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After The Divorce

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I knew the coming discussion would change my life, yet I debated with myself whether it was for the better or worse. My wife decided that we could not live together anymore and filed for divorce. The court served papers on me today.

I spent most of the day packing my clothes and personal belongings into a small U-Haul. The discussion we began was how to split joint property. I knew she wanted the property in town with higher real estate value.

She knew I wanted the property at the lake with a lower real estate value. We had to split our joint investment holdings.

After receiving the filing from the court, I canceled high-speed cable at home, ordered my TV service moved. I already packed the wide screen TV and receiver/decoder. I was clear with her, “If you want those services, you call to set them up. Don’t expect me to do it for you.”

We discussed alimony and I was clear on that as well. “You have to share all your personal money accounts with the court just like I do. You have much more money saved, you will have this house, and we will wait for the court to decide alimony. I will not agree to anything now.”

She had a lawyer known for fighting and he was expensive. I telephoned divorce lawyers who were familiar with her lawyer’s antics, knew how to counter him, and would work for a reasonable rate.

After several months of fighting, we had an agreement, an agreement that meant she got nothing from me, and a large bill from her expensive lawyer. The court date came; our lawyers’ appeared for us, we did not have to appear. The judge adjudicated the order and we were divorced.

My name is Carl, 50 years old, and living at the lake, working to make the property more presentable and valuable, has helped me loose weight and get more fit. I am just a bit over six feet two inches tall, light brown hair, and green eyes. I began riding my bicycle around the seven lakes that make up the SID I live in, giving me stronger legs and a firmer ass. I am average in every way including penal endowment.

After the divorce, I made changes to my work habits by cutting back on quarterly teaching contracts. Rather than burning myself out with six contracts, I cut back to three. I started a regular garage sale business. One week I scour for cheap buys and the next, I sell them for a small profit. I don’t make a lot of money in the business but it is tax-free money.

In recent weeks, maybe the past three months, one of my neighbors, single and in her early 30s, spends a lot of time helping around the property and helping with garage sales. We enjoy having dinner together, having a couple beers or glasses of wine together. We have not moved the relationship to a sexual level although neither of us opposed it; we never talked about it. Friendship is more important to us than having a romp in bed.

Let me describe Beth. What I find most inviting about her is her intellectual ability to have a deep conversation on many subjects. She is a research fellow at a teaching hospital, although not a doctor, she is medically trained in pharmacology. She is about five feet eight inches tall and overall a petite slender body. I’m guessing her bust is a 36A, waist would have to be probably 23 or 24, and hips are maybe 34 or 35. She is fit and healthy with nice muscle tone in her arms and fit toned legs from jogging.

Her body is attractive; however, her lovely face sparks my attention. Her hair is not true blond but not dark enough to call brown. Beth’s eyes are a shimmering blue-green, her mouth fixed in a smile that brightens the day and illuminates the night.

She has never married and is recovering from a bad relationship in which her ex mentally abused her. We are both in recovery mode and not ready to go further, or so I thought.

One Friday evening in early September, Beth suggested we have dinner at her home. This is not an unusual request, as we like to both cook for each other and experiment with ingredients. “Good idea,” I replied. “I need to clean up a bit, take a shower, and get some fresh clothes on. What do you want me to bring?”

“Bring an appetite and an imagination,” Beth winked. “In one hour.” Beth hurried off to her place and I imagined she would shower and refresh herself as well. What was in the wink, I questioned silently.

I knocked on Beth’s door exactly one hour later. She greeted me wearing one of her light cotton summer dresses. It was a light pastel blue-green like her eyes, clung to her torso revealing her curves, and flared at the waste to allow freedom of movement. Tonight, the dress, or her in it, or both was more attractive than usual and I complemented her, “You look stunning tonight, Beth.”

“I want to be stunning tonight, stunning you in particular.” Then she did stun me. “Carl, how come you have never made advances?”

Taken aback by the direct question, I paused to consider what I read in her face, her eyes. “Beth, we are both overcoming break ups. Are you ready to add a new element to our relationship?”

“Carl, look at me. Tell me what you see.” Her words held a new level of meaning. I knew what the answer she wanted and felt I was ready to give it to her.

“Beth, I see a woman, attractive woman, mysterious woman, a woman I desire. Come here, Beth, let me make an advance.” Beth walked slowly toward me; stopping just inches away, apprehensive and hesitant. I opened my arms to her, she closed the final inches and we embraced not as friends rather as two people about to become intimate. I kissed her forehead as she wrapped her arms around me.

We swayed in each other’s arms for a long hug until we both broke. “I think you know what the desert is, Carl. What shall we have for dinner?”

My body gave off all the signals of being a man, I felt my arousal growing and dared to answer, “We could skip to desert.” Beth blushed brightly although she stepped back into the embrace we previously had.

I hugged her tightly with one arm while the other found the zipper tab of her dress. Beth did not stop me as I pulled the zipper. The zipper pull stopped low on the small of Beth’s back. Beth dropped her arms to her side letting the dress fall from her shoulders and moments later lay in a crumpled pile on the floor; I gazed on her naked body in complete awe.

“Amazing, beautiful,” I could not say more. I took Beth back into my arms and kissed her. Beth pulled on my pant button and found my zipper. My pants took their place with her dress on the floor; I wore no briefs. Beth wrapped a hand around my cock and used the other to begin lifting my knit shirt off. I helped pull my shirt over my head and within seconds, we were both naked.

Still holding my cock, Beth guided me to her bedroom. “Carl, make love with me.” Beth fell to the mattress and I followed her.

We lay side by side kissing and fondling. Each touch was electric and I sensed Beth didn’t want to mess with preliminaries. Beth confirmed my intuition saying, “Now, Carl.”

I positioned myself between Beth’s legs as she took my cock in hand pulling me toward her tunnel of love. “Slowly, I haven’t had a man for a while.” I pushed into her gently; Beth rewarded me with a whimper and a moan.

“I won’t last long, Beth, I haven’t been with a woman for a while.” I did not want to disappoint Beth with a short fuse.

“It doesn’t matter, I want you. Push more.” I did as asked and more of my cock felt her gripping muscles. Another push and we fully joined our bodies. I paused, waited for Beth to encourage me to move. She moved her hips against me as if to cue me. I began seeking a rhythm with her as our passion built. Beth responded with sighs and moans as we moved with each other.

“Feels right, Beth,” I whispered as I kissed her neck. I moved my head looking into her eyes, saw them partly closed; her breathing was getting raspy. I wasn’t sure I would last to her orgasm but our pace wasn’t fast or furious. I lowered my head to kiss her lips, as I did, Beth drew me tight against her and jerked her legs high receiving all I had to give.

Our kisses filled our senses with the other’s desire. “I feel you, Carl. I feel you filling me. Oh, yes, I feel it.” Beth moaned more loudly as she came closer to her orgasm. “Faster and harder, please, do it.”

I picked up the pace moving faster and hitting her clit and pubic mound harder. I was not going to hold much longer as I was moaning my pleasure mixing my moans with Beth’s “I can’t hold it, Beth, I’m going to cum.”

“Me too, almost, almost, almost. Oh yes! Cumming, Carl.” I stroked twice more and drove my cock as deeply as I could and jettisoned a load into Beth’s waiting pussy. She cried out, “Cumming,” as her muscles contracted against my cock. Beth was rigid; squeezing me in her grip then shook as muscle spasms followed, we came together.

The bliss lasted for many minutes. Our breathing returned to normal, my cock shrunk, yet I was surprised that I had not shrunk completely; I began to slowly move in Beth again. I wasn’t completely hard, hard enough to keep some friction going and rub Beth’s clit and she began responding.

In a few minutes, I was hard and amazed that I recovered without going soft and recovered while still encased in Beth’s vaginal passage. We changed position; Beth was now on top riding me. The view was spectacular. Beth’s firm breasts moved only slightly with each bounce, her face shown with passion and lust. Her eyes, wide open now, burning with sexual want. I watch as my cock disappeared then reappeared in the time honored sexual in and out. We didn’t speak; our only sounds were grunts and moans as our bodies worked together.

My hands reached to cup Beth’s breasts. Her nipples, stiff from her sexual excitement, stiffened even more as I stroked and pinched them. With each pinch, Beth rewarded me by squeezing her pussy muscles against me. At one point, I pinched and held her nipples tight. Beth squeezed hard on my cock and didn’t release until I did. I repeated this several time until Beth screamed out in orgasm. She released a flood of cum and I guessed she had a g-spot orgasm.

Beth collapsed on my chest, her now very sensitive and stiff nipples rubbing against me. Her breathing was still rapid; she continued to moan as her orgasm slowly abated. “I’ve never had a g-spot cum before, Carl. You gave it to me, that was crazy.”

As Beth recovered, we changed position again, this time I slid my cock into her from behind. With her cute butt high and her pussy in view, I took over pounding into her. I wanted to cum and I hopped another for Beth. The angle was right and I figured her g-spot felt the rhythm of our sex. I felt Beth’s hand giving her clit attention.

It was not long until Beth rewarded me with another scream and a gush of her fluids. As she enjoyed her cum, I drove hard, to the hilt, held her hips tight to me and planted more cum into Beth’s spamming pussy. We both fell to the mattress, me resting atop Beth’s back, my wilting cock slipped from its warm sheath.

“Beth,” I breathed, “can I just die now, happy and completely satisfied?” I kissed the back of her neck, behind her ear, and along her cheek. I saw sexual exhaustion in her face.

“No,” Beth replied, “you can’t die. I think we’ll be doing this a lot more.” Her smile said much more than words.

I lifted myself from Beth’s back, onto my knees; I saw Beth’s back, her firm butt, and her pussy opening. She was soaked, her sheets soaked, I was soaked. We had had sex, very fulfilling sex.

Beth rolled over, smiled, and in a voice that foretold more than it conveyed, she asked, “How was desert?”


Part Two

It did not take long for the neighborhood to figure out our new relationship. Of course, we did nothing to hide it either. Through the fall months and into winter, we celebrated holidays together. My kids are adults and one lives about 25 miles away, Beth and I see her often. My daughter is just a couple years younger than Beth and they get along wonderfully.

Christmas approached and I realized my daughter and Beth were spending many hours talking and making glances my way. Then they giggled or snickered and talked some more. I presumed it was some kind of plot. If they were plotting, it would be good; both are very good at scheming.

I wanted to make sure I sealed my relationship with Beth and searched for the perfect gift. I asked my daughter for hints learning from her that Beth really wants a strong symbol of our blooming love. My daughter showed me some designer jewelry and said Beth wants something unique, not something everyone else has, “Don’t buy this stuff.”

I decided to talk with a jeweler in town who specialized in one-of-a-kind creations. He showed me several semiprecious stones that matched Beth’s eyes. One in particular had clarity and a twinkle that was perfect. I asked him to mount the stone as a necklace pendant and surround it with tiny diamonds; I selected a silver chain. No one had to know the cost, but it was plenty.

My house on the lake is smaller than Beth’s and Beth wanted to have Christmas in her house. Our first Christmas as a couple, we got stupid with decorating. Even my daughter thought we went too far. Beth and my daughter didn’t spend a lot of time talking quietly and looking at me anymore, their plot must be set.

My daughter stayed in my house leaving Beth and I alone. She decided that after spending one night with us, I guess Beth and I kept her awake. “Do you know how much harm you two could do to my fragile impression of my daddy,” she joked in the morning.

After Christmas Eve dinner, my daughter left returning to my house. Beth came to me with lust in her eyes, fell to her knees, dragged my pants to my knees and devoured my cock. Her head bobbed as she sucked and licked. She wanted me to cum and soon, I offered her the taste she sought.

I grabbed her by the arms, flung her onto the sofa, pulled at her slacks and returned the favor. I tongued her cute little ass hole, licked and laved her pussy, gave her clit tongue worship as I slipped two fingers into her pussy to massage the little walnut gland behind her pubic bone. I wanted Beth to get off in a screaming orgasm. Just as I rewarded her, Beth rewarded me with a mouth full of her musk, a taste never tiring to enjoy. As she orgasmed, she cried, “Merry Christmas, Carl.”

We recovered, removed the remainder of our clothes, and then sat naked in one another’s arms. We sipped wine and nibbled at cheese and crackers. “Beth, months ago, when I moved here during the divorce, you befriended me, accepted me completely, making no judgments. Did you imagine then that this Christmas we would be lovers?”

“I hoped for it, set my sights on it. It had to happen when the time was right.” Beth swallowed the remainder of her wine, as did I. Simultaneously, we reached for the other, Beth straddled my lap and felt for my cock that was becoming aroused by the sensual beauty in my arms. The warmth of Beth’s pussy made me want her deeply and thoroughly, in my mind and heart, wanting her forever.

Beth spoke softly as she positioned herself to receive my cock, “Love me tonight, Carl.” I tingled as Beth began receiving me in her. Slowly she lowered herself, slowly accepting my love, waiting for me to say something.

“Beth, I will not love you tonight unless you let me love you forever.” Tears came to my eyes as I admitted a forever love, Beth cried too. As we made love as admitted lovers and admitted in love, we cried. We kissed tears away, we kissed lovers kisses, and we climbed to mutual satisfaction having a different kind of orgasm, not one based on great sex, rather based on great love.

Christmas morning was a different awakening, we made love of course; however, the feeling was different. We were giving ourselves to each other, it wasn’t two bodies in lust, it was two people in love. We showered together, dressed, and then Beth called my daughter. As I listened to one side of the conversation, I heard guarded words and giggles. Then Beth hung up telling me my daughter was on her way.

“Sounded like you were sharing some secret communication, any plans to let me in on it?” Beth only smiled telling me that she and my daughter had a code word for the day that I discovered I was in love.

“I just gave her the word.” I realized then that all their plotting was not plotting but betting on when I would come to my senses.

My daughter arrived at that moment, looked at me, looked at Beth, smiled then said, “Dad, I bet on New Years Eve, Beth won. Lets open gifts.”

We opened gifts; everyone had a serious gift and a gag gift. Beth had not opened her gag gift yet. Beth’s gag gift was the necklace I commissioned for her. “Here, Beth, you haven’t opened this.”

Beth looked at me smiling as she pulled off the wrapping. The jewelry store name got her immediate attention. The box impressed even my daughter. Beth opened the box slowly; afraid of what may be hiding. When the box fully opened, Beth gasped, jumped into my lap and cried, sobbed hard. Her body shook with emotion as I held her, kissing her, letting her cry. “Merry Christmas,” I whispered, “I love you.”

When Beth recovered, she showed my daughter the contents of the box. “Wow! Dad! When you get it right, it is very right.” Beth took the necklace from the box, gave it to me, offering her neck. Face to face, I draped the chain around her neck and hooked the clasp.

I punctuated the task with a kiss. Beth returned it with a kiss hot enough to melt ice. Right in front of my daughter, she rubbed herself against my cock. Shamelessly, I held her butt pulling her against me. We laughed when my daughter said she could leave and come back later. “Didn’t think your dad could get the hot chick?”

“Dad, I’ve heard you get the hot chick.” We all laughed again.

The rest of Christmas Day was TV sports; my daughter and I like watching football. We had light snacks, ending with a lovingly prepared crown rib roast and all the fixings. My daughter said she had a Christmas date and left about 8:30 in the evening. We said out good nights and she was off.

“Carl, I want you to take a vitamin tonight.” Vitamin is our code for Viagra and Beth continued, “I have special thank you plans for this beautiful jewel.” Beth winked and smiled a sultry smile filled with sexual innuendo. I took a ‘vitamin’.

We spent about an hour cleaning up from dinner, filled the dishwasher, then filled wine glasses. Beth leaned into me, “Carl, I do really love this necklace, the stone is beautiful. You will receive a just reward for your thoughtfulness and love.”

“That stone sparkles and twinkles but pales in luster to the sparkle in your eyes. Your smile brightens my morning and invades my dream at night. My reward is secondary to the my thrill seeing your smile and shimmering eyes.” I locked Beth in an embrace, kissed her with passion, and had no doubt she felt my cock straining to make love.

Holding me in her returned embrace, Beth backed us into the bathroom. Breathlessly, she removed her clothes as I removed mine; we stepped into the shower for a mutual washing before the loving. The warm water acted as a stimulant to our excitement as we quickly washed the day away to make ready for the night. We dried quickly, moved to the bedroom, and fell in bodily heaps onto the bed.

Beth was ready; she pulled me atop her body, opened her legs, and drew me into her. She must have been on the edge for a while, as I filled her pussy with my cock, she came. I was glad she asked me to take a ‘vitamin,’ as Beth was not to be satisfied with one orgasm. I think she wanted to try each position of the Kama Sutra and maybe invent some new ones. My fifty-year-old body responded to her youthful body; I felt like a teenager with the stamina to keep up with her.

As the eastern sky began to show the pink of the coming sunrise, we collapsed in a heap sweaty and cum covered. Exhausted, we slept until almost one that afternoon.

We must have tuned our body clocks to each other, waking at the same time; any observer could see we were sexually satisfied. Slowly we tried to rise from bed; however, our dried sweat and cum had us sealed to the sheets, we pealed ourselves free. Beth stood on shaky legs, slightly spread for balance. I looked at her body in admiration. Even well fucked, sweaty, and cum covered, she was beautiful to behold.

Holding my gaze on her, I couldn’t help noticing a mess running down her legs. A mixture of our mutual cum leaked from her pussy and trailed down her legs. Beth shuddered with the experience and dragged me with her into the shower. Beth used the hand shower wand to direct a spray onto and into her pussy to wash away all the deposits made hours earlier. We showered and shampooed cum from our bodies and hair. We brushed our teeth; fixed our hair, picked up the clothes we discarded there last night, and made our way back to the bedroom to dress.

Beth had removed her necklace and now picked it up, handed it to me, “Carl, will you place this on me again? I love its luster and sheen.” As when I first put it on her yesterday, I sealed the task with a loving kiss and tight embrace holding her butt and pulled her into me. “Oh, ouch! Carl, not today, my little girl is sore,” we laughed as we dressed. Then we stripped the bed sheets and mattress pad since they had a certain unmistakable odor. They went directly into the wash.

I was on winter break until after New Year and Beth’s research department was closed for the same period, letting us enjoy a long holiday. Since I am an adjunct, not full time, I am not invited to all the university holiday parties. Beth receives many invitations to many holiday events and we often attend. I know some of the people at her institution, as it is part of the same university system. We would attend her New Year celebration in a few days.

Finally, hunger overtook us; we needed to refuel from our night – and early morning – of passion. We made sandwiches of the left over rib roast, had a salad, and drank tomato juice. As we ate, my daughter came in from her night out. I wondered if she stayed in my place last night because I observed she wore the same very satisfied look Beth displayed. “Looks like you had a very satis — factory night.”

Not skipping a beat, my daughter said, “Looks like Beth was completely fulfilled, too.”

Beth was feeling the same beat, “Fulfilled, more than once, and sore today.”

“Okay, that’s probably enough of the sex talk, I shouldn’t have started it. Do you want a sandwich and salad with us?” My daughter busied herself making a lunch and sat with us.

My daughter ate quietly for a bit, although it looked like she had something to say to someone, Beth or me. Beth noticed as well, “Do you want me to leave so you can talk to your dad,” Beth asked.

“No!” It was a command almost. “No Beth, stay. I love you like an older sister and I love dad like a dad. He loves you and you love him. We are all in this together. Let me just say that my boy friend gave me a Christmas present last night that I thanked him for, over and over, and over a couple more times. We love each other as you love each other. He asked me to marry him and I answered him, over and over.”

“Tell him to come here, I presume he is in the house,” I said. My daughter left for a couple minutes and came back with her new fianc‚e.

There were nervous introductions at first then he began relaxing as he realized Beth and he were close in age. It helped that my daughter introduced Beth in a sisterly way. My daughter offered him some lunch as they talked about wedding plans with us. They want to marry in summer, they said, and probably in some exotic place. They kept returning to American Samoa as their choice.

“It is part of the U.S., don’t need a passport, don’t have to worry about money exchanges, and it is an exotic location.” My daughter did not really have a lot of rationale except that Samoa just sounds exotic.

Beth and I both began speaking at the same time, saying the same thing, “You have to make up your minds soon so we can make our travel plans.”

My daughter’s fiance spoke up now, “We don’t want to go with the traditional bride’s family putting out a ton of money, we just want to be married and later have a couple kids.” The look in Beth’s eyes told me she wanted the same thing. I made a simple acknowledgement by nodding my head yes. Neither my daughter nor her fiance picked up that silent communication; however, Beth’s eyes began to tear up, she left the table saying, “I have to check the laundry.”

“You two stay here, I better help with the load.” I got up and followed Beth, finding her in the laundry room crying. “Beth, are you okay?” She turned and jumped into my arms.

“Really, you read my eyes, know I want to marry you, want kids with you?” She was crying hard into my shoulder while I rubbed her back holding her lovingly.

“I can’t afford an engagement ring, but how about wearing an engagement necklace.” Beth rubbed against me crying and with passion building. “Have you forgotten how sore you are?”

Beth smacked me for the last comment while saying she did not need an engagement ring. “How about summer in Samoa,” I asked. A fresh new round of tears flooded her face as we kissed our commitment.

We returned to the kitchen finding my daughter and fiance in a loving embrace. They broke when they heard us. My daughter looked at Beth’s red tear filled eyes with concern. “Beth, what the matter, is my engagement making you feel sad.”

Beth did not answer or could not answer for the emotion she felt. I answered for her. “When you talked about kids, Beth gave me a look that said she wanted the same thing. You did not see the look or see me nod my head. She had to leave the table and I knew why. There will be a double wedding in Samoa.”

My daughter began jumping around the room, her fiance, me, Beth and back, a couple times.



We planned a July Fourth wedding in Samoa. After the wedding and July Fourth fire works, newly weds went to bed to consummate their marriage.

My daughter and Beth’s menstrual cycle must have been close to the same because in April, nine months after our double wedding, my daughter gave me a grandson and Beth gave my daughter a step sister.

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