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Jackie Girl’s Fantasy

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Those of you who know me from earlier stories know that about 4 years ago I got feed up with being prim and proper. On the internet I discovered porn and fell in love with my own sexuality. I quickly found that my “kink” was exhibitionism. I just love showing off. I even went so far as to throw away all my plain white cotton panties, which was about all I owned at the time.

Since I have added some very fine, and very attractive eye candy panties that I will wear on special occasions, like when I plan to take them off during dinner and give them to my boyfriend.

Boyfriends have been a problem, at least until Joe and I got together last year. I would have thought that guys would love a girl that liked to dress sexy and show off for them, but I went through 3 or 4 before I found Joe. One guy actually called me a slut when I flashed my pussy in a street side café. I am not a slut, just a tease!

I met Joe while playing tennis one day at a Racquet Club I was visiting. We hit it off and he invited me for drinks after the game. I was real tired of playing the dating game and wasting time on guys that didn’t fit my life style so I decided to find out right up front what Joe was like.

As soon as I got to my car I pulled off the little shorts under the tennis skirt, opening my bare pussy to the world. Normal attire for me! I followed Joe to the Bar, enjoying the freedom of my little Miata convertible.

We sat across from each other and ordered our drinks, I’m an afternoon beer kind of girl, evening cocktails. We talked of small stuff for a few minutes then I got to the point. Blurt it right out Jackie and see what he does.

“I like you Joe, I think we could have some fun together. First we need to talk. I have had bad luck with guys lately and want to avoid that mistake with you. We have never seen each other before, and if we don’t hit it off today we have no reason to ever see each other again, so I propose we do something unusual for a change, tell the truth and speak openly.”

“Well,” Joe replied, “it would be weird not doing a couple of months of the “Getting to know you dance”, but whatever you have in mind I’m game. I am pretty much a what you see is what you get guy though, hope you won’t be too disappointed.”

“Ok, Joe,” I started, “I’m not the conventional girl, and I have been way too unconventional for the last few men I dated. I’m very sensual, and very free spirited. Just to make my point take a look under the table.”

Joe looked a little confused, but slowly ducked his head below the table top. Just as his hair line dropped from view I opened my legs a little.

“My God!”, he muttered, “is that thing bald?”

“Bare as a babies butt” I replied.

“I’ve always wanted to lick a shaved pussy.” He stated, smiling at me.

“Joe, if the chance arises, and the mood strikes me I will show someone else that same view before we leave here.”

“Well, maybe I should sit over there by you so I can see their face when you do it!” he quipped.

Damn, two perfect answers, maybe this guy was for me!

Joe and I started dating and our relationship has grown closer with each month. He wasn’t the least upset by my proclivity to exhibit myself, and we continued in the same vein of frank honesty that started our relationship. We still haven’t moved in together, and I am not sure I ever want too. I like the freedom of keeping my own house!

About six months ago he showed up unexpectedly at the door. I was on the internet in a chat room when the bell rang. A glance at the security monitor told me it was Joe, so I did a “BRB” on the screen and went to the door. I was naked of course when I opened the door for him. He took me into a big hug, right there in front of the open door. Joe has quit being surprised by my nudity, but he is still appreciative.

I told him I was on the computer and he followed me into the study. For a few minutes he stood and watched while I chatted on line. This was a sex site and I was getting into some pretty heavy cyber play, when I turned to him and told him, “If your going to stay here and watch you have to get naked too!”

He quickly did, revealing a very nice hard dick.

While I chatted we played with each other and the session ended with me giving a cyber blowjob and a real one at the same time. I don’t know if my chat-mate came, but Joe sure did!

We repeated this adventure several more times and started cruising internet porn sites together. We talked honestly about what we saw, what we liked and what turned us on. Joe would talk about shaved pussies, pierced nipples and the girls swallowing cum. I would admire dicks, girls with two guys and facials. We found we both liked the facials so we started trying that out. At some point during our play Joe would blast me in the face, mouth or on my tits. We kept playing and were soon locked together fucking ourselves silly.

Then we found a Bukkake site!

I told Joe how hot I thought that was. It was a combination of totally perverted and completely sexual. I thought that the Japanese sites were a little silly with the costumes the girls would wear, but the American sites were just pure sex. I had Joe find us some DVDs that we could watch together and each time we started watching Joe would cum on me before we got even a few minutes into it. Obviously it did a little something for him too.

One night while I was watching the video, my face already splattered with cum and my fingers working furiously at my hot, wet pussy Joe asked me if I wanted to try a Bukkake session of my own. He had been thinking about it and had a plan all worked out for us if I wanted to do it. I think my body answered for me as my fingers pushed into my cunt and spasms tore through my body with my climax.

The next day Joe started to contact people. He talked to someone he had met on the web who lived in our area, the man at the Adult Book Store where he purchased our videos, a friend that owned a gym, and 2 or 3 others that he felt he could approach without violating our safety or my anonymity. He set some ground rules; each person had to bring at lease 5 friends with him, no cameras and no names allowed. He set a date and then arranged for a place for all of us to meet. He wouldn’t tell me either of the last two.

For the next ten days I lived in turmoil. It was one thing to watch a movie and fantasize, quite another to take the fantasy into real life. I was back and forth, up and down as I feared and thrilled at the approaching escapade. I kept reminding myself of my first attempt to flash. How I chickened out at the last minute when the room service porter came to the hotel door, and how later, after I had successfully fulfilled my fantasy my life became much more exciting and adventurous. I kept bugging Joe about what he had planned, but all he would do is smile and tell me I would find out when the time was right.

The second Friday after our decision Joe called me on my cell. “When you get home tonight primp up real good, you’re going to meet some new friends later.”

My heart went into high gear, “tonight?”

“Yeah, tonight! Don’t worry about what to wear, just get the rest of your pretty self ready.”

I work for an advertising agency putting together media programs for corporations and had one more meeting that day. It was the final session with the company to get signatures, and once I had them it would mean a neat five figure commission for me, but all I could think about was my pussy. God I was wet, and I knew that they could probably smell the sex on me when I entered the room. My thighs were wet as my pussy overflowed with excitement and of course there were no panties to trap the moisture. I made it through the meeting and got the signed contracts back to the office, but the money wasn’t even on my mind as I tore out of the office parking lot heading home.

I shaved my legs, under my arms and paid especially close attention to my pussy. I wanted so bad to get myself off, to just play with my clit a little would have put me over the top. But I refrained, saving the excitement, the need, for later.

I spent time on my nails, cleaning and reapplying the bright red that I like on my finger and toes. I brushed out my fawn brown hair, leaving it loose and free to hang to my shoulders. I did my eyes and lashes and applied the liner and gloss to my lips, red of course. Just as I was hooking in gold dangles to my ears Joe walked in.

He carried a pastel green dress with him. “Got you a little something to wear tonight dear/” he told me.

I took the dress and examined it. It was a fine silk, with a light floral print and fastened up the front with a dozen small bone buttons. Hanging with the dress was a matching scarf. “What else do I wear?” I asked.

“Heels and a smile”, he told me.

“Your appointment is at 10 o’clock, so we are going to eat first”, Joe told me.

I knew I would just die waiting. The anticipation was already killing me, and the urge to chicken out kept popping up to be overcome by my lust, pure, simple, wanton, pussy wetting lust.

I tied the scarf around my neck, and slipped into the dress, As the silk slid across my breasts my nipples immediately jumped to attention. I looked into the mirror and saw two prominent bumps that played intricate patterns under the fabric as my breast moved with each movement of my body. Damn that was hot! The silk laid over my hips and tickled my butt as I walked. It was a very sensuous feeling.

I won’t go into the drive to the restaurant or dinner here, it lasted forever, but was over in no time. Then we were on our way to the next great adventure.

Joe stopped the car and turned to me. “Last chance to back out,” he said.

I just shook my head.

He reached over and took the scarf from my neck, then slipped it over my eyes and tied it behind my head. “Your not going to know where you are going, or see anyone there.”

I had not thought about this, and sure hadn’t planned it, but the thrill it gave me told me it was the thing to do. The added sensation of being blindfolded and therefore helpless sent chills through me.

He drove on what I thought was a couple of more blocks then pulled over. He helped me from the car and led me into a building, down a hall and into a room. There the removed the blindfold.

“Wait here until I come for you”, he told me.

God, what a wait. It was the longest 15 minutes of my life. I didn’t know where I was, but the place smelled of men, of sweat and hormones, like the boys locker room in high school. Finally Joe came back into the room, walked up to me and kissed me long and deep. Joe removed all of his clothes so that he stood in front of me naked, his dick standing proud and tall. Then without a word removed my dress form me. Next he handed me a brandy snifter. My eyes got big and I looked at him with a question in them.

“If you’re going to do this you might as well do it right!”

I looked into the glass and nodded. Then Joe replaced the blindfold. Wearing only white four inch heels and a blindfold he led me from the room. The next room we entered had a much stronger smell to it, and felt a lot bigger. I heard murmurs, voices off to the side, then a whistle. Then comments started.

“Fuck! Look at her, she’s beautiful!”

“God Damn!”

“Not a hair on her pussy!”

Different voices, and more that I couldn’t make out, the impression of a crowd, and of waiting, like at a tied Football game during the last two minutes. Excitement, controlled and uncertain filled the room.

“Watch your step, you’re going up onto a pad.” Joe told me.

I walked over the soft material a couple of steps then he placed a hand on my shoulder. I understood that I was to kneel down.

My throat was dry and my body shook with fear and excitement as I knelt there on the mat. I could sense the men approaching me, surrounding me on all sides. The murmur of voices continued and I could only make out bits of what was said. Then I felt a hand on my head, gently guiding me. I took the offered dick into my mouth and it began.

Joe would call it a pencil dick, long and thin. I took it into my mouth and began slowly sliding up and down on it. I used my free hand to wrap around the base and keep him from pushing too deep, and to match the stroke of my mouth. The other hand held the goblet. The smell of sex grew stronger and I felt the men close in on me. I felt someone brush his cock over my shoulder, and could hear the slap of hands as they stroked their stiff poles. My world closed in, becoming only the dick in my mouth and the feeling of wild anticipation that coursed through my whole body. My mouth had become so wet that I was almost drooling as I worked this first hard cock for all I was worth, I was hearing the comments in bits, “Look at her suck that dick, I want to be next in her mouth, damn she has fine tits” and so on. I wanted to hear more, I wanted these guys talking about me. Talking dirty about me and to me!

Like an electric shock I felt the first splatter hit my cheek. I had thought the guy in my mouth would cum first and was surprised by the hot stream of cum that splashed off my face and onto my shoulder. My whole body shivered and I clutched the dick in my mouth tight as ten days of anticipation ended and I came for the first time that night. Evidently that was too much for pencil dick, he exploded into my mouth. I let my mouth hang slack and pumped his cock with my hand, milking him into me. His hot cum filled my mouth quickly and began to overflow past my lips, across my chin and fall into the goblet.

A splat on my shoulder, spraying into my hair, a second in the center of my back,(the same guy, second burst?) that quickly ran down my back.

The dick in my mouth withdrew and was replaced by a fatter one but at the same time I was struck I the ear, then the cheek, then the right tit by pulses of hot juice. The dick entering my mouth exploded before I even began to suck on it, hot spray filling me. He pulled back and continued to spray across my lips, nose and cheeks. Cum ran over my lips to fill the glass as another hard cock entered my open mouth.

I felt each hot burst, and with each contact my body jerked in the direction from which it came, seeking more, and each time I was rewarded with a second, third and even forth offering of warm liquid sex.

Now someone shot onto my tit, just above the nipple, it curved around the breast and began to run down my belly, the second burst hit right on the nipple. I closed my lips tight and moaned around the cock in my mouth just as another hit me on the neck just below my chin. A stream of juice ran over my chest and across my breasts. The cock in my mouth began to shake and then pump into me. I swallowed a little before I remembered to open my mouth and the hot fluid ran from me. When the cock withdrew I held my mouth open so they could see the puddle of cum in there, then used my tongue to push it out and over my chin.

The comments were constant now. “Cum Slut, cocksucker, suck that dick”,and so on.

I felt a hard flesh shaft lay across my face, over my lips and beside my nose, then felt the pulse of the cock and it began to cover my forehead with it’s offering. Some ran behind the blindfold and over my eyelids then out from under the bottom of the blindfold on each side of my nose to cross my lips where my extended tongue waited to catch it.

I slid my free hand across my cum covered belly, dragging a puddle with me. I rubbed this into my pussy and using it as lubricant began to play with myself. I was sopping wet already, in almost a continual climax. As each new offering touched my body it jerked and vibrated and my cunt clenched. I was moaning and whimpering. My mouth stayed open and there was a cock in it or brushing across it continuously. Splatters hit my hair, my back, my arms, my tits and belly, and of course my face. My face was the prime target.

I saw a vision of myself kneeling there. I was surrounded by 6, 8, 10, 20 men, all naked with their hard dicks firmly held in their hands, pumping them toward me in the center of the circle. Each was preparing to offer his essence to me as if I was the High Priestess of some ancient and pagan fertility God.

The pace slowed, the showers of cum diminished. Then I felt a hand on my head again.

“Are you ready for a hard cock in that hot cunt of yours” I heard Joe ask.

All I could do is moan, speech wasn’t possible right now.

“Lay down!”

I carefully placed the glass to my side and lay on my back. I reach down and took a foot in each hand and pulled my legs high and wide. My bald and cum soaked pussy was wide open as Joe knelt between my legs. His hands went to my tits and began to rub the cum there into them. Then he massaged my belly, neck and thighs using the hot juice to rub my body as if it were skin cream. Then using his dick he rubbed my pussy. I came. As he rubbed my clit with his hard cock I came, When he finally slipped into me in one long smooth stroke I came. Each time he pumped I came, In long powerful hard strokes he fucked me. I kept repeating, “Fill me, fill me”.

With his dick wedged tight in my cunt he began to pump his cum into me, again and again in strong bursts he poured into me. The entire time Joe fucked me cum kept falling into my face from hot dicks around me.

I almost lost consciousness when Joe came in me and my body responded in kind. I lay there dazed for a few minutes, offerings of hot juice falling on me. Finally Joe began to pull out of me, I moved my hand to surround his cock and cover my pussy. I used it to cap my cunt once he was fully out. Carefully I kneeled up again, then reached around to find my snifter. I spread my knees apart and brought the glass between my thighs, just below my pussy, then removed my hand. I was rewarded by the plop as Joe’s cum flowed from me to add to the glass.

The room was quite now, not a sound, so I knew it was time. I brought the goblet up and stuck a finger into it, but my fingers were already wet so I couldn’t fell the level. I lowered my mouth to the glass and extended my tongue until I felt the touch of hot liquid on it. About 2/3’s full I guessed.

I knelt back up straight, pushing my cum covered breast out proudly. I cradled the brandy glass in both hands as if it held the world’s finest brew. Slowly I raised the glass to my lips, and tilting my head back took a long sip. I lowered the glass, still holding my drink in my mouth. I swished the mixture of juices around, then opening my mouth let it slide down my throat.

“Oh fuck! That’s good!” I exclaimed.

Then I took the goblet back to my mouth and began to chug-a-lug it like a college frat boy at a beer party. Of course I was swallowing little or none with each chug, it flowed from the glass into my mouth to be pushed back out the corner of my lips then flow over my chin and neck and across my tits.

The clapping began as I chugged, and grew louder until the last drop fell from the glass.

“Ok guy’s”, I heard Joe call out, “time to line up and say goodnight to our little cum slut.” The turning to me he said,” Slut kiss each dick goodnight and tell them thank you. Oh, don’t forget to count them as the go!”

And that’s what I did. I gently squeezed and kissed each offered cock, 1,2,3. I was surprised by a still erect dick at my lips, 13, 14, 15. Someone told me I looked beautiful covered in cum, 23, 24, 25. “Sexiest fucking thing I ever saw”, came the comment, 36, 37, 38. That was all, plus Joe.

Joe took my hand and helped me to my feet. He carefully walked me a few feet then stepped behind me and released the blindfold.

I was standing in front of a huge full length mirror staring at an astonishing sight. Looking back at me was a girl drenched in cum from head to foot. Her hair was matted, her makeup run, her lips swollen and her nipples hard points standing out from flushed red breasts. I moved my hands over my skin, playing with the slippery coating on my body.

“All the guys will be out of the locker room showers in a minute and then you can clean up.’, Joe said,

I shook my head, “I want to stay like this!”

In the mirror I could see Joe’s cock, it was standing straight out, hard as it had ever been. I moved both hands to it and began stroking him.

“Take me home covered in cum, please Joe?’

His fingers tweaked my nipples, sending a shiver through me, “One more for the road slut?” he asked.

Slowly I lowered to my knees in front of him, never letting go of his hard cock. Then I began to talk to him, punctuating each sentence by taking the head of his hot dick into my mouth.

“Did you enjoy your watching your cum slut tonight? Do you want to fuck my mouth and cum right into my belly, or do you want to blow it all over my lips and face? Do you want to add your hot cum to the 38 others tonight?”

I felt him build to the climax and the first pulse of his cum shot into my mouth. I quickly pulled him out and still pumping his cock with both hands sprayed his juice across my face.

We were both totally spent and stayed just as we were for a few minutes, me holding his cock and him with his hands wrapped in my hair. Finally Joe walked across the room into a side door. Seconds later he returned carrying our clothes. Once he had pulled on his pants and shirt he offered me my dress.

“No, I want to go home just like this. I am your naked, dick hungry, cum slurping whore, and I don’t care who knows it!”

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