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Taught a Lesson

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This is a tale from my younger days, when I was in the 6th form. I was 18 and studying my second year at Advanced or ‘A’ level. I was studying English, Chemistry and PE, so I kept in shape, both physically and mentally. For the courses we did, there were three teachers in every subject, but each particular subject was taught by a combination of two of these teachers. My favourite subject was English, particularly with Mrs Green. She was in her late 30’s and had a fine figure. She was about a size 12, with nice curves, all in the right places.

She had a magnificent pair of breasts, not too large for her frame, and not too small. I’d have said something around a C or a D cup. Her fine legs and sweet smile were all complimented by her long, red hair. She was the primary teacher in English, meaning that we spent twice as long with her as we did with Mr Johnson, the head of the department. That was what made the course.

The English department had been concentrating on our first assignment of the course with us for four weeks solid now, a piece of creative writing, as certain ‘rebellious pupils,’ myself included, were disrupting teaching during the last semester by reading books when we should have been working. All the stories got handed in first lesson on Monday, and Mrs Green would mark them when she had some free time after lunch. I had a few hours of lessons on the Monday morning after English, but they flew by, and I was exhausted by the end of my PE class. I took a quick shower and grabbed a quick bite to eat after a game of Basketball with my mates. Lunch always ends too fast and before you know it, you’re off to your next lesson.

As was normal for me on a Monday, I went to the Library to do homework or read some books, which always helped with my English course. Today was one of the few days with no homework to do, so I picked a comfy chair and enveloped myself with some classic crime novels. I had been reading for about two minutes, when Mrs Green walked into the library and sat down opposite the reading area, at one of the tables. She set up her laptop and began to read some of the work we had submitted to her. As always, she would read it and print off a sheet or two of detailed feedback for us to go through. That was always much better than the red pen treatment, than Mr Johnson gave us.

I was enjoying the book, listening to the rhythmic tapping of Mrs Green on the keyboard and the occasional rustle of paper from both of us, when I noticed that she hadn’t typed a single letter for a while. She had stopped typing, and was sat back, no longer upright, but relaxed. This was the first submission which had really grabbed her attention. She read the whole thing through, whilst I prayed that it would be mine she had read, then she put it down on the table, read it like anyone else’s and typed the feedback for the author. I thought nothing more of it…

A few minutes later, I looked over the top of my book, and noticed she was doing the same. I was about to go back to my book, when a movement under the desk caught my eye. She had uncrossed her legs and had now adopted a position more befitting of a man such as myself. Her legs were spread about as wide as her shoulders and I could see right up her white stockings to the lacy tops and beyond. I shuffled discreetly, so as not to draw attention to my, or her, activities. The early afternoon sunlight was just perfect. I lifted my book, so that she could not see my face and could believe I was still reading. I found my goal. Her mid-thigh skirt had ridden up far enough that I could see everything, including her golden, silky thong. It was so tight that through the material, I could see her slit and a little protruding lump at the top, just like an erect nipple. Surely this could have only been brought on by my work. I was the only student brash enough to submit a sexually provocative story. It was one about getting lucky with the school’s most attractive (and most intelligent) student, Katie West. She was in my English and Chemistry classes, but she did Maths instead of PE, so I did get some time to myself and it didn’t look like I was stalking her.

I stared fixedly at her camel toe, enjoying every second of it. I looked along the edge for a trace of her pubes, but I found none. A popular topic with the adolescent males of the school was weather or not she shaved, waxed of was bereft of pubic hair, but I was trying to get to the bottom of it. No joy there, I was getting anxious, because she had spent a full five minutes reading this and surely must be reaching the end of it. I almost looked away again, when I saw a patch on her gusset darken. I turned a page, so as not to arouse suspicion and continued my vigil. Wow, this story was good stuff, because she was actually getting wet. I couldn’t believe my luck. Just then, she sat up and crossed her legs again, getting back to her marking of the work. It was at that point I realised that I was as solid as a rock. Even though I was wearing cycling shorts, my hard on was straining against the material. I needed an excuse to adjust the lie of my clothes, without drawing any unnecessary glances from Mrs Green. I sat up, grabbed my bag and placed it on my lap. With my left hand, I unzipped my bag and grabbed a pen and my notebook, while with my right; I adjusted myself, relieving the pressure on my subsiding boner.

With about five minutes to go before the lesson, Mrs Green packed her things away, got up and walked over to the printers. She picked up a stack of paperwork and left the Library. I followed her from a distance, to get to class on time. Walking past the staff lounge, I noticed that she had gone in the door, but was not sitting in the comfy armchairs they have in there. She must have gone to the Ladies, to cure her ‘rising damp’ I couldn’t resist a smirk, as I proceeded to the classroom.

We suffered an hour of Mrs Green starting to talk about our assignments and how that these were first drafts, so we should take on her feedback and make a few changes. But, like always, she got sidetracked and went on a small scale rant about past participles and such like. The end of the lesson came and as we were leaving, she always gave us a parting shot.

“Alright, you articulate reprobates; you can collect your work from me, with its feedback. I want to see the next step taken by Friday. Kate, Will I shall require you two to stick around for a little extra of the verbal. See you all tomorrow.” All of the class filed out, receiving our paperwork and getting absorbed by the general flow of people emanating from all classrooms. Mrs Green shut the door and walked over to us two. She picked up a brown envelope, which read ‘Katie West’ on the front and she looked over in my direction. I took the hint and got my walkman out and listened to a suitable tune, to drown out what they were saying, keeping my back turned to avoid any of the conversation being witnessed through my eyes.

A few minutes later, and I was brought back from my moment with Joe Satriani, by a hand on my shoulder. I turned and looked into Katie’s blue eyes and her sweet smile. I pulled out an ear piece and was about to apologise in case I was doing air guitar, when she said

“Well done, Will. It looks like your story is a good one, too.” She turned and left, only turning at the door to say “See you tomorrow,” while I went as red as a bottle of ketchup.

“See you.” Was all I could manage, as she shut the door, leaving me alone with Mrs Green. I turned my attention to her, the colour returning to normal.

“You really are the only one who could possibly hand in a piece of work like this to me for marking, aren’t you?”

“Well you did say that we could write about absolutely anything.”

“I was expecting something along the lines of a whodunit, rather than you expressing your feelings for a certain girl in this class.”

“It could develop into a ‘who did them’ just change it from murder to rape.” I blurted out, before I could stop myself. “Was it that obvious that I was on about her?”

“Yes, it was that obvious. I don’t want this to be your submitted piece, as I shall be handing out copies to the rest of the class. I’m not one to call a halt to such a promising project, so you can continue to write it if you wish, but in your own time. What would Katie think if I handed a copy to her to review? It was such a suggestive piece, after all.”

“Sorry, Mrs G I just thought that would be something good to write. I was after inspiration and I found some of the old pictures from our field trip in ’99. That was when we really clicked.”

“Okay, I understand. Go home, read through my feedback and continue it if you so wish. I’ll always be here, if you need me for some pointers on anything. But I want a new work for Friday. You’ve got a lot of catching up to do, young man!” She placed a brown paper envelope into my hands. I opened up my bag and placed it within my folder. Mrs Green left the room and I decided that it was sunny enough to warrant shorts and T-shirt combo for the long ride home. I took my joggers off and put them in my bag. I walked over to the bike shed, put on my crash helmet and cycled up the drive. As I was riding up the driveway to the main road, I passed Mrs Green on her way to her car. As I rode past her, I could have sworn I heard her quietly wolf whistle me, but I dismissed it as my testosterone fuelled mind playing tricks on me, so I carried on.

I got home, completely exhausted. The five mile trip always took it out of me on the way home. It always felt like climbing a small mountain, but it was great for my legs. Mum and Dad weren’t due home for another two hours or so, so I had the house to my self for a while. I turned on my computer, Switched on Kerrang on the TV and collapsed in a heap on my bed. I took out the brown envelope, given to me by Mrs Green and pulled out a small pile of paperwork. I took my story off the bottom and put that on my desk. There were no comments about this work being overly sexual or anything. I looked them over and thought about them. I went and grabbed myself a snack, then returned to my ‘office’ to continue with my tale. I called up the file and then looked for the notes from Mrs Green. I couldn’t find them. I looked under my original copy, but to no avail. I must have put them back in the envelope, so I opened it again and looked inside. There was nothing in there, save a small jiffy brand envelope, for fragile mail. I removed it and looked at the front. Usually, Mrs Green writes people’s names on the front in full, but this one said ‘Will’ so I opened it.

I could not believe what I was seeing, when I removed from that package a damp, golden silk thong. I sat on the bed and stared at the gift I had been sent. There was a small tag attached to the waistband. It said ‘See me’ on it. I raised a smile upon reading this. I had two options:

1) This was sexual harassment and should be dealt with by telling my parents and getting the Lawyers in.

2) This was sexual harassment and should be dealt with by confronting Mrs Green and getting whatever came my way, so to speak.

The second option sounded better, because the moistness of her gusset had been caused by my writing. I put the thong to my nose and sniffed deeply. It was then I realised that this was a really bad idea. My cock tried to spring to attention, but was held firmly in place by my shorts. I tried to remove them, but removing a pair of skin tight Lycra shorts is difficult at the best of times, and it is nearly impossible, when you have a hard on. The more I struggled to get out of the shorts, the more my thoughts turned to Mrs Green and her wolf whistle. She must have been whistling at me. I finally freed my cock from its elastic prison and began to pleasure myself, my right hand pumping like a piston, and my left hand keeping those silky panties under my nose. When I came, it was like a fountain, unlike any other orgasm I had ever experienced, my seed flying across the room and the last few spurts dribbling into my shorts. I replaced the panties in their envelope and got the place cleaned up before my parents returned. I was going to have to ask Mrs Green a few questions in the morning.

The next morning, I left early for school, to avoid the traffic I told my Mum. The journey only took me 20 minutes instead of the usual half hour. As I rode down the drive, I noticed Mrs Green’s car was parked in the car park. Great, she was in. I walked through the deserted school buildings, towards the classroom of Mrs Green, English. I walked into the open door and heard the noise of typing coming from her office. I knocked on the door, which was ajar and waited.

“Come in.” She answered. I poked my head around the door and smiled at her.

“Is this a good time, Ma’am?” I walked into the room and shut the door behind me. “I could use a little help with my assignment.”

“That’s fine, have a seat, Will.” I sat down in front of her desk and produced the little tag. I laid it in front of her. She flushed hotly. “What’s that?” she enquired innocently.

“Well, I was hoping that you could tell me.” I looked straight into her emerald green eyes. “After all, you put it in with my feedback, didn’t you, Mrs Green.” I put some deliberate emphasis on the Mrs, because it would make her feel worse about herself.

“I…erm…I thought that the note ‘see me’ was self explanatory, Will.” She gathered herself somewhat to my surprise

“It was what was attached to the note that I found surprising.” I reached down to my bag and she stood up, walked over to the window and closed the blinds. Then she walked over to the door and shut it. There was a key in the lock, but she neglected to turn it. “I don’t have them here, I was just bluffing.” I said, retracting my hand from the bag. “The point I would like to make is that on a technicality, you have been sexually harassing me.” I said in a low tone, just in case anyone was outside the door, listening. I stood up and faced Mrs Green.

“I see, and whom have you told about it?” She looked up from the floor, looking me in the eyes for the first time.

“No-one… Yet.” I allowed a small flicker of a grin to cross my lips.

“So what do you propose to do about this situation? I can’t wait here all day, because I have a lot of work to do.” I walked closer to her and stood less than three feet from her.

“I propose we lock the door and discuss this like adults. What do you say?” Mrs Green considered this and locked the door. She took the key out of the lock and walked past me to the desk. She placed the key on it, next to the tag I had laid down. I walked over to her chair and sat down in it. It was one of those big, expensive ones, complete with ergonomic back support. The soul reason our school was constantly broke. Every office had one for each member of staff. Now I could see why.

“Don’t sit in my chair, Will. Only staff may sit there.”

“Really, Mrs Green. After what happened last night, I hardly think you are in any position to make demands.” I steepled my fingers and rested my elbows on the table. “Are you willing to listen to my terms?” I pushed the chair back against the wall.

“What are your terms?”

“You want me, obviously. I am a teenager, who has the ability to turn you on, only by writing a provocative piece, correct?” I stated, just to clarify a few things in my own mind.

“That is true.”

“Then my proposal is that you work for me.” I grinned at her, while a puzzled look crossed her face.

“How do you mean, ‘work for you’?” I had anticipated this question and just beckoned her over to stand in front of me.

“What is your first name, Mrs Green?”

“Stephanie, but everyone calls me Steph.”

“Well then, Steph. Kneel down. You should understand the undertones of this statement, being an English teacher and all.” As she obeyed me, I undid my zip and let my already semi-stiff cock out of my shorts. “You know what to do.”

A little drip of pre-come had developed on my head. Steph licked it off my head and savoured the flavour. Her right hand peeled back my foreskin, exposing the end, standing proudly atop the shaft. She kissed the shaft, allowing her tongue to get a taste of it every now and again. She drew a line from the base up to the tip and plunged her mouth down onto my cock, taking about half of my eight inches in and sucked on it like a lollypop. She slipped a hand inside my boxers and began to massage my balls. I let out a little moan of ecstasy. She removed her lips from my throbbing member and said quietly.

“Don’t keep being so loud. If anyone finds us, then we’re dead!” She resumed sucking my cock and I was enjoying every minute of it. Just then, there was a knock at the door. I went as rigid as a corpse, while she stopped sucking me and stood up. She opened the bottom drawer and removed a wad of Kleenex. She dabbed at her mouth and was about to say something, when the door handle rattled.

“Steph, are you in there? I’ve got those essays you wanted to see.” Mr Johnson, the head of English was standing outside the door. I stood up and replaced my rapidly fading erection into my boxers and zipped myself back up. I delved in my pocket and grabbed a pack of mints. I gave her a mint and mouthed:

“Go and answer it, I’ll be under here.” I pointed at the desk. She went to the door, sucking on a mint, while I climbed under her desk. She greeted Mr Johnson and invited him in. She walked back around her desk and sat down, pulling the chair up tight to the desk. I was wedged in tight, with my face looking right at her crotch. She carried on discussing some of the essays with Mr Johnson and I just couldn’t help myself. I breathed on my hand to warm it and placed it on her stocking clad calf. Fortunately, she wasn’t talking at that moment, so I was in the clear. I was in too deep to be bothered any more, so I pressed on and moved up to her thigh. Steph tried to cross her legs, but I resisted her motions, keeping a grip on the chair with my left hand, to stop me from being seen. She must have worked out what my intentions were, as she let her legs slide gradually apart, allowing me to see all the way to her moist, panty-clad haven.

My hand continued its journey up her thigh, drawing patterns on her inside leg with a feather light touch. I could feel the temperature rise sharply, telling me that my hand was near its goal. Mr Johnson stood back from the desk and declared. “I’ll leave those with you, then Stephanie.” He turned to leave, causing Steph to stand, just as I was beginning to stroke her pussy. Another plan, foiled. She shut the door, waited a few seconds and then locked it again. She walked back over to the desk and looked under, to find me grinning at her.

“It’s 8:20. You’ve got half an hour, so make it quick.” I jumped out from under the desk and took my seat again. This time, she took the lead and had my trousers off, completely. My cock sprang back to life and she recommenced her meal, with a great deal more gusto, I have to say. She started tracing a line up and down the shaft, while still playing with my balls and giving the head a lot of well-deserved attention. I could feel the orgasm building up in me from a long way back. This didn’t feel the same as any other one. It felt more like the beginnings of an eruption.

“Steph… I’m gonna…” The only response from her was to quicken the pace of her mouth and her right hand. It changed from running a pattern on my cock, to a full blown pumping action. My orgasm followed quickly and I arched my back, forcing as much of my dick into her mouth as was physically possible. Jet after jet of warm come hit the back of her throat and I expected her to wretch any moment, as both of the other girls who had gone down on me in the past had done. Like a true professional, she swallowed every last drop. I finished by collapsing in the chair.

After we had gotten our breath back and had a chance to clean up, Steph grabbed a pack of strong mints and placed a few in her mouth.

“You want one?” she said, offering me the pack.

“No thanks, I’m good.” I said, buttoning up my jeans. I wasn’t at all sure where to go now, but I glanced at the clock and noticed it was 8:48. Two minutes before the school day starts, so I had to go.

“I’ll be back after school. Same place.” I gave her arse a quick squeeze “It’s like this until your penance is paid.” I thought it made me sound in control, though now I think about it, it made me sound more of a jerk.

The school day dragged so much. I have never had such a slow day in my life. Lunchtime came and I couldn’t wait any longer. I went to Mrs Green’s office, just before lunch, to catch her before she left for the staff room. I entered her domain and she was putting away a few files. She was just about to leave by the looks of it.

“A thought has occurred to me, Mrs Green.” Slightly startled, she turned around and looked at me. If I didn’t know better, I think there was a look of genuine fear in her eyes. I shut the door and walked over to her, keeping my distance this time.

“After school… We are going to arouse suspicion, especially if you turn up home late fro your husband…” The look of fear subsided slightly and a smile returned to her features.

“I don’t have a husband. I’ve been divorced for three years, Will.” I was taken aback by this news. Suddenly, it didn’t seem as risky to be doing something like this. When she said that, it just made me think even more depraved thoughts.

“Listen, Will. If I give you a lift back to my place tonight, maybe you and I can discuss this like adults. None of this blackmail nonsense.”

“It is not nonsense.” I retorted. “If you give me a lift, then someone will see us. I can’t let you take that risk. Not for me.”

“How very noble of you, to say such a thing.” I could feel the sarcasm drip off that sentence.

“I’ll go home as normal, grab some fresh clothes and then go down to my local shops. You can fetch me from there.” I grabbed a pen and paper from off her desk. I scribbled a number down for her and tore the piece in half, leaving the number on one side.

“Here’s my mobile number, give me yours.”

“I’ll give you my email address. You can email me anything you want. Here’s my house address. Come when you can, I’ll be there.” She gave me a piece of paper, with all the details on and then showed me the door. I stuffed the piece of paper into my pocket and exited the classroom. She locked up and left for lunch.

The afternoon went slower than the morning. Even a few games of basketball couldn’t pick me up. I just wasn’t all there, meaning the coach was on my back all afternoon about it. I walked despondently up the drive towards the school gates and I caught a glimpse of Steph’s car. I suddenly thought about this morning and what had happened about seven hours ago. I pulled the back pack onto both shoulders, tightened the straps and started to jog.

I was well ahead of the trail of destruction usually left by the kids at our school. No one else was around, so I slowed and produced the piece of paper from my pocket. ‘Apple Orchard’ I recognised the name of the road she lived on. It was less than a ten minute walk from my house. I stashed the paper in my wallet and made a good cross country pace out of my journey. I was home in 35 minutes. Good pace, I wagered.

I walked in through the door, went to the fridge and grabbed a pitcher full of fruit juice. I carried it up to my room and drank most of it while disrobing, ready for a shower. No woman should ever have to put up with B.O., so I made sure I was thoroughly clean. I became very aroused and at one point, I thought that I’d have to make myself come, just to stop my erection. The solution to the problem was just above my head, however, as I pulled the showerhead down and turned the water to cold. A freezing cold jet stream of water caused me to become flaccid in less than ten seconds. I got out of the shower, towelled dry and picked a nice set of clothes, aftershave and shoes to go out in. I walked downstairs, grabbed my keys and then remembered to write my parents a note. ‘Dear Mum, gone to Jimmy’s I’ll be on my mobile. See you tomorrow, Will.” That ought to keep them guessing, I thought. And with that, I left.

Apple Orchard was the big posh houses in our area. The houses on our road only pretended to be posh, with neighbours who looked down their noses at everyone. These people had their butlers do it for them. Steph’s was at number 78. It wasn’t as big as the rest of them, but it was still vastly impressive. I crunched my way up the gravel drive and rang the bell.

Stephanie Green opened the door and stood there before me in a black satin dressing gown. She looked a tad under dressed for the occasion of ‘just talking’, but I wasn’t really bothered.

“Hi Will, come on in. Would you like a drink at all?”

“Please. What’s on offer?” I winced as I heard myself using innuendo in front of my English teacher, who had gone down on me this very morning.

“Tea, coffee, water… Or perhaps something a little stronger?” She said, leading the way toward the kitchen. I slipped off my shoes and left them in the hall.

“I’ll have whatever you’re having.” She showed me into the lounge and gestured towards the large three piece suite.

“Make yourself at home, I’ll go and get the drinks.” She walked over to the drinks cabinet and started to pour two generous measures of scotch. She walked back and placed one in my hand. I had taken a seat on one of the armchairs, next to the settee. Steph chose to sit on the end of the settee farthest from me and she curled herself up on it, allowing only a small amount of flesh to show. She took a quick sip from her glass and then looked at me.

“I should start by apologising to you.” This one took me by such surprise that I nearly choked on my Scotch.

“Why should you apologise to me? I’m the one who started it, with the stupid story.”

“That story isn’t stupid; it’s a work worthy of publication, so long as you get it finished. I saw you getting turned on by watching me get wet over it. I just gave in to that schoolgirl attitude, to test a guy and see what he does. I never expected you to get like that, though.”

“I’m a horny teenager. I went about my business in a way I thought was going to get results.” Steph sat up at that point.

“And what results were you after?”

“Sex with a beautiful woman, of course.” She downed the rest of her scotch and shuddered at the cold sensation in the back of her throat. I responded by doing the same, but with less of a shudder.

“You think I’m beautiful, Will?”

“Of course I do. You don’t need much of an imagination to fancy you, with some of your outfits.” She beckoned me closer to her and placed her feet on the floor.

“I want you to settle a score with me…”

“How do you mean, Steph, I don’t understand?” I was puzzled, but there wasn’t that much blood in any of my extremities at the moment.

“Well then, Will. Kneel down. You should understand the undertones of this statement, being an English student and all.” Now my brain finally caught up with what she was on about. I took to my knees and waited. She leant forward and placed a finger under my chin. I looked up into her green eyes and we locked lips. I allowed my lips to part, at the probing insistence of her tongue. It danced in and out of my mouth, I kept trying to keep pace with her, but she was very adept at French kissing. Her hand grabbed mine and guided it up to her ample breasts, allowing me to roam over them, with only the satin dressing gown and her silky bra holding me from my target. She lay back and allowed me to move over the top of her. My right hand had found her nipple and was tweaking it, much to her delight, while my left hand tried to head south and release her gown, giving one less obstacle to overcome. She grabbed my left hand and directed it to her shoulders.

“Easy, Tiger. We’ve got all night, yet.” She winked at me and helped me to slip the gown off her shoulders. Her silky bra was golden in colour and just accentuated her curves, making her look like a movie star. I continued to devote all my attention to her face and breasts. Working out that the bra was a front-fastener; I released the clasp, letting them fall free. Her magnificent orbs were nicely sized, about a C or D cup, big enough for me to enjoy. Her pale areolas were small and surrounded nipples which were very hard and begging for attention. My left hand glided across her breast and began to roll one of them between finger and thumb, while I allowed my mouth to engulf the other nipple. Steph gave a little squeal of delight at my touch and she started to try and remove my T-shirt. This was difficult; because I was too busy concentrating on her nipple to notice she was undressing me.

“It’s my turn now.” Said she, placing a hand on my forehead and pushing me back off her nipple. She pulled the shirt over my head and threw it on the floor with her bra. She then pushed me to a lying position on her settee and began kissing and licking my nipples. My cock was hard and pushing against the tight denim. I wanted some attention down there badly, so I placed my hand on top of her head and began to push her down my body. She moved down, as far as my six-pack, giving generous attention to it, but she knew my game all too well. She lifted my arm from around her head, moved back up me and before I could protest, she locked lips with me, no tongue or anything, just a long warm kiss. My arms encircled her, pulling her closer, squashing her breasts against my reasonably well defined chest. We maintained this position for a good half minute, then I let go and started on her breasts again, devoting most of my attention to the other nipple. She lay back, allowing me the freedom of movement I liked. Suddenly, she stopped and lifted my chin once more. I looked deep within those eyes and saw a glint of pure lust.

“Let’s spice this up a bit. I want my payment for this morning’s little ‘prelude’ and I want it now!” She undid her robe and let it part. She was not wearing any knickers; the partner to the bra was in my pocket, because she had given them to me on Monday, but I thought I’d better give them back at some point. Her pink little snatch was dripping and a Brazilian style strip of red pubes extended about three inches up from the entrance of her ‘tunnel of love’.

“I’ve never gone down on a woman before, what do I do?” I admitted. I’d had sex, but the girls had been repulsed by me wanting them to give me head, I’d chickened out of flipping the coin on them.

“Just start on my legs and work your way up. I’ll tell you if you’re doing anything wrong. You’ll know if you’re doing it right, trust me. And she lay back and spread her legs. Her left leg hung over the back of the settee, while her right was on the floor, being caressed by me. I moved in, beginning halfway up her thigh, kissing gently, drawing circles with my fingertips.

“Yes, that’s good. Take your time, do it nice and slowly.” She purred and stroked the back of my head. I worked my way up her thigh, slowly and surely, gradually getting closer to the warmth of her dripping pussy. I got to it and traced the outline of her outer labia with my finger. Steph threw her head back in ecstasy and yelped at the unexpected difference of sensation, between my lips and my fingers. I moved my fingers around for a little and found her little nubbin, massaging and poking it, I gauged her reactions, and then I slid down her slit with the fingers and inserted one at the base of it, while allowing myself a quick lick of her pussy lips.

“Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” she questioned

“Never done it before, or seen it done before.” I answered, raising my head from her snatch.

“So I see… You’ve stopped!” her expression was lusty anger and I had never seen this look in a woman’s, or anyone else’s eyes for that matter. I gently slid my finger out of her snatch and slid three in quickly to replace it. This took her by surprise and she grimaced, half pain, half pleasure.

“Not totally…” I laughed as I took in the look on her face. I ducked below, to get a good taste of this wonderful specimen, before she asked me to fuck her properly. As I pulled my fingers out of her, I noticed that some of her juices had escaped and were making a determined effort to get onto her butt. I caught that little trickle and licked a line all the way to her sweet snatch. I knelt before her, lapping like a dog at her snatch, with all the tact and lovingness of a dog too.

“Hey, I’m not a fucking lollypop! Take your time, be sensual and stick your tongue in sometimes. We girls really go for that kind of thing.” Somewhat embarrassed, I returned to her snatch and licked slower, this time, allowing myself a little chance to nibble again on her nubbin. Deftly, my tongue flicked her bean and she started panting quickly.

“Oh, yes, yes… YEAH!” as she was building up, I moved my head up.

“What? What did I do?” She grabbed a fistful of hair at the back of my head and rammed my face into her snatch.

“Just stay down there until you’ve finished the fucking job!” My tongue was halfway to her snatch when she said this and I pushed it to its full extent into her wet cave. Her voice became a high pitched squeal and a few spurts of love juice entered my mouth. The sweet aroma engulfed my head and she wrapped her legs around the back of my head to keep me busy until her orgasm subsided. Her snatch gripped my tongue and kept tugging at it, as if it wanted me in deeper. I was at full stretch, so I couldn’t do anything about it. Eventually, after what seemed like hours, she relaxed her vice-like grip on the back of my head. I surfaced, aware of only the fact that there was still a hard on, pressing with increasing urgency against my trouser leg. I moved up, alongside Steph and grinned at her.

“Feel good?” I inquired.

“Good? Kiss me and I’ll show you how good. I leaned down over her and our lips met. Then her tongue proceeded to lap most of her love juice off my lips and tongue. Finally, she ran a finger across my face and sucked that dry. I wiped my face with the palm of my hand and savoured the flavour one last time.

She stood up and, grabbing my hand, she led me through her house and up the stairs. I was still wearing my jeans and a pair of socks. She was wearing just the robe, which she didn’t bother to tie, so everything roamed free. She wasn’t bothered and neither was I, because it didn’t show anyone anything we hadn’t both seen before. She flung open the door into the master bedroom, revealing a king-size bed with acres of room to play in. Steph turned around, undid my belt and let my jeans fall to the ground. I stepped out of them and kicked them to one side. I removed my socks and threw them at my jeans. They missed, but I didn’t care, because Steph was working my cock out of my boxers. She gripped my shaft and backed up towards the bed. She sat down and stuck two fingers in her soaking pussy. She offered the hand up to me, to indulge myself. I graciously accepted one of her fingers, sucking it clean and offered the second to her. She smiled and quickly polished off her little ‘appetiser’. I did not notice, but she had put her other hand in her pussy. ALL FOUR FINGERS popped out, covered in her juices and she proceeded to grab my shaft and grease it up with a nice, slow, corkscrew motion.

“Now I know you’ve done this before!” I smirked at her. She just raised the corners of her mouth and brought me back to hard. Then she threw herself back on the bed, fidgeted until she was completely lay on it and then asked me:

“This is what you want, isn’t it, Will?”

“Yes it is.” I was beginning to shake with anticipation. The whole room had gone cold and my cock was bouncing like a ruler when someone’s just plucked it on the desk.

“Then get over here and finish the job.”

I climbed up on the bed, crawled over to her and looked over her, from the tips of her toes, up her legs to her snatch, with its flash of red pubes to keep her clit warm, up to her pert, but ample breasts, still with erect nipples and up to her face, which looked so pained with anticipation. No going back now, so I lowered myself, so that my bulbous head was just beneath her entrance. Slowly, I pushed the beginning of my cock within her wet passage. The extra lube from her ‘wake up call’ to my cock helped a load. The first few inches of my eight slid inside her and I heard her gasp. I stopped.

“Good or bad?” I enquired of her.

“It’s alright. Just give me a minute to get used to the size, she panted at me. I looked at her face and saw a tear escape the corner of her eye. Surely I wasn’t causing her that much pain. She jerked her head up, when she felt me withdrawing from her and tried to make up an excuse.

“Maybe it’s the position. Lie on your back and we’ll see if that works.” I sighed

“Okay, but only if you feel you’re up to it…” I lay on the bed and she pecked me lovingly on the cheek.

“You cheeky little boy. I’ll have to give you detention for this.” And she winked at me. She moved above my cock and gripped it, so that she could steer me home and control the depth better. I was expecting her to lower herself, but she just sat there, motionless.

“How can I pass the time..? I know.” I knocked her left breast into the right and made a clicking noise with my tongue. “I’ll make you into an erotic Newton’s cradle!” I joked. She laughed and relaxed herself down onto my cock, this time sinking to just past halfway. She seemed happier with this result and began to slide up and down the first five inches. Each time she slid down, she tried to go just that little bit further. I was mesmerised by her tits, bouncing up and down before my eyes, so I reached up with both hands and began tweaking her nipples. One of her hands snuck behind and caressed my aching balls. I was ready to shoot, but I wanted to finish her second stint off too. I started meeting her downward movement, with an upward thrust of my own. Steph didn’t expect this and another inch of my shaft penetrated her.

“Oh my God. This feels so good!” She yelled at the top of her lungs as I got up to seven inches deep within her. I allowed my right hand to wander and it found the landing strip, whilst I was still staring at her wonderful tits. I sat up and sucked at her unattended nipple. I found her clit and began to rub and fondle it, stimulating it every possible way I knew, trying to push her over the brink once more.

“Steph… Brace yourself, I’m gonna… COME!” I fell back onto the bed as I felt my shaft burn with an inner fire. I looked into Steph’s eyes and witnessed her smile as wave after wave of orgasm filled me with ecstasy. My body went limp as I came down from my incredible high. Steph just stuck her hand on her clitoris and proceeded to masturbate herself, while I still occupied her pussy. Her pussy was still sucking at my dick, turning me on and willing my tired flesh to respond. She started thrashing her head about and I knew full well what was coming. She was really enjoying herself, grunting like a wild animal. Eventually she came down from her high and lay next to me on the bed.

“Looks like I’ve taught you a few things then, haven’t I?” She said, running her fingers loosely through my hair.

“Wow. You really are one incredible woman, Steph. I can see I’m going to need a lot of help with my homework from now on.” I planted a kiss on her forehead


“One last thing though.” She pulled my cock, hard once more, from her pussy with a wet squelch. She slid down my body and declared. “I always love the taste of my juices mixed in with spunk!” and with that, she proceeded to lick me clean. She didn’t take me all the way, though, and I was quite surprised.

“Does that mean you want to fuck again, Steph?” She regarded me coyly over my cock.

“Of course it doesn’t! You are going to be stimulated to the point of orgasm, but not sent over the edge for a good few hours. That way, you’ll have a great payload! Now, I’m going in the shower, and if you have a wank, I’m not going to fuck you for a while. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mrs Green.” I was in the mood to be a little playful, so I referred to her in a sense that she was in charge, for a change. She left and I heard the shower working a few seconds later. I just lay on the bed and contemplated the enormity of what had just transpired over the past two days. A massive grin formed across my face. I’d just fucked one of the most desirable teachers at school. Cool.

A few minutes later, and Steph returned, clad in a pink towel, which didn’t really cover much, but, let’s face it, it didn’t need to. She jerked a thumb over her shoulder and undid the towel.

“It’s your turn, now. Let’s make sure you’re nice and clean, to keep you fresh for next time.” She winked at me. I obeyed, and went to take a shower. When I returned, Steph was sitting at her dresser, brushing her hair. She finished brushing on her head and took a smaller brush and attended to her pubes. I had wondered why they were so neat.

“Get dressed and we can have something to eat. I don’t know about you, but all this sex has given me such an appetite.” My cock was already lifting the towel when she had spoken, but upon hearing this, I got even harder.

“If you are going to be mine, then you are going to have to train him not to react to every situation like that.” She disappeared downstairs and my hard on was beginning to subside anyway, but it doubled its pace to flaccidity when I heard what Steph said. I grabbed my boxers, slipped into them and then found my jeans and socks. When I sat down to put my socks on, I noticed a bulge in one of the back pockets. I removed it and realised that it was her golden silk thong, which would have partnered her bra she was wearing earlier. Quickly replacing the socks, I ran out of her room, to find her replacing her bra and then looking about for, what I presumed was her robe. I returned to her bedroom and retrieved it for her. I walked as calmly as I could down the stairs and, before entering the lounge, I took one last, deep sniff of the thong. There was no doubt that her sweet scent turned me on immensely, but my cock remained flaccid. I decided to face the music and return it to its rightful owner.

“Have you seen my T-shirt round?” Steph was bending over the settee, looking under the cushions. I could see her snatch, still quite red and turned on, but she was resisting the urge. She turned around and passed me my T-shirt. I put it on and handed her the robe.

“It’s a little chilly around here. Put this on.” She took it from me and tied it up in the middle. I put my hand in my back pocket and closed my fingers around the thong once again. I pulled it out and pushed a bunched fist at her.

“I believe this also belongs to you…” She took the thong and regarded it, and then she smiled at me.

“I gave this to you. Keep it, it’s yours.”

“No. this is what started all of this. If I keep it, I could still, in theory have you sued for sexual harassment. Please… It would help me relax a bit.” I pushed it towards her and into her hands. She took it from me, albeit a little reluctantly, then she put it on.

“Makes me look the part, don’t you think?” She put her hands on her hips under her robe and flicked it out, to allow me the chance to admire her in all her glory. She looked like a model

“Makes you look a million dollars, Mrs Green.”

“Come on, Will, I’ll make us some thing to eat.” I followed her into the kitchen, where she started to prepare food for two.

“What about later? What’s going to happen?”

“I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we.”

I’d tell you more, but that is another story, for another time.

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