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Blown Away

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“Fire in the hole!”


Lauren Thompson watched with satisfaction as the two tapered smokestacks suddenly curtsied and bowed like 18th Century dancing partners, collapsing into a billowing cloud of dust. She rose from her crouch behind the wall of sandbags, turned off the bullhorn and walked back to the operations trailer to review the remote camera videotapes.

If all the explosive charges had detonated, then it would be safe for the crews to move in and begin picking up the rubble. If not, they would have to be isolated and removed.

Upon entering, she saw her father rewinding the tapes and checking the monitors, whirring about in his motorized wheelchair. Ever since his accident three years ago, Lauren had been in charge of all field operations while he handled less strenuous duties. She had been a twenty-six year old newly graduated structural engineer from MIT when her father’s injury occurred. It was a routine demolition job, but something went wrong and a falling girder crushed his spine. Lauren assumed control of Keystone Demolition Company during her father’s convalescence and never looked back.

“How’d it look, Dad?” she asked, removing her hardhat and safety glasses. She shook the dust from her long black hair.

“Perfect, Laur, perfect,” he replied with a smile. “All the charges went off in the proper sequence. Send the crews in.”

Lauren flicked the toggle on her two-way radio, “Charlie, you there?”

“Sure am, boss lady,” came the reply.

“Move ’em out, Charlie. We need to wrap this one up ASAP.”

“Gotcha, boss lady, we’re rollin’, Charlie out.”

Lauren chuckled as she heard the roar of diesel engines echoing across the demolition site. Charlie was the senior supervisor for debris removal, and twenty years her senior. He still referred to her as ‘boss lady’ and was always deferential to her. Lauren had always treated her fathers’ employees with respect when she was growing up and now they were returning the courtesy.

“Great news, Laur,” her father said, “Councilman Kennelly’s office called today. The City Council accepted our bid on demolishing that block of buildings downtown. They were impressed with your presentation at the Council meeting last week. You did a fine job, Laur, I’m proud of you.”

Lauren bent and kissed her father on the forehead. “It wasn’t just me, Dad. The whole crew put that one over. I was just the mouthpiece,” she replied modestly.

“That’s a load of bull and you know it,” her father laughed. “Oh by the way, the Councilman wants you to attend a little cocktail party he’s throwing at his place tonight. Seems he’s celebrating the start of the demolition project and he wanted you there to congratulate on being selected for the contract.”

“Oh crap, a freakin’ cocktail party, Dad?” Lauren groaned. “I hate parties, you know that. A bunch of silly, drunken people making conversation about nothing, I’ll be bored stiff.”

“Goes with the territory, Laur,” her father replied. “Buy yourself a new dress, pretty yourself up for the Council Member. Lay a little charm on him. It’s good for business.”

“Whatever,” Lauren snorted, “I’m outta here. See you later, Dad. Don’t wait up.” Exiting the trailer, she climbed into her jeep and sped off to the mall to look for a dress. She preferred wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but business was business.


Cassandra Barton drove her Rolls-Royce Corniche convertible into the only vacant parking place in the circular driveway. She wrinkled her nose at the sight of a mud-splattered jeep next to her. “Some people don’t know how to take care of their machinery, do they, Erminitrude?” she addressed her car. “I would never let you get that dirty, my girl,” she continued, patting the steering wheel affectionately.

Cassandra did not want to be at this dreary party, but as chair of the Clear Lake City Historic Preservation Commission, she felt obligated to attend. After all, this man was instrumental in getting the city block condemned where her great-grandfathers first store opened. In spite of her best efforts, the building along with the rest of the block was condemned and slated for demolition. Maybe I can finally make the Councilman see reason, she thought as she locked the car door and walked towards the house.


Lauren was bored and miserable as she stood looking out the open French doors into the garden, hoping to avoid another senseless conversation. Ten more minutes and I’m out of here, she thought grimly. She had made nice with Council Member Kennelly, oh yeah, ‘Jack’, and now she was ready to leave before any more of these vapid people struck up a conversation with her. “Dad owes me big time for this one,” she muttered under her breath, gazing absently at the full moon.


Cassandra walked into the spacious living room and slowly surveyed the groups of people there. She did not recognize anyone, which did not surprise her. No one she knew would attend such a gathering unless forced. Taking a glass of wine from a passing waiter, her attention focused on a statuesque woman with long black hair looking out an open door into the night.

Silhouetted against the dark sky, she seemed almost ethereal in the moonlight. The woman’s’ snug white dress contrasted beautifully with her bronze skin and Cassandra was intrigued. Her original intentions for attending the party forgotten, she approached the woman and said, “Excuse me, have we met? My name is Cassandra, Cassandra Barton.”

Lauren turned at the sound of the soft voice addressing her and her eyes widened. The woman before her was tall, blonde and blue eyed with the figure of a fashion model. Her blue silk dress fit her slender body as if made for her (which it had been) and she had the sweetest smile on her face.

“I…I don’t think so,” she stammered. As the scent of the woman’s exotic perfume filled her nostrils, Lauren felt the first stirrings of lust for this enchanting stranger. “I’m Lauren Thompson, pleased to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine, darling,” murmured Cassandra, her eyes locked onto Lauren’s brown ones feeling as if she was drowning in their warm pools. Gods, she thought, the woman is gorgeous. Where did she come from? Her full lips, high cheekbones and jutting breasts captivated Cassandra, making her pulse pound.

The women stood staring at each other. Lauren finally broke the ice, “I was going to walk in the garden and get some air, would you like to join me?”

“That sounds lovely,” said Cassandra brightly. “It is rather stuffy in here.”

Soon they were strolling along the gravel paths, the glow of the full moon lighting their way. Not a word passed between them since they had begun to walk, but they continued to turn their heads and smile at each other, pebbles crunching beneath their shoes. Finally, they stopped under the spreading branches of a huge oak tree, turned and faced each other.

To the end of their days, they could never remember which one made the first move. All they could agree on was that they were in each other’s arms, locked in a kiss of such intensity that it both thrilled and frightened them. They slowly rubbed their bodies together as their tongues entwined; feeling the arousal building and the spark became a flame.

Breaking their kiss, Lauren gasped, “I want you, Cassie, and I want you now.”

“And I want you, Lauren,” Cassandra replied in a shaky voice, “My home is just a mile from here. Let’s hurry.”

Holding hands and laughing, they ran across the lawn toward the parked cars. Lauren leapt into the driver’s seat of her jeep crying, “C’mon Cassie, I’m driving. You be the navigator.”

Cassandra jumped into the passenger’s seat and fastened her seat belt, “Go quickly, darling,” she replied. “I can’t wait to have you in my bed.”

Lauren started the engine and asked, “What about your car? Which one is it?”

“It’s the Rolls,” Cassandra replied. “I’ll send someone around for it. Now drive on, and please hurry.”

Lauren laughed, slamming the jeep into gear and roaring down the driveway. “Hang on, babe, I’m about to break some speed limits.”


“Ohhhh, suck them, darling, suck them please,” Cassandra moaned as Lauren licked and nibbled on her nipples. Lauren filled her mouth with Cassie’s firm flesh, sucking the stiff nubs, trembling with her own need as her lover’s delicate hands caressed her back and shoulders.

The drive to Cassie’s house was a blur in Lauren’s mind. When the gates swung open and her jeep sped down the long, winding driveway, Lauren realized her soon-to-be-lover lived on a vast estate. The mansion was huge, the front doors immense, the winding stairway long; then they were stripping off each other’s clothes and rolling in a naked embrace on a canopied bed that encompassed half of the spacious bedroom.

Lauren was determined to lick and suck every inch of Cassie’s delicious body, if only to listen to her whimpers and moans. Removing her mouth from Cassie’s saliva covered breasts, she licked slowly down her lover’s flat belly, teasing the button with her tongue and burying her face in the blonde triangle of hair below.

“Ohhh, please darling, please,” Cassie gasped. “Lick me, lick me. I want your tongue in …meeeeee.” Her last word became a shriek as Lauren complied with her wishes and clamped her mouth on her lover’s wet pussy, sending her tongue deep into the heated crevice, wiggling against the tender pink walls.

“Yes, oh yes, it’s so good,” Cassie moaned as Lauren’s eager mouth slowly drove her mad with passion. She bucked her hips upward, fucking her pussy on Laurens face, feeling her lover’s strong hands gripping her ass cheeks as her stabbing tongue danced in her hot cunt.

Cassie’s brain exploded in pleasure when Lauren finally nibbled and sucked on her throbbing clit. “Ahhh, Lauren, I’m cummingg,” she howled, bucking and thrashing as her orgasms ripped through her.

Holding Cassie’s ass cheeks in an iron grip, she ate her lover to three more orgasms, purring and growling in uncontrollable lust. She couldn’t get enough of this woman and would be happy to spend hours between her creamy thighs, eating her pussy as she screamed with pleasure.

“Oohh, no more, please, no more,” Cassie cried. Her senses overloading and she felt herself slipping into unconsciousness. When she awoke, Lauren had her cradled in her strong arms, her brown eyes gazing at her adoringly.

“It’s about time you woke up, babe,” Lauren chuckled. “You’ve been out for a good five minutes. I went kinda crazy on you, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t you dare apologize, you wonderful woman,” Cassie sighed. “You are a truly marvelous lover. I haven’t cum that hard or so often in ages. Where have you been all my life?”

“On the other side of those iron gates,” Lauren said teasingly. “But who cares about that, we’re together now, that’s all that matters.”

“Together,” Cassie sighed, snuggling against Laurens hard body. “I like the sound of that. Can you stay the night? My chef makes marvelous Eggs Florentine and her muffins are superb.”

“I think I’d rather have your muffins,” Lauren grinned, her body stretching lazily like a big cat. “But breakfast does sound good…ohhhh, Cassie, yesss,” she moaned as her blonde lover slid two fingers into her slick pussy and bit gently on a hard nipple.

“You don’t have to…oooohh…,” Lauren gasped as Cassie’s slim fingers twisted inside her. “I…I came twice while eating you.”

“Shush, Lauren,” Cassie replied, her thumb rubbing her lovers’ engorged clit. “Now you’ll see what your Cassie can do.”

“My Cassie,” Lauren said contentedly. “My Cassie. Oh yessss…fuck me, fuck your Lauren. Make me cum for you.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Cassie murmured, straddling Lauren. She engulfed a thick, brown nipple in her mouth, rolling her lover’s other breast in her hand, pinching the nipple between her forefinger and thumb. Rubbing her juicy pussy on Lauren’s firm belly, Cassie sucked and kneaded her partner’s firm globes, reveling in the sound of her whimpers and moans.

Cassie’s sensuous breast play was driving Lauren insane. Her clit was throbbing, her pussy was creaming and Cassie teasingly ignored her anguished pleas to lick her, lick her. Finally, taking pity on her bronze-skinned lover, Cassie slowly licked her way down Lauren’s quivering body, nuzzling the brown pubic hair until her nose filled with the scent of her bedmate’s pussy.

Lauren lifted her long legs over Cassie’s shoulders, arching her back and offering her steaming slit to her lover’s mouth. “You are so mine,” Cassie whispered, burrowing her slick tongue deep in Laurens’ juicy cunt.

Lauren emitted a lusty scream as Cassie’s tongue slithered between her glistening labial lips, caressing the sensitive pink flesh, scooping out mouthfuls of warm honey that she eagerly swallowed. “Ohhhh, baby, you eat so damn good,” Lauren cried as Cassie devoured her delicious meal of gooey pussy. Lauren pinched and tugged on her own nipples as Cassie replaced her tongue with three probing fingers and her warm mouth covered the black haired woman’s engorged clit.

Cassie nibbled and licked Lauren’s clit as she pumped her fingers into her lover’s wet pussy. “More, please,” Lauren gasped. “Fist me, Cassie, please, I want it so bad.”

Cassie hesitated for a moment. She wanted to please Lauren, but did not want to hurt her. Lauren begged her again and Cassie responded. She curled her fingers around her thumb and slowly pushed her fist into her Lauren’s pussy. She could feel the muscles relaxing in her lover’s slick hole, and then her fist was in up to her forearm, slowly pumping in and out, as Lauren uttered little shrieks of joy.

Lauren’s thighs tightened around Cassie’s head as her lover’s fist drove her to new heights of ecstasy. Cassie had opened her hand, rubbing the wet inner flesh with her knuckles, rolling her hand back and forth, as her thumb rubbed Lauren’s G-spot. Then she began to suck on Lauren’s clit once again, sending her into an orgasmic frenzy.

“Oh Godd, Cassie, fuck meeee…” Lauren shrieked as her orgasm crashed over her like an ocean wave. Cassie continued to pump and lick her lover’s pussy and clit until Lauren fell back on the mattress in a faint. Cassie carefully removed her fist from Lauren’s sopping pussy, happily licking the juices from her fingers and cuddling against her satisfied companion.

When Lauren’s eyes fluttered open, she saw Cassie lying next to her, her blue eyes looking at her tenderly. “My sweet Cassie,” Lauren whispered, reaching out to caress her lovers’ face. “How long was I out?”

“Not long,” Cassie replied with a smile. Barely stifling a yawn, she continued, “I don’t know about you, but I think a little nap is in order. I am exhausted.”

“Come here,” Lauren replied, holding out her arms. “I want to fall asleep with you against me.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Cassie sighed, melting into her lover’s embrace. In a moment, they were snoring softly, dreaming of the days they would spend together.


“Dammit, I told you never to call me on this line, you idiot,” Jack Kennelly screamed into his office phone. “Use the number I gave you last week.” He slammed the receiver down, seething with rage. Things were falling into place and now this moron wanted to talk on a monitored line. I’m too far into this now to risk being discovered, besides the money’s too good, he thought nervously. Responding to a faint warble from his desk drawer, he slid it open, grabbed a nondescript cell phone and began speaking rapidly.


Lauren was having a wonderful dream. Her pussy was being licked and sucked with such skill and tenderness she couldn’t catch her breath as sensations coursed through her body. Her eyes flew open and she realized it was no dream. She lay naked in a gigantic bed, her legs spread wide with a blonde head nestled in her crotch. A pair of mischievous blue eyes looked up at her as soft hands cupped her ass cheeks, holding her in place as Cassie expertly devoured her pussy.

“Ohhhh, mmmmm, morning sweetie,” Lauren sighed, her face breaking into a huge smile. Cassie did not reply, but licked faster until her lover’s hips bucked and, with a delighted squeal, filled her mouth with delicious juices, which she eagerly swallowed.

“And good morning to you, darling,” Cassie said happily, moving up her lover’s body and allowing Lauren to lick her own nectar from her shining face. “That’s so much more fun than one of those pesky clock radios, don’t you think?”

“Oh yeah,” Lauren purred, her strong hands gripping Cassie’s slim waist. “Now it’s my turn to say good morning.” Lifting her slim lover easily, she pulled her wet pussy to her mouth and began to tongue fuck it ferociously; Cassie’s mewls of pleasure music to her ears as she ate her once again.

“Yes, darling, yes,” Cassie moaned as Lauren’s tongue probed into her dripping slit. “I love youuuu… Ahhhhh…” Already aroused from eating her bedmate’s pussy, Cassie came almost immediately at the touch of Lauren’s tongue, filling her lover’s mouth with one more helping of love honey.

Snuggling happily together in the orgasmic afterglow, Lauren’s tummy began to growl giving Cassie a fit of the giggles. Voice activating the house intercom system, she ordered the kitchen to prepare breakfast for them and in no time it arrived. Hearing a knock on the door, Lauren moved to cover her naked body, but Cassie simply said, “Come in.”

What the hell, Lauren thought, dropping the sheet and leaning back against the huge padded headboard next to her lover. The door swung open and a middle-aged Asian woman in chef’s whites entered carrying a large tray, her face impassive. She placed the tray on the end of the bed, removed two bed tables from the closet and proceeded to serve breakfast. Lauren watched her eyes roaming over her and Cassie’s bodies, but the woman acted almost disinterested as she finished serving, bowed and left the room.

“That was Etsu Owada, my chef,” Cassie explained as Lauren looked at her quizzically, “I hired her away from the Tokyo Hilton. She is an absolute treasure.”

Lauren began devouring her breakfast with her usual gusto, while Cassie lifted small forkfuls of food to her rosebud lips, chewing slowly and carefully. Finishing her meal well ahead of her new lover, Lauren swallowed her coffee and asked “What brought you to Kennelly’s little clambake last night? I was there on business; well, sort of, of course now I’m glad I went.”

“I feel the same way,” Cassie replied, dabbing delicately at her lips with a cloth napkin. “I attended because I thought I might get that stubborn man to see reason and not destroy great-grandfather’s building downtown. Then, well, you happened and I forgot why I had gone there.”

“Um, Cassie,” Lauren said nervously, “Our company has the contract to demolish that block of stores. I was there last night so Kennelly could congratulate me on the contract award. I hope this doesn’t change anything between us.”

Cassie sipped her coffee thoughtfully for a moment, her pink tongue licking the rim of the cup. Lauren silently cursed the fates that had led her to this amazing woman and then thrown this obstacle in her path. The memory of that tongue wriggling in her pussy was making Lauren wet despite her nervousness. Then Cassie replied softly, “It makes no difference, darling. You are merely an instrument of that man’s evil activities.” She pushed the bed tray to one side and lay back on the sheets. “Your Cassie would love a kiss from her Lauren,” she said with a smile.

“Only one?” Lauren laughed happily. Rolling on top of her lover, their lips and bodies fused together and their passions rose.


Five more minutes, Jack Kennelly fumed silently as he sat on a squeaky bar stool, five more minutes and then I’m out of here . Gripping the glass of

tepid draft beer in his sweaty hands, the City Council member glanced about him nervously. He was confident that no one knew him in this dockside bar, as it catered primarily to sailors fresh off the ships from dozens of nations. What the Hell, probably most of ’em can’t even speak English.

“Bluegill, I presume,” said a heavily accented voice, jerking him out of his reverie. Kennelly turned to see a swarthy, shabbily dressed man seated on the barstool next to him. “Are you a fisherman?” Kennelly responded to the agreed upon code phrase. “Only in the summer time,” the man responded. Reaching into the pocket of his tattered jacket, the man withdrew a bulging brown envelope. Kennelly grabbed it eagerly.

“It is all there,” the man muttered, his smile revealing a mouth full of yellowed teeth, “Do you wish to count it?” Kennelly shook his head and shoved the envelope into his sweatshirt, pulling the hood up over his dark brown hair. “Two weeks, here, Bluegill,” the man said as he slid from the barstool. “Final payment as agreed.” He walked out the open door as Kennelly watched, counting to fifty before he in turn left the bar, striding rapidly towards his SUV.


Lauren tried to concentrate on the computer screen as she prepared blast effect schematics for the downtown job, but her thoughts kept returning to her blonde lover. She and Cassie had been going at it hot and heavy for almost a month and the sex was fantastic. Lauren was hopelessly in love with her and she knew Cassie felt the same way. Lauren was still amazed that Cassie had fallen for her, given the fact that they were from two different worlds. When Cassie had casually mentioned that she was the great-granddaughter of the founder of the ‘Freddie Fix-it’ chain of home improvement stores, Lauren was stunned. At least that explained the mansion, the Rolls, the clothing, everything.

It also explained Cassie’s determination to save the building in the block they were to demolish as it once housed her great-grandfathers first hardware store. In spite of her best efforts as Chair of the Historic Preservation Commission to have the building declared a historic structure, the City Council condemned the entire block on a close vote. Council Member Kennelly, in conflict with his previous position on the matter, suddenly became the swing vote in favor of demolition. He had also become, almost overnight, an outspoken proponent of the gigantic condominium project proposed for the site and talked about it incessantly to anyone who would listen.

Lauren felt terrible about being the one who was going to destroy the building her lover had worked so hard to save, but business was business and Cassie did not hold her responsible. Forcing herself to focus on the matter at hand, Lauren began rechecking her field calculations and plugging data into the program when her radio buzzed. “Lauren,” she said briskly into the mouthpiece.

“Ms. Thompson, you have a visitor,” the radio crackled. The voice belonged to Jerry from the guard shack at the entrance of the secured demolition site. Lauren was puzzled. She wasn’t expecting anyone.

“Who is it Jerry?” she asked, mildly irritated that her concentration was broken.

“A pretty blonde lady in a Rolls ragtop, Ms. Thompson, she says she knows you,” Jerry replied. “Shall I let her in?”

“Let her through, Jerry,” Lauren replied, excited at the prospect of seeing Cassie after almost a week of separation. They had both been so busy, she with setting up the downtown block for demolition, Cassie with her many committees, boards and charitable organizations. Lauren heard Erminitrude’s door slam and Cassie’s high heels clinking on the metal steps of the operations trailer. Lauren rose from her swivel chair and strode eagerly to the door. As she reached for the knob, the door swung open and Cassie walked into her arms. Lauren hugged her and nuzzled her soft, blonde hair, the smell of her perfume was intoxicating, the supple softness of her slim body arousing.

Cassie’s eyes were wet as she felt her lover’s strong arms hold her against her firm body, making her feel safe and secure. She buried her face between Lauren’s ample breasts, smelling the sweat and lavender soap, wishing she could stay this way forever. Her pink tongue darted out and she tasted her lover’s skin after had what seemed an age.

Lauren moaned happily as Cassie’s tongue laved between her breasts. Lauren’s hands moved to cup Cassie’s round buttocks, pulling the slim blonde closer as their hips ground together.

“Did you miss me, darling?” Cassie asked, lifting her head from between Lauren’s breasts, her blue eyes ablaze with longing.

“Damn right,” Lauren growled, pulling Cassie’s face to hers for a passionate kiss.

“I love you, Cassie, and I never want to be parted from you, ever.”

“Mmmmm,” was Cassie’s only response as she slid her tongue in her lover’s mouth, rippling along her teeth and gums, twining about Lauren’s own slithering tongue.

After several minutes of sensual kisses and caresses, they were fully aroused and eager to make love. Cassie saw a bunk at the far end of the trailer. “Do you think that bed will hold both of us?” she gasped.

“Let’s find out,” Lauren panted. Releasing her grip, she picked up the radio and flicked the ‘talk’ switch. “Charlie,” she said to her field supervisor, “I’m going to review some calculations for the next hour or so and I don’t want to be disturbed.” She stifled a moan as Cassie lifted her skirt, revealing her blonde pussy barely concealed by a wispy thong.

“Gotcha, boss lady,” was the reply, “Do not disturb, Charlie out.”

Lauren’s hands were shaking as she unlaced her work boots, yanked down her jeans and pulled off her t-shirt. Cassie had removed her silk business suit, then her lacy bra and lay on the bunk in her thong. She looked at Lauren with lustful blue eyes, her fingers sensuously stroking her breast and pussy.

Cassie thought she would cum just from seeing her bronze-skinned lover strip off her clothes and walk toward her. Her body ached for Lauren’s touch and she squealed in pleasure as her lover straddled her on the narrow bunk, holding her between her strong thighs and covering her face with kisses. Cassie’s delicate hand slid along Lauren’s taut belly, her fingers finding her lover’s juicy pussy. Lauren sighed as Cassie’s fingers drove deep in her wet slit, twisting against the velvet walls, squishing in the wetness.

Then it was Cassie’s turn to sigh in pleasure as Lauren straddled her leg and tore off her thong, her strong fingers sinking between her lover’s gooey folds. Gazing into each other’s eyes, they began to pleasure each other.

“Ahhhhh, fuck me, darling, fuck me hard,” Cassie cried, hips writhing on her lovers’ fingers.

“Ohhhh, Cassie, you fuck so good,” Lauren howled, grinding against Cassie’s hand.

Gasping and moaning, their bunched fingers rubbed against soft, pink walls, thumbs pressing on each other’s clits. Lauren felt her climax surge as Cassie’s fingers twisted deep within her gushing pussy. Cassie’s hips bucked as she rode Lauren’s fingers to a massive orgasm.

“Oooooh, My Goddd,” Cassie screamed, her cunt gushing on Lauren’s hand as her orgasms racked her slim body.

“Yeesss, Cassie, fuck meeee,” Lauren wailed, her pussy releasing waves of cum as she climaxed repeatedly on Cassie’s fingers.

Whimpering and panting, the lovers slowly withdrew from each other. Happily licking the warm juices from their hands as they lay on the narrow bunk, their sweaty bodies pressed together. “My Lauren,” Cassie finally spoke in a voice charged with emotion, “I’ve missed you so this week.”

“I missed you too, Cassie,” Lauren replied. “There isn’t a moment that I don’t think of you.”

Cassie nibbled on Laurens neck as she purred in delight, tilting her head to give her lover greater access as she licked the hollow of her throat. “I almost forgot what I came here to tell you, darling,” Cassie murmured, “I think Kennelly was bribed to vote against saving great-grandfathers store.”

“How do you know that?” Lauren asked, Cassie’s tongue sending shivers through her body.

“I have been making inquiries at City Hall,” Cassie replied, sighing as Lauren’s strong hands kneaded her tight buttocks. “Several of the Council Members admitted to me in strict confidence that they had been solicited to secure their ‘yes’ vote on the downtown project. All of them that I spoke to said they had refused, even when offered large sums of money. All that did vote ‘yes’ did so on principle. I was never able to speak to Council Member Kennelly, however. He was always busy with something or other.

“That made me curious, so I made some additional inquiries. He is heavily in debt. He just bought that huge house. How could he afford that on a Council Member’s salary? Anyway, he has made several large deposits into his bank accounts over the last months; his vote was opposite to his previously stated position…that made me suspicious.

“I spoke with a friend of mine in the District Attorney’s office about my suspicions. I also told her what I had learned. She agreed to open a case file on the matter and assured me they would move quickly if they determine that something inappropriate is going on.”

“My sexy detective,” Lauren murmured, the heat of her lover’s body arousing her once more. “I want you again, c’mere.”

Shifting on the bunk Lauren spread her legs, pulling Cassie’s pussy against her. They kissed hungrily as their slick pussy lips slid together, their clits rubbing together until shuddering climaxes racked their bodies. Satiated, they lay back on the damp sheets, savoring the aftermath of orgasmic bliss.


Jack Kennelly stormed past his bewildered secretary, barking “No calls!” and slamming his office door shut behind him. He flung his suit jacket at the coat rack and sat heavily in his leather chair. Mopping the sweat from his face with a monogrammed handkerchief, he groped in his desk drawer for his contact cell phone. Punching in a phone number, he snarled in frustration as the call went to a messaging service. He slammed the phone on the desk, rose from his chair and began to pace back and forth like a caged tiger.

“What the fuck is going on?” he muttered to himself. “I had this deal sewn up; now the wheels are coming off.” It had all begun with a casual comment from another Council Member when he arrived at City Hall that morning. Judy Fletcher had asked him if Cassandra Barton had been to see him yet about his vote on the downtown demolition project.

“You know, Jack,” she had said in a subdued voice, “I was approached by a person who tried to bribe me for my ‘yes’ vote. I told Ms. Barton and she seemed very interested. I know she has spoken to other Council members as well. She is determined to save her great-grandfather’s store from being demolished and I agree with her…uh, Jack, where are you going…?” she had called to his retreating back.

“She knows something, that Barton bitch knows something,” Kennelly continued to mutter to himself. “I’m gettin’ that big final payment from the fisherman early and skippin’ town. Let that high-maintenance old lady of mine deal with everything.” He picked up the cell phone from his desk and began punching in the phone number again.


“There he is, that hateful man,” Cassie whispered in Lauren’s ear as they stood in the alley next to the Sailors Rest Bar and Grill. They watched Council Member Jack Kennelly climb out of a nondescript SUV, look nervously about and stride into the bar with easy familiarity. “Let’s get a closer look darling, but I don’t want him to see us. The little mouse might run and we’ll never catch him.”

Lauren grinned as she followed Cassie from their hiding place, carefully peering in the bar’s window. She knew that Cassie appeared airy and sophisticated, being raised in a wealthy home with every luxury; but her sweetheart was smart, resourceful and an excellent amateur detective, which made Lauren love her even more. She was along purely to protect her in case of trouble, letting Cassie determine what to do next.

The women watched carefully as Kennelly and a swarthy stranger wearing a faded jacket and ripped blue jeans spoke to each other in an agitated manner. Seated at a table in a corner of the room, no one paid attention despite their escalating argument. Finally, Kennelly rose from the table, his face red with anger, and stormed out the front door of the bar. Lauren and Cassie quickly ducked back in the alley to avoid discovery and watched as he roared off.

Cassie peered around the corner and said softly. “Here comes that man Kennelly was talking to, I want to speak with him.”

“Let’s have him up for tea,” Lauren grinned. As the man passed the opening, Lauren grabbed him by his collar, pulled him into the alley and pushed his face against the wall, twisting his right arm behind him. “The lady has a few questions for you, slimebucket,” she growled, pulling him around to face Cassie.

“Now, my good man,” Cassie said in a conversational tone, “I would like to know what you were discussing with our City Council member just now.”

“Are…are you police? I want lawyer,” the man muttered, struggling in Lauren’s iron grip.

“Please answer my question,” Cassie replied, “otherwise my associate will inflict great bodily harm.”

Lauren twisted the man’s arm upwards as he howled in pain. “Answer the lady, maggot, or I’ll rip it off.”

“I talk, I talk, what do you want to know?” the man gasped as Lauren relaxed her hold.

“Let us begin with why you and Mr. Kennelly were meeting here today”, Cassie began, grinning at Lauren in satisfaction.


“What’s the deal on the special Council meeting today?” One court clerk asked another as they drank their coffee in the City Hall cafeteria.

“The way I heard it,” her companion replied, “Cassandra Barton requested the meeting. And what the Barton’s want, they get. Besides, I also heard there’s a big scandal brewing about that downtown redevelopment project.”

“Tell me more,” her friend replied, “every juicy detail…”


Jack Kennelly wiped his brow as he sat on the dais with the other Council members as Chairperson Martha Conway called the meeting to order. The room was filled with reporters and curious citizens, all engaged in a low buzz of conversation. His mind churning furiously as to what this could be about, he stiffened in surprise as Cassandra Barton stepped up to the podium and began to speak. “City Council Members and citizens,” she began. “I requested this meeting today to inform you that conclusive proof exists that there is bribery and corruption involved with the downtown redevelopment project…”

Kennelly looked nervously about him as Cassandra continued to speak, the blood pounding in his temples drowning out her words. Then all eyes turned to him as she said, “…and therefore I ask that the decision to demolish the city block downtown be nullified as it was tainted by Council Member Kennelly’s corrupted vote.”


Seated in the front row next to the podium, Lauren grinned as Cassie described in detail how an international crime cartel bribed Council Member Kennelly for his vote on the downtown redevelopment project. Cassie had received permission from the District Attorney’s office to confront Kennelly in open council session before his arrest. The man they interrogated outside the bar had been very talkative once in protective custody. He had no desire to face his superiors or deportation, so he confessed all he knew. The District Attorney’s office and the Police Department moved rapidly and arrests were continuing all over the city.

Lauren had shut down operations at the demolition site at Cassie’s request. She had taken her dad home, dismissed the crew and locked the gates, leaving the security guards on duty. Good thing too, Lauren thought, as they had placed the final charges in the buildings that very morning. All that remained was hooking up the fuse wiring, and then with the flick of a few switches, the entire block would implode into a pile of rubble.

Her reverie ended abruptly as Council Member Kennelly stood up and began to rave about a political vendetta, unsubstantiated charges and a possible libel suit. Cassie was unmoved at the display and stood silently at the podium as the Chair gaveled for order. It was too late; the room erupted in a melee of reporters and citizens speaking excitedly into their cell phones and camera crews rushing to transmit tape of Kennelly’s tirade to their stations. Then the reporters and cameras turned their attention to Cassie who stood beaming at the podium with Lauren standing next to her, a strong arm curled protectively around her waist. In the commotion, no one noticed as Kennelly darted out a side door.

Lauren stood glowering at the jabbering reporters, admiring how smoothly Cassie answered their questions. Then something occurred to her. “Cassie,” she asked, “where’s Kennelly? How come they’re not interviewing him?”

“I don’t know, darling,” Cassie replied. “I suppose the little mouse scurried off into his hole…oh my, do you think…?”

“Oh crap,” Lauren cried, “the blast site. C’mon Cassie, we gotta move. Now.”

Practically lifting her lover off the ground, Lauren charged through the crowd of reporters like a running back with the goal posts in sight. Bursting through the doors, they ran for the parking lot. Lauren’s jeep being hemmed in by a TV news van, they ran for Cassie’s Rolls.

“I’m so sorry to treat you like this, my girl,” Cassie said as she started the engine and backed out of the parking space, “but we have to stop that awful man.”

“Wahooo,” Lauren hollered as Cassie floored the accelerator pedal and the huge car lurched forward, engine roaring and tires squealing.

“Hang on, darling,” Cassie cried, “I’m about to put Erminitrude through her paces.”


Jack Kennelly wiped the sweat from his face, eyes stinging as he attempted to hook up the maze of wires that ran from the explosives in the buildings to the detonator panel. He had lost precious time distracting the guards, tripping the perimeter alarms along the block, and then forcing his way through the main gate. He knew he didn’t have much time before someone figured out where he was and what he might be doing. Swearing under his breath, he began to twist the wires together and hook them to the connectors. This is easy; he thought red-to-red, blue-to-blue, green-to…


Tires spitting gravel, Cassie spun the steering wheel as the massive car charged through the main gate onto the blast site, five police cars following close behind. Lauren clung to the dashboard and armrest with an iron grip, hooting and hollering. She’d never gone that fast in a Rolls-Royce convertible before, hell, she’d never gone that fast in any car before. Cassie must have been going over a hundred on the parkway and barely slowed down on the surface streets, collecting traffic cops as a dog draws fleas. When they saw the car and the ‘CB-1′ vanity plate, they fell in behind as Cassie drove rapidly and expertly through the city traffic.

“Head for that sandbag wall, babe,” Lauren cried, seeing Kennellys’ SUV parked there. “I’ll bet he’s trying to set off the charges, we gotta stop him.”

Before Erminitrude had come to a halt, Lauren was out of the car and running for the detonator panel behind the sandbags, but it was gone. “Where the hell did it go?” she muttered as Cassie ran towards her, calling her name and pointing towards a nearby building. Then she saw where Cassie was pointing. It was Kennelly, squatting down next to one of the buildings, the panel in his hands, detonator wires streaming from it. She stepped from behind the sandbags and began to move towards the crouching man.

“Wait,” Cassie cried, catching up to Lauren. “I’m going with you.”

“Get back behind those sandbags,” Lauren barked, “If that loony flips the wrong switch, the whole block goes up. Who knows how the fuck he wired that panel anyway. If those charges go off out of sequence…” She broke into a run, Cassie right on her heels.

“I said go back behind the sandbags, Cassie,” Lauren hollered over her shoulder, “It’s too dangerous, you could get killed.”

“Then we’ll die together,” Cassie replied, drawing even with Lauren as they ran. “It’s together or nothing.”

Both women stopped a short distance from where Kennelly was now leaning against the side of a building. He still clung to the detonator panel, a wild look in his eyes. “What the hell do you think you’re doing with those detonators, Kennelly?” Lauren said, her voice shaking with rage. “Drop that panel and give yourself up. You’ll do some jail time, but you’ll still be alive. Don’t be a fool.”

“There’s nothing left for me now,” Kennelly raved. “You bitches ruined it all. I was so close. Now you can kiss your precious buildings goodbye. I’ll see you both in hell.” He began to flip switches, laughing hysterically.

“Cassie, get down!” Lauren screamed diving for the sandy ground, pulling her lover with her and covering her with her body.


Lauren covered Cassie’s head with her arms as the implosion charges in the building fired out of sequence, collapsing the buildings wall outward instead of inward, instantly engulfing Kennelly in a cloud of dust and falling bricks. Battered by the shock waves and flying fragments, Lauren clung desperately to Cassie, trying to protect her from the lethal rain of masonry.

Then it was over. Lauren stood on shaky legs, cut and bleeding. She lifted Cassie from the ground and held her in her arms while the slim blonde buried her face in her chest and sobbed “Oh, my love, I thought we were going to die.”

Kennelly was nowhere in sight, buried under the pile of debris. Lauren saw the EMS techs and the police running towards them and lifted Cassie’s dirt stained face from her chest. “It’s all right now,” she said soothingly, kissing her and grinning in response to Cassie’s weak little smile. “It’s all right now.”


“I need just a dab right here, darling,” Cassie said teasingly, pointing to the erect nipple on her glistening breast.

“You mean right here?” Lauren replied, rubbing Cassie’s nipple between her lotion covered finger and thumb until she moaned softly. Then she lay back on the blanket, closed her eyes and let the soft tropical breeze caress her naked body. They had been teasing each other unmercifully since they had arrived at the Barton’s private beach compound in the Caribbean.

Then she felt Cassie’s soft hand caress her thigh and a surge of desire coursed through her body. A low moan escaped her as her lover’s slick fingers slid lightly on her pussy lips. She felt Cassie move on the blanket and opened her eyes. Her lover was leaning over her, blue eyes glazed with lust, her blonde hair hanging about her face. Lauren shivered as Cassie’s lips met hers in a burning kiss that rivaled the intensity of their first one, one Lauren would never forget.

Tearing her mouth away from her lover’s, Cassie whispered, “I want to fuck you, darling. I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“Take me, my Cassie, your Lauren wants you to take her now.” Lauren sighed, spreading her legs as Cassie began to suck on her stiff nipples, the gentle breeze from the ocean cool against her aching pussy. Lauren gasped as Cassie’s slim fingers parted her slick labial lips, swirling about in her glistening cunt, sliding easily in the wetness.

Lauren’s back arched off the blanket as Cassie sucked in a mouthful of breast flesh and began to pump her fingers in her lover’s steaming pussy. “Oh yessss…” Lauren moaned as Cassie’s thumb found her throbbing clit, stroking it as it emerged from its silken hood.

Lauren sobbed with desire as Cassie’s soft lips and tongue traveled slowly down her belly, licking and nibbling, her lover’s fingers pumping faster in her hot slit.

Her sobs became little shrieks as Cassie’s mouth replaced her thumb on her clit, her delicate fist plunging deep into Lauren’s pussy, each stroke sending ripples of ecstasy through her body.

“Yes, Cassie, yes,” Lauren shrieked as her orgasm raged through her, “Fuck me, fuck meeee…” Her hips twisting off the blanket, Lauren thrust herself onto Cassie’s plunging fist, feeling it bump her cervix as she flooded her lover’s hand and arm with warm cum. Cassie continued to pump and lick her lover to more orgasms until she collapsed on the blanket, mewling softly, her brown eyes unfocused.

Cassie sat back on her heels, sliding her fist delicately from Lauren’s quivering cunt, her pink tongue licking daintily at her cum covered hand. She lay next to Lauren and hugged her until her breathing slowed and she began to recover.

Lauren groaned and stretched, her muscles rippling under her bronze skin. Rising to her hands and knees, she looked into Cassie’s blue eyes and purred, “Roll over, beautiful, I want to make love to your ass.” Cassie turned on her belly, drawing her knees under her. She thrust her firm ass cheeks high in the air, trembling with anticipation. She felt Lauren’s hot breath on her puckered hole and gasped as her lover’s warm tongue rimmed her, strong fingers pulling her cheeks apart to allow the wiggling wet muscle greater access.

Sucking and nibbling, Lauren ate Cassie’s asshole with an animalistic fervor. She knew how much her lover enjoyed ass play, so she sank her stiff tongue past Cassie’s relaxed sphincter muscle. Cassie mewed with pleasure as Lauren’s tongue swabbed inside her ass, then squealed as two of her lover’s fingers slid into her sopping pussy. Cassie spread her legs to allow her lover greater access to her cunt and began to thrust her ass into Lauren’s face, impaling herself on the stabbing tongue, riding the plunging fingers.

Lauren’s tongue began to ache, so she replaced it in with two saliva-coated fingers, sinking them in up to the palm and wiggling them about. At the same time, she added two more fingers to those already in her lover’s pussy, pumping rapidly as she sucked and licked on Cassie’s ass cheeks.

Cassie thought she would go mad with pleasure as her lover’s fingers filled her holes, while her wet tongue laved her tender ass. Reaching underneath her, Cassie’s fingers found her throbbing clit and began to rub it furiously. She could feel her orgasm rising through her body and she began to shiver.

Lauren felt Cassie tremble and knew she was close to cumming. She began to fist her lover’s pussy and added a third finger in her asshole. “Oh God, Lauren, I’m cumminggg…” Cassie shrieked, her sticky cum flowing from her sopping pussy onto Lauren’s arm, chest and legs. Lauren continued to pump in and out of her lover’s holes until Cassie collapsed on the blanket, her eyes rolling back in her head as she gasped for air.

Lauren clasped Cassie’s trembling body, crooning soothingly until her lover calmed. When Cassie’s blue eyes met hers, Lauren asked, “How was that? Well worth the wait, don’t you think?”

“Oh my yes,” Cassie sighed, giving Lauren a tender kiss. “I’m so happy I met you at that dreadful party.”

As they lay together in the warm sun, Lauren’s mind drifted back to the aftermath of the failed attempt by Kennelly to destroy Cassie’s great-grandfathers building. He couldn’t even get that right, she thought ruefully. In his haste to destroy the block and the building Cassie had worked so hard to save, Kennelly had only damaged part of one of the structures. His inexperienced wiring efforts failed to set off most of the charges, so the rest of the buildings remained intact. It had taken over a day of careful digging to find what was left of his body.

The proposed condominium project had turned out to be an elaborate money-laundering scheme by an international crime cartel. Their plan exposed, the criminals had scattered in all directions, the authorities in hot pursuit. Lauren was pleased, no matter what the outcome. Cassie’s beloved building survived and her happiness was what mattered to Lauren.

A thought had been stirring in Lauren’s mind since they had arrived at the retreat, now she would act on it. She sat up, gazed at the rolling waves and said softly “Cassie, will you be my partner? Until death, do us part?”

Cassie sat up and hugged Lauren tightly, her eyes brimming with tears. “Oh yes, my darling, I would be honored.” She laughed happily, “We are so in tune, my love. I was planning to ask you the same thing over dinner. Etsu is preparing her fabulous seafood medley and…”

Lauren cut her off with a passionate kiss, growling, “First we need to work up an appetite.”

“Let’s start with an appetizer,” Cassie replied throatily. She straddled Lauren’s face and dipped her head between her bronze thighs, pressing her face in her lover’s wet pussy. Lauren gripped Cassie’s ass and pulled her pussy to her mouth, licking and sucking as her lover returned the favor. Feasting eagerly on each other, they sucked on each other’s clits until they dissolved in waves of ecstasy.

Laughing excitedly, Cassie stood up and helped Lauren to her feet. Hand in hand, they ran into the gently rolling waves, their bodies slipping gracefully through the emerald water.

For the rest of their life together, they would always remember this time, this place as the moment when their life together truly began. Two souls forever united under the warm tropical sun.

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