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Feast Of The Rose Garlands

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Hannelore Brassenberg was the favorite and youngest daughter of respected Nurnberg architect and inventor Jakob Brassenberg. Jakob’s adoration for his daughter was most evident in the generous amount of time he allowed her to remain unmarried. Hannelore’s five older sisters all were arranged into marriage by the time they were fifteen years of age. Hanne, as her doting father called her, at eighteen was still at home learning domestic duties from her mother and assisting Jakob in his hobbies of alchemy and medicine.

Jakob’s friends in town joked that Hanne was too apt an apprentice to be married off and would surely become a spinster. Though Jakob valued his daughter’s assistance greatly, in truth, he had far grander plans for the beautiful and intelligent girl. Hanne received formal education as a young child at a convent unlike the rest of the Brassenberg girls who simply were taught to read and write at home. Hanne learned Greek and Latin, as well as thorough Biblical teachings, from the very progressive thinking nuns of St. Cecilia in Bremen. Having returned to her beloved home at fourteen, Hanne expected to be married right away to one of her father’s apprentices or one of his wealthy friends, but it was not to be. Jakob was, in fact, grooming her to be the wife of a family friend, the great master painter Alaric Dusek.

The brilliant twenty-three year old artist was the son of Jakob Brassenberg’s best friend, Johannes Dusek. Alaric was on another sojourn to Italy, a quest to refine his skills in perspective and human form. At his young age, the artist had won great acclaim, riches and success. Just two years after Columbus sailed to the new world, Alaric Dusek was considered by many to be the most talented and famous artist in the world. Unbeknownst to either Hannelore or Alaric, their respective parents had agreed that the two would marry upon Alaric’s return from Florence.

One day in April, Hanne had come to town from her family’s country house just outside the city’s massive gates, to assist her sister Margreth in caring for her newborn son and the three elder children. Margreth was still weak from a difficult birth and Hanne had been eager to help with her sister’s adorable, fat and fair children while their father was working.

“Hanne, will Father ever let you marry and begin a family of your own?” Margreth asked, smirking at Hanne who was rocking the baby’s cradle with her foot while feeding the two year-old his porridge.

It wasn’t as if Hannelore was an homely girl with no prospects, she was commonly known as the most striking of all Jakob’s comely daughters. The only redhead in a family of blondes, Hanne was always noticed. Men of the city often watched her as she did the marketing for her mother with red curls escaping from under her headdress and ample bosom threatening to pop from her bodice. Hanne’s youthful face and cheerful personality also captivated the male population. She could make even the most dour soul smile.

“I’ve had three proposals and Father has refused them all. I shall probably wither and dry up before he decides who I’ll wed.” Hanne sighed. She had grown tired of waiting patiently to start her life. She longed for love, friendship and intimacy with a man. Hanne felt desire well up inside every time a young man flirted with her in the square or heated glances were exchanged with a fine gentleman at a feast. It was past time that she experience the act of love.

“Poor Hanne, perhaps Father wants more for you than to be the wife of a boring cobbler or an overweight jurist.” said Margreth.

“I could do far worse than Counselor Willhelm. He’s a bit overweight, this is true, but he’s kind, humorous and rich.” Hanne replied while wiping her nephew’s face with a damp cloth.

“Sister, I know you all too well. You only wish to marry the ponderous lawyer’s library. You would let those chubby fingers fiddle with you for a peek at his vast collection of Latin volumes.” The elder sister teased.

“His fingers aren’t at all chubby and are quite adept. I let him fiddle with me for no reason at all, if you must know.” Hanne announced to Margreth who wore a shocked expression on a face similarly beautiful to Hanne’s own.

“You’re a wicked girl, which is why I love you, dear Sister.” Margreth switched her ten month old son to nurse at her right breast.

“I am curious who I’m intended to marry. It has to be someone soon, Father has said I will not return to the convent, thankfully.”

“Master Dusek, the elder, told Pawel that Alaric returns from Florence on the feast day and he is to be wed immediately.” Margreth referred to her husband, Pawel, who was one of the elder Dusek’s craftsmen.

Hannelore felt the color rise to her pale cheeks at the mention of the famous Alaric Dusek. She hadn’t seen him since she was a child, but his most recent self-portrait hung in his parents’ home. He was the most eligible bachelor in the city, even though he was hardly ever there. There had long been a rumor circulating that his father insisted he take a German wife. Hanne thought the rumor was mostly wishful thinking among Nurnberg’s single women.

Alaric had been a shy boy who was quickly pronounced a genius and then apprenticed to various out-of-town master painters and engravers, as was the tradition among artisans of that time. Hanne only met the perpetually travelling Dusek once when he was fifteen and she was ten. Alaric had sketched her as a gift to her father and that portrait still held a place of honor in her father’s workshop.

“Surely not. Likely he brings his betrothed from Venice or Florence; a woman of noble heritage.” Hanne clarified. Pretty blonde Margreth shook her head at the smart, yet naive girl.

“No Italian noblewoman could marry the son of a German goldsmith, no matter how skilled or rich he is.”

Hanne wouldn’t allow herself the luxury of thinking she might become the wife of the incredibly handsome painter. Her knees became weak, even at ten years old when she first saw him . The reaction came again when she saw the portrait of a man with long, curling, light brown hair , wide honey colored eyes and angelic red lips. Other works of his; drawings in particular, on display in town, seemed alive with passion and sensuality. If by some strange occurence, Alaric was to be her husband, Hanne prayed the passion conveyed in his art was with him in all things.

“He’ll probably be engaged to the magistrate’s trollop of a daughter.” Hanne finally said, feeling sorry for herself. Margreth and Hanne were still disagreeing when their younger brother, Hans, who was sixteen, came to fetch Hanne back to their house.

At the end of the short ride back, Hanne was quickly proven wrong. Alaric Dusek’s parents were visiting with her mother and father in the kitchen. She was instructed to sit with them after greetings were exchanged. Hanne sat between Alaric’s pregnant mother and her own mother.

Things Hannelore already knew from her conversation with Margreth were explained to her again. She listened graciously to Alaric’s father as he recounted tales of his son’s travels in Italy and other parts of Europe from Alaric’s many letters while abroad. Alaric had purchased a large house in Nurnberg in which to live with a bride of his father’s choosing. Alaric did not yet know his father had chosen Hannelore Brassenberg for him. Hanne supposed it didn’t matter much who the bride was since it was apparent that neither party could refuse this union.

Hanne was given a large picture still in it’s crate; a gift from her fiancée. The crate contained yet another superb self portrait of Alaric, depicting a fine gentleman, no longer the boy who set out to experience the world. In this portrait, he held a single flower in his hand and an inscription in Latin read: “My affairs will go on as ordained by God.”. The beauty of it took Hanne’s breath away, her heart pounded and blood rushed through her to places much lower while viewing the likeness of Alaric’s virility. His shoulder and collarbone were revealed by the cut of his expensive chemise and she sinfully wondered what it would be like to put her mouth to that marvelous place. Hanne chastised herself, for those were not the thoughts of a virtuous lady. Her thoughts often wandered where they aught not, along with her eyes and hands.

Thoughtfully, Alaric had sent, along with his portrait; two cases of wine for her parents and a bolt of fine Italian, emerald-colored, silk brocade for her wedding gown. Hanne tried hard to contain her elation, but the Duseks noticed anyway and were thrilled with the success of their matchmaking.

“You are now the most envied girl in all of Germany.” Her father said to her.

“And perhaps my son is the most envied man in all of Nurnberg. The two of you will have many attractive children, of this I am certain.” Alaric’s father said, kissing Hanne’s hand across the table.

“Thank you,my lord, I will be a good wife, I promise you this.” Hanne said quietly.

**** **** ****

The rest of the Duseks’ visit was spent discussing the wedding, the feast to follow the ceremony and Hannelore’s large dowry of 300 florins. The wedding would take place in only a week. Hannelore and Alaric would be allowed to meet for the first time in three days at an upcoming feast during which their engagement and forthcoming marriage would be announced. It was then that Alaric would give his formal proposal and the two could sit next to one another or dance together.

That night Hanne sat reading Schoffer’s Herbarius by candlelight, trying to distract herself from the giddy nervousness that plagued her all day. Her father came to say “goodnight” as he always had and poised for a discussion, sat on the edge of the bed. Being the last girl left at home, Hanne knew of her father’s final talks with a child about to marry.

“My sweet Hanne, Master Dusek is an honest and pious man, he will treat you well. You should honor his wishes and obey him in all things.” Jakob told her.

“Yes Father, of course I will.” Hanne replied. She wanted nothing more than to be a good wife, it was all her mother had ever instilled in her.

Her father looked around the small room uncomfortably and then focused back to his prize possession. He cleared his throat.

“In intimate matters, you must always please him. Alaric is a man of the world now. He may ask of you things that you would consider immoral, but you must oblige him so that he does not stray. A husband and wife may do as they please, it’s of no concern to the church.”

“Father!” Hanne exclaimed, embarrassed at his boldness. They had never discussed such things before. It unnerved her and somehow the conversation didn’t sound at all like the one Margreth and Elisabeth recounted.

“Hanne, heed me well, it may save you much heartache in the future. Florence does much to change the desires of simple German boy, this I know firsthand.” Jakob finished and looked away at the wall.

“Thank you Father, I wont disappoint you.” Hanne kissed the weary man’s cheek before he went on his way.

The conversation did nothing to comfort her and did much the opposite as Hannelore lay in bed wondering what sort or pleasures of the flesh her husband-to-be had encountered in his journey. Had Alaric frequented the many brothels of the world? It was likely, Hanne knew it to be quite common for men to frequent even Nurnberg’s few whorehouses. She imagined Alaric, naked and draped in voluptuous and perfumed Italian prostitutes. Having read tales of Roman orgies, she always secretly desired that sort of decadence for herself. It was difficult for her to imagine a mass of such pleasure to be evil fornication. She simply did not believe the only purpose of sex could be for procreation, it was the thing which seemed a benefit of great love, an act to celebrate the beauty of what men and women were capable of together.

Hanne went through different scenarios in her mind of what might take place on her wedding night. There would certainly be kissing and touching. Maybe even before the feast was over, Master Dusek would move his hand beneath her skirts much the same as Willhelm Van Broyen had done before and give her that moment of glory with his slender,magical fingers. Thinking about what they would do when they were finally alone, Hanne slipped her hand between her legs and rubbed the same spot Willhelm had to make her nearly go unconscious in his arms or cry out and lead to their scandalization in the garden. The moment was approaching, as she dipped a finger inside herself and felt the familiar wetness, moisture that would soon help to accommodate her husband’s cock. Just thinking of Alaric’s angelic mouth on her body, sent waves of heat through her, bringing a glorious orgasm.

**** **** ****

On the day of the feast, Hannelore was dressed and groomed by her sister-in-law, Fye. Fye was a buxom and loud country girl who was married to Hanne’s eldest brother, Jakob. Fye helped Hanne into her best red velvet gown when the two had returned to the family home after a trip to the women’s bath in town. Fye pushed at the sides of the uncomfortable but pretty brocade bodice which pushed Hanne’s ample breasts together and up, making sure it looked perfect.

“It makes your bosom look even larger.” Fye announced proudly.

“That’s exactly what I do not need.” Hanne scoffed.

“Dont be silly, all men like big breasts, regardless of what the fashion is in Paris.” The older girl said.

“But what if he doesn’t like me or he thinks me dull?” she worried aloud.

“He will not think you are dull, Hannelore, no one would ever think that.” Fye said, looking into Hanne’s large, brown eyes.

“But, what if he doesn’t desire me as a man desires a woman?”

“Then he is fool and a Florenzer; a lover of men and then you must take a new lover every week while he is away selling his work.” Fye advised and the two erupted into laughter. Hanne doubted it would come to that, but she was still a bundle of nerves when they arrived at the town square for the gathering.

Everyone Hanne knew was there and they were all either congratulating her or whispering behind her back as she mingled with the other residents. It was nearly impossible to keep such news a secret and it made her uncomfortable since she hadn’t been given a formal proposal yet. The wealthy girls of marriageable age all seemed to be leering at Hanne as she was whisked through the crowd by her family. Fye consoled her by leering right back at the “horse-faced witches” as she called them.

Hanne was already seated when Alaric arrived with his father and younger brother. Alaric was lushly clad in a black and white waistcoat over a gathered white tunic, with black velvet breeches, a matching cape and a tassled cap over his mane of shiny, gold-brown hair. He knelt before Hanne, kissed her hand and introductions were made. When the food was served, they were conveniently left alone. Both were visibly nervous and didn’t begin to talk until everyone had gone.

“Would you like more wine? I find being very drunk is just the thing for anxiety.” Alaric said. Hanne laughed, she already had her limit and on an empty stomach.

“Are you trying to intoxicate me so I will say “yes” to your proposal?” she teased. He couldn’t help but grin at the petite but commanding prescence in front of him.

“Not unless you’re already planning to say “no”.” he laughed. Both knew it was not an option.

“Dont be silly, why in the world would I say “no”?”

“I’m temperamental, pessimistic, brooding and often mischievous.” He replied flatly.

“Your father said we were an excellent match, I had no idea how right he was.” she laughed and he gave a sigh of relief. Above all things, it was important to Alaric that a mate have a sense of humor, he considered himself a work in progress and anyone who wanted to be with him would have to have patience and good humor. As they laughed together, some comfort came to him in knowing that Hannelore Brassenberg would please him as a wife, for she was fair of face and pleasant. Caught between duty to his family and the love of a bachelor’s life, Alaric was feeling very uneasy about his impending marriage. Setting eyes on Hannelore with her intoxicating smile and beautiful feminine form, made giving up his wild life in Italy a little easier to swallow.

“My father told me all about your looks and how you might bear me many children, but nothing of your interests.” Alaric said while admiring the way she sat with her small hands folded in her lap.

“My interest is in being a good wife and a mother.” she replied with barely any emotion.

“I’d wager your father told you to say that.”

“Very well, I’m interested in History and Science. I like to read cumbersome Latin texts that would bore anyone to tears.” she admitted. He might as well know about her quest for knowledge, he would find out soon enough.

Alaric grinned at her with a new interest. His good friend Willhelm had been right, there was something different about Hannelore. It was thought, in those days, that educating women too much would bring about the destruction of the home and civilization in general. Alaric didn’t really believe this rhetoric and considered himself fortunate that Hanne was educated, as he couldn’t bear to think of spending the rest of his life with an idiot.

“Willhelm Van Broyen told me yesterday he believes that you are the most beautiful and intelligent girl in Germany, I’m glad to see he didn’t lie to me.” Alaric said and kissed her hand again. She wanted for him to kiss her lips.

“You’re too kind and so is Master Willhelm.” she tried in vain not to blush.

“So, I’ve brought a great deal of books with me from Rome, perhaps you’d like to read them when our households merge. I would gladly let you have the run of them in exchange for helping me with Latin, I’m terribly uneducated when it comes to language.” Alaric said.

“If I can find the time after my housework and sewing, I should love to have a look at them.” Hanne said excitedly. Dusek shook his head laughing at her eagerness to do menial chores. Hanne didn’t understand at all what was so funny.

“I think having a maid to do the cooking, cleaning, marketing and sewing should afford you plenty of leisure time.” He was still laughing, most women would’ve expected a man of his income to provide them with servants, clearly Hannelore was unspoiled.

“I couldn’t possibly-Sir, such extravagance is not necessary.” she gasped. Alaric set his cup aside and turned back to her.

“Hannelore, it is necessary. I wont have you slaving away when I can afford help. All I remember growing up is my mother always working, always pregnant…all of her labors have made her old before her time. A successful man shouldn’t let his wife toil so.”

“As you wish, then I shall devote much of my time to pleasing you.” Hanne said and Alaric once again couldn’t help but grin at her, so pure and radiant.

“Do as you like, but you shall find that pleasing me is quite impossible, for I am never completely happy.” he said it with an air of amusement but she suspected Alaric was only half joking. Hanne wasn’t one to be thwarted by negativity.

“We shall see.”

**** **** ****

The morning of Hanne’s wedding to the Master Dusek, again she was prepared by several female relatives. First she was taken to the women’s bath by Fye, her sister-in-law and her sisters, Elisabeth and Lype. Lype washed Hanne’s long, sunny red hair with a pitcher of warm water while the other girls scrubbed at her until her skin was pink. They insisted on cleansing her everywhere meticulously just in case Dusek wanted to have a close look at his bounty.

“I thought the church forbade nudity during intercourse.” Hannelore said, even though she thought most of the laws governing sex were preposterous, she wanted to see what her sisters’ opinions were on the subject.

“They forbid you to enjoy it as well, but do you think that’s stopped anyone?” Fye interjected.

“Does it hurt much?” Hanne asked, she was a little afraid of that aspect of lovemaking.

“It will if he’s any man at all.” Fye said, winking at her.

“Steffan said Alaric draws himself nude and that he’s endowed like a horse.” Lype, her nineteen year-old sister chirped. Lype’s husband, Steffan was apprentice to Johannes Dusek as a gold engraver.

Hanne stared at Lype in disbelief and shock, her mouth was open and her eyes were wild.

“Perhaps he exaggerates. Shut up, Lype, you’ll scare her to death.” Elisabeth scolded. They finished getting dressed.

“I dont know Hanne, they say he has the most accurate sense of perspective, that reality in art is his obsession…” Lype teased. Elisabeth hugged her younger sister to her plump body.

“All men are braggarts when it comes to their manhood, I’m sure the illustrious Master Dusek is no exception.” Fye, always reassuring said.

Hanne was still frightened when they reached their father’s house. It was imperative that she be a good wife to Alaric, even if it meant the pain of physical incompatibility. The memory of his strong virile body and beautiful features were enough to make her believe she might endure anything to have him next to her every night for the rest of their lives.

**** **** ****

Hannelore and Alaric exchanged their vows at noon in front of St. Albans Cathedral. Never in her life had Hanne seen such a handsome man as Alaric on their wedding day. The couple looked like royalty in their fine Italian inspired clothes. Almost everyone in the city turned out for the ceremony and festivities which followed, except Willhelm Van Broyen who made a point to be far away in Antwerp on business.

The reception was held at her father’s house, it was a sprawling feast with musicians, dancing and lots of honey mead and wine. As things dragged on, Alaric and Hanne found themselves alone at an outdoor table in the dimness and far from the drunken merriment of the dwindling party. Hanne felt her husband’s arm come around her tiny waist and she gladly let him embrace her, something he had never done before. Aside from chaste kisses on the hand or cheek, there had been nothing else. She moved over to sit on his thigh and he rested his head against her breast, enjoying her perfumed smell and the beat of her heart.

“Shall we retire?” He asked, a hint of a grin on his face. Hanne was too tired and drunk to be afraid. She only nodded her approval.

The newlyweds attempted to sneak away, but as was the custom, they were accompanied to their new home by a procession of friends and family. The huge four-story house with it’s ornately pitched roofs was familiar to Hanne since it had belonged to an astronomer friend of her father’s who moved to Munich a few years before. With their arrival, Hannelore braced herself for attack since another wedding custom was for the guests to try to swipe a piece of the bride’s costume. Overzealous, drunk and rowdy guests had nearly ripped Elisabeth’s gown to shreds. Fortunatly, Hanne was saved with only a few ribbons lost. Alaric carried her swiftly over the threshold while half a dozen of their brothers dispersed the crowd out to the street. They bid the brothers “goodnight” and Alaric barred the door against further intrusion.

Drunken singing outside could still be heard as they climbed the stairs to their third floor bedroom. Hanne sat on the bed while Alaric was looking out one of the tall, wide windows, from which one could see a vast expanse of the city.

“I think the constable ran them off.” He chuckled, then poured more mead for them both. Hanne had to refuse.

“I musn’t, one more and I shall be very drunk.” she giggled.

“If I weren’t so drunk, this might be somewhat awkward.” His nervousness was quite obvious and it struck Hanne as odd.

“Dont tell me you’ve never done this before, a handsome man like you, m’lord?” Hanne teased. Alaric took off his waistcoast and sat beside her on the bed.

“What I’ve done outside the sanctity of marriage is in the past. I’ll only say I have much to atone for. To live properly with you is to be my salvation.”

Hanne was dying with curiosity to know what he had done. What could be so sinful and terrible that only a pious union could deliver him from evil? Instead of asking him about it, she went again into his strong embrace.

“We begin anew this night, my husband.” she whispered.

He brought his hand under her chin and kissed her mouth tenderly. Something about this girl made Alaric’s heart ache. The young master was never one to fall madly in love. He was cautious by nature and found attachments time consuming and sometimes painful, but Hannelore inspired his mind and his desire, something a woman had never done to him. The guilt he felt was almost overwhelming, for he knew he wasn’t good enough for her. He feared he might betray her one day if he couldn’t control his compulsion for debauchery. Alaric prayed to God to give him the strength to be faithful. Looking on her, he found he could imagine making love to only her forever.

Hanne had unbraided her thick, fiery, red hair and let it fall down the middle of her back. Alaric helped to unclasp the back of her gown and she removed it, she wore only her loose white chemise. She watched as Alaric stood and stripped down to only his trousers. His body was a work of art in itself, lean and muscular,with skin as pale as her own and defined like that of Greek sculpture she’d seen depicted in her books. The body was magnificant, but it was his lips she always came back to. Did angels have such succulent mouths? She doubted it very much. Hanne stood to disrobe completely and Alaric stopped her.

“Wait.” he said, about to blow out the candles for her.

“Don’t you wish to see me?” she certainly wanted to see the rest of him.

“Of course I do. I didn’t know if you would think it proper to be nude in front of me.” Alaric said. He was testing the waters, being careful not to offend his bride.

“It would be a pity for you to have a portfolio full of nude sketches and to never have seen your own wife.” Hanne told him, whilst shucking off her chemise, under which she wore nothing.

“My God, you are lovely.” he’d said, catching his breath while she came closer to him, revealing a lithe but womanly body.

Her full, firm breasts, adorned with large, pale pink aureole which matched her pouty mouth perfectly. The waist was tiny, leading down to her flat belly and the voluptuous swell or her hips and rear. Hanne’s skin was like cream, giving her an almost unearthly glow in the candlelight. Alaric thought she could’ve easily been a pagan fertility goddess, a forest nymph or any number of mythical women. He would enjoy painting her, if she should let him. He wanted to know everything, all her secrets and to delve into the untouched recesses of her. The narrow protrusion of her mound, lightly covered in fine, reddish hair, between ivory thighs seemed to beckon to him like a siren’s song.

Alaric’s experience with women was limited to whores and noblewomen who sometimes acted like whores in order to get the prolific artist’s attention. Never had he taken a woman’s virginity. He found most of the women he encountered to be boring and limited sexually. The whores in Italy would do anything, but he wanted his lovers to do anything out of desire, not for money. It was truly rare for a woman’s purity to attract him as it had with Hannelore. Since he considered himself a libertine and inherently flawed individual, this attraction worried him considerably.

“Are you shy?” Hanne said, bringing him back to Earth.Alaric shook his head “I am anything but.” he replied, taking a step closer to his naked wife. He unlaced his breeches and took them down.

Though Hanne was standing only inches away, she thought her eyes must surely be playing tricks on her. She tried to remain calm while taking in the sight of the rest of her husband’s nude body. Proof that Alaric Dusek was no braggart and that his attention to perspective never wavered, was right in front of her. His half-erect penis, thick and uncircumcised was lengthly and only growing larger as she moved closer to it. Fear and fascination gripped her and she couldn’t make herself look away from his swelling member.

Hanne reached out caressing him with her small hands. He was so very thick that when she tried to wrap one hand around him, her fingers would not meet completely on the other side. The length was even more astonishing and Hanne wasn’t such a talented judge of perspective, but she thought it must be nearly nine and a half inches long, surely half a cubit, as she rubbed him to full arousal. In the back of her mind, Hanne knew her virginal opening could not take something of his size without great pain, even when Willhelm had inserted only one of his fingers inside her, there was barely room.

Kissing, the couple spilled backwards onto Alaric’s massive feather bed. Hanne was beneath him as he kissed her gently, her mouth opening to his tongue. The kisses became more fevered and he tangled his hands in her silky hair. Already, they had broken several church laws but neither seemed to care. Hanne could find nothing lewd or lascivious in their lovemaking. Hanne loved the feeling of his hardness pressed against her stomach and wrapped her legs around his svelte waist so that his cock might rub in exactly the right spot. When it did, she moaned with pleasure and Alaric knew he wanted to make her come since she seemed so willing enjoy this with him.

Alaric kissed down her throat, across her chest and stopped to linger at her breasts, flicking each big, erect nipple with his tongue. When she cried out, he didn’t stop, but sucked each of them with a bit more pressure, causing her to wiggle beneath him and dig her fingernails into his back.

“Scream if you like, I’ve sent the housekeeper back to the country for the weekend.” Alaric mumbled cheerfully and continued leaving a trail of kisses down her heaving belly.

Alaric went between her thighs only when Hanne thought she could no longer tolerate his delicious teasing or she would surely go mad with lust. His hands spread her apart and he tasted her with his cherubic mouth, running the tip of his tongue across her clitoris softly, much the same way she did with her fingertip. His skilled tongue slipped inside her, pressing deep into the slippery wet core of her and she had never felt anything so divine. Moving his tongue in and out of her, he rubbed the clitoris with his thumb. Never before had he felt so compelled to give a woman such pleasure, but no woman had ever responded to him as Hanne had.

Hanne felt herself coming and now it was her hands which were buried in his hair. He held her thighs wide apart and sucked her clitoris into his mouth, gently but firmly. It was then that Hanne took him up on his invitation to scream. Letting out a wail of ecstasy, Hanne came and it was as if she was floating somewhere up near the full moon. She felt the result of glorious pleasure drizzling from her and when Alaric came to rest his chin on her breast, his face glistened with it.

“I could draw you right now, if I was not so-” Alaric tried to find the words and failed as he sometimes did.

“Desirous?” Hanne finished for him, while he moved his hips between her thighs once again.

“Yes.” he whispered.

Hanne squeezed her eyes shut when she felt him rub the tip of his huge penis at her entrance. Though she was as wet as could be with his saliva and her own juices, the wide head of his cock seemed an impossible fit. Alaric was as gentle as possible when he attempted to push himself inside. It bothered him that he might hurt her and he stopped moving when she cried out softly in pain.

“It’s alright, just be done with it.” Hanne told him, then kissed the corner of his mouth.

“I cannot bear to hurt you.” Alaric said.

“You must, it must be done.” she replied. He nodded and went back to his task. He inched slightly further into her tightness and Hanne,overcome by a sharp stabbing pain, gave a loud yelp. Alaric stopped at once and sat up in bed.

“I wont yell again, I swear it.” Hanne said, taking his hand to lead him back to her.

“No, I wont hurt you, perhaps we can try again another time.” Alaric said, he got up to pour a cup of water for both of them. He refused to tear her apart due to his own selfishness.

“I’ve disappointed you.” she said, very near tears.

“Not at all. You’ve made me very happy tonight.” He went back to sit beside her.

“I thought you said making you happy was impossible.” she quipped.

“Obviously, I was mistaken.” Alaric answered, gesturing to his still raging erection.

“What can you do?” Hanne asked, wondering if the swelling would ever go down by itself without a release. She felt responsible for his condition and guilty for not giving him a climax.

Alaric laughed and shrugged. “Nothing, I suppose. The two other things which can be done rather than waiting are so immoral that I don’t dare discuss them.” he said tactfully. Hanne’s curiousity was piqued, she had to know.

“What are you thinking? The things we’ve already done are grounds for excommunication and we haven’t even consummated our marriage yet.”

Try as he might to keep his marriage free from the fornication of his single life, Alaric made the spontaneous decision to do as he liked with his gorgeous bride. Hanne desired him, it was clear and he would be damned if he was going to let bitter, celibate men govern his bedroom.

“What would you say if I asked you to take me in your mouth?” Alaric inquired, full well knowing Hanne would probably politely(or not so politely) decline. Before he could say he was only joking, her delicate mouth was upon him.

Hanne didn’t know exactly what to do, so she sucked gently what would fit into her mouth and stroked the rest of his shaft with her hand. To her surprise, she discovered she enjoyed pleasing him this way. Alaric’s moans of bliss and his salty-sweet taste aroused her greatly. It became her goal to make him feel as incredible as he had made her feel.

Exploring with her tongue, she licked around where the foreskin slid back exposing the fat tip of his cock. Hanne watched in awe her confident and refined husband coming completely undone as she sucked him with more and more fervency. Alaric, nearing the brink, put his hand on top of hers, urging her to pump him faster. His seed exploded into her mouth and on impulse, she swallowed a mouthful of the hot, sticky substance, but it wasn’t enough, a small amount dripped out of her lips and down her chin.

Alaric, in a state of delirious euphoria, pulled his wife back from his lap to face him, licked his own semen from her chin and then kissed her deeply, mingling their tastes together. Hanne should’ve been repulsed by such acts, but all she could think of was that it must be true love when two people are so willing to do anything to satisfy one another.

Exhausted from the days events, Hannelore snuggled against the coolness of the down mattress and pillows with Alaric by her side and slept. Alaric was also very tired, but sat up sketching his sleeping lover on silverpoint, the sight was far too moving not to document. He titled the portrait, “Mein Hannelore” and went to sleep next to the girl he was falling in love with.

**** **** ****

The next day, Hanne made breakfast for the two of them while Alaric was busy deciding what prints and watercolors he wanted to take on his upcoming trip to Cologne.

“Must you leave so soon?” she asked, trying not to seem demanding.

“I’ll only be gone a week to do preliminary drawings of Cardinal Albert for a portrait and to sell some works. I would take you along, but Botticelli is sending one of his assistants here to exchange work with me and to assist me for awhile until my apprentices are chosen. I’m not sure when he will arrive.” Alaric explained.

“He sends someone all the way from Florence?” Hanne asked, her eyes wide.

“Yes, he is a very generous man and a good friend. I trust it wont inconvenience you to have a stranger staying with us, I am acquainted with his help and they are all reputable boys.” Alaric said thoughtfully. Hanne thought she saw a hint of sadness in his eyes and dismissed it as a longing for for his temporary home in Italy.

“I shall be heartsick, but I suppose I will live.” she sighed. Alaric was grinning at her across the table.

“Not half as heartsick as I, my love.” he’d replied. “But I will bring you presents from Cologne.”

“The only thing I need from Cologne is you.” Hanne pretended to pout but was too unspoiled make it believable.

“Not even rosewater or violet soap?” Alaric knew even a lady as humble as his wife could not refuse such gifts.

“If you insist.”

“I insist and I also implore you to take advantage of my library. Katherine can cook for you and our guest, she returns on Monday morning, which is when I depart.” Alaric said, taking her hand.

“You will spoil me.” she replied, caressing his hand.

“I will enjoy doing it.”

**** **** ****

The first Monday in July of 1494, Hannelore Dusek watched her husband, along with several local merchants and knights hired for their protection, ride across the River Pignitz, through the fortified city gates and out of Nuremberg. Hanne prayed to St. Christopher to keep them safe, for there was often trouble on the roads.

Hanne was alone in the vast, empty house for only a few hours before the stern-looking elderly housekeeper, Katherine, arrived. Though Katherine had a hard and unpleasant look about her, Hanne found her to be most friendly and diligent, getting right to work with the scrubbing. Hanne wandered out behind the house where gardens were already in full bloom behind the high walls of the estate. Taking off her shoes, Hanne busied herself with pulling up weeds which were undermining the growth of the strawberry plants. She could hear Katherine singing inside while she scrubbed the hardwood floors. The cool earth felt heavenly on her small, bare feet. She delighted in the fresh air and the songs of goldfinches at her new home.

She missed Alaric terribly already and he was barely out of town. Before mounting his horse to ride for Cologne, he had kissed her passionately in front of several onlookers and murmured “I love you.” in her ear.

The few nights they had together before his departure were very much the same as their wedding night, the only difference was that Alaric had abandoned the idea of penetrating her in favor of the many other pleasures they found. He had drawn her many times in his sketchbook and she had grown to enjoy sitting for him, even when he asked her to undress in the middle of the day.

Much to her relief, it didn’t seem to bother Alaric that they weren’t having actual intercourse. Hanne did want all of him and couldn’t see them going on forever in this manner. There would have to be children eventually. When she asked him what they would do about it, Alaric said he would consult a radical-thinking apothecary he knew in Cologne. Hanne was thankful for his patience, he could’ve forced himself on her, it was certainly his right as a husband to have her in any way he saw fit.

Just as Hanne was about to bundle up her skirts and get down to the business of harvesting some herbs for her medicinal experiments, she heard a commotion in the front of the house. The sound of horses very near and men talking to one another in raised voices. The sounds in the heart of the city were very different compared to her father’s home which was more secluded. She began to go back to her work, but decided to go into the house to get a knife to cut the tougher roots.

Hanne stopped dead in her tracks when she saw him coming down the steps. Before her was the loveliest boy she had ever seen. Alaric Dusek was certainly the most handsome man she had ever encountered, but this boy was beautiful, nearly feminine. Only the broadness of his shoulders,his small but muscular frame and regal Italian dress, betrayed his gender. His shoulder-length hair was the golden blonde that children seem to have and then lose later in life, his eyes matched the clear, blue sky above and his smooth skin was as golden as the hair.

When the young gentleman saw Hannelore, he didn’t bother to remove his hat, which Hanne thought to be very rude of him. The only thing spoiling his young,graceful face and delicate bone structure, was an expression of utter annoyance. Katherine ran through the door behind him, trying in vain to get him to stop, but the boy seemed determined.

“I told him to wait for you downstairs-” Katherine said, exasperated.

“It’s ok, Katherine, I’ll see to this.” Hanne said, placing her soiled hands on her hips and turning back to the boy. Katherine stalked back into the house.

“What seems to be the matter?” Hanne asked, hoping he spoke German, as she spoke little Italian. The boy gave her a puzzled expression and then answered her in perfect German.

“I am Castiel Valten, emissary of Master Botticelli, here to serve your master, Alaric Dusek.” He announced, with an air of pretentiousness which Hanne didn’t much care for.

“I am Hannelore, your humble servant.” she replied and it came out with a hint of sarcasm for she could not believe he had called Alaric her master.

“You’re quite young to be the head maid, but Master Dusek does like to surround himself with beautiful things.” Castiel said, smirking at the dirty-faced beauty in front of him.

Hanne was so angered by his rudeness, she slapped Castiel very lightly across his right cheek, leaving a sting of pain and a smudge of dirt from the garden.

“I am no servant, I am mistress of this house.” Hanne instantly felt horrible for striking the misinformed lad. Even if she had been a servant, his vulgarity was most inappropriate.

Hanne felt even worse when she saw Castiel Valten’s expression change from shock to sadness. All of his bravada had faded and what was left was a very devastated young man, very near tears, with dirt marring his perfect face.

“Master Dusek has taken a wife? No one informed me of this. Please forgive me Mistress, I did not know. I am very sorry.” His voice held sadness that made Hanne’s heart break.

“And I am sorry that I struck you. Are you alright?”

Valten shook his head and said he was fine, save for embarrassed. Hanne had him come into the house where she washed her hands in the basin and then took a wet cloth to Castiel’s face,gently wiping away the grime.

“We’ve both been foolish, shall we just forget about this and start over?” suggested Hanne.

“Please, I’m afraid Master Dusek would be very angry if he found out I’d caused you any trouble.” Castiel replied, taking the cup of water Hanne poured for him.

“Then we shall never speak of it again. I am mostly at fault for not saying my last name and not having my head covered properly.” Hanne said, smiling at the young man. She couldn’t help but stare at him when he wasn’t looking at her, she had never seen such a graceful man before. He was completely masculine in his manner though, strong and decisive in his movement.

“You have some dirt there, on your cheek.” Castiel said, taking the cloth from the table to clean her. His slender fingers touched her face accidentally. She felt arousal at his nearness and touch when he let his fingers linger just a moment too long.

“Thank you.” she said, clearing her throat. Then Castiel smiled knowingly at her, so she jumped up to get more water.

“I have canvases that need mounting immedietly, that’s why I was in such a hurry.” he said, absently watching her move around the room.

“My husband has set up easels for them on the fourth floor, in his studio, Katherine will show you to them. Alaric will return from Cologne within a week’s time.” her back was turned to him as she spoke.

Laughing, Castiel turned to go find the housekeeper, leaving Hanne to try to shake the blush from her pale cheeks.

**** **** ****

Supper was on the table, but Hanne and Castiel were dining alone, as Katherine thought it only proper to dine in her small room at the back of the house. The two said nothing for the longest time, until Castiel broke the awkward silence.

“How long have you been married?”

“Four days, today.” Hanne answered.

“Congratulations, are the two of you happy?” Hanne thought it was an intrusive question.

“Yes, very. We are in love.” said she. Again, the look of sadness was so obvious, even when he tried to smile. Hanne hoped he wasn’t the kind of boy who went around falling in love with every pretty girl in town, it would be a painful existence for him. No matter how comely and charming he was, she would not be tempted. Even if she were the kind of wife who was inclined to infidelity, there would be no way to hide such an indiscretion from her husband. Her virginity was as good as a chastity belt.

“Your German is very good.” Hanne observed, changing the subject.

“It’s because I am German. My parents are artists who moved to Florence before I was born.”

“Your mother is an artist also?” Hanne asked with surprise, one rarely heard of a female artist, not a professional anyway.

“Yes, both my parents paint on glass. My father crafted Alaric’s version of “Last Supper” on stained glass for St. Mary’s Cathedral.” Castiel said. He looked somehow younger in the dying sunlight and without his expensive coat and hat.

“Then you come by painting quite naturally.”

“I can paint, but I prefer engraving.” he replied. Hanne looked at him strangely.

“Will you be assisting Alaric with painting then?” she wondered aloud.

“I will be painting reredos panels for him and also I have been his model.”

Hanne knew at once that she had seen him before in Alaric’s series of prints depicting a young Jesus Christ. Her father owned the complete set. It was that series which led Hanne to believe her fiancee to be the torrid lover she now knew he was. There was an erotic quality to the way he drew Christ, the viewer was left with difficulty in recognizing the subject as The Messiah. Now Hannelore knew her husband had only accurately portrayed lusty Castiel Vertan.

“You’re very young, when will you be a master?” Hanne inquired.

“I’m nineteen, older than I look. I wish to set up shop somewhere in Germany, so I will be a master if Alaric will give his approval of me to the guild.” Hannelore was shocked that Castiel was older than she was, he looked no older than her sixteen year old brother, except his demeanor was more worldly. There was no naive look in his eyes.

**** **** ****

Hannelore got ready for bed that night, thinking about Alaric who was no doubt sleeping in a crowded inn somewhere. She had grown used to falling asleep with their naked bodies entwined. Even hearing him shuffling about in his studio the floor above their bedroom when he could not sleep was a comfort. Now it was rakish Castiel who inhabited the studio. She could hear him up there, humming a droll minstrel ballad. Figuring she could not sleep for all the racket, Hanne opened a copy of Pliny’s Historia Naturalis and began to read. A few pages into her reading, footsteps were on the stairs outside and someone was knocking at the door. It could be only one person.

“Yes.” Hanne said, impatiently.

“Sorry to disturb you, but I am out of some colors and wondered if Alaric kept any extra on hand.” Castiel’s voice came from behind the closed door. Hanne was still wearing her nightgown so she begrudgingly let him enter. His shiny gold hair was tied back and he wore no shirt, only trousers. Each gawked at the other’s state of informal dress. Castiel’s eyes seemed to focus on Hanne’s unbound breasts which pressed against the thin, white cotton gown she wore until she crossed her arms in front of her.

“There are some colors in the chest over there, I don’t know which ones, probably crimson and gold those are his favorites.” she said.

“I know.” he replied, going to open the chest. “Crimson and gold and-what have we here?” he exclaimed, holding a drawing that was quite obviously Hannelore, standing naked with a come hither smile on her face.

“What do you think it is?” She would not let him provoke her to embarrassment. She wasn’t ashamed of Alaric’s vision of her. She had a feeling young Castiel was the sort of person who thrived on making people feel uneasy.

“I think I might ask this model to come upstairs and pose for me.” Castiel said, seductively, moving closer to the edge of the bed where she sat.

“I can love only one man, I am sorry.” Hanne replied firmly.

“How is that just when so many men probably love you?” he asked. Hanne burst into fits of giggles, laughing until she had to wipe tears from her eyes. Castiel was laughing too at his miserable failure to seduce the young master’s wife.

“I am a cad.” he sighed and flopped down next to her on the bed.

“And Alaric told me all of Botticelli’s boys were reputable…”

“I’m sure he wasn’t thinking Master Botticelli would send me.” Castiel told her. It was an odd statement which would occur to her again the moment her husband returned home.

“Why do you feel so compelled to flirt with a married woman?”

“You are beautiful, do you not see?” Castiel had a habit of answering her question with another question, which Hanne couldn’t stand.

“I think that you exalt Master Dusek in such a fashion that you wish to be him, to have what is his.” Her astute statement clearly stung his pride far worse than the slap she gave him earlier in the day. Castiel jumped up, storming out of the room. He slammed the door behind him without another word to Hanne.

**** **** ****

The arduous week which followed, Hanne and Castiel were able to avoid each other nearly all the time. During the day, Hanne went to sit with Margreth or went to the Duseks’ to help Alaric’s mother,who was very close to delivering her eighteenth child. Castiel worked constantly in the studio, filling in panels that had already been outlined by the master. The two were together only at supper, where they did not speak, even to say “Pass the salt.” and went in separate directions when finished.

Despite their silent war, Castiel seemed to invade Hanne’s thoughts constantly. More than once she dreamed it was him kissing between her legs, not Alaric. The dreams were often so vivid that Hanne awoke, heart pounding, with underclothes damp from desire. It was bothersome to Hanne that she should be attracted to someone so erratic and seemingly unstable when she was married to man so perfect in every way.

Friday afternoon, Hannelore went to bathe with Fye. When the bath attendant was out of earshot, Fye began to grill her sister-in-law about Castiel Valten.

“You’ve said nothing of the fair new guest in your house, Hannelore, why is this?”

“Because he is so boorish, he is not worth discussing.” Hanne said flatly.

“I would expect such behavior from the bastard son of a count.” Fye said flippantly.

“He said his father was an artist.” Hannelore exclaimed.

“Oh, he is an artist. An artist with a sizeable trust fund who forsook his arranged marriage to live in sin with a woman of common birth. It caused such a scandal in Basel that the Count and his mistress were forced to move to Italy.” Fye loved to gossip and her round face lit up as she told the tale of Castiel’s disgraced parents. Hanne should have been apalled, but the story was so romantic, it made her see Castiel in a whole new light. He was the child of a love so powerful that it could not be contained by society’s rules. It was no wonder that he provoked such wanton sensations in her, he couldn’t help it. Perhaps he deserved her pity rather than her scorn.

**** **** ****

Walking home from her bath, Hanne hoped with Alaric’s return, her feelings for Castiel would disappear. It had to be loneliness clouding her mind, she thought. The house seemed deserted when she entered through the ground floor front door. Hanne had sent Katherine to help as midwife to Alaric’s mother, who had taken to bed with labor pains. Castiel was probably upstairs working or having something to eat at the tavern. She turned to go out to the garden, but saw Alaric’s things on the table. Her heart could hardly contain her joy and she decided to creep up the stairs to surprise him. Undoubtedly, he would be in the studio.

Three steps away from the studio door which was open slightly, she could hear Alaric and Castiel speaking heatedly about something. They tried, but failed to speak in hushed voices, for Hanne heard every word.

“Why have you come here?” Alaric demanded.

“Sandro asked me to come here, on what grounds could I refuse when I was on the way back to Germany anyway? There was a time when you would’ve welcomed me with open arms.” The younger man said angrily.

“That was before I was married.” There was sadness in the master’s voice.

“You knew you were to marry when you left Florence. It changes nothing.”

“I did not know I would fall in love with my wife.” Alaric replied and his voice faltered as if he was about to cry.

Suddenly things were so very clear to Hanne and she cursed herself for having been so naive. The signs were all there, so painfully obvious. She remembered the look on Castiel’s face when she told him she was Alaric’s wife and how Alaric had said he had much to atone for.

“So, you are in love with her. I take it she does not know of us.” Castiel replied. It sounded as if he was pacing the floor.

“Of course not, she is innocent, it would break her heart.” said her husband. Hanne was too shocked to be upset and too intrigued with the great drama unfolding to cry foul. It was like a modern day Greek tragedy in her own house!

“I doubt she is as frail as you think and she is not so innocent, since you have certainly defiled her with that huge thing in your breeches.” Castiel said, laughing arrogantly. “Was she in much pain? for I know it pained me greatly the first time. ”

“Don’t be vulgar.” was all Alaric said.

“I am not, your beautiful wife has stolen my heart as well.”

“She has refused you, hasn’t she?” Alaric was laughing. “Tell me, was it the first time anyone ever dismissed you, my lovely boy?”

“She refused my advances multiple times, her will is certainly stronger than that of her husband.” Castiel mocked.

“I cannot be tempted by you again. I must do what is right.”

“Did it feel so wrong, the things we did? You told me you would love me forever, is it no longer true?” Castiel asked. The boy asked so many questions, did he never shut up? Hanne thought and nearly laughed.

“I do love you, Cas, but I fear for my soul. You should fear for yours as well.”

“I am a bastard, I will never find salvation in the church. But I thought I had found it in your arms.” Castiel sobbed and it wrenched Hanne’s heart to hear him rejected once again. Castiel, with all his fine clothes and artistic talent, was out of place in his own world. Hanne wanted to comfort Castiel, realizing it was she who stood in the way of his happiness. At the same time, she feared he would take Alaric from her.

“This conversation is over. Help me finish the panels for the emperor’s ballroom and you may take your leave of me. I will sign your papers so you can take your guild tests.” Alaric said, composing himself.

“As you wish, Master.” Castiel’s voice was bitterness.

Hannelore hurridly crept back down the steps to their bedroom, closing the door behind her. She didn’t know whether to bolt from the house in a panic or to act as if nothing at all had happened. Realistically, even if she had been furious, there was nothing she could do, aside from exposing the two of them to the law. She didn’t really think they deserved to go to the gallows for their love affair. In fact, the more she thought about it, trying to picture Alaric and Castiel making love, the more aroused she became. The two were so beautiful, thinking of them so impassioned seemed a very natural thing indeed.

Instead of taking refuge in bed the rest of the day, Hanne went back to the studio to see if either man wanted something to eat. It seemed like the only thing to do. She still couldn’t wait to see Alaric, nothing could change that. She knocked on the thick wood of the door and her husband opened it. His solemn expression quickly turned to a smile and he whisked Hanne into his arms. Castiel had his back to them and appeared to be painting something.

“I’m so glad you’re home.” she said, not above a whisper. The kiss he gave her was worth the wait. Alaric was beginning to grow a beard and she thought it to be most alluring.

“I am glad to be home. The trip went well, I was paid in advance and the cardinal bought three of my watercolors.”

“How wonderful. We should celebrate, are you hungry?”

“Starving.” Alaric replied. Hanne looked to Castiel, who was only inches away, hanging up some of Alaric’s recent watercolors.

“How about you, Castiel?”

He shook his head, looking very tired. “No, thank you, there is much to do.”

“Please, if only to make me happy.” Hanne smiled and touched his hand gently.

“Very well.” he answered, trying to smile back and just managing to look confused.

“We shall wash up and join you in the kitchen.” Alaric said. Hanne kissed his cheek and turned to go, but elected to kiss Castiel’s cheek also before she went. The gesture was bold and deeply intimate, but she had to do something to help heal the rift between the two men. The boy gave Alaric a startled look over Hanne’s shoulder.

“Dont be long, gentlemen.” Hanne said and sauntered from the room.

**** **** ****

Castiel was mostly quiet throughout the meal Hanne served, but she tried to include him in the conversation as much as he would cooperate. Alaric was in awe of his wife, who seemed to know instinctively that there was tension between the two of them and tried to make everyone happy. The paranoid part of his mind told him she had probably heard his discussion with Castiel, since she arrived so quickly after it had ended. But what sane woman would dine with her husband and his boy? If she knew, she would likely have already taken her dowry and gone to join Willhelm Van Broyen in Antwerp, leaving him to rot in the town dungeon for sodomy, Alaric thought. He drank more of the wine that Hanne seemed to be pushing them to consume.

“Where is Katherine? Not that the food is not delicious.” Alaric said.

“I sent her to midwife for your mother, she will be gone all night.”

“You were going to spend the night alone?” Alaric balked.

“Castiel would’ve been here to protect me and now you are home, so I have both of you to take care of me.”she said happily.

“That’s correct and as you know, Master Dusek, I am a very accomplished swordsman.” Castiel added, amusedly.

Alaric nearly choked on his wine and Hanne had to turn her head to keep the two of them from seeing her stifle her laughter.

“Have you decided what you will paint when the Cardinal’s portrait is finished?” Hanne asked.

“I’m going to do a woodcut of Adam and Eve, I’ve begun drawing it, but it lacks a certain quality.” Alaric replied.

“Hannelore would make an excellent Eve, dont you think?” Castiel remarked to Alaric.

Alaric looked closely at his youthful apprentice. “I had already thought of that. Now, I need only to find an Adam who is fit to stand beside her.”

**** **** ****

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Alaric’s face betrayed the emotions that gnawed at him. He had agreed to allow his virtuous wife to pose nude with Castiel, the man he still loved and desired despite his best intentions.

Hanne had undressed in the bedroom while Castiel waited for them in the studio.

“Adam and Eve were not ashamed, therefore we should not be either.”

“When I came home to see that Castiel was our guest, I worried that he might’ve seduced you.”

Hanne put her arms around Alaric’s neck and looked up into those deep, intelligent eyes.

“Would you have flown into a murderous rage and killed the both of us if he had seduced me?”

“Hardly, Castiel’s charm such that few could withstand it. It would’ve been somewhat of a favor actually. Had he taken your maidenhead, I might be inside you this very minute without your discomfort.” Alaric tried again to seem facetious, but Hanne knew he was serious.

“Would you like to inspect me? To be sure he hasn’t deflowered me?” She took his hand and placed it between her bare legs.

“I must, to be sure.” the Master breathed into her ear. His talented fingers found her vulva and he slid one of them inside her tight, wet passage, finding her hymen to be still very much intact. Hanne moaned, holding onto him tighter, her breasts crushed against his chest. Her need for him was so intense, she initiated a kiss, forcing his mouth open with her tongue. Alaric removed his fingers and lifted her, carrying her the few short steps to the bed while they continued to kiss. Once on the bed, Hanne brushed Alaric’s hair aside to kiss down his neck. She pulled his low-cut chemise down, exposing one brown nipple and sucked it until a moan, nearly a growl, escaped his throat. Alaric pushed her down on the bed and moved over her and stripped of his shirt. She opened her thighs for his hips and he ground his pelvis into her teasingly. She felt his erection straining in his trousers.

“Have me, Alaric, I don’t care how much it hurts, please.” Hanne pleaded, breathless.

“I know of no other way. The apothecary knew of nothing, other than oils. Lubrication is not the problem. The problem is me.”

“There is something else, you said it yourself. Would you really let Castiel act as your proxy?” she asked, knowing the idea had to be attractive to him, seeing the two people he loved with each other. Alaric sat up in bed, shocked at her question.

“Yes, I would. Are you so sure that he is smaller than I am, what if he is larger?” Alaric asked. It was a valid question. Hanne did not know that Castiel was smaller. Just because his stature was less than that of Alaric, didn’t mean that his endowments were, she supposed. If Castiel had outdone her husband, perhaps she would give up on sex entirely and make her way back to the convent.

“Why dont you tell me what he is like, my love.” Hannelore ran her bare foot suggestively across the small of Alaric’s back. She had had enough of the careful dance the three of them were doing.

“What have you heard?” Alaric tried to seem indignant, but knew he had been discovered. He knew all along it was likely Hanne had been on the stairs. She was very light and able to walk about the vast house unheard most of the time.

“I was in the hall and heard everything.”

“I would understand if you hate me.” was his reply. Hanne thought he had probably rehearsed what he would say many times in his mind.

“I love you.” she said and went to her knees beside him, kissing his cheek and then his throat. He let her pull him into her loving embrace.

“I would give you anything your heart desires, I love you so much.” he told her.

“Then call out to Castiel.” Hanne said.

“If you prefer, I could leave you alone with him.” Alaric, always the gentleman, said.

“No, I want to see you with him. I want it all.”

“Very well, you shall have it all.” then Alaric bellowed toward the ceiling. “Castiel, could you please come here.”A moment later, Castiel appeared in the open doorway. He wore an amused but cautious expression. Having dressed in a hurry when he heard Alaric call, the boy wore only trousers, which were barely laced, revealing his chiseled abdomen and a scant line of light blonde hair leading from his navel and into his mystery. Hanne thought his body deserving of a sculptured marble tribute. There probably was one in Italy somewhere and she was just unaware of it.

“Is something the matter?” Castiel asked, inching closer to the bed. Hannelore was naked and she clearly held his full attention. Alaric thought it very interesting that Castiel had become so enchanted with Hanne, who was maybe the only person more fair than Castiel himself.

“Everything is fine.” Hannelore said, giving him a smile much the same as the one he saw in Alaric’s drawing.

Castiel came to stand at the edge of the bed. Hanne looked to Alaric for his approval. He simply nodded to her and she leaned forward to slip Castiel’s pants from his slim hips. She let her hands slide down his firm, fleshy ass and then drew them around the front of him. To her relief, the young apprentice’s penis was about three inches shorter than her husband’s and not nearly as girthy. Like the rest of Castiel, his cock was beautiful. Grasping him with her right hand, Hannlore found she could get nearly all of it into her mouth to suck.

Alaric, whose throbbing erection had not ceased, watched intently as his wife sucked the cock of his best friend and lover. Castiel may have been shocked at first, but he quickly became accustomed to Hanne’s mouth pleasing him. He watched Hanne’s brown eyes staring up at him as she slid his prick in and out of her mouth and occasionally glanced over at Alaric who had begun to rub himself through his breeches.

“How can such a pretty mouth do such nefarious deeds?” Castiel gasped, he was smiling at Hanne and leaned in close to squeeze her breasts, then his hand went to work, stimulating her clit with his knuckle.

“You might ask yourself the same question, my friend.” Alaric mused. His own impressive tool was now unobstructed and he was stroking it leisurely, his pants were gone. Castiel took the opportunity to have Hannelore lie back on the bed for him, so he could taste her luscious slit, something he felt inclined to do since the first moment he saw her. He gently moved her lips apart, then tongued her erect clit gently side to side. It was just a whisper of a touch,with only the tip of his tongue, but it was enough to bring shivers to her sensitive body. Alaric was soon beside her, suckling her blush colored nipples. Castiel’s hand wandered across Hanne’s body to caress Alaric’s thigh and this small gesture sent Hanne over the edge. Her whole body seemed to quiver under Castiel’s hands and she whimpered.

“Making you climax is so easy, I think I shall do it again and again.” Castiel declared. He was kneeling between her open thighs, his hands resting on her bent knees.

“Come and make love to me, Castiel.” Hanne said, taking his hand. He also looked to Alaric for approval.

“Make haste.” Alaric replied, waving Castiel on.

Castiel wasted no time and positioned himself between her legs, rubbing the tip of his glans within her moist folds. Hanne was so ready for him she couldn’t stand it when he taunted her by pressing the tip against her clitoris.

“Stop teasing, I need you.” she said, breathing raggedly. Alaric could sympathize, he knew Castiel’s teasing well enough.

Castiel kissed Hanne’s mouth, deep and long to stop her protests. For all he knew, it could be the only time he was invited into their marriage bed and he wanted to savor Hannelore’s body. His cock was flush with her entry and with one little push, he could be inside her. He licked each of her nipples seductively, where her husband’s hot mouth had been moments earlier.

Alaric bent to kiss her mouth again and Hanne pulled him down to lay beside her. Even as willful as Castiel was, he could no longer control himself and thrust into her without warning. All at once he pushed his entire length inside. His expression was a mixture of surprise and immense pleasure as he felt first, her impossible tightness and then the second stroke he made became slightly easier. Castiel, who had deflowered practically every servant girl his family ever hired(and some belonging to their neighbors and friends), knew exactly what had just happened.

Hanne felt an uncomfortable pinch as Castiel penetrated her, but the pain was overshadowed by intense gratification and it subsided to a miniscule ache by the time he drove into her again. Hanne loved the way he filled her up, moving easily in and out of her sopping wetness. She found the pleasure was more when his thrusts were deep than when shallow. Alaric watched every expression on her face, relishing in her bliss as if it were his own.

Castiel was whispering to her, telling her how good she felt and how he hot she was making him. Castiel’s hair was in disarray, falling into his eyes, Alaric took a moment to sweep some of it back behind the young man’s ear. Castiel leaned across Hanne to kiss Alaric, their mouths meeting hungrily. Castiel never missed a beat with Hanne, plunging into her with even more insistence. He rotated his hips, seeming to know exactly where she wanted his cock to graze.

He moved her onto her side, so that she and Alaric were facing one another. Castiel held up her leg, his hand under her thigh and entered her from behind, finding her to be even more taut from that position, if it were possible. Alaric was kissing her again and her hand went to stroke his thick cock. Castiel was propped up on his elbow so that he had a view of Alaric and whatever Hanne was doing to him.

“I like watching you pleasure yourself.” she said to Alaric who gladly obliged her by resuming the act.

“Mmm, he loves it when you watch him.” Castiel purred. He pounded Hannelore enthusiasically. She was beginning to get sore, but she wanted to come and didn’t care about the dull pain. She was close and thought Castiel might be too, he seemed more rigid than ever, slamming into her, drunk on his own need. Alaric recognized it too, the way Castiel bit his lower lip and closed his eyes when he was about to come. He brought Hanne first, with another powerful revolution of his hips and she climaxed with a rapturous moan. One last thrust and his hot offering flooded her loins. He groaned, burying his face in a pile of her soft hair.

“Alaric is still most hard.” Hanne observed, cupping his testicles with her hand while he masturbated. “And Castiel is spent, whatever will we do?” she giggled.

“Don’t fret over Cas, he will be hard again momentarily.” Alaric said with a smirk.

“Until then.” Hanne smiled and continued what she was doing, letting her hand go lower. Alaric moved onto his back and parted his legs so she could explore. Hanne caressed his pendulous balls and then stroked the area between them and his ass. Then, not being satisfied to merely touch, she repeated with her tongue, this time, she held his buttocks apart slightly, and licked his crack from beginning to end, pausing to insert her tongue. He went wild like she had never seen before, thrashing about and swearing in several languages, vocalizing his pleasure. She dug her tongue into him further, moving it in and out like he had done to her before. Alaric was pleading, begging Hanne to sit on his cock, but she knew she wasn’t quite ready to take him on that day.

Castiel was sitting up, watching the show with some amusement. It had been awhile since he saw Alaric so wanton and out of control. He watched as Hanne shamelessly rimmed her husband, who was jerking his large prick furiously. Castiel couldn’t decide who he wanted more and didn’t have to when Hannelore noticed his erection had returned and motioned for him to come to Alaric.

“Would you like to finish him?” Hanne inquired.

“It would be my pleasure.”

Alaric moved onto his hands and knees after giving Hanne a quick kiss. She sat back against the headboard and watched as Castiel tongued and fingered Alaric’s sexy ass. With two fingers, Castiel violated Alaric’s snug rectum. The young master pushed his hips back to meet his apprentice’s probing fingers.

“Have your way with me, I beg of you.” Alaric cried.

“There’s no need to beg.” Castiel replied, jabbing his wet cock easily into Alaric’s anus.

It had been too long since either felt this. Castiel wasn’t gentle, he knew his master wanted it hard and fast, so he delved as deep as he could, until his balls slapped against Alaric’s backside with every potent thrust. It burned, like vigorous love often does. Castiel reached around to fondle his lover’s penis while he hammered into him. Alaric was so close to his peak, feeling every inch of Casitel’s hardness sliding through him. It wasn’t frequent in their relationship that Castiel sodomized his mentor, but on the rare occasion he did, Alaric was utterly rampant. When he could hold on no longer, he looked into his wife’s eyes while Castiel filled his ass with scorching hot sperm and as his own orgasm tore through him.

**** **** ****
Hannelore, pressed between two beautiful lovers, was on the brink of falling asleep. Alaric’s leg was draped over her, touching Castiel’s calf. Castiel’s arm was across her, resting on Alaric’s side. Hanne nuzzled Castiel’s hairless chest and gave him three tiny kisses.

“Do you still hate me?” he asked. Alaric was laughing at him.

“It’s impossible to hate you, you’re far too fair.” she sighed.

“I was only being difficult because I was smitten with you.” Castiel said.

“I think I was lying when I said I could only love one man.” Hannelore said, right before she drifted off to sleep.

**** **** ****

Castiel Valten stayed on as Master Dusek’s apprentice for the two remaining months it took to finish Emperor Maxmillian’s panels. When the final touches were added, Alaric signed Castiel’s certificate of proficiency as promised. The panels depicted the famous scene of The Virgin Mary with Jesus at the feast of rose garlands, being exalted by angels and worshippers. The Virgin, was unmistakably Hannelore Dusek and the two merry worshippers bowing to her were clearly Alaric and Castiel.

Though asked to stay on and work out of Alaric’s home, Master Castiel opted to return to Florence to open his own workshop in the city. He loved Hanne and Alaric so much his heart was bursting, but he longed to make a name for himself outside of being some master’s boy and knew they would understand. They all knew their lives could not remain like this forever, no matter how perfect it seemed to be.

Hanne and Alaric made love as much as time would allow. Hanne was careful to make sure he never abandoned his work for her. She kept to her reading while he was busy and worked at translating his treatise on drawing into Latin. Her father had been right, she had obliged her husband and he never did stray, unless, of course, she was in the same room with him. Alaric’s recognition only grew with the years and he became the toast of many towns. The couple visited Florence as often as they could. Hanne became famous for her beauty and disposition abroad, something the humble folk of Nurnberg could actually claim they knew first.

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