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Role Reversal

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As I was slaving away at my computer today, the phone rang. I looked down and could tell that it was Sasha calling me. I was immediately excited when I saw her name on the caller identification feature. I couldn’t wait to hear her voice. When I answered, she said in a soft but demanding voice,

“I’m working very hard today, and I’m going to be a little late this evening. I’m going to need to work out some frustrations, so be prepared when I get home. I’m going to make you my bitch tonight. I’m going to fuck you repeatedly as long and hard as I want. I am dreaming right now of looking down between my legs and seeing you sucking on by big black strap-on cock.

When I get home, I want you to be cooking my favorite dinner. You should be dressed in absolutely nothing except a white sheer girly apron. That’s right, I said girly. I’m going to strip you of your manhood tonight and make you my whore. Would you like that?

“Yes,” I said. CLICK went the phone. Holy crap, I was so turned on sitting there at my desk. I had to sit really near my computer so none of my co-workers could see my raging hard-on. I couldn’t get Sasha off my mind all day. I was almost foaming at the mouth to get the hell out there and go home and start preparing her favorite meal. My body fills with excitement from head to toe to know that I can give up my body to Sasha and be dominated. I had no idea what I was in store for, but I knew I lived to pleasure her tonight.

I almost broke the door down trying to get into the apartment. It was as if Sasha knew my every move because as soon as I entered, the phone rang. I answered, and Sasha said,

“Don’t speak, you little fuck. Don’t speak unless I tell you to speak. Are you ready to be my woman tonight? I said don’t speak, unless I tell you to. Oh, I’m going to fuck you so hard tonight. You better take a nice hot shower and eat dinner before I get there because you’re not going to have the chance to do either when I get there. Do you understand? Good, now go.”

When Sasha hung up, I immediately had a quick bite to eat, and then I jumped into the shower. I was so hard thinking about her that I had to touch myself in the shower. I imagined Sasha on top of me after we’ve just made love and her caressing my cock as if it were attached to her beautiful body. As I ejaculated in the shower, in my head, I could see her squeezing the juice out of my cock and exclaiming that she loved to rub her cock.

To my surprise, when I opened the shower curtain, there was a dry towel and a sheer white apron neatly folded on the sink. Sasha had come home while I was in the shower. I patted myself dry with the towel, and looked at my red face in the mirror as I was slightly embarrassed by putting on the white sheer apron. I walked outside and there she stood. Sasha had her hair pulled back tightly into a single-braided ponytail. She had my favorite horn-rimmed glasses on. She had on a tight fitting, very business-like, white coat that outlined her slender body and accentuated her breasts. She also wore matching, form fitting white business pants with long, shiny black heels. She looked very corporate and business-like, definitely a woman of immense power. She said,

“Oh, yes. Don’t you look cute? You look like a cute little maid. I love having a maid. Kiss my feet, maid.”

I kneeled down and kissed both of her beautiful feet.

“That’s enough. Now, get in that kitchen and let me watch you fix me dinner. I’ve had a very hard day, and I feel like playing with you to work off some of the edge.”

I walked into the kitchen and began preparing Sasha’s seafood dinner. I made a shrimp cocktail for her as an appetizer. The big juicy red shrimp sat on the edge of the large martini glass as the cocktail sauce filled the inside of the martini glass. I poured her a glass of crisp red Merlot. I took the appetizer and wine to her as she commanded. She said that she wanted me to go put dinner on simmer because she had a surprise for me. As I was preparing the food, I could sense that Sasha was behind me. She told me not to turn around. She pressed the front of her body against my backside and began kissing the back of my neck. I immediately became hard. She was grinding her waist into my ass and said,

“You sure are a good maid. I like watching you cook in your silly little apron. I can see how hard your cock is, and I can see every outline of your body. You want me so bad, don’t you? You can answer.”

I said, yes, and she said, “Say it again.”

I said, yes.

She said, “Say you want me.”

“I want you” I said.

“Say you want me bad.”

“I want you so bad.”

“Say you want to be my bitch.”

“I want to be your bitch.”

“Say you’ll be my woman tonight, and that you want my cock.”

“I want to be your woman tonight, and I want you cock deep in my ass.”

“Oh, that’s very good. You may get your wish.”

She pressed me into the kitchen counter and pulled up the back of the apron. She told me to keep making dinner and not to turn around. She pressed my torso forward so I was slightly bent. She pumped me a few times from behind, and I could feel that there was something hard inside her pants. I knew it was her iron-hard black strap-on. She was planning to fuck me like a man fucks a woman. Seemingly from nowhere, she reached around my body to show me an ass-toy. The toy was an ass vibrator. She slipped two wet fingers in my ass and my body tensed up. She told me I was going to receive her toy in my ass while I cooked her dinner. As I continued preparations, Sasha placed the vibrator inside my ass and controlled the vibration with a controller that was hooked to the vibrator by a long wire. I winced in wonderment. As I walked around the kitchen, Sasha would increase and decrease the speed at her leisure. She enjoyed controlling me as I made her dinner.

I had made a nice scallop dinner for her with fresh green beans. As I neared finishing her dinner, she told me to bend over. She removed the vibrator, and inserted a plug that was a bit wider than the previous toy. She told me that I was to serve her dinner, and that if I let the plug fall out I would be in serious trouble. I brought the entrée to her. “Have a seat,” she said. “You are going to watch me while I eat.”

I sat carefully next to her at the dinner table. The plug was exciting me, but also just enough pain for me to stand. I watched her slowly devour the scallops, and I loved seeing the wine dribble across her red lips as she sipped it. “Do you like your ass being filled while you watch me eat?” she asked. I grimaced, blushed, and smiled all at the same time. My body was tingling all over. “Go fetch me the honey!”

I walked over to where the honey was. As I did, I could sense Sasha moving from her spot at the table. She sat back in her easy chair and exclaimed, “I want you to bring that honey over here to me on your hands and knees. I want you to crawl very slowly.” As I crawled, Sasha began to rub the crotch of her white pants. As I got closer, she began to unzip her pants. When I neared, she said,

“You’re such a good little whore, cooking me dinner, and fetching my honey. Since you’ve been so good, I’m going to let you suck my cock. I bet you’d like that wouldn’t you, you little fuck.”

I was nervous because Sasha had never been so verbally forceful. It turned me on. I looked up into her eyes. She looked so powerful. I was ready to beg her to take me. She looked down at her crotch where she held the strap-on black cock with one hand—the cock that she was going to fuck me with. Nervously, I started to place my head in her lap and my lips around her toy.

“Suck it,” she said. “Your master’s been working so hard all day. You should be a good little whore and suck it. Take that cock in your mouth. Take it like a woman takes it. That’s it. Let me see the head of your tongue on the edge of my cock. Let me see you lick it. Yeah, that’s it.”

She was directing me and commanding me in every way. She groaned as I sucked it as if it was actually a part of her. Sasha was moaning because she was getting excited about all of the power she was exerting. She loved commanding me, and I loved being commanded. She grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pressed my face down onto her cock. I licked faster and more methodically. I was starting to lose my inhibitions, and I was beginning to really enjoy sucking her cock. We were playing together.

“Ooh. I’m going to make you my girlfriend. You’re so good at sucking cock. Keep sucking it. You better get it good and wet because I’m going to shove it in your ass in a minute.” She forced my head down onto her cock even harder with both hands. “Let me see your tongue on the head of my cock,” she said. I wiggled my tongue up and down, and looked into her eyes. Her eyes pierced right through me. As I licked the head of her cock, she poured honey on the base of the dildo. The honey dribbled down the shaft of the cock. Taste that sweet cum. I want to hear how you enjoy me cumming all in your mouth. I engorged the black dildo until it hit the back of my throat. I almost gagged. I was tasting the honey, and as I sucked the honey off of the cock, my face got honey all over it. Soon, she pulled the dildo out of my mouth and lightly spanked my face with it.

“Open your mouth. I want to fuck it some more.” I opened my mouth, and Sasha placed her cock in my mouth and slowly fucked my mouth. She moved her hips back and forth while grabbing my hair with both hands.

“Okay, that’s enough. Crawl over to the mirror. Crawl!!”

I crawled to the mirror as she commanded. When I placed myself in front of the mirror, I could see Sasha behind me. She abruptly ripped the apron from around me and swatted my ass. “I feel like fucking you, now. Is that all right?”

“Yes,” I said.

Sasha spanked my ass really hard. “I didn’t tell you to talk, bitch.” My body had chill bumps as my naked skin was exposed to the cold air in the room. Sasha was quite warm. She was still clothed. Suddenly, I heard her pulling off her pants. I looked into the mirror, and I saw her removing her clothing. Only her black bra and black strap-on dildo belt could be soon. As I looked into the mirror, I saw Sasha pour lube all over her big black cock. She was rubbing it on with one hand while pouring it with another. I knew what was getting ready to happen.

“Say, take me Sasha,” Sasha said. “Say take my ass.”

“Take my ass,” I said under my breath.

Sasha immediately spanked my ass hard. “What did you say?”

“I said take my ass.”

“Louder!!” she exclaimed while she spanked my ass.

“Take my ass now. Take it.”


“Please, take my ass!!”

“Aw, that’s a good little girl. Look at me.”

I felt Sasha slowly slip her cock inside me. She slowly slid it backwards. I was in pain, but I loved it. My body was energized knowing that she was having her way with it. I wanted her to have her way with it. I was a s hard as I had ever been. I wanted Sasha to fuck me all night long. “Give me that cock,” I yelled.

“You want my fucking cock, you little whore? Huh? You want it?”

Sasha dominated me for what seemed like a most pleasurable eternity. When I would look down at the floor, she would grab my hair with one hand from behind. “Keep your head up, slave. I want you to watch me fuck you.”

Beads of sweat poured all over me as she fucked me. “Ooh, I like fucking my little slut. I think I want to come all over your face.” I wanted her to, but when she said it, I didn’t know how it was possible. In my head, I dreamt of her black dildo cock exploding white creamy cum all over my face as we looked into each other’s eyes.

“Turn around!!” she said sternly.

I turned around, and watched her imitate jacking off. She was getting into it as if she was going to cum all over my belly and chest. “Do you want me to cum on you with my cock?” she asked.

I knew she couldn’t. I wanted her to, so I said yes.

“Do you want me to cum in your mouth,” she asked. “On your face?”


“Say you want me to cum on your face.”

“Cum on my face. Cum in my mouth. Do it. Do it, now.”

Sasha laughed because she knew she was in total control. She grabbed behind both my legs, and said “Get those legs in the air.” I raised my legs in the air, and she guided them backwards, almost back to my head. I was balancing myself only on the top portion of my upper back as she pinned my legs backwards. Sasha removed her cock. She threw it, and I heard it fall like dead weight to the floor. She sat on my ass that was displayed in the air. She began stroking my cock. As I looked up, I saw Sasha with a cock in her hand. It was my cock.

“Mmm. How do you like my cock,” she smiled as she asked. She had me in the ultimate submissive pose. “This is my cock, now,” she said. “And I’m going to cum all over your face with my cock. Open your mouth.”

I knew what she was about to do. She had my cock, her cock, grasped in one hand. As she straddled me, she looked deep into my eyes and began to jack her cock off furiously. I yelled and screamed. I was about to explode. She rubbed it harder and harder. I saw her aim her cock towards my mouth. “Open up!”

I opened my mouth. I wanted her cum so bad. She stroked harder and harder. I could feel it coming. I yelled louder and louder. As I screamed, I could take it no longer.

It was as if in slow motion. Her handing jacking me off and a slow pouring ooze of white cum came flowing out of our cock. I wanted to catch all of it just like she commanded.

“Drink it up, slut. Drink it all up. Rrrrrrrr,” she growled as she poured her cum into my mouth. She began to wave the cock around my face and she came on my cheeks and chin. The cum flowed and flowed. I looked up into her eyes, and she was smiling. “That’s a good little slut,” she said “Mmm hmmm.”

I was devastated. My body was in a most pleasant coma. I could not move. As I lie in on the floor, I stared straight up at the ceiling in bewilderment. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Sasha standing over me.

She smiled with a great friendly grin and said, “I love you.”

There was no more character. She truly meant it.

I can’t imagine being with another woman for the rest of my life. Sasha is all that I want, need, and desire.

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