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The sharp rap on the door as the brass knocker banged urgently echoed down the corridor causing Jeff Lake to raise his eyes from his journal and look forlornly at the offending portal.

He had just settled down to read an industry magazine, reclining back on the luxurious sofa, whiskey in hand. “God sakes! What is it now?” he muttered, putting down his glass and magazine and standing up.

The knocker rapped again, louder and more insistent this time.

“Coming! Coming!” he shouted. His tall, lean frame strode down the long hallway wondering who would be out in weather like this. It had been a cool but mild afternoon, average for late autumn, then scarcely fifteen minutes prior a howling cold wind had blown up bringing a bitterly cold rain and plummeting the temperature dramatically.

‘God forbid if its one of those door to door sales persons,’ he mulled to himself. He reached the door as the knocker started again and pulled it open towards him.

His eyes opened in wide surprise. This was no annoying sales person, but the girl from next door; Jennifer Carson.

She was in a state. Shivering from cold as it appeared she had been caught in the storm wearing only a thin blouse and short skirt for protection. Tears streamed down her pretty face and she looked sadly up at him.

“Jennifer! What the hell are you doing out here? Come inside, quickly!” Jeff grabbed her hand and pulled her into the warmth of his house and shut the door on the raging wind.

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and guided her to the lounge where he seated her down and then went to the fire place and heaped a few more logs on to it. He then went to the kitchen and poured a double scotch and water and returned to the sorry sight on his lounge.

Sitting next to her her gave her the glass. “Here, take a sip. It’ll warm you up.”

“Thank you,” she replied with a half smile forced through her tear stained face.

“I’ll be back in a moment.” He jumped up and proceeded to the bathroom.

Jennifer held the tumbler tightly and took a sip of the liquid. It was strong, stronger than any alcohol she had ever tasted. Braving a larger dose she took a mouthful and swallowed it carefully. She coughed suddenly at the unexpected fire in her throat, but as the amber liquid settled in her stomach she felt the warm glow extend through her chest and reach tendrils deep into her belly. She sighed deeply and started to feel better.

As Jeff returned to the lounge, he stopped at the doorway to one side of the lounge and looked at the form of Jennifer as she sat, head bowed, soaking up the heat from the fire and sipping her whiskey. Jennifer, or Jenni as she preferred to be know was eighteen years old, the daughter of Michael and Tracey Carson. He had know the family for about ten years from the time they had moved in next door. Jenni was eight and her older brother about twelve or so at the time.

Jeff had become very good friends with the family, having his own two children, Karen and Brad in their early teens. He was raising them as a sole parent now that a year previous to the Carsons moving in his own wife had died tragically in a vehicle accident.

Jennifer’s brother had recently joined the armed forces and his own two children flown the coop a few years ago to pursue their lives elsewhere. He lived alone in the big house pouring his energies into his work.

She looked up and turned her head, spying him at the doorway and smiled genuinely at him.

“I got you a towel to dry your hair and ummm, a box of tissues,” he held them out to her as he walked over to the lounge.

“Thank you. You are too kind,” she remarked as she took a handful of tissues and wiped the tears from her face and blew her nose.

He sat down next to her. “Now what were you doing out in that weather and why aren’t you inside your own house?”

Jenni looked up at him tears starting up in her eyes. “Uncle Jeff.” She had called him that from a young age as he had often helped with babysitting the Carson’s children and he almost came to know them as his own, especially Jenni.

“Uncle Jeff, I…”, she started and then gulped down the rest of her whiskey, coughing slightly again from the fierceness of the liquid. The warmth penetrated deep into her belly and the dizzying effects of the alcohol hit her brain with the most unusual sensations.

“I, I,” she stuttered slightly, “I got home and the door was locked and I forgot my key, and mom and dad weren’t home and then it started to rain and I had a really big fight with my boyfriend and I was cold and, and I just didn’t know what to do!” Her voice reached a high pitch as she finished and then sobbed and buried her face into his chest.

He wrapped an arm around her and let her cry out her anguish. It wasn’t the first time he’d had to console a distraught teenager; his own daughter or Jenni.

“That’s okay honey,” he hushed. “Everything will be fine.”

She clung to him as she sobbed and he was becoming acutely aware of her body pressing against him. He had seen Jenni grow from a pretty young girl into a beautiful young woman in the span of a decade.

He remembered her lithe figure from a few weeks back when he went to the Carson’s for a pool party. It only seemed like yesterday she was a blossoming adolescent, and now all of a sudden she had flowered into full womanhood. Jenni had strutted about for most of the afternoon in a skimpy bikini, her firm, medium sized breasts barely covered by the two small triangles of material, bounced slightly as she walked. She could easily be a model he had mused, appreciating her slender form: flat belly, nicely curved hips and small round backside.

He studied her closer; She had a fine featured oval face, slightly wide mouth with full lips above a strong jawline. High set cheekbones accentuated her large blue eyes. Her blond hair was tied back in a pony tail falling a little past shoulders that displayed a strength and sculpting from years of sport and activity. She had a feminine grace that drew one’s eye; a slightly bowed back highlighting her round butt and long legs on her five foot seven inch frame that led forever upwards to a mound barely hidden by the bikini bottom. When she had climbed out of the pool he couldn’t help notice how the wet material clung desperately, drawing inwards slightly at the middle where her labia met. He could clearly see her pussy lips were quite thick and scanning upwards he saw how her erect nipples strained against the top.

Jeff’s brain did what all male brains did best in milliseconds. It had almost instantly assessed her as a prime sexual mate. His pulse throbbed and he stared longer. A few times she had caught him looking at her and she smiled coyly and sauntered past him slowly or turned her back and bent forwards at the hip, scratching at something on her foot. His imagination ran riot then and he was sure she was teasing him. He was hard pressed not too make it obvious to his hosts that he was leering at their daughter. He was old enough to easily be her father.

Jenni had calmed down and he handed her a handful of tissues with which she proceeded to blow her nose and wipe away the tears. Jeff suspected that the source of Jenni’s grief was the fight with her boyfriend. Ordinarily she was a strong minded girl and the other events she would have brushed off. This personal issue was much more serious and was probably her first real “relationship tester”.


She looked up at him. Since she had started to mature as an adolescent she had developed a crush on her “Uncle Jeff” as she affectionately knew him. Despite the age difference she regarded him as handsome, even though he was greying a little at the temples. He was tall, fit and had been like a second father to her over the years. She had wondered why he had never remarried, instead having a series of girlfriends, none last more than six months. She started to have an idea why, when in the last few years her hormones started to exert their inevitable effect on her rapidly maturing body, producing strong urges.

Urges she now knew as sexual desires. The desire to hold a man, kiss him, feel his body pressed against her own, penetrating her, thrusting into her, climaxing. She couldn’t imagine being with one person for years, having so little experience. Maybe he wanted variety, a variety she craved also.

“Yes Uncle Jeff,” she responded in a low breath.

He hesitated, not sure how to broach the subject. “Jenni, this ummm, ‘fight’ you had with your boyfriend, is it something you want to talk about?”

Her brain was swimming from the effects of the alcohol and being so close to Jeff. She still held on to him, pressing her body into his strong, warm embrace. The fight she had with her boyfriend, Jason wasn’t something she could talk to her parents about, or even her closest girlfriends. They just wouldn’t understand. Uncle Jeff was always so kind, understanding and considerate. He was experienced with these matters and she knew she had his confidence.

She swallowed hard and licked her lips. “I, we, I mean, I wanted him to do something and he didn’t agree and I got upset and then he started shouting and call me names and stuff.”

Jeff felt he was venturing into dark waters, but his interest was piqued, more so by his desire to know more of what made Jenni tick. He felt she was confiding in him things no one else would know, or should know.

“What sort of things Jenni? They can’t be bad can they?”

Her mind reeled with the thoughts as she bought them back and her pulse increased as a gentle throb began, somewhere deep down in her loins.

“I, I asked him to lick me,” she said almost in a whisper, looking down.

Jeff bought a finger to her chin and raised it so she had to look him in the eye.

“You wanted him to lick your pussy Jenni?”

“Yes, and…” her voice trailed off.


“I asked him to take me in my backside.”

Jeff was dumbstruck for a moment. He hadn’t expect such an explicit confession from an angel.

She interrupted his thoughts, “Is, is that normal? I’m not weird am I? He said that it was dirty and he said he’d never ever lick any pussy, it was too disgusting and I was a slut if I wanted anal sex.”

“Jenni, baby,” Jeff said reassuringly, “you’re perfectly normal. I think your boyfriend is the weird one.”

“So, like you, you’ve lick a woman’s pussy and, and…”

The ice was truly broken now.

“And fucked her in the ass. Yes. Many times.”

Her imagination went wild as her mind’s eye saw him taking one of his recent girlfriends one her hands and knees, his cock plunging deep in her backside. Her pussy throbbed as a surge of excitement coursed through her chest.

Jenni’s inhibitions were evaporating like a summer rain in the desert.

“I, I also wanted him to fuck me without a condom, but he said that was dangerous and I said I was on the pill and everything and he said I shouldn’t be because I might want to fuck other guys and I’d get diseases and get pregnant and then he said I was just a dirty whore.”

“He’s never fucked you without a condom?”

“No sir,” she replied submissively. After a moment she added, “I want to feel cum in my pussy.”

Words failed him now. What do you say to that?

He held her close. The brazen admissions of her sexual desires were making his blood boil with desire and his cock responded by thickening and growing longer.

“Uncle Jeff, is it wrong to want to have sex with other men?”

He looked into her deep blue eyes. By God he wanted her.

“No baby, it’s perfectly normal.”

“All at the same time?”

Now he knew what he had on his hands. This young, perfect woman was a hotbed of raging sexual desire driven by an overload of hormones. She needed to be satisfied. However he didn’t realise the extent of her rampant urges.

“It’s a little unusual,” he managed to croak. His throat had gone dry as his own system started to gear up for mating. He swallowed and tried to regain some composure. This young woman was having an effect on him like no other he had ever encountered.

“Uncle Jeff.” She looked up at him, her whole body pulsing with desire now.

“Yes baby,” his eyes locked with hers and he felt as though he was falling in an endless well of blue.

“Do you want to have sex with me?” She had bared her soul to him and now she wanted to bare her body.

Her stared at her, trying to absorb what she had said. “Jenni, you’re a beautiful woman. You could have any man you want.”

Her reply was simple. “I want you. Will you fuck me?”

No verbal answer was need. He bent his head down and kissed her full lips. They were soft and warm and as they embraced, his tongue slipped into her mouth. Her breath was sweet and laden with the sent of the whiskey she had drunk and her own tongue writhed around his, sucking it before sending it deep into his own mouth where he sucked and licked the slippery organ.

Jeff held her close to him with one arm and let his free hand roam over her shoulder and down to a breast. He cupped it through the material of the blouse and bra, squeezing it as they continued to tongue kiss.

Jenni’s hand fell from his shoulder and down to his thigh. Her body was on fire now as he held her close beginning his explorations of her young body. She moved her hand, almost involuntarily, seeking the one thing she wanted most. Her hand slid up his thigh until it encountered a warm bulge. Placing her palm on it she gently traced it length.

Her pussy throbbed. God! It felt big!

Jeff felt Jenni’s small hand slide along his stiffening cock trapped in his jeans and moaned into her mouth as he felt her squeeze it. He was giddy with lust, a feeling he hadn’t had since he was a teenager, such was her effect on him.

His hand left her breast and slid down her side and then up underneath the blouse. Fingers felt the underside of the bra then expertly push it up allowing his palm to cup her naked orb. It was so soft and warm in his hand and he rolled the thick nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Jenni moaned into Jeff’s mouth as an electric spark course from her nipple into her pussy. She felt the slickness between her legs and her heart hammered against her chest as her lust grew.

Jeff’s free hand dropped down her back and grasped the bottom of the blouse pulling it up. Jenni knew what he wanted and breaking their tongue kiss grabbed the top and pulled it over her head in a single swift motion. Without stopping she undid the bra and flung it to the floor to join the discarded blouse.

He looked at her magnificent breasts. Perfectly formed they hung on her chest without any sag. Dark nipples, fat and stiff jutted out surrounded by a smallish areola. He pushed her back into the plush leather lounge and cupping the underside of one breast wrapped his mouth around it, sucking in the soft flesh and lashing the hard nipple with his tongue.

Jenni’s hands flew to his head and gripped it holding him to her breast and she pushed her chest outwards. A stream of pleasure flowed from her sensitive nipple down deep into her loins as he suckled the erect bud . She felt fingertips on the inside of her thigh near her knee moving up slowly. Her body was fully aroused now. Every touch sent tingles coursing through her and as Jeff’s hand slid gently up her inner thigh her legs parted of their own accord. Such was her state that instinct was taking over and guiding her movements to their ultimate outcome.

Jeff felt her legs open as his hand approached her soft juncture. He had not been with a woman for a couple of months and his need was urgent. Now was not the time for long love making. His fingers met he pantie covered mound and still suckling her breast he slowly stroked up her puffy slit. He could feel the dampness of the material. She was ready, so ready and he needed her, desperately.

He left her breast and moved between her splayed legs. Her skirt had ridden up exposing white panties. The crotch was stained with her arousal and Jeff could smell her pungent sex odour distinctly. His hormones went into overdrive sending his lust skywards. He grabbed her skirt on either side of her hips and pulled it and her soaked panties off her long sleek legs.

He stared in disbelief at her vulva as her legs, freed of the skirt and panties fell wide apart for him. He looked at the most beautiful pussy he had ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on. Thick puffy outer lips parted to reveal magnificent long, thick inner lips that jutted out from her vulva such was their arousal. The whole area was damp and glistening with her secretions. He looked up from her pussy rimmed in blond hair over her prominent Mound of Venus with it’s vee of blond pubic locks and up her slender waist, past her heaving chest and perfect firm breasts to her lust filled face.

His eyes locked with hers. Blue pools of desire, drawing him in as he lowered his mouth and swiftly engulfed her puffy inner labia deep into his mouth.

Jenni looked into Jeff’s blazing lust filled green eyes as he knelt there between her outspread legs. All shyness and shame had fled with her inhibitions by now and all she desired was to give herself totally to this man. She watched, almost without thought as their eyes held together and saw his face descend to her most private region, that to which only one other person had ever known, but never as Jeff was about to do.

His mouth suddenly opened and sucked her pussy in, bathing it in warm saliva, his tongue sliding over the delicate flesh.

“AGHHHHHHHH,” she cried and thrust her hips forward into his face as her hands gripped the soft leather cushions. Incredible sensations flooded her loins and her pussy throbbed deeply as it had never done before.

His tongue slid with purpose over her puffy inner lips; around and between before settling at the top where the parting began. Expertly he sucked her clit and surrounding labia in, keeping a pulsing sucking motion and licking the underside of her labia where just above her engorged sensitive clit lay.

Jennifer’s mind was reeling. Never had she felt such a feeling in her pussy. It felt as though the whole of her sex was in his mouth. The licking of his strong tongue over her hooded clit sending bolts of pleasure through her tight young body. Suddenly he exposed her clitoris and licked the naked organ directly with long strokes. Jenni’s hands flew to his head, gripping his hair and jamming his face into her crotch. She was approaching a climax, a big one. She had had orgasms before, solo, but never like this. This was something completely different. It was as though the whole universe had ceased to exist, but for the endless, relentless sensation in her pussy.

Suddenly it happened. Her ragged breathing caught in her throat and her whole body went rigid. The universe opened into brilliant white light as her mind and body exploded with indescribable pleasure.

Jeff hung onto Jenni’s quivering thighs as her legs spread even wider and her hands tried to pull him face first into her pulsing sex. Her back arched and she went rigid for what seemed minutes as her orgasm rolled on and on. Never had he had tongued a woman to such and intense climax and it kept on going. Suddenly she relaxed slightly and moaned; a deep satisfying moan that continued as he caressed her clit with his tongue. He had learnt from experience to back off at a certain point to extend his partner’s climax, but Jenni’s was proceeding further than any he encountered. She was in a constant state of climax as long as he kept licking her sex.

Eventually his need overcame his want to tongue this young woman forever. Slowly he disengaged his mouth from her and he knelt back up, relieving the pressure on his turgid cock, trapped within the confines of his jeans.

He viewed his new conquest. Jenni’s legs were wide apart, her pussy puffy and open, glistening with Jeff’s saliva. Clear liquid ran from her still pulsing hole staining the lounge below. Her firm breasts barely wobbled on her heaving chest, nipples rock hard and pointing skywards. Her face was a mask of total satiation. He stood, ready to shed his clothes and penetrate this young woman’s pussy with his hard cock.

Jenni looked up at Jeff through heavily lidded eyes. The after effects of her massive climax and the following non-stop orgasm still fogging her mind. She felt as though she was floating in air, just the deep slow throb from her loins keeping her focused on reality.

As he stripped the clothes from his body Jenni once again saw the tall, lean, muscular frame of the man she knew almost as well as her own father. Broad shouldered, handsome and lightly haired. Although he was greying slightly at the temples and twenty eight years her senior, she was always attracted to him and in recent years a growing sexual urge had replaced it. Tonight, she knew was going to be the culmination of that fantasy.

Jeff had got his jeans unbuckled and drew the zip down, all the while looking at the image of eighteen year old Jennifer Carson, free of clothing except for pumps on her feet. Her naked vulva and body was waiting him.

He pushed his jeans down and his cock sprang free. Jenni gasped slightly. She could not think, or even say anything, transfixed as she was by the pole hanging from between Jeff’s legs. She saw him grasp it and stroke it a few times. It looked huge and was growing bigger and stiffer by the second. Large hairless testicles hung below his full blown erection, each ball challenged in size by the massive purple head of his cock.

Jeff knelt back down between her legs and placed the head of his thick cock at the entrance of Jennifer’s pussy. The heat from her hole washed over his glans. As she felt the tip of his cock touch her entrance she instinctively pulled her legs back and held them wide apart with her hands to allow him easy penetration of her sex.

He looked at her puffy pussy. Her clit protruded from it hood, swollen and shiny. It seemed to throb slightly. Gently he stroked the glans over her tiny open hole and between her inner labia, coating the head in her juices. Placing it back at her wet hole her slowly started to push his turgid cock into her soft depths.

Jeff got half his fat knob in before he met resistance from Jenni’s muscular pussy hole.

“Relax honey, it will slide in okay.”

He saw her body slump slightly as she breathed out to ease her tension. As she did he pushed again, this time his knob slid past the restriction and lodged just inside her vagina. Her pussy involuntarily squeezed around his shaft, just behind the head of the thick cock and Jeff pushed forwards again this time sliding deeper into her fuck hole.

He groaned as he pulled out a little and then thrust further in. Her pussy was like a hot, silky tube, wrapped tightly around his invading organ.

“Fuck Jenni, your pussy is tight!” he grunted revelling in the constriction of her youthful vagina.

A few more short withdrawals and he was fully embedded in her body, his large testicles resting against her ass. Jenni looked in fascination as she saw the large cock disappearing between her open legs and into her pussy. She hardly breathed as the massive organ opened her up, stretching her insides and touching places that her boyfriends cock had never done. When his groin finally kissed her vulva she couldn’t believe she had taken his full length. It felt like a telephone pole was lodged up inside her.

“Fuck me Uncle Jeff! Fuck my little pussy!” she moaned as her pussy throbbed around his shaft. She need to feel him thrusting into her yielding sex, to take her and own her with his manhood.

Jeff looked down with lust filled eyes to where their bodies were joined. Jenni was completely impaled on his rock hard cock and her deep pink vulva stretched tight around his considerable girth. Her sexy inner labia draped gently over the base of his shaft. With a low growl he pulled half way out and plunged back in, delighting as his glans forced her insides apart and massaged his sensitive knob. He rested his hands on her upturned thighs, near to her groin as he proceeded to thrust harder and faster.

The incredibly wet, tight and hot sex hole was having its effect on Jeff. He looked at Jenni as he drove his manhood time and time again into her. She was the youngest woman he had had in decades and he couldn’t believe his luck in having such a gorgeous teenager naked below him with his cock filling her womanhood.

Jenni looked at Jeff as he pistoned his cock in and out of her wet, clutching box. Ecstasy was written all over his face. She felt the large shaft driving deep into her as her wetness allowed his full unrestricted penetration. At the bottom of his stroke his huge knob pushed against the furthest reach of her insides causing her to spasm in pleasure. The continual massage of the full length of her vagina was building her to another climax and the wet smack of his groin against her exposed clit only added further jolts through her loins.

As the thrusts increased her hands gripped her swollen breasts and pushed them together, fingers twisting and pulling the super sensitive nipples. Her body was on fire. She knew she was really being fucked, and fucked by a man who knew what to do. She felt so slutty, giving herself over unashamedly to this much older man, to use her for his own pleasure. A feeling of perverse power flooded her being as she realized she would milk this man of his fluids just using her pussy.

Jeff groaned loudly at the overwhelming sensations on his cock and the view of Jenni mashing her perfect breasts together, torturing her nipples. A wild faraway look in her eyes told him he was fucking this woman into another orgasm, if only he could hold out. However after such a long break, his body surrendered to her.

“Oh fuck! Jenni, I’m going to cum in you!” he growled between clenched teeth.

Her eyes snapped open and held him, “Yes!” she hissed, “Cum in my pussy! Fill me with your hot cum!”

At that he gave in and plunged deep into her tight flesh and exploded a river of cum over her throbbing cervix.

Jenni stared at him fascinated as she saw him close his eyes and stiffen. His fingers gripped her thighs like steel bands and suddenly his cock expanded even more within her. He lodged his knob deep into her insides where she felt it bulging. Suddenly he groaned and she felt a blast of hot liquid splash inside her. He was cumming! He spasmed uncontrollably with short sharp thrusts as each jet of sticky fluid shot hard into Jenni’s willing cunt. As Jeff’s semen flooded her pussy Jenni lost all control. She had made this older, experienced man loose himself in her sex. Nothing could stop the flow of his hot semen into her body.

The climax struck hard. This time her whole body shuddered as huge pulses of pleasure expanded from her loins to every extremity. The hard cock within her loins continued to spew its load of fluid as they both climaxed in the culmination of their sexual union.

They came down together. His orgasm lasting while he ejaculated into Jenni and hers while she felt his spasms and cum jetting against the walls and cervix of her swollen pussy. Panting and coated in a sheen of sweat they looked at each other till Jeff leant forwards and kissed her deep in her sexy mouth. Both of them felt the throbbing and small spasms of their sex organs still wrapped together as their tongues emulated the action.

Jeff broke the kiss and with enough recovered strength, lifted the girl off the lounge and holding her with one hand under each round buttock and her arms wrapped around his neck took her to his bedroom, keeping his still turgid member buried deep in her warm, wet depths.

Laying her down in the middle of the still unmade bed he knelt up allowing his cock to slip out of her abused cunt. He looked down between her legs; her vulva was a deep pink, almost red, swollen and soaked with her juices. Her pussy hole hadn’t closed from its stretching by his large girth and as he watched a trickle of white fluid started to seep out and down over her anus. Within seconds a river of his cum was flowing out soaking into the sheets below. She was the sexiest sight he had seen for a long, long time.

Jenni let a hand glide down her flat belly and between her legs exploring her gaping sex. Two fingers slid between her inner labia and down to her leaking hole, plunging into the sopping entrance and then withdrawing, sticky fluid coating the digits and dripping into her palm. She inspected the mess in her hand then absently put the slimy fingers into her mouth and licked them clean. “Mmmmmmm, nice. You have yummy cum.” She felt like a real woman. Eaten out by a real man, fucked by a big cock and filled with semen. A warm glow spread over her as she thought of his sperm swimming their way around in her womb.

Jeff smiled and laid down on the bed next to her, satiated from the experience. He sighed deeply. “That was awesome Jenni!”

She rolled over into the crook of his arm, draping one leg over his and pressing her breasts into his chest, her dripping pussy wet against his thigh.

“Was my pussy tight enough for you Uncle Jeff?” There was concern in her voice.

“Oh Jenni! You have a tight pussy, believe me! Tighter than anything I’ve ever felt!”

She beamed a big smile, her wide mouth displaying perfect white teeth.

“How many girlfriends have you had?”

He looked at her oddly. “Girlfriends or women?”

She looked back quizzically. “They haven’t all been girlfriends honey,” he explained. “Girlfriends, one night stands, hookers, a work mate or two and even a few married women. Maybe thirty or so. I lost count after a while.”

Jenni looked genuinely surprised. “Oh my god! So many! Weren’t those girlfriends good enough for you?”

Jeff laughed, “It’s not that completely, though some of them weren’t great in bed. Most wanted a relationship and a commitment that I wasn’t prepared for. So we went our separate ways. Besides I enjoy the company of a new woman every now and then.”

She pondered over what he had said for a moment. “When you said like you had married women, what was it like? Did their husband’s know?”

“One was in on a threesome, others wives were just plain wanting a good fuck outside of their boring marriage. I don’t think hubbies knew about those,” he answered plainly. “It was always good fun though, especially the cheating wives. They’re like tigers on heat.”

“Do you think my mom is pretty?”

“She’s very attractive. I can see where you get your good looks from.”

Her next question almost floored him. “Would you fuck her?”

He had to think carefully. “I’ve been friends with your parents for a long time Jenni. I don’t think your dad is the sharing, lets have a threesome type, so it would have to be discreet.”

“Yes, but would you fuck her, if you had the chance, and no one found out?”

He felt like he was being tested, but he had nothing to loose. He had just screwed the Carson’s teenage daughter and was intending to do so again shortly. He couldn’t be any deeper in the shit than he was now if it all came undone.

“Sure. She’s got a great body.”

Jenni beamed another smile. “You know I sometimes catch her looking at you, especially when you’re only wearing bathers or shorts and no top on a hot day when you’re working in the yard. I even saw her rub her pussy once as you were doing the lawn and she could see you from her balcony. I was below so she didn’t see me. I think she came as she watched you.”

Her frankness had him off guard and he decided to change the subject. “Jenni, why did you want to have sex with me?” It was his turn to ask the questions.

She suddenly went a little shy and looked down at his chest. “Well, you’re so kind to me and helpful and you’re like my dad, strong and handsome and you’ve got lots of experience, like with ladies and stuff.”

He guided his hand at the back of her down to her buttocks, squeezing the firm flesh and stroking down the crack between them. She sighed a little and settled against him further. Her skin was so soft and smooth. Warmth radiated from her and he started to become aroused again. He let his finger work its way further around, sliding over her anus till it reached the hot, wet entrance to her sex. He dipped his middle finger into the sticky portal; the delicate ridges and folds of her inner flesh caressed his finger as it slowly worked in and out.

“So I’m like your father then?” He caught he a little by surprise, as she was concentrating on the finger slowly stroking between her legs.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Would you fuck your dad if you could?”

She stared at him, dumbfounded and he pulled his sticky finger back and ran the pad around the rim of her anus.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” she sighed.

“Well?” he was more insistent. “Would you like to feel your father’s cock plunging into your tight pussy, feel his cum spraying your insides like he does to your mom?”

He circled his finger tighter to her anal hole. Jenni’s breathing quickened with his touch and words. Her imagination was running out of control.

“Yes!” she hissed. “I want to feel him inside me, losing control and spurting his seed into my womb!”

“You like to feel a man cumming inside of you don’t you? His cock opening you up, thrusting deep into your pussy then filling you with warm cum!”

He kept the pressure up in her anus, gathering more fluid as it ran from her pussy to keep the delicate ring lubricated.

She looked directly at him, the blue eyes wide with lust. “Fuck yes! I want men to fuck me and fill me with their cocks. I want to feel their cocks spasm in me and have their sperm dripping from my holes!”

Her small hand had held his slimy cock and was squeezing it as she voiced her fantasy. It grew in her grasp.

“Suck my cock Jenni. I want to feel your mouth licking our juices off.”

She turned and got on all fours beside him so her backside was next to his shoulder. Holding him in her hand she pushed her head to the fat knob. The glans fitted easily into her sexy wide mouth and her tongue licked around the rim of his knob, drinking up the fluids from her pussy where they had gathered behind the ridge.

“Yes!” he hissed. “Fuck your mouth on my cock!”

She pushed more of it in till the glans hit the back of her throat and she gagged slightly. Slowly she found a depth and rhythm and could work her lips and tongue around the thick slimy shaft. Jeff grasped her leg and pulled it over him till she move in a position so she pussy was directly over his face. His arms wrapped from underneath her and he pushed down on her hips to position her nether region for his tongue. He drove his tongue into her hot, wet hole, savoring the taste of his cum and her natural juices. Moaning on his cock she plunged her face further down, trying to take his length into her throat.

Jenni’s throat muscles assailed his bloated knob as he ran his tongue out of her pussy, across the short stretch of skin and probed her anal hole.

Jenni’s head flew up off his cock. “AGHHHHHHHHHHHH!” ripped from her throat as her body and head stretched skywards. Nothing had ever felt so incredible.

“Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” she screamed as he drove his tongue into the tight hole of her arse and fucked it like that. He kept up the assault as she mauled her breasts and nipples, the sensations from either end of her body meeting in the middle, turning her loins to mush.

Eventually he could do no more and pushed her forwards. “Ride me!” he commanded.

She slid forward and over his hardness. With one hand on his leg the other reached back between her legs and held his manhood upright. Feeling his cock at her entrance she slid down it in one movement, arching her back in ecstasy as he stretched her insides again. Jenni leant forwards and worked her hips up and down his shaft, getting the bloated knob to rub onto the back wall of her pussy. She had never fucked like this, using a cock to pleasure herself so.

Jeff held her hips lightly as she thrust her incredibly tight pussy on his cock. As wet as she was from his huge load of semen and her own juices, she was still tight. Tight and hot. He looked at her small anal hole, twitching as she used his member drive her sexual satisfaction. He would fuck that hole one day. One day soon he promised.

“Turn around honey, I want to see your tits and pussy as you ride me.”

She swivelled on his cock keeping it embedded within her until she sat facing him, squatting her hips over his groin. Then, leaning forward she placed her hands on his chest and started to pump her hips again.

Jeff drank in the image of her hunched on top of his body; her breasts hung down, swaying as she worked his thick meat in and out of her slick orifice. Her blond, slightly wavy hair, cascaded past her angelic face. He looked into her eyes. She had an unfocused faraway look, staring past him, as though her mind had plunged into her groin, the image of the thick, hard penis sliding relentlessly in and out of her soft willing pussy burning into her brain.

He just laid there, revelling in the pleasure she was giving his cock as she used it to pleasure herself. Her puffy, open labia were just visible between the valley of her breasts and the sight of his cock disappearing into the teenager’s groin time and again held his gaze.

Jenni breathing quickened as she forced Jeff’s manhood to stroke the most sensitive areas of her pussy. He could see she was building to another climax and reached up with his hands, grasping her soft breasts and rolled her nipples hard between his fingers.

Two bolts of electric pleasure shot from her nipples and into her pulsating hole causing her pussy again to explode in waves of ecstasy that rippled through her entire body. Her back arched as her head craned up to the ceiling, mouth open in a silent scream as her pussy spasmed, vainly trying to grip the invading cock embedded inside of her.

Jeff saw her face and chest flush red as she froze above him. Her fingers dug into his chest and he could feel her pussy tighten incredibly as it pulsed in orgasm around his cock. He couldn’t believe how sexy and erotic she looked impaled on him like that.

All too soon her climax gave out and she slumped. Her hips ground down into his taking his full length back into her still throbbing post-orgasmic cunt. As she relaxed, panting from the exertion her head hung down, hair brushing his face and chest, Jeff drew his ankles together underneath her and grasping her buttocks sat up and spilled her over onto her back where she lay spreadeagled.

His cock was still in her tight tunnel. It was now so hot and wet from his semen and her own fluids that it felt like his manhood was buried in a pot of hot glue trying to set around his shaft. Now he wanted to fuck her hard; pound her into the bed such was his lust for this girl that had renewed his sexual vigor.

He lay on top of her slender body and put his arms underneath her so his hands gripped her shoulders, allowing him to pull her body onto his straining member as he proceeded to thrust with increasingly hard and rapid strokes.

The full length of her body pressed up against him and she wrapped her arms and legs around him holding him tight with her limbs as she held his large erection tight within her belly. Her soft warm skin slide against him as he hugged her close in their hot naked embrace and squelching sounds emanated from her pussy as he drove into her and mashed his pubic bone against her vulva.

Jenni’s limited sexual encounters hadn’t prepared her for the ferocity of a man in full sexual arousal. She hung on to him helpless against the strength of the onslaught of his cock driving into her open sex. She gave her body wholly over to his desire, the submission suddenly heightening her lust as she descended into a primitive state of desire to only feel his cock dominating her before he claimed her for his own when his seed sprayed in her young, fertile depths.

Jeff’s hips rocked in almost a blur as he sought the area within Jenni that rubbed his glans in the most sensitive spot. That was the spot that would make him cum and he thrust with short sharp strokes deep in the soft confines of her throbbing cunt.

“Oh god!” he grunted, as he felt the climax approaching like the beginning of an avalanche. There was no way to stop it. Jenni felt his cock suddenly harden and swell. Between her already swollen pussy and his swelling cock she felt as though her belly would explode. She knew he was about to cum.

“Fuck me daddy!” she cried, loosing all sense as her own body gave into the start of a climax. “Fill my pussy daddy! Spurt your cum into me!

He reached the point of no return. His balls tightened up and he held her tight, pulling her hard onto his spasming cock. The breath caught in his chest and his head threatened to explode as his cock jerked violently within her loins spraying her insides again with his hot load of semen.

Jenni felt his cock throb inside her belly and as the first jets of cum splashed into her she shuddered in another massive orgasm. The feeling of his uncontrollable ejaculation into her naked sex driving her mind and body into a release she hadn’t experienced before this night.

They held each other tightly as their sex organs melded in a hot, sticky orgasmic release and waited for the throbbing to ease. Jeff slumped part of his weight onto Jenni and relaxed his grip on her as he gulped at the air. No woman had ever drained him so completely or satisfied his lust with such passion.

“Oh baby! That was incredible,” he panted in her ear.

Her legs fell limply apart as he took his weight off her to look into her face and she smiled back a him weakly.

“I never got fucked like that by my boyfriend,” she replied in a low voice.

Jeff chuckled a little, “He doesn’t sound like a very good lover.”

She was silent for a moment. “No, he’s not. He didn’t even make me cum.”

“Is he the only man you’ve been with?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

Jeff was intrigued. A hot, sexy girl like this with only one boyfriend to date?

“How many times have you had sex before tonight Jenni?”

She blushed not looking him in the eye, “Maybe like six times.”

“And he never came in your pussy, or ate you out?”

“No, never. Well he wore a condom, and came in that, but he didn’t fuck me like you did.”

There was a silent gap till she looked back up to him.

“I didn’t know I would cum so hard when you spurted your sperm into me. When I felt your cock get really big inside and suddenly I was all hot and wet with your cum, it just felt so nice, I just came.”

“Jenni,” Jeff started slowly, picking his words carefully, “when you said you want to have sex with other men, at the same time, did you mean it?”

She thought for a moment then said in a concerned voice, “Is that wrong?”

“No honey, it’s not wrong,” he reassured, stroking her hair. “It’s a very erotic fantasy.”

“Yes, I think about it often. I wonder what it would be like to have all those men touching me, kissing and licking then fucking me and cumming in my pussy. I think if they fucked me like you do then it would be really nice.”

“Would you like that baby?” he replied, his minds eye imagining her being gang fucked.

She nodded. It was had for him to believe this beautiful girl, with a perfect body and deep blue innocent eyes harboured a fantasy to be used by multiple men for their own pleasure, depositing their semen deep into her pussy, forcing her to swallow their thick sticky cum loads.

A plan formed in his head.

“I might be able to help you live that fantasy Jenni. Would you like that?”

Her eyes widened. “Yes!” she hissed, her excitement barely restrained.

“Uncle Jeff,” her voice was low.

“Yes baby.”

“Will you be my daddy?”

He didn’t answer, just looked at her questioningly. She did have some interesting fetishes.

“Only when you fuck me, when make love,” she explained.

He understood now. “Yes baby, I can be your daddy, so I can fuck my beautiful daughter and fill her pussy with my hot sperm.”

She squeezed her pussy around his turgid cock still deep inside of her, eliciting a groan from him.

“Thank you daddy!” she said joyously hugging him close and burying her face into his chest.


Jennifer walked along the busy sidewalk heading for the address she had been given. The streets were busy with home bound traffic and people walking single minded in the late Friday afternoon bustle.

Her mind cast back to the encounter with her ‘Uncle Jeff’ on that fateful evening a few days past. They had fallen asleep together on the bed for a few hours when Jeff woke her up to tell her it looked like her parents were home and it was getting late. She had wanted to fuck him again, but he had said it would take too long and that her parents would get worried. Apart from that he also said he was pretty drained from the experience. She had laughed and kissed him before jumping up and dressing quickly to leave.

The front door was open to her house and she let herself in, announcing her arrival as she did.

“Hi mom, hi dad!” her voice echoed cheerily.

“Hi sweetheart,” her mom replied from the lounge. The sound of the television was on she guessed her parents were in their usual spot watching their usual programs.

“Did you have a nice night honey?” her dad called out.

“Yesssss!” she yelled as she disappeared up the stairs to the bathroom.

She looked in the mirror and the image of a freshly fucked young woman looked back. She must have smelt of cum as well she figured. There was enough still leaking out of her pussy.

Water splashed over her face and she washed her inner thighs where rivers of the sticky liquid from both of them had dried on her skin. A quick rearrangement of her hair, some perfume and a change of panties and she felt she could present herself without arousing any suspicions.

As she had tidied herself up, a gnawing hunger started in the pit of her stomach. She realized she hadn’t eaten anything since lunchtime. Her only fill since then was a double scotch and two loads of cum in her pussy.

She went back down the stairs into the kitchen and rummaged around in the fridge, looking for leftovers. As she stood looking at the food heating in the microwave oven she became aware of a heaviness in her loins along with a dull, slow, but pleasant throb she had never felt before. Her vagina and womb were still swollen from all her orgasms and the fucking Jeff had given her.

Later that evening, as she lay naked in her own bed her hand crept down between her legs, fingers pushing through her hair cover labia till they slipped through the hot cleft and into the still wet entrance of her sex. Images and sensations of her coupling a few hours previous fill her mind as she pulled the last of Jeff’s cum from her pussy with her fingers and masturbated her clit using the slippery fluid as lubrication.

Her experienced action bought her to a climax quickly and she snuggled the pillow, hugging it like a lover as she drifted off, the throb from her groin her last memory before sleep took her for the night.

Now she strode down the street eager to see Jeff again. A cool wind cut at her and she drew her long coat closer to her body. He had told her to wear a thin blouse and no bra along with a short skirt and mid high pumps, hardly suitable attire for the conditions. Butterfiles fluttered in her stomach as she thought about what might happen. He had arranged for her hair to be done this morning and a little makeup at the same time, to, as the beauty technician said, “Highlight the strong points of your face.”

‘It must be here somewhere’ she mulled to herself, checking the address on the back of the card, but all she could see was hoarding blocking off a construction site. She walked back a bit to check the building number then past the work site to check that building number.’It must be here, but it’s a building site!’ she thought, slightly confused. She looked at the front of the card. It was Jeff’s business card. No address. A phone number, letters signifying his qualifications. ‘Oh! here it is!’ she discovered. ‘Engineer’ it said amongst other meaningless information. ‘Maybe he builds stuff. This must be the place then.’

She walked along to an entrance in the hoarding. The sign on it pronounced: “ALL VISITORS MUST REPORT TO THE SITE OFFICE.”

Pushing open the door she stepped through onto a wooden walkway leading to a set of demountable offices. She had a clear view of the operations that the hoarding kept hidden from the public. A massive office building was half constructed with all the paraphernalia of the engineering around and on it: cranes, trucks, cement mixers, building materials, the list went on.

Peering up she saw the top of the building, still very unfinished. It was so high she felt giddy as there seemed to be no reference point for her to sight on with the steel and concrete structure against the clear blue sky.

“Can I help you miss?” a voice called, startling her and bringing her back to earth. She gripped the mesh fence next to her for balance and looked to the man that had hailed her.

A young man, with a rucksack over his shoulder was leaving the site, his work for the day finished.

“Ummm, yes,'” she stammered. “I’m, I’m looking for mister Lake.”

The fellow smiled, “Oh, the boss! Yeah, in that building over there.” He pointed to the first demountable office.

“Thank you,” Jenni replied.

“No problem babe,” he quipped back giving her a wink and headed off past her to join the homeward masses.

She proceeded up to the office and entered. There were computer terminals scattered on various desks and one lone person focused on his screen.

“Ummm, excuse me,” she said in a timid voice.

The man at his screen looked up. He appeared to be in his mid thirties, somewhat handsome and relatively fit looking. “Yes young lady? What can I do for you?”

His voice was deep, smooth and sexy. She suddenly felt attracted to him.

“I’m looking for mister Lake. I’m Jennifer Carson.”

“Oh! Yes!” he exclaimed. “He mentioned you’d be coming. Follow me,” he added standing up and heading to a door on the side of the room.

She followed him through and onto a walkway joining another office until they arrived at a door. He knocked on it and opened it, poking his head around the corner. “Someone to see you boss,’ she heard him say.

He opened the door further and motioned her through and closing it, leaving Jennifer in the room. She looked around and saw Jeff behind a large desk, papers and manuals piled over it, a laptop computer in front of him.

Jeff looked up from his screen. “Jenni!” he called cheerily, “come over here, come around, let me see you!” He motioned her to the side of his desk.

“Take off your coat honey. You won’t be needing that for a while.”

He turned in his chair to face her as she dropped the coat off her shoulders and threw it to a near by couch. It was warm in the room and she started to feel a little less anxious now that she had found Jeff was and was out of the wind.

He whistled. “Wow! Baby! You look absolutely gorgeous!”

She was stunning to say the least. He blond shiny locks cascaded down over her shoulders falling a little way down her back and to the top of her chest. Her firm tits pushed against the top and her nipples hard from their rubbing on the thin cloth strained outwards making a significant bulge in the material. Scanning down he saw the sexy curve of her hips covered by a skirt that dropped to slightly above mid-thigh. Her long slender legs ending in mid-high pumps that accentuated her height while the heels pushed her hips forward slightly causing her groin to jut out sexily.

He felt his pulse quicken and his balls churned as he looked back up to her face. Her eyebrows had been done a darker colour and a little mascara applied so her large blue eyes were accentuated against her fine features and pale pink full lips.

“Turn around baby,” he commanded and she swivelled on the balls of her feet slowly, giving him a good show of her form.

“God you are sexy!” he praised.

A cheeky smile crossed her face, “Do you think you’d like to fuck me then? My pussy is getting kinda horny and I haven’t seen you in days!”

“Not just yet honey, I’ve still got some work to do, but let me see your pussy. I want to see if the waxing went okay.”

She remembered the waxing appointment a few days ago. The sting as the pubic hair was ripped out of her labia had made her eyes water, but the lady who was doing the job reassured her that it was momentary would get easier every time it was done. She was extremely nice and took more than a passing interest in Jennifer, complimenting her on her beautiful pussy and perhaps taking a few liberties with the young girl as she arranged and waxed her labia and pubic mound.

Jennifer pulled her panties down and raised her skirt in front of Jeff, exposing herself shamelessly. Her bare pussy lips felt so different to when the hair had covered them and she noticed particularly how silky they felt now. Later, at night in her bed when she had cupped her pubis and vulva with her hand a surge of lust at the new sensation coursed through her and she rubbed her pussy till her juices flowed over her palm and spread the fluids over her newly bare lips before bringing herself to a climax.

Now she stood before Jeff’s gaze. Her growing excitement becoming evident to his experienced eye. He saw her large outer labia reddening as the swelled, barely holding the folds of her inner lips between them.

“Open your legs a little,” he ordered and she complied.

He could clearly see her vulva bulging down between her legs and how the thin landing strip on her pubic mound accentuated that. Her bald lips seemed even bigger than first time he had seen them when they were covered in hair.

He reached out with his right hand and gently stroked two fingers along the length of her large pussy lips. They were so smooth and warm.

“My god Jenni, you have the most beautiful pussy and it’s so soft.”

He guided the tip of his middle finger between the large lips and gently drew it upwards, feeling the folds of the inner lips along the pad of his digit. Then reaching forwards, spread her outer lips with the thumb and finger of his left hand and using the fingers of his right hand gently pulled her swelling inner lips free and downwards.

Leaning back he admired her sex. The long inner lips hung down well past her fat outer labia in the most erotic way. He so wanted to ravish her then and there, but there were other things to do for now.

Jenni stood there, holding her skirt up as she let this man touch her most private region. The fact that has was just touching her pussy lips and looking at them was getting her more and more turned on. She could feel herself getting wetter with every passing second as he sat so close, his hungry eyes fixed solely on her puffy vulva.

Suddenly he grabbed her hips and guided her the the edge of his desk. Pushing aside his laptop and some papers he eased her backside onto the table and lifted her legs as she propped herself up with her hands behind her.

Sitting as she was on the desk Jeff opened her legs consumed by the sight of her open pussy before him. Her inner lips now protruded distinctly out from her vulva in a way he had never seen in any other woman. Her whole body was built to attract men and the crowning achievement was her sweet pussy. No red blooded male on earth could not be aroused by the sight only inches away from his face now.

The strong sent of her sex drove into his brain and his lust rose. He had to eat her pussy; feel the long inner lips in his mouth, her vulva mashed against his face and his tongue dipping in her hot wet entrance to taste her juices. His head dropped and he engulfed her.

Jennifer’s head flopped back and she groaned in ecstasy as Jeff’s mouth wrapped around her delicate flesh. His tongue licked the whole area around and down to her pussy hole where he probed and licked inside her entrance. She was so wet now. All he had to do was put his fat cock head to her hole and he could slide right in without resistance. She was so desperate, there was an ache in her pussy that only a thick, hard cock could satisfy now.

He continued to lick her pussy, sucking the inner lips and stretching them far out from her body with his mouth. Occasionally he would completely suck one of her fat outer lips and suck the silky smooth bare flesh hard into his mouth.

Jenni was continually moaning, her head lolling back as she revelled in the oral assault on her naked sex organ. Jeff deliberately avoided her clit. He wanted to build her up into such a state that nothing would stop the event he had planned. With one last suckling of her inner lips he let go and sat back in the chair admiring Jennifer’s hot, raw and very open vulva.

Jenni wailed, “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

“I’ve got a little treat for you honey. Come jump off the desk.”

She reluctantly got off the desk and stood wobbling slightly. There was a throb in her pussy and her labia felt huge between her legs. He led her to the door and across to the office she had come through originally. The man who had greeted her was still there at his computer.

“Barry,” Jeff called. “Take Miss Carson here on the tour as arranged.”

Barry got up from his desk, “Yes boss!” he answered grinning widely.

“Here Jenni, you’ll need one of these,” Jeff said placing a yellow hardhat on her pretty head.

“Regulations. Not the best fashion, but it serves a purpose.”

She worked it around on her head, trying to get it comfortable as Jeff continued, “I thought you might like a little tour of the site. Barry will look after you. I’ve got a bit more to do here and join you soon, then we can come back to the office afterwards.”

She didn’t understand what was going on. Why didn’t he fuck her right then? Couldn’t his work wait a bit? She was on heat from his oral assault. All she wanted was his cock plunging into her depths, opening her up and bringing her to climax.

“Uncle Jeff?” she sounded a little upset.

“It’s okay baby. You’ll love the tour, I promise.”


“Yes, really. Now go! And Barry keep an eye on the boys up there for me?”

“Sure will boss!” he replied. “Come along miss, err Jennifer isn’t it?”

She smiled at him. “Yes.” He seemed nice and she followed him closely as they left and made their way to a lift attached to the outside of the building. The site looked almost empty of people and as they entered the caged lift five other workers joined them before Barry closed the door and locked a bar in place.

As they ascended Jenni was surrounded by the men. They looked strong and smelt a little of sweat. She stood wearing only her pumps, skirt and blouse. Her panties and coat left behind in the office. The lift moved slowly, getting higher and higher up the side of the tower. A bulge pressed against her backside in the close confines and a knee brushed the back of her thigh. She closed her eyes and shuddered with excitement. An elbow pressed against her breast and rubbed over her stiff nipple as a bare arm slid against hers, the contact sending little sparks up into her chest.

Her senses suddenly heightened. All these fit, strong men around her. They were all much older than her, late twenties to mid thirties she guessed. Her breath started to quicken. Was she a lamb for slaughter or the wolf in sheep’s clothing, hiding amongst her prey? The throb in her loins grew, fuelled by Jeff’s act of cunnilingus on her and the knowledge she was alone with these men. Alone where no one could help her.

The lift suddenly stopped and Barry unlatched the bar and pulled back the mesh door. He led Jennifer out onto an unfinished office floor. There were no walls. Nothing but concrete and steel. She could see clear out over the city. They were up high, very high and she felt weak at the knees.

Taking her hand he led her to a wooden table out in the middle of the floor. Plans and manuals covered the top and a few seats were arranged around it. The wind blew in harder here, stiffening her nipples till they felt to burst and whipping her skirt up occasionally.

“How, how high are we,” she stammered nervously.

“Thirty five floors.” He stood behind her, close.

She felt a little faint. Heights were not her thing and she reached out for the table for reassurance. As she closed her eyes and drew a deep breath she felt Barry very close behind her. “Don’t be nervous Jenni, you’re very safe up here.”

His hands reached around and cupped her breasts, thumbs flicking over her hard nipples. Jenni sighed deeply as she felt his warm hands envelop her firm orbs and her head fell back against his shoulder.

Then another hand was on her pussy. She opened her eyes to see one of the men from the lift in front of her, stroking her quim. His finger slipped between her wet puffy labia and probed her entrance.

“God! She is so wet already!” he remarked.

He quickly unzipped his work pants and pulled out his cock. Grabbing one of the chairs he sat in it, stroking his meat till it started to thicken and lengthen.

Barry whispered in her ear, “Suck his cock Jenni. Get on your hands and knees and suck him.”

She was transfixed by his cock as her hormones started to drive her mating urge into high gear and barely noticed heavy work coats being thrown onto the ground by the four other men from the lift.

Sinking to her knees in front of the man she grasped his cock and stuck the knob into her warm mouth, sliding as much of him into her face as possible. He gripped her head and groaned. “Oh! FUCK that’s nice!”

As she sucked the stranger’s cock she felt a blunt object pressing against her pussy hole. It was warm and firm. Strong hands gripped her round buttocks and suddenly she felt her entrance give way and a fat cock slide deep into her pussy.

“Jesus!” Barry yelled, “she is so fucking tight and wet. You guys won’t last ten strokes in her.” He laughed at that and proceeded to thrust into her.

Jenni’s brain reeled as she was impaled from both ends. Rational thought had departed her and all her senses turn to the sex acts happening to her young body.

She felt her blouse pushed up and a hand grasp her hanging breast, fingers pulling at her nipple. Electric shocks jumped from her tit into her loins where the thrusting cock in her pussy was building her into a raging sexual state.

Her head bobbed up and down rapidly on the cock in her mouth then suddenly the hands on her head gripped hard and a flood of warm cum filled her mouth. She swallowed rapidly, again and again as an endless stream jetted into the back of her throat. Finally the hands relaxed and she let the slimy organ slip from her mouth.

“Ah fuck! Sorry babe, I didn’t mean to cum,” he remarked half apologetically.

She just smiled at him and licked her lips. His cum tasted nice. Warm and salty, it had slid down her throat effortlessly.

“C’mon dude!” someone yelled, “others here also want some head!”

Another man replaced the one that she had just serviced and once again proceeded to suck him off, this time trying to push his cock, thinner than the one she just had, deeper down her throat.

Barry’s cock withdrew from her pussy and was quickly replaced by another that started to pound her tight vagina. A few of them took her like this, on her hands and knees until finally she was hoisted onto the table on her back with her head hanging over one edge.

Another man got between her outspread legs and leaning forward undid the buttons on her louse. Holding on to perfect breast he guided his hard cock into her pussy whilst someone stood at her head and fed his cock into her willing mouth. With her neck stretched out so he managed to slide his length into her throat till she gagged. He withdrew and then repeated the action till he could fuck her throat unimpeded.

The cock in her throbbing pussy pounded away as the man above her grimaced in pleasure, holding himself up by his hands and thrusting hard into her.

“God! Fuck!” he groaned. “How fucking hot and tight is her cunt?”

“Jeez man,” the guy ramming her face answered, “you should feel her throat! Shit I think I’m gunna blow in her!”

Jennifer felt the cock thrust deep into her mouth and the knob expand in her struggling throat as suddenly he came in a gush of hot fluid. She felt the spurts inside her chest and the incredible throb in her throat as he shot his cum directly into her stomach.

A shudder went through her body as he continued to spasm and a wave of pleasure washed over her as the first climax hit. The cock embedded in her pussy sending pulses of pleasure as each thrust ended deep against her cervix.

Spent, the cock in her mouth withdrew and Jenni gasped for breath. Saliva streamed from her mouth and fell to the concrete floor.

“Okay guys,” Barry announced, “get her in the chair. Time to finish up.”

Jenni’s addled mind didn’t comprehend what he had said as she was helped into the chair. Barry knelt between her legs and pulled her forwards so her backside was right at the edge and then placed her long sleek legs over the arm rests. She sat half slumped in the chair, legs apart, top undone and breasts exposed. Her pussy was an engorged mess of flesh that begged to be fuck.

Her body was on fire. Six men had thrust their cocks into her young pussy and two had already cum in her mouth. Now Barry guided his cock back into her honeypot, sliding it all the way in on the first stroke. The throbbing in her pussy got stronger, she was close to another orgasm and as Barry continued to thrust his thick cock into her soft, tight cunt, she could feel it suddenly expand.

“Fuck!” he grunted “I’m gunna cum!. Where do you want it babe?”

Her eyes widened and her nostrils flared. She looked at his grimacing face then down to where they were joined. His fat cock spread her vulva wide and her inner labia draped over his slimy shaft.

Her eye caught a glint on his hand as he gripped her thighs. A golden wedding ring! Jenni’s mind span out of control. A married man was fucking her. Fucking her! He wanted to fuck her instead of his wife. To fill her youthful pussy with his sperm. A surge of power filled her. She would drain him of his cum; drain all of these men into her till they could spurt no longer. They would all watch as she took their semen and saw her climaxing on their stiff manhoods.

“Cum in me!” she cried. “Cum in my fucking pussy.”

No man could resist those words when he had his cock buried so deep in womanhood of a sex goddess. Barry grunted hard and thrust one last time, shuddering as his cum exploded out into Jenni’s hot, tight depths.

She held her legs back wide for him and watched his face contort as his climax hit. As he lost all control within her and spurted, her own orgasm descended. Huge pulses of pure pleasure spread from her loins and washed over her shuddering semi naked body. Time seemed to stop as he completed in her and her orgasm slowly abated till another man took his place and slid his rock hard erection into her hot, slimy pussy. Then as he thrust through the cum inside her she descended into a constant state of orgasmic bliss till finally he stiffened and erupted his load into her steaming box.

Finally all six men had ejaculated their loads into Jennifer and she lay slumped in the chair, chest heaving with effort as she slowly came off her near unending climax.

Jennifer’s brain was in a fog. She barely heard or comprehended what happened in the next few minutes.

“Okay guys, knock off time. Pack your stuff up and have a good weekend.” She heard Jeff’s voice, but it didn’t register.

“Jeez boss, that was awesome!” an excited voice said.

“I’ll be in that again,” another said.

“Best fuck in a long time,” came another.

“Awesome piece of pussy boss!”

The workers departed leaving Jeff with Jennifer. He had arrived a little while after they had started fucking her senseless. Sitting in a chair off to one side he had viewed the proceedings. She was a total slut. A one in a billion opportunity and he wasn’t going to let it go by.

He saw how she had descended in a state of pure sexual lust as each man had his way with her and then how she fed off the sexual release of each one of them into to her body. It was the fuel for her own climax. One that continued as long as a cock was driving into her soft, tight cunt and exploding a load of cum into it. Sex was a drug for her. Perhaps more powerful than anything else known and he knew that craving had to be fed. Nature had bred the ultimate sex machine. He could leverage that quirk to both their advantage.

Standing in front of her body, sprawled out as it was on the chair he knew he was a small, but important part of her life now. He was the linchpin around her sexual universe. She need to be guided, nurtured by a trusting and close friend. One who knew her sexual proclivities; a lover and confidant. He could never quench her sexual urge, but he could enjoy her boundless energy in bed and gain a second youth for some time through her body.

He looked at her; her chest heaved with strong breaths and her swollen breasts moved gently along with the motion. Nipples still rock hard and pointing upwards. ‘When did she ever stop feeling aroused?’ her thought. His gaze travelled downwards over her sexy belly to her crotch. Her pussy was a swollen gaping wound from which a river semen leaked onto the edge of the chair and dripped onto the concrete floor where a large puddle was forming. He fought the desire to fuck her then and there as the other men had just done. He had one more task to perform.

Reaching down put his arm around her and pulled her to her feet.

Jennifer felt her body being raised gently from the chair and a long warm coat wrapped around her before being lifted in strong arms and carried away. She curled up in the protective cocoon of Jeff’s upper body and closed her eyes, the strong deep throb from her loins still sending pulses of pleasure through her body.


Jennifer sat in the chair in front of Jeff’s office desk.

“Jenni,” he called gently, “here, drink this.” He handed her a double scotch, neat.

Still numb from the proceedings a few minutes prior she grasped the glass and downed half of it unwittingly. The liquid fire burned at her throat and she coughed violently a few times, but endured the temporary torture until it gave way to the indescribable feeling of warmth radiating down to her stomach. She quickly downed the rest of the tumbler, albeit more cautiously.

The alcohol worked rapidly and soon she felt the fingers of warmth and delight creep down into her loins. Suddenly the warmth spread throughout her belly and she felt the unusual sensation of her anus relaxing under the influence of the liquid. She smiled as the effect hit her brain. Within minutes her whole body had relaxed and the heady feeling of the alcohol mixed with the post orgasmic bliss of her encounter to form a symbiosis of dreamy pleasure.


Jeff’s voice brought her from her reverie to the stark reality of his office. He sat behind his desk looking at her.

“The boys wanted to show their appreciation.” He pushed a pile of money across the desk towards her. “There’s about a thousand dollars there.”

She looked numbly at him then at the bills in front of her. She struggled to make sense of it. Absently she reached forwards and grabbed a handful of the notes, staring at the bills held tightly in her small hand.

Jeff’s voice continued, “That’s just a small amount Jenni. You could make more; much more.”

“How, how much,” she stuttered.

“Five, maybe ten grand a pop. Maybe more.”

Her eyes widened at his statement and her mouth dropped open.

“Think of it Jenni; you could have anything you wanted, go anywhere you pleased. You’d be rich!”

Her eyes closed and she thought of the events that had just taken place. Six men had just used her for their own pleasure and cum in her pussy and paid her for it. She had fucked them like a whore and enjoyed every second of it. Her other hand drifted down between her legs stroking over her clit and into her leaking hole, pulling out the mixed semen and coating her sensitive nub with it.

The notes crushed in her hand as she masturbated herself with the spent cum and thought of cocks that had spurted their loads into her willing body. These men, all experienced had lost control inside of her pussy. They could only cum once or twice, she could milk them all and still take more. She felt a power over men she had never realised she had.


She looked up, the spell broken. Jeff stood in front of her. His hand reached down and stroked her face.

“Jennifer,” he said slowly, “you’ve never had a cock in your arse before have you?”

She blinked at him, her eyes blue lagoons of innocence.

“N, no sir,” came the obedient reply.

“You know that men will want to fuck you in your backside? To cum in your arse?”

She blankly nodded assent.

“Men will want to fuck your pussy and your arse at the same time. Do you want to feel what that is like?”

“Yes daddy,” she replied meekly. Her heart pounded in her chest at the thought. One fat cock in her pussy felt like she would burst apart. What would a cock in her ass at the same time feel like? Her loins felt as though they were turning to liquid at the thought.

“Suck my cock Jenni,” Jeff commanded as he unzipped himself and pulled his growing erection from his pants.

She reached forward and took him into her mouth, quickly bringing him to full hardness. After watching her get gang fucked and seeing her abused pussy dripping with multiple loads he didn’t need much stimulation.

“Stand up honey and bend over the desk.”

She released his cock and did as her ordered. She knew what was about to happen. Despite the alcohol and everything that had proceeded, she was nervous. Only a thin dildo had ever entered her most secret hole. Jeff’s cock was far, far bigger than that.

He felt her tension as she laid her chest onto the desk, breasts crushed against to cool, smooth wood.

“Relax baby, I’ll take it real slow okay?”

“Yes daddy,” came the quavering reply.

“You tell when to stop or go on okay?”

“Uh huh,” she grunted.

Jeff bent down between her open legs. ‘Fuck she looks so sexy’ he though. Her swollen, gaping pussy leaked cum that ran down her thighs. He could see the wet, pink flesh inside throbbing gently. Her anal hole pulsed slightly. It looked so tiny he wondered if his cock would ever fit.

Taking a small bottle of lubrication from his pocket he dripped a generous quantity directly on her tight hole and proceeded to massage the area with the tip of his finger. Jenni immediately moaned deeply at his touch, pushing her backside out at him. Gradually he inserted a finger. Her sphincter gripped his digit like a steel band.

“Relax honey, breath out. Nice and slow.”

She did and he immediately felt her muscles relax and he pushed and rotated the slippery finger further into her virgin backside. As her felt her accepting the digit with more ease he introduced a second finger, adding more lubrication along the way.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Jenni moaned at the additional stretching. Jeff continued slowly to open her up, relaxing her sphincter to the point where he felt he could add a third finger.

Slowly, so slowly he eased the third digit alongside the other two and rotated them. Her ass gripped his fingers so tightly, but she was loosening up. He pushed the three digits up to the second knuckle.

“Oh fuck!” Jenni exclaimed. “Fuck that’s nice.”

“Do you want my cock in there now baby,” he asked.

“Yes. Yes, please fuck my arse daddy,” she panted.

Jeff pulled his fingers slowly from her backside and watched as the hole closed. She was ready. He poured more lubrication on to her opening and then on to his cock, stroking it on with his hand and getting himself harder at the same time.

“Okay baby, relax and breath out when I push in.”

He placed the head of his thick member against her moist anal entrance and holding the knob against it pushed forward. There was a momentary resistance and suddenly his glans slid past the tight ring of muscle and lodged itself inside of her ass.

Jennifer felt the pressure mounting on her asshole and forced herself to relax as instructed. Then her hole widened. Widened incredibly. She felt as though her hole was going to split open until suddenly it snapped back over the shaft of Jeff’s cock as the huge knob slipped into her backside.

Her head craned back and she clutched at the desk with one hand while the other crushed the money in her fist.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” she moaned deeply. The most amazing sensation assailed her anus as her sphincter had stretched past the widest point and then shrunk back to grip his shaft just behind the head.

“Oh Jesus! Jesus,” she wailed, “stop there, stop there.” She panted for a moment getting used to him invading her virgin ass.

“Okay, I’m okay now.”

Jeff felt her ass snap tight around his cock just behind his glans. The muscles of her anal opening squeezed hard on his knob. His brain swam with the sensation and he resisted the urge to thrust into her immediately. She was so tight. The tightest arse he had ever had the pleasure to stick his cock into.

When she gave the signal to proceed he gently start to push into her yielding anus. Pull out a bit, push in further. Soon he was buried balls deep in her backside. He leant forward and whispered in her ear.

“I’m all the way inside you baby.”

She had never felt so full. It was way more than when his cock was in her pussy. It felt good. Really good.

“Fuck me daddy. Fuck my arsehole. I want to feel you spurt your hot cum in my backside,” she purred.

Her words drove him on. He looked down to see his cock embedded in her most private place, her anus stretched impossibly wide around his girth. A week ago this was beyond his wildest dream and now he was fucking the most gorgeous young female in the ass, bent over his desk.

His lust descended like a mist now that he had fully penetrated her and he began long slow strokes inside of her tight bowel. It was so different from her pussy, but incredibly pleasurable and he felt a sense of domination over her that drove his libido to new heights.

He plunged harder into her soft backside, holding her perfect buttocks apart with his hands. He was getting close and wanted to take her in one final position to maximise his pleasure.

He stopped and pulled out of her tight orifice.

“Roll over onto your back baby.”

Jennifer turned around and sat on the desk before laying down. Her unbuttoned blouse flopped open revealing her firm breasts and as she pulled her legs up her pushed them back, rolling her hips up so he could penetrate her ass easily.

Laying on her back Jennifer felt Jeff’s cock easily slide past her loosened sphincter and deep inside. She felt like such a slut, laying back taking a naked cock up her backside. It was so dirty, but felt so nice. As he started to thrust into her again she felt the incredible sensations as her bowel was opened by the invading organ and her anal hole stretched wide by the root of his cock. Once again she felt the familiar tingling of a building orgasm, but different this time. Her anus was providing completely different sensations.

Jeff started to drive his straining cock harder and faster into Jennifer. He looked down at her. He was fucking a beautiful eighteen year old that could easily grace the cover of any fashion magazine. Her chest heaved with each thrust, breasts wobbling slightly with the fat nipples hard and erect. Her concave belly bulge upwards slightly as his cock impaled her and her swollen, open pussy still leaked the cum of half a dozen men.

Her bowel gripped him with slippery tightness and she groaned loudly, “Oh fuck! Fuck, fuck!”

Suddenly she arched her back and thrust her hips against him burying him deep as she shuddered and then froze in an enormous climax. He had fucked her to an anal orgasm and that thought drove him over the edge.

Jenni’s body suddenly couldn’t take it any longer. Stimulated by all the orgasms from the men she had fucked less than thirty minutes prior this new invasion into her ass overwhelmed her senses. Without warning her anus exploded in a wave of such intense pleasure she almost blacked out. Then suddenly the massive cock inside her spewed its load spraying her abused bowel with hot sperm. The combination sent her into a spiral of orgasmic convulsions that had her jerking uncontrollably on the meat pole that impaled her.

They held there, both climaxing together. He, spurting his load into her virgin arse and she shuddering spasmodically on his cock. Within seconds they were spent although it felt like they had the ultimate bliss of sexual union for eternity.

Jeff staggered back his turgid member slipping out of Jenni’s well fucked asshole and collapsed in the chair behind him. He looked at her. All her could see was her spread legs and gaping pussy and anus. His cum ran out of her ass in a white sticky river onto the desk where it pooled under her buttocks. She looked so erotic. He had the will to want to fuck her again seeing that, but his body wasn’t going to deliver.

They recovered where they were. He on the chair and she on the desk, still laying flat, legs wide open. Eventually she raised herself up and looked at him. A huge grin spread across her face and she slid off the desk and sat on his lap. Her hand delved between her legs, rubbing her open vulva and spreading the cum from her well fucked holes all over it.

“Mmmmmm,” she hummed dreamily, “that was incredible! I didn’t know I could cum just by getting my ass fucked.”

“You’re a lucky girl,” Jeff answered back with a smile. “Not many women like anal and less have an orgasm from it.”

“It was really, really nice and your cock felt so huge in me. I loved it when you spurted your cum into me. I could feel all the juices in my backside and it got really, really hot and slippery.”

Jeff looked into her face, locking eyes with her. “Did you like all those men fucking and cumming in your pussy baby?” he asked quietly.

Her voice became serious. “Yes. I loved it when they fucked me and I swallowed their cum and they came into my pussy.”

A moment passed before she continued. She looked down speaking quietly, “Does that make me a whore daddy?”

Jeff placed a finger under her chin and tilted her head back up to look at her.

“Do you want to be a whore Jenni?”

She looked away for a second and then back at him. “Yes daddy. I want to be a whore, a filthy slut that fucks older men and lets them shoot their cum into me.”

Her hand was rubbing at her sperm drenched slit while she spoke.

“I want them to fuck my tight little pussy and ass, and stick their fat cocks into my throat.”

Her eyes closed as she plunged three fingers deep into her pussy and pulled the slimy digits back out over her exposed clit.

Jeff watched her masturbate while she sat astride his legs. Her swollen breasts hung invitingly in front of him and as she worked away at her cunt he grasped her nipples and pulled and twisted them. She reached out with her free hand and gripped his shoulder to steady herself against the flood of sensations writhing in her loins that emanated from her nipples and clit.

“That’s it Jenni, feel those hard cocks sliding deep into your tight little pussy and how your backside stretches around a fat pole as you get sodomised at the same time,” he egged her on, knowing how she could climax harder on the mental images and the effect they had on her perverted brain.

Her breathing increased rapidly and her hand was a blur on her swollen labia. A mask of ecstatic agony writhed over her beautiful features as her body squirmed with pleasure. Jeff was drawn into it, the scene before him fuelling his libido to a level he had never felt. He wanted to pin her to the floor and fuck her brains out over and over till he was a spent husk.

“Oh! Oh! Oh god!” she grunted. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she let out a long low wail to the ceiling as the wave of the climax crashed into her. She rode on Jeff’s lap, mindless to all else but the spasms in her loins. Her hand had slid down from her clit and over the engorged labia where three of her fingers plunged deep into her slimy cunt, pumping the sopping hole in time to her throbbing orgasmic pulses.

As her orgasm slowed Jeff released her tortured nipples and gently cupped her breasts, allowing her to slump forward on his hands. He could feel her heart thumping in her chest as his hands held the firm, warm orbs. She was a sexual dynamo, he was convinced. He’d never encountered such a voracious sexual appetite in a woman before. He would make sure she was guided and protected so they both could profit from her unusual ability.

“Baby,” he whispered gently. She opened her eyes with difficulty and tried to focus on him.

“I think we should go home now honey, is that okay?”

She smiled weakly, “Yes daddy, I’d like that.”

He picked her up and setting her on her wobbly legs, wrapped her coat around her and with his arm around her shoulders led out of the office.

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