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Foreign Exchange Student

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I am twenty-nine years old and have been married for eight years. After eight years of marriage, life has become incredibly stagnant. Wendy spends most of her time at her sister’s house. She thinks if she is home while I am here I will spend all my time trying to fuck her, she’s probably right. If she is not at her sister’s house then she is working part time at the University helping foreign students with their visa applications and finding host families for foreign exchange students.

Wendy over the last five years has turned into a cold bitch. She has the emotional warmth of a three day old corpse. I am lucky if I can get her to have sex once a month and forget anything really erotic. Usually she just lays there with a look of ‘hurry up and get this over with.’

I tried to remember where things had changed. Wendy use to be one sexy little number. At five feet six, a hundred and fifteen pounds, with long brown hair and a nice set of tits, I guess she still was. Her cold demeanor was just too hard to ignore and could not compensate for her good looks. She use to be fun to hang out with and loved to have sex almost as much as I did. Somewhere over the last few years that had changed. Now she had no respect for me and only seemed to tolerate me. Thinking on it more, she seemed to have changed when I became more accommodating to her. Slowly giving in to more of her demands over the years had caused her to lose a lot of the respect.

As if she could sense I was thinking about her the frigid bitch walked into the kitchen where I was drinking a cup of coffee. I watched her as she walked to the refrigerator and grabbed a vitamin water. She didn’t even acknowledge my existence until she turned around and walked up to the opposite end of the breakfast table.

“Frank, I was at the school yesterday and the director of student admissions approached me. He asked me if I would act as a host family for a foreign exchange student.”

I have to admit I was a little surprised she was even talking to me. Maybe I was just mad and overreacted about her pinion of me. “Well, we can certainly talk about it.”

“I already told him I would do it. I just wanted to let you know so you wouldn’t be shocked when a student came to the front door and said they were going to be living here. It was too good an opportunity to pass up. The director hinted that if I helped him with this I would be able to go full time at the University in the admissions office.”

Bitch. Any thought I had of her seeing me as an equal partner in this relationship vanished. “Thanks for letting me know.” I said sarcastically.

“You’re welcome,” she said as she grabbed her drink and headed out the door.

Just like Wendy had said, two weeks later she showed up at the door with a girl carrying two large suitcases. She had a beautiful young face with long blonde hair, high cheekbones and impossibly long eye lashes.

“This is Arabelle; she is a French exchange student in her first year at the University.” Wendy said making the introduction.

All the preconceived notions you may have about young French eighteen year old girls is completely true. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was five feet four inches of teenage sexiness. She was thin, probably weighing only about ninety-five pounds and had a nice pair of tits. Smaller than my wife’s size C but still perfectly proportioned to her slight frame. “Welcome to your new home Arabelle.” There was no sense in taking the frustration I had for my wife out on this gorgeous girl.

Wendy took Arabelle to the guest room and helped her get situated. I went straight to the bathroom in our bedroom and jerked off. The thought of that beautiful piece of ass staying under our roof was more than enough to get me hard. After I had finished beating my meat, which had taken less than ten minutes, I went to the kitchen and started to prepare dinner.

At eighteen years old, Arabelle was driving me insane with lust. I had discovered over the last couple of weeks that she was one horny little slut. I cold tell she was in a number of ways. I had gone into her bathroom a few times to pick up the dirty towels to wash and had seen her panties. Tiny little thongs which in and of themselves was nothing, but several of them were crusty where her juices had soaked them thoroughly. I had also heard her on a few of occasions moaning softly as she demonstrated a clear understanding of autoeroticism. It wasn’t too loud and I did have to put my ear to the door, but once I did it was clear to me what she was doing. As soon as I had heard her climax, which wasn’t that quiet, I had gone straight to my bathroom and jerked off.

The horny little French girl was fingering herself all the time. She would be in her room two or three times a day and anytime she was in there and I called her for dinner or some other reason, her response was always the same. ‘I will be there in a few minutes.’ I should know, I jerk off at least thee times a day.

It was Saturday and as usual Wendy was over at her sister’s house. Arabelle had told my wife she wanted to stay home so she could study. As usual the little French tart had her door closed. I placed my ear to the door and heard what I had expected, the soft moaning of a teenage girl masturbating. My cock immediately went to its full seven inches. Rubbing my cock through my shorts, I had finally reached the breaking point. After all, there is only so much a man can take when it comes to having a cute teenager fingering herself five feet away.

“I went into the living room and grabbed a dime out of the change cup. I then walked back to her bedroom door and placed the dime in the safety lock. The safety lock is standard on most bedroom doors. It allows a parent to open a door if a child has accidentally locked themselves in. I twisted the dime and heard the faint click as the door unlocked.

As I silently opened the door I saw what I had been hoping for. There she was, lying on the bed with two fingers buried deep in her wet pussy. Her eyes were closed and she didn’t notice me come in. I admired her body for a moment. She was beautiful and as I suspected a little skinny. Her tits were about a size B and her pink erect nipples stood out against her white skin.

When she did notice me she jerked her hands out of her panties and tried to cover up her breast with her arms. “M’sieur, what are you doing? You should not be in here.”

“I am watching a sexy little French girl playing with herself. I know you touch yourself all the time.” I said as I approached the bed.

“M’sieur Frank, you should not be in here. If your wife comes home you would get in trouble.” Arabelle said as she tried to push her back through the headboard of the bed.

“My wife is at her sister’s house and she will not be home for several hours. If she did see us, while I might get in a little trouble, you would certainly get sent back to France.” I said as I sat down on the edge of the bed and reached for her leg. She tried to pull it back but I gripped it tightly and held on. “If you are going to be playing with that beautiful little pussy of yours all the time in my house, it’s only fair that I get to play with you.”

I ran my hand up her smooth leg and then to her inner thigh. When I reached her soaking wet pussy I sank two fingers deep inside her. She wiggled around a little and tried to squeeze her legs shut. This only caused them to go a little deeper inside her.

“M’sieur Frank please, you should not be doing this.” Arabelle protested weakly as her host sank two fingers into her wet pussy.

I was completely correct about her, even though she was protesting she had spread her legs apart a few inches and I could see her hips lifting up to take in more of my fingers. I started rubbing her clit with my thumb and was rewarded with a long soft moan. She was so horny that in less than two minutes she had quit protesting and resisting completely.

Not wanting to lose the momentum I spread her legs and placed my face an inch above her pussy. It was shaved except for a thin strip of hair an inch above her clit. I inhaled deeply and smelled a mixture of her sex and strawberry body lotion. She had a warm neutral taste as I ran my tongue over the length of her pink pussy lips. I ran my tongue spreading her lips and reached her clit. This got an immediate response.

“Oh M’sieur, right there,” she said as she thrust her hips and pussy further into my face.

I gripped a hand on each of her butt cheeks and pressed my face hard into her. I sucked on her clit with abandon. Her soft moans had turned into full cries of passion and lust.

“M’sieur, my pussy has never felt like this before. Don’t stop, keep eating me.” Arabelle said as she fought for breath.

As she requested, I continued my oral assault on the fresh young pussy. I sucked and slurped all the juices her sweet pussy had to offer. I removed one hand from her ass cheek and sunk two fingers inside her to the knuckles. I attached my lips to her button and sucked hard. Arabelle squeezed my head with her legs and shot off like a cannon. Her cum covered my chin in the hottest, wettest orgasm I had ever seen.

Arabelle who had been arched during her orgasm collapsed back down on the bed. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was labored. Seeing her lying on the bed naked, her legs spread and her pussy glistening with her juices and my saliva was more than I could resist. I quickly took off my shorts and t-shirt. Now completely naked I crawled onto the bed and between her skinny legs.

Arabelle had opened her eyes when she felt the bed move and saw me kneeling between her legs and placing my cock at her entrance. To my delight and surprise, I felt her heel hook around my butt and pull me into her. She was a tight fit but with her pussy already lubed up, my cock slid right in. I watched as all seven inches of my hard flesh sank into the little foreign exchange student. When I slid my cock out it glistened with a mixture of her cum and juices. “Arabelle that is one tight little pussy you have. I am really going to enjoy having you stay with us. As long as you are here I will see to all the needs that overheated pussy of yours has.”

“M’sieur can see to my needs as well as his.” Arabelle said as she lifted her ass off the bed to get more cock.

“Does M’sieur Frank have a condom? I am not on birth control.”

“My wife Wendy hates taking birth control and made me get a vasectomy. We don’t have to worry about babies.”

“That is good. Will you be sneaking into my room often M’sieur?”

“Arabelle, I am going to be fucking you at least twice a day. For the next year this tight little pussy is going to belong to me.”

“Then take it M’sieur Frank. Fuck my little pussy hard. Make it yours.”

I began to pound my cock in and out of the obliging teenager. “I hate to admit it, but this is the first time I don’t really mind that bitch making a decision with out consulting me.”

“Oh yes, M’sieur Frank. Fuck me, fuck me hard. Give it to me. Your wife should respect you M’sieur Frank. Why do you not make her pussy yours as you have mine? You feel so good inside me.”

“It’s going to feel even better when I cum inside you. You’re going to be my little French slut. You want my cock don’t you Arabelle?”

“Yes M’sieur Frank cum inside my pussy. Fuck me with that big fat cock of yours. I want your dick to fill me up all the time. Fill my little French slut pussy with your cum.”

“That’s it darling; M’sieur Frank loves when you talk like a nasty slut.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck my slut pussy…”

Arabelle became lost in cock-lust. She bucked back and forth so hard I didn’t know who was fucking who. Her small breast rocked back and forth violently in unison with her movement. She gripped the post on the head board, thrust her hips hard into me and let out an ear piercing scream as an orgasm consumed her body for the second time. Unable to last any longer I gripped her tiny waist and shoved my self as far into her as I could and shot off my load into that wonderful tight wet pussy.

I pulled my cum covered dick out of the exhausted girl. Her hands reached between her legs and pressed against her pussy. I removed her hands and pulled her up. I then stood up on the side of the bed and pulled her over so that she was sitting down on the edge of the bed and I was between her legs. I grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and guided her mouth to my cock. “I want you to get use to the taste of cum. You will be eating a lot of it in the future. Go ahead and put you lips on my cock and clean it off.”

Arabelle licked the entire length of my shaft and then sucked on the head. She ran her tongue up and down, getting all the sticky fluid off and replacing it with her saliva.

“I like the taste of your cum M’sieur Frank.”

“That’s not just my cum Arabelle, that’s yours to. I am glad you like it, you will be getting to taste it everyday.”

Wendy came home later that night and found Arabelle and me sitting on the sofa. “Did you two eat yet?” Wendy asked.

“Oui madame, M’sieur Frank made me something to eat earlier.”

“I am glad to hear it.” Wendy said. Looking at her husband she said, “Frank, I’m tired tonight so I will be going straight to bed.”

“Good night honey. I will be in bed later.” Frank said glancing over at Arabelle.


Frank spent the next couple of weeks living up to his promise to Arabelle. He would fuck her once in the morning after Wendy went to work and once in the afternoon when she got home before his wife. He also fucked her whenever Wendy left the house.

It was early Tuesday morning and Frank was standing by the breakfast table. He watched as Arabelle, who was sitting on a chair sucked his cock. She was only able to get about three inches into her warm wet mouth. The rest of his cock she stroked up in down in a steady rhythm. She was completely naked as he had told her to be whenever Wendy was not home. Frank smiled at the slurping sound that came from her lips as she sucked his cock with all the enthusiasm of kid with a new toy.

Arabelle withdrew the cock from her mouth and stroked it, using her saliva as a lubricant. “M’sieur Frank, your wife does not suck your cock for you whenever you want?”

“No Arabelle, which is why I am glad you are here, you are a good cocksucker.”

“I enjoy having your cock in my mouth. It’s so warm and smooth and I love the way you taste when you cum inside it.”

“I am glad you like it Arabelle. There is nothing a man likes more than to see a sexy little teenage slut suck his cock and then swallow his load. Speaking of, her it comes.” Frank said as he gripped her head with both hands and released a hot jet of sperm into the young girl’s mouth.

Arabelle opened her mouth to show Frank his sperm and then closed it and swallowed. She opened it again to show him that it was all gone.

“That’s a good little French slut.” Frank said as she stroked his cock and got the last couple of drops out and into her mouth. When she was done she got up and grabbed the edge of the table. She leaned over and wiggled her ass at him. Frank playfully swatted her bottom. “You already got your fucking this morning. You need to get ready or you will be late for school.” Arabelle yipped at the spanking, frowned and went to her room to get ready for school.

Arabelle got home an hour before Wendy did. I was sitting on the sofa going through bills when she stood in front of me and stripped down to her birthday suit. “I’ll be with you in one minute,” I said as I licked an envelope and closed it. Arabelle not wanting to wait lay on the sofa and began to finger herself. Rubbing her small breast with one hand and fingerfucking herself with the other, she smiled at me. I had to admit, I loved having this little French fuck-doll horny and ready to fuck whenever I wanted. I could have watched the lithe little eighteen year old masturbate all day, but the ice queen would be home in an hour.

I threw the bills on the table and called her over. “Why don’t you come here and sit on my lap?” I said to Arabelle, who bounced up and quickly sat on my lap.

“That’s a good girl. I want to play with that sweet pussy of yours.” I turned her slightly so that he back was pressing against my chest. Her legs automatically straddled my lap and I reached down and shoved two fingers into her already wet snatch. Arabelle moaned like the slut she was. With my right hand on her pussy I grabbed her tits with my left. I then started to shake my right hand up and down and back and forth. I loved the way she got wet, I don’t mean a little moist, I mean torrential down pour. I could feel her juices start to leak out of her and soak my shorts.

After a couple of minutes of fingering the little slut, I pulled out my fingers and put them in her mouth. “That’s a good girl. I love seeing you lick your own pussy juices off your fingers. Why don’t you hop up and undo my shorts?”

Arabelle got up and stripped off my shorts as quickly as anyone could. As soon as she was done she straddled me and placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her soaking wet cunt. She slid down and moaned for all seven inches. As soon as she was down, she grabbed my shoulders and started bucking wildly. I took the middle finger of my right hand and stuck in her mouth. Her lips spontaneously started sucking on it. “No baby, lick it and get it nice and wet.”

Arabelle licked my finger like she was told. When she was done I reached both hands underneath her and lifted her up. With Arabelle impaled on my cock I made my way to her bedroom. On the way I took my middle finger and placed it at the entrance to her ass. Rubbing her button for a second I slid it in. I removed my left hand under her ass cheek and Arabelle was now being held up by my cock and a finger in her ass.

Arabelle didn’t even make it to her bedroom before she started to have her orgasm. I could feel her pussy grip my cock and her ass grip my finger as she started to shake.

“I’m cumming M’sieur Frank. Put me against the wall and fuck me hard. Drive that cock into my pussy and your finger into my ass.”

I gave the little French whore what she asked for and pushed her up against the wall in the hallway. I pounded her up against the wall so hard I was actually worried I might break through the sheetrock.

“Fuck me M’sieur Frank, fuck me. Fuck my pussy hard. Oh god, I’m cumming. Fuck me like the slut I am. Fuck me like the slut you wish your wife was.”

I drove my cock deep inside her. I had to move my finger out of her ass because the wall was starting to hurt my hand as it slammed into it repeatedly. Arabelle came violently and I could feel her girl cum leak out of her, onto my balls and then drip on the floor. This sent me over the edge and I sent a hot burst of jizz inside the battered pussy.

“M’sieur Frank, I think I will not be wearing a short shirt for a few days. I will probably have a couple of bruises.” Arabelle said with a satisfied grin.

Wendy had come home about ten minutes later. We had spent the day watching television and talking to Arabelle about the differences between France and the United States. Wendy ignored me completely and only talked to Arabelle. Wendy asked what it was like growing up in France and Arabelle asked if Wendy was going to visit her sister tonight. I had to smile at the hidden meaning of her question. She was one horny little slut.

It was after dinner that I decided to change things around the house. We had just finished and Wendy told me she had a headache and was going to bed and didn’t want to be disturbed.

“Poor m’sieur Frank, I can not believe she acts like that. You are such a good lover; she should want to have sex with you all the time.” Arabelle said as she watched Wendy turn down the hallway to our bedroom.

I looked at Arabelle for a second and got up. “You’re right; I am going to fix this right now.” I kissed her on the lips and followed after my wife.

Wendy was in the bathroom already dressed in her robe. She was brushing her teeth when she saw me come in. I didn’t even bother to close the bedroom or bathroom door.

“Frank, I told you I have a headache.” Wendy said to me. She must have seen a look of lust on my face.

I reached around her waist and grabbed the ties on her terrycloth robe. She tried to shrug me off but only succeeded in making the tie come off quicker.

“Frank, I said no. I’m not in the mood.”

I grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her against the bathroom counter. “You’re never in the mood. This is going to change right now.” I undid the button on my shorts and pulled them and my boxers down. My cock was incredibly hard and hurt a little as it strained outwards.

“No Frank, what are you doing?” My wife asked with concern in her voice.

“Did you really think you could just hand out your pussy like a treat whenever you felt like it? That I was just suppose to be grateful for the twice a month courtesy fuck. I’m taking what’s mine.” Still holding her against the sink with one hand I moved her robe to the side and ripped her panties down. Reaching underneath her, I gripped her pussy and began to rub it hard. She struggled a little but was unable to get out from my weight.

“Damnit Frank, you better stop right now or…”

“Shut up!” I said slapping her hard on the ass and cutting her off before she could finish the threat. I returned my hand to her pussy and could feel the moisture building quickly. “I am glad to see you are not just a dried up cunt.” Once she was wet I jammed three fingers inside her wet pussy and worked them in and out. “You’re going to start acting like a wife again and I am going to fuck you like this every night until you do.” While she was not moaning with pleasure, she was not trying to get away anymore either.

I thrust my cock inside my wife with one hard violent thrust. Wendy let out an earsplitting scream. I thrust my cock in and out of my wife as she was bent over the bathroom counter. I punished her sloppy wet pussy for all the times she had denied my needs. With Wendy no longer struggling to get away, I removed my hand from her shoulder and gripped her waist. I pulled her into me and buried my cock inside her as far as it would go. “We are going to start fucking a lot more Wendy. In fact, we are going to be fucking every night. You are going to start sucking my cock and I am going to be shooting my load into that mouth of yours.”

After ten minutes Wendy’s grunting turned into more of a moan. Seeing my wife’s beautiful ass got to me, I licked my thumb and shoved it unceremoniously into her tight ass hole. Wendy let out a small yell at the suddenness of her sphincter being violated. I worked my thumb in and out and then shoved in two fingers. I worked them around and could feel the smooth wall of her anal cavity. “You know, I think I am going to start doing all the sexual things I have wanted to do but had been afraid to ask.” I removed my glistening cock from her pussy and put against her ass.

“Frank, please. We can have sex more often, just don’t do this.” Wendy pleaded.

“I didn’t tell you we were going to have sex more often, I said every day.” I thrust my cock into her ass about two inches. Wendy cried out in pain as my cock penetrated virgin territory. I worked it in and out of her ass for a minute until I was able to get all seven inches inside her ass. I began to have anal sex with my wife for the first time. I loved the way her sphincter tightened and gripped my cock. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up a little, until she was only slightly bent over. I then reached around her and gripped her soaking wet pussy. Three fingers slid in without effort. With a three finger grip on her pussy and my cock buried to the hilt in her ass, I fucked and fingered my wife hard.

It didn’t take long before my wife had an orgasm. She leaned over a little more and gripped the edge of the counter. I could feel her pussy squeezing my fingers and her ass increased its’ grip on my cock. Her body began to shake fiercely.

“Oh god Frank, don’t stop. Keep fucking me. Fuck me harder. Please don’t stop, I will fuck you whenever you want.” Wendy’s stopped breathing for a good twenty seconds as her body was racked by an intense orgasm.

“I know you will baby. You’re going to be my fuck toy from now on. You will lick suck and fuck me whenever I tell you to and even when I don’t.” Seeing and feeling his wife cum like that sent Frank over. He shot his load deep in the recesses of his wife’s ass.

Frank took his dick out of his wife’s ass and removed his dripping fingers from her pussy. He walked to the shower and turned it on. He turned around and saw his wife leaning against the counter looking at him. “I am finished with you for the night. You can go to sleep now.”

His wife opened her mouth as if she were about to say something and then closed it. She pulled up her panties, went to the bed and lay down.

Frank fresh from the shower and wearing only a towel walked into the living room. He saw Arabelle sitting on the sofa watching television. Frank sat down next to Arabelle and leaned back with a self satisfied smile. “My wife is going to be more accommodating in the future.”

“Oui M’sieur, I was at your bedroom door. I saw some of it and heard all of it. You see, all she needed was a good fucking to set her straight.”

“You’re a smart girl Arabelle.”

“M’sieur Frank, would you like me to suck our cock or are you to tired from fucking your wife in the ass?”

Frank undid his towel with one hand and grabbed the back of Arabelle’s head with the other. Arabelle’s head went straight to his cock without him even having to guide it there. “That’s what I like about you Arabelle, you are one horny little slut.”


Frank had spent the next three weeks alternating between fucking his wife and fucking the foreign exchange student. His wife had become a lot more accommodating over the weeks. In fact she had become incredibly obedient. She would drop to her knees and suck his cock whenever he wanted and where ever they happened to be at that moment. Arabelle of course was always willing to fuck and suck at the drop of a hat and usually not even that.

It was Saturday morning and frank had told Arabelle and his wife to wear a t-shirt and panties that morning. Frank was sitting at the breakfast table watching his wife make breakfast when Arabelle walked in and sat down in the chair next to him. Wendy put out three plates and started to serve the food. When she got to frank, she was standing between him and Arabelle. While she was placing a biscuit on his plate, Frank reached underneath her shirt and between her legs.

“Frank!” Wendy said scandalized as her eyes immediately went to Arabelle.

“Arabelle doesn’t mind, do you Arabelle?” Frank replied.

“Not at all M’sieur Frank. Love is a natural thing and your wife is a beautiful woman.” Arabelle responded. She and Frank had talked about it earlier and they had both decided today was the day everyone knew everything. Plus Arabelle had expressed an interest in tasting Wendy.

“Still Frank,” said Wendy as she tried to move back a little.

Frank removed his hand for a second and slapped her hard on the ass. Wendy gave a shriek at the unexpected spanking. “Stay still. You can move when I tell you.” Frank reached under her t-shirt that came only to the bottom of her ass. He grabbed her thong panties and pulled them down until they fell to the floor. Wendy was looking at Arabelle to see what the teenager was going to do when she saw this. Frank thought she must have been surprised when Arabelle only smiled and watched what Frank was doing.

Frank fingers were quickly coated with Wendy’s juices and he slid three fingers inside her. Wendy put the pan down and leaned on the table. Wendy must have been shocked to see Arabelle lean to the side with her head only a few inches away from her ass, so she could see more clearly what frank was doing to his wife’s soaking wet cunt.

“Arabelle honey, why don’t you crawl under the table and suck my cock?”

“Frank no, she’s a guest here.” Wendy said quickly.

“Oui M’sieur Frank.”

“Arabelle, you do not have to do this.” Wendy interjected.

“Oui Madame Wendy, it is alright. I enjoy having M’sieur Frank’s fat cock in my mouth and pussy.”

“Frank, how long have you been having sex with her?” Wendy asked startled.

“A couple of months,” Frank said as he watched the horny little French girl pull down his shorts and start to suck his cock.

“Frank, how could you?” Wendy said sounding hurt.

“What do you mean how could I? You were acting like such a bitch for so long; I had to get off somehow. Arabelle was more than eager to fulfill my needs, weren’t you Arabelle?”

“Oui,” Arabelle was able to get out with a cock in her mouth.

“Arabelle,” said Frank. “Do you still want to taste madame Wendy’s pussy?”

Arabelle took the saliva coated cock out of her mouth and looked up at him like an eager puppy. “Oui M’sieur Frank.”

“Frank, no!” Wendy said.

“Be quiet.” Frank said as he got up from the chair. Frank took his fingers out of his wife and sat her down in his now unoccupied seat. “Spread your legs sweetheart, I want to see Arabelle eat that pussy of yours. Frank watched as his wife meekly complied. As soon as her legs were spread the voracious teenager immediately plunged face first into his wife’s dripping wet snatch. Wendy closed her eyes and moaned loudly as her clit and pussy became stimulated by the mouth of an eighteen year old French girl. He could hear the eager young girl licking and slurping.

Frank grabbed his wife tightly by the hair and caused her eyes to open. He then guided her mouth to his cock where she began to suck his cock with the same eagerness the girl between her legs was showing. “That’s my girls. I can tell you there is nothing sexier than watching my wife suck my cock and my teenage lover eat her pussy. We are going to all have a lot of fun together, aren’t we?”

“Yes Frank,” said his wife obediently.

“Oui M’sieur Frank,” said Arabelle almost at the same time.

Frank could no longer hold it. “Both of you quick, get on your knees.” Arabelle and Wendy quickly responded to Frank’s command and got on their knees in front of him. “Get closer, that’s good.” Frank said as he slowly stroked his cock in front of their faces. “Now put your mouths together and play with each others tongues.” The two women put their faces cheek to cheek and played with each others tongues. Frank released the tip of his cock and a long hot jet of cum shot out and landed on both their tongues. Frank put his cock closer until it was only an inch from the mouths of the two women who looked like baby birds about to be fed. He turned his cock slightly to the left and fired a shot into Arabelle’s mouth, then gripping the head quickly he turned slightly to the right and fired a shot into his wife’s mouth. The rest he just shot all over their faces. “Very good both of you, now I want to watch you both lick all the cum off each other’s faces. When you’re done we will go to the bedroom and all three of us are going to spend the day in bed fucking and sucking each other.”

When Wendy and Arabelle had finished cleaning Frank’s sperm off each other, he led them both to the bedroom for a weekend long fuck-fest.

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