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Finally Free

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It was a bright morning. The night before, my wife and I had enjoyed our first threesome with another man. I felt great! The only way I can describe it was that it was similar to the way I felt the morning after I had finally lost my virginity. In fact, the night before I had lost another aspect of my virginity : I had actually had another man’s cock in my mouth! And mine in his, as well. As I poured water into the coffee maker, I remembered it in detail.

It had happened naturally. John had joined us for dinner and skin flicks afterward. My wife and I had planned the whole thing earlier and when we asked John if he wanted to share our bed, he agreed wholeheartedly. I’m not sure if he thought about any interaction between the two of us at the time, but when it happened, he was not upset. I watched my wife suck him, then he fucked her. When they had both come, I took his place between her thighs. The knowledge that it was another man’s come I was sliding around in inside my wife made the experience more erotic to me. But then she asked John to bring his cock to her mouth so she could clean him up. I watched inches away as she sucked and licked at his half-hard dick. Then she kissed me and I tasted his come and hers on her tongue. She got a look in her eye and grinned before she angled his cock toward me. “Taste him, Honey,” she said. So I did. I licked a bit, then again. Then I figured, ‘What the hell,’ and opened my mouth and slowly slid my mouth onto his now hard cock. I liked it! I’m not gay, but the situation was such that it just felt right. My wife began kissing my cheek as I sucked him and we ended up double-teaming him, with one of us engulfing him while the other licked at the still exposed shaft.

Spurred on, no doubt by the strangeness of a dick in my mouth, I quickly came, adding my semen to his inside my wife, I slipped out and rolled to the side. He leaned forward to kiss my wife, then leaned across her to clean our come off of my cock. It was like any mouth engulfing me, but watching a man at my groin was weirdly different! He didn’tsuck me off, but when he stopped, my cock was wet, but clean.

So that had been the night before. I came back to myself, realizing that I’d been standing there watching the coffee drip into the pot. Watching the coffee, but seeing our three sweaty bodies intertwined and writhing together on the bed in my mind. My wife came into the kitchen in her robe. We kissed and fondled for longer than most mornings before she went in to shower for work. It was Saturday, but her job required her to go in for a half day every other week, and that was today. She said John was still sleeping.

We had coffee together and she went off to work. I played on the computer a while, then decided to get dressed. I went quietly into the bedroom and got my clothes. Not wanting to wake John, I took them to the bathroom. Then I decided I should shower first. I adjusted the water and stepped into the tiled enclosure. I was washing my hair — eyes closed — when I felt, or heard, something. John’s voice startled me. “Mind if I join you?” he asked.

“Um…no, no, it’s fine.” I was slightly uneasy at first, then relaxed. I rinsed my head, then grabbed the soap and stepped out of the spray so John could get wet. I lathered up my body and tried not to be obvious as I watched John. I’d never been attracted to men, nor had I ever expected to be able to say I’d sucked a cock! But I began to relax as I reminded myself that we’d been a lot more intimate the night before. I’d shared showers — though in larger quarters than our home shower room — in both high school and college. This was nothing more or less than that. The shower had been designed large enough to accomodate more than two people.

I finished washing and John had rinsed his hair. I handed him the soap and took his place under the shower head to rinse. Then I heard him ask, “Want me to wash your back?” Well, I thought, it had to be washed anyway.

“Sure,” I answered and turned my back to him. I felt his hands begin to spread the soap over my back. He did a good job, kneading as he washed. He had strong hands and pressed fairly hard, so I leaned my hands on the tile wall in the classic ‘up against the wall’ position. He scrubbed across my shopulders and down my spine. When he reached my waist, I thought he’d stop, but he surprised me. I felt him run the soap over the rise of my hips and buttocks, then rub the edge of the bar down between my ass cheeks to my crotch. I wasn’t too surprised to feel my dick twitch strongly as he ran it across my asshole. He put the soap in the tray but his other hand continued to move around my back. Then both hands went into action, massaging me from shoulders to waist.

When he placed his hands on my hips and slowly slid them back to meet at the top of my crack, I knew he had more in mind than helping me get clean. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but then I got a few flashes from the night before. It was a conscious decision I made then. I still had my hands against the wall, so I just moved my right foot about fourteen inches to the side, submitting my ass to his access. He understood the signal and began to go to work. He washed my ass thoroughly, but didn’t penetrate me past about a half inch. Apparently he knew, as I did, that soap doesn’t make a very good anal lubricant. I pushed back to him, however, and he understood. He turned me around to let me rinse. But he again surprised me by wrapping his arms around me and helping me rinse. This brought our bodies into an embrace, so our cocks were in contact. As he’d washed my ass, I’d gotten fully erect. Now I realized it had the same effect on him. Our hard cocks bobbed and bumped together as he swept his hands down my back and into my crack. I surrendered to the feelings I was having and let my head relax onto his chest. He hugged me. It felt so very foreign, yet so very good! ‘God!’, I thought, ‘What the hell!!?’ But it felt good, good, good. So I closed my eyes and just enjoyed it. I even realized I had wrapped my arms around him and had a butt-cheek in each hand, kneading and squeezing. We hadn’t spoken since he’d offered to wash my back. I turned the water off and we dried ourselves. I looked at my clothes laying on the laundry hamper, then ignored them. John walked back to the bedroom and I followed. I wasn’t any more ready to get dressed than he was.

In the bedroom, he stopped and turned around. I just walked to him and, with a hand on his chest, pushed him back onto the bed. He laughed and I joined in. Suddenly, all the remaining uneasiness and uptightness evaporated. I fell on top of him and ground my body against his. Nothing mattered now, except that we were two new lovers, bent on pleasing ourselves and each other. Our lips met and opened in welcome. As our tongues slipped over and around, our hands explored unashamed. My cock rubbed against his and I broke the kiss. I bent to take a nipple between my teeth.. I nipped it sharply and he jumped, yelping. We wrestled a little for fun, then, just as any guys might do, except we were naked and our whole intent was sexual, not athletic. Instead of serious grunting, we were laughing.

I don’t honestly know which of us was strongest, but he ended up on top, straddling me with his balls pressed tightly against my own, our cocks like two brand new asparagus shoots sticking up. He held my wrists, pinning my arms up to either side of my head. The feeling of being controlled was oddly erotic as I felt his heat surround me. He leaned forward and kissed me hard before he released my wrists and dropped down to suck at my nipples. Bringing my hands down, I felt the strength in his broad shoulders, so unlike a woman’s, as he suckled and bit at my nipples. Then he lifted up and slid further down and wasted no time before taking my dick into his mouth. I writhed under his attentions and felt an orgasm approaching already. An orgasm I didn’t want. Not yet!

I pushed him off easily, now that he was distracted. I rolled on top of him and bit his neck, just as I’d have done had he been a woman. He gasped and gripped a handful of my ass, but he bared his throat further for me. I covered it with kisses and sucked at it, stopping short of giving him hickeys. I didn’t suck his nipples, but pinched them and twisted. He gasped again and I undulated my hips, rubbing my hard cock against his, my balls against his. God! This was great!

“Okay,” I told him, sitting up. “Let’s get serious, John.”

“I agree,” he replied, looking directly into my eyes. “Does this feel as good to you as it does to me?”

“Fuck, yeah!” I exclaimed. “It’s just…just…”

“Yeah. You don’t have to say anything else,” he said. His hands were stroking my hips and thighs. Then he wrapped his hand around my cock and pulled me toward his head. I followed and watched my dick sink into his mouth again. I moved into position and began to fuck his mouth. He took as much as he could, but I’ve only met one woman who could deep throat me. I’m not that large, but apparently large enough. I again felt an orgasm approaching, and again didn’t want it yet. I pulled out of his sucking mouth and got off him.

I moved down and smelled his dick and balls. My wife ( and other women) had described my aroma, but I had never understood. Now I smelled John’s pheromones and they made my dick ooze more. I licked his balls and up onto his shaft. I licked up the underside to the head and then engulfed the head itself. There was a lot of ‘precum’, that tasteless crystal clear ooze. I savored the slickness of it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth before beginning to suck him.

Only minutes later, he groaned and said, “Stop! I want to fuck you, and vice versa. Don’t make me come yet!” We had the same idea. I’d had anal sex with my wife. I’d bought her a strapon and enjoyed her using it on my ass. But, she said there was a world of difference between a cock and a dildo up your ass. I couldn’t wait to find out. I released John’s dick from my mouth, but retained my grip on it with my hand. I reached into the nightstand and got the lube. By way of letting him know what I wanted, I popped the top and squirted some onto his throbbing cock. I jacked him as I spread it from root to tip, sliding my hand over the head of his cock as I did. Then I shamelessly turned and offered my ass to him. He took the lube from my hand, but set it aside. Then he pried my cheeks apart and stuck his face between them. I felt his tongue bathing my anus and moaned. When he probed inside me with it, I nearly came. Finally he spread the lube on and into me. He got up and positioned his cock at my opening. I took a deep breath and let it all out and pressed back at him. I felt that hard cock begin to enter me. I bore down, as I’d learned to do with the dildo (which was larger than either of us!) and John’s cock head slipped into me with a silent pop. I stopped for a second, then pushed back. He got the message and began to enter me, an inch at a time, until he was entirely in me. I felt his balls against my upper thighs. We rested until I’d completely adjusted to being filled with cock. Then we started to fuck. After only a few pistonings, I was slamming myself back against him as he pushed forward. I finally understood as clearly as I would ever be able to what a woman feels like when she gets fucked. They definitely have the better end of the deal, I remember thinking. But thinking was, by then, largely beyond my capability. I was lost in the pleasure. Dimly, I was aware that I was coming, dribbling my semen onto the sheets. I was surprised to realize at the same time that my cock wasn’t even erect now, but dangled limply, swinging back and forth with our motions. The knowledge was meaningless as long as I was feeling that hard cock plunging up under my belly, however. When John came, he roared and pounded into me. I felt the incredible heat of his sperm flooding me. There really was no comparison of a latex substitute to a real live cock, I thought.

I slowly leaned forward and allowed John’s cock to fall limply from me. I was too exhausted to switch then, so we wiped up our emissions and dragged the covers up around us. It felt wonderful to feel my arms around him and feeling the sentiment returned. No words, they were superfluous to the act we’d experienced. The whole thing was so far out of my frame of reference that I’d been rendered effectively dumb, even internally. Thoughts had been superceded by physical feeling and emotions. An idea would begin to form in my mind, then drift away, washed out by the sensations of the past hour. Finally my poor mind gave up and I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to the strident ringing of the phone. I rolled toward it and mumbled a greeting into the receiver. “Hey, it’s your wife!” My wife’s cheery voice brought me out of the fog a bit.

“Hey,” I managed. There was a short silence at her end.

Then, “Wait a minute!” she exclaimed. “It’s almost ten o’clock! Did you go back to bed? Where’s John?” I couldn’t tell how she was feeling, but I had no intention of keeping secrets.

“He’s right here beside me. Want to talk to him?”

“Did you two…” she began.

“Yup.” I said bravely. “Want to hear about it?”

“God, yes!” she said excitedly. “But not now. I’ll tell you what I want : I want you both to stay just the way you are until I get home in a couple of hours. Don’t dress. Promise?”

“Just a minute,” I said. I reached down and pinched John’s dick. He came instantly out of the semi- wakefulness. “She wants us to stay just like this — no dressing. What do you think?” He stretched and yawned. Then he rolled up on his elbow and threw a leg across mine, rubbing my cock with the side of his knee.

“Does she expect us to wait for her?” he asked, loud enough that I didn’t have to repeat it.

In my ear, her voice came back, “Oh. My God. Just wait, please? Pretty please? I want to watch everything that happens!”

“Oh, okay.” I said, smiling at John. Then he dipped his head under the covers and I felt my dick sucked into his mouth. “But we may play a little bit before you get here. In fact right now my cock is completely inside John’s mouth. But it’s growing, so that won’t last long.”

“Fuck!” she exclaimed. “Okay, but no coming! I mean, ‘No more coming!’, since it sounds like you have already done some of that!”

“All right, Sweetheart. You’re right, we have, and I can’t wait to tell you about it. Of course, I won’t be sitting down when I tell you…” There was a pause, then, “Oh, God. I wish I could have seen that. Please tell me there will be an encore?” I had been holding the phone so John could hear, though I wasn’t sure he was paying attention, since his lips and tongue had been busy around my neck and ears. He lifted his head and said in the direction of the phone, “You bet! Only this time it’ll be my turn to lose my virginity.”

“Okay,” my wife said. “Now I won’t be able to keep my mind on work for the next two hours. Have a drink ready for me when I get there. And I want you both bare-ass, too.”

“No problem, Sweetie,” I replied. I replaced the receiver on the hook. John patted my belly as I stretched. We got out of bed and got coffee. I felt very comfortable as I watched John pour his cup. It was the first time I actually looked at a man the way I have always looked at women. I liked what I saw. I knew that with the wife I have, this was the beginning of a very good friendship.

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