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Out Of Nowhere

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It was one of those nights again, chilling here with him and watching T.V. We just got done laughing about how stupid high school was, but how we sort of already miss it. Best friend the whole way through. Him and I just always had the greatest times together, although most of it was over Xbox Live. Most of our laughs, inside jokes, and stories all were over Xbox. We’d just finished watching The Avengers. I love superheros, and the comics along with them. Okay, okay, yeah. I’m that girl.

But hey, there’s still some of us, you can’t get rid of us that easily. Especially with such good stories and characters. Anyways, it was weird to see him like this. After the summer started, only about half way in, he had some muscle obsession or something and got built out of nowhere. I wasn’t complaining… I mean, I had always found him handsome, but now he had bulked up a little more… I was proud of him, taking control and making himself and his life what he wanted it to be.

“You want a beer?” I ask, turning around, swinging my low ponytail over my shoulder. He looked away from the television and to me.

“I always want a beer.” He replies with a soft chuckle. I grab two, popping off the caps and walking back to the table in my over-sized shirt and jeans. Setting his bottle on the table, I take a drink for myself.

“So. This is it. This… is it.” I sigh happily.

“I know, look at us. All, independent and on our own…”

“It’s weird.” He nods at me.

“Very.” He agrees, then that stupid smile plays on his lips.

“What?” I ask, my voice drops. I know that smile. “What?!” I ask again, louder and more playful.

“You remember Brandon?” I drop my head.

“We said we’d never speak of him again.” I warn.

“He was SUCH a douche bag!” He shouts, and I can’t help but laugh.

“He was nice, he just BECAME a douche bag.” I correct him.

“You said the only reason you dated him because he turned you on.” HE reminded me.

I rolled my eyes and took another drink of my drink, as did he. I didn’t have a response though.

“See?” He swallowed and pointed at me. “You know it too.”

“Okay, so?” I shrug and lean back.

“I bet you I could – and still can turn you on just as good, if not a better him.” He drank again. I didn’t actually have a response to that either.

“Don’t believe me,” He shrugged and leaned back.

“I won’t.” I reply.

I lay down, taking most of the couch for myself, while he sat comfortably on the end of the couch near where my feet are. I lay on my back, head to the T.V. and back flat, knees bent and in the air while my feet stay planted on the couch. We both sit quietly, watching the screen in my new apartment. It was so quiet. Even the T.V seemed to have gotten quieter. Moving my head to look at the ceiling with a sign, I looked to him. He was already looking at me. I smirked at him.

“What?” I asked with a little laugh in my voice. He didn’t respond.

“Don’t go all weird on me. Seriously, what?” I asked again, and again, he didn’t reply. I propped myself up with my elbows behind me.

“Seriously, are you alright?” He just sat there and observed me. I started to feel a little violated by his wandering eyes. He sighed softly, letting the air out his nose slowly. I felt more uneasy. “You okay?” I asked him, quieter, unsure of what was going on. “You’re-”

In a motion he grabbed my ankles and slid me to him, on leg going behind his back and the other over his lap; our faces inches from each other.

I jump slightly at the touch of his hand sliding from my ankle slowly up my leg, to my hip and up my side, then moving to my back. He doesn’t break eye contact with me. I’ve never seen him so serious.

“What…?” My voice dropped to a weak whisper, I find my eyes dropping to his lips. Yanking them up I look at his eyes, which are now scanning my body again. This makes me shift in an uneasy fashion.

“I’ve been waiting to touch you like this for…” He trails off and locked eyes with me, leaning in closer to me. Pulling my t-shirt over my head. I am too shocked to respond. Suddenly, his lips meets mine. I feel a surprising spark. Our lips linger for a moment when he parts from mine, until he goes back in and kisses me again, moving his lips and gently biting down on my lip. He leans close to me, and like a magnetite, I lean back, catching myself with my arms behind me. He leans closer, I lean back. This continues until he has me laying on my back again, him towering over me.

My heart pounds. “I’ll make you believe me,” He tells me with a wicked smirk. “I’ll make you tremble,” I feel a hand slide up my side. “I’ll make you wet,” He leans closer again, his lips at my ear and his fingers teasing at my waist line of my jeans. “and I’ll make you beg.” He whispered, almost growling. My eyes widen a little, when I feel a kiss on my neck, down lower to my collar bone, and lower, down to my stomach. He reaches my hip, where he stops and looks up at me to make sure I’m watching. After being satisfied that I am, he kisses, so gently on my hip, and bites. I jump a little. He chuckles darkly, and slithers back up. Without breaking our gaze he unzips my sipper and pulls my jeans off slowly, tossing them to the floor. He scoops his hands under my back and pulls me up to our first position.

“Undress me.” He ordered. Holy fuck. At first I pause, waiting for a joke or something…. but he was dead serious. Nervously, I reach over and slowly fumble with his buttons on his shirt.Buttoning down, his new, muscular chest became exposed to me. Hot damn… he looked good… really good.

He picks me up slightly, placing me facing away from him and on his lap. I squeak softly in surprise. He had gotten stronger. I feel his breath on my neck, making my stomach turn a little. Nervousness twisted about in my body. I feel his fingers unhooking my bra.

“Don’t.” He said, just as I opened my mouth to object. I felt his hand rest on my leg while the other explored my body, up my sides, his fingertips dancing on my stomach and up to my chest, then down again. Pushing me forward slightly, he traced my spine, making my back arch a little. His hand left my leg, and took both my arms, pinning them close to my body so I wouldn’t wiggle.


“Shh.” He silenced me. I didn’t dare try to speak again. I hadn’t seen this coming – ever. I felt a gentle kiss on my shoulder blade that made my heart pound. We’d had sex talks before – he knew I was a virgin, and he asked me where all my turn on spots were, and I asked him his. He was using my answers from high school. I froze, still a little shocked. Another kiss. It made me want to melt. Another one, slower, slower, his lips grazing my skin as he moved to the other shoulder. I bit my lip. I turned my head to look at him, but he had other ideas. his free hand that wasn’t restraining my arms reached up quickly and grabbed a handful of my hair, tugging on it and exposing my neck where he then planted another kiss, and another, followed by a surprising bite that made me flinch. God. Where’d he learn to do this?

“What- why are you..?” I managed to murmur. He worked his way up my neck again and turned my head. Our lips met. He pressed my back against his chest. The hand the restricted my arms grabbed both my wrists and pulled them up and over his head. “Keep them here.” He warned in my ear, the growl in his voice arousing me a little.I feel his hand slide down my arm and his fingers graze the round of my breast. I can see him looking down at my naked torso, I feel so exposed and I wiggle.

He pulls me close and growls softly at me, reminding me to sit still and let him have his way. I sit still. He bites my neck again making me inhale sharply. Both of his hand slide down my sides and onto my thighs, massaging them and rubbing them back and forth. I see his smirk from the corner of my eye. “The things that I’m going to do to you.” He whispers to me. I can’t help but whimper softly. He replies with a dark chuckle as his hands work his way back up, both on the front of my body. They reach my breasts. He cups them and uses his thumbs to tease one nipple first. I feel pleasure jolt and I wiggle again a little, then sit still, remembering his instructions. He then teases the other nipple, pinching softly, circling, and flicking the hard bud.

I inhale and exhale sharply, my breathing becoming ragged.This goes on.. and on. i feel the pleasure shoot… down there. I widen my eyes, a hand has left one of my breasts. While the one nipple is being teased, a warm hand slips on my inner thigh, massaging the inside. “O-okay… I-‘m done…” I stutter. We can’t go any further. “I’m not.” He growls,Pulling my hair again and my head to the other side, where he placed another nip on my neck that makes me tense. Both his hands are now on my inner thighs, back and forth… back and forth… “Look at what I’m going to do to you.” He says to me wickedly. I force myself to look down, his hands forcing my legs to spread apart. “N….mmm…” I silence myself.While one hand holds one of my legs, a hand reaches in between my legs and touches the soft of my panties, stroking me extremely slowly. I bite my lip again, holding back a moan.

“You’re already wet.” I hear him say. This pleases him. I let my hands slip down a little. He fixes them, pushing them up and around his neck again. “Don’t move them.” He tell me, pulling my head back by my hair again. While on finger strokes my panties, the other goes back to torturing my nipple as well. I want to squirm so badly… “You smell so good… I bet you taste even better.” He growls. Oh my God. Ooh my God. Holy fuck. Both his hands spread my legs again, shying inward from his touch. He teases and my panties and then carefully pulls them off. Naked, I sit in his lap. “The things I want to do you.” He growls again A forceful hand keeps my leg spread, while the other stokes my sex. “M-mm-m..” I hold back.

“No. Let me hear your pleasure that I’m giving you.” He says, stroking me.

“Moan for me.” I tremble. “Moan.” He demands, letting his finger graze over my clitoris. I can’t help it then. “Ah! Aha-… ah… mmm… mmm-mm.” I close my mouth again.I feel a finger slip inside me. “Mmm! Ah- mmm….” I wiggle again to shut off my moan. “Moan.” He demands, pulsing inside me slow, steady. UGhhhh. It;s driving me crazy. I can’t take this. It’s just so slow… I want this bad.. “Faster…” I whisper. ”

“What?” He asked, wanting me to say it louder. Damn it.

“Mm- Faster!” I say a little louder.

“Beg.” He says, slowing his pace.

“No – oh – no.. please.” I say, shaking.

“Beg more.” He says. I remain silent as he pulses slowly in and out with a lone finger.

“Beg.” He says again, pulling his finger out and simply circling my moist opening. Oh my fuck. I can’t. I whimper and wiggle. “Please!” I cry, squirming.

“Sit still.” HE demands. I whimper again. “Please.” I breathe. “Please, oh, please, please, oh God, please.” I bite my lip.

I see the wicked smirk appear, and a hard bump push against my butt. I feel a finger tease my nipple and I cry again. “Please! Oh ,please, more.. I want it.” I say, I admit. HE circles me again and flicks my lips once… twice, making me thrust into him. The he slides a finger in me, making me melt and sigh. “ahh… ahhhmmmm.” Puslsing , he starts faster, gaining speed… faster… faster… faster.. I’m pulsing with him, but then- he pulls his finger out.

“Ahhh!” I cry. He pushed me to the couch and opens my legs, his head dipping down and I feel a tongue enter me, along with tow fingers. “AhHHH! mmm- aOh– fuck please yes!” I breathe. he licks me – oh god he licks me and flicks my clitoris twice. He fingers me and pulses, and just when I’m ready he stops. He slows incredibly slow and stays. I’m on the edge of my climax and I can’t get there – just barely. I feel it but it’s not there.

“Ahh!! Please!” I scream. He doesn’t speed up. I shake, violently, and orgasm. Panting I look up at him and he towers over me, leaning into me, still rubbing my clit. “I’m only getting started.” He whispers.

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