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Emily’s Awakening

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Hello readers; my name is Emily, and I want to tell you my story, about how I reached this point in my life. Some of you will say I am weird, some will even say kinky or depraved; but you can think what you like, and I will just tell my story. I am not trying to say all the rest of you are wrong and I am right; it is just right for me, the way I live my life. I hope you enjoy my story.

I am 5’6″ and skinny; not skinny, skinny; just skinny slender. I have brown shoulder length hair, a 36D bust, blue eyes and I have a great, natural tan and I am now 20 years old. At school I am on the swimming team and I enjoy an active sporting life, which keeps me in good condition. I always feel best when wearing little or no clothing when I can, but even when I go out or to school, I usually wear skimpy skirts and tops, and usually I just wear a thong bikini underneath.

From the time I first began to develop I would get much attention from all the guys at my school, as well as when I walked around my local town. I was not really what you would call a ‘prick-tease’ or a slut, but I felt comfortable in how I dressed, and I did enjoy all the attention I received from the guys. I was never without at least one guy trying to get me to go out with him, but at the time I felt like I was not ready, or interested in guys that much.

Just after I turned 18 a guy from school would not take no for an answer, and he persisted in hanging around with me, always offering to carry my books and open doors for me. It was very flattering at the time, and slowly he wore me down and I agreed to go out on a date with him. He took me to a small local café where we had a very nice meal and we chatted about ourselves; what we wanted from life, etc. Then he took me to the movies where we saw a horror flick.

As the film progressed I became scared and kept jumping with freight every time something bad happened. Seeing that I were scared, he put his arm around me and drew me close to him; all the time saying how he would protect me. It made me feel good as well as safe, knowing that I had nothing to fear. Each time I jumped, he would hug me closer to him, and eventually, with his arm around me, his hand would move slightly higher until it was touching the bottom of my breast. At the time I did not take a lot of notice, as I thought he had not even known where his hand was, but slowly he moved higher until he had his hand cupping my breast, and he was gently squeezing and rubbing it. It made me feel very hot and excited, so I let him continue.

The movie finished around 11pm, and as I did not have a curfew that night because my parents were away for the weekend, I agreed to go for a drive with him to the lake. I guess I should have known better, or at least been prepared for what was to happen, but I had thought of him as a nice guy and was not thinking clearly. Once we arrived at the lake, he took out a blanket and spread it near the water. We both sat down and he immediately began to kiss me. It shocked me at first, but slowly I got into the groove and accepted his kissing and returned them as well.

Soon his hands began to wander to my breasts again and his fingers were undoing the buttons in the front. I was going to stop him, but it did feel good, so I thought there could be no harm in us having just a little fun. After all, I was not a prude, and I had been thinking about sex and what it would be like, so why not go a little further now and see what it was all about? Once he had my dress opened at the front, he quickly began to cup my breasts in his hands, but this did not last long before he slid his hand around to the back and pulled the string of my bikini top. I was shocked at first, but preferring to go without a bra always made me feel so nice.

I guess what happened next was my own naïve fault, but with my lack of resistance, he took it to mean I had agreed to go further. He pulled my top away from my breasts and began to kiss and suck on them. I had never had anyone do this to me before, and it felt great. I started to kiss his neck as one hand ran through his hair and the other went around his back. After a few moments of kissing my breasts, he pulled away and undid his shirt buttons, and then removed it.

We went back to kissing and cuddling each other and after he had his fill of my breasts, he then moved his mouth lower and began to kiss his way down to my navel. I came alive and felt all tingly and did not want it to stop. He must have gathered my eagerness by my actions and moans, as he soon lowered his mouth and hands even lower. I was not prepared for his actions and as I tried to push him away from my nether regions, he sat up and asked me what the problem was. I explained that I was virgin and had not even considered going this far with him, but he said he only wanted to see me and to feel me, and that he would not do any more than I was comfortable with. I felt better, so I gave him permission to continue.

He moved me backwards until I was lying down and then he started to kiss me slowly, from my mouth right down to the start of my thong bikini briefs. I must admit that he made me feel good and I was getting a strange wet feeling between my legs, so I urged him to keep going. He moved his mouth lower until it was on the outside of my briefs and he was kissing my vagina. He would kiss there for a few moments and then work his way back up to my mouth, making sure to stop and kiss each of my breasts as he went.

I felt alive and was happy to accept his attentions, and I even did not complain when the next time he went back downwards, instead of kissing the outside of my briefs, he took the top in his teeth and slowly pulled them down to my knees. He then returned and gently let his tongue run across my trimmed vagina. The feelings he gave me were astounding. I arched my back upwards each time his tongue touched my outer opening.

Many more times he moved back up to kiss my lips, and each time he did this my legs would open a little so as to let him lie directly on top of me. I knew I was going further than I had even dreamed of going, but he was being so nice to me that I could not help it, and as well, he still had his pants on and had promised that he only wanted to kiss and touch me, so what harm could it do.

After almost 30 minutes of this, he had become more adventurous and had started to probe my vagina with his tongue a little. The feeling was great and I felt myself push up to meet his mouth each time he did so, as well as moaning to him how nice it was. Then next time he began his move up to kiss me, I did not want him to stop what he was doing, but he said to just be still and enjoy the attention. It was not until he his mouth was above mine and he lowered himself down and onto me that I realized what was happening.

Somewhere during that time he had slipped out of his pants and he was totally naked. As he lay down on me I felt his rigid penis poke at the entrance to my vagina. I screamed at him to stop; I told him I did not want to go any further and that he had promised me he would stop if I asked. I tried to push him away, but he just laughed.

“Don’t be such a cock teasing bitch! You know you want me to fuck you, why else would you let me get you naked like this?” he laughed as he forced his cock into my vagina.

The pain was unbearable! I screamed at him to stop. I told him I was a virgin, but he just laughed and kept pushing his cock into me. I felt myself being torn apart; I felt his rigid cock hit my hymen, but he did not stop, he just pushed harder until I felt it pop. I began to cry as I scratched at his back and then his face, all the time trying to get him to stop, but he would not.

“Your cunt is so fucking tight, I can’t believe how tight you are!” he groaned as he began to push in and out of me.

He was too strong for me, and his actions did not cease. The more I tried to fight him, the more he seemed to get excited.

“You are really enjoying this, aren’t you? I can tell by the way you are moving. Guess you did not think that sex could be this great!” he mocked.

I could not believe it! He actually thought that I was enjoying the way he was forcefully taking me. The more I fought him, the more he thought I was enjoying it. It was then that I just gave up. I lay still and tried to control my tears and anger, and I let him have his way with me.

After a few more minutes of him pounding up and down on me, I heard him begin to grunt and soon he was yelling that he was about to cum. I almost died as I realized the consequences of this. Not wanting him to get me pregnant, the only thing I could think of was to get him somehow to cum outside of my vagina.

“Please!” I yelled, “Let me suck your cock!”

I did not know where those words came from, but it had the desired effect. He quickly pulled his cock out of my vagina and hurried so that he could put it in my mouth. I was totally scared for what I had said in haste, but was also relieved that he was not going to cum in my vagina. I opened my mouth and within the first 10 seconds of it entering, I felt his hot, sticky sperm hit the back of my throat.

Once he finished spewing his disgusting juice into my mouth, he pulled it out and began to kiss my breasts once more. I tried to spit it out as fast as I could, but a small amount went down my throat, and I threw up right away. The look on his face was one of disgust, as he saw me there, naked, and with my mess all over me.

“You bitch!” he yelled. “You are such a pig. How can we fuck again with all that mess over you?” he added.

He quickly got dressed and told me he would take me home so I could get cleaned up. I was relieved that I was going to get away from him. As he pulled up outside my house he told me how great a fuck I was, and that he would come back and see me tomorrow. I could not believe it. He actually thought I had enjoyed what he had done. As I got out of the car I yelled all sorts of obscenities at him and said I would call the police and report him for rape as soon as I got inside the house.

“You fucking bitch! What do you mean? You wanted me to fuck you! Why else would you let me strip you and kiss you for over an hour before we had sex? They will never believe you, you cock teasing slut!” he screamed back as he drove off.

I stood there in tears, unable to move. His words were true. Why would anyone believe that he raped me after I had been openly naked with him for an hour? I felt so ashamed and my feet would not move. I felt I had been standing there for over hour or more, but in reality it was only a few minutes, when I felt an arm go around me, and a voice asking was I OK.

When I finally got control of my senses and my anger, I looked around and saw my friend Katie from school standing next to me, trying to comfort me; she was also my next-door neighbor.

“What’s the matter? Are you alright?” she pleaded with me as she rubbed my back. “You look like a mess and you smell to high-heavens! What happened to you?” she added.

The tears once more began to run from my eyes as though someone had left a tap running. Slowly I tried to tell her, but my words seemed to be caught in the back of my throat.

“You are in no shape to go into an empty house tonight girl, you are coming with me!” she asserted as she led me to her front door.

Katie took me into her house and led me to the bathroom, telling me I needed to shower and get cleaned. Once we were in the bathroom, she turned the taps on and adjusted the temperature, before turning and helping me to get out of my clothes. Normally this would have embarrassed me to no end, but for some reason I had no fight left in me, nor a desire to be left alone right then. She unbuttoned my dress and let it slip to the floor, and then she picked it up and said she would put it in the machine and get it cleaned. She turned to walk out of the room, and I began to sob uncontrollably.

“Hey, sweetie, are you OK? I have never seen you this upset before and I am worried. Please tell me what’s wrong so I can try and help you,” she begged.

“I, ah, I don’t seem to be able to move!” I stammered, as I stood there glued to the spot.

“It’s alright baby, Katie will stay and help you if you want. Anything you want, as long as you are OK” she replied as she put her arm around me and held me tight.

Again my sobbing and tears poured out. Katie helped undo my bikini top and then asked if I were Ok with her taking the thong off as well. All I could do was nod my head. She kept pushing me gently to tell here what had happened, and that I would feel better once I had had a hot shower and got cleaned. As she knelt down to help me step out of my thong; holding her hand around my bare arse so I did not fall; I did not quite understand at that time why she was staring at my vagina when she spoke.

Once naked, she helped me to step into the shower, and as the hot water hit me I began to feel better. I began to tell her what had happened as she sat on the side of the bath and listened to my story. All this time I had not even moved, instead I just let the water cascade down and over me. I was beginning to feel better, but as I got to the part about him cumming in my mouth, my stomach churned at the memory, and I once more threw up, but this time it was all over Katie.

“Fuck! Sorry Katie!” I cried in disbelief at what I had just done to her.

“That’s OK Emily, really, it is. You have been through a lot tonight, so how can I be angry over something trivial like this. You need all the love and understanding you can get tonight. But, do you mind if I join you in the shower and get cleaned up as well?” she laughed as she looked at the mess I had deposited all over her.

I have heard before how sometimes humor can make things look feel troublesome, and I guess that night it was proved to me. I began to laugh at the situation and soon was telling her to join me, and once again telling her how sorry I was.

As Katie began to undress, I could still not move, but this time it was for another reason. As she slipped off her nightie, I saw her naked body for the very first time. I had seen her naked many times before at school after gym or swimming, but those times it was in the girls locker rooms, and there were at least 30 other girls getting showered and cleaned. This time, I had just been through a horrific ordeal, and here she was comforting me, but also I was actually taking full notice of every piece of her body, and it was making me tingle all over!

Katie and I have been friends since we were in fourth grade. She is 5’5″, a 32C, slender and like me she has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. As well she has a nice tan, but unlike mine, hers is all over, not a white mark anywhere, not even on her nipples. My eyes were fixed on her body.

She stepped into the tub and moved closer to me to get some water on herself. As she did so her breasts touched up against mine. Again I felt a tingle down below and could not imagine why, but I enjoyed it immensely. The longer she stood close to me, the more relaxed I felt. Soon I was telling her the rest of what had happened. A few minutes later after finishing my story, I told her I should get out, but she said I was not ready.

“Your hair is a mess, you have not washed yourself, and I think you need to relax a bit more before you get out,” she demanded sternly.

She was right, so far I had only stood under the water, but it had felt great. I tried to pick up the soap but my arms did not seem to respond to my brain. It was then that she laughed once more and said she had never seen me so still in all the times we had know each other.

“Are you scared because I am naked with you in the shower Emily?” she asked.

“No, I am not scared. Actually I feel totally relaxed knowing you are here with me. It is just that I can’t seem to get my body to respond to what I want it to do” I replied with a sob.

“That’s OK Emily, sometimes after a traumatic event like what happened to you tonight, our brain just shuts down as a way of protecting us. If you like I can wash you and get you clean. That is, as long as you don’t mind me touching your body” she giggled.

Normally the thought of another person, even another girl, touching my body would have scared me, but here with Katie, both of us naked in the shower, I felt like she were a part of me, as though we were one and the same person.

“Would you please Katie? I can’t think of another person in this world I would rather have touch me right now?” I stammered before I realized the implications of what I had just said.

Katie leaned in close to me and kissed me directly on my lips.

“I understand Emily, I have been in love with you for years as well” she whispered in my ear.

I was both shocked and flattered at her comment. I had not meant what I said to sound that way; not meant for her to get the wrong ideas, but at the same time I felt so warm and loved by her sweet declarations to me. I had never once suspected that she had loved me, or that she was a lesbian. I surprised myself by returning her kiss and telling her that I loved her as well.

Katie took the soap from my hands and began to lather her hands and then she started to wash me. At first it was purely a wash as she first did my arms and neck, then she turned me around and began to wash my back, but as she moved lower I felt as though she were spending an extraordinarily long time washing my butt; not that I complained as it felt so nice.

When she finished working her way down my back until she had done the backs of my legs, she then turned me around once more and started washing her way back up my legs. By the time she reached within a few inches of my vagina, I had begun to feel weak in the knees and I was secretly hoping and looking forward to her washing my vagina for me. My breathing had quickened, and I was sure that she had noticed it as well, but she said nothing.

As the moment of truth arrived I was disappointed, as she moved around that area of my body and continued up and did my stomach. Once finished there she washed my sides and all around my breasts, but once again she did not wash that part of me. By the time she declared that she was finished, I was feeling very horny, but disappointed as well.

“Now it is time to wash your hair for you!” she declared. “Turn around please, as it is best I do this from behind you” she added.

I did as asked and turned my back to her. She turned the water jet to shower my hair and then she took the shampoo and poured some onto my head and then she began to massage it into my scalp. Just as I was coming out of my disappointment mood at her not having touched my breasts or vagina, I could not believe the feelings I was getting, just from her shampooing my hair. I had never felt so turned on before in my life. I could no believe that just having someone wash your hair could be so erotic.

For the next five minutes I stood there stunned; her hands had already brought me to two orgasms and just by touching my scalp. When she finally declared that she was finished, I was feeling so hot, but disappointed that the attention was about to cease. I turned to step out of the tub when she grabbed my arm.

“Where are you going? You are not finished yet, I have not done your breast or vagina yet!” she smirked at me. “Or would you rather do that yourself?” she added with a wink and a grin.

“You please, if you don’t mind?” I stammered; feeling embarrassed at having to declare that I wanted my friend to wash my most private parts.

Katie again stood behind me, and lathering her hands up, she placed them around my body, under my arms, and started a slow and loving wash of my breasts. She kept adding more soap to her hands, and she did not miss a single spot of my now tingling breasts. First she washed around the outer parts and then underneath them, before finally finishing by washing all around the nipples, even giving them a slight ‘tweak’ every now and then.

Once she had completed that task, she again lathered her hands with the soap, but this time her hands dropped down between my legs, where they went to work on cleaning the outside of my vagina, before finally she told me to spread my legs so that she could pay more attention to getting rid of the disgusting slime that the guy had deposited inside of me.

I could not believe the feelings she gave me; my legs were weakening, my breath was rapidly increasing, as my whole body began to twitch as her fingers gently spread my outer lips, and first one, then two fingers washed and massaged my clit. I knew then that she was certainly interested in me more than a guy, as while she did this to me her breathing also grew, and as well, when she washed my vagina I could feel her groin grinding into my arse, as though she were in fact making love to me from behind.

When she finally removed her fingers I thought it was over, but she then told me to turn around, but rather then facing her, she directed me to sit on the side of the bath so that she could make sure all the ‘slime’ the guy had left me with, was gone. Even then I did not fully comprehend this, for if I were thinking right, I would have remembered telling her that he came in my mouth, and not in my vagina.

I sat on the side of the bath and she sat down; spreading my legs to their fullest amount, she said she would use the showerhead to make sure it was fully clean. She checked the temperature of the water and then proceeded to direct the flow into my now wide and opened vagina. Again I had the most amazing orgasm of my life. I had once used the water flow on myself in the shower when masturbating myself, but it had never felt as good as this!

After coming back to Earth I heard her tell me to stay seated while she dried me off. She grabbed a towel and lovingly dried me. Once completed she knelt in front of me and kissed me, but this time, instead of just being a friends type kiss like earlier, she pushed her lips hard against mine; her tongue pushing between my lips. By now I was too far-gone to complain; I opened my lips happily and accepted her advances; my tongue instinctively moved forward to meet and intermingle with hers.

Once dried, she then dried herself and then told me to follow her to her room, as I was in no fit condition to go home and be alone tonight. I obediently obeyed her and followed her to her room. Once there she turned the bedcovers down and patting the bed she told me to get in. Still not fully comprehending what her intentions were; but fully having enjoyed her attentions, I obeyed and lay down; then she walked to the other side and got in under the covers as well.

It was only then that I realized that there were only one bed in the room, and it was just a single bed, and we were both totally naked. I asked what her parents would think about us being in bed together like this, but she just laughed and told me that like my parents, hers also were away for the weekend and she was alone in the house. With that said; and while I was trying to make sense of all that had happened during that night, she rolled towards me and cuddled in close to me.

“You know, I have dreamt of being like this with you for years!” she said as she hugged me even tighter.

“I, ah, Katie I’m not a, well what I mean to say is, I…” I tried to speak.

“Its OK Emily, unlike that guy you were with tonight, I will never do anything to hurt you!” she said in a motherly voice as she kissed me once more.

“That’s not what I meant. I know you wont hurt me, but tonight was the first time I’ve been with a guy, and I have never even thought about being with a girl!” I cried as I held her tighter. “I just want to thank you for being there tonight for me, and I’m scared I will upset you, and I didn’t even know you were a lesbian, so I don’t know what to do!” I added.

“Ha, ha, ha, I have not always been a lesbian! I have had sex with guys before. Like with you tonight, guys have treated me rough. They are such jerks. They think because they buy us a meal and we kiss them, that they have a right to stick their dicks into us, even if we say NO!” She laughed. “That is why I choose to be with other girls, they know how to be gentle and respect each others wishes. Not like guys, they are such bastards when it comes to getting laid!” she added.

As Katie said this I felt so ashamed of what I had let happen to me; once more tears began to stream from my eyes, but Katie was such a knowledgeable person, as well as a caring and kind one. She took a hold of my face with her hands and gently pulled me closer to hers. She lovingly kissed above my eyes, then directly onto my eyes, before slowly kissing every part of my face before finally moving to my lips.

Her lips were soft on mine, not demanding in any way. She took her time so I could become used to this new experience. She spent time after that on paying attention to every part of my face, first the lips and then to my neck before finally bringing her tongue in contact with my right ear. It tingled at first, but soon she was nibbling my lobes and then her tongue delved inside of me ear; my body shook as her touch was sending pulses right through my body, and they were even starting to affect my vagina.

She continued for some time to kiss my ear and then the other, before coming back to my lips and gently kissing them once more. Without being conscious of my actions, I opened my lips slightly and allowed her tongue to enter my lips. My tongue met hers as it entered, and the two danced with each other, gently at first, but then with an unrestrained desire to possess each other.

My body was afire, and I lost all sense of direction, as well as embarrassment; I wanted these feelings to continue and I did not even consider the fact that it was another girl; a girl I went to school with and saw every day that was making me feel so alive.

She gently pulled her lips from mine, which made me feel sad, but once apart, her mouth moved lower down my body, her tongue leaving a slick trail of saliva down from my lips to my breasts, where she slowly took each nipple in turn, into her mouth and gently nibbled on them. A fire began to burn deep inside my body, as my breathing become obviously louder. I began softly calling her name; begging her to keep going; telling her how nice she made me feel; and she obliged my requests.

Katie moved so that her body was on mine; her navel was coving my vagina, her breasts my navel, as her mouth continued to pleasure my breasts. After what seemed like forever, she continued her downward progress; still leaving a trail with her tongue; stopping briefly to insert itself into my navel, before proceeding to my hot and throbbing vagina.

Her tenderness, her gentleness, and her attention to detail were fantastic as well as pleasurable, as she began to run her tongue around the outside of my vagina. She continued to do this for so long that I heard myself ask her to insert her tongue into me, desperately needing for her to give me relief. No sooner had I spoken, she obeyed. Cautiously at first, she probed just slightly as though she were ‘testing the water’, before finally I placed my hands on the back of her head and pushed her head down, hard onto my now aching and wet vagina.

Being sure now that I wanted her to continue, she pushed her tongue as deep as she could go, and then began to lovingly run it around, searching for my pleasure spot. Soon she found it, my back arched as her tongue came into contact with it, and soon I was erupting onto her tongue. She continued to pleasure me until I could not take it any more. My whole body shook one more time, before finally I collapsed.

Katie slid slowly back up my body until she was now laying on top of me, and our mouths met once more. She kissed me again and I held onto her tightly. We stayed that way for five minutes; just holding onto each other as we kissed, and then finally she spoke.

“I hope you enjoyed that, Emily? I felt you deserved some TLC to make all the bad memories from earlier go away” she whispered into my ear.

“Umm, if you had of asked me earlier would I like you to do those things to me, I would have laughed and run away, but now, I am so happy that you took your time and seduced me like you did” I replied as kissed her lips.

“Now I want you to just roll over and go to sleep. Try and forget all the bad things that happened to you tonight, and just think of all the nice things you have just felt. I will stay here with you and make sure you are safe,” she ordered.

I did not need to be told twice. I rolled onto my side and shut my eyes. Katie snuggled up behind me and placed her arm around me. Soon I drifted off to dreamland, where I had no problems; just beautiful memories of what she had given me.

When I awoke around 7am, I could not remember where I was, or what I had done; to me it all seemed like a dream; both a bad one as well as a good one at the end. I turned over as I felt something behind me moving. I saw Katie, trying to not move, trying not to disturb me, as she lay there naked and she was playing with her vagina. My dream came to life and I knew then that I had not imagined the previous night.

She was so close to her release that she did not know I had awoken. I looked for a moment at the way she unashamedly inserted her fingers, harder and deeper into her womanhood. Her breathing was rapid, and I heard her softly call my name. ‘Emily, oh Emily, yes, please lick me deeper’, she moaned. My heart skipped a beat as I realized she was imagining it were me who was giving her all this pleasure.

I carefully leaned across until my head was above her vagina. As I grabbed her hands and removed them, she jumped with a start, but before she could say a word, I replaced her hands with my mouth and kissed her vagina as my tongue probed into her opening. I did not know at the time what had made me do this, but it certainly felt like the right thing to do, especially after the way she had given me so much relief the night before.

“Oh Emily, yes, yes, please keep doing that! I love you so much Emily, I need you to keep going!” she groaned as my tongue went deeper.

As though I had died and been reborn, I felt a new side of me emerge that I never knew existed. With fervor I began to attack her vagina. As I explored deeper into her most private of parts, I felt her hands reach out for my body. Without needing words, I understood what she were doing; she wanted my body on hers. Stopping for the briefest of moments, I moved so that I was on top of her; my mouth returned to giving her pleasure, my vagina reached its final resting place atop her mouth.

The more her tongue explored my depths, the more I became aware of what to do back to her. Soon I was taking her moist lips and biting gently on them, before reinserting my tongue into her womanhood. As I felt her tongue move to a different position inside of my body, so too did I move mine to duplicate her actions! Soon I did not even have to pretend to know what I was doing, it became such that even she would have imagined I had been doing this for years.

Over the next 30-minutes we gave each other pleasures that I could not have imagined possible. Not once, but three times I reached a beautiful climax, and each one seemed more intense then the previous. I felt her body shake and her hips push up, just as she also reached hers and I tasted the most delightful of tastes I had ever experienced.

When we were both sated, we moved back so we were face to face, and we hugged and kissed each other as though we had been two young lovers who had been separated for a time. My world felt so wonderful, I could not even remember the name of the boy who had savagely taken my virginity the night before, and for that matter, I did not even want to remember.

Just as I felt I was about to doze off again, the phone rang. After Katie answered it she returned with a frown on her face, which I could not understand. After leaning down and kissing me once more, she told me it had been her mother on the phone, and they decided to come home early. They would be home in 30-minutes. We both had a shower together and then dressed, promising to continue with our loving of each other as soon as we had the chance.

I returned to my home, and once there my world fell apart. I felt I had finally found happiness, only to have it stolen from me. I went to my bed where I cried myself to sleep. When I woke around midday I was lost in what I should do with myself. There was a very large empty space in my heart, and it was Katie who belonged in that space. After feeling lost for some time, I finally decided to turn on my computer and check to see if I had any e-mails.

When my hotmail account finally opened I got the biggest of shocks. There in my inbox were not one, but 100 e-mail messages, and after blinking a few times and looking again; I saw that every one of them was from Katie.

“My dearest Emily, I love you!” the first one said.

“Sweet Emily, I miss you so much!” the second went on.

As I quickly opened each and every one of them, the messages were the same, each telling me how she felt about me, how she missed and wanted me so much, and even going further to telling me what she wanted to do with me and already she was planning on ways for us to be alone. My world became bright once more and I was on top of the world. How could life get any better?

When my parents arrived home that night they could not believe how happy I looked, nor could they believe that I had cleaned the house and not a thing was out of place. After asking me many times what I had been up too, and as well how come I had cleaned when I had never done that before. I explained that I had just felt more grown up since they last saw me, and that I had decided it was time to act like an adult. They were stunned at first, and then my mother laughed.

“You’re in love! Aren’t you? So who is this guy that has brought you into womanhood so abruptly?” she questioned.

“Oh mum!” I yelled in embarrassment. “But yes, you are right, I am in love with someone, but right now I don’t want to talk about it please!” I added.

After much probing on her and my father’s part, they finally realized I was not ready to tell more, so they just begged me to be careful, and not take risks. As well, my father asked me if I were having sex with the boy.

“Ha, ha, you are so gross!” I squealed at him. “I don’t think I will be ready to have sex with any boys for a long time yet Daddy!” I added with a grin.

My cryptic answer made my father happy, but at the same time it gave me a ‘way out’ of this inquisition, and that was what I needed. I went to bed early that night and had many wonderful dreams of Katie, Katie and me, and all the things I was hoping to do with her in the future. I could not wait to see her at school the next day. The more I thought about her, the hotter I became, and soon I was playing with my vagina, pretending all the time that it were Katie’s hands and tongue, and not my own fingers that were giving me this much pleasure.

The first two lessons I had the next day were swimming, and I knew that Katie had gym for first and second periods. I could not wait to see her, and I knew that when I did, it would be in the showers when all us girls got cleaned and dressed again. As I walked into the locker room my heart skipped a beat as I thought every girl there was Katie. I got undressed and as I looked for an empty stall I felt sad that I could not see her. ‘Maybe she had missed school today’ I thought.

Just thinking of her made me feel aroused and in need of some relief. I had never before given a thought to ‘touching myself’ in the showers at school, but on this day I needed desperately to get relief. I went to the far end of the large room, towards the cubicles that everyone called ‘the dykes hangout’, as I knew there were rarely many girls there, and those that did go to that part, were either horny and masturbating alone, or else they were dykes and sharing a shower with another girl.

As I reached the end of the cubicles I saw that the last five or six seemed to be empty, so I wanted to go to the last one where no one else would see or hear me. As I walked past the second last one, I glanced in and saw a skinny but gorgeous red head. She was standing and facing towards the entrance, and there was another girl on her knees, and she was eating the red head out; right there for anyone to see if they ventured down this far. I could not believe it.

I went into the last cubicle and turned the water on. I threw my towel on the hook on the wall and got into the shower. As I began to wash I could hear the girl moaning and I knew from her moans that she must have been getting ready to climax. I would not have done this before, but feeling so horny myself, I stuck my head around the corner to have a quick glimpse.

I did not know her very well, but I knew her name was Nikki. Neither of the girls was aware of my presence, and this just made me want to stay and look longer, as my fingers began to creep down to my vagina, where they instinctively began their playful ways. Nikki was about 6′ tall; her breasts about a 32C and her red hair hung half way down her back. She was so damn beautiful, and in the throes of her climax she looked even more so. My brain had left me and my fingers seemed to take control, as they delved deeper inside of me as I watched Nikki get the pleasure of a lifetime from this still unknown girl.

“Oh yes, yes, I’m cumming Katie! Don’t stop, please. Keep fucking me with your tongue!” she moaned out louder.

‘Did she say Katie?’ my brain asked as it took control once more of my body. As I tried to think of how many girls at my school called Katie, the girl stood up and kissed Nikki on the lips, before finally saying she had better go back to her own cubicle. I jumped back into mine and began to pretend I was unaware of what had transpired, when ‘my Katie’ walked in.

“Hi Emily, how are you today, and how come you are showering down this end of the locker rooms?” she asked as she lent forward and tried to kiss me.

“How could you Katie? I thought I was yours after the other night?” I cried at her.

“Hey, Emily, don’t get upset, Nikki and I have been causal ‘fuck buddies’ for two years now. We are not a couple, just friends!” she laughed.

As she finished saying this, Nikki also appeared in my cubicle, still naked and wet.

“Hi, you must be Emily, Katie has not stopped talking about since she got here this morning. You must be one hot girl in bed to have Katie talking so much about you. Anyone would think you were the only girl on this planet!” she laughed as she leaned over and kissed Katie.

“Thanks lover, I really needed that before, but now Emily is here, I guess I should give her some attention.” Katie said to Nikki.

I could not believe what I was seeing or hearing. This was almost too much for me, but I also knew that Katie had been exclusively with girls for at least two years, so I knew I did not own her; at least not yet!

“I’m sorry Nikki, I guess I just got a shock seeing you and Katie together like that before. But!” I giggled. “You looked so hot and horny when she was licking you before.” I grinned.

With that said, Nikki threw her arms around me and pressed her lips to mine.

“Thanks Emily, and you look so damn hot yourself. Just wish I had found you first girl!” she laughed as she bent down and gave my left breast a quick kiss.

My knees went weak as I felt her lips on my breasts. I quickly grabbed at her arms to steady myself, and not understanding my meanings, Nikki took it to be an invitation, and she returned to my breasts, but this time she took as much of it as she could into her mouth and began to suck on it.

“WOW! You two look so hot! Can I join in on this party girls?” Katie laughed as she took my other breast into her mouth.

I lost all sense of control and climaxed almost right away. The feeling of having both my breasts sucked at the same time just drove me crazy. Soon there were hands, mouths and tongues going everywhere. We all lost track of time as we explored each other’s bodies; wanton, carnal pleasure was all any of us cared about. I was sure that morning that Katie was the only person for me, but now, well now was a different matter.

“Hey girls, looks like we have another dyke in our midst!” I heard a voice call out.

“What the F…? Get out of here, this is private!” I cried out in disbelief that I had been caught out so soon in my new awakened state.

“Teacher said I had to hurry you girls up as you are late!” she snapped. “Hmm, its you Emily! Damn, I never would have taken you for a dyke! All the boys will be upset now, I’m sure!” she added as she turned and left.

We said nothing to each other, but we all quickly dressed and headed back to our classrooms. As I entered mine, all the boys stared at me, and some even gave me ‘dirty looks’ as they obviously had already heard what I had been caught doing. As I told the teacher I was sorry for being late, I took my seat and then saw there was a note on my desk. It was from the boy who had forced himself upon me. ‘It makes sense now why you acted like you did, but at least I got my cock into you, even if you never have another one in there! Thanks babe!’ it read. I felt totally ashamed as I re-read it, before finally tearing it up. Guy’s! They are such arseholes!

By lunchtime it seemed that everyone in the school knew about what I had been doing; everywhere I went people kept staring and pointing at me; I felt so ashamed. Katie and Nikki found me sitting alone; my eyes were red and I felt so down.

“Hey babe, what’s up? Hope you are not letting those guys upset you with their teasing? They are just jealous that you have found happiness. Don’t worry, everything will be fine, I promise you” Nikki said to me as she sat down and put her arm around me.

I tried to pull away from her; to make sure that no one else saw that a girl was touching me, but she would not let me pull away; instead, Katie sat on the other side of me and also put her arm around me.

“Emily, I promise you everything will be fine. I guess you are scared and that is understandable, but in fact, there are probably more bi or lesbian girls here at this school then straight ones. You just have not noticed all the signs,” Katie said trying to comfort me.

“I’m sorry, it is just so hard for me right now. The last few days I have been so damn happy, and I just wanted it to continue, but now everyone is making fun of me. I don’t know what to do, and I am scared that my family will find out as well!” I cried.

Katie kept trying to calm me down, but I was too upset to listen to her reasoning. Soon the tears were streaming from my eyes; and as this happened, Katie tried even harder to calm me down. Soon, without even thinking, I threw my arms around her neck and pulled my head into her bosom, and I sobbed. My world as I had known it was a mess. A few days ago I was just a normal kid, then a guy rapes me, and then Katie helps me to discover what true happiness is. Now everyone is making fun of me and calling me names. I just could not handle so much all at once.

Katie began to stroke my head as she kept saying sweet little things like, ‘but baby, I’m here to protect you, you have nothing to worry about’, when finally, feeling a little better, I lifted my head and kissed her, telling her how much I needed her right at that moment, and how much I appreciated her being there for me. Meaning it just as a way of showing my love of her as a friend, I did not mean for it to go any further; at least not there in the school, but I could not help myself. Once I felt her return the kiss I was gone. We were soon embracing and kissing like lovers, and not caring who was seeing us do this.

“Hey, good on you Emily! Don’t let those other arseholes upset you. Show them you are not scared by who knows how you really feel, and what you are!” a voice cried out.

I sat up in shock, wondering who had said it, as well as being shocked at what I had just done out in the open. I looked around over my shoulder, and there was Nikki, with another 20 or more students, and most were girls, but a few were boys. I was stunned and did not know what to say.

“Emily, I know you were upset at being discovered this morning, and I know some people have been giving you a hard time since then, so I decided to get a few people together to let you know that you are not alone here!” Nikki said as she leaned in cuddled me.

It appeared that Nikki had left when Katie was comforting me, and she had rounded up a few others from the school that were also gay. I could have killed her right then for bringing others to see me, but I did not have a chance. Soon they were all telling me how happy they were that I had ‘come out’ and declared my true feelings. A few of the girls even went as far as to ask if I would go out with them sometime. I was lost for words.

By the time lunch was over, people started to scatter and return to their respective classes, but as I was about to go to mine, a couple of girls that I recognized from my history class, came over and said they would stay with me and make sure no one annoyed me. I could not believe what was happening. I did not even know their names. They were just two of the girls that always sat at the back and looked so ‘prim and proper’. No one ever seemed to take any notice of them, and I had not even suspected that they were both lesbians.

Over the rest of the day I spoke with them, as well as others that came and said how happy they were for me. I soon found that Nikki and Katie were right. It seemed that there were many of the students whose sexual preferences were ‘different’ to the normal. I guess the biggest shock for me was during cheerleading practice, when two of the ‘jocks’ from the football team came over to me, they gave me a wink, and then said ‘we’re always happy to have a new member join us’. I could not believe it! They were gay! Nearly every girl I had ever known at this school had said how much they would kill to spend time alone with them!

After school Nikki asked me if I wanted to come around to her place and talk some more about what had happened. I was not sure what to say when Katie said I should, as it would give the three of us a chance to discuss things. As well as this, she said that Nikki’s house had a basement set up as an entertainment area for her to have privacy, and that her parents never interrupted them when they were down there. She had me intrigued, so I agreed and said I would join them after I told my parents.

I went home and told my parents I was going to visit a girlfriend and we were just going to hang out. They seemed happy that I was going out, but they also asked was I telling the truth, or was I really going to visit my boyfriend. I laughed and said they had nothing to fear and that I was really going to visit a girl, and not a boy. I changed my clothes and went to Nikki’s house.

When I arrived, I knocked on the door and Nikki’s mother opened the door. She greeted me as though I were and old friend, even though we had never met. When I asked where Nikki was, she replied that Nikki and Katie were already in the basement, and that I should just go on down and join them. She showed me through to the stairs leading down to the basement, and as I was about to walk down the stairs, she took my arm and stopped me. I looked back at her and wondered what was wrong.

“Honey, I know you are feeling pretty miserable right now, but I am sure that Nikki and Katie will make you feel better. You just go down and enjoy yourself, and don’t worry, no one will interrupt you, I promise!” her mother said with a concerned, maternal look in her eyes, as she gave me a gentle, and totally unexpected kiss on the cheek.

When I got to the basement I asked Nikki what her mother had meant, and did she in fact know about me, and if that were true, then why did she tell her.

“Emily it’s alright, my mother knows I am a lesbian, and she supports me 100%. If you really want to know, my mother is actively bi, so that is why I told her, as she has a better understanding than we do of how people talk and act. It’s OK, she would never say anything, not even to my father!” she explained.

I stood there looking dazed for a long time, and finally Katie approached me, and taking my arm, she led me to the sofa. Nikki asked me if I needed anything such as a drink, but I was not overly listening to her as my mind was racing with all that had transpired so far.

“So tell me Nikki, what did you mother mean by ‘no one will interrupt you, I promise’?” asked her.

“Don’t worry Emily, my mother has always said that if I must be a lesbian, she would rather have me be safe and entertain my friends here at home. This is why no one ever disturbs us down here, in case they get a bigger shock then we do!” she laughed.

With that, Nikki began to undo the buttons on the front of her blouse, and she revealed her naked breasts that were hidden beneath. Once she had done that, Katie stood and did the same. My jaw dropped open as I sat and watched the two of them get undressed. As they both lowered their shorts, they both revealed their naked pussy’s. Neither of them was wearing any underwear at all. I was looking forward to being with them and talking about what had gone on over the previous 12 hours, and even the days before that, but I was not expecting them to start stripping in front of me, and certainly not at her family home.

“What are you both doing?” I exclaimed.

“Hey, don’t worry, I told you no one will bother us, you have my mother’s word on that” she stated. “And besides, it was my mother’s idea that the two of us should make you feel good and relaxed so that you could decide what you really want and need!” she added.

Before I had a chance to even think, they were both naked before me, and both were moving towards me with sheer lustful looks in their eyes.

“Now it is your turn! Hope you do want to join us both and have some fun with us?” Katie laughed as she moved her hands to pull me to my feet.

“But, but I, ah, I don’t … well I mean to say!” I stammered.

“Just go with the flow Emily, you will be fine. You will enjoy this immensely. And if you don’t, there is no problem. You can always tell us later that it is not for you, and we promise we will tell everyone at school that we forced you to play with us in the shower!” Nikki urged as she began to pull my shorts from my hips.

It seemed that I did not have a choice; but also, I don’t think I would have chosen anything else, but to have these two great looking people dote their affections on me at that moment. As Katie leaned in and kissed me, Nikki went for my breasts with her mouth and hands, and I was theirs for the taking from that very first moment. Soon I did not care even about her mother being upstairs, all I knew was that I wanted them to continue with what they were doing; nothing else in this world mattered.

They soon had my shorts and top off, followed by the thong bikini I was wearing underneath. They told me to lie back on the sofa, where they then both got down on their knees, and each took a position beside me; Katie at the top, and Nikki at the lower end of my body. It was hard to grasp that this were really happening to me; but it was! Katie started to kiss my face, my ears, my neck and my lips; all the time her tongue kept pushing, licking and then her lips would gently kiss each spot she had just traversed.

Meanwhile Nikki had begun to kiss my feet, taking each toe in turn and kissing it, and sucking it into her mouth. My body responded quicker than my brain, and soon I was in raptures; my vagina came alive and I could feel my juices begin to boil. I knew if this continued I would be a useless sniveling wreck at their mercy; but I also knew I was in heaven and did not want this to stop.

As Katie began her move down towards my breasts, Nikki at the same time began to move slowly up to my vagina. Katie’s tongue swirled around my nipples, one at a time, and while doing this she would take my nipple between her teeth and bite down gently on each of them in turn.

I began to moan out with pure bliss as her lips caressed every part of my breasts. Meanwhile I felt Nikki get closer to my most prized possession. As she reached that spot, instead of going directly for it, she instead made a detour and began licking and kissing my inner thighs. By now I just wanted her to enter me, but at the same time her actions were making me want her even more.

After a long and slow process of kissing all around my thighs without touching my vagina, she then moved further up towards my navel; but at the same time I felt Katie move away from my breasts. As I lifted my head to see what they were doing, I got the most exciting sight I could have ever imagined; their mouths had met, and they were kissing each other in the most passionate of ways. I lay there in awe, watching my friends make passionate oral love to each other’s mouth.

“Sorry Emily, we got carried away for a moment!” Katie laughed, as Nikki then added; “Yes sorry, this is your time of pleasure, so lie back and enjoy it!”

With that said, Katie went back to my breasts and Nikki returned to my vagina, only this time her lips went right to my hot, and moist lips. First she kissed, and then she slowly took my outer lips between her teeth and nibbled, each in turn, before slowly probing her tongue inside of my slippery opening. I let out a huge ‘ahhh’ as her tongue entered me, and she took this as a sign I was happy for her to go further; and I was.

Nikki moved to the bottom of the sofa and placed herself between my legs, and then she moved back up so that she had full access to my waiting love spot. Her tongue found spots inside of me that I never knew existed, never before had I felt so alive and aroused. She located my “G-spot” and soon I was gushing my juices out and onto her waiting tongue.

While this was happening Katie had not left me alone; her mouth was devouring every possible square inch of my body that was available to her. First my breasts, then back to my mouth and ears and even down to my armpits. My body felt electrified as both of these girls explored me, both giving me the pleasure that I knew only another female could give.

As soon as Katie finished kissing her way down my arms; stopping at my inner elbows, she then stood up and straddled herself across my face, where she presented her now dripping vagina to my mouth. Up until then, I had not even thought about giving either of them pleasure in return, but once she was there, I did not hesitate to kiss it, and then start to lick at her juices.

It only took a few moments of my still ‘virgin like tongue’ before I felt her juice gushing as she reached her first of many peaks that I did not know were to come on that day. My climax was not far behind as Nikki brought me to a new height of pleasure. Once Katie and I had finished with our climaxes, we both seemed to collapse at the same time. Sensing this, Nikki stopped what she was doing to me, and she moved up towards us both.

First kissing me deeply, and then paying attention to Katie’s waiting lips, she then asked how we were both doing. I could not answer for Katie, but I knew that I was over the moon with what I was experiencing. Katie soon said she had never thought that having three girls together could be so beautiful, and soon she was lying beside me; but as we all tried to have a ‘group hug’ the cushions gave way and Katie fell to the floor, taking me wither her, and we landed at Nikki’s knees.

“Damn! That was so F… hot girls. I hope this is not the last time we enjoy ourselves like this?” Nikki gasped. “Just tasting Emily, and watching her bring you off, was so damn exciting that even I came, and no one was even touching me!” she added with a laugh.

“You guys have made me feel so good about myself today, how do I repay you both for what you have done?” I cried to them both.

“Hey, not a problem Emily, next time you can do all the work and I will just lay back and enjoy myself!” Nikki laughed as she lent down and kissed me once more.

“Next time? Does that mean I can come back here again and do this with you two” I half laughed and cried.

“Well that is up to you girl. You can come back here, or we can come to your place. Which one do you recommend?” she laughed. “Think your parents are ready for you to ‘come out’ just yet?” she giggled.

She was right! There was no way I could take the next step yet and tell my family that I was a lesbian. The poor ‘oldies’ would have heart attacks if I told them that right now, and I didn’t think my mind and heart were up to such a major task just then. I agreed with Nikki that I would come back any time that her and Katie wanted me too. I looked at the time and realized it was near my supper time; I got dressed and thanked them both, making sure to keep my lips lingering for much longer with theirs as I kissed them in turn to say goodbye, and then I walked up the stairs.

As I reached the top, I looked back down and laughed as I saw they were both back on the sofa, and they were in the ’69’ position, and going at each other. As I opened the door, Nikki’s mother walked past and she asked me how I felt, and when could she expect the other two to appear.

“I feel really great, but I don’t think they will be up for at least another half hour yet!” I laughed.

“That Nikki of mine is such a little nymph!” she giggled, before she held me close to her and kissed my brow, before finally releasing me and telling me I was welcome to come back again any time I wished. I also thanked her as well as telling her I thought she was a very understanding mother. She walked me to the door, and as I walked past her to leave, I had an uncontrollable urge, which I decided to act on in the spur of the moment. I turned back to her, and reaching my hands to her face, I pulled her closer and told her ‘I love you, and your daughter’!

As I walked away, I turned back and saw her still standing there in the doorway. She had such a wonderful smile on her face, and then I saw her hands go beneath her apron, and I had the sneakiest suspicions that she was rubbing herself.

That night I had the best sleep of my life. Nothing worried me, and I knew that with friends like Nikki and Katie, I had nothing to fear at school, or from life in general. My next big step was to find a way of telling my parents that I was a lesbian. And that would take all the courage I could muster.

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