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Old Desires

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Brad lay staring into the dark, looking at an invisible ceiling while listening to a strange man’s slow rhythmical breathing and wishing he were back home in his own bed with his gorgeous girlfriend. Instead of that he was sharing an anonymous hotel room with a total stranger, one who just happened to work for the same company as he did.

It didn’t help that he couldn’t stop thinking about Jane’s lovemaking on the night before he left to come on this sales course and he had felt his cock unfurl in tribute. What a night! God, he missed her.

He knew he would fall asleep eventually, just as he had on the three previous nights, but he would wake up tired and then have to face a fourth day of lectures, this time with the Sales Director droning on about demographics and customer bases, footfall and catchment areas. He remembered looking around yesterday when the subject had been pricing strategies and wondering how the rest of the class of bright eyed management trainees coped with such tedium. The week long course now loomed over him like a life sentence.

The truth of the matter was that he was homesick and lovesick, missing both his familiar surroundings and the beautiful body of his partner. Jane was the woman for whom he had dropped his former bohemian and promiscuous lifestyle, and done so with the genuine intention of settling down into a faithful relationship and a steady job. He would never again, he had promised himself, find a strange face on the pillow next to him in the morning, a face that could have belonged to either sex without him worrying in the slightest. For he readily acknowledged that he was bisexual, not caring particularly which gender his partner was on any given night.

But all that had changed, and had to change, when he had fallen for Jane a couple of years before. Now he was a faithful heterosexual male, even though he had found that hard to sustain at times.

He thought again about sliding his cock into her firm little body and his hand slid without prompting through the front of unfamiliar pyjamas to wrap itself around his rigid cock. Normally Brad slept naked, but he had chosen to wear the bottom half of a pair of pyjamas this week in deference to his anonymous roommate. Not that he now thought that Sebastian (for that was his name) would have been too worried; the good looking young man had climbed into bed wearing only his boxers and hadn’t been at all concerned about showing off his tightly muscular body. Maybe he would have acted differently if he knew his roommate looked at both genders in much the same light, and he was, Brad admitted to himself, quite an attractive guy.

Brad forced his mind back to Jane and her sinuous frame, her tiny waist and broad hips, and how she pressed her bottom back against him when he took her from behind, his cock entering her tight little pussy. He lay back and closed his eyes with his hand sliding along the length of his shaft and squeezing gently, unsure if he actually dared to wank with Sebastian so close by, but nevertheless feeling unable to leave himself alone.

For a few minutes he just ran his hand gently up and down his cock, trying to keep his actions as quiet as he could while sending beautiful shivers along his backbone, shivers that threatened to bring moans of pleasure from his lips. He stifled his usual involuntary vocalisations, forcing little pleasure noises back until eventually and inevitably an inadvertent groan escaped and he froze, listening to see if he had been heard. But the soft breathing continued as before and slowly his hand began again to play along his shaft. Whatever happened now he needed a wank and he resigned himself to doing it as silently as he possibly could, but his hand was moving faster as he gave himself up to pleasure.

He tried to cup his balls with his free hand to fondle and roll them as he wanked as art of his habitual technique, but he found the pyjamas got in the way, restricting his actions until, very carefully, he pushed them down, treading them away from his feet, happier when only the duvet itself hampered his movements. Then he stopped and listened, hearing hardly anything at all from the next bed where Sebastian’s already quiet sleep had become even quieter. He nodded to himself and then, satisfied, gave a mental shrug and he kicked the duvet clear to lie naked in the darkness, his hands playing unhindered as he worked towards a climax.

Very soon he was lost in a world of wonderful sensations as his balls filled and the beginnings of a climax began to stir. He tried hard to remain silent, but he couldn’t stop the small rhythmical sounds of his hand moving along his cock and nor could he completely stifle the tiny little gasps that escaped his mouth. He was fortunate, for there was no stirrings in the next bed as far as he knew, no signs that Sebastian had heard him at all, not that Brad was listening much any more. If he had been paying more attention he might have heard Sebastian moving quietly in the dark, and then the sudden snap of a switch and blaze of light would have been less of a shock.

Brad froze, a rabbit in the headlights, unable to cover himself, unable to disguise what he had been doing, in fact unable to do anything until his head finally got itself back together and he understood what had happened. Then he looked around, his gaze eventually fixing both guiltily and angrily on Sebastian, who also lay on his bed, one hand reaching out to the shared bedside light, the other around his own cock.

‘What the fuck?’ Brad asked, still confused and more than a little irritated.

‘Sorry, I heard you, but I wasn’t really sure if you were doing what I thought.’

‘And was I?’ Brad snapped, remembering finally to let go of his cock, his gaze now fixed on the fingers trailing lightly along Sebastian’s long and slim, bulbous headed shaft.

‘Yes. But I never thought about what would happen when I put the light on.’

‘What did you think?’ Brad asked, frustrated and annoyed. ‘That I’d put a display on for you?’

‘I don’t know.’ Sebastian sounded so contrite that Brad’s anger subsided as suddenly as it had erupted. ‘I suppose I hadn’t thought it through, but I had this mad idea that maybe we could watch each other doing it.’

‘You should have spoken first. I wondered what the hell had happened when the light went on. I didn’t know you were wanking as well.’

‘I heard you, and that made me randy too.’ He shrugged, still absent-mindedly playing with himself. ‘I guess I got carried away. I’m sorry.’

There was a long thirty second silence during which Brad gazed at Sebastian’s cock, his lost arousal returning as he stared at its smooth hard length. It was a long time since Brad had seen such a splendid cock. ‘Splendid’. He smiled to himself at his spontaneous silent use of the word, even though it was based on fact.

‘It would be nice though.’ Sebastian interrupted his reverie. ‘I’ve never done anything with a man in the room before, have you?’

‘Yes.’ He nodded absently as he tried to adjust to what Sebastian was obviously proposing. His own hand crept back to his cock and he began to stroke himself again. His delayed climax was still waiting in the wings, it would not take much to make him come and watching another man might just do the trick. Old feelings were resurfacing and he couldn’t prevent them. ‘And I wouldn’t mind doing it again.’

Sebastian took him at his word and shuffled up his bed a little, leaning back against the cheap wooden headboard and watching Brad over the over the separating bedside table as he began to wank himself more seriously.

Brad stared at his roommate’s cock, suddenly wanting to touch it and suck it, but that was something he didn’t think Sebastian wanted, and then he too began to wank, his hand running up and down his shaft, the fingers squeezing and releasing, stroking over his head and making him gasp from the sensations. He was engaged in sexual activity with another man, albeit separately, for the first time since he had met Jane, and although he knew he shouldn’t, he couldn’t resist. His climax built as he wanked, the hand cupping his balls almost feeling the pressure build in them until he knew he was about to come.

‘I’m gonna shoot.’ He announced thickly, his back arching involuntarily.

He was conscious that Sebastian had stopped what he was doing and was just lounging back and watching, waiting to see the first spurt of cum erupt from Brad’s cock. Brad didn’t care; he was going to come anyway and if he gave Sebastian a thrill at the same time, well then that just added to his own pleasure.

His climax was short and sharp, with several spurts of cum arcing from his tip to splatter across his belly and chest in rapid little fountains before he crumpled back against the bed, chest heaving and heart racing. He looked over at Sebastian and smiled, unable to talk yet but wanting to convey his pleasure.


Sebastian’s sudden exclamation seemed over the top for such a quick climax and Brad gigged almost girlishly, fighting to get his breath back through his laughter.

‘Your turn.’ He gasped out eventually, pushing himself up and swivelling around to sit on the edge of the bed, reaching into the bedside cupboard for the tissues he sensed would be in there and rapidly wiping his stomach.

Sebastian settled himself back against the headboard, spread his legs a little and began once again to run his hand up and down his shaft, sharp eyes watching Brad carefully as if to make sure he was taking notice.

‘I’ve never done this before.’ He repeated his earlier assertion.

Brad nodded. ‘So you said.’

Sebastian’s eyes were bright with arousal and his voice was becoming strained. Brad watched his fingers stroking his beautiful cock and noticed the little twitches that preceded a climax. Was he, Brad wondered, a closet case who just needed the door prizing open? Old half forgotten urges returned to make him want to pull at that door. He could see that Sebastian wouldn’t be long before he came either, with the presence of an audience working its magic. Brad watched his hand and envied its contact with that cock.

‘I’m coming.’

Sebastian’s hand sped up, flying up and down his shaft until, with a long groan and a lift of his hips, he sprayed his own stomach with strings and globs of cum, the intensity of his climax increased by the situation. For a few minutes they both looked at each other, contemplating what they had just shared, until Sebastian took several sheets of tissue and gave his own front a perfunctory wipe.

‘That was good’ He smiled across shyly as Brad.

Fleetingly Brad wondered if this was something that might happen again or was it just two young and randy men missing their usual partners, but then Sebastian’s voice curtailed his reverie.

‘Have you done other things with men?’

‘Yes, but not lately.’ Not since Jane.

‘Have you done everything? You know, everything?’


‘I’ve wondered sometimes what it’s like.’

‘It’s nice.’ Brad smiled as he remembered the exquisite feeling of a cock inside him, ‘But you’d have to have tried it to know exactly how.’

‘Yes, I suppose.’ Sebastian sounded almost ashamed.

Once again they lapsed into a restful silence, two men naked together in the afterglow of self induced climaxes. After a while Brad leaned back and stretched, the enjoyment spoiled by the pull of drying cum on body hair.

‘I’m going for a shower.’ He told Sebastian, rising to his feet.

‘Yes, I could do with one too.’ Sebastian brushed at his own smooth skinned body. ‘After you.’

‘Why don’t we have one together?’ The words were out before he thought about it. ‘The shower stall’s big enough.’

‘All right.’ Sebastian nodded as he climbed from the bed. ‘Why not?’

Brad looked at Sebastian, noticing for the first time that he was taller and slimmer then himself, his hair fair and his features almost austere. He could, Brad smiled at the thought, have played the part of the young academic in any play without any need for makeup. He compared the look to his own shorter, chunkier frame with its profuse dark forest and wondered which look he actually preferred. Not that it made any difference, his part Mediterranean heritage dictated his looks without any preference of his being consulted. Nevertheless he couldn’t help but think that Sebastian’s leaner build did look good.

They padded through to the bathroom together with a vague air of expectation, as if each thought that something might happen but unsure what to do about it. Even as they adjusted the water temperature they said almost nothing, each just eyeing the other carefully, almost warily.

They each began to wash themselves, shower gel covering them with suds as they got rid of the evidence of their climaxes, sluicing away drying cum along with the foam, each glancing at the other self-consciously. Sebastian even turned partially away from Brad when he washed his genitals, looking sideways as if to be sure he wasn’t being spied upon. It wasn’t how Brad had envisaged it when he had suggested they shower at the same time, not that he had any real idea just what he did envisage. But whatever his vague purpose might have been, it was time to do something, anything, before the moment had passed.

‘Turn around, let me do your back.’ Brad instructed his companion, who hesitated for a few long seconds before complying, turning his back to Brad and raising his hands out the way to rest them against the tiling before him.

Brad cupped a little gel and then smoothed it over Sebastian’s back, noting the deceptive hardness in the young man’s muscles. He began at the top, his hands moving over Sebastian’s shoulders, rubbing softly as if fulfilling his mandate but mainly just letting his palms wander softly over already clean flesh. Perhaps it was just what was needed, for now Sebastian stood quietly, almost submissively, his head bowed to let water run over his shoulders and down his back. Brads hands followed the water, thumbs against Sebastian’s spine and palms spread out across each side of his back.

All the time Sebastian seemed neutral, neither showing pleasure nor distaste for Brads touch, just standing and letting him wash his back until once again Brad decided to push just a little further, encouraged by the fact that he could see that now Sebastian’s cock was not quite as flaccid as it had been, the growing erection giving the lie to his neutral stance.

A little more shower gel, a few more suds and this time Brad placed one hand on Sebastian’s shoulder and let the other trace the length of the taller man’s spine, right down to his bottom, fondling and stroking the twin globes of his buttocks, soapy hand on slippery skin. This time Sebastian reacted and Brad pulled away sharply as he began to move, thinking he had overstepped the mark. But rather than objecting Sebastian was simply taking up a more comfortable and infinitely more inviting stance, his legs parted and leaning forward in mute encouragement.

Now Brad let his hand explore more freely, still using shower gel he let his slippery hand slide down into Sebastian’s crack, sliding right the way down until he cupped his balls from behind in the first overtly sexual move. His heart pounded as he did it, wondering what the response would be, but Sebastian just moaned softly and spread himself a little wider.

With a sudden lurch Brad realised for the first time that he might be able to fuck Sebastian, reinforcing the old urges that had first reared their head only a short while before when the two men were masturbating together. He had not been with a man in so long, so very long, and now he recognized how much he missed man on man contact. His hand slid up and down Sebastian’s crack with his forefinger finding and playing softly with his anus, just circling as if threatening to enter without actually doing so, checking on the other man’s willingness.

Once again there was no objection and so he slowly pressed against the entrance, feeling the resistance of the man’s sphincter give way under the soft lubrication of the soap, allowing his fingertip to slide just a little way in. He could hear Sebastian breathing more deeply, his head still bent forward and his hands pressed solidly against the tiling of the shower cubicle. He let his hand descend from Sebastian’s shoulder to rest on his hip and then shuffled slightly forward, feeling his own erection brush against the top of Sebastian’s thigh and being surprised at his own hardness.

Sebastian seemed to know what Brad intended, for once again he moaned softly, a deliberately encouraging sound, and at the same time twisted slightly around so that the hand on his hip became a hand on his stomach. Brad took the hint and carried on reaching down, finding Sebastian’s smooth cock and wrapping his happy fingers around its shaft.

It seemed so natural for him to be holding a man’s cock and running a wet soapy hand along it, feeling the smooth skin against his palm. It was so normal to have a fingertip resting, wriggling gently, just inside another man’s anus, warm and tight. It was what he had done so many times in the past, an old habit that came back to him so easily, old habits that he thought he’s put away for good, and old habits that were so damn nice.

He ran his palm along Sebastian’s cock, squeezing gently, in a way surprised how hard it was, rock hard, absolutely rigid, just beautiful. He gave a quick shudder, imagining it pushing its way into him, long and slim, but hard and deeply penetrating. His finger slid a little deeper into Sebastian, pushing its way past minimal resistance, his thoughts turning now to the possibility of his own cock entering there. Sebastian had said that he had never done anything with a man, and Brad believed him implicitly, but he could also sense it was only through lack of opportunity and courage. The desire had always been there because, just like Brad, Sebastian was bisexual, he just hadn’t admitted it to himself yet. Maybe today was the day.

He moved again so that he stood directly behind Sebastian, the spray of the shower cascading over his head. He took his finger from Sebastian, feeling rather than hearing his tiny sigh of disappointment, and reached up to turn off the torrent, and then instead of returning his hand to Sebastian’s bottom he reached around from the other side to join the first in stroking his cock, so that both his arms were around the slimmer man and he was able to pull him back, pressing himself against Sebastian, feeling his own hardness find and nestle neatly between Sebastian’s cheeks above his questing finger.

‘If you want to.’

Sebastian’s whisper caught him out. He wasn’t expecting such a ready and positive answer to his unasked question, the question he hadn’t even phrased in his own mind yet. A little shiver of anticipation went through him, but he had to be certain.

‘Do you mean what I think you mean?’ He whispered into Sebastian’s ear, stroking Sebastian’s cock and pushing himself a little closer.

‘Yes, if you want to.’


‘Yes, please.’

He gently withdrew his finger and pressed his hand against Sebastian’s back so that the taller man bent forward, automatically spreading his feet to give himself stability and bring himself to the right height. With his free hand Brad turned off the shower so that they stood one behind the other, still wet and soapy in the steamy cubicle, Sebastian waiting excitedly for what was to take place and Brad equally eager to make it happen. Brad looked down at his new partner and then, taking his cock in his hand and steadying himself by holding onto a slippery hip with the other, he guided himself towards Sebastian’s entrance.

‘Oh god.’

Sebastian’s faint exclamation as the head of Brad’s cock made contact was one of both trepidation and excitement. He held himself rigid, waiting, wanting Brad to push it home.

‘You okay?’

Sebastian nodded vigorously in reply.

‘Do it.’

Brad pushed very gradually, doing nothing more really than leaning forward a little, allowing his weight to do the work, but even so he felt Sebastian stiffen as his sphincter came under pressure.

‘Relax. Let it happen.’

Sebastian nodded and shifted his position, making himself more open, more available, as if to confirm his consent.

‘I know.’ He whispered. ‘I’m ready. I want it to happen.’

Brad moved his own position to match, and now still with one hand around his cock to keep it on target and the other on Sebastian’s hip he leaned into it more forcefully, feeling Sebastian’s sphincter open and let him in until the head of his cock penetrated past it. Now he could feel the sphincter muscle tight, beautifully tight, around the end of his shaft.

‘All right?’ He asked breathlessly, trying to hold back the urge to immediately thrust his cock hard and deep into Sebastian’s rectum.

‘Oh god, yes. I am now.’ There was a distinct note of triumphant pleasure in the words. ‘I want you to come inside me.’

‘So do I.’ Brad smiled and pushed forward, both hands now on Sebastian’s hips, pulling the man gently backwards onto his cock. It slid easily into him, impaling Sebastian on hard, hot, flesh.

‘How’s that?’ Brad asked as his length went all the way in and he felt his pubes press against Sebastian’s cheeks.

‘Wonderful.’ The word was a gasped sigh of surprised delight.

Brad pulled back, feeling the tightness of Sebastian’s sphincter slide along his shaft until once again it was gripping him just behind the head. For a moment he savoured the sensation, then he pushed back in, harder this time and more quickly. Sebastian moaned and pushed back against him. Again he withdrew, only to thrust forward even harder, plunging hard and as deep as he could into Sebastian’s passage. Rivulets of soapy water still ran down Sebastian’s back as if dislodged by their movements, trickling down into his crack and then parting to run around Brad’s cock, wetting and lubricating him as he thrust in. God, it was so long since he had done this, and it was so good.

Sebastian stood still, bent forward, his head hanging, his hands pressed against the shower stall, just accepting Brad’s thrusts, accepting and enjoying being fucked for the very first time. Brad could sense his trepidation turning to contentment, fear turning to happiness, and he knew he no longer needed to be slow and gentle.

Now he could fuck Sebastian as heard and deep as his urges wanted him to and he responded accordingly, setting up and hard quick rhythm, pushing himself in deep, pulling back immediately only to ram himself in once more, getting his own pleasure from both the warm velvety sensation of a tight rectum and from the gasps and moans coming from Sebastian’s lips. Soon his balls were filling once more ready to squirt his load into Sebastian’s passage.

‘I’m going to come.’ He gasped.

Sebastian groaned loudly. ‘That’s what I want.’

Brad quickened his rhythm even more, feeling Sebastian’s body push against him, shivering slightly from either cold or anticipation, Brad wasn’t sure which. In truth, he didn’t care which, he was about to shoot his load into a man’s rectum, a man who hadn’t ever had it before, and he was past the point of caring about anything else. The pressure was building inside him, that sublime, almost excruciating, sensation that precedes ejaculation.

‘I’m coming.’

‘Do it, Shoot it up me.’

That was all Brad needed, he slammed himself hard into Sebastian, almost lifting him off his feet with the force of the thrust, then pulled right back, nearly being pushed out by a closing sphincter before forcing himself back in and sinking full depth again. This time he felt his cum streak along his cock, the feeling almost too good to bear, making him groan and grind himself against Sebastian’s buttocks, keeping his cock all the way in until that first fabulous release as the first of several spurts shot from his end deep into Sebastian.

He wanted to thrust and shoot, but every time he tried to pull back the exquisite sensations made him jerk forward again so that each surge, each spurt burst from him deep inside Sebastian until eventually there was none left and he stood simply gripping Sebastian’s hips to prevent wobbly, trembling legs from depositing him on the shower’s tiled floor. His head dropped forward onto Sebastian’s shoulders while his cock softened and eventually slipped free, limp and useless.

For a few minutes both men stood there like that, each thinking of what they had done, Sebastian rejoicing in having received his first male fucking and Brad acknowledging mentally that old habits do not die easily and that he would always have an urge for man on man sex.

‘That was awesome.’ Sebastian eventually broke the silence.

Brad nodded, still too short of breath to reply properly. ‘Yes.’ He finally gasped out as he stumbled away to find a towel.

‘I’ll tell you what.’ Sebastian turned to face him. ‘Thank you for that. It might have been my first time, but it certainly won’t be my last.’

Brad nodded once more. ‘It won’t be my last either.’

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