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Surprise Afternoon Encounter

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Jocelyn was sitting on the couch in the living room watching the television and trying to relax. Today had been somewhat stressful with the first day of classes at the local university. There wasn’t really anything on for her to watch and so she was growing more bored by the minute.

Then the idea came to her to take a nap. There wasn’t anyone else at home since her two roommates were out. Megan was working and Amanda was probably on a lunch date with one of her many admirers.

Jocelyn stretched out on the couch, using one of the couch decorative cushions to rest her head on. She used her naturally olive toned hand to push her shoulder-length black hair away from her face. Jocelyn wasn’t strikingly beautiful, but she had the natural beauty that many of her friends claimed to be jealous of. Her eyes were a striking color, a perfect mix of brown and hazel that gave them the color of gold or honey. Her lips were full enough to be considered pouty but not enough to draw attention away from the rest of her face. Her nose was what you’d consider a button nose with the tip of it slightly up turned. Jocelyn rarely wore makeup to draw out any of her features, her main make up accessory was her flavored lip gloss that she was very nearly addicted to. She didn’t have to worry about covering up blemishes because she was blessed with her mother’s perfect skin as well as her father’s Italian olive completion.

She was only 5’3 in height, which made her the shortest of her friends but she didn’t really mind, if anything, she thought it made her look more adorable. Her body was slender and slightly athletic thanks to her years in martial arts as well as yoga. Her breasts were slightly larger than she’d like, being a 32 D and constantly gained her attention from both sexes.

Jocelyn closed her eyes once she was nestled comfortably on the couch, laying on her side. She laid like that for about fifteen minutes unable to fall asleep. She let out a slight groan and stretched her arm up in the air, when she brought it down, it grazed her nipples through her lavender tank top. The sensation sent warmth throughout her body and so she moved to where she could rub both of her nipples at the same time with one hand, still above her shirt. Her nipples quickly grew hard with the attention, Jocelyn bit her bottom lip in a seductive manner and took one of her nipples between her thumb and index finger and began squeezing it and pulling it.

Without thinking, she quickly slipped her hand inside her shirt, unsnapping her front closure bra quickly, freeing her large breasts and once more took to playing with her nipples. She brought her index finger up to her mouth and sucked on it enough to get it wet, then circled around her nipple. The wetness caused her nipple to freeze slightly when the air hit it. Jocelyn then sat up slightly, and used both hands to pull one of her breasts up toward her face. She bent her head down and stuck out her tongue, flicking her hard nipple with the tip of her tongue. She then repeated the same action to the other nipple. One benefit of having large breasts was being able to treat yourself to this. Jocelyn had started moving her hips back and forth while squeezing her legs closed by this time, wanting some pressure against her dampening pussy.

She returned to playing with her nipples, pulling on them, then flicking her thumb over them. Freeing her other hand to run down her stomach and to the waistband of her jeans. She quickly unsnapped and unzipped them so that she could easily move her hand inside. She slid her fingers inside her already soaked panties and parted her legs enough to give her easy access to her dripping pussy. She slid her middle finger along her clit up and down slowly, letting out a soft moan. Then she started flicking it back and forth faster, enjoying the vibrations that it was sending through her body.

She looked at the clock, it was 3:00 pm. She figured that she’d still have at least an hour before anyone else got home and so she pushed her pants off and kicked them to the floor. She just pushed her panties down to her knees in case she had to quit in the middle due to interruptions. She returned her fingers to the sweetness between her legs ,this time sliding two fingers inside her pussy to get them very wet. She then brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them, enjoying the taste of her pussy juices.

She continued with herself for a few minutes and moaning loudly, enjoying the idea of fucking herself in the living room where anyone could just walk in. It felt naughty and freeing at the same time which only increased her pleasure. She had her eyes closed and was getting closer and closer to a climax when she heard the door open and close. She quickly pulled her panties up and pulled down her shirt.

She stretched and tried to act as if she had just woken up from a nap and looked up to see one of her roommates, Amanda, standing a few feet away from her. She let her eyes take in Amanda’s appearance. Amanda was 5’8 with a dancer’s body, thin with well developed muscles. Her skin tone was lighter than Jocelyn’s, and her dark blond hair was cut short in a stylish pixie hair cut. Her bright blue eyes were now studying Jocelyn’s appearance. Her short black skirt showed off her nice legs, and her black button up shirt was unbuttoned enough to show off her small cleavage.

Amanda grinned at Jocelyn, crossing her arms over her chest. “And what are you doing Jo?” She asked, her voice letting on that she had a good idea even without Jocelyn’s answer.

Jocelyn felt her face grow warm as a million thoughts ran through her mind, “I was trying to take a nap…” she said lamely.

Amanda didn’t look convinced as she let her eyes move over Jocelyn’s body only covered by her panties and shirt. She could tell that her bra either wasn’t on or was undone because Jocelyn’s nipples were clearly visible. She closed the distance between where she was standing and the couch, coming to sit down by Jocelyn’s spread legs. Jocelyn watched as Amanda brought one of her legs up and entangled it with her’s. She bit her bottom lip once more as Amanda laid her hand on Jocelyn’s knee.

She found herself wishing that Amanda would move her hand further up, wanting to know what it would feel like to have Amanda playing with her pussy. Those thoughts surprised her because though she had once or twice fantasized about making out with another girl, she had never let herself think of her roommates that way. She had also never been with another girl.

As if reading her mind, Amanda let her hand travel from Jocelyn’s knee, up a little more to her thigh, and back down. Her eyes staying on Jocelyn’s face, looking for any reaction. She shifted her ass slightly so that Jocelyn’s leg was now between her own, very close to her own pussy.

“Jo, tell me what you were doing,” she said huskily..”or you could show me.”

Before Jocelyn had the chance to chicken out, she lifted her shirt and started rubbing her nipples again, and at the same time she slowly slipped her other hand down inside her panties and teased herself along the outside of her pussy lips.

“That’s nice,” Amanda said, her eyes now watching the up and down motion inside Jocelyn’s panties. Her own hand was now playing with her own nipples through her shirt. Her own hips moving as if they had a mind of their own. She moved her hand from Jocelyn’s thigh up to the leg of her panties and pulled them to the side. She then slipped her hand through the opening and started rubbing Jocelyn’s clit, exploring it with her fingers.

Jocelyn bit her bottom lip harder to keep from moaning too loud. She shifted so that she could sit up without forcing Amanda to move her hand. She moved closer to Amanda and leaned in to kiss her lips. She let her hands start to unbutton Amanda’s shirt and was thrilled to see that Amanda wasn’t wearing a bra. She took off Amanda’s shirt and threw it to the ground. After giving Amanda another kiss, she lowered her head to Amanda’s breasts and started flicking the nipples with her tongue just as she had done her own. She then took one in her mouth and started sucking on it while she played with the other. Amanda arched her back, slipping her fingers outside of Jocelyn’s panties and bringing it up to her lips to lick them clean.

Jocelyn then let her hands move up Amanda’s legs to the panty line. She moved back up to kiss Amanda’s lips once more, gliding her tongue along her bottom lip.

“Take your panties off,” Jocelyn ordered huskily. Amanda nodded and stood up to slip her panties and skirt to the floor. Jocelyn did the same with her panties, as well as taking her shirt and throwing it to the heap of clothes along with her bra. Jocelyn then let her hand move in between Amanda’s legs, letting her middle finger slide along Amanda’s soaking wet slit, just inserting it enough to touch her clit. Amanda took in a deep intake of breath and pushed her thighs closer toward Jocelyn’s hand.

Jocelyn knew what Amanda wanted and pushed Amanda back, once more kissing her, letting their tongues intertwine as she slid first one finger then another into Amanda’s pussy. It was so wet by now that each time Jocelyn’s fingers slid in and out, she could hear the movement. Jocelyn went down on her knees and grinned seductively at Amanda before kissing up her thigh. She held open Amanda’s pussy lips and let the tip of her tongue flick against Amanda’s clit, then proceeded to suck on it hungrily. Amanda let out a loud moan, one hand playing with her breasts and the other resting on Jocelyn’s head.

“God it feels so good, mm yes, lick my pussy.” Amanda moaned, now moving her hips back and forth against Jocelyn’s mouth.

Jocelyn fucked Amanda’s pussy with her tongue for a little longer, but her own pussy was demanding attention. She stood up, and straddled Amanda’s leg, placing one of her own knees right up against Amanda’s pussy. She started grinding her own pussy against Amanda’s thigh, riding it the way she would a cock. Amanda ground her own pussy against Jocelyn’s well placed knee, slipping her hand in between her leg and Jocelyn’s pussy, sliding her fingers into her roommate’s sweetness and started finger fucking her hard.

Jocelyn moaned against Amanda’s lips, letting Amanda lick her own pussy juices off of them. Both Amanda and Jocelyn started moaning louder and louder, their bodies grinding against each other. They both let out loud moans of pleasure as they climaxed at nearly the same time.

Amanda smiled at Jocelyn as she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and brought her hand in between the two of them, “Looks like you enjoyed yourself, my fingers are soaked.” Amanda said teasingly.

“Let me take care of that,” Jocelyn replied, keeping her eyes focused on Amanda’s eyes as she stuck Amanda’s fingers in her mouth, sucking them clean.

Jocelyn lifted herself off of Amanda’s seated body and licked her lips while looking at her naked roommate. She took pleasure in seeing the same hunger filling her friend’s eyes.

“I should come home more often,” Amanda stated, licking her own lips.

“Mmhmm,” Jocelyn said, already thinking of more things she would do to Amanda the next time they had the house to themselves.

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