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By the Lake

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I arrived at the Jefferson’s Lake Campsite entrance and upset some of those waiting – families in station wagons, seniors in their recreational vehicles, young couples in their cars pulling small trailers — when I rode my bicycle right past them. I smiled as I approached the ranger station and saw a familiar face exit. I got off my bike and walked up to him.

“Here to visit your dad?” Ranger Gordon, a man I’ve known since I was 10, stood to the side of the small wooden building, holding a clipboard.

“I think he left word with you guys that I’d be coming today,” I answered. My father and his girlfriend arrived the day before and, according to plan, set up three campsites – one for them, one for her two daughters, and one for me.

He looked at the list of campers he carried. “And he noted that you’d have presents for us.” He smiled mischievously. I nodded quickly and opened a saddlebag. I pulled out a box.

“One dozen donuts,” I said handing him the white, pink, and orange box.

“Thank you, Mike,” he said. A second ranger, someone young and unknown to me came up from the rangers’ cabin. He was smiling broadly.

“I guess I owe you a dollar, Thomas,” he said to Ranger Gordon. “I didn’t think someone would bring us donuts.”

“A third box didn’t add much more weight to what I brought with me,” I told him. The younger ranger gave my friend the wager and looked hungry.

“What did you bring us?” he asked. Before I could answer, Gordon interjected.

“You’re at sites are at 100, 102, and 104.” He put out a hand. I placed mine in his.

“Thank you,” I said as I mounted. I pushed off and headed off to the sites. I could sense the people waiting to enter were becoming more upset at me.

I quickly pedaled away and headed to the sites. My dad always loved camping in the sites that began with 100: They were in the conifers and were larger than most of sites. It took a few minutes to reach them. I slowed down and entered my father’s site: He was sitting at the picnic table — a table he had placed within a screen tent. He raised his ever-present coffee mug to acknowledge my arrival.

“What did you bring us?” a female voice said from behind his popup trailer. A moment later a statuesque young woman appeared. Candice Newton was Jennifer’s oldest daughter, a 22-year-old Masters candidate, home for the summer. I’ve met her only a few times but my opinion of her was that she was destined for great things academically.

“Donuts of course,” I quipped, walking my bike to the table.

“I know that, but what kinds?” she said with a certain level of playfulness. I reached down and pulled out the two remaining boxes.

“Look for yourself.” I put them on the table and turned to my dad. “Did you put a six pack in the stream?”

“Two of them,” he answered without looking at me, his gaze on the fried goodness. “A six pack of Dr. Pepper and another six of Hires.” I saw the four-person tent that I used before and headed towards it.

“Aren’t you going to have any?” Candice asked.

“He probably has a couple of corn muffins in one of the bags,” my father said, a Boston cream donut in his hand. I chuckled and went to my site.

I put my bike against the picnic table and put my backpack on top. I took out my muffins and headed to the stream 10 yards down the small hill from the site. My father and I had often put canned drinks in it to cool them. It was a spring-fed, ice-cold ripple of a stream but it served well. I grabbed a Dr. Pepper and headed back up to eat something.

I spent 90 minutes riding, the last 40 riding up a 3-mile long steep incline. Even though I had breakfast before I left, the ride left me hungry. I sat in the screen tent, pulled out a literary magazine, and had a morning snack.

I was warm, sweaty, from the bike ride. I had planned on an early swim, not at the beach but in the secret place, I found a year earlier. I was exploring the boundaries of the campgrounds, looking around, being nosy. I found what looked like an old beach, for either the old hotel whose remains still existed a half mile away, or for the Ten Eyck family out of whose farm New York state had bought and built the state park and camping grounds. It looked like no one had been there for years, though the sandy lake edge was a good place to hid and read.

I gathered up a towel and biodegradable shampoo and headed towards my spot, hoping that no one else had found it. I walked through the long grasses and cattails and heard female voices. I knew the spot was no longer secluded. I slowed and hid, seeing who had found it. I was shocked at who found my spot.

Candice was standing in the lake up to her waist, her small breasts exposed to the air. From the size of her nipples, I gathered that the water was cold. She slipped under the water for a moment, avoiding the splash her sister sent towards her.

Bernadette Newton was a few inches shorter than Candice was, and a few years younger. She, too, had long brown hair. Unlike her sister, though, she had large breasts, her areolae large and dark. Her nipples were large, from nature and from being cold.

A third young woman was on a beach blanket, on the spot where I loved to spread out and read naked. I met Natalie Evers earlier in the month when she and Candice came into my work. Candice introduced me to her friend, another Masters candidate. While Candice was studying to receive hers in Secondary Education, Natalie was preparing for one in American Literature. This woman was short, not even five feet tall. Her smile was broad and welcoming as she sat on the blanket, watching her friends play in the spring-fed lake. Her large breasts jiggled when she laughed.

I crept up closer to get a better look at them. I was sure they couldn’t see me: I hid in the shadows of a birch thicket. Candice walked out of the water and headed towards her friend. I lost my breath when I saw her nakedness. Her pussy was clean-shaven, the lips a shade darker than even her areolae.

She grabbed a towel and wiped the water off her body before falling next to her friend. “Don’t you just love being naked?” Candice asked.

“God, yes,” answered Natalie. “I wish I could spend my life like this,” she added. She reached over to her friend and grabbed Candice’s right breast.

“I know what you mean,” Candice said. “I bet I could finish my thesis quicker if I could have a house or cabin here on the lake.” She closed her eyes and moaned as her friend massaged her breast. “That feels good,” sighed Candice.

From the lake Bernadette said, “Um, I’m still here.”

“I know,” Natalie said. “Jealous?”

“Ha, I like dick too much to be jealous.”

“You don’t know what you’re missing, Bernie,” Candice cooed. Natalie moved her hand from the breast to Candice’s pussy, softly stroking the outside. Candice spread her legs wider and Natalie responded correctly, inserting a finger.

“God that feels so good,” Candice said. I edged closer, trying to get a better view.

“Where’s Mike when you need him,” Bernadette said from the water. She walked slowly from the lake, the water dripping off her round, soft body. If I weren’t hard from the action between her sister and sister’s best friend, Bernadette’s naked body would have caused me to rip through my shorts.

Her belly was soft, not tight, shook some with each step. Her waist and hips were sexually proportionate, making her appear so appealing to me. I looked between her thighs and saw a whisper of hair, a shade lighter than that on her head.

“I don’t think he’s into you,” Candice quipped. Natalie had removed her fingers and was licking them.

“So tasty,” Natalie said. “He looks a man that appreciates an athletic body.”

“What makes you say that?” Bernadette asked. She grabbed a towel and began to wipe down her body. “Have you seen him with an in-shape girl?”

“No,” Candice began. She sat up straight. “But it seems to reason that an athlete would like to have a girlfriend that is, too, athletic.”

Not necessarily, I wanted to scream out. I loved women of all shapes and sizes. It didn’t matter if she was fat and skinny. To me, it was attitude, and Bernadette had it.

“When we get back to the campsite we could ask him,” Candice said. She grabbed her clothes and stood, ready to return.

“Why hurry?” Natalie. “He’ll be there when we return. He’s probably sleeping in his tent. He did have a long ride up that hill.”

“True,” Candice said. She put her clothes back down and sat next to her friend. Natalie put a hand on Candice’s thigh and rubbed gently.

“Again I’m still here,” Bernadette said from her blanket. She grabbed a magazine and flipped it open.

From behind me, I head another female voice. “We’re not alone girls.” I quickly spun around and saw her. “Hello, Micah.”

Stephanie Tinkers was a friend of Bernadette, a young woman that was short in stature but tall in attitude. Her body had curves. Her thighs had meat. She possessed breasts that made the other three look flat chested. She was topless, wearing a pair of gym shorts as she sat deeper within the birches.

Candice was the first to reach us. “What the fuck are you doing, Micah?” she demanded. She stood on the beach, hands on her hips and making no effort to hide her nudity.

“I was going to wash up,” I began in explanation.

“Sure, sure,” Stephanie said. “You came down here to spy on us.” She moved closer to me, but there was no anger in her eyes. “You wanted to see four sexy women naked.”

“Oh my God, Mike,” Bernadette said. She had grabbed her t-shirt and covered most of her body with it and her arms. “This is so wrong.”

I opened my mouth, tried to tell them that I was, truly, there to take a dip in the lake, wash off the sweat, and grime from my ride in. Stephanie grabbed the bottle and looked at it.

“Biodegradable soap and shampoo,” she read aloud to the others. “He might be telling the truth.”

“How do you know he didn’t bring it down as a cover?” Bernadette asked.

“True,” Natalie added. She was standing behind her friend, not hiding any of her body as well.

“But he does have a bath towel,” Stephanie added. She walked out and on to the beach. She stretched out her beach blanket and dropped her t-shirt and my shampoo on top of it. She wiggled off her shorts, exposing herself to me. My jaw dropped at the sight of her hairless pussy.

“I guess he likes girls with hips,” Natalie said, mostly to Bernadette. “Look at his mouth.”

“And at his shorts,” Stephanie added.

Busted with no excuses, I smiled and walked onto the beach. I threw done my blanket and towel. I quickly removed my glasses and clothing. I stood straight and proudly, not caring that I had an erection.

“Holy shit,” Bernadette said. “Look at his dick. It’s darker than his skin.”

It was. Because of my father’s Mohawk ancestry — at least that’s how I had it explained to me — my cock skin was a shade darker than the rest of my body, even with a mid-summer tan.

“It looks good,” Stephanie cooed. She took a few steps towards me. I didn’t back away. “I wonder how it tastes,” she added before she dropped to her knees. She grabbed my hard cock with her left hand and put her mouth on my head. She moaned as she felt the warmth in her mouth.

“Oh God, that is hot,” Candice whispered. I watched as she walked back to her blanket and lay down next to Natalie. She opened her legs, Natalie rolled in between her thighs. The two kissed.

Bernadette’s eyes locked on us, never moving away. She was enjoying the action. She dropped her shirt and leaned back. She softly stroked her body, first her breasts then her stomach.

I put a hand on the back of Stephanie’s head and began to fuck her mouth. She relaxed her throat and accepted more of my cock. I could feel my cock getting warmer, felt my balls tighten. It wouldn’t be long before I came.

“Not yet,” Stephanie said after removing my cock. “I need to fuck, and I need to now.” She dragged me down onto my blanket and pushed me onto my back. Stephanie straddled me, grabbed my cock and slowly inserted me into her tight pussy. She moaned when it was fully inside. She slowly moved up and down my hardness, feeling it fill her up.

“Wow,” I heard Bernadette say. I rolled my head towards her. She was looking at us, her legs wide open, her hand teasing her pussy. It was something I thought I’d never see. She was always shy around me whenever we were together. I had no idea she was hot under her clothes.

“Look at her fuck him,” I heard Candice moan. I looked to her blanket. Natalie was between her things, her head moving up and down, as she was licking up and down her friend’s cunt.

“Bernadette,” Stephanie moaned between strokes. “Bernadette, come sit on his face.” I hadn’t time to say a word. The young woman walked quickly and lowered herself onto me. She faced Stephanie.

“Thank you,” I heard before she wiggled her ass. I raised my hands and grabbed onto her hips, sticking my tongue in as deep as I could.

I couldn’t hear anything when her thighs clamped onto my head. I kept licking, stabbing her cunt, trying to fuck her. Bernadette ground her ass, causing my tongue to move along with it. It didn’t take long for her to begin to orgasm: I felt Bernadette’s thighs tighten.

She fell to the left, away from Stephanie and me. “You missed your sister cuming,” Natalie told Candice. I didn’t hear an answer, just some groaning and grunting. I didn’t look to them, just concentrated on the woman on top of me.

Her breasts flopped as the rate with which she rode my cock. She closed her eyes. She was biting her lower lip. Stephanie put a hand on my chest and leaned on it. With her free hand, she pinched a nipple.

Natalie spoke. “Cum, Sweetie, all over his cock. Make it a mess so I’ll have Candice clean it.”

“God yes,” Stephanie moaned. “Lick my ass,” she commanded Bernadette. The young woman crawled behind and onto my legs. She moved up. “God, right there,” Stephanie cooed. I knew Bernadette found her asshole.

“That’s right, bitch, suck my clit,” Natalie commanded Candice. “You know how I like it done.” She moaned louder and collapsed back onto her blanket.

“Oh God,” Stephanie said. “I’m going to cum,” she said quickly. She fell on top of me. “Keep licking,” she directed. “I want it deeper. Like that, yes.” Her body began to shake, her breathing labored. She repeatedly said, “God yes, yes, yes.”

I heard Natalie scream out Candice’s name and “I love you so much.”

Stephanie lay shortly still on me, her breath slowly down. She kissed my chest before sitting up. She grabbed Bernadette and hugged her.

“Mike’s not cum yet,” she said breathlessly.

“Neither have I,” Candice said.

“What are we going to do?” Bernadette playfully asked. Stephanie got off me and crawled to the blanket where Candice was laying.

“I know how to take care of her,” she said before diving into her open and wet pussy.

“Oh fuck,” Candice grunted before putting her hands in Stephanie’s hair.

“That’s so sexy,” Natalie cooed. She rested on an arm to watch, her free hand touching her wetness.

Bernadette looked at me with confusion in her eyes. She sighed heavily and looked down. She raised her head and smiled, looking directly at my still-hard cock. Without a word, she grabbed it and stroked softly before lowering her mouth to it.

She moaned at the taste of her friend. She worked my cock, swallowing almost to my pubic hair before releasing me. Bernadette licked my cock like a Popsicle, licking quickly to not spill anything. She put my head in here mouth and sucked, trying to drain my balls. She stopped sucking for a moment to look at me. “I want you,” she said calmly, without emotion. I nodded and told her to get on her back.

Bernadette did as I asked. She went on her back and spread her legs wide. “Fuck me, Mike,” she moaned. I slid inside of her. She was wet, very wet. I retracted my lower self before plunging back.

“Oh God,” she grunted when I thrust into her. I ground against her hips before withdrawing again. Another quick thrust caused her eyes to roll up.

“Mike, do me like a whore,” she whispered into my ear. I did as asked.

“Spread your legs wider bitch.” She did as I said.

“God, call me a bitch,” she moaned. “Call me a whore.”

“Take my cock whore,” I said, pumping her cunt hard and fast. She moaned.

“How do like this, bitch?” I asked as I fucked her, as if she was my whore.

“I love it,” she grunted.

I drove her, deep inside, my cock making her squeal with pleasure. I called her a whore, a bitch, my bitch, a cunt. With each vulgar name, the hotter she became.

Bernadette began to match my thrusts, meeting me with a sloppy crash of pelvic areas. She smiled devilishly as I felt my cock becoming hotter.

“You’re going to cum?” she asked. I nodded.

“Cum on me,” she grunted. “But wait,” she added as she closed her eyes and ground her hips on me.

“Shit, oh shit,” she screamed. “This is going to be big,” she added before I felt her legs begin to shake. Her legs stopped moving. Bernadette clinched her legs around me and exploded with a slew of obscenities. She relaxed and smiled at me.

“God Mike, cum on me, now,” she whispered breathlessly. I moved out of her and took my cock in my hand. It took a moment or two, but I came over her body, my hot juices landing on her stomach, on her breasts, some on her face and in her hair. I fell back exhausted.

“Oh my fucking God,” I heard Candice scream before she let out a few quick swear words.

The five of us were silent, still for a few minutes. I was unsure of what to do, what the protocol was for something like this.

“I need to clean up,” Bernadette said, breaking the calm. She stood on uncertain legs and walked to the lake. The water came to her thighs before she jumped in headfirst.

“I need to as well,” Natalie said. She ran into the lake and splashed. The other two women followed, walking slowly. I shook my head and grabbed my shampoo.

I still needed to get the ride grime from me.

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