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He watched my chest heaving with each breath, breasts bobbing up and down in my tight black corset. I was dressed entirely in tight black leather, and the heady aroma of our juices, sweat and leather filled the air. I licked my lips as I stood before his bound and captive body, laughing devilishly to myself as I replayed tonight’s events in my mind.

I looked him over from top to bottom as he knelt captive before me. I smiled as I noticed that one bit of hair that always stood out in the opposite direction of the others. That was one thing I loved about him — even my perfect pet had this one small imperfection that made him real. “Him and his perfect imperfection were mine, all mine,” I thought as my eyes continued to wander down to his eyes, staring at the ground, his head bowed like a good little slave.

I stared longingly into the red and pink of his luscious apple lips and licked my own as my eyes continued to make their way down his muscular figure. “What an incredible body he has!” I thought to myself as my eyes traced the lines on his muscular chest.

Going lower down, came sheer heaven (or hell, all depending on my mood). My precious gem, already glistening with a drop of precum as my slave’s vivid imagination wondered to what I might have planned. He was already hard, and that cock ring must have been at least a slight bit tight by now, but things would get worse later! My prize stood out, almost at attention, to greet my gaze. I rewarded the gesture as I licked the pearly droplets from its tip. I love driving my slave crazy like that!

And then, it was my fingers’ turn. I walked around my slave and gently rubbed his wrists above and below the tight leather cuffs that held them beautifully in the center of his back. And I licked at them. I couldn’t resist the first taste of fresh leather, and I couldn’t resist the taste of his soft skin.

I licked a careful circle above and below the cuffs and then blew a stream of cool air around his hands. Oh, the glorious goose bumps that I gave him then, as I took his little pinky into my mouth. I sucked on it gently, at first, and then grew harder, moving my tongue around it in little circles and swirling it in my mouth. Even his tiny pinky finger was long and tasty.

I pulled his pinky-finger out through my sucking lips and took in his ring-finger in its place. I licked and sucked at this tasty appendage, as I had the last. And I focused special attention on his class ring. It was big and manly, silver with a blue stone — his birth stone. Engraved into the stone were my initials, and in each of the gold facets was a heart. It was a very special thing he had done for me, even before I was his mistress. I was just his girlfriend then, no different from any other high school sweetheart; and, yet, it was me he chose to memorialize on his finger. I sucked at the ring finger and spun the silver band around with my tongue.

I sucked delicately on this fingertip then, and removed it, replacing it with the next – the middle finger. This had always had a special place in our relationship as “the fucking finger”. This was the part of him that always, without fail, brought me pleasure – no matter what position we were in or how he was bound, he always managed that his finger would find its way to my clit and would gently circle my most sensitive skin. I loved this finger and paid it special attention with my tongue.

I took the next finger into my mouth – the pointer finger – or, as I preferred, the finger-fucking finger. This was always the first finger to go in either hole. It was the finger whose job was the hardest – to make up for its lack of fullness with motion. My tongue mimicked this finger’s motions along its very own skin. Where this finger would have turned and rubbed and pushed gently inside of me, my tongue turned and rubbed and pushed along its length.

Finally, came the thumb. The thumb is the only finger which I use teeth on. My tongue and my lips suck and pull on it, as I have the others, and then my tongue, darting over it, brings it to softly brush across my teeth. I am not biting into it, just gently running my teeth across his skin, teasing his finger with pleasure and circling, swirling my mouth around this most manly of his fingers. His thumb is rough and well used, but I suck it soft. And then I pull at it gently with my tongue and my teeth. I pinch it gently between my jaws and hold it, playing with it with my lips and with my smile.

And then I pull it from my mouth, grazing it harshly across my teeth, and take the other hand. All is the same there; except the ring. In place of the class ring, on this other hand, he wears the service ring I have given him. It is splotched in shades of green and blue and is a solid band, lined in silver. It bears the word “Master”, a symbol of my service to him. He serves me as slave, and I serve him as fuck slut. The ring upon my finger, engraved with Mistress, matches the fuck slut collar around my neck. The ring around his matches his slave collar. In fact, our collars and rings match, the pink and maroon of mine replacing the blue and green of his, the lining of mine in gold. We are two switches and this is our world of domination, submission, and love inter-mixed.

But now it is my moment to dominate him, to own him, to control him. With that, I take his other pinky into my mouth and give him finger-head one finger at a time, just as I had his other hand. By the time I am finished, he is fully erect (or as erect as his cock ring would let him be) and is whimpering softly, moaning like a little puppy dog, desperate for release. But he would get none or not yet, at least.

I walked back around to his front and ran my fingers through his dark brown hair. That is truly a sign of his submission to me… The ability for me to touch his hair and to move it in any direction I choose, to play with it, to feel it, and to control it. This may not seem like much, but to us it is a symbol. He is one of those guys who is very hair conscious and doesn’t let anyone touch his hair. It always has to be “perfect”. But, I love the little imperfections he lets me bring to it. This is the nature of his submission to me.

Then my fingers reach his shoulders and gently massage the knots from his neck. My submissive side is showing, I suppose. I want to please him because it gives me pleasure. Tonight is definitely all about my pleasure. And kneading his sore muscles brings us both pleasures. Then, I look deep into his eyes and kiss him.

Usually, his tongue is all over my mouth, but tonight, I am in control. Complete control — of everything — even that. When he tries to bring his tongue into my mouth, I pull away from him and pull his head back with his hair. I just look at him, helpless before me. And he hides his eyes. And then I lean in and kiss him. We kiss open mouthed, with no tongue. I know how much he wants to taste the inside of my mouth, but this is just a tease. With that, I run my tongue across the outside of his lips and taste him. I taste him, where he cannot taste me, yet.

“But our evening of fun is just beginning,” I think to myself as I plant a line of kisses along his chin. I lick around the outside of his lips and suck above and below them and on either side, allowing my tongue and my lips to caress his sweet skin.

I slowly make my way with the trail of kisses along his neck and softly nibble on his soft skin. I reach the gap between his neck and shoulder and run my tongue across it. And then, I slowly, softly, tenderly bite into his flesh. The colors of pink and purple and red delight me as my tongue and lips dance across his skin – pulling, nibbling, and sucking. And then, tortuously slowly, I made my way across his shoulder and down his arm, kissing and sucking at his sensitive spots. When I reached his wrist, I again licked around those dark cuffs and began to make my way up his other arm in an equally slow and teasing fashion.

I had finally returned to his shoulder. I looked deep into his eyes and licked my lips and then his. I pulled his tongue into my mouth and sucked on it, pulling on it with the suction of my mouth. And I teased his tongue with my mouth and ran my tongue across his sweet lips. Staring into his eyes, I bent my head down and kissed him just above his cock. I flicked my tongue along the sensitive skin between his hips but avoided his jutting gem altogether. Such a tease I was, but I loved being one.

Then I began another trail along his body, but it was a more random one this time. I darted across his stomach, along his ribs, inside his belly button, on his tight abs, up his shoulders. I left a trail of kisses, licks, and nibbles everywhere I went. His body was mine and I was having fun savoring every inch of it. Apparently he was having fun, too, as I could tell from his moans and purrs as my trail continued its sensuous pattern.

When my lips had touched every inch of his stomach, chest, and upper body, I left a soft, sweet kiss on each shoulder blade. I kissed his elbows, sucking on each for a second or two. And then I reached his bound wrists again. With my mouth, I undid the cuffs and began to lick a path along where they had been. With my mouth I caressed the pinked flesh where the bands had left marks on his wrists. My lips left kisses on the edges of his bones, and along his hands and fingers. Delicately, I kissed each fingertip. And then I took his hands in mine and held them tightly.

I kissed each of his tender nipples and bit gently on them with my teeth. I writhed and moaned, begging for more. And so I gave it to him, slowly kissing my way down his happy trail – the line of hair from his belly button to his pleasure button (more of a pleasure lever than a button, really). I licked his happy trail with one long flick of my tongue, touching every patch of skin along the way with my wet mouth and warm lips. And then, I finally, I licked his manhood – just one flick of my tongue across the base of his cock drove him wild. He moaned and squirmed and begged me for more.

And so, teasingly slow, I began to oblige. I first flicked my tongue across the middle of his shaft. Then I sucked on just the base of his cock, licking little lines around his cock ring. This was gloriously fun for me and torturously pleasurable for him. Next, I slowly lick circles around his cock head, running my tongue in lines up and down his hard shaft. He is squirming and writhing and moaning, but still I go drag my warm, wet tongue ever so slowly across his cock, teasing and torturing him with glorious pleasure.

His engorged cock is huge inside my tight mouth. And he is moaning loudly as my tongue slides along his manhood. Then, suddenly I stop and look devilishly up at him. He is more aroused and more frustrated than he has ever been, all in that one single instant. I will let him cum tonight!

But not quite yet! I smile at him and lean back down towards his cock. But I stop just millimeters above it. Stretching my tongue to its fullest, I barely lick at the tip jutting prize, tasting the droplets of pearly pre-cum in front of me. I lean in closer by a microscopic amount and graze his penis with the very tip of my tongue, teasing it with my slow torturous pleasure.

And then, I move closer and begin licking and sucking in earnest at the area just above his pubic hair. It is as if I am giving him head – my head bobbing up and down above him, my tongue running across his skin, and my lips sucking on him deeply – but I’m not sucking where he wants, but agonizingly close to there. I slowly trail my tongue up his chest and bite gently at his nipples. Oh my precious slave, you are in for torturous pleasure tonight!

I looked up at him and kissed him hard on the mouth and nodded. That meant it was ok. His tongue entered my mouth in frantic exploration, seeking out my tongue as it circled around his own, engaging it in an erotic tongue tug-of-war. Still kissing him, I reached back and undid his cuffs, gently massaging feeling back into his precious limbs. Slowly, I was giving him more and more freedom and control; slowly I was letting power slip away from me – bit by bit by bit. But no matter what happened, I was in control. With that thought in mind, I bit gently down on his tongue and pulled my head back, stretching his, pulling it from his mouth gently.

My eyes glistened as the light caught them. And his shown like diamonds in the rough. His eyes shone bright and multicolored. Staring into them fascinated me. It was part of what had attracted me to him in the first place. I could lose myself in those eyes. Pools of color, patterned with lines and pictures. His eyes were incredible. Staring into them, I could almost see his devotion to me, see the depth of his submission. I loved watching his soul dance in his eyes. I could see fire in his eyes. It was pure lust.. true love.. complete submission.. and total domination.. all at once! “This was what was so incredible about him,” I thought to myself, knowing my eyes mirrored his.

I ran my fingertips across his shoulders and gently dragged my nails down his ribcage and over his chest. He let out gurgled moans. I smiled at him and growled, playfully, before nibbling at the crevice in his shoulder. As my tongue slid along the crevice and my lips sucked and pulled on the soft skin there, I began to gently pull at his nipples with my thumb and forefinger, gently twisting them into little pointy knobs. This was driving him crazy. And, the thing was, it was driving me crazy, too. Watching him squirm and hearing him moan and beg was pushing me towards the edge.

I pulled up the bottom of my black leather skirt so that he could see just the very bottom of my cunt. I wasn’t wearing any panties. I teased him by teasing myself as I flicked a finger across my clit, running it along my wet slit. I straddled him and sat there inches above his hard cock, touching myself. As my fingers toyed with my moist flesh, I gently brushed against the head of his cock with my thumb, teasing it – and him – to the extreme. I inserted a finger deep inside of me and, removing it, brought it to his lips to taste. He eagerly sucked my juices from my finger. And then, back I went to my pussy, filling my hole with two fingers this time. I thrust them in and out of me, running my thumb along his shaft as I worked myself slowly towards the waves of pleasure that would overtake my body.

I withdrew my fingers and again brought them to his mouth. He eagerly accepted both into his lips, sucking on them and slurping every bit of my wetness from my fingertips. I drew back and put my fingers back to work on my slit. I ran my thumb across my clit and inserted three fingers into my dripping hole. He could feel my juices running down onto his hard cock. This time, I ran my pinky along his cock-head. This was the ultimate torture – barely touching, totally teasing him with my power…my closeness…my body.

Three fingers slid in and out of me eagerly. Faster and faster, I thrust them inside of me and withdrew them again. My body rocked, humping my fingers as they buried themselves deep inside. He was watching me, eyes wide with desire, body rocking with lust, lips curled with pleasure, and cock hard with anticipation.

I slid my fingers out of me, licking them myself this time. And then, I began to play with his balls, running my thumb along them as I held them in the palm of my hand and gently, barely squeezed. I looked up at him, lifted my body up, and dropped myself down, impaling myself upon him. We moaned together in unison. Slowly, almost too slowly, I began to pump my body up and down, picking myself up off of his shafts and ten dropping down, impaling myself on him. Over and over, I repeated this process with increasing fury and speed. “Don’t cum until I give you permission, slut!” I commanded him.

And with that, I began to furiously pound my body up and down along his cock. Hard and fast, I continued to impale myself on his cock. I could feel him about ready to explode.. “Not yet, slave.” I said with an evil grin. My hands began to play with my nipples, twisting and pulling, as I rocked rapidly on his cock. I leaned forward and bit down into his neck (gently of course) as I came. My pussy walls clamping on his cock as I continued to pound him into me, he squirmed and moaned and begged and pleaded for release. “Now slave. Cum for me..” I said, moaning and screaming s my body shook with waves of orgasm.

Hot jets of cum spurted out of him and rushed up inside of me. He moaned and screamed as I thrashed, still taken by the throes of my own orgasm. We came together as I rocked up and down on his cock.

And then, when we both had finished cumming, I looked up at him and kissed him on the lips. Softly and gently we caressed each other as I cast my eyes downward. I had enjoyed my evening as queen. And he had, too. “One of many..” we thought as we cuddled and held each other close. Softly, our fingers touched each others’ skin and softly, our lips met in a gently kiss, our arms tangled in a sweet embrace. We lay there, loving each other and holding each other close, just relaxing in each others’ arms. And then, safe in his arms, comforted by his presence, I fell asleep.

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