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The Pool Party

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A trim blond with an amazing chest strutted by the glass front of my office. I watched her full breasts as they bounced with each step she took.

“Molly,” I called out, trying to calm the naughty thoughts that surfaced each time I saw that lovely body.

The buxom blond stuck her head into my office. My eyes immediately drifted again to her ample chest. Molly has one of those chests that men dream about. Her full D-cups pushed at the fabric of her shirt, which was unbuttoned far enough to reveal a healthy amount of cleavage.

“Hey, Lisa,” She smiled. Molly took one of the chairs in front of my desk and dropped into it. She leaned forward making her cleavage all the more visible. It was a wonder any of the men in the office got any work done with a distraction like this walking around. “What can I do for you?”

“It’s nothing really,” I responded. “It’s just, I was planning a little get together this weekend and wondered if you would like to come over.”

“Oh, that sounds like fun,” Molly replied. “I don’t have plans yet, I’d love to come.”

“Great. Here’s my address.” I jotted it down on a piece of paper. “We’ll probably get started around seven on Saturday. See you then.”

“Yes, see you then,” Molly called as she slipped from the chair and left the office. I watched her ass as she walked through the door. That was a woman that was easy on the eyes, I thought. Although she was rough on other things; I could feel that my heart rate was elevated and my pussy was definitely starting to moisten.

I slipped my hand under the hem of my skirt and hiked it up until I could reach my steaming slit. My thoughts swirled through my head of all the things I would do to Molly given the chance. I imagined what it would be like to suck on her monster tits.

My hand strummed my pussy through my thin panties as my mind raced. I imagined it was Molly’s tongue pushing at my folds, lapping the sweet juices from my pussy. I wondered if Molly had ever been with a woman before. Did she like to lick pussy or did she only like the taste of cock? Either way Kevin or I, and I hoped both, was going to have some fun this weekend.

My breath became ragged as I pushed myself closer to an orgasm. I couldn’t believe I was masturbating so blatantly in my office. The entire front wall was glass and there were three people sitting in cubes outside. But their backs were to me and some how the danger fueled my arousal.

I pealed back the saturated material of my panties, giving myself direct access to my pussy. My hips bucked as my fingers touched the slick lips. I drove two fingers deep inside my cunt while my thumb circled my clit. After only a short minute of this I was washed with relief. It made me wonder if an orgasm with the real Molly would be more powerful then the one I just had from the idea of her licking my cunt. I sure hoped it would.

I straightened my clothes and tried to refocus my attention on my computer and the report I was writing.

I just hoped that if anyone came it the office it didn’t smell to much like pussy.

* * *

“What do you think?” I asked Kevin, spinning in front of him in my newest bikini. It was a tiny aqua blue number that did little to hide my secrets. Over top of it I had a shear lace dress that allowed the bright bikini to be fully visible beneath it.

“My god,” Kevin gasped playfully. “I’d fuck you in a minute.”

“I hope it would take longer then that,” I replied.

I giggled as Kevin walked over and pulled my tightly against him, his hand cupping my ass and giving it a squeeze.

“Alright, Mr. Grabby,” I teased, sticking my hand down the back of Kevin’s swim trunks and grabbing his bare ass. “Let’s go finish setting up before our guests arrive. Besides if you get me all wet too soon you’ll spoil some of the fun. What is Molly going to think when she gets here and all she can smell is pussy? We don’t want to scare her off.”

The doorbell rang. “Look at that,” I said. “Someone is already here, and we don’t have the anything set up yet.”

We hurried downstairs to see who was here so early and to finish getting things orginized. I moved toward the front door while Kevin headed for the back yard.

It was still an hour before the party was suppose to start, who could it be, I wondered. Yanking open the front door I found that the stoop was empty. Fucking kids, I thought to myself, closing the door and returning to the kitchen.

The food was already prepared it was just a matter of putting it out. I picked up a serving tray and carried it out to the back deck. There I found Kevin lighting the tiki torches that we had arranged around the deck. The flames danced giving the area a more primitive feel. It all looked perfect.

It was then that I realized that he wasn’t alone. Mae and her boyfriend Andy were also there. I slipped the tray onto the table just as the slam of the back door announced my presence. Everyone turned.

“Lisa,” Mae cried out. “We thought we’d come over early and help you set up. This looks so great.”

“Thanks,” I said as my eyes roamed Mae’s form. She wore a tight white tank-top that didn’t make it to her waist. Her ever-hard nipples pressed at the thin fabric. Below she had on a little skirt that could barely be called a skirt. The short ring of material just made it below her ass. My minds eye immediately conjured a view of her bending over, what a view that would give. I could not quite tell if she had anything on under the micro mini, but either way it would be a view I would appreciate.

We embraced and gave each other a quick peck on the lips. I let my hand slide down the small of her back and under the top of her skirt. Mae backed up forcing my hand out from her skirt. “What do you think your doing, young lady,” she chided in her best impression of her mother.

“I was just curious if you had anything on under that not-quite-a-skirt you’re wearing?”

“All in good time,” Mae replied. Then unable to contain herself she pulled up the front of her skirt and exposed her beautiful pussy to me. Then an instant later the skirt was back down and she started walking toward the house as if nothing had happened. “I assume there is more food to bring out,” she said as she walked into the house.

Andy stood up from where he had been arranging beer in the cooler. “We figured, you can’t have too much beer so we brought over a case,” he declared.

“That’s great,” I replied. “Since you seem to have taken on drinks, would you like to help me set up the rest of the bar?”

“Sure,” he replied and led the way to the house. Andy was a well muscled man of mixed Asian decent, who possessed a great skill with his cock. A loose tank-top hung from his frame, the front of which was covered with a large Lifeguard logo. As I followed Andy I saw that the back of his shirt read, ‘We give Mouth to Mouth.’ I thought that was a very appropriate shirt for tonight.

Andy and Mae had been dating for just over a year now and he had moved in with Mae about six months ago. Unlike Kevin, Andy never traveled for work, which meant that I had seen an awful lot of him in the last six months. Some other time I will have to tell you the story of the first time Mae brought Andy to our house.

An hour later the four of us were relaxing on lounge chairs, drinks in our hands, waiting for the others to arrive. We sipped our drinks and discussed the recent modifications we had made to our homes.

The doorbell sounded from the house. I slipped from my chair and hurried into the house to answer the door. This time when I pulled open the door I was greeted by a wonderful vision. Molly stood at my door looking so hot I had trouble not pulling her to me right then and there, and smashing my face between those two giant melons of hers.

“Hi,” Molly greeted me. She wore a tight green dress that clung sensually to every beautiful curve of her body. Though I had not yet had time to look carefully I did not see the lines of her bra and panties, I wondered if the dress was all she had on. I felt the heat in my pussy from the thought.

I saw her eyes quickly look me up and down as I ushered her into the foyer. “This is a lovely house you have Lisa. I didn’t realize I was so early,” she commented on the obvious emptiness of house.

“Oh, no,” I assured her, “We’re just all back by the pool.”

I saw the momentary horror pass behind her eyes. “Is this a pool party?” she asked quickly.

“Oh, no,” I gasped, “I never told you it was a pool party did I?” The look on her face was immediate confirmation. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” I apologized. “I have a dozen different suits if you’d like to borrow one,” I offered.

Molly’s face lit up, “Oh could I? That would be great. I’m sorry, but I didn’t know.”

“Don’t be silly,” I said, dismissing her apology. “It was my fault for not telling you. Now let’s go find something appropriate for you to wear.” I took Molly by the hand and led her up the stairs to my bedroom.

My mind raced as we walked toward the bedroom, I couldn’t believe I was leading this vixen to my bedroom. I felt like I was about to fuck her, but I knew it was too early for that kind of forwardness.

“Any kind of bikini would be fine,” Molly stated as we entered the bedroom.

“Okay, let me see what I’ve got in here,” I replied, opening the draw I kept my swimsuits in. How far should I push I wondered as I pawed through the skimpy garments and how quickly? I finally decided on a very traditional white bikini. The thin material would turn completely transparent if it got wet, which I hoped would make things interesting later in the evening.

“What do you think of this one,” I asked Molly handing her the scanty swimsuit.

“Oh, Great,” she replied. “You don’t mind? I’m so sorry . . .”

“What? No,” I interrupted her. “It’s nothing. I just hope it fits ok.”

“I’m sure it will be fine,” Molly assured me, still clearly embarrassed at dressing for the wrong kind of party.

“Would you like anything to go over it?” I asked as I opened another drawer.

“I don’t want to trouble you.”

“It’s nothing, I told you,” I said finding what I wanted. A shear sarong whose color I thought would set her skin off nicely. I dropped the garment on the bed, “Is there anything else you need?”

“Oh, no. This is too much already.”

“Skinny dipping is always an option,” I said with a smile. Molly laughed.

I turned to leave.

“Actually, there is one thing,” Molly called out as I reached the door. I turned to look at the stunning blond standing next to my bed. “Could you give me a hand with my zipper? It’s an awful bother alone.”

“Of course,” I replied.

As I moved in close I noticed the light fragrance of her perfume, and though what a nice smell it was. She turned her back to me, and pulled her hair over her shoulder to expose the zipper at the back of her neck. I reached up and brushed her smooth skin as I found the pull. The zipper moved smoothly down the back of her dress, stopping near the small of her back. I noticed that she was not wearing a bra, as my eyes followed my hand down the length of Molly’s back, watching the flesh as is become exposed, the top of the dress falling away from her body.

With a bit of reluctance I let go of the zipper pull. She gave a slight shimmy of the hips and her dress became a puddle on the floor. It took me a minute to realize that I was standing there with a fully nude Molly.

She grabbed the bottoms off the bed and pulled them on. I stood their frozen as my eyes watched the movements of her hands as they slipped the tiny garment up her smooth legs and over her beautiful ass. I had purposely chosen a thong so that we would have the chance to view her magnificent back side. I admired the perfection of its curvature, as she pulled the thin whit string into the crack of her ass, locating the tiny triangle of cloth at the small of her back. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t hear at first when Molly asked for help again.


“What? Oh. Yes?” I replied looking up at her peering over her shoulder at me.

“I said, would you mind tying me up?”

That put a naughty image in my head, but I guess I already had several.

“Sure. Of course.” I reached out to where she was holding the bikini strings behind her back, and tied on the top.

Molly turned around, her arms open wide, “Well, what do you think?”

My eyes roamed her gorgeous globes, the small triangles of cloth left little to the imagination. Molly’s nipples pushed at the thin fabric, her dark areolas just barely visible through the material. I let my eyes roam the rest of her body. Her firm round boobs hovered above her taut abdomen, seemingly defying gravity. The small triangle of cloth disappeared between her legs, clinging to her mound and presenting a slight camel toe. Finally I looked over the total effect. The white material stood out beautifully against her bronzed skin. I suddenly realized that she had no tan lines. My mind churned with all that meant. I could feel my pussy dampening as I ogled this beautiful creature.

“Amazing,” I declared. “Its like it was made for you. No one would ever think it was borrowed.”

“You think?” Molly pressed. “I thought the top might be a little small for me,” she continued, holding her boobs from below and bouncing them slowly.

I watched her mounds as they moved. Releasing her breasts she took hold one of the tiny pieces of cloth, barely covering her nipple and tried to stretch it to gain more coverage.

“I think it looks very hot,” I encouraged. “Let’s head downstairs and join the others,” I added, handing her the sarong.

“Ok, if you say so.” Molly agreed. She wrapped the gossamer garment around her waist. The fabric flowed around her, falling a little above the knee.

A moment later we made our appearance on the pool deck. I introduced Molly to Mae, Andy and Kevin, and in no time we were all chatting like old friends.

No sooner had I sat down and taken a sip of my mojito then the doorbell rang again. I jumped up and ran into the house to answer the door. It was Jan and her husband Shawn.

Jan and I embraced in a warm greeting. “It’s so good to see you,” I welcomed her. “I’m so glad you could make it.”

Jan slipped past me as I greeted Shawn with an exchange of pleasantries and saliva. I had only met him once before but it had been a very memorable night. I let my eyes roam over Shawn’s body. He wore a fitted, short-sleeved button down over a knee length bathing suit. I gave him a wink as my eyes moved back up to his face, and watched his own eyes move up my body.

I turned back to Jan as she was slipping from her lightweight coat. “Do you have a place where I can hang this?”

“Of course,” I replied holding my hand out for the coat.

Beneath her coat Jan was wearing a mid-rif cami whose cups were made of a fine mesh that left nothing to the imagination. And it was all capped with a skimpy lace thong, that gave more then a hint of her magnificent pussy.

“This is a pool party, Jan, not one of your lingerie shows,” I scolded.

“I know, but I just got this in, and I thought it was so hot that I had to wear it. Besides it’s from the same company that made what you’re wearing.”

“I don’t think that just because a swimwear company made it means you can wear it to a pool party.”

“Like it matters,” Jan retorted. “We’re all going to be naked in an hour anyway.

“I sure hope so,” I replied, “Now let’s get out to the pool and everyone else. I want you meet my friend Molly.”

We walked onto the pool deck where Molly was in animated conversation with Mae and Kevin and Andy were chatting over their beers.

“What can I get you to drink?” I asked our new guests.

Drinks in hand we moved toward Mae and Molly who had been talking about their favorite beaches. At a slight pause in the conversation I interjected introductions. I watched Molly carefully as she greeted Jan in her revealing attire.

“That’s and interesting bikini,” Molly commented to Jan.

“Oh, don’t mind her,” Mae chimed in, “Jan runs a lingerie shop and can’t help but use parties as opportunities for advertisement.”

“Oh, really,” Molly responded with interest. “Which shop?”

“Pierre’s. It’s right downtown on Newbury Street,” Jan replied, happy that her ploy had worked again. Mae rolled her eyes in disgust.

“I’ll have to look it up,” said Molly, “I really like this top.” She reached out and felt the thin fabric along Jan’s side.

“I think it would look great on you,” replied Jan, always the saleswomen. “Your boobs are wonderful.”

Molly grabbed them absently giving her tits a little squeeze, “They should be for what I paid for them.”

“Oh, those are fake?” Jan looked surprised.

“Oh come on,” Mae interjected, “No natural tit is that perky. Those things are perfect.”

“Well I would have said the same about inch long nipples, but you maintain yours are real,” Jan retorted playfully.

I noticed Molly’s eyes widen at the mention of Mae’s long nipples. She looked at Mae’s chest seeing what was visible through her tight top. I had noticed in the past the disappointing effect that most shirts had on Mae wondrous nips. Though they pushed at the fabric, it was not as impressive effect as one would expect.

“How long ago did you have your work done,” Jan steered the conversation back to Molly and her tits.

“A couple of years,” Molly replied. I had never seen Molly’s natural tits as I had only been working with her for a year or so.

“So long enough to have some good experience with them,” Jan continued happily. “I’ve been thinking about getting a little enhancement. I think it might be good for sales.”

“But your boobs are so nice,” Molly replied.

“I do like my tits,” said Jan squeezing her own breasts. “But I think they would be better if they were just a size or two larger. What are yours, D’s?”

“You have a good eye.”

“See I think D’s would be perfect for me.” She paused slightly, “Would you mind if I took a closer look at yours? Asked you a few questions?”

Molly looked around, a little hesitant. She appeared to be more concerned with the location then exposing her tits to us. After all she had stripped naked while I was still in the room earlier, but still I had not managed to see her full tits.

“Don’t worry, our yard is very private,” I encouraged. “I sunbath topless back here all the time. Besides the boys are occupied with their own conversation, they probably won’t notice.”

This seemed to have the desired effect. Molly agreed and pulled the two small triangles of cloth aside exposing both of her glorious globes to the group of women. I noticed that her nipples were both standing erect.

We all ohhed and ahhed as our eyes feasted on Molly’s wondrous mounds of flesh. Jan moved in and looked at Molly’s tits more closely. She reached out and took hold of Molly’s left tit and gave it a firm squeeze. She had to spread her fingers wide to get a good hold on Molly’s tit, it was so large.

“Oh, it feels so real,” Jan exclaimed with glee. “Are your nipples still sensitive,” She asked Molly her thumb and forefinger converging on Molly’s thick nipple and pulling on it. “I had heard there were some problems with loosing sensitivity.”

“Oh, yes, very,” Molly replied. “That was something I was concerned about; my boobs have always been very sensitive. But I lost no sensitivity at all with the implants. I’m not sure it is as much of a problem as it was in the early days.”

I reached for Molly’s other tit, lifting and squeezing it. “That’s amazing,” I chimed in, “They really do feel natural.” I noticed Molly’s mouth curve in a slight smile; it was clear she was pleased with the compliments.

“I know,” Jan replied, as she continued to knead Molly’s breast. “I think I really should get some just like these.”

Jan released Molly’s boob and quickly stripped off her own cami top so that she stood there in only her thong back lace panties. Jan took hold of both of her own tits and lifted them in an attempt to mimic what she thought she would like to do to her chest. “Something like this maybe? What do you think Molly?”

I rolled Molly’s nipple absently as its owner replied, “You have such nice breasts, I’m not sure I would do anything . . . but if you think you need to, then that also seems nice.”

“What a lame response,” Mae rebuked Molly, joining the conversation. “My vote is you do nothing. Molly’s D’s are beautiful and I’m sure they would be fun to play with, but if you destroy these perfect tits I’m going to kick your ass,” Mae added pushing Jan’s hands aside so that her breasts fell to their normal resting position.

Sensing some tension I decided to push things in a different direction. I leaned down and took Molly’s nipple between my lips and sucked the stiff nub.

“What are you doing?” cried Molly, though I noticed that she did not pull away.

I pulled back giving her taut nip a final flick with my tongue. “I was still curious about the sensitivity. And it looks like the implants are very good; your tits are still very sensitive.” I indicated the dampness that was seeping through Molly’s bikini bottom turning the clinging cloth almost transparent.

Molly looked down the triangle of cloth adhered to her sticky pussy lips. Her faced turned red as she realized that her body was betraying her arousal.

“Doesn’t that look yummy,” Mae commented.

“Good enough to eat,” Jan added a devilish smile spreading across her face.

“Its totally our fault,” I reassured her. “We have been handling your tits quite a bit. I know I would turned on too if someone had been sucking on my nipple and fondling my tits.” I paused but Molly remained quite. She looked uncertain as though she wanted to leave and stay there her tits on display while we continued to worship them, all at the same time.

I reached out and using a single finger rubbed the saliva I had left on Molly’s right nipple around her areola. When she didn’t pull away I added my thumb and pulled gently on the rubbery point.

“I think you ladies look a lot more comfortable topless, and I’m sick of this confining shirt,” Mae declared as she pulled her tight tank top up over her head. Her long nipples stood straight out pointing at Molly.

Molly’s eyes went wide, “Oh my goodness. Are those real? I mean I heard you mention them earlier but I thought you were joking. That’s amazing.”

“Yeah,” Mae said pulling and rolling her own nipples, making them stand out further, which didn’t seem possible. “They’re real alright. I was in my twenties before I realized that not everyone had nipples like this. Go ahead, touch them.”

“May I?”

“Of course. We’re all friends here.”

Molly reached out a tentative hand and clasped one of Mae’s long nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She pulled it.

“See, they don’t come off,” Mae teased and we all laughed.

Molly rolled Mae’s nipple between her fingers and flicked it around, watching how it bent at the base but otherwise stayed completely rigid.

“Why don’t you suck on it?” Mae prompted.

Molly looked startled by the idea but did not let go of Mae’s breast which Molly was massaging in her hand, crushing the long nipple against her palm. Then she slowly lowered her face until it was right above Mae’s chest. She pushed and pulled the nipple again, playing with the stiff nip. Mae pushed her chest out and the nipple brushed Molly’s lips. After a long pause she opened her mouth and closed her lips around Mae’s nipple. She sucked on it like a little cock. I suddenly realized that I had been holding my breath hoping that she would take Mae breast into her mouth.

I cupped Molly’s closest tit and started to knead the soft flesh, teasing her nipple at the same time. Jan did the same with Molly’s other tit. Our eyes met over Molly’s back and we smiled knowingly. Mae rotated her torso guiding her other nipple to Molly’s sucking lips. Molly’s hand reached for the breast that had just been freed from her mouth. The nipple glistened in the flickering light of the nearby tiki torch; longer then I had ever seen it. It seemed Molly was sucking Mae’s tits for all she was worth. It was like we had tapped into a pent up lust.

Releasing Molly’s tit I move behind her. I reached around her waist and untied the sarong, letting it fall to the deck. I placed one hand on her ass and started to massage her supple flesh. I could hear the whimpers emanating from both Mae and Molly as I worked Molly’s ass. My other hand caressed her legs and back in wide arcing movements. Slowly I worked my touch closer to Molly’s ass until both of my hands were kneading her lovely cheeks.

I slipped my right hand between Molly’s legs and pressed it against her steaming entrance. The thin fabric of her bikini was clung to her mound, saturated with desire. I slid my fingers gently over the slick material. Molly’s legs spread slightly allowing me greater access to her most private place.

“How about sharing some of that hot mouth,” Jan said as she moved toward Mae. “I’d like to feel you lips on my nipples, Molly.”

Molly looked up at Jan as if she was coming out of a trance her hands still clutching Mae’s tits. Jan took Molly’s face in her hands and guided her breast to Molly’s lips. I continued to rub Molly’s pussy slowly through her bikini. For a moment nothing happened and then Molly’s checks caved as she started sucking Jan’s nipple. Jan sighed and shifted Molly to her other breast.

I continued my attention on Molly’s ass and pussy. I worked my finger and the thin bikini material between her slick lips. Her moist depths radiated heat like a furnace. Molly’s bikini was as wet as if she had been in the pool.

With both hands I grasped the waist ties of her bottoms and pulled the stings loose. The untied garment started to fall away and I pealed the saturated material slowly from her pussy exposing Molly’s dew covered tuft. Discarding the sodden bottoms I returned my hands to Molly’s round ass, kneading the supple flesh.

Next to me Mae was doing the same for Jan. She worked Jan’s panties down her legs and allowed her to step out of them. Then pushing Jan’s stance wider Mae dropped to her knees and slipped between Jan’s legs and locked her lips onto Jan luscious cunt.

Looking over Molly’s back I saw the look of pleasure on Jan’s face as Molly and Mae worked her body.

The scent of Molly’s pussy wafted up to my face, it was a delicious and arousing smell. I leaned forward and extended my tongue until it touched Molly’s glistening lips. I pushed my tongue against the soft, wet flesh. I thought I heard her sigh above as my tongue traveled along the length of her pussy collecting her delicious juices.

Working my fingers between her legs I spread her slit open and started to lap along her entrance. I pushed my face further between Molly’s legs trying to reach her clit. If I was going to eat Molly’s pussy the way I wanted to she was going to have to move to a different position.

Standing, I gently pulled Molly from Jan’s breast. “Why don’t you lie down and relax,” I suggested.

Molly agreed easily. I helped her into a lounge chair. Then pushing her legs so that they hung of opposite sides of the chair I climbed between them. Her beautiful lips were covered with a dewy mat of hair. I slid my fingers through the damp hair, spreading her lips to reveal her hot, pink center. My tongue glided over Molly’s pussy, its tip tracing every fold of her flower.

Looking up her long torso I watched Molly grasp her firm globes. She squeezed her supple tits, pinching and pulling at the hard nipples. Next to us Jan and Mae had wrapped themselves into a sixty-nine and where hungrily attacking each other’s cunts.

Slowly I worked my way along Molly’s pussy until I reached the firm button at the top. I lashed at her tender clit with my tongue, batting it from side to side. Then I dragged my tongue back down Molly’s gash before zeroing back to her clit once more. I stretched a hand up over Molly’s stomach until I it was between her tits and brushing against her chin. My finger’s brushed her lips as I continued to lap her delectable pussy. Her tongue shot out and caressed my fingers. I let them play with her tongue and slip into her mouth, coating my fingers with a liberal layer of her saliva.

Bringing my hand back down I let my slippery fingers play over Molly’s sweet pussy, rubbing them along her slippery entrance. Then slowly I pushed them insider her steaming cunt. Molly’s sodden trench eagerly accepted the invasion, her hips lifted to drive my fingers in further. With my tongue on her clit I started to pump my fingers, fucking her needy cunt. Molly murmured above me, her hips gyrated in time with my fingers.

I felt hands brush across my ass. I looked back briefly and noticed that the men had noticed what was going on, and had come to join in. Kevin’s hand gave me a quick slap on the ass as he walked past us his attention on the intertwined Jan & Mae.

Andy and Shawn stopped behind me their hands starting to massage my soft ass flesh. Their hands worked my shear dress up over my ass and bunched it around my torso. The warm hands grabbing at my body felt amazing. My pussy was on fire and needed attention.

I returned my tongue to Molly’s clit, pushing, flicking and pressing the hard nub. Andy worked his way under me where he freed my tits from the confines of my bikini top and started to knead and suck on my firm globes. He took one nipple and then the other into his mouth, sucking them and working them with his tongue.

Shawn pressed his hips against my ass letting me feel the stiff member locked in his shorts. His hands caressed my back and ass. I felt his fingers trace along edges of my bikini bottoms and pull the thin fabric aside, exposing my pussy to the warm evening air. Shawn’s fingers slid over my ass and between my legs. I gasped as his fingers started to slide over my dripping pussy, pushing at my sensitive flesh. He stroked my lips working his fingers between my folds. I pushed back wanting his fingers inside me. My pussy needed to be fucked so badly. Shawn refused to push inside me, his fingers remaining along my slit, sliding against the slick skin.

Shawn’s hands disappeared from my pussy and I heard a rustle of fabric. Andy slipped out from beneath me and suddenly what had been such a pleasurable assault on my body was gone. I wanted to cry out in frustration, but waited knowing something would come back. Soon I felt a hard cock slapping against my ass, and a hand was back on my pussy. The cock slid over my slick lips lubricating itself with my juices. I was so wet, this hardly felt necessary. I just wanted that cock in my pussy.

My lips spread apart as Shawn pushed his tool into my trench. It felt so good to have a cock in my pussy. My arousal was so great that my cunt ached to be filled and now a cock was thrusting into my sodden gash. I pushed back into Shawn as he pushed his cock home, driving his member deep into my needy cunt.

I moaned into Molly’s soaking pussy, my tongue working diligently, as Shawn rammed his cock into me. Molly was starting to groan and sigh with the pleasure that I was delivering to her. The volume of her utterances increased as she started to near her climax. My fingers thrust into her in time with the cock in my own cunt.

Andy straddled Molly and the lounge chair above me. I could see his cock hanging between his legs as he placed the thick member into Molly’s beautiful cleavage. Andy’s hands grasped Molly’s firm globes replacing her hands. He pressed Molly’s full tits against his fat cock. Starting to pump his cock between Molly’s tits Andy’s fingers strummed at her hard nipples. Each thrust of his hips pushed the tip of his cock inches away from Molly’s lips. I pushed my tongue into her clit as I watched Andy’s cock slide between her lovely tits.

“Do you like the feel of that?” I heard Andy ask above me. “Why don’t you give it a taste? I think you’d really like to feel this thing in your mouth.”

Molly’s tongue shot out and flicked against the head of Andy’s cock as it peaked out of her cleavage. For several minutes they played a game as Molly tried to catch Andy’s cock head each time it appeared. Andy pushed his cock forward until it was at Molly’s lips. She opened her mouth and releasing Molly’s tits Andy slid forward and shoved his member into her welcoming cavity. Molly’s lips wrapped around Andy’s shaft. She sucked greedily, her cheeks caved, as he pumped his tool in and out of her mouth.

I was elated that Molly was turning out to be as much of a slut as I had hoped she would be. Watching her suck on Andy’s cock while I tasted her pussy was driving me crazy. Shawn’s cock continued its unrelenting assault on my pussy.

I felt her pussy constrict on my fingers, pulling them deep into her body. Molly moaned and shuttered her pussy flooding. I eagerly lapped at the edges of her opening as her delicious juices gushed out around my fingers. My mind spun as I thought about how I was licking my coworker’s cum from my fingers. I went spiraling over the edge. My pussy clenched and pulled at Shawn’s cock as I moaned my pleasure into Molly’s delicious cum filled cunt.

Shawn felt my climax and rammed his cock deep into my pussy, holding it there as I bucked against him. The warm wave crested over me, leaving me in delightful bliss. I slid out from my position between Shawn and Molly, letting Shawn’s cock slide from my momentarily satisfied pussy.

“What do you think of this pussy?” I asked Shawn, indicating Molly’s luscious cunt. “I think it needs the attention of a nice hard cock.”

Molly moaned around Andy’s thick tool pumping into her wanting mouth.

Shawn scooted forward on the lounge chair his rigid manhood proceeding him. A moment later his shaft was buried in Molly’s sodden pussy. Shawn thrust into her with long deep strokes. Molly’s cries were muffled by Andy’s thick cock.

“That’s it Shawn,” I encouraged, “Fuck that pussy. Fuck it good and hard. Make her cum all over that fucking cock of yours.”

Shawn grunted as he increased his pace, fucking Molly for all he was worth.

Standing there next to Molly as she was impaled by Andy and Shawn I surveyed the rest of the scene. Jan and Mae had shifted positions and now Mae lay on her back on the lounge chair. Jan stood above her bent over such that her pussy was three feet above Mae’s. Kevin’s cock pumped into Mae’s cunt while his tongue worked on Jan’s. He was in heaven with all the pussy he could take. Mae held Jan’s head to her chest as Jan’s hands and mouth worked over Mae’s tits.

I quickly stripped off what was left of my clothing and moved toward the ladies my husband was so capably servicing. Straddling the head of the nearly flattened lounge chair I positioned my cunt just above Mae’s mouth. Her tongue shot out and probed at my aching pussy.

A few moments later Jan also noticed that there was something different in her vicinity. She leaned forward thrusting her tongue into the fray, while her hands continued to knead Mae’s small globes. The feel of two tongues sliding across my pussy was amazing. I held both of my tits, squeezing the soft flesh and pulling at my hard nipples as my pussy was assaulted. Pleasure coursed through my body.

After an early period of chaos the tongues working my cunt established their own undertakings. Jan concentrated on my clit, licking and sucking on my sensitive nub. Mae’s tongue pushed into my entrance, eagerly fucking me with its wonderful length.

“God, that’s fucking amazing,” I moaned my tits held tightly in my hands.

Even outdoors the musk of aroused pussy was building as hard cocks and wicked tongues brought off one cunt after another. I could feel my own climax building quickly.

“Fuck,” Jan cried as Kevin sent her into an orgasm. Jan’s lips clamped onto my clit, putting delicious pressure on my tender nub. The pressure boardered on pain it was so intense. Then my body reacted as I thrashed on the lounge chair as a wave of my cum flooded my pussy. Through the fog of my pleasure I was vaguely aware of Mae’s tongue lapping my pussy as she drank my nectar.

I lay there for several minutes recovering from the orgasm that Mae and Jan and driven me to.

“You have such a delicious cunt,” Mae declared dreamily pulling her lips from my entrance.

“And you are a wonderful pussy-eater,” I responded. “That was one hell of an orgasm you gave me.”

I watched as Kevin stepped back his still rigid cock slipping from Mae’s pussy, slick with her juices. He moved over to where Shawn was ramming home his manhood into Molly’s cunt. Kevin tapped Shawn on the shoulder and indicated his interest in taking over the work on Molly. Shawn slipped out and allowed Kevin to take over. Molly moaned her pleasure around Andy’s fat cock stuffing her mouth.

“Are you ladies interested in some pussy slick cock?” Shawn asked as he stood in front of his wife, Mae and I.

We eagerly leaned forward, our tongues extended. Mae and I traced Shawn’s length while Jan sucked his head into her mouth. Our tongues continued to collide as we licked the thick coat of pussy juice from Shawn’s shaft.

“Shit,” we heard Andy gasp. “Oh, fuck yes!” he cried.

I turned my eyes in time to see his cock exploded in Molly’s mouth. Molly’s lips held tight to Andy’s cock as he pumped his load into her. She was unable to swallow his cum as quickly as he shot it into her wanting mouth, and trails of cum formed from the corners of Molly’s lips.

Andy stepped back, his cock slipping form Molly’s mouth with a loud pop. “Fuck, woman, do you know how to suck a fucking cock or what,” Andy exclaimed.

Molly looked up at Andy a sly smile on her face. Her tongue traced her lips, searching for the escaped drips of cum.

“You look like you’re in need of some more cum,” Kevin grunted, pulling his cock from Molly’s sopping pussy.

Molly opened her mouth and extended her tongue as Kevin stood above her face his hand moving quickly along the length of his shaft. He gave a great grunt and a ribbon of cum shot out from the end of his cock; it splashed across Molly’s cheek. Now every stroke of his hand sent another stream of cum onto Molly’s face until it was crisscrossed with thick lines of his icing.

Once his reservoir had run out Kevin leaned forward allowing Molly to suck the dregs from his cock. She hungrily wrapped her lips around his shaft and sucked hard on Kevin’s shrinking member.

“I think it’s your turn,” I cooed looking up at Shawn.

Jan grabbed her husbands cock sucking in forcefully as she pumped his shaft. Shawn took a step back pulling his tool from Jan’s lips. He moved in front of Molly stroking his long cock.

“You want this cum?” Shawn asked. Molly nodded in response as she looked up at Shawn. “Where do you want it? Do you want it on your face?” Again Molly nodded.

“Tell me what you want,” he instructed Molly.

“I want you to spray your hot fucking cum all over my face. Come on Shawn, give me your fucking cum,” Molly demanded.

Shawn stepped closer so that his cock was only inches above Molly’s face, his hand sliding up and down his pole. Molly’s mouth was open wide her tongue out in anticipation of the cum that would soon be flying in her direction.

“Give that lovely slut your cum,” I cheered. “Coat her fucking face with your cream.”

Shawn’s cock exploded. There was suddenly cum everywhere as Shawn shot stream after stream of his sticky goo onto Molly’s waiting face until she was covered with a thick coat of his spunk.

As his cock started to dribble its remaining contents Shawn thrust his member into Molly’s open mouth. Molly almost gagged as she shifted to let Shawn’s snake into her throat. Shawn’s hips bucked as he fucked Molly’s mouth depositing the last of his cum directly into her throat.

Molly gasped for air as Shawn pulled his deflating cock from her lips.

“God, that was so fucking hot,” Mae exclaimed as we moved in toward Molly.

Shawn backed away spent and satisfied as we women crowded around Molly. Her face looked like a banquet of cum. I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. My tongue scooped up the globs of man cream splattered around her mouth and pulled them into my own. Soon, Molly’s tongue was in my mouth as we chased the cum from one mouth to the other.

Jan and Mae joined right in. Mae licked the cum from Molly’s face while Jan focused on cleaning the splatter from her tits.

After swallowing a large dollop of cum I used my tongue to scoop another from Molly’s cheek. As I was doing so Mae took over tongue wrestling Molly. I contented myself with licking cum from Molly’s face briefly but soon the burning in my pussy was too much.

“I think the only way we’re going to get all this cum off Molly is in the shower,” I announced. “What do you think girls?”

“Oh, I think you may be right,” Jan agreed coming up for air from one of Molly’s nipples.

“Why don’t you all come with me and let’s see if we can’t clean her up properly.” I lead the way as we four ladies made our way inside and up to the master bath.

The other’s discarded what little remained of their clothing while I turned on the water. Soon two hot streams of water shot into the center of the shower. Molly was the first one into the shower. The force of the water pushed the globs of cum from her face. After several seconds of enjoying the view of Molly’s glistening body we all squeezed into the shower. Luckily Kevin and I had a his-and-hers shower so there was plenty of room for the four of us.

The warm water felt good as it cascaded onto my skin. Hands were everywhere as we all stroked and rubbed each other’s warm, wet flesh. I felt hands cup my tits as I massaged Jan’s beautiful ass before me. It was hard to tell whose hands were whose or who you were touching the warm press of slick, wet flesh was exhilarating.

I slid my hand down a flat stomach and found a steaming pussy. I have no idea whose pussy it was, but I started to rub it. I flicked the clit and slid my fingers through the scorching wet folds. I tried to push my fingers into the hot cunt but was not able to get the proper angle.

I was desperate to taste a pussy. I dropped to my knees and lowered myself so I was sitting on the floor of the shower. Above me three slick bodies rubbed against each other. I took the closest leg and pushed my way under the others so that I was looking up at a glistening cunt. From the trim of her bush I knew this pussy to be Mae’s. A thought passed through my fogged brain: you know you have an intimate relationship with your friends when you can tell them apart by their pussies alone.

My tongue snaked out and pressed into the steaming flesh. I slowly traced its tender folds as water and pussy juices trickled into my mouth. I lapped at the sensitive flesh, savoring the sweet taste. My hands stroked the legs around me, sliding up and down the long wet appendages. Almost of their own accord my hands found the other two pussies and started to massage them.

There I was kneeling on the bottom of my shower tonguing Mae’s cunt for all I was worth while thrusting my fingers into Jan and Molly’s needy gashes. Above me I saw the blur of hands and tongues searching for nipples and mouths. The three women moaned into each other’s tits and tongues as I stroked and licked their aroused clits.

I lost track of time as the four of us fell into a tangle on the floor of the shower. Someone had the clarity to turn off the water I realized having no idea how long it had been off.

Molly took my face in her hands and jammed her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue pushed around the inside of my mouth, wrestling with my tongue. I pushed back and then we were in her mouth. My hands latched on to her globes massaging the wonderful flesh and pinching her long, hard nipples as we kissed.

Molly’s fingers glided over my skin and slowly worked their way between my legs. I shifted to give her greater access to my needy cunt. Her fingers slipped through my slick folds. I felt a gentle press on my clit and then she was inside me, two fingers slowly fucking my pussy. I moaned into Molly’s mouth as I tried to push her fingers deeper inside me. My cunt needed attention so badly, I craved her touch.

I was overcome with a desire to taste Molly’s pussy. I gently pushed her to the floor and twisted so that my pussy was inches above her face and locked my mouth onto her delicious cunt. My tongue whisked over Molly’s pussy. Her flavor was heady and delicious.

I felt Molly’s tongue brush over my tender lips. I shifted my tongue to her clit and pushed it against her tender nub. Molly moaned into my pussy, her tongue lashing my sodden lips.

Releasing Molly’s clit from my lips I gave her cunt a gentle slap that morphed into a rub. My finger’s slid over Molly’s slick folds. I lowered my tongue back to her slit as I rubbed it. My tongue lapped at her pussy through my fingers, both so coated with her juices my tongue could detect no difference.

Sucking two fingers into my mouth I slid them through Molly’s folds and into her hot, wet center. I pumped my fingers into her steaming cunt as my tongue focused on her clit. Molly moaned into my pussy with every thrust of my fingers.

I felt hands gently pulling me away from Molly. Reluctantly I gave into the will of the hands and allowed my face to be pulled from Molly tasty cunt.

“What are you doing?” I asked irritably. I could see Jan as she slowly pried me from Molly, her eyes glued to Molly’s glistening pussy. She broke her stare and glanced down at me, smiling as our eyes met.

“Oh, I know what you’re doing,” I cooed accepting Jan’s plan, eager to taste her pussy.

“Oh god, I was so close,” Molly cried as my fingers slipped from her juicy tunnel. “I need to cum.”

“Not to worry,” Jan cooed, “We’ll make sure you have an orgasm you will never forget.”

“Somebody better make me fucking cum,” Molly cried.

I scooted back to make room for Jan as she inserted herself between Molly and I. Jan lowered her head to Molly’s snatch and extended her long tongue to slide up her tender folds. Molly moaned in response to Jan’s touch, her hips rising up to push her pussy into Jan’s mouth.

Looking down I noticed that Mae was similarly adding herself to the group. She lowered her spread legs toward Molly’s face until her pussy was inches above Molly’s mouth. Molly seemed unaware of the needy pussy hovering above her lips as she moaned her ecstasy, her eyes closed. Unwilling to wait Mae rammed her cunt onto Molly’s mouth, which responded quickly her tongue darting out to partake of the newly discovered treat.

Mae grabbed my waist roughly and plunged her face between my legs. I felt her tongue as it started to eagerly lap my sodden entrance. Reaching above my head I pulled Jan’s hips toward me. Her legs slipped apart making room for my head as I nudged my way toward her steaming cunt. I gasped in pleasure as Mae worked her way up to my clit, pressing my nub between her lips. The arousing aroma of Jan’s cunt reached my nostrils and I yanked her hips to me needing to taste her pussy.

I moaned into Jan’s cunt as my tongue drew the first of her juices into my mouth. I was only vaguely aware of the moans of the other women as they become the backdrop to my own pleasure. Mae worked her magic on my pussy sending currents of pleasure through my body. My greedy tongue lashed Jan’s entrance pulling her delectable nectar from her depths.

Mae jammed her middle and index fingers roughly into my pussy. I tried to spread my legs further, wanting her to drive her digits as deep as she could manage.

“Fuck,” I gasped, releasing Jan’s pussy from my lips briefly. “God, that feels so fucking good, Mae. Fuck my fucking pussy. Fuck me with those nasty fingers. Oh, Yes! Don’t fucking stop!”

I locked my lips around Jan’s clit as I plunged my own fingers into her sodden gash. Her pussy squished around my fingers as they displaced her juices. My tongue eagerly darted between the overflow and Jan’s aroused clit. I sucked gently on her clit as I finger fucked her pussy was hard as I could.

The shower was filled with a chorus of sloppy wet pussy and moans of delight as we all happily licked the pussy before us. I felt a sort of pulse to our efforts as I plunged my fingers into Jan in time with Mae’s fingers invading my own pussy. It almost felt as though we were pushing ourselves toward a collective orgasm. I was not sure if it was my imagination or something instinctual.

Then I felt my dam burst. My body contracted and convulsed as Mae pushed me over the precipice. I vaguely noticed that Jan’s pussy was holding my fingers tightly as I thrust them a final time into her depths as I came hard on Mae’s hand.

“FUCK,” I cried, as my orgasm split through me. I pulled myself briefly into a fetal ball, causing Mae’s fingers to slip from my pussy.

“That’s was fucking amazing,” I heard Molly murmur.

It was then that I realized that everyone was coming down from their own climax, and that it was not just I that had experienced a delightful orgasm.

“Shit,” I sighed, “That was easily one of my top ten orgasms. Mae, you are a pussy eating diva!”

None of us felt any desire to relocate, not that I had any confidence that my legs would support me at the moment, if I had wanted to move. Instead we tightened into a kind of ball, each using the women above us as a pillow. I drifted to sleep knowing that there would be many more nights spent with Molly.

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