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He sat in front of her in fifth grade, heckled the teacher and got into trouble a lot, but that just made him more attractive in her ten year old eyes. He sometimes walked her home and showed her his action figures. She had very little interest in action figures, but she paid attention because of her interest in him.

In middle school they didn’t have a class together so she didn’t see him much, but he continued to be funny and a trouble maker. He made her laugh and gave her butterflies in her stomach, whenever they ran into each other in the halls. The butterflies were something new and it made her shy around him.

He moved away and for years she didn’t see him, nevertheless she couldn’t forget him. There was one time in college when they saw each other in the halls again, but it was a brief encounter. She wished for more, but the moment was swift and fleeting as the hallway filled with students rushing to their next class. She remembered almost yelling above the racket to finish their conversation and then he was gone again. Almost twenty years later she heard from a mutual friend that he was married with a family. She was almost disappointed to discover the fact, even though she was in a very happy relationship of her own. When they finally did see each other again, it was at a party thrown by a mutual friend back in their home town. They were both on their best behavior, but then again when had they not been. Despite her feelings for him over the years, nothing had ever really happened between them. As she watched him at the party, she had to remind herself that he belonged to someone else and in fact had never been hers.

He was still amazingly funny and warm and she loved the Oklahoma twang in his voice. He got out his guitar, played and sang for the party guests. She had had a few beers by that point, and well she started to feel those butterflies once again. She also felt them between her thighs, this time.

As the night wore on, many of the party guests had either gone home or made their way inside. With everyone in the house, she remembered her sweater which she had left on a piece of lawn furniture in the back yard. She ran outside to retrieve it. On her walk back up to the house she saw him standing in a dark corner by himself on the back patio.

She wasn’t sure if he had been there when she came out or if he had followed her, but suddenly they were alone, just what she had been hoping for all night. She made her way over to him in the almost pitch darkness of their small hometown night and said hi. The butterflies were going wild in her tummy and elsewhere. As nervous as she felt, she wasn’t about to go back inside, not just yet. He had always made her feel unsure of herself, but she was grown up now and would not let that stop her.

He didn’t say anything when she walked up to him, but he set his beer down and took her into his arms, pulling her hard against him. He put his hand around her neck and kissed her roughly. This surprised her and made her uneasy, especially considering all their friends were just inside, but she didn’t resist. She liked how strong his arms felt around her. His hands began to explore her body as he pulled her around the corner to the dark side of the house. She giggled a little nervously.

He made quick work of the buttons on her blouse. Reaching into her bra and pulling out each breast, he roughly kneaded them in his big hands and bit and sucked at each nipple, making her yelp with surprise. She could feel him growing hard against her thigh. She reached down to stroke him through his jeans. She had always loved the feel of a man’s cock growing hard inside his pants, and she loved the thrill of anticipation that came with knowing that soon it would be freed and pushed inside of her.

She let out a rapid gasp as his hand made its way from fondling her ass, to the front of her thigh, where it slid up under her skirt and cupped the little triangle of cloth between her legs. She was burning hot there and dampness had already begun to seep through the fabric under his finger tips as he caressed her. He quickly pulled the material aside and let his fingers slip into the soft folds of her shaved cunt. He made several small circles with his fingertip against her hard little clit, she let out a moan. He pushed a finger and then another into her slick hole, letting them sink deep. He finger fucked her violently for a moment and then told her to get on her knees. It was dirty and damp down there, but she did as he told her. He unbuttoned his jeans, releasing his cock. It bounced out towards her. He held her face in one hand while he used his other to he gently slapped her cheeks with his hot prick. She closed her eyes, as he rubbed himself against her forehead, eyelids, chin and lips. He pressed his cock against her mouth and told her to open up. He pushed the head of it into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it and sucked at it, thinking how perfectly it fit. Then he began to press more of it past her lips, filling her mouth to capacity and pushing all the way to the back of her throat.

She tried to relax as he began to fuck her throat, knowing that if she didn’t she might choke. But his cock felt enormous as it grew more rigid in her mouth, so much so that she couldn’t help but begin to gag. Goose bumps spread out across her flesh, her mouth began to water and tears welled up in her eyes, but he didn’t let up, instead he put both hands on the back of her head and picked up the pace. Just as she thought she might suffocate or pass out, he pulled out and began to lift her to her feet. Her legs were wobbly, due to lack of oxygen and having spent so long on her knees, but she didn’t have to support her own weight for long.

He turned her around and gave her a soft push. She stumbled and fell face first against the wall of the house, exactly where he wanted her. He quickly flipped her skirt up and ripped her panties down. She was dripping wet between the legs. Clearly, having his cock crammed so deep down her throat had turned her on. It crossed his mind what a dirty little slut she was to get so turned on by being on her knees and having her face fucked. He reached between her body and the wall to rub her clit roughly. Then in one swift motion, he wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her firmly against him and he jammed his cock into her soaked slit.

She was tight around his thick cock, but so wet that he easily slid in deep. He began thrusting up hard into her. She let out a cry, which he stifled by putting his hand over her mouth. He kept his hand there as he hissed cruel things into her ear, ordering her to shut the fuck up, telling her just how much she liked it and calling her filthy names like bitch, slut and whore. This just made her moans grow louder under the palm of his hand, despite her intention of staying quite to avoid detection by their friends inside.

As he continued to pound her ruthlessly into the wall, he felt her tighten around his cock. She tried to cry out and then she was suddenly even wetter than she had been before. Her cum was dripping down her thighs and off his balls. Her pussy opened up more to him. He found he could now fuck her even more deeply and he did, driving forcefully into her as if trying to fuck through her and into the wall.

At this point, his cock was so soaked with her pussy juices that he couldn’t help but think about how easily it might slide right up her ass. Pressing his hand more firmly across her lips, he slipped out of her pussy. His prick was dripping with her. As he began to toy with her little pink pucker by pressing the head of his slick cock against its entrance, she jumped and started to squirm. He pinned her firmly against the wall with his pelvis. From under his finger tips her lips moved and he thought he heard muffled pleas of protest, but that didn’t stop him. Instead, he positioned himself and pushed gently but firmly against her defense. He liked how wide her eyes got as the head of his cock pushed past her tightest place.

Once he had made it that far she gave up the fight, taking deep breaths and trying to relax. She understood that there was no going back. He reached around and began stroking her clit as he increased his depth and the speed of his thrusts up into her. She started to feel as if she were floating, her toes barely touching the ground, pinned between him and the wall, and skewered on his painful cock. But the touch of his fingers tips distracted her from her pain, until the pain evolved into something strangely delicious.

He was driving harder and deeper into her ass, and it was actually beginning to feel really good to her. So good that her muffled high pitched whimpers transformed into deep guttural moans, which came from some strange place inside of her, a place she hardly knew. As the sensation began to wash over her, she was only slightly embarrassed by the fact that having his cock jammed up her ass was about to make her cum. Wisely he had already tightened his grip over her mouth, because she let out a huge cry, which shook her body all the way to her toes.

He could feel her constrict around him and then relax. Her whole body seemed to collapse as she came down from her orgasm. With her so relaxed, his cock slid more easily in and out of her, which he took advantage of by really slamming into her, until he also felt something coming over him.

His whole body tightened, and so did his grip on her mouth and waist. He pushed deep into her, so deep that she discovered a new way he could hurt her, but there was no stopping him as he pumped hard way up inside of her and then she felt his hot cum burning as is poured into her. The unexpected sensation of his cum splashing and stinging her insides, made her feel surprisingly good. It began mounting inside of her, as he pumped out the rest of his seed into her. Another orgasm rocked through her body. Her ass tightened around his cock once again and milked out the last bit of his cum. As he let his softening cock slip out of her, he talked about her greedy little hole and called her a naughty ass whore, but this time he said it with more tenderness in his voice. Then he kissed her sweetly.

Suddenly they heard their friend and hostess calling for them from the back porch, only a few feet away.

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