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Filling Hope

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I first met Hope at my company’s Christmas party. She is married to Paul, one of my co- workers at the company. He had mentioned his wife a few times but, while I had thought she might be good-looking, I had no idea that she was stunning and sexy besides.

I had brought Stella as my date. Starlight Bright Johnson, better known as Stella, is a vision herself. We had first met in a bar at Halloween and I was immediately drawn to her for her looks and the scanty clothes she was wearing.

I was dressed as a pirate, Long John Silver, and introduced myself, John Silver Carson. I explained that my father had a love for Stevenson and Treasure Island and for the history of our family. I was named John Silver for the pirate and the silver went with Carson because we were descended from the Carson who founded Carson City, Nevada. Stella was dressed as a white cat but that doesn’t really explain her outfit. She is a tall girl, around five foot, ten inches, high and well-built. She was wearing a white outfit that contrasted well with her tan. It had little cat ears and she had painted her face to look like a cat’s face. The body was all sleek. Her top was tight and hugged her from neck to waist and from wrist to wrist. There was nothing under it and each breast was clearly outlined with its nipple poking through the cloth. There was a cut down the front from neck to waist and the top was tight enough to pull apart to show quite a bit of each tit. The bottom was a very tight white leather mini-skirt with stockings and garters. The skirt was so short that, bending over, showed her thong panties were also white. Her feet were in white leather boots. All together it was an absolutely fabulous picture.

She asked me, “Is ‘Long’ part of the name or is there fact to that?”

“Let’s go somewhere a little more private and I’ll show you why that’s my name every day, not just on Halloween,” I replied.

She smiled and took my hand. We went in back to the hall for the bathrooms. At the end of the hall, we turned a corner. She opened the door into a storage room and we went in. She closed the door behind us and went to her knees, saying, “Show me.”

I unzipped and pulled my cock out of my pants. With nine inches when hard and I was, it was fairly impressive. She went, “Oh, Wow!” and sucked me into her mouth and down her throat. That was my signal to go, “Oh, Wow!” and I did.

Her mouth and throat were like a vacuum and the action didn’t stop until I brought the moans to a peak and shot my load down into her stomach. She sucked me clean and dry. Then she stood up and said, “That was for telling the truth. How long does it take to get hard again?”

Truthfully, I said, “Without help but for a reason, about ten minutes. With help and a reason, much less time.”

“I’ll help,” she said as she went back to her knees and sucked me in again. In less than a minute, I was hard and ready. I pulled her up and fingered her through her panties by reaching under her skirt. She was hot and wet. I looked up and saw a table. I pushed her over there and bent her over it. Pulling her thong to one side, I entered her pussy with one long stroke. She grunted and then started moaning as I began to stroke in and out of her pussy. I pounded her as hard as I could showing no gentleness taking her as she was bent over the table. Finally, I moaned out, “I’m cumming!”

She responded with “Fuck me! Cum in my pussy! Give it to me! Make me cum!” Then she pushed back toward me and we held tightly as I flooded her pussy with my second load of the night and she wet my legs and hers as she came hard with me. When I finally pulled out, she turned and licked my cock clean of my and her juices. She then used a small towel to clean herself. I told her that I wanted more. She said, “That suits me. I love the size of your cock and the way you can come back.”

“Long John Silver aims to please as best he can, Matey,” I leared in my best pirate voice. “Do you want to go back and party or go to your place or mine and then party?”

“Let’s go to your place, Long John,” she responded. “I want to swing on your peg leg!”

We went to my place. I opened the door and let her in. She took about four steps inside and stopped. She removing her coat and, letting it drop, continued to remove every stitch of clothes until she was totally naked. I closed the door and watched as clothing dropped off her body. When naked, she moved to me and started removing my costume until I, too, was totally naked. She said, “Where’s the bedroom?”

“In there,” I responded. She walked through the doorway and flipped on a bedside light and lay back on the bed.

“Let’s go further on what we started,” she cooed. Long John was fully alert and ready for action.

I lay down on the bed beside her and started fondling her tits.

We kissed and our tongues warred. When she broke off, she started a trail down my body. I went the other way down hers until we were in a hot sixty-nine position. I sucked her pussy and she licked my cock until, with the help of two fingers in her cunt and one in her ass, I licked her clit to an orgasm. Pulling out from her body, I said, “Hold that position.”

She stayed on her hands and knees and I moved behind her. I started my finger in her ass again and soon joined it with another. As I started a third, she moaned, “Fuck me in my ass! Fuck my ass, Long John!”

Wanting to satisfy, I removed my fingers and shoved my peter into her ass. It went quickly through her sphincter muscle because her hole was still dilated. Then I was stopped as her butt closed down on my peter. I grabbed her hips and pulled her toward me bending my cock for a moment until it went all the way into her ass accompanied by a hiss from her.

“Too much?” I asked.

“Not now, give it to me! Slam my ass with that baseball bat! Don’t hold back! Pound me! Fuck me! Fuck my ass hard!”

I began to fuck in and out of her ass with as much force as I could muster. Pounding like that into her hot hole, I was not going to last. I could feel my cum rising and, with a last slam into her body like I was trying to get out through her mouth, my cum sprayed out into her bowels coating her completely inside. She was cumming and moaning with me.

Finally, I came down from the high and started to soften. When I fell over pulling my cock out with a pop, she moved around to lick it clean. She swallowed everything from me. Continuing to suck on my cock, I could feel it harden again. She never missed a beat but continued to suck me down her throat until I shot my cream down her throat feeling her throat convulse around my cock as my cum went into her stomach. When I was clean and becoming soft, she let me out leaving her head on my thigh and looking up at me with a smile.

“Four times within an hour, I like that,” she said.

“I try to please,” I responded.

“You do.” she sighed.

I pulled her up to me and we snuggled together. After a few minutes, we went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke to being sucked delightfully. I opened my eyes and there was Stella sucking my cock like she would never see one again. I let the feeling go and soon shot my load down her throat.

After a while, we got out of bed. She went into the living room and started to pick up her costume. Bent over like that with her ass high in the air was too much for me. I moved up behind her and pushed the head of my cock into her asshole.

“Oh, yes! Yes, do me! Do my ass!” she cried out.

Grabbing her hips, I plunged in to the hilt and pounded away as she continued to talk dirty. Slamming in a final time, I dropped my load into her ass and I held her tight by the hips as my cock filled her butt with cum. When I released her, she went to her knees and turning licked my cock completely clean of our juices.

“Thanks, I needed that,” she said.

“You’re welcome and I came well, too,” I said.

“Yes, you did.”

She surprised me by asking to stay with me promising to be my cum slut. I told her that I would make no promises but, she could stay until one of us wanted to end things. I also told her that, if she was to be a cum slut, there would be many men sharing her body. She said, “I hope so. You look like you can keep me supplied with enough men. I love cock and haven’t yet had enough. At least, not to the point at which I have said enough or stop.”

A few weeks later, we were still together and had swung through some hot times. I was talking to Paul at the party as Stella and Hope went to the ladies’ room. He said that Stella sure looked hot and I replied that not only did she look hot she was and would fuck any cock that she could get. Paul said that a little strange stuff would be nice.

Then I asked about Hope. He said that there wasn’t much hope there because she wasn’t really interested in sex. I was surprised as she had pulled up tightly to me when we had danced. I suggested that maybe she needed some kind of stimulus to start her juices flowing. “I don’t know what it would be but am willing for some attempt to be made to thaw her out.” he said.

At that moment, she and Stella came back into the room and joined us. I motioned to Stella to dance and we got up. The music was slow and my hands were on Stella’s ass grinding her to my groin. She was only wearing a little mini dress with nothing underneath. I asked Stella what she thought of Hope.

“She’s pretty but tight emotionally,” she said.


“Well, we talked a bit in the bathroom. She had noticed that I had no bra and then saw that I had no panties either. She wanted to know why I dressed that way.”

“What did you tell her?” I asked.

“I said that dressing like I was made it easier for me to have sex and to show off to whoever I wanted to have see me. She was a little shocked. Then I lifted my dress up and fingered my cunt. That made her blush but she never looked away. I asked her to finger me and she shook her head, ‘no,’ but her hand moved like it had a life of its own and slowly joined mine. She quickly had three fingers in my cunt as I worked my clit. When I came, she pulled her hand out and I took it and started licking her fingers. That turned her on more but she moved away and, after washing, we came back in here. I would like to eat her out. You could fuck her, too.”

“I’m not sure what Paul would say about all that.”

She nodded and said, “I bet I can get him to go along with anything we want to do.”

I was sure she could and told her to go ahead.

We came back to the table and sat down with Stella close to Hope. She whispered into her ear and I watched Hope blush at whatever Stella said. Then, another slow tune started and Stella got up and asked Paul to dance which he did. They went onto the floor and she moved in close grinding her pelvis into his. Hope watched for a moment and her mouth went open and she looked a little flushed. I took that moment to take her hand and lead her out onto the floor. She slipped into my arms and I placed my hands on her ass cheeks. I could feel that heat of her facial cheeks and hear the quick indrawn breath but she moved in close and my cock was pushing against her stomach. I kneaded her ass cheeks and held her pressed close to me so she could feel my cock through our clothes. She moaned a bit. When the song ended, we all got back to the table and Stella took Hope back to the restroom.

Both returned later looking flushed. I guided Stella out to the floor for another slow dance to question her on what was going on.

She said, “We got in the bathroom and I turned quickly to Hope. She looked flushed from your working on her so I kissed her deeply with my tongue. She started to move back but then I could feel her wilt and she moved toward me returning my tongue with hers and squirming against me. I was so hot for her. I dropped to my knees and started licked her cunt through her panties. Then I pulled them off and continued tonguing her until she came. I didn’t stop but got my hand into the action by putting two fingers in her cunt. As she got higher, I added a finger in her ass. It sure was tight but she seemed to love it. Finally, I had three fingers of one hand in her cunt and three fingers of the other hand in her asshole. She came with a rush. Then she pulled me up and, kneeling down, started licking my cunt eventually adding her fingers just as I had done until I came.”

“She’s hot and ready but we need to get out of here and go somewhere more private.”

“OK. Let me talk to Paul.”

We got back to the table and I announced that I had to visit the restroom. Paul said that he would go with me which was perfect. When we got in and were standing at the urinals, I said, “Why don’t the four of us get out of here. We could go to my place and play around. Stella likes Hope and it seems she likes her, too. Besides, I want to fuck her.”

Paul said, “Okay by me, if you can get her to let you. Stella’s always hot and she has gotten Hope hot to trot so maybe it’ll work.”

“Great. Let’s get the girls and go to my place and let things get friendly.”

Paul answered, “What if Hope won’t go?”

“I believe that Stella can talk her into going and doing things once we get there.”

“I hope so. I would like Hope to relax her inhibitions and let loose.”

We returned and made our suggestion to the girls who were sitting close together. Hope started to shake her head, no, but Stella pulled her head around and kissed her lips. Hope seemed to melt and then, coming off the kiss, smiled and nodded. We went out and got in my car leaving Paul’s for later. The girls got in back with Paul and I in front. I watched in the rearview mirror as Stella started groping Hope’s body. I reached my place and pulled into the garage closing the door behind us. Stella got out carrying her dress and Hope got out with her blouse unbuttoned and her bra unclasped. Neither woman made any effort to cover up. Paul’s eyes were big around as he watched his wife and Stella move toward the interior of the house.

In the den, Stella told me to put on some music and, dropping her dress, pulled Hope close to her. They resumed kissing from the ride and Hope was running her hands all over Stella’s body. Stella was doing her best to keep up but there were clothes in the way. Hope started to shrug off her blouse as Stella’s hands were unfastening her skirt. The blouse and skirt both dropped off Hope’s body leaving her with panties and an open bra which quickly came off. Stella then dropped to her knees and pulled off Hope’s panties. Stella’s face went to her cunt and, spreading her legs for more penetration, Hope leaned back and moaned.

Paul and I started to undress. As we removed our clothes, Stella pulled Hope to the floor and under her in a sixty-nine position. Hope, looking up, saw Stella’s shaved cunt and pulled it down on her mouth. Stella hadn’t removed her mouth from Hope’s cunt as they manuvered.

I told Paul, “Move behind Stella and fuck her ass.” His eyes got wide but he did. Hope was able to watch as he pumped into Stella. Paul was reasonably good sized but Stella took him into her ass fairly easily. When his balls tapped Hope as he pushed into the hilt, I said, “Lick his balls, Hope. Use your mouth!”

After a second, Hope started to lick his cock as he fucked Stella deeply and slowly. Finally, Stella called out, “Fuck me! Bang my ass! Fuck my ass with your prick! I want to cum! Fill my ass with your cum!” Paul started moving faster and fucking into Stella’s ass with more force. As he did that, Stella started bucking against him. The three of them moved into orgasms together with Paul slamming his hips against Stella’s ass cheeks and the girls grinding their cunts into each others’ mouths. Gradually, they came down and Paul pulled his cock from Stella’s butt. As it came out, Hope licked it and then took it in her mouth to clean it. When it was clean, she let him get up.

I whispered to Stella to sit up and let me work Hope’s cunt. Stella did and I got down between Hope’s legs and started rubbing my cock up and down the slit. Hope groaned into Stella’s cunt and spread her legs some more. I took my cock and lodged the head in her cunt and started pushing. She was a little tight but, in a few moments, I was in to the hilt and started to fuck in and out of her body. She groaned louder as she felt my cock go to her depths. Slamming in and out, I was merciless in fucking her young body. She couldn’t move around much because of me holding her hips and Stella riding her face.

Then Stella moved forward and put her asshole in position to be licked. From the smile that appeared, Hope got the message and was tonguing Stella’s ass. Stella had a little orgasm and pulled off Hope. I pulled out and rolled her over onto her stomach. Then I started opening her ass with my fingers. She moaned some more until Stella got on her back and moved to be able to kiss her.

Deciding she was open enough, I pulled my fingers out and moved into position to take her ass. I pushed in and got the head past her sphincter muscle. Then, I pushed my body to her and pulled on her hips until I finally was in all the way. Hope moaned through the whole process.

“Paul, get under her and fuck her pussy!” I called out. He did and she moaned some more.

“Fuck me, you two bastards! Do my holes! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass!”

“Stella, let Paul lick your pussy and Hope can lick your ass.” I said, motioning to Stella to move between the couple. She did and Paul and Hope applied their mouths as Paul and I continued to fuck Hope’s holes as hard as we could. It didn’t take long for us to pump our loads into her holes and for the licking to get Stella off. When we pulled out, I fed Hope my cock straight from her ass and Stella sucked Paul clean. Then she moved to Hope and started to lick cum from her cunt and ass. Hope orgasmed from her tongue and sucked me hard but I didn’t come. I wanted to fill her other hole.

Now, hard again, I pulled Hope on top of me and impaled her on my cock. Rocking her back and forth started a rhythm. After a moment, I saw Paul was hard again and he moved behind her. I held her in place as he pushed his cock into her ass. She moaned as he went in balls deep without stopping. She could really feel it but was rocking between us calling out, “Fuck me! Give me your cum! Cum in my holes! Spank me, Stella! Do me hard!”

We continued to fuck her holes as hard as we could and Stella moved beside us and started spanking her ass cheeks with every out stroke by Paul. We couldn’t keep this up forever as Hope’s cunt and ass were almost literally pulling the cum from our balls. Paul yelled that he was cumming and I let my load loose in Hope’s cunt as his went into her bowels.

When we released her, she moved between my legs to suck me clean and Stella sucked Paul’s cock clean. The girls then kissed sharing the tastes in their mouths.

I said, “Next time, we’ll have to have some more people so there’ll be more variety.”

Hope smiled.

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