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Taming the Teach Epilogue

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Tina wrote a story called Taming the Teach. It was very embarrassing to me when she published it on the internet. However, it wasn’t half as embarrassing as having to write this. Having to put into my own words what happened next.

I can’t believe what I did that night. I can only say that person wasn’t me. According to what Tina wrote, I was tied up and didn’t have a choice in the matter.

I wish that was the case, however, when she grew tired of fucking me with her dildo, she undid my bonds. When she our sweaty exhausted bodies collapse entangled on the bed. We kissed and then I began to get aroused again. What can I say other than I had a lot of lost time to make up for. While she lay on her back, I voluntarily mounted the pink dildo.

“Is my precious still horny?” she teased, while she pinched my nipples. “Well, is she?” she asked, emphasizing her question with a painful pinch of my two pink nubs.

“Mmmm . . . yes, I’m horny,” I moaned. I cried in surprise as she tugged roughly on my nipples, pulling me down until I was inches from her angry flashing eyes.

“Slut, there is no *I* in sub, only *U*. The U is for me, your Mistress. So say it again!”

“Ahh, I’m horny Mistress!” I cried. I searched for approval in her eyes, but I could only find disappointment and she tormented my nipples once again.

“Precious, there you go with that *I* again. You keep on and I’ll stretch these nips out so they look like udders. You’re my whore now – remember, you said so yourself.”

I hadn’t realized I had given up my identity when I told her I was a whore, instead of a teacher. By the way she tortured my nipples, it was obvious she considered me her property, so I did the only thing I could. I begged. “Your whore is horny Mistress! Your whore is sorry.” Strangely enough saying those words stoked the flames of my desire. I began to ride her pink cock as if my life depended upon it. “Your whore loves her Mistress’s cock!”

“Good, cause you are going to be getting a lot of it my little slut. First, let’s make things a little more interesting. I want you to raise yourself all the way off my fat cock and remain there with it at the mouth of your hot little cunt.”

With the help of Tina, I squatted over her cock supporting myself with one hand and holding her dildo at the entrance to my sex with my other. She placed her hands on my breasts, massaging me and supporting me at the same time.

“Now throw yourself down it slut!” she ordered.

It hurt as I fell down on her and the cock stabbed into my pussy. “Fuck – ugh!” I grunted. The position she had me in, allowed her to penetrate me further than I had ever imagined. The head of the dildo pushed against my cervix, making my bladder feel full.


I raised my ass up, until the cock was free of my cunt. Then, I pummeled myself on it again, faster this time. She didn’t even let me settle down to feel the fullness.


I mewled, I moaned, I cried, I whimpered, but again and again, I slammed myself down on her.

“Give me that cunt! Tell me how much you love my cock!” she ordered over and over again.

“Your whore loves your cock Mistress!” I repeated back to her with my breasts bouncing freely as I pounded myself on her cock. I could feel my climax rising steadily every time I crested over her cock.

“If you love it so much, why have you gotten it so nasty?” she asked, as I awaited her order to lower myself on her again, trembling and desperate for the orgasm that was just out of reach.

I looked down at the pink dildo and indeed I had coated it with my juices, which had become a white froth at the bottom. I blushed at having done such a nasty common thing. “I-I mean your whore is sorry Mistress, she couldn’t help it,” I whimpered.

“What are you waiting for? Kiss it. Kiss it and clean it to show it how sorry you are for making such a mess of it.”

I hesitated. Sure I had done worse already tonight, but that wasn’t the point. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t want to do it, which I didn’t. But, that my pussy was reluctant to give it up. It already felt so empty, needing to be filled just a few more times to achieve its desired goal.

I knew my goals didn’t matter and if I didn’t do as she asked, things could go badly for me. So, I positioned myself between her legs and kissed the head of her cock reverently. I looked back up at her and my heart leapt for joy at the look of approval in her eyes.

“That’s real good precious. You know, I could watch you kiss your new master all night. Tell, your master you are sorry for soiling him with your nasty cunt juice and kiss him some more,” Tina ordered.

I couldn’t believe the nerve of this girl. Did she really expect me to degrade myself like this, to pretend that a hunk of latex was my master? It was bad enough to debase myself in for her, much less a plastic penis. I looked in her eyes to see if she were kidding, but I could see the temper of a true redhead flowing just underneath the surface. Not wanting to risk her anger, I humored her. “I-I-I mean your whore is sorry for s-s-oiling you m-m-master.” I kissed the head of the plastic cock, looking up and seeing my new Mistress smile with pride and caress my face.

Encouraged, I rained kisses upon the plastic cock. The scent of my own arousal emanated from the juices covering the cock. I was slightly repulsed, but dared not hesitate as my moist lips traveled up and down its length.

“Put it in your mouth now baby. Show your Master how much you like to suck him,” Tina said, grabbing a handful of my hair and guiding my mouth down on the strap-on until it was buried down my throat. “That’s the way baby, taste your own fuck juices.”

I was helpless and there was nothing I could do to prevent savoring my own rich flavor, because the plastic cock was embedded in my throat. I couldn’t even swallow! Instead, of cleaning the dildo, my slavering had only added to the juices with my slobber.

“Can’t you do anything right,” Tina said, mocking my efforts. “Forget it, come on girl, ride it again. I know you want to.”

She was right. I did need to feel her cock in my pussy again. I quickly position myself above the plastic cock and guided it to the mouth of my pussy. “Clasp your hands behind your neck slut,” my Mistress commanded.

My thighs burned as they struggled to support the weight of my body. Tina aimed the cock at my opening and I tried to settle down lightly upon it, until the head was just inside my cunt, then I slammed myself down on her cock once again.

“Ride ’em cowgirl!” she said and I began to bounce up and down on her, my breasts lurching with every motion. “That pussy is mine now, do you understand? Do you understand bitch. It is mine and nobody else’s!”

“Yes Mistress!” I cried, as the head of her phallus repeatedly banged against my cervix while I bounced, and it felt good – so right that this part of my body belonged to the one who had given it such pleasure. While I made love to my mistress, her hands wandered over my body caressing, pinching, slapping and probing. She looked so pleased with me for obediently keeping my hands clasped behind my neck, while her hands took possession of me that tears of joy welled in my eyes. I could feel my climax bubbling up from inside of me, while I cried out in ecstasy.

Tina pulled my arms from behind my head and led them down, until I leaned over her. Tiny shocks of pleasure, shot from my breasts as our nipples rubbed. Then, Tina began to thrust up inside of me from below and I sought her mouth with my own. “Suck it! Suck it like a cock!” she said, sticking her tongue out of her mouth.

I made love to her tongue, while she continued to hammer into me from below. I licked the underside, then flicked my tongue across the tip. Imagining it was a small cock; as it disappeared inside my parted lips, I sucked it in and out, moaning with pleasure. While her tongue explored my mouth, I felt her fingers on my rear entrance. Oh God! This naughty precocious girl was going to fuck me in every orifice at the same time while I came! With this realization, my climax rose up from the depths of my soul and at that instant, I knew my true self. I would never be able to have a normal sexual relationship, I was meant to be a sexual slave . . . Tina’s sexual slave. My cunt and ass clenched her cock and fingers with each wave of my climax. Impaled and though on top, I was at her mercy as another finger joined the first and opened my ass painfully. However, the feeling helplessness in not even being able prevent her from using my ass or any other part of my body, set off another climax. I pulled my mouth off her hers only long enough to scream, “Fuck your whore Mistress, Fuck her harder!”

She slammed into me again and I pressed lips against hers and screamed into her mouth. My Mistress drank my cries and fed my breath back to me with her own cries. I pinched her nipples and ground my pubic bone against hers, rejoicing in the fact that my Mistress was cumming for me. For the first time I was the one in control and I stayed in control, until her body slowed beneath mine and finally she pulled my mouth off of her own.

“You were wonderful precious. I knew you would be the best, I just knew it,” she said, giving my ass a playful squeeze. I practically glowed with pride, while she praised me. I said the only thing I could, “Thank you Mistress.” I kissed the freckles dotting her cheeks and I would have kissed each one, had she not pushed me off of her and then snuggled behind me. Her hot breathe kissed my neck, while her hand roamed possessively over my breasts, before settling on my sex. The plastic cock rested in the nest created between the cheeks of my bottom. I listened to Tina’s breathing slow and deepen, as she fell asleep. This is home; I remember thinking, before I joined her in slumber.


I had always been an early riser and thankfully today was no exception. Initially, it felt good to wake up with Tina snuggled up comfortingly behind me. However, that was the only thing I could find comfort in. My head ached terrible, my mouth felt like it was full of cotton, my lips were bruised, the skin underneath my tongue was stretched, and both my sex and my ass had a dull ache. That was the least of my worries; I had slept with another woman and not only was she young enough to be a daughter, she was a former student. Not only could I lose my standing in the community and church, but my job as well. God, how had I gotten myself into this mess. Well, I guess there is only one way out of it . . . very carefully.

And that’s what I did. Very carefully, I lifted Tina’s arm off my body and slipped out of the bed, being extra careful not to disturb her sleep. I felt around for my costume in the darkness and grabbed the first thing I felt, but it was much too small to be mine. Then my worst fears were realized, as I stumped my toe in the darkness.

“Precious?” I heard Tina ask and the sound of her hand searching the mattress. I took what clothes I had in my hands and quickly left, before she discovered I was missing. It wasn’t until after I was in the brightly lit hall of her apartment building that I realized how stupid I was. In my dumb little hands I held her schoolgirl outfit and the door to her apartment was soundly locked behind me. So, I did the only thing I could. I forced myself into the skirt, put the shirt on and tied it around my middle. What a picture I must have made, a thirty something year old, squeezing herself into a school girl outfit. I looked worse than a slut, I was a stupid slut. My options were pretty narrow. I had no way home and no money. Most of my friends were from work or church, so I couldn’t very well call any of them. That only left Tina and my body had already proven that it couldn’t be trusted near the girl and perhaps my friend Erika I roomed with in college. We weren’t close anymore, probably because of our differences that were apparent in college. She was the free spirit always trying to get me into trouble and I was the more conservative one, always making sure she made it to class. We kept in touch for awhile after we graduated, but now we only sent Christmas cards.

Having no other choice, I went down to the lobby and called her collect. She was none too thrilled to be woken up at this time of the morning, but when I explained I was in trouble, she agreed to come pick me up. I waited nervously for her arrival and as the sky lightened with the coming day, I was afraid that any moment the elevator doors would open and Tina would be there. Tina never did appear, but a car slowed down and stopped in front of the apartment. Thank God, it was Erika. I ran out to her car, the cold pavement shocking my bare feet and my breasts barely contained by the small sweater. I will never forget her shocked expression in seeing her conservative friend come bounding to her car in such an indecent state.

“What the hell have you been up to Barbara?” she asked.

“I got a little carried away at a Halloween party and right now . . . I just want to go home,” I cried.

“A little carried away? Looks like a lot of carried away,” she said, taking in my disheveled stated and my body practically bursting out of my clothes. She leaned close to me and sniffed, while I burned in humiliation. “Somebody’s been a very naughty girl,” she said laughingly.

“Please Erika, it was all a horrible mistake. Please, just take me home and don’t say anything, because I don’t think I can take much more after last night.”

“Do you want to call the police?” she asked, suddenly worried.

“No, nothing like that happened. I just did something I should have known better than to do.” Thankfully, she didn’t press me about anything and dropped me off at my house.

“Don’t be such a stranger this time Barbara Ann, you never can have too many friends.” She hugged me, but I could only think about what I smelled like. However, she didn’t seem to mind.

“Thank you Erika. You’re a true friend,” I said thankfully, as I closed the car door and went inside the comfort of my own home.

I stripped out of the outfit as I walked straight to the bathroom and got into the shower. I tried to wash away the filthy things I did with Tina, but it didn’t seem to work. Instead of washing it away, it just brought it back into my mind. My hands found their way to my slightly tender sex and I came again while thinking of Tina fucking me with her dildo. Sated and clean, I made myself a cup of coffee and called a garage regarding my car.

After that the calls started. I let the machine catch them all. “Barbi, woke up this morning and reached for you and you were gone. Call me when you get this message.”

“I know you are there. Answer the damn phone you goddamn bitch!”

“You said you loved me, whore! Is this how you treat the people you love?”

“I know you are there. Are you scared to even talk to me? What are you afraid of?”

‘I’m afraid I’ll lose myself and the life I have created. Afraid that I can’t tell you no,’ I thought. I didn’t go to church that day, instead, I waited there listening to the messages on the phone over and over again, wondering if there was some way, any way, that I could have my life and Tina too. Yet, every scenario I ran over in my mind, left me an outcast and laughing stock.

“Guess what I found while I was cleaning up the bedroom? That’s right, the cock I fucked you with last night. Mmmmm, I’m tasting it right now. God, I wish you were here precious.”

I couldn’t resist her, the sound of her voice was making me desperate. I slipped my fingers into my pussy and petted my little cat while she talked into my machine.

“Oh Barbi, My pussy is so hot, it’s steaming for you baby. It needs to feel your tongue so badly. Shame on you, you naughty girl for making it so-!”

The machine cut her off. I became frantic. Would she call back? Should I have at least answered it? I waited for what seemed like an eternity and then thankfully the phone rang again.

“I’m not gonna stop what I’m doing again bitch! If you don’t pick up the phone, I’m never calling you again. You don’t even have to say anything; just let me know you are there. Pick-it-up-pick-it-up-pick-it-up!”

I couldn’t help myself, my hand reached out and I picked up the phone. I rationalized what harm would it be if I didn’t talk. This way she would at least know that I was okay.

“Oh, you’re there . . . good, I’ve got something I want you to hear,” she said and faintly in the background of the phone I heard a light buzzing. I puzzled over what it was.

“Do you remember the vibrator I used on you last night? I can still taste you on it Precious. Mmmmm. . . I’m teasing my pussy with it now. Are you jealous of my little vibe? Don’t you wish it was you?”

I did wish it was me. I wanted her so bad, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t right. I laid face-down on the bed, cradling the phone to my ear. I shouldn’t be doing this either. My hand found its way into my panties. I couldn’t help myself.

“I’m fucking myself with it now Precious. Can you hear it? Can you hear my pussy? Through her heavy breathing I could hear the sound of her pussy squishing. I want you naked bitch! I want to hear em come off quick or I’m hanging up by the count of five. One-two-”

I tore the clothes off my body in a frenzy, rending fabric and sending buttons flying across the room. I picked up the phone, relieved I didn’t hear a dial-tone.

“Spread your legs wide now slut. I don’t want you hiding my pussy from me. Look at your pussy. See? Your pussy misses me. It’s all wet and pouting isn’t it? That’s why I love it, it’s honest.”

I looked down at my sex. She was right. My denuded cunt wanted that girl – needed her. It was lewd and obscene, but it was honest.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to cum soon, Precious. Put your pussy on the phone. Let me talk to your cunt. Let me fuck it or I’m hanging up!”

I couldn’t believe what she wanted me to do, but I couldn’t stop myself. I tried to resist. However, slowly but surely, my hand trailed the phone down to my wet sex. I fucked myself with the receiver, making my cunt talk to her – my Mistress. “Ugh-uhg!” I moaned. I was cumming. Even in my own house, I wasn’t safe. I was her slut. Her phone sex slut.

Afterwards, I put the phone back up to my ear, the musky odor of my sex, filling my senses.

“Say thank you Mistress,” she said.

“Thank you Mistress.” I knew I shouldn’t say those words, but I couldn’t take them back. She was my Mistress and I would never be the same again. I made the decision to move. Yes, move to a different state and get a job teaching there.

“Very good Precious. Don’t you dare wash the phone. I want you to remember what a slut you are every time you use it. Oh, and tomorrow, no panties or hose and wear a dress. Slaves are always available for their owners.”

With that Tina hung up. I dropped the phone on the bed and cried myself to sleep.

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