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My Fantasy Fulfilled

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One night after we had been drinking and throwing darts, we headed up stairs for a great session of sex. During our session, you ask me to share a fantasy with you. So I tell you that I have almost the typical guy fantasy. To see you having sex with another woman. To watch the two of you fucking each other in all kinds of positions. Then you both put on strap-ons and fuck each other to powerful orgasms. Then you both turn your attention to me. You take turns fucking my ass with the strap-ons. You tell me that your fantasy is similar only it is with two guys.

Both of us fucking you in every possible way. I tell you that I think that would be hot as hell and would love to see you with another guy. After we finished our love making, nothing more was said about what we revealed to each other.

A couple of months go by and I had forgotten all about that night and what we had said to each other. With the kids and work and just everyday stuff, that got pushed to the back of my mind. I guess it didn’t for you and I was about to find that very fact out.

I come home one Saturday night from work and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. I go to do the things I normally do when I get home from work. I walk in to the kitchen and put my radio away and I see on the counter several empty wine bottles and one full one with an empty glass next to it. There is also a note telling me to get a glass of wine and bring the bottle up stairs. To me right then it didn’t seem to be anything but normal. I just figured I was in for a good night of sex. At that time I didn’t know just how good.

I go to head upstairs and I hear you talking. I couldn’t hear what you said. I just heard your voice in a low tone. As I walk up the stairs trying to be quiet as to not wake the kids, I see their bedroom doors are open and the rooms are empty. I can also see our bedroom is dark except for the glow of candles. I then hear you moan with pleasure. I was confused at that point thinking that if the kids aren’t in their rooms, they must be in our room. Boy was I wrong! I stepped in to the doorway and got hit with the most shocking and erotic sight I have ever seen. There on our bed was you on your back with your legs spread wide, and another woman in between them performing what appeared to be, from the look on your face and the sound of your moans, to be first a class tonguing of your pussy. I almost fainted with excitement. My cock was instantly hard. I just stood there watching in amazement. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I stood there watching this woman eating you out like a champion.

Then I could see the familiar look on your face that you were about to orgasm. Then you erupted in what look like an orgasm that shook you all the way to your toes. When it subsided, I saw the other woman kind of crawl up your body planting little kisses as she went. She stopped at your breasts and suckled each nipple for a moment. She then worked the rest of the way up until she reached your mouth and you both lock in to a long hungry kiss. After that, she rolled off of you and with out even noticing me standing there, you rolled on top of her and began crawl down her body planting kisses as you go. Stopping at her breasts to suckle each nipple. Finally you reach her pussy and begin to perform oral on her. You seem to be doing a first class job in your task as well. She finally reaches a powerful orgasm herself. You then move back up to her mouth and you embrace once again.

At this point you both notice me standing there with this look of amazement on my face. You both smile at me and then each other. You then ask me what I am waiting for? You tell me to go take a shower or what ever and make sure I shave and get cleaned everywhere. You then tell me that the kids are at my mom’s house until tomorrow afternoon. So I go down the hall and start to take a bath. A quick bath! I make sure I get cleaned in every crevice. Than I get out the razor and shave around my cock, balls and ass.

I headed back down the hall to the bedroom. Now I thought I was shocked before, but the sights that awaited me when I reached the bedroom was unbelievable. The two of you are now in a 69 position. I am instantly rock hard again. After a few minutes you both cum. So I guessed that you two had been doing that while I was getting cleaned up. You separate and then reach down to the floor and you pick up a strap-on harness. You help her in to the harnesses which has no cock attached. Then I see you reach in to our red bag and pull out a 9” dildo I never knew we owned. It was different than the one you normally use on me. You see the confusion on my face and explain that you took a trip together up to the adult store in Rochester. You then attach the dildo to her harness. You lay down on the bed on your back. You open your legs wide and the other woman gets in between them and starts to enter you with her dildo. She starts off slow letting you get used to it. She then starts to slowly pick up the pace until she is ramming the dildo all the way in to the hilt in rapid strokes. I can hear you moan with extreme pleasure. You tell her to fuck you harder and faster. She does as you ask and I see you reaching an orgasm. Finally you explode with pleasure. She slows her pace until your orgasm subsides.

Then she pulls out of you and tells you to get on all fours in the doggie position. She comes up behind you and re-enters your pussy and starts pumping you again but from behind real slow. She reaches over and grabs a tube of ky jelly. She squirts some in the crack of your ass. I see her working a finger up your ass as she still pumps her fake cock in and out of your pussy. She works a couple more fingers in your ass and moves them in and out with the rhythm of her pumping. She removers her fingers and I see her squirt more ky on your asshole. She then puts some on her dildo. I then see her enter your ass with her dildo. She goes slow to give you time to get used to it. In moments she is all the way in. She then starts a slow rhythmic pumping. Working her fake cock in slow long movements. Almost pulling all the way out before plunging all the way back in. You start to moan loudly. Moving your hips back in time with her trusts. It only takes a few minutes and you are orgasming uncontrollably. She pulls out of your ass and you both collapse for a brief rest. You both get a drink of wine and have me refill your glasses. You both drain them instantly and ask for more. I comply and again, your glasses are drained in one gulp.

She then gets up and removes her harness. She reaches for the box of baby wipes that are in the room and cleans off the dildo. Then she dries it with a towel. You get up and she helps you put it on. She then lays down on the bed and I am treated to a repeat performance of what I just watched. Only this time you are the giver instead of the receiver. You have no idea how hot it is to watch you do this and just exactly how turned on I am. I have been intentionally not touching my cock for fear that it would explode instantly if I did. It has already dripped about a gallon of pre-cum. Finally she explodes in her own orgasm. Again you both collapse for a brief rest period.

You ask for more wine but the bottle is empty. So you send me back down stairs for another bottle. I grab it out of the fridge and uncork it. I quickly down a full glass myself and pour another and down it. I grab the bottle plus a fresh one and head up stairs with them. I get to the bedroom and almost drop both of them. Did I say I was shocked before? Well I wasn’t compared to the sight that awaited me this time. When I entered the room, you were both standing there wearing a strap-on harness. Hanging from the front of each harness was a large john holmes cyberskin dildo. Now I knew we didn’t own one of those, not to mention two, but I guessed correctly that they were also a part of the shopping trip to Rochester. Each of you had purchased one. My heart was racing. I’ve been thinking about how one of those would feel in my ass compared to the large rambone dildo I already had and thought was great. A lot of people on the net have said that those feel much better than the rambone.

Well now I was gonna find out for myself. In duplicate. You tell me to bend over on the bed. I do so quickly. I feel you squirt some lube on my ass and then work a finger in. Then two, then three, then four. You work then in and out for a few minutes. Then I feel you slip the other dildo you had bought in and work it around for a few minutes to make sure I am good a relaxed and opened up. You pull out that dildo and feel you place the head of that john holmes against my asshole. You start to push in slowly. Working it in and out slowly. With each in ward movement you push in a little more until I have taken all I can. Then you start to move in and out slowly. Pulling almost all the way out before going all the way back in. The feeling is incredible. I can definitely now say that it does feel better than the rambone dildo. I am completely filled with rubber goodness. You start to move a little faster. I then feel the bed move and someone move to my head. I had almost forgotten about the other woman. She moved up to me and placed the head of her dildo at my lips. She told me to open my mouth. As I did she pushed inside and started to fuck my face with her dildo.

We were in this position for a few minutes and I started to get weak in the knees from the combination of my head swimming all night with excitement, the wine I quickly downed and the intense pleasure I was deriving from you two and your strap-ons. I rolled over on to my back and you both quickly retook your positions. After a few more minutes of this you switched. I was in heaven at that moment. Then you removed your harness and placed your pussy over my face. I began to lick with great fervor. Tasting your juices and feeling them flow from your excitement.

This whole time, the other woman had not stopped pounding my ass with her john holmes dildo. After a little longer of this, you got off my face and told me to fuck you. You laid down on the bed and I quickly entered you. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I exploded so I tried to make it last as long as I could by going slow. Then I felt the other woman move up behind me on the bed. I thought she was going to re-enter my ass with her dildo but she didn’t. Instead she started to finger my ass shoving at least 3 in all at once since. It was easy since I was already loose from those two large dildos. Then I felt her put in a fourth and work it around. She then put the rest of her hand all the way in my ass. She started to fist my asshole while I fucked your pussy. Well needless to say this was all I could take. I started to pump faster and I exploded in seconds. It felt like a gallon of cum rushed out of my cock.

She then slowly pulled her hand from my ass. You told me to lay down on my back. As I did, you placed your pussy over my face and told me to clean your pussy off. I started to lick it clean tasting the mixture of our juices. You then ask me if I am ready for a treat. All I can do was go mmmhhhhmmm. You told me to open wide. As I did, I could feel my mouth fill with a warm liquid. I quickly swallowed. Trying to keep my mouth open at the same time so I didn’t miss any. You had drunk a lot tonight so it was clear and didn’t have a strong taste. It was just like warm water but with a taste of you. I heard the other woman ask in a shocked voice if you were peeing in my mouth. You said that you were and that I liked it when you did that. But only if you had had a lot to drink and it wouldn’t be strong. She responded that she thought that was pretty hot.You finished up and got off my face. All I could do was lay there reveling in what had just happened and with a smile on my face that couldn’t be removed with a jack hammer. After a while we all had another glass of wine. We each took a shower in turn since our shower isn’t big enough to hold all of us at the same time. We all then laid down on the bed and before we fell asleep you asked me how I liked fulfilling my fantasy. I told you that it was absolutely wonderful and that I loved you more than anything else in the world and that I would never forget it. You said good, because next time, it will be my fantasy that we fulfill. I replied that you have a deal! And then we drifted off to sleep with great smiles on our faces.

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