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Ski Cabin Seduction

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Suzanne and Kate sat at a table on the deck of the ski lodge cafe. They had finished skiing for the day, and were watching the slope where their husbands were making a final run. Suzanne’s husband, Mark was a big man who plowed through the mogul field, his legs working like pistons as he raced down the slope. Kate’s husband, Tim, almost danced through the moguls. He often said that he didn’t care who got to the bottom first, as long as he skied with style.

“The guys look really good out there,” said Kate. “I can’t believe they still have so much energy. I’m exhausted after skiing all day!”

“They’re just showing off,” replied her friend. “Mark knows you’re watching him, so he’s doing his power-skier act.”

“For me?”

“Come on!” Suzanne laughed, “You just know Mark has the hots for you!” Suzanne was a tall, full-figured woman with an outgoing manner and an easy laugh; she was a good match for her husband.

“Really? I never thought about it. But you know, Tim’s really attracted to you too.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, besides the fact that he’s always flirting… well… whenever we spend the day with you guys, he’s really horny in bed.”

Suzanne almost choked on the beer she was drinking. She continued to laugh loudly, only stopping when she saw how Kate was blushing.

“Well, as long as we’re sharing secrets, Mark fantasizes about you, and how he’d like to fuck you!”


“Well he does! We talk about our fantasies, and Mark has told me that he would absolutely love to get into your pants! Not that I wouldn’t mind getting a shot at your husband. And don’t tell me you haven’t thought about Mark!” she added with a wicked grin.

Kate didn’t know how to reply to this. In fact, she had sometimes fantasized about Mark. Still blushing, she turned her attention back to the two men, who were just reaching the bottom of the ski slope.

The two couples had actually met the year before, when they’d shared a table in a crowded café at the ski lodge. While talking, they’d discovered that they lived quite near one another, and shared interests in outdoor activities and sports. Their friendship blossomed over a series of kayaking, backpacking, bicycling, and ski trips; they often got together to watch football or have dinner together.

“You know,” Suzanne mused, “it might be kind of fun to see how much we could turn them on! We’ve got that ski cabin rented for a whole week next month.”

“What did you have in mind, walking around the cabin nude?” joked Kate. She was a small woman, with bright red hair, freckles, and a mischievous grin. She was often described as “cute,” an adjective that she disliked intensely.

“Not quite. I was thinking we could give the guys a massage. A very sensuous massage.”

“You mean, like together in the same room? And see how hot we could get them?”

“Better than that! Why don’t you massage Mark, and I’ll massage Tim!”

“Oh my god! That would SO turn them on! I don’t know though… wouldn’t you be jealous? I mean, I wouldn’t want to give Mark the wrong impression either.” Kate was a little intimidated by Suzanne’s outgoing physical nature, and sometimes felt jealous of how easily her friend flirted with the guys.

“Tell you what,” said Suzanne, “we could just see how it goes. If either of us starts feeling uncomfortable, we can just grab our own husband and drag him upstairs to the bedroom. I’m sure neither of them will be complaining!”

As the two women talked, Kate gradually warmed up to the idea. By the time Mark and Tim stowed their skis and joined them at their table on the deck, they had made their plans.

– – – – –

It was late morning when they arrived at the ski cabin, after a three- hour drive. The guys wanted to get in some skiing, so they quickly dumped their stuff and headed out to the slopes. Once again, the two men were showing off for the girls, but this time they got lots of encouragement. Suzanne and Kate flirted outrageously. Kate was sure the guys would know something was up. Even she couldn’t believe some of the things Suzanne was saying… like when she’d told Tim she’d like to help him straighten his ski pole!

By the time they got back to the cabin, they were all pretty tired, but the guys were really enjoying the attention they were getting.

As planned, Suzanne and Kate cooked dinner… a hearty meal of spaghetti, with lots of red wine. They intentionally left a mess in the kitchen for the guys to clean up, telling them only that they would get a big surprise if they did a good job.

As they washed the dishes, Mark and Tom joked about how hot their wives seemed, and speculated about what the surprise might be.

“Hey, maybe they rented some porn videos!” said Mark with a grin. “What do you think, Tim? Porn and popcorn?”

“Suzanne maybe… but Kate would never go for it! Sitting around with you guys watching porn. Hell, she’s only done it a couple of time with me, when we were staying in hotels. And then she was too embarrassed to talk to the hotel clerk when we checked out!”

“I don’t know man… I think there’s a lot more to that little woman than you give her credit for,” said Mark

By the time Mark and Tim finished in the kitchen, the girls had turned the living room into their own private spa. They had stoked up the wood stove so the room was cozy and warm, spread pillows and blankets on the floor, and filled every available space with candles.

Suzanne was wearing a jogging bra and loose running shorts, showing off her warm skin color and ample curves in the flickering candlelight. Kate was simply wearing a long clingy t-shirt. As she moved, the fabric brushed over her pert breasts, making her nipples stiffen.

The men stopped in their tracks, for once speechless, when they saw their wives waiting. Suzanne immediately took charge.

“OK guys, this is your surprise. We’re going to massage those big, sore muscles of yours! Now, both of you strip down to your shorts, and lie face down on the blankets.”

The men exchanged sheepish grins, but quickly took off their clothes and positioned themselves on the floor, as instructed, Tim lying at Kate’s feet, and Mark in front of Suzanne. As soon as the men were lying down, the women traded places, Kate kneeling next to Mark, and Suzanne next to Tim.

“I’m afraid we forgot just one thing, guys. We didn’t bring the massage oil. So we’ll have to use olive oil instead,” said Kate, as she poured some oil into her hand to warm it.

“That’s even better,” said Suzanne. “Olive oil is edible!”

Kate stuck her tongue out at her friend, who responded with an innocent grin.

The two women actually knew how to give very good massages, and the men really were a little stiff from their afternoon exertions, so the session fell into a relaxed rhythm as Kate and Suzanne spread the warm oil over the men’s backs and shoulders, and worked out the kinks in their muscles.

Tim grew gradually more relaxed as Suzanne worked her way down his body. He was getting a little turned on, and began to look forward to getting his wife into bed later that night. He knew Suzanne’s massage would give him plenty of material for fantasizing! He was surprised when Suzanne finished massaging his lower back, and slid her hands under the waistband of his boxers. She squeezed his ass, kneading a little, and then withdrew her hands. They’d all had a lot to drink, and he dismissed it as more of Suzanne’s flirting… but it really started to turn him on!

He relaxed a little as Suzanne moved down and massaged his calves. But then she worked her way upward and began to caress his inner thighs, her fingers slipping up the legs of his shorts. He let out a gasp when her felt Suzanne’s warm breath on his skin, followed by the soft touch of her lips, lightly kissing the inside of his thighs.

His cock had become uncomfortably hard, and he shifted position to relieve the pressure. Suzanne took advantage of the shift to reach up into his shorts, lightly tickling his balls and running her nails along the base of his cock.

Tim’s first reaction was to look toward his wife, to see if she was aware of what Suzanne was doing. He saw Kate kneeling between Mark’s legs, kneading his ass. As he watched, his wife leaned down and lightly nipped his friend’s ass through the fabric of his shorts.

By now Tim was very aroused, and he was sure Mark was as well. It was actually disappointed when Suzanne withdrew her hands. She gave his butt a sharp slap and said, “OK, time to roll over!”

Tim suddenly realized that his bulging erection was going to be very obvious. “Uh, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he stammered.

“Why?” asked Suzanne in her most innocent voice. “Don’t you think I’ve ever seen a guy with a hard on before? Now roll over!” she said with a laugh.

Red-faced, Tim complied. As he lay on his back, his cock made an enormous tent in his boxers. A large wet spot spread from the area of its tip. Suzanne ran her nails up the length of his shaft with a wicked grin, and then poured some oil on his chest, which she began to massage.

Dimly, Tim heard his wife say to Mark, “You too, buddy. Roll over!”

“You know, I think that’s REALLY a bad idea.”

“Come on… Tim showed us his, now it’s your turn.”

Tim couldn’t believe it was his wife talking that way. He watched in fascination as Mark slowly rolled over. Kate let out a gasp as the big man positioned himself on his back. His cock was enormous, and protruded at least a couple of inches from the waistband of his boxers.

“That muscle needs a lot of massaging!” laughed Suzanne, seeing her friend’s reaction.

“Can I… touch it?”

“Go ahead, girlfriend. I’ve already been groping your husband.”

Tim watched as his wife slowly wrapped her small hand around Mark’s thick cock. Her fingers couldn’t reach completely around. But she moved her hand up and down several times, stroking Mark’s cock and spreading the warm olive oil along his shaft. She looked up and made eye contact with Suzanne, and apparently some signal passed between them. Without warning, Kate leaned down and took the plum-sized head of Mark’s cock into her mouth, slurping loudly as she sucked it clean of olive oil. Mark let out a groan as Kate’s lips slid over his head. Reluctantly, Kate let go of Mark’s cock, and started massaging his chest and shoulders.

The two women had clearly crossed an unspoken barrier. Suzanne’s massage was now openly erotic. She kissed and licked her way down Tim’s body, and soon slid her hand into his shorts and began stroking his cock as she caressed him. Leaning down, she gave him a long, sensual kiss, her tongue exploring his mouth as she continued to “massage” him.

Tim looked over at Kate, and saw that she was giving Mark the same treatment. He had never imagined his wife doing anything so erotic, and was a little jealous of her fascination with Mark’s huge cock. But then Suzanne leaned over him, her tits brushing over his chest as her hand stroked up and down his cock, and his jealousy gave way to arousal. He could feel the tension mounting in his throbbing cock, feel his balls tightening, and knew that it was only a few moments before he exploded.

Suzanne, sensing his growing arousal, paused once again. She removed her hands and stood up, saying, “Alright boys… now it’s our turn.”

It took some cajoling, but she made Mark and Tim get to their feet. Looking straight into Tim’s eyes, she lifted her jogging bra over her head and pulled it off. Tim watched in fascination as her full round breasts fell free, her dark nipples hard and inviting. Slowly she knelt down, and then spread out, face down on the floor in front of him.

Kate slowly pulled off her t-shirt, exposing her small firm tits to Mark’s hungry gaze. She was wearing only a thong, and she gave her butt an inviting wiggle as she settled to the floor in front of Mark.

Tim wasn’t sure how he felt about Mark touching his wife’s near naked body, and he avoided the big man’s gaze as he knelt down next to Suzanne. The men began to rub the girls’ bodies, but they were both too aroused to give much of a massage. Tim caressed Suzanne like a lover, reaching around and under her to squeeze her tits and play with her nipples. He worked his way down her back, and slid his hands into her shorts, kneading and playing with her ass.

He glanced over at Mark and Kate. Mark was straddling Kate’s ass as he massaged her back. His cock, extending well beyond his boxers, was coated with oil and Kate’s spit. He slid it up and down between the cheeks of her ass as he caressed her.

Mark turned his attention back to Suzanne. He pulled her pants partway down her legs, and she raised her hips, allowing him to reach under her. He touched the warmth of her pussy, spreading her swollen lips, rubbing his slippery hand up and down the length of her slit, feeling her grow wet with arousal.

She rolled over without prompting, and he kissed her deeply as he continued to rub he sopping pussy.

Mark paused his own massage for a moment. Raising himself a little, he reached down and turned over Kate’s unresisting body. He resumed his previous actions, but now he was massaging Kate’s tits, pinching her nipples with his oil coated fingers. His cock head slid up and down along her pussy, only the thin fabric of her thong keeping him from sliding between her wet lips.

Tim heard his wife gasping, and looked over to see her bucking her hips, thrusting her cunt against Mark’s huge shaft. As he watched, she seemed to gain control of herself. She whispered to Mark, “come up here next to my head and let me have your cock.”

Mark obeyed, unable to resist, and knelt next to her. She reached over and pulled his boxers further down, exposing his entire cock. She rubbed her hands, still slick with oil, up and down its slippery length taking it in both hands, she began to rub it across her hard nipples. She slid it back and forth over her small tits, feeling it throbbing against her soft flesh. She took the head in her mouth and sucked on it, slurping up and down until it was drenched with her spit, and then once again rubbed it over her hard nipples.

Tim tore his gaze away, and looked back at Suzanne. She looked beautiful in the warm flickering light of the candles. Her eyes were half closed, her lips parted, and he leaned down to kiss her. His hand was still caressing her mound, drenched with her juices. He gently parted the lips of her pussy and slipped first one finger, then another, deep into her. He began sliding his fingers in and out, twisting with each stroke, caressing Suzanne’s velvety interior as he finger-fucked her.

Her breath was coming in gasps, and the scent of her sex was almost overpowering. He kissed his way down her neck, her breasts, her stomach, and finally pressed his face to her pussy, flicking his tongue over the hard knob of her clit, sucking on it as his fingers continued to move in and out of her.

Tim heard Mark let out a long moan, and he and Suzanne looked over at their partners. Kate’s tits were covered in thick gobs of Mark’s cum, her hands still stroking his thick shaft. As they watched, she took the head of his cock into her mouth, sucking the rest of his semen from him.

“Come upstairs and help me clean up,” Kate said. Mark helped her to her feet, and she took his hand, leading him up the stairs.

Suzanne looked at Tim, their eyes meeting. Her eyes were filled with lust, and at that moment, Tim wanted only to satisfy her. He pressed his mouth to her wetness again, savoring her hot juices, sucking and licking her clit and his fingers penetrated her again and again. He heard her gasps, felt her hips begin to buck, thrusting against him, and then his face was covered with her juices as her body trembled with an enormous orgasm.

Slowly, she relaxed under him. He turned his face to hers, and they kissed, relaxing together, her soft warm tits brushing his chest. She reached down and stroked his cock slowly, enjoying its hardness as her hand slid up and down. Wordlessly, they got to their feet, blew out the candles, and climbed the stairs.

When they reached the landing at the head of the stairs, they could see a dim light from the partly open door of the bathroom. The shower was running, and Tim heard his wife moaning loudly, accompanied by Mark’s grunts. He knew that Mark was fucking his wife, filling her tight pussy with his enormous cock, and he could tell from her moans that she was incredibly turned on. He felt a sick, jealous feeling come over him as he visualized the big man fucking his wife. She had always been reserved about sex, and now in one night she seemed more aroused than he had ever seen her.

Suzanne looked at him, sensing his feelings from the tight grimace on his face. “Come on baby. Come with me. I want you so much.”

He looked at her beautiful body, her soft curves and long flowing hair, almost glowing in the dim light, and followed her to her bedroom, pushing away thoughts of his wife.

Suzanne wrapped her arms around him and kissed him again. As she felt him relax in her embrace, she bent down, pulled off his boxers and pushed him back onto the bed. Crawling between his legs, she took his cock into her mouth and began to suck him, working up and down his throbbing shaft with her lips and tongue. Her hands caressed his balls as she slid her mouth up and down his cock. He couldn’t believe how good her mouth felt. Each time he sensed that he was close to cumming, Suzanne would slow down, sometimes letting his shaft slip from her mouth entirely.

Finally, when he was sure he couldn’t hold out any longer, she took her mouth from his shaft and crawled up his body, her soft tits rubbing lightly over him. Straddling him, she took his cock in her hand, and guided it into her waiting pussy as she lowered herself onto him, taking his throbbing cock into her. She leaned over and kissed him, nipping and biting his lips, teasing him with her tongue, letting her nipples rub across his chest. She began to rock her hips, working his cock with her pussy, grinding her clit against him. He slid a hand down between their bodies, resting his fingers against her clit, letting her using his hand to pleasure herself as she slowly fucked him.

It seemed to go on forever, the sweet feeling of her mouth on his, her pussy lovingly milking his cock, her hot scent all around him. When they came, their bodies trembled together, and they both cried out as his cum shot into her, filling her, and their juices mingled and ran out of her, running down over his balls.

She collapsed against him, and for a long time they did nothing but caress one another.

Finally Suzanne broke the silence. “I don’t hear the shower any more. Would you like to come get cleaned up with me?”

He nodded and together they rose from the bed. Walking to the bathroom, they passed the open door of the other bedroom. A reading light was on, illuminating the two figures on the bed. Kate was on top of Mark, her legs wrapped around his head. Her lips were stretched around his cock as she stroked him with one hand and sucked on him. Her hips were rocking wildly, Mark’s big hands were on her ass, pulling her tight against his face. From her frenzied movements, Tim knew that she was about to cum. He wondered, dimly, how many orgasms Mark had given her. He thought about her mouth on his cock, thought about her making him cum and swallowing his semen. It all seemed strangely distant now… he was unable to summon the feelings of jealousy he’d felt earlier.

He looked at Suzanne and once again his thoughts were filled with the warmth of her body. His cock began to harden as he followed her into the bathroom, and into the waiting shower.

They soaped each other playfully at first, rubbing the slippery shower gel over one another, teasing and caressing, and laughing like kids. Soon the touching became more intense, her hand stroking his shaft as he filled her pussy with his fingers. Wordlessly, she turned and leaned against the shower wall. He positioned the head of his cock between the waiting lips and slid into her, moving with long deep strokes, fucking her with a sure rhythm as if they had always been lovers. She began to move, meeting his thrusts as his pace increased, taking him deep inside her again and again, and then suddenly crying out as an orgasm swept over her.

Tim, still hard, paused while her orgasm subsided. She turned her head, back over her shoulder, and he leaned in to kiss her.

“Will you do something for me?” she asked.

“Yes,” he answered, without a moment’s hesitation.

“Will you fuck my ass? I want to feel you there. Mark is too big, I can’t take him that way.”

“Ouch! Should I feel insulted?” He motioned with his hands, indicating the relative size of Mark’s cock and his own.

She grinned at him and kissed him again, and they both laughed. He began to soap her ass, working a finger into her, lubricating her with the slippery gel. And then he put the head of his cock against her puckered anus, and pushing slightly, penetrating her. She moaned slightly as he worked his cock into her, her voice almost a humming vibration that seemed to permeate her body. Soon his shaft was buried in her, and he began to move in and out, his hands on her hips as he fucked her.

His pace increased, and Suzanne moved one hand to her clit, masturbating as he fucked her. He had never been so turned on, but at the same time had no trouble holding back his orgasm as their bodies moved together. Suzanne’s breath was coming in short gasps, and finally she said, “Oh god Tim, I’m going to cum again.”

Tim felt her body tense, felt her sphincter tighten around his cock, and then, as wave after wave of orgasm rocked her body, he unleashed his own orgasm, filling her with his cum.

Slowly their breathing slowed, and Tim carefully slipped his soft cock from her body. They kissed deeply once more, and washed one another gently. As they dried off and left the bathroom, the house was quiet.

Suzanne gave Tim a light kiss before she turned to her bedroom. He slipped into his own room, where Kate was sleeping, a single sheet wrapped around her naked body. He lifted the sheet and snuggled against her, but his thoughts were only of Suzanne, her body now resting against Mark’s in the next room, as he fell into a deep but troubled sleep.

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