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“She wants you…she asked me about you again tonight.” You state to me casually while we walk. You found out in high school, much to your dismay, that your beautiful friend Sienna prefers the company of other beautiful girls. After moving south for a few years after college, she decided she missed it here and moved back recently. Although I was a little hesitant when you first told me about her, I figured I didn’t have anything to worry about between the two of you.

Not that I have claim to you anyway…we’re not technically in a relationship…but you know, we girls like to be the center of attention.

I loved her the second we met. She’s outgoing and interesting, all while being totally laid back. We have started to spend a few evenings a week at her house, drinking, listening to music and chatting. This evening, we’ve run out of wine. All of us a little tipsy, you and I offered to walk to the store a few blocks down from her house to fetch more.

“I know…I…I just don’t know if I could do it…” I reply quietly and look over at you; you stare back at me intently. This is not the first time you’ve brought the subject up…apparently she asks about me quite often. I don’t get it. She’s always totally nonchalant with me. She doesn’t even mention sex in general, let alone make passes at me…although; she and I are both rather physical to begin with. I’m enough of a cocktease to play on your fantasies and she loves it. I lay with my head in her lap or straddle her from behind when we all sit to chat. We giggle and embrace upon meeting. We’ve spent enough time casually touching to know the contours of each other’s bodies. Our hands instinctively fall at the smallest part of each other’s waists when we stand together…she graces my collarbone when she sweeps my hair aside.

I should probably mention, I’m straight. In fact, previous to us hooking up I have told guys to go screw when they talked about adding another girl. It’s just never appealed to me…before now. You’ve just been such a hot fuck…and indulged so many of my perverse, depraved fantasies…and, god do I enjoy pleasing you. You’re somewhat dominant by nature…I’m sure the fact you couldn’t have her in high school drove you crazy…and the fact I won’t bend to this whim of yours must annoy you further. I’ve actually begun considering…no, fantasizing about it, really.

Sienna is just so…pretty. Wavy blonde hair that floats around her heart-shaped face, blue eyes, full pink lips…and she always seems to be in a skirt that accentuates her gorgeous figure. I’ve begun to imagine how it would taste to run the tip of my tongue up her pussy and around her clit. To run my hands down her smooth legs. How it would feel to lick and suck her pink nipples…to grasp her beautiful hair in my hands as I delve my tongue deep in her mouth…

I realize that I’ve been staring off and that my pussy is soaked. You smirk. “Um…” I stumble, embarrassed, clearing my throat and looking around at nothing in particular.

We enter the store and you pick up a few bottles of wine. My mind races. I absentmindedly agree to whatever you’ve chosen. This is all fantasy, right? I can’t… Why am I even considering this? How do you even get off that way? I need penetration. I love your cock…I love cock in general. We exit the store, now plied with three more bottles of wine and begin the short walk back to her house.

“So? You’re obviously thinking about it….finally.” You add curtly.

“God, I’d love to watch you go down on her.” You stop and bring me close, tangling your fingers in my hair with your free hand and kissing me passionately. I can feel your cock start to harden though your jeans even at the thought. “It would be so hot…”

Fuck, I love when you pull my hair…

Between that and my already dripping wet pussy I’m ready to cum on the spot. I close my eyes and pace myself. I revel in the nasty thoughts running through my head and push my hips against your cock. Can I do this? You kiss my neck and crush me against you, accentuating your hard-on, adrenaline surging through my body. I’ve laughed and brushed you off every time you’ve asked me for this.

I gear myself up to shock and arouse you as much as I can. Now or never.

I bring my mouth close to your ear and whisper, “…I want your cock deep inside me while I lick her cunt…” Your grip immediately tightens and you drag my head to the side…

“Ohh…good girl…it’s about fucking time…”

We walk up the stairs and back into Sienna’s house, she’s drying the dishes from dinner. A sliver of creamy white skin peeks out from under her shirt as she reaches up to rest the plates in her cabinet. I shiver involuntarily and then try to regain composure. My cockiness from only a few seconds ago gone now that I’m in her physical presence.

“We’re back…with a lot more alcohol.” I laugh; it comes out much more nervous than I want it to. She turns and gives me a tantalizing smile before walking over and putting her arms around my neck.

“Thanks sweetie!” she sings. Her soft, round breasts press into me and I wrap my arms around her, closing my eyes and taking her in. “No problem…” I answer breathlessly.

You refill our wine glasses silently, watching in amusement. We move to the couch and chat for a while. I basically nod through the conversation, not nearly paying enough attention. I watch her tuck her hair behind her ear with her beautifully long fingers. How would those feel inside me? She sips her wine, her lips parting and pouting. And that tongue…

You begin speaking about work…the boss’s been so hard on you lately…

She nods at you, “Oh, so hard, I’m sure.” She giggles and I belatedly join in. You grin. You have no idea. She flips her back to me, her perfect hourglass frame a silhouette, and asks me to braid her hair. I obediently run my fingers through the blonde strands…it smells like orange blossoms. I imagine taking it in my fist, feeling the control I never have, and pulling her hair back viciously…her sharp intake of breath at my touch…I give in to the fantasy, closing my eyes and feel my panties dampen.

I spend a bit too long caressing her hair, tracing my fingers up the backside of her neck and behind her ears. The conversation ceased a few minutes ago, but I didn’t notice. You casually glance at me over her shoulder, raising an eyebrow.

“That feels so nice…” she says dreamily and tilts her head back further so she’s almost in my lap. I can’t resist. My heart racing, I lightly trace my fingertips down the side of her face, bend down, and kiss her softly. Her lips are everything I imagined them to be: soft, supple, immediately responsive to my touch. I take her bottom lip in my mouth and suck gently, tasting the red wine. She brings her hand to rest on the back of my head and her tongue parts my lips. I shiver and sigh. A few seconds of erotic bliss pass and I gasp as her mouth leaves mine. She emits a quiet laugh at my apparent loss then straddles me in one fluid motion. Her skirt cinches up and my hands immediately find her bare ass, I moan.

Does she normally not wear panties? Is this really happening? Oh fuck, I’m wet…

Her eyes captivate me as she guides my hands down her curves and to the hem of her shirt…seconds later it falls to the floor. Her tongue thrusts into my mouth again. She kisses so differently than a man, I note. She’s so soft. Her tongue feels like velvet.

Your zipper brings me out of my trance. Your cock springing free, you shamelessly stroke…watching us. Your head is glistening with precum and it makes my mouth water…I must have started towards it.

“Don’t worry about him…” she whispers, bringing my attention back to her, “…he’s getting everything he wants just watching us…” she kisses my neck, biting my ear softly, her lips driving me crazy with lust. I run my hands through her hair, gently pulling, and she arches backward, her breasts pushed out towards me. The sound of her moans urges me on and I pull down her bra. I immediately take one of her nipples in my mouth, sucking, tonguing, biting, while I palm her other breast. My free hand slips to her sex…as wet, hot, and needing as mine…and my fingers explore. My clit throbs. This must be the pleasure you get from my body…it’s amazing.

“What you were hoping for…?” you tease her in a low tone, your cock rock hard and throbbing in your hand. She giggles and unclips her bra, letting it fall away. She strokes my hair as my hands and mouth urgently discover her, then jerks my head back hard. I gasp. “Come with me…” she looks into my eyes then begins to climb off me. She slips out of her skirt, now fully nude, and we both gawk.

“Yes…” I’m amazed to hear myself gush, then quietly I plead, “…but please…I want you both…” Sienna looks at you and grins, then gestures to the hallway with a tilt of her head. I eagerly let her pull me from the couch and scamper down the hall with her. You pull up your slacks and take your time rising, watching two highly sexed girls skip towards the bedroom, holding hands and requesting your presence.

“Lucky boy…” she says to you as she leads us into her bedroom. It’s small, painted some muted off-white tone, and she has a few pieces of antique furniture efficiently arranged. A tiffany lamp made of roses casts a reddish hue about the room. She turns back to me and peels off my shirt, revealing my lacy black and white bra. “Mmm…lucky me…” she giggles. I instantly relax and kiss her again. She leans down, tucking my bra under my breasts, pushing them up nicely, and takes my nipple in her mouth while she undoes my jeans. You stand close behind me, kissing my neck and then my lips. A million sensations wash over me, it’s almost too much. Your stubble is rough on my skin, your mouth violent in its attack on mine. The difference is amazing. She takes my jeans down, and pulling my black lace panties to the side, she moans as she laps up the now flowing juice from my pussy. Your hand immediately lights the back of her head.

Her tongue traces up around my clit then she begins sucking. I moan and take a step further apart, wanting her tongue deeper inside me. She smiles, looking up, “Good girl…why don’t you lay down…” I take a deep breath in and nod, looking back at you while she stands….

“Go.” you whisper. I smile and lie down; wriggling out of my soaking wet panties and spread my legs for her, tangling my hand in her hair. I let go of any last shred of reluctance as her tongue slides deep inside me. I close my eyes, basking in what I never thought I’d enjoy…my hips rising to meet her thrusting tongue…

“Oh…FUCK…Sienna…please…oh my GOD…”

“I need your cock…” I breathe, barely recognizable in my pleasure, “…please…let me suck it…” Happy to oblige, you approach me, freeing your cock once again from your trousers. You take my hair in both hands and unceremoniously begin fucking my mouth with urgency. I love sucking your cock…with her lapping at my pussy, this is like an even more intense 69. Your cock hits the back of my throat over and over. I try to relax…but it’s difficult with all the stimulation…and I yank her hair, screaming, and cumming hard. You push me fully down over your cock…making me gag and moan…the vibrations of both stimulating your sensitive head.

I look up at you as I writhe…my climax finally subsiding…and pry your hands from my hair, coaxing your cock from my throat. I slowly jack you as she climbs up over me and thrusts her tongue in my mouth, my pussy juices mixing with the salt of your precum. I moan in ecstasy and then break away, “I want. To tongue. Her cunt…and I really, really need you to fuck me…” I implore you…

“Of course you do…” You snicker, turned on by my filthy mouth for several reasons, and watch us switch positions. You unbutton the top few buttons of your shirt, then give up and rip it off. I kiss and lick down her body until I reach her shaven pussy and immediately dive my tongue into her cunt.

Unreal. I lick and suck at her ravenously, wrapping my arms around her thighs and pull her to me, forcing my tongue deep into her beautiful pussy. I thrust my tongue in and out several times before lowering her back down, spreading her lips open and working her clit with my tongue. She tastes subtly different than my own juices that you so often have me suck off your fingers.

You position yourself behind me and run your cock up and down my pussy slit, listening to me moan while I eat her. You lean over me…

“You should have done this a long time ago…are you enjoying yourself? Fucking whore…look at you…” I cry out sharply as your cock rips into me…hitting my spot deep with every thrust.

She grips the sheets and she throws back her head, bucking at my tongue, reaching down to spread her lips wide…and begins to beg me. Yes…please cum…he wants to see you cum…I want to see it…I want to taste it. I slide my fingers deep, curving them slightly, and work her. You hammer me relentlessly…my ecstatic cries relegated to a hum as I suck and lick her cunt. She grasps my hair and rides me as her orgasm spills over, my pussy tightening around your cock in arousal.

“Fingerfuck her hard.” You demand as her orgasm begins to fade…your thrusts growing ever more aggressive.

She gasps and smiles, still shuddering, and moves beneath me, kissing me passionately. I delve my fingers back into her sopping wet pussy and fuck her at the pace you’re fucking me. My mind races.

“Let him fuck you.” My voice sensuous and teasing…every other word accentuated with your thrusts. You groan…

“What?!” she stares me.

“His cock…feels…INCREDIBLE…let him…fuck you.” I repeat, staring straight into her eyes.

She trembles, but even you can see the doubt in her eyes as she watches my reaction every time your cock slams into me. I cry out from a particularly deep thrust…and collapse on her…my fingers ripped from her wet hole to catch myself.

“You want it…just like…I wanted you…” I whisper and ravage her neck.

“Yes…” she whispers, her lips parting, looking up at you…

“Oh…fuck…yessss…” You thrust into me once more before pulling out and sliding your cock, wet with my juices, directly into her tight hole. Every girl loves a good, hard cock…I don’t care what they say…Sienna is no exception.

You shove three fingers inside my cunt, burying your cock fully inside her in one thrust. She cries out at your force, but quickly adjusts. I begin to ride your fingers as she thrusts back at you…our moans and gasps seemingly in competition.

I think about how crazed you must feel, fucking this woman you’ve lusted after and never thought you’d have. A surge of arousal overcomes me knowing I fulfilled this for you.

She attacks my mouth, biting my bottom lip hard and sending waves through me. I cry out and fall down to her, breathing hard, and I hear you groan. You pull out as if drawn and immediately drive into me. Once, twice, and then you’re gone. I gasp. She screams. Before I can register you’re back inside me. “Ohhhhh my goddd…” I hear myself moan. You expertly navigate between the two of us, enjoying the alternating screams of pleasure.

Shock subsiding, we start to beg you, enjoying the depraved thrill…

“Ohhh, yes, fuck her hard…”

“Please, I want to feel it inside me…”


“Fuck me…”

“Mmm…pleaaaase…I need your cock.”

We cum together near simultaneously from your sinful violation. You tear me off of her just in time, still shaking, and your cock hits that back of my throat.

“Don’t you fucking swallow.” You direct and shoot your load in my mouth.

Oh, yesss…

I taste our mixed juices on your shaft…and choke slightly at the ridiculous amount of cum flooding my throat. I feel her hand tangle in my hair aside yours. You shiver and spasm, groaning, then thrust again, finally spent. She pulls me reluctantly off your cock and her mouth is on mine, your cum spilling onto her tongue in our very wet kiss…

We collapsed together…her soft caress on my curves…

I’ll never forget that night…

It’s been a few months now – and granted sometimes when we’re together with friends it’s a little obvious…but when she drags me to the bathroom to tongue her sopping wet cunt it always completely makes up for it…

…and I must admit…I love the sated glow you have whenever you two return from fetching drinks…

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