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The Best Business Trip

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Jeff got off the airplane already missing his wife. He knew this would be a good conference, but five days without Dani would be unbearable. He already missed the comfort he felt in the middle of the night as she snuggled into him while they spooned, his cock lying in the tender crack of her ass as he reached around and held onto a breast in his sleep, let alone the mornings of being awakened by her mouth on his cock.

Jeff stopped at one of the airport’s newstands and picked up two adult magazines thinking maybe beating off while seeing pictures of other women getting fucked would help cure his own longing. It was going to be a long five days.

He checked into his hotel and settled in for the night, flipping through one magazine before taking care of himself and going to sleep. The next day the conference was good — the first day always is catching up with old friends. But then evening came around.

He was in the hotel bar when he thought he saw her. He was trying not to stare, but he had to know. Jeff walked up to the bar to get another drink, taking an indirect route so that he could walk past her table. And it was her.

Jeff hadn’t seen Rebecca in 7 years. He’d been in his first year of his PhD program in economics. She’d been a senior at a different university in the same city. Their relationship had lasted only 4 months — but she had been the best lover of his life. They’d split up when she left that summer to head to grad school, up north, in geology. The only thing Jeff knew about geology was that Rebecca could make him rock hard with the slightest word, movement, or glance. They’d stayed in touch for a short time, but Jeff had met Dani that fall and married her a year-and-a-half later.

Rebecca was at a table with two other men, coworkers it seemed, one much older than her. Jeff walked up from behind her, “Pardon me gentleman, but I must say this woman looks even better than she did the last time I saw her seven years ago.” She turned around, she knew the deep voice, and smiled broadly at him. His heart melted and thoughts of what might have been overcame him.

Seeing her excitement, “We’ll leave you two to catch up,” one of her colleagues said. Jeff noticed that Rebecca was wearing a wedding band, too.

They quickly established that while he was in Philadelphia for his political economics conference, there was also a geology conference in town. Throughout their conversation, colleagues neither had seen in a while interupted to say hello.

“I’m enjoying our catching up, shall we continue this more privately where there will be no interruptions?” Jeff asked.

“I’m sharing a room with a friend, how about your room?” Rebecca replied.

They hurried to an elevator and upon entering Jeff’s room sat on the bed together. Before he knew it, Rebecca had pushed him onto his back and had her lips planted firmly on his. His hands moved up her sides, sliding under her shirt, and feeling her skin for the first time in years.

“I hope you have a rubber,” Jeff said. It was crude but he remembered her saying the same thing the first time he’d kissed her. It shocked him and he’d never forgotten. Thank God he’d had one that first night.

She chuckled getting the joke. “Don’t worry, you don’t need one now, big guy.”

They made love like they’d been lovers all along. Jeff realized that his memories of Rebecca being his best lover weren’t mere myths, she was the most vocal, sensual partner he’d ever had. It wasn’t just the way she moved, but what she said during the heat of passion. Rebecca told Jeff in the heat of their fucking that so often while with her husband she’d thought of him, how no one had ever filled her up like he did.

Jeff was happy to see she was still multi-orgasmic, coming three times while riding him. “God you’re so fucking huge,” she cried bouncing up and down on him. “It’s your turn now,” as she reached behind her with one hand and fondled his balls. He felt her pussy tighten with a fourth orgasm and he could hold back no longer. He cried out, “Oh fuck Bec. You’re so tight. Don’t stop.” Her pace quickened as he unloaded inside her, Jeff holding her hips and guiding her bouncing.

She slid off and onto her side beside him, purr’d and she fell asleep.

When he woke up, Rebecca was lying in bed beside him, reading one of the magazines he’d picked up at the airport.

He was embarrased but lay there and watched her. “Good morning,” he said. She just smiled.

“You know I picked that up at the airport. I thought five days without Dani would be hard. I didn’t know the best lover of my life would be sitting at the hotel bar … waiting for me to take her back to my room and fuck her.”

She smiled and went back to studying the pictures. One man, one woman, both beautiful, fucking.

“I bet we look this sexy, your big cock in my pussy,” she said.

“I know we do,” Jeff said. “Sometimes when we used to do it doggy-style, I had trouble not coming cause just watching me slide in and out of you was so sexy.”

With that Rebecca flipped the page, the couple had stopped fucking and he had his cock inches from the model’s face. The other side of the page showed the model covered in come, smiling up at the camera through the streaks of come.

“What it is with men and this?” she said. “Aaron’s been wanting to come on my face for years.”

“And you haven’t let him?” said Jeff. “Dani and I love that. No better way to end a titty-fuck. She just looks so beautiful with my come all over her. You know, you would too!”

“He knows he can come anywhere but there — you know how much I love come on my tits — it’s just, I never thought that was appealing.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” Jeff said. “You’re still the hottest, sexiest lover I’ve ever had. And the hottest dirty talker I know. Even if you never have said those four magic words.”

“Four magic words?”, she questioned?

“You know, ‘Come on my face’,” he said.

“Speaking of fantasies,” Jeff continued, “have you lived yours out yet.” Rebecca smiled shyly. “Uh, no. I don’t think Aaron is man enough to handle two women, so I’ve never mentioned it. It’s probably time I head back to my room. I’ll be here at 7pm tonight for round two?”

“I’ll bring the rope,” Jeff said and she put on yesterday’s clothes and let herself out.

After Rebecca let herself out, Jeff sent an email. One of his online friends happened to live outside Philadelphia where the conference was being held. He’d never met Tamara but he knew a few things about her. He knew that she was sexy as hell, that she was bisexual, and the she reportedly loved a good facial. Tamara fit right in to Jeff’s plans for the evening.

In the email he gave her details of his evening and invited her to meet him for an early dinner in a secluded diner in the city. He said he’d provide more details then.

Jeff checked his email every chance he got that day, until the one-liner came “See you at Sandy’s diner at 5pm. -Tam”.

Jeff was nervous as he arrived early at the diner. He’d never met anyone from online before. But then he saw her, in the corner, in the sundress she said she’d be wearing. She recognized him but waited until he got closer to her table before first leaning over to provide a great shot of her cleavage then standing to meet him. She knew Jeff was tall but was surprised at just how tall he was. He bent down and they kissed one another on the cheek.

Throughout their conversation, each was too excited to eat, Jeff couldn’t believe how attractive Tamara was. Her smile radiated kindness and her body radiated something far more carnal. He couldn’t believe that in a few short hours he’d be with Tamara, one of the sexiest women he’d ever seen, and Rebecca, the best lover he’d ever had. Assuming that Tamara was still up for this after their meeting.

Tamara pushed their plates aside and reached across the table and took Jeff’s hands. They were huge and she certainly noticed. Between his 6’7″ height and his huge hands, Tamara was hoping that everything else about Jeff was built proportionately.

They finished making their plans as they stood up to leave. Jeff gave Tamara a room key and directions. “7:45 on the dot. She’ll be blind folded and tied. You know what to do.”

“Oh I KNOW what to do, baby,” Tamara said and she gave Jeff a hug, pulling him into her. She pulled his face down and kissed him on the lips this time, her tongue darting, for a split second, into his mouth.

Jeff walked her to her car and opened and closed the door behind her. He waved and started shaking slightly as he walked back to his own car.

At 7pm, Rebecca arrived back at Jeff’s room. She was ready to go but Jeff knew he had to kill some time. He made small talk for a bit until Rebecca started stripping, trying to move the evening along.

As she took off her dress, Jeff saw she was wearing silk thigh-high stockings and he swallowed hard. Beautiful he thought. Stepping out of the dress, she had on just a black lacey bra, her tiny panties, and the stockings.

Now Jeff stood staring. She saw his pants begin to move. Rebecca started to roll the first stocking down. “No, stop,” said Jeff. “How many geologists where silk thigh highs, Professor?”

“Oh I don’t know. But I’m guessing I was probably the only one at the conference today wearing them.”

“Then leave them on…. But let’s see those perky tits,” he said as Rebecca stepped towards him and pushed him down on the bed. She stepped between his legs and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor and letting her breasts fall around his face. One lick then his hands surrounded her breasts, holding them while he savored their softness.

His hands moved down her and eased the panties down over her butt. He pushed them down below her knees then she stepped out of them. As Jeff sat on the foot of the bed, feet on the floor, Rebecca took a step forward, putting one knee on the bed beside him, then the other, putting her pussy in his face.

They collapsed backwards together. Jeff grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy toward his mouth. She thought he was going to take his mouth straight to her pussy — but he’d gotten a glimpse of his watch.

Instead, Jeff flipped Rebecca over, the suddenness and forcefulness of the move excited her and caused her to skip a breath.

Jeff now held her hands over her head as he kissed her. He moved her hands so that he could hold both of her wrists above her with one of his hands while he reached into the night stand with the other.

There beside the Gideon Bible were the ropes he’d put there earlier in the evening. He held them above her as she smiled, remembering some of their games from seven years ago.

He kissed his way up her left arm before securing it to the headboard. He kissed his way back down that arm, across her breasts, and up her right arm then tied it to the post.

7:35. Perfect.

Her legs were still free but she didn’t fight. She knew that only pleasure awaited her, though she clearly had no idea the night that Jeff had arranged.

Jeff kissed down her body, his tongue circling but not touching her nipples, kissing down her naval, then around her pussy, down the inside of her right thigh, his tongue trailing down her calf until he looped the rope around her ankle then secured the other end to the footboard.

He wasted no time moving to the left ankle before tying it. He kissed back up her left leg, flicking his tongue on her pussy lips but avoiding her swollen clit.

He backed away from the bed, checked his watch, and removed his own clothes. Her mouth watered at the sight of his enormous erection and she licked her lips.

As Jeff knelt over her, his cock over her face, she was expecting him to stick it in her mouth. She knew he had loved fucking her mouth when he had her tied up. But that’s not what he did. Instead he reached back into the nightstand — this was new, she thought — and pulled out a blindfold. They hadn’t done this before.

Jeff put it over Rebecca’s eyes and tied it tightly, kissing her mouth while doing so.


Jeff whispered in her ear, “What would your students say, Professor, if they saw you tied up and blindfolded, wearing nothing but black silk stockings? About to get fucked by a man that’s not your husband?”

She grinned knowingly. She knew she was hot and her husband told her all the time how her male students, a bunch of horny 19 and 20 year olds undoubtedly went home and masturbated after class. He also told her how her old stodgy geology professor colleauges probably did the same thing. She liked the thoughts of her students doing it better. She imagined they thought up more creative ways to use her sexy body for their pleasure.

“And, Professor, what would your students say?” Rebecca said. “You know those poor girls in your undergraduate econ classes go home each day and rub their pussies thinking about you, wondering if all those theories about supply and demand are true — if they demanded your cock, would you supply it?”

7:43. He kissed he on the mouth. Enough talk.

He kissed down her body, he was providing ample attention to her stomach when he heard the door, barely audibly, crack open.

Jeff put up a finger to tell Tamara to wait, he tried to get a good look at what she was wearing but he didn’t want to turn his head from Rebecca.

He kissed down her stomach, and slowly, teasingly, down her left leg. Doing so, he allowed himself to slide off of the bed, kissing down to her toes, one by one.

With that, Tamara knew what to do. Jeff stepped back and saw Tamara had shed her clothes — except for her red silk stockings. Jeff couldn’t believe the coincidence and his broad smile got a little broader.

She started on Rebecca’s right toes. Kissing slowly, kissing up her foot to her calf. Up the inside of thigh and Tamara climbed onto the bed. Tamara wanted to kiss and tease more but she thought she better get to Rebecca’s pussy before Rebecca realized what was happening.

When Tamara’s mouth reached Rebecca’s pussy she allowed her hands to slide up Rebecca’s left thigh, one on the inside, one on the outside. Tamara’s tiny hands on Rebecca being the giveaway.

“Jeff?” Rebecca questioned. He moved up from the base of the bed where he’d been studying Tamara’s ass, and her pussy lips visible from behind as she knelt over Rebecca. Jeff licked a nipple on the way and whispered in her ear, “Yes babe?” All the while Tamara’s mouth remaining on Rebecca’s pussy — getting closer and closer to her clit.

Rebecca didn’t say anything, still shocked. “This is my friend, Tamara, Bec. Tamara is going to help us out tonight. Just lay back, relax, and enjoy.” Then he kissed her lips and moved back to a chair by the bed to enjoy the show. Jeff lightly touched his balls while watching, he wanted to stroke his cock but thought he’d allow that honor for the two beautiful women in his bed.

Tamara moved up Rebecca’s body now kissing her breasts, allowing her breasts hanging over Rebecca to just barely tough Rebecca’s stomach as she moved to kiss her neck, Tamara’s nipples hardened at the touch of Rebecca’s soft skin. Then she kissed Rebecca on the mouth. As she pulled back, Rebecca moved her head forward until her constraints would allow her to go no further. She clearly didn’t want her first kiss with another woman to end so soon. “You’re a beauitful woman Rebecca. I’m so glad Jeff emailed me today. Here’s how this is going to work: I’m going to finish eating your sweet pussy — I’ve never seen anyone as wet as you — then I will untie you. Then the three of us can do whatever YOU want. ANYTHING.”

With that, Jeff moved over and removed Rebecca’s blindfold so she could see the beautiful woman speaking to her — the woman making love to her.

She kissed Rebecca again, catching her mouth open in the middle of a gasp Rebecca had started to make at Tamara’s words and her first sight of her, not closing her eyes during the kiss, but making deep eye contact . Tamara’s tongue entered Rebecca’s mouth. Rebecca loved the strength and power of a man above her, but the fragility and tenderness of Tamara’s body above her was undescribable.

Tamara moved back down Rebecca’s body, kissing her breasts, biting gently, then going lower. When Tamara returned to Rebecca’s pussy, Rebecca said, “Jeff, I need your hands on me.” And so he knelt beside the bed, his hands massaging her breasts, as Tamara skillfully licked Rebecca’s pussy.

Rebecca groaned softly. Jeff had noticed she’d been much quieter tonight than he’d ever known her but he figured that would change. Then Jeff moved one hand and held one of Rebecca’s hands that was tied to the headboard. With that touch of affection, Rebecca started to come. Her hips bucked wildly and Tamara reached under her, holding Rebecca’s ass still and her hips off the bed as Tamara’s tongue only increased in speed though moved just to the side of Rebecca’s clit. Tamara knew that Rebecca couldn’t stand much more direct contact and that her orgasm would last longer with less direct stimulation. Rebecca continued to shake and finally screamed louder than Jeff had ever heard her scream before collapsing motionless.

Tamara moved upward, her face soaked in Rebecca’s juices, and kissed her, trying to revive the exhausted, satiated woman.

Tamara layed on top of Rebecca, their legs entertwined. The contrast of their red and black silk stockings drove Jeff crazy. Tamara moved one soaking cheek over Rebecca’s, then Rebecca stirred and kissed Tamara deeply. Tamara held Rebecca’s head with one hand, the other exploring her chest, and they continued the kiss. Meanwhile Jeff untied Rebecca’s constraints, legs then hands, and when her arms were free, Rebecca sat up and hugged Tamara tightly, then took Tamara’s head in one hand and held her while kissing her deeply.

Then Rebecca pulled Jeff toward her and kissed him. “Thank you, Jeff. Oh thank you. Here’s what we do next, Tamara. Look at Jeff’s big cock. I think he needs some relief.”

“Mmm, I know Bec. It looks like Jeff could use some relief. That big cock fits in your tight little pussy?” she asked playfully.

Jeff sat back down in the chair he’d been in. Both women made their way from the bed and knelt down in front of Jeff, his cock pointing straight toward the ceiling.

Tamara had been in enough threesomes before to know not to get too greedy when the man ‘belonged’ to the other woman so she waited for Rebecca to cover Jeff’s cock with her mouth first. Then Tamara moved her head in, licking and fondling Jeff’s balls.

Jeff had only dreamed of feeling two mouths on his cock before. Now he was in heaven.

When Rebecca stopped sucking, both she and Tamara took long licks up Jeff’s shaft, flicking their tongue around the tip of his penis as their tongues reached the top, then they kissed one another. They repeated this scene four or five more times, the first few times making sensual eye contact with each other, the last two times, making deep eye contact with Jeff.

“Ah, this feels great girls, but you know Bec, I think Tam’s pussy probably needs some attention. Let’s not ignore our honored guest.”

Rebecca took Jeff’s cock in her mouth one last time going down quickly and then coming up very slowly while her hand pulled down gently on his balls. Then after freeing Jeff’s cock, Bec kissed Tamara on the cheek. “Lay back on the bed, Tam. I’ve wanted to lick some pussy for a long time. Let’s see if I’m any good at it.”

Tamara laid back on the bed and using two fingers, held her pussy lips apart for Rebecca. “I know you’re gonna be great, baby. Just take your time and enjoy.” Rebecca moved between Tamara’s legs, letting a breast glide down her stomach then moving back so just the nipple glided across Tamara’s wet clit making Tamara shudder. Rebecca was nervous but when Tamara said breathlessly “Look at you, you already know some tricks on how to make love to a woman,” Rebecca smiled confidantly and some of her nervousness went away.

Jeff was now on the bed on his knees to the side of Tamara’s head. His right hand moved down and cupped Tamara’s right breast while his left moved some hair from her face. Then he slid his cock over her lips. Not into her mouth but as Tamara puckered her lips, Jeff slid the underside of his shaft across her wet lips, back and forth so Tamara’s lips moved from the tip of his cock to its base. A few times she tried to take his cock into her mouth, but each time he’d pull back.

Jeff’s concentration was broken when he heard Tamara gasp. Rebecca had just put one finger inside Tamara and let another trace over Tamara’s wet asshole, all the while licking, very gently, Tamara’s swollen clit. With her soft mouth, Rebecca would occassionally suck Tamara’s clit into her mouth making Tamara gasp for air.

Jeff moved back from Tamara’s face to let the two women enjoy their moment. “You’re doing great, Bec. I don’t believe that you’ve never licked a pussy before, you’re a natural” Tamara whispered, stroking Rebecca’s hair.

Seeing Rebecca’s butt in the air as she performed on Tamara, Jeff moved to the base of the bed and climbed onto the bed from its foot.

He didn’t want to interrupt Rebecca or break her rhythm, she was still a novice regardless of her skills. So Jeff very gently placed his cock at the entrance to Rebecca’s pussy and let her move her bottom back to take it in. Then he moved forward as Rebecca moved her body forward to move her face back into Tamara’s pussy.

Jeff kept his movements slow and shallow so he wouldn’t affect Rebecca’s rhythm. But she started moving her hips in a circle and back and forth. The visual for Jeff nearly put him over the edge. The black stockings, the perfect ass, and Bec’s pussy strectched out over his cock. She’d had never liked anal sex but Jeff took a finger and touched her asshole gently, this caused Bec to pound back against his cock and her mouth moved from Tam’s pussy as she reacted to the unexpected but welcome sensation.

Rebecca returned to Tam’s pussy, her speed getting faster. “That’s it Bec. Ahh … you’re gonna make me come so hard.”

Jeff looked down at Tamara, her eyes tightly closed, her beautiful face contorting with pleasure but as beautiful as ever. He could tell she was concentrating on her impending orgasm.

As if feeling his stare, Tamara opened her eyes and caught Jeff’s attention. Her hands still gently stroking Rebecca’s hair and her cheeks. “You’re old girlfriend is a good pussy eater. I owe you one — a big one.”

“How about if I give you a big one, Tamara, and we call it even?” Jeff asked.

She grinned, then licked her lips and closed her eyes again, refocusing on Rebecca’s actions.

As Tamara started groaning, then shouting, Rebecca started moving her hips harder and harder back against Jeff’s cock in her pussy. Jeff took that sign and start pounding her harder. As Tamara’s orgasm was subsiding, Jeff started coming, “Oh god you’re so tight Bec. Oh fuck. Ah.”

Jeff kept fucking for a minute or two after coming, Rebecca milking the last drops from his cock. Then she whimpered somewhat disappointingly, “Oh I was so close.”

Tam replied, “Then come here, Bec. Sit on my face, I’ll finish you off.”

Rebecca moved up the bed, some of Jeff’s come dripping from her pussy onto Tamara’s stomach and tits along the way before she lowered her pussy to just above Tamara’s mouth. Tamara held onto Rebecca’s ass tightly as she pulled her towards her mouth. First her tongue exploring into Rebecca’s pussy, feeling and tasting Jeff’s come inside of her. Then Tamara moved her tongue all around Rebecca’s clit.

Meanwhile Jeff still at the bottom of the bed and was kissing his way up Tamara’s right leg, through the red silk stockings. He was stroking himself while doing so. The sounds of his old girlfriend, the best lover he’d ever had, groaning in pleasure was helping him to get hard again. He reached the end of the stocking, then kissed Tamara’s thigh directly until his tongue traced it’s way up to her slit. He heard her say, “I need that big cock in me as soon as you’re ready, Jeff.” Jeff ran his tongue up along the inside of her outer lips, then moved back down the bed and repeated this with her left leg.

By the time Jeff’s mouth reached Tamara’s pussy the second time he was hard again.

With Bec sitting on Tamara’s face, Jeff lifting her butt of the bed a few inches and aimed his cock for her pussy. With one rough, deep thrust all eight inches were inside. This startled Tamara, causing her to scream and when she did, the edge of one of her teeth caught Rebecca’s clit, the overwhelmingly powerful feeling nearly making her come immediately. Jeff found his rhythm, four shallow thrusts followed by a hard deep long thrust into Tamara. He was rougher with Tamara, knowing she could concentrate on eating pussy while getting thoroughly fucked.

Rebecca was nearing her climax and Jeff’s pace was getting even faster, his thrusts even harder. Rebecca finally came just seconds after warning Tamara, her juices coating Tamara’s face. As Rebecca slowly moved away from squatting over Tamara, both she and Jeff saw that Tam was a beautiful mess, the mixture of his come and her pussy juices all over her.

When Rebecca moved aside, Jeff kept thrusting but moved up to kiss Tamara deeply before whispering in her ear, loud enough for Rebecca to hear, too, “I’m so glad you joined us. Bec and I had both wanted this — both together, then apart — for a long time. You’re the perfect partner to share this with. You’re beautiful, your body is beautiful, and you’re a wonderful lover.” Then between thrusts, moving his mouth closer to her ear and speaking more quietly so perhaps Bec wouldn’t hear, “And it feels like your pussy was just made for my cock.”

She smiled, first at Jeff then Rebecca, but she was speechless as Jeff’s thrusts filled her pussy. She found her voice enough to say “That’s it Jeff. Just like that.” Her hands wrapped around him and her fingers dug into his back and she tried to muffle her loud moans as she came hard. His thrusts continued until she begged him to stop. She collapsed back on the bed as Jeff withdrew.

Rebecca immediately took Jeff’s cock into her mouth and tasted Tamara’s juices, again.

“Hold on, Bec,” Tamara said as she regained her senses. “Jeff sit in the chair.” He obediently followed her order. “Now sit on his cock, Bec.” Rebecca sat on his cock, facing him, his mouth sucking her right nipple into her mouth. “No sexy, the other way,” Tam ordered.

Rebecca turned around. Jeff held her by her sides as she glided her pussy down onto his cock. Then Tamara was on her knees in front of them both staring at Rebecca’s clit and Jeff’s sack.

Jeff using his hips to the extent he could and his hands on her sides started bouncing Rebecca up and down on his cock. Then once they had the rhythm, his hands moved to her tits. Tamara moved her mouth to Rebecca’s clit. Mainly flicking her tongue back and forth but mainly letting Rebecca’s bouncing move her clit along her tongue.

The feelings for Rebecca were intense, a cock stretching her pussy and a tongue flicking across her clit. At one point she raised up too high and as Jeff’s cock escaped her pussy, Tam hungrily caught it in her mouth, sucked a few times, then held it upright so that Bec could impale herself on it again.

“Oh that feels too good, lovers,” Rebecca sighed. “You’re so fucking big, Jeff. And Tam, you’re the sexiest thing ever. You know exactly how to make me feel like I want to feel.” She continued bouncing and as Jeff who was holding her breasts, pinched her nipples she came hard. Tamara licking her clit even faster as Rebecca reached her climax.

Rebecca expected them to stop, but Jeff kept fucking and Tamara kept licking. A second orgasm built on top of the first, then a third. Finally they all knew she was spent. She settled down onto Jeff cock, Tamara gently licking the inside of Bec’s thighs.

“Bec, I think we still have a big hard cock here that needs to be taken care of,” Tam said.

Rebecca climbed off of Jeff and joined Tamara on the floor.

Tamara took Jeff’s cock into her mouth first, tasting Rebecca’s juices again. Then she let it spring free while Rebecca bobbed up and down a few times while Tamara said, “So where do you want to come, big guy? Do you want to come in my mouth, do you want to come in Rebecca’s mouth? Do you want to come on her tits …. or do you want to come on my face?”

Rebecca looked up as she waited for his answer. “You two have me so hot, I don’t want to choke anyone with all I’m about to come. I wanna come all over your face, Tam.”

With that Rebecca let his cock out of her mouth. “No!” she exclaimed. “I want it. I want your come all over my face.” Her passionate cry almost made Jeff come immediately.

Tamara, full of good ideas, told Jeff to stand up and turn around. His back now to the bed. Rebecca knelt before him and Tamara got behind Jeff, on the bed, on her knees. She reached around him and took his cock in both hands, one over the other. One around the base of his shaft, the other above it, stroking back and forth. She peaked around the side of Jeff’s body to watch Rebecca kneeling before him.

With her top hand, she moved the tip of Jeff’s cock around Rebecca’s lips. “You’re so sexy, Bec. You’re so beautiful. I can’t wait to see my come all over your face,” Jeff said. “It’s gonna be a minute, suck it baby.” And she took his cock in his mouth. “Ah, that’s it.”

Tamara freed one hand and moved it to fondle Jeff’s balls. The bottom hand kept his skin pulled tight around his cock while Rebecca sucked him. “Oh baby that feels so good. Here I come.”

Rebecca moved back a few inches while Tamara stroked rapidly with one hand above the other on Jeff’s cock. Rebecca was licking her lips, eyes open making deep eye contact with Jeff, concentrating on his expression, waiting. “Mmm. Come on, Tam, shoot his come all over my face. Come on my face, Jeff.”

Jeff came a split second after his first loud gasp. The first stream of come hitting the side of Bec’s face at an angle and deflecting past her. Then Tam, stroking Jeff, covered their lover with streak after streak his come. Rebecca was invigorated by the hot come forcefully hitting her face. Bec had closed her eyes, and when she felt him stop coming what seemed like a full minute later, she took his cock in her mouth, sucking out the last bit of come and causing him a last few moments of extraordinary pleasure.

She wiped one eye, then opened her eyes and smiled up at him, a big smile. “You’ve never been more beautiful! You are so beautiful, Bec,” Jeff said, out of breath.

“Yes you are!” Tamara said to her come covered lover. She pushed Jeff out of the way and tackled Rebecca onto the floor where she began kissing her lips and cheeks. Devouring Jeff’s come.

Jeff had collapsed back onto the bed and was watching the women over the side. Finally both women layed back onto the floor, smiling, satisfied, and exhausted.

“We’re here until Friday, Tamara,” Jeff said. “I bet you’re still full of ideas.”

“Oh, I’ve got a few more,” she said as she rolled over to kiss Rebecca as Jeff rolled off the bed to join them in a pile on the floor.

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