myself no more. I reached out and gently traced my finger down and forward along her slit.

“Ooooh, you’ve become a bad boy!” she said as she turned with a strict, disapproving look.

“I, uh, couldn’t help myself,” I said as I brought my finger to my lips and sucked off the moisture I had collected. “Dear GOD!” I said loudly, “What an awesome ‘Honey of the Gods taste!'”

“Ooh you really think so?”

“Yes,” I said reaching my hand out cupping her mound and pulling her towards me, “Yes, I do, and if I may I will take some more now.” I pulled her to the bed as I sat up. I lifted her legs up and over my head and placed them on the bed. I stood and moved down to the end of the bed and as I crawled on she moved her legs apart. Her pussy now engorged had its pink clit peeking out from under its sheath, and her lips had parted and juice was leaking out and beginning to reach her bunghole. I grabbed a pillow and lifted her ass and doubled the pillow over and lowered her onto it and settled prone, raised on elbows before her.

I kissed the inside of each thigh as she shivered in response. I lightly sucked each side of her mound as she added moans to each shiver of satisfaction. I licked slowly around her bunghole and then gently pushed the tip of my tongue into it. She squirmed, shook and absently pulled back from the sudden intrusion. I moved my tongue upwards along her perineum and licked up to her clit and sucked it in. She moaned and shivered more forcefully as she grabbed my hair on the back of my head and pushed me harder onto her. I began to suck harder and roll my tongue around the pink bulb. Her moan turned into one long growl, deep, and guttural. I bit down and stuffed two fingers into her pussy and one into her as at the same time. Her back arched, hung in the air as she screamed, spasmed” massively as she shook and fell back to the mattress. I continued licking but shifted to her pussy as I gathered the newly offered juices. Her taste was citrusy sweet, and her aroma had an earthen fresh after the rain smell. I was vaguely aware of her moans turning into pleads for me to stop.

I pulled back and looked up as she tried almost hopelessly to regain her composure. She looked up as I licked my lips and fingers and loudly said, “Yum.”

Still short of breath she asked, “Do I really taste so good?”

“Fuck A&W! Does that tell you anything?”

She laughed as she struggled to sit up. She reached out for me and I moved forward and we kissed passionately. Her tongue danced with mine. Our tongues were two lost lovers reunited at long last. We fell to the side but continued our kiss. Breathless, we relented and gasped in union for air.

We laid side by side looking into each other’s eyes. Content in the moment. Satisfied to talk without words. I remembered so much about her in those moments that drew me to her when I was younger. Her patience with others, her kindness, her concern, and most of all her wit and intelligence. I know I was ten at the time, but I could tell she held back showing others just how smart she was.



“Would you like me to return to my feast, or would you like me to make love to you?”

“Honey, we just reunited as old friends. Please don’t love me yet, but please feel free to fuck me hard, and as long as possible,” she paused, then added, “Can you do that for me, for us?”

I smiled, “For you, anything!”

She looked down between my legs, “Oh my, you’ve still got an erection.”

“One of the joys of youth, so I am told.”

“Roll onto your back please.”

I did so and my larger than most thick cock pointed to the ceiling. She straddled me slowly and with her right hand touched my cock for the first time. I held my breath, knowing I had just brought her to an orgasm with my mouth, but still in awe that my cock was about to be in that beautiful woman’s pink, soft, velvet like pussy. The heat as she brought my soldier’s helmet to her opening was intense. She rubbed it along her slit a few times and playfully slipped it in shallowly, before before smacking her pussy hard with it. She smacked her pussy a few more times, then artfully placed it and dropped down suddenly. I nearly shot my load right then.

The tightness, warmth, and feel of her pussy as she began to make it squeeze and release my cock had me in a daze of pleasure I had never felt before. Slowly, almost imperceptibly she began to rock forwards and backwards as she rolled her hips. I fought for control of my cock. I could feel my seed try to begin its path to freedom. I concentrated on the movement of her small orbs and reached up to take them in my hands. So soft, and perfect. She leaned forward offering them to me. I pulled one breast downward and to my mouth and began to lick her areola and nibble on the nipple. Her hips increased their motion and speed as she began to groan. I sucked harder on her nipple and moved to the other. She dropped herself onto my body and hugged me just before rolling us over.

I was still inside her as I lifted to better position myself to better fuck her. As I did so she dug her nails into my back and growled, “FUCK ME!”

The pain shot through me and I violently slammed into her.

“Yes!” she screamed.

I pulled up and nearly out and began the loud slapping symphony of balls to ass. I was picking up speed and ferocity as her moans turned to, “Unh, unh, oh, unh, fuck, unh, yeah, unh, oh god, unh, UNHHHHHH!” as she spewed fluids across my abdomen and around my cock. It allowed me easier penetration and I slammed harder, faster, as she gripped the sheets and mattress trying to hold on and make it through the violent orgams ripping through her in waves. Her back arched and she fell back to the mattress limp, but eyes open wide.

I continued to tenderize her meaty mound. I placed a hand over her clit and wiped up some of the juices and brought them to my mouth and licked them off and then slapped her mound and clit. Her scream pierced the rhythm of sounds that had built. I slapped it again as I felt myself lose control. She screamed again as I let loose pumping cock and seed into her over and over.

Finally I stopped and rolled off her and lay my head on her breast. We lay in silence for sometime as our breathing slowed and our senses returned. I felt her move her hand to my cock, and heard a gasp come from her before she said, “My God, you’re still hard!”

She sat up and immediately moved between my legs and forced them apart. I felt her lips take my cocks head into her warm mouth. She bobbed up and down on just the head as her hand pumped my shaft. Her hand slid to the base and her other hand cupped my balls, rolling them between her fingers and gently squeezing every so often. Her mouth was now dropping lower with every downward plunge. I began to lift as she dropped and soon I was fucking her mouth and throat. She struggled to breathe through her nose as she fought to maintain such an incredible suction. I tried to maintain focus on the ceiling to keep from cumming as this experience had me sailing to the moon. After a few more down strokes on her part I moaned, “Melody! Melody, my, I, unh, cumming!”

I exploded again, amazed that there was more to give. She slowed her rhythm and began to concentrate on swallowing my cum, and milking my cock. When she finished, she looked up and licked her lips and showed me her empty mouth. She crawled up over my body and brought her lips to mine. I didn’t hesitate and kissed her deeply, meaningfully, and for some time. When we parted she sighed and settled into a spooning position. We both fell asleep, forgetting to turn off the lights.

My alarm went off at 6am and I woke her. We both took a quick shower and then I made scrambled eggs, some sausage links and toast. I poured her a glass of orange juice and we sat and ate. around ten to seven I took her to her truck.

Before she left I gave her my phone number and told her to please call me if she came by this way again before summer ended. On the paper was my address and suggested if she was bored some time, that she could always write and let me know what she was thinking. She smiled and kissed me goodbye. Once in the truck she shifted into gear, pulled through the parking lot, out onto a side street and turned the corner coming back my way. She watched me as she passed and as she went by she pulled the air horn’s cord and let it sound down the length of the road until the off ramp to the expressway.

I immediately felt the loss of her once again. I stood there crying like a lost little boy. I looked around. Nowhere to go.

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