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Wedding Night with No Wedding

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She blew her hair from her face and looked at the flat tire, she then looked down at the white dress she was wearing. She then started to cry and that was how he found her.


Kimberly turned around and wiped a tear from her cheek, before looking up at the man in front of her. “Yes?” she asked, though she knew what he was going to ask her.

Frank looked at the woman before her, gauging her age to be about thirty, perhaps thirty-five, either way it was an age that seemed a little young to be stuck on the side of the road with a flat, while wearing a long white wedding gown. “Are you late? Or are you running?” he asked.

“Both?” she whispered and the tears fell hard and fast. “I’m late and I’m running.” Her brown eyes filled with unshed tears which didn’t stay that way for long as they fell down in rivers upon her freckled cheeks. Kimberly’s shoulders slumped and her hands came up to cover her face as she leaned back against the car and let the words spill from her lipstick-covered lips. Suddenly, she just erupted and began to tell him everything.

“I’m late, you know pregnant late and I am running from the wedding. I know I should be at the altar giving the baby a Dad, but oh it so shouldn’t be that guy. Sure he’s the father, but I was on my way to the church and it was like this light bulb went on in my head. It blinked, Kimberly, you can’t marry him. Sure you’re knocked up, but he’s not worth it. He has no job, no future, no prospects. You’ll support him and his habits. You need to stop now.” She looked up at the older man and sniffed. “I wish that light had blinked on months ago.”

Frank chewed on his lower lip and studied the young groomless bride. “Let me take you somewhere. You can’t drive, you’re in no condition to and the baby you are carrying isn’t going to be really happy you’re having stress.”

She took several breaths and pulled her hands away from her face and looked at him through swollen, red eyes. She sniffed. Kimberly really studied the man this time. She wished she could say she was an excellent judge of character, but she wasn’t. That was obvious, she thought as she patted her slightly curved belly. Her brown eyes sought out his green ones and she relaxed immediately. He wasn’t going to harm her, she read it in his eyes as well as in the way he looked at her.

“Thanks, I appreciate it. I’ll call a tow truck when I get home,” she said quietly. “Let me get my purse.” Kimberly started to walk away then stopped and walked back to him. “My name’s Kimberly Myers,” she extended her hand. “It would have been Trembly, but thank God that’s not going to happen now.”

“Frank DeMarco,” Frank said as he took her hand in his and shook it firmly. “Kimberly Trembly wouldn’t have been a bad name, but if the guy wasn’t the best stock then it is good to have left before you tied the knot.” He released her hand and walked back to his car while she collected her purse and whatever else she may have needed.

As Frank got into his Cadillac he watched the short redhead grab her purse and he found himself staring at the round ass that was wiggling as she reached in and got her belongings. “Down boy,” he told himself. “She’s young enough to be your daughter.” He watched her lock her car up and come toward him, he reached over and unlocked her door and watched her gather up the large white skirt of the dress and slide in. In her hands she had her purse and a small suitcase, which he took and placed in the rear seat.

“Spare clothes,” she told him as she tried to buckle up, but was finding it difficult with the amount of puffy, white, material that was billowing everywhere. “Damn, I should have eloped. . . no, I guess it is good that I didn’t.” She finally got buckled and grinned at Frank. “I was thinking that they are going to come looking for me at my place. Would you take me into the city? I’ll grab a hotel. I’ll call mom and dad and let them know I’m safe. Then I’m getting out of this Barbie doll dress.”

Frank chuckled and agreed to take her wherever she desired. He hadn’t had an adventure in years and he looked forward to one now more then he realized. “How far along are you?” he asked. He had casually checked out her figure while she’d been crying, her head buried in her hands, and saw no real sign of being pregnant.

“Just a few weeks,” she answered back. She ran her hand over her stomach and wondered again if she’d made the right decision in keeping the baby. She patted her belly, grinned and decided to stop second guessing herself and accept the fact that she was going to be a mom. Now, she was going to be a single mom. “I met Tim at a party and we hit it off, but then I sobered up.” She giggled. “We dated off and on. He didn’t have a job, no money. . . a real bum, but,” she sighed. “I am thirty-two and not married, never have been and damn it,” she sniffed. “I wanted to be married.”

“But?” Frank asked, knowing there was more. He drove and listened to the woman, who had moments ago confirmed she was indeed young enough to be his daughter, Frank had only been off one year. He was sixty-seven and had lost his wife several years ago. Now he dated a few women in town that knew him, but all where his age. His son was married and his wife was in her late thirties. He glanced at Kimberly and found himself wishing he was forty again. He’d been a looker at forty, now he was anything from it, or so he thought.

They drove onward Kimberly found herself growing very comfortable in the older man’s presence. She wasn’t sure how old he was and she wasn’t about to ask, but she knew he would be somewhere in his late fifties or early sixties. She found that comforting, so comforting that she was soon asleep with her head leaning against the window of her door.

Frank chuckled while he listened to the young woman sleeping beside him. How long had it been since a woman fell asleep on him and it wasn’t because she was too old to keep up with his active lifestyle? He thought back to his wife Helen and how busy they had always been. Volunteering in the community after he retired from the Service as well as working at a few of the local shops, just to have something to fill his time with.

When Helen passed it had taken him a while to get moving again, but when he did he never thought about the ladies his age not keeping up with him. Helen always had. He saw Kimberly sleeping and knew it wasn’t that she couldn’t keep up because of age, but because of her condition and the fact she was under a lot of stress. He sighed and quietly continued driving deeper into the city, hating the fact that the woman beside him wasn’t his bride in white.

Kimberly stirred and for a moment found herself frightened, but then she remembered where she was. She opened her eyes fully and sat up. The lights of the city reflected in the car and she looked around noticing that the car was parked and Frank was nowhere to be found. She pushed her fingers through her red curls and felt them begin to tug as she tried to work her hand through the massive amounts of hair spray and styling gel. She knew she looked a mess, but she was surprised that she didn’t care.

Eventually she looked outside of the car and found herself staring at Frank coming toward her. She grinned and was lost in his happy smile, dancing emerald orbs and wondering what his snow white beard would feel like against her skin. Kimberly was caught off guard and shivered. She opened the car door and walked toward him, the trail of her wedding gown following behind her.

“I got you a room,” he told her, pressing a keycard into her palm. “Let me take your suitcase upstairs for you and then I’ll be on my way.”

Kimberly smiled. “Thanks,” she told him, gathered up her dress and walked with him to the hotel doors.

Neither one thought anything about the fact that Kimberly was walking into the hotel with her wedding gown on. They didn’t even think about the image that Frank gave as he escorted her through the lobby. He hadn’t thought about the fact that he was dressed in the same clothes he’d worn to a lunch with some of the more notable peers of society. Frank had dressed smartly in a navy suit and still had the jacket on though unbuttoned. When the woman behind the reception desk saw the gentleman walk back in with a woman in a wedding gown she squealed in delight, after the initial shock over the age difference abandoned her.

“Oh my goodness!” she shouted. “Oh my goodness!” she repeated herself again. “You didn’t say you were a newlywed,” The woman came from behind the counter, her eyes wide and full and then she stopped. Her eyes flashed with excitement. “You two wait right there,” the woman said and then disappeared into a back office.

Frank looked down at Kimberly and chuckled. “I guess it is easy to be misled, huh?” he asked.

Kimberly laughed, also. She and Frank both waited for the woman to return and when she did she had with her another man. “This is Mr. Adams, the Hotel Manager. He just got married too and when I saw you two I just knew he’d be tickled pink to see a couple of newlyweds, no matter your ages.” She jabbed Frank in the ribs, “Never to old, huh?” She added a wink and then looked over at Kimberly.

“Oh my you are a pretty bride.”

Kimberly blushed at the hoopla the woman, who looked to be about fifty, was making over her, but she was still a bit surprised at how the man in the suit next to her fit so well beside her. She noticed their reflection in the hotel window and she too would have mistaken them for a happily married couple. She was smiling. He was smiling. They were both laughing and to anyone passing by, they would have looked like a pair of lovers anxious to be on their way, which Kimberly was. She wanted up in her room and out of the dress. Her eyes shifted quickly to the Hotel Manager when she saw him produce a second key.

“I’m upgrading your room. My wife and I just celebrated our wedding and damn it, I feel good and I want you folks to start out your new life together just like we did. Granted, I’m not sending you to Hawaii. But here.” He took Frank’s hand and pressed the key into the man’s palm, and the receptionist plucked the one out of Kimberly’s hand.

“That’s the Honeymoon Suite, Deary,” the woman told Kimberly. She pulled the Hotel Manager away and waved to the newlyweds. “You two be careful. . .Watch his ticker there, Missy ” The two disappeared into the office, leaving Frank and Kimberly alone in the lobby.

They both looked at each other and at the same time erupted in a fit of laughs and chuckles. Eventually they moved to the elevator and Frank handed the key to the Honeymoon Suite to Kimberly and continued to hold her suitcase. “You are one lucky lady this evening,” he told her.

Kimberly smiled, “Well, yeah. Unless come tomorrow morning they find out my husband left me on my wedding night and charge me full price for the room.”

Frank stepped out of the elevator and thought for a moment. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll stay and take you to dinner, escort you back here, let the desk help see me and then I’ll go home out one of the other doors. In the morning, I’ll just take one of those side doors, use the hotel key, slip back up here and escort you out of the building. . .then they won’t know and you won’t be charged.”

“Smart fellow,” she answered with a grin and slipped the keycard into the lock. The lock released and Kimberly stepped in, followed by her “groom.”

Frank whistled low as he took in the Suite. “I’m glad I am not footing the bill for this. The room you had was a nice one, not cheap either, but this, well . . . I’d have to come out of retirement to afford it.”

He winked at her and she knew he was exaggerating. Kimberly tossed her purse on the coffee table and walked through the room, past a fully functional kitchen and dining room, then onward into a living room, eventually she rounded a corner and called out to Frank. “Oh honey,” she giggled. “Come check out our bedroom and bathroom.”

Frank felt a stir in his gut when she called out to him. He gave himself a mental shake and proceeded to follow the voice that was suddenly becoming familiar to him. They hadn’t spoken much, but he knew without a doubt he’d recognize Kimberly’s voice in a crowded room, or a hushed whisper. He stepped in behind her and took a look back at the King size bed he’d passed and its thick comforter. The room was decorated in burgundy and oak. He looked over Kimberly’s shoulder and tried to ignore the soft scent of roses that wafted from her hair. As he felt his body responding to her proximity, he glanced at the huge tub with jets for double the relaxation pleasure. He then saw a separate shower stall and a couple of sinks to one side. “It sure is nice. I’ll be sure to make a big deal about the quality of the room when “we” check out tomorrow.”

“Thanks,” Kimberly said and turned around to face him. She was taken back by how close they were and for a moment she felt a rising blush fall over her features and a knowing tingle rise up in her stomach. She looked up at him and blinked rapidly, her lips parted as the words she had wanted to further convey slipped away in the wind.

Frank too was affected by her and he felt his fingers try to wrap around her hip and force her to come closer, but he fought the urge and stepped back. The distance did nothing to stop the attraction he had for the young woman, but it did help to give him time to think. That time was interrupted by the ringing of the hotel room’s phone. “Saved by the bell,” he muttered under his breath, turned and went to the phone.

As Kimberly tried to calm herself, she watched him talk to the front desk, assuming from the conversation that was taking place, and no one knew she was here. She would find out what was going on later, first she needed to get out of the Lady in White fiasco dress she was wearing and into what she thought she’d be wearing the morning after Hell froze over. She walked over and picked up her suitcase and pulled her spare clothes out, then headed to the bathroom.

Frank watched her and when he hung up the phone he was glad to be on the opposite side of the door, while the pretty redhead showered and changed. Frank thought to himself, he could use a shower right about now too. He reached down and adjusted his sex, the arousal he’d felt for the woman was slowly dropping, but not fast enough for his comfort.

When she emerged, Frank groaned inwardly and all the adjusting he’d done had been for nothing when he felt his sex stand up and take notice of the freshly scrubbed face and carefree beauty that had emerged from the bathroom. “Wow,” he said quietly.

Kimberly laughed. “Wow? I don’t think I’d go that far. I clean up rather well, Frank. But I’m no wow.”

Frank’s brow rose and he looked a bit perturbed by her comment. “I wouldn’t have said it, had I not meant it,” he told her. He looked to the phone and then back to her. “Looks like the dinner plans will continue, but again at no cost to us. Generous fellow down there at the desk, you best hope he’s happy if you ever do decide to come here with a real husband.”

“Oh?” she asked.

“Seems he’s tossed in supper at the hotel restaurant and the bill is taken care of,” Frank said, offering his arm at the same time.

“Cool,” she grinned and took his offered arm. “Finding you was my lucky day. . .well, you finding me,” she corrected.

“Yes, I do believe you’re right. Shall we?”

“Yes, lets.”

The couple walked down the hall and took the elevator to the top floor where the hotel restaurant, known as the Sky Cap Lounge, was located. Frank had discarded his jacket and tie and looked very casual, in the pale blue shirt with two buttons undone. Kimberly had worn a pink sweater and a white pleated skirt that hung to her knees, along with a pair of pink pumps. Her hair was a bit damp, but for the most part had been toweled dry and hung in waves down her back, to rest just above her shoulder blades.

When they were greeted by the Hostess, another round of gushes and praises were passed around to them, a bottle of wine was brought out, along with two crystal goblets and the staff gathered around to toast the happy couple.

As dinner progressed, it was easy for the couple to get lost in the moment. Music played softly around them, the meal was delicious, the wine flowed freely, and when the desert was presented with their server suggesting how romantic it would be for them to feed each other that first sinful bite of cheesecake, they did so without a moments hesitation.

It was the closing of Kimberly’s lips over that sterling silver fork that finally got to Frank. Everything up to that point had been arousing, but it was that simple act of a woman’s face showing the simple pleasure of enjoying something so sweet and flavorful and then licking her lips in satisfaction that made Frank act without thought or reason. He leaned over and replaced her tongue with his and finished washing away the speck of cheesecake that lay nestled on the crevices of her lower lip.

When Kimberly took in a puff of air, she knew it had sounded like a gasp of shock. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t shocked, but she’d also be lying if she said she hadn’t liked that initial touch of his tongue over her soft skin. He pulled away and she saw he too was taken back by his actions. The server however was not shocked, but was “oooing” and “ahhhing” all over the couple.

Frank swallowed the lump in his throat and started to apologize, but stopped when Kimberly’s hand reached out and took his. She squeezed it gently, but said nothing, only her eyes remained locked on his. The server left and the couple rose from the table, their desert left forgotten as they made their way to the Honeymoon Suite.

Kimberly opened the door and led Frank in. She knew he’d been about to apologize to her, but she didn’t want him too. She was anything but sorry it had happened. She was only sorry that it had been in a place so public. She would have much rather been able to return the teasing lick, but in a more private setting. Kimberly also sensed that the man before her was one that would have a hard time justifying being with a much younger woman, but she hoped to displace any worries or concerns he had.

She wasn’t looking for a father for her child, tonight she was looking for something else. There was an underlying passion inside her, one that she wanted to experience and one she found herself thinking this man could show her. He’d been so caring and thoughtful that she had imagined them slowly loving and he would take her to places she’d only dreamed of. She wasn’t sure why she was so at ease with him, but she was and she wanted to experience more with him.

Frank heard the lock of the room door become a solid click and he knew what Kimberly wanted. It had been there in her dark, brown eyes, and he knew his own desire showed in his green. Should he tell her no? Did she realize that this was not the norm for him? He’d not been with a woman sexually since Helen. He was rather surprised that he desired to be with one now, not even taking into account she was so young. He heard her slip her shoes off and when she walked around him, turned and faced him, he looked down on her and knew that no matter what happened after this evening he wasn’t leaving right now.

Kimberly stepped up and Frank reached out. “I’ve not done this is a while,” he told her.

“I’m in no hurry,” she whispered. Their lips touched and, for a moment, time was suspended. Neither one breathed, but only felt. Their eyes remained opened and Kimberly’s only closed when Frank’s tongue snaked out and licked at the seam of her lips. She then sighed, parting her lips and allowing hers to slip free and touch timidly with his. Kimberly felt his whiskers brush against her chin and she was surprised by the softness of them. She stepped closer, her hands moving up his arms to glide around his neck and up into his soft white hair.

Frank felt her fingers toy with his hair and he felt the pressure of her hands pushing him closer to her lips, deepening the kiss. He answered her request, opened his mouth wider and together their tongues began to slip and slide along the edges of each other. His fingers ran down her spine and up her back, only to trail back down again. He pushed his tongue in further. She parried and thrusts back with her own until the kiss was no longer slow, but heated and feverish. They pulled apart and Kimberly touched her fingers to her lips. “Wow,” she whispered.

“Yes,” Frank agreed, before pulling her back to him and repeating the action. This time his hands moved to the curvy ass he’d been studying when she’d first turned away from him. Now he gripped it and hauled her tightly against him. “I’ve not been this hard in years,” he told her after leaving her mouth and taking in her right earlobe.

“It feels wonderful,” she grinned against his neck as he feasted on her skin. Kimberly bit at his skin and smiled when she heard a deep moan against her ear.

“Again, Kimberly,” Frank told her.

She bit him again, this time with a bit more power, but not enough to mark him. “Call me Kim. . .I think we are past the formal name,” she said, before sliding her tongue up his neck and then back along his jaw, before stepping away from his embrace.

“Kim,” he said back to her, the name falling easily from his wet lips. He watched her move several steps back until she reached the sofa. Her fingers moved to the bottom of her sweater and she slowly raised it over her head, exposing her full breasts and white strapless bra.

Frank swallowed his lust and continued to watch her undress for him. Her fingers slipped down to her waist and she gracefully began to move the material down her hips and thighs, white panties peeked out and the groan that escaped his lips went unnoticed as he moved in and stopped her from removing the last two articles of clothing.

Kim looked up at him, humor in her eyes as she placed her hands to her sides and waited for whatever he had planned. She gazed upon him as Frank undid one button and then another on his shirt then pulled it away from his body. Kim feasted on his chest, the thick splay of white chest hair, was itching to be touched and so she reached out and ran her pink painted fingers up and down his torso.

He gritted his teeth, but allowed her to touch him. Frank trembled as she pressed her palms against his skin. The sensation of her fingers touching him brought a fiery heat to his loins and he felt his cock jerk. He was about to reach down and remove his slacks when he saw and felt Kim doing just that.

The belt was released and Kim looked up to Frank, as she worked free the button and pulled down the zipper, she saw the lust in his eyes and she knew it mirrored her own. She wasn’t sure why she was doing this. The man was by all means a stranger to her and she to him. For some reason they had clicked from the first minute he’d said the word, “Miss” and she had looked into his eyes. “I do want to do this,” she told him as she slid to her knees and helped him step out of his shoes and then his pants and boxers.

Frank looked at the top of the red haired lovely and ran his fingers through her long, silky locks. “Do whatever you want, just remember,I give as good as I get, or better.” He chuckled softly, but the chuckle faded when her mouth immediately took in his swollen shaft. “Ohhh,” Frank muttered, his eyes fought to stay open and not roll back and close. He watched the pink lips move down his cock and then back up again as Kim slowly stroked and fondled the base with one hand and his testicles with the other.

Kim kept her fingers moving as well as her mouth. She turned her head to one side, taking him in further, but also allowing herself to see the pleasure of the events cross his face. Her eyes would close briefly as she locked away her own experience and felt her pussy begin to seep the sweet nectar from its home. She moved his cock deeper into her mouth, sucked more firmly and cradled his balls with a gentleness that was sometimes replaced with a firm squeeze.

His cock was burning inside her mouth and his hands gripped the red curls that spilled over her face. He held them away so he could watch her devour him, every inch was welcomed into her moist heaven and when it was pulled away, only to be plunged in deeper, his entire body shook. He could feel his release begging to come out, but he wasn’t sure if Kim would want his seed, so he held her up from his cock and looked down on her wet lips. “I’ll come soon,” he told her. “It has been a while, remember.”

Kim smiled and took the one hand that he’d not used to tangle in her hair, but rest on her shoulder and she entwined her fingers with his. She then guided his cock back to her lips and Frank eased up on the pressure in her hair.

Kimberly began a series of deep throating thrusts that slammed and welcomed Frank’s cock head into the back of her throat. Over and over she fucked him, her speed increasing and only stopping when she heard him shout out his release and felt the first spring of hot come slap the back of her throat.

“Ahhh,” Frank groaned as he pumped his fluids into her eager mouth. He shot a second rope of semen into her waiting home and when a smaller third shot erupted he knew he’d been thoroughly taken. He shuddered as his high subsided and he watched in awe as she cleaned his dick, before sliding up to lick and kiss his nipples.

She stood before him, her face glowing with pride and satisfaction. Frank, moved his hands into her hair and pulled her lips to his. They kissed again, the hunger still there, though it would be sometime before Frank was ready to take the woman again.

“Wonderful,” she whispered against his lips. Kim had enjoyed what she’d done immensely. The look of pleasure that had crossed her partner’s face was one she’d never seen before. She’d seen men come and she knew that they enjoyed it, but Frank was different, it was as if he came just for her, and no one else. He’d not rushed her or forced her, even gave her the option of stopping, in the end the gift of his seed was just that a gift, an offering, and one she hoped to sample often.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt his strong hands on her hips and she was walked backwards. She trusted him to take care of where they were going and she thought it was the bedroom. When he stopped in the dining room and pushed her back against the table, she shivered in excitement. “Oh fuck,” she muttered under her breath as she slipped up to the table and waited for him to command her.

Frank ran his hands up her arms and down her torso, pausing to cup her breasts. “You’re beautiful,” he told her.

She smiled and shivered with desire as she watched his thumbs tease her nipples. Her eyes looked at his worn hands and she was amazed that the strength she sensed in them. He watched the pale-pink pearls rise up to be noticed. His mouth moved down to taste first the right and then the left. Kim’s fingers moved into his hair and she anchored him to her tit. “Oh god! Frank,” she moaned as he lapped his tongue over the hardening nub.

He knew her fingers were trembling and the only thing keeping her from slipping to the table fully was the desire to watch him possess her. Frank stopped, kissed the tops of her breasts and then pushed her slowly down. “Close your eyes and feel. I have business to attend to,” he told her. His grin sparkled through his beard and he winked at her.

Kim’s blush was apparent as she watched him return to feasting from her. In time she found herself unable to watch, to lost in the magic of his touch. “Frank,” she whimpered.

Frank’s mouth trailed down her collarbone, his tongue taking a path of exploration. He was on a mission, but chose to cover every plane and angle of the woman beneath him. His lips savored the soft flesh on her skin. His tongue connected her freckles with invisible lines of hot moisture and air. He pushed her breasts together and nibbled on the twin mounds, biting one then the other, before taking both nubs into his mouth and sucking on them simultaneously. He heard her gasp and watched her fingers curl into fists. He increased the torment and continued to lavish the twin globes with the attention they deserved.

He released one, held it in his palm and kneaded the fresh globe, while sucking vigorously on the other. “Frank,” Kim cried out as he teased her flesh. She opened her eyes looked down at him and watched his teeth begin to further drive her to a frenzied want. He latched onto the hard bead, lifted it with a firm bite and then released it. Her breast bounced and swayed before he captured it and repeated the action over and over.

“What?” he asked, a smirk of wickedness on his lips.

Her eyes grew wide as she watched him move over to the other nipple and tease it as much as he had the first. “I need more,” she muttered. One hand moved to the abandoned nipple, she teased it, pulling and twisting the rippled flesh. The other hand slipped to his shoulder and she massaged him, kneading his skin as well as forcefully pushing him down toward her wet sex.

“I’m waiting,” he told her as he ran his tongue over the full tit that was under his beard. He nuzzled it with his nose, breathed in her intoxicating scent and slipped his tongue out to travel over her stomach.

Kim growled her frustration and released his shoulder to slam her closed fist onto the table as she thrust her hips up into the air. Her pussy collided with his chest and she knew he was getting closer to the peak of her desire. Her eyes fluttered closed again and she muttered her need for him to take her.

Frank heard the passion, desire, and lust in her voice and he welcomed it. His sex was responding again, but he was in no hurry to plunge into her at least not with his cock.

When Kimberly felt the first hairs of his face touch her sex, she shook at the unique feeling. She’d never had a man with a full beard take her before and now as Frank hovered on the edge of her pussy she found herself wanting to experience every touch and sensation that he was giving her.

His tongue traveled further. His fingers slipped over her thighs and he moved his face to rest perfectly against her slick sex. “God,” he whispered against her opening, before his tongue journeyed up and down her juice-covered mound. He licked to the top and then played with the inner flesh, hooking his tongue under it and pulling it up, before sliding back down to push her juices down her slit. He sucked them up, his fingers opening her thighs further as he moved to his knees and pulled her back to him.

Kim gasped as Frank took his time teasing her pussy. Her hands floated to her stomach, trailed up her torso, cupped her breasts and she kneaded them. Her back pushed into the table that was slick with her sweat and her hips rose to offer her partner more of herself.

Frank’s mouth opened wider and covered her pussy, his tongue lapped over her, his hot breath blanketed her and he closed his lips over her clit. He sucked, pulled and teased the swollen strip of flesh, while his fingers began to slide up her thighs and over to her increasingly wet cunt. “Delicious,” he told her as he plunged two fingers into her opening and began to twist and turn them counterclockwise and then back again.

“Jesus Christ,” she hissed as he drove the hard digits into her sex. As she felt each thrust of his hand and pull of his teeth, her body shook with desire and passion. Her juices flowed thick and she begged for more. “Harder! Faster!” she cried out the words over and over as she drew in gasping breaths of air.

Her body was openly exposed to him. She clawed at her flesh while the nails of his fingers scrapped along the inside of her sex. She begged for more and he gave her what she desired when he added a third finger into her slick cunt. “Frank,” she screamed as she thrashed underneath him. Kimberly continued to slide and buck against his face, the scratching of his facial hair added to the sensations and she felt her lips being plucked with teasing bites of his teeth as his mouth traveled to the hole her fingers were devouring.

“More Kim, I want more,” Frank growled against her pussy. His tongue joined his fingers and he moved around the inside of her, leaving two fingers to tease her cunt. “Give me more, baby.” Frank said, before sliding his mouth over her opening.

Kim shouted and squealed, her words inaudible to anyone listening. She bucked against him and screamed that she was coming.

Frank grinned wickedly, removed his fingers and intercepted the hot fluids that rushed out of her. He licked and savored the unique taste, the warm velvet fluid that slithered from deep within her and out to greet his eager lips and tongue. His finger returned and Kim came again for him. He sucked and prodded her with his long fingers and firm tongue until she lay spread open and gasping for breath.

Kim shook as her climax ripped through her. Her eyes had remained clenched tight, her lungs screaming for air, and eventually when her orgasm had erupted her entire being was suspended in time just as it had been when they kissed. Now as he lapped at her soaked pussy, she felt the small tremors of little climaxes run through her and she shivered. The air-conditioning in the hotel room kicked on and soon she was shivering again, this time not just from coming down off an orgasmic high, but from her sweaty flesh becoming cooled by the cold air.

Gentle fingers trailed over her ribs and Kim opened her eyes to gaze up her lover’s face. She pulled it down to hers, felt the hairs of his chest press against her breasts and she lifted herself up to kiss his lips. Her tongue moved over his and she tasted her juices that had run freely over his fingers and lips. She felt them caress her and she grinned, knowing that he’d drank deeply of her and she was now enjoying that same delicious flavor, but this time it was mixed with the taste of his mouth.

Frank pulled away and looked down on her beautiful body, his cock was hard again and it was ready to plunge into her. He took her hand, helped her from the table and led her to the bedroom. He watched her leave his side and move to the bed, she pulled the blankets back and climbed in. Kim opened her arms and welcomed him inside, wanting nothing more then to give him what both their bodies craved. There were so many things they could do and she was not going to stop until he told her too. She studied him and knew that his body was built for loving and he had the energy and stamina to show her just how much.

He stepped forward and crawled up her full figure. The coolness of the blankets surrounded them, but soon it became apparent that they were no longer a welcoming coolness, but had become a hot hindrance to their mating.

Frank pushed them with his hands. Kim kicked at them with her feet. When the offending objects lay in a puddle on the floor, Frank concentrated on the woman beneath him. His eyes took in the bright red hair, her dark chocolate eyes, her high cheekbones, and full lips. Frank wondered how long it would take to kiss every freckle that dotted her nose and her chin. She was not covered in them, just a dusting here and there. He continued to gaze upon her, knowing she was doing the same to him.

His cock rested along the slippery velvet lips of her pussy and as Kim ran her hands down his back and up again. Her mouth rising up to bite and suck on his neck, his hand closed over her ass and he caressed the soft flesh. Her fingers moved to his hips, she ground herself against him and begged for more of him with not only her whispered pleas, but with the movements her body made.

Her hand reached between them and grasped his hard staff. He lifted his hips and together they watched as she guided the head of his manhood up and down her swollen lips. She felt him push into her and she gasped in delight as he took command and sank into her sweet folds. “Yes,” they both moaned simultaneously. Her hips lifted. His pushed back down into her.

They moved together, first slowly, each one rocking back and forth as the lust inside them burned. Frank captured a bouncing globe with his lips, coaxed the hard bud into his mouth and began to tease and suck on the sweet flesh. Kim’s nails dug into his sides, easily locking onto him as she brought her legs up to wrap around him, better anchoring herself to his ever increasing action.

“Oh fuck! Harder, Frank,” she cried out. Her hands fell away from his hips and she curled her fingers into the sheets, using them to help her hoist her hips up higher.

“God,” Frank groaned as he increased the power of his hips and drove harder into her welcoming cunt. He pumped faster. She begged for more. The sweat on his brow increased as his mouth worked her nipple into a red, hot bead of fire.

She screamed at him to not stop. He refused to give in to the desire to rest. She begged for him to bite and tear at her breasts and Frank did not hesitate to give her what she wanted.

He felt her pussy tighten around him and when she brought her hands up to his hips again, he knew she would be coming. He felt his balls tighten further and when she grabbed him and forced herself up, while he plunged his cock further down into her, they both climaxed together.

Each one screamed out the other’s name and each felt the fiery hot syrup coat the other. Frank shuddered as his seed erupted and explored the beautiful creature. Kimberly’s come flowed hot and slick over his cock, slid down her pussy lips and coated his balls along side her own slick opening.

“Oh fuck,” she gasped as the little rockets of mini-orgasms moved through her. She clung to her lover as she welcomed the little ripples of desire and she found herself moving under him, pumping his softening cock, so she could experience the tiny climaxes again. In time, she was sedated and her lover was pressing kisses upon her sweaty skin. Kim ran her legs down his and then up again. Slowly, her hands caressed his ass, back and shoulders, until she reached his face.

Frank looked up into her dark, brown eyes and lowered his lips to hers. “I do hope you enjoyed your wedding night,” he whispered against her ear.

“Mmm. . .yes Frank,” she told him. “I think I may need to go on a Honeymoon now. . . would you like to come along?” she asked.

He studied her and saw the seriousness of her question. “I’d be delighted.”

They kissed again. He slipped out of her and settled in next to her, bringing her closer to his side. “When does this honeymoon begin?” he asked.

Kimberly chuckled. Her hand ran down his chest and she played with his limp cock. “Perhaps in the morning when we shower together,” she whispered.

He grinned and held her tight, he reached around and found a corner of the blanket that was close to the bed. He pulled it up and covered them both with it, before they both faded off to sleep.

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