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I was relieved when the flight attendants finally opened the doors, allowing the passengers to disembark from the plane. The flight itself hadn’t been too bad, but I was tired of sitting in one spot for so long and the prospect of being able to stretch my legs had me antsy. Grabbing my backpack from the overhead bin, I began shuffling forward.

As I approached the door, I passed by the first class flight attendant whose ass I’d been checking out the entire flight. From my seat in coach I’d nibbled on pretzels and watched as she bent over repeatedly to hand passengers orange juice or more giant chocolate chip cookies. My blood had been boiling even before I got on the plane with the thought that I’d be seeing Eve once more. A whole summer of horniness had built up just below the surface, and up until the flight attendant’s booty caught my eye, I’d been doing alright. Now I was barely managing to hold myself together. Up close the flight attendant’s face was less attractive than she’d initially seemed, and the thought was both a disappointment and a relief.

Stepping off the plane into the cooled air of the gate, I started making my way towards the baggage claim. I was pretty sure Eve would be waiting there for me, and I was a little nervous since it had been over two months since I’d last seen her. The phone sex we’d had over the summer had helped keep memories of our past sexual escapades fresh in my mind, as well as providing me with plenty of material for my masturbatory fantasies, but her image had started to grow fuzzy in my mind as the weeks passed.

I didn’t see her immediately, so I put my carry-on down near the carousel and, noticing that my shoe was untied, bent down to tie my laces. As I pulled the loop tight I caught a whiff of familiar perfume. It’s amazing how distinct she smells; I can always tell it’s her at the door before I open it because of that fragrance. Looking up I was greeted by an eye full of legs covered in sheer black stockings that disappeared under the edges of a short beige skirt. Above the skirt was a white button-down dress shirt, and above that a large smile.

“Hey!’ she said, “glad to see you made it alright.”

“Damn, you’re looking good Eve, I like the outfit you’ve got going.”

“Glad you like it, I wore it especially for you,” she said. Looking up I noticed she had her dark-brown hair in two pony-tails, a hairstyle she likes to use when she wants to evoke the school girl look. A little smile played around the corners of my mouth before stepping in to kiss her. As my arms slid around her waist, I felt her hands grip the sides of my shirt so she could pull me closer.

Her lips tasted sweet, like she’d just gotten done eating a peach, and I paused for a moment enjoying the flavor before sliding my tongue into her mouth. Once inside her mouth, my tongue connected with hers as it snaked out to meet me. The way our tongues slid around against each other reminded me of middle school truth or dare sessions. But this wasn’t some barely pubescent girl I was kissing, as I had back in middle school. She was a woman, and I let me hands travel down her body to take in its shape. My hands ran down her sides, over the swell of her hips, and around and down to cup her ass. I gave it a squeeze and noticed it was firmer than it had been when I left.

“Yeah, all the running and biking this summer paid off,” she said, breaking the kiss.

“Sure has, I wish my own exercising this summer had done the same.”

“Wait, no washboard abs?” Her eyes twinkled mischievously.

“Oh I’ve got a full on 12 pack going girl . . . it’s right under that protective layer of fat around my middle.” Her smile cracked into giggles and she jerked me forward by the sides of my shirt, bringing her mouth back to mine in a more passionate kiss. I had to work my jaw furiously in order not to be swallowed up by her mouth. I squeezed her booty a few times more, enjoying the way it felt in my palms. I was surprised when I suddenly felt her palm pinch my own ass.

“Oww! girl, calm yourself down, don’t make a scene.”

“Oh, so you can grab my ass in public but I’m not allowed to grab your? My body’s not a toy you know.”

“Wait, it’s not?”

“Anyways,” she said, letting me go and giving me a light slap on the arm. “I’m gonna run to the bathroom while you wait for you bags to come out.”

“Hope they didn’t get lost in O’Hare again,” I said.

Smiling over her shoulder at me, she walked out of the baggage claim and deeper into the airport. As soon as her head was turned, I found myself staring at her ass as it swayed its way down the length of the terminal towards the bathroom. Right before she turned the corner, disappearing out of sight, I noticed the stockings were actually garters.

My cock, which had started stirring when I grabbed her ass, was now beginning to pulse. I’d been so busy in the week and a half before I left home that I hadn’t found the time to relieve myself. Looking at the carousel I willed it to start moving soon so I could get home and pump Eve full of the cum that I could feel beginning to simmer in my balls.

The airport wasn’t very crowded, and most of the hundred or so people from my flight were hanging around the still motionless carousel. Picking up my backpack I started walking away from the baggage claim and back towards the checkpoint. Turning the corner, I saw the door marked “WOMEN” in blue. Without a second thought (though that assumes there was a first on, a doubtful prospect given how fully the drive for sex had taken over most of my reason) I walked towards the door and pushed through.

It was completely silent in the ladies room, and the fluorescent lights were in various stages of failure; the ones over the sinks blinked intermittently, buzzing, and some of the lights over the stalls had ceased working altogether. The sinks were unpopulated and upon bending down to check the stalls, I thought maybe Eve had gone to a different restroom.

Squinting I could just make out her black shoes and garters against the shadows of the handicapped stall at the far end of the bathroom. As I approached the stall, I heard her start to pee. When men piss, it’s loud, the urine streaming down from twice the height of the toilet to echo in the bowl. When women pee, it’s muffled by the sounds of their bodies as they sit on the toilet.

She’d been peeing for less than 5 seconds when I reached her stall and heard the stream suddenly stop. The door of the stall was barely my height, so it took nothing more than standing on my tiptoes to peak over. The stall was about twice the width of all of the others, and it sat right under one of the failed lights, casting a shadow over her body as she sat on the toilet.

“God! Adam, you scared me. What are you doing in here? This is the women’s room!” I could hear the surprise in her voice, and it took her a moment to realize her skirt was still lifted up around her stomach, and her panties down around her ankles. When her shock ran out, she smoothed her skirt back down across her thighs, a slight flush creeping into her cheeks.

“Ummm, I’m peeing,” she said when I didn’t answer her.

“I know,” I said. Reaching down I unlocked the stall door and walked in, locking it behind me.

“What, you want to watch me pee?”

“That’s not why I came in here,” I replied, letting my backpack slip from my shoulder to the ground.

“Well why the hell did you come in here?”

“I can’t wait until we get back to your house, I gotta fuck you now.”

“Well I gotta pee,” she said, sounding a little flustered.

“Then go.”

“With you just standing there?”

“I’m sorry, where are my manners,” I said, moving closer to stand directly in front of her.

“Lift up your skirt so I can watch.”

“So you do want to watch me pee.”

“That’s not why I came in here, but yes, I do. I want to see you open your legs a little. I want to watch you spread the lips of your pussy. I want to watch as that arc of piss streams out of your body and into the toilet.”

She frowned at me for a moment.

“Damn girl, it’s not like I’m telling you to piss on me. And here I thought you might actually have gotten dirtier since I last saw you.”

“Hey, I am dirtier,” she said quickly. “I’m just . . . surprised.” With that she slowly lifted her skirt back up around her stomach and, spreading her legs more, began to pee. Looking down between her legs, I could see the fluid as it dropped into the toilet. Her pussy was largely obscured by shadow, however, so that all I could make out was the general shape of her spread lips.

I was a little surprised to feel my cock getting harder as I watched her pee. It was quickly beginning to push against the front of my pants. Eve abruptly reached out and began undoing my belt, which lay at eye level where she sat peeing. Without stopping what she was doing, she managed to have my cock in her hand and out of my pants before I could swallow the lump of desire that was building in my throat.

Immediately she began stroking my cock, sliding the skin up and down my shaft. Our eyes met as she continued to pee, my cock in one hand, the other holding up her skirt. We stayed looking at each other as her peeing faded to drips, all the while her hand massaging the length of my manhood.

I ripped off a few sections of toilet paper from the dispenser on my right. My eyes still locked on hers, I reached down between her legs and wiped the last remnants of pee from the lips of her cunt, letting the now moist paper fall into the bowl under her.

She let go of my cock and stood up from the toilet, stepping out of her panties and towards me. Our mouths mashed together in what could be considered either a kiss or assault, our tongues frantically probing each others mouths to the sound of the automatic toilet flushing. Breaking out kiss, I pushed her back from me. She paused, her eyes locked on mine.

For a moment I was lost, unsure of what I was doing, or where I was, but my attention was caught by a droplet of pee as it dripped from between her legs onto the tile floor. Looking back up at her face, I reached out and in one fluid motion, ripped open the front of her shirt, causing buttons to scatter around the stall.

She gasped, but before she could say anything, our mouths were back together. This time she broke the kiss in order to roughly pull my shirt over my head. Once I could see her again, I noticed that her bra was a lacy black. Before I could make a move, she reached behind her back and unclasped the bra, tossing it in my face. When I took the bra from my head, she was on her knees, taking my half erect cock back into her hands. She seemed to be moving at twice the speed of my brain.

As she slowly began stroking my cock again, she leaned down to plant kisses along the head. I took a moment to look at her breasts, which I hadn’t seen in over two months. They looked just as delicious as when I’d left; two smallish mounds of flesh capped by pretty pinkish brown nipples. I loved the size of her tits, which, because I was sometimes greedy, I could suck entirely into my mouth.

“Rub my cock on your tits,” I told her, wanting to feel her breasts again.

With one last kiss she straightened up and began rubbing the head of my cock around her tits, avoiding her rock hard nipples until the very end. The smooth warm skin of her breasts felt great caressing my cock, and I was almost sorry when she stopped. Almost, because no sooner had she taken my cock from her tits, then she engulfed it entirely in her mouth. I let out a little groan as the warm velvety wetness encased my member.

As she began bobbing her head along my cock, I heard the door of the bathroom open and someone enter the stall at the other end of the row. Had she been quiet enough, I’m sure the woman could have heard the slurping sounds that were coming from Eve’s mouth hungrily devouring my hard dick, but as it was, any sound we were making was drowned out by the woman’s noisy stream of piss.

I was sure Eve could feel my cock grow a fraction at the thought of some other woman just a few feet away from us, since her tongue started flicking at the underside of my cock with increased vigor. I groaned once more as the peeing stopped, and the woman worked loudly on making the toilet paper dispenser work. I heard the toilet flush and a few seconds later the stall door bang shut as a sink went on in the other side of the room.

“Fuck yeah, suck my dick you little slut” I said, confident that the woman couldn’t hear us over the noise of the sink.

“Yeah, I like having your hard cock in my mouth,” Eve replied, removing her lips from around my dick.

The sink turned off and after a minute or two I realized I hadn’t heard the door to the bathroom close. Suddenly I felt a pair of eyes on my back, and I realized the woman must have heard us and was right now peaking through the crack between the door and wall.

“Lick my balls, Baby, I’ve missed the way you bath them with your tongue,” I said, trying to sound dramatic for our guest.

“Mmmm. . . you know I like licking your clean shaven balls,” she said, looking past my body at the pair of watching eyes.

With her left hand, Eve continued stroking my cock, and with the right began cupping my balls so she could lick them. She started off slowly, licking each testicle fully before sucking it gently into her warm mouth. I heard the bathroom door close as she finished sucking my balls.

“I think she liked our show, don’t you?”

“Who wouldn’t?” I said, looking down into her eyes.

She continued slowly stroking my cock with her left hand, but did not return to sucking me. She sat on her knees, head turned up expectantly at me. Finally, when I couldn’t take the maddeningly slow tease of her hand, I spoke.

“Why you staring at me?”

“I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“I know. That’s why I’m here in the bathroom, getting ready to fuck you.”

“Well, why don’t you start by fucking my face then.” I paused for a moment, unsure of what to do. The prospect of fucking her face made an extra few ounces of blood pump into my already engorged cock, but I was apprehensive about getting carried away in the heat of the moment. As if sensing my reasons for delay, she shook her head.

“Don’t worry, I want to feel you fuck my face. I want to feel you ram that hard cock down my throat. How’s that for dirty?”

“Yes ma’am, if you say so,” I responded, a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth once more, doubt gone.

Slowly she bent forward, arching her spin inwards. Her mouth enveloped my cock again, and I felt her hands run up the backs of my legs to rest on my ass. When I didn’t start fucking her immediately, she pulled my hips forward, causing my cock to push deeper into her mouth.

Removing my hands from the walls of the stall where they’d been steadying me, I brought them to either side of her head, using her two pony-tails as guides. Slowly I began pulling her head forward as I pushed my hips into her. I could feel my cock as it slide in past her wet lips. Once more she grabbed my ass and pulled me to her harder.

My restraint was beginning to erode, and I began thrusting into her with more force, bringing her face to meet me. I could feel my cock hitting the back of her throat, and I started thrusting harder still. Pretty soon her nose was poking into my stomach with each thrust, and I could feel my cock as it hit the back of her throat and slide down it some. She was deep throating me. The thought, as well as the amazing sensation, had me close to the edge.

“Oh . . God. . . you little slut. . . yeah. . . take my whole cock down your throat. Suck my cock.”

I thought about cuming in her mouth. About her swallowing the pint glass full of cum that I felt beginning to boil in my balls. I was so far back, I realized I’d cum right down her throat, filling her stomach with my cum and denying her the chance to taste my salty semen which she claimed to love so much. I pushed my cock into her mouth one more time, feeling the head of my cock slide back down her throat, before pulling out of her.

“You like fucking my face?” she said, looking into my eyes.

“Fuck, yeah. . . I had to stop it was so good. . . one more second and I would have cum buckets right down you throat.”

“I like it when you fill me with your cum.”

“I will, just not in your mouth and not yet,” I said, pulling her to her feet and leaning in to kiss her mouth.

While a second ago I’d been fucking her face roughly, I now kissed it tenderly. Moving from her full lips I began to kiss down her neck. Slowly I made my way up towards her right ear, until I was nibbling and sucking on her earlobe. Her breathing got heavier

I began making my way back down her neck when the bathroom door opened again. Kneeling down, I brought my hands up to cup her breasts. I began kissing and licking her right breast, gradually working my way in a complete circle around her nipple. I made my circle tighter and tighter, pausing occasionally to suck into my mouth or lightly bite the flesh of her tit, leaving silver dollar sized red splotches. When I finally got to the edge of her areola, I stuck my tongue out and gently licked across her nipple, leaving a trail of saliva moistening the hard little button of pinkish brown flesh.

I was so focused on Eve’s breast that I barely heard the sounds of the new occupant using one of the nearby stalls. I licked once more, though harder, before locking my lips around her nipple and sucking it and the surrounding breast fully into my mouth. I could hear her gasp, and I was sure the other woman in the bathroom could hear us, but I was beyond caring. I slowly let her nipple out of my mouth bit by bit until I was once again kissing her nipple. Loosening my lips I began sucking in again, causing cool air to rush into my mouth and over her nipple while I simultaneously flicked it with the tip of my tongue. Her gasps turned to moans, which were covered by the sounds of the sink being turned on.

After a minute of torturing her nipple, I moved to her left breast and began circling in once more. This time when I sucked her nipple into my mouth, I gently bit down. Not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to still be pleasurable. By the time I was done with her left breast, the bathroom was once again empty. Removing my hands from her breasts, I stood up, letting my hands run down the smooth skin of her sides until I reached the waist of her skirt. With a quick flick of my wrist, I unbuttoned and then unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground around her feet.

Again we embraced, our arms encircling each other as our faces met for a passionate kiss. Her tongue pushed into mine with more intensity than before. I let my hands travel down the curve of her back and over the garter belt until I was cupping her ass in both hands, lifting up just enough to feel the firm muscles she’d gotten from a summer of running. I could feel my cock pulse and rub against her stomach and knew I would need to fuck her soon.

Breaking the kiss I returned to my knees in front of her, taking in the sight of her bare pussy framed by the black garter belt around her waist and the stockings that went all the way up to the middle of her thighs. Her pussy was completely hairless, and I realized she must have shaved special for me.

I could see little beads of moisture on the puffy lips of her cunt and though I’d already wiped her clean, I wondered if it was evidence of her excitement or of her reason for coming into the bathroom. There was already the faint aroma of her sex in the air, so I figured it was the former. Leaning in I planted a kiss square on her pussy lips. Taking her left leg in my hand I looked up at her.

“Lift up your leg and put it over my shoulder. Put your hand on the wall behind me if you need more support. I’m going to dip into your little honey pot.” She smiled and bit her lip as she leaned into the wall for balance and lifted her leg up, the bottom of her stocking-clad thigh resting on my shoulder. Her pussy, lips slightly spread, was right at eye level. I reached under and over her left leg with my right hand, bringing it to the top of her pussy so I could spread it open more for my tongue. I let my left hand circle around behind her to grab at her ass.

Leaning in I began kissing gently at the soft skin of her inner thighs just above the stocking, avoiding her sex for the moment. I nibbled first to the right, then licked to the left, before finally placing another kiss on her pussy. Sticking my tongue out, I ran it up the length of her slit from bottom to top. I started off slowly, but increased my pace with each lick, varying between a soft and hard tongue.

She tasted just like I remembered- thrillingly sweet with a little bit of spice. While two months was long enough to forget everything I had once known about her pussy, it was not long enough for things to have changed much, and I found myself remembering the folds of her cunt within seconds as I explored it with my tongue.

With each pass of my tongue I could hear her breath quicken as she got more turned on, blood rushing between her legs and making her pussy lips even more puffy. Stiffening my tongue, I pushed it into her cunt, though I couldn’t get in as deep as my cock can when I’ve fucked her. I pushed in and out of her, tongue fucking her until I didn’t need to hold her open, she was turned on enough that her pussy stayed spread.

Removing my arm from above her thigh, I brought my hand back around and down between her legs. Removing my tongue from inside of her, I slowly replaced it with my index finger. Millimeter by millimeter I pushed my finger inside of her, her pussy getting hotter every time a knuckle disappeared. She was definitely wet, I could feel her juices begin to slurp around my finger. After a moment I added my middle finger, stretching her open just a little more. As I started pushing in and out of her, I brought my tongue down on the little swatch of flesh I knew her clit was hiding in. Probing around there with my tongue it didn’t take long to locate her engorged clit.

A new flight must have landed, because within a matter of five minutes, a half a dozen women came in to use the bathroom. Though both my fingers and tongue were adding to the already substantial noise of her moaning and gasping, the other occupants seemed oblivious to our presence. I waited until the last had washed her hands and left before pressing my tongue to Eve’s clit. I started with light, slow circles, but pretty soon I was licking harder and more directly, the noises of her pleasure beginning to increase in volume. I could feel her hips ever so subtly thrusting into me as I caressed her clit or pumped my fingers into her soaked pussy.

“Oh. . . Yeah. . . Adam. . . lick my pussy. God. . . I love it when you lick my fucking pussy.”

“You taste so good,” I said between licks. I continued whipping my tongue across her clit, and almost immediately felt a shake work its way through her thigh as it rested on my shoulder.

“Mmmmmm. . . right there. . . don’t stop. . . I’m getting close.” That was all I needed to hear. As I’d done with her nipple, I sucked cool air in as I lashed at her clit with my tongue.

“Oh God, I’m so close. Lick my sluty pussy.” Locking my lips around her clit I sucked in, bringing more blood to the region. I immediately started flicking her clit with my tongue. I’d done this several times before and each time had caused her to shake uncontrollably, one orgasm running on the heals of another.

“Adam. . . I’m gonna cum.” Without stopping either my tongue or my fingers, I used my free hand to stabilize her as her shaking became more erratic. With a series of moans that may have been heard as far away as the control tower, she came. I felt a fresh surge of pussy juice hit me in the chin and baste my fingers. I longed to dip back down to her wet pussy to drink in the sweet nectar, but I kept my mouth on her clit.

I didn’t stop when her orgasm was over, but kept up the same pace until less than a minute later she was cumming again, her moans even louder than before. Slowly I eased up with both fingers and tongue. As her shaking subsided, I slid my fingers out of her faintly contracting pussy and my mouth from around her pulsing clit.

Bringing my fingers to my mouth, I sucked what remained of her from my fingers. Looking up at her, I let her leg down from my shoulder. I stood up to kiss her again, making her taste her own juices on my lips. We kissed long and hard. Her tongue was both fierce and lazy as she battled conflicting post-orgasmic sensations of increased desire and complete relaxation. Breaking the kiss I turned her around and began kissing the sides and back of her neck, my body pressing into her from behind.

“I’m gonna fuck you now, you little slut,” I whispered, my mouth next to her ear.

“Get up against the wall, bend over some, and spread your legs.” She did what I asked and I took my already stiff cock in my hand and pumped it a few times until it was hard enough to cut class.

“Tell me that you want my cock.”

“Mmmmmm. . . I want that hard cock of yours in my dirty little cunt.” With that I pressed the head of my cock between her legs, sliding it back and forth along her slit until I found the opening to her pussy.

“Please. . . just put it in. . . I want you inside me.” I answered by slowly pushing my cock past the inner and outer lips of her cunt and into the warm wetness of her velvet passage. I’d never fucked her without a condom on, but she’d started taking the pill over the summer. The feeling of her wetness directly on my skin was amazing. With each fraction of my cock that slid inside of her, I felt my body temperature rise a degree. An intense heat was radiating out from her, traveling up my cock and into my body.

It was like fucking the sun.

“Oh God. . . Eve . . your pussy feels so good,” I said as I buried myself completely inside of her.

Slowly I pulled my hip back, withdrawing my cock from her pussy as slowly as I’d slid it in. I gradually increased the pace as I thrust in and out of her. Reaching around her body I took her right breast in my hand, kneading it until her nipple was a thorn in my palm. I could feel the lips of her pussy kiss the length of my cock with each thrust.

“Yeah . . . fuck me. . . fuck me harder.” I brought my hands to her hips, grabbing hold of them tightly for leverage. Again I increased the pace of my fucking, pulling her back into me with each thrust. I could feel my balls slapping into her, my hips connecting with her booty in a sexy smack every time I buried my cock all the way inside of her.

“Oh God, I think your balls. . . are hitting my clit. . . fuck me harder. . . I want to feel. . . your cock. . . hitting my cervix,” she managed to breath between moans.

I tightened my grip on her hips and started slamming into her as hard as I could. The door of the bathroom opened again, but I was too engrossed in fucking Eve to care. Between her increasingly loud moaning and the sounds of our bodies slapping together, there was no way the new occupant could ignore what was going on. Again I felt eyes on my back, but I kept fucking Eve rather than turn towards the door to see.

“Is that hard enough for you, you little slut?” I said, hearing the door opening again.

“Fuck. . . yeah. . . oooohhhhh. . . keep going. . . I’m gonna cum soon.” I continued slamming into her. Just under her moans and the the smacking of my hips into her ass, I could hear the wet slurping suction of my cock as it plunged in and out of her. And under that I heard the faint whispers of women coming from behind me as at least one pair of eyes joined in the fun. I wanted to fill Eve with cum so badly, but I held off, concentrating more on making her cum. I let my right hand creep around her hip and between her legs. Quickly I found her clit and started rubbing it in circles with my forefinger.

“Oh God. . . yeah. . . I’m gonna cum,” she moaned.

“Yeah you dirty slut, cum all over my cock. I want to feel your juices running down my cock and onto my balls.” Her body began shaking as I moved in and out of her quickly.

“I’m cumming,” she squealed.

Her shaking became more pronounced and her breathing more ragged. I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock as I thrust inside of her. With a slight jerk, her whole body tensed up, and then with a loud moan, she relaxed. I slowed down the pace of my fucking and brought my hand back around to her hip, giving her a second to return from her orgasm. In the distance I heard the door of the bathroom closing again and realized the eyes were gone. In her post orgasmic glow our fucking took on a more leisurely pace.

“Are you going to cum in me soon?” she asked. Leaning in I kissed her neck before answering.

“Damn, you’re a little cum slut today. Have some patience, I’m not done fucking you.” I leaned back some and looked down to watch my cock slide in and out of her. I shifted my hands in from her hips and onto the edges of her ass. Pushing down I spread the cheeks of her ass to get a better view of my cock disappearing into her wet hot cunt. My cock twitched inside of her at the sight of her pussy lips stretching around my cock. The juices from her orgasm made my cock shine in the dim light of the stall. As I stared at the point where our bodies merged, my eyes were drawn to her puckered brown anus, looking like the bud of a rose. It pulsed faintly every time my cock pushed all the way inside her pussy, winking at me from between her slightly parted ass cheeks.

Leaning down into her, I began kissing around her shoulders. I nibbled, sucked, and licked my way up the left side of her neck, continuing to slide my cock into her. When I got to her ear I sucked the lobe into my mouth and lightly chewed it between flicks of my tongue. Her moaning grew louder. Letting it out of my mouth I brought my lips to her ear in a whisper.

“You want my cum so bad, fine I’ll give it to you.”


“Yeah, I’m going to squirt my cum deep inside your tight little ass.”

‘Mmmm. . . I don’t know. What if it hurts?”

“It probably will hurt a little having my cock stretching your little ass open, but I think your going to enjoy it anyways you dirty little slut.”

“Yeah. . . Okay. . . just be gentle.”

I continued sucking her earlobe some more before shifting to lick the skin just behind her ear. Moving her hair to the side, I kissed the nape of her neck. Bending my back forward, I started licking my way down her spine, planting a kiss at each vertebra. At the middle of her back I paused and straightened up.

Slowly I withdrew my cock from her wet cunt, causing her to let out a little sigh. I could see her juices coating my cock causing it to glisten in the flickering light of the bathroom. I continued licking her back, kneeling down as it became necessary. Finally, passing over the garter belt, I pressed my lips up against her tailbone, kissing the final vertebra.

Kneeling behind her I looked up at her body. Hands pressed up against the wall, she was slightly bent over, her back arched so that her ass stuck out a little. Her legs were still parted some from when I fucked her, and I could see that her inner thighs were wet with pussy juices that had dripped down onto the edge of her stockings. I couldn’t see her eyes from where I was, she’d dropped her head between her arms, her hair flowing in her face.

I placed a hand on either leg, running them gradually up her stockings until I reached her smooth skin. When I got to her ass, her beautiful ass, I let my hands rest to the side, just below the swell of her hips. Once again I leaned forward and kissed her tailbone. I followed it up by kissing first her left ass cheek and then her right.

There was something about the flesh of her ass that drove me a little wild; perhaps the power inherent in the body’s largest muscle; perhaps the way it was firm, yet managed to jiggle at all the right times.

Taking my right hand from her side, I lightly ran my index finger down her ass, starting at the dimple just below her tailbone. Slowly I began kneading her ass cheeks in the palms of my hand. I’d massaged her ass several times in the past, and I used a similar amount of pressure. As my thumbs left fading trails of red across her flesh, my attention was drawn to the crack of her ass again where her puckered little opening continued to wink at me every time her cheeks spread in the processes of being massaged.

I stilled my hands in the temporary but almost absolute quiet of the bathroom. Leaning in I placed a series of kisses along the crack of her ass. With each kiss I pushed my hands to the side, spreading her ass cheeks open. I could now see her anus clearly. I was so close to it that she must have felt my breath each time I exhaled, because the little ring pulsed in time with my breathing.

The wrinkled skin around her anus was a light pinkish brown, much like her nipples. In some ways it resembled the inside of a crater, a profusion of lines that converged at the ring of her sphincter; In some ways a rosebud, delicate petals tightly compressed to make a hard little fist.

I’d never placed my mouth on the rear opening of a girl before; my time was always spent buried in her pussy. Yet I felt something compelling me to do so. I wasn’t sure if Eve just thought I was getting ready to fuck her ass, or if she knew I was about to begin licking her puckered little asshole.

I resumed kissing the crack of her ass, pushing my mouth in farther each time, but always skirting the spot that was my eventual target. Finally I spread her ass cheeks as wide as I could without being too rough. I leaned in and placed a long wet kiss directly on her anus. I could feel her body tense and heard a little gasp escape from between the mess of brown locks covering her face.

“Relax Baby, how am I gonna fuck your little ass if I don’t get it warmed up first?” I whispered.

She mumbled something that sounded like acquiescence, her actual words lost in her hair, and I felt her body relax. Leaning back in I resumed kissing her ass. Each kiss was gradually wetter than the last until there was a liberal amount of saliva collected in the crater of her asshole. Using my tongue as a brush, I lightly painted the saliva in circles around the ring of her anus. Like I’d done the first time I licked her hot little pussy, I used my tongue to explore every millimeter of her ass. I ran it along the wrinkles and ridges of skin that surrounded her tight little opening like a halo. I licked across the pucker of her rosebud and was relieved to hear a moan of pleasure come from Eve.

Knowing that she liked the feeling of my tongue on her ass made me bolder. Stiffening my tongue some, I began pulsing it against the ring of her sphincter. Each time I applied more pressure with my tongue until finally it was through the tight seal of the muscle. I started circling my tongue around the rim of her anus, enjoying the feeling of her wrinkled skin against my tongue. Her moaning was beginning to increase in volume and tempo.

I pushed my face forward to get my tongue a little deeper. As my nose pressed into the crack of her ass and my tongue sank deeper into her puckered hole, I felt the ancient part of my brain begin to prickle.

I’ve always found it difficult to describe the way a pussy tastes and smells, and it may be even more difficult with an ass. While a pussy is a mix of salt and sweet, of tang and even spice, an ass is different. Her ass was pungent and earthy in a crude and primal way that reminded me of days spent with my hands digging deep in rich dark soil. The smell of her was almost overpowering, so completely different from her pussy but no less sexual. She tasted of raw skin, basic and musky; strong like the skin of a beet freshly pulled from the ground. If the pussy, passageway to the womb, was the source of life, then the ass was the maintenance of life itself, its nourishment, the core of humanity.

My cock was so hard I thought the skin would split along the seam that ran underneath.

My tongue mostly buried in her ass, I continued running it in circles around the ring of her anus. I let the tight muscle of her sphincter push my tongue back out, and returned to licking the puckered hole. Once I had collected enough saliva again, I began pushing into her anus. This time, instead of keeping my tongue buried, I brought it out again, fucking her ass with my tongue. With each thrust of my tongue I could feel her body shake just a little more. I began pushing harder, letting my tongue go deeper each time.

“Yeah . . . Adam. . . that feels so good. . . don’t stop. . . . I think. . . I think I’m going to cum soon,” she murmured through her hair.

I continued pushing my tongue past the pucker of her anus, pressing my face as far into her ass as I could, her cheeks resting on mine.

“Oh God. . . lick my little asshole . . . fuck. . . lick my little ass. . . I’m gonna cum.” I could feel her orgasm building quickly, her body shaking as I tongue fucked her ass. With a moan that sounded almost like a grunt, her orgasm broke over her, the ring of her ass bearing down on my tongue in waves. As her orgasm subsided, I let my tongue slip out and traced the wrinkles of her rosebud one more time before straightening up. If I didn’t fuck her soon, there was the distinct possibility that my cock would rip itself free in an attempt to find release without my help.

Eve was leaning up against the wall quietly, her arms supporting her weight. Her body rose and fell with deep breaths disturbed periodically with the post-orgasmic tremors that continued to run through her. Reaching down between her legs I felt her still soaking wet pussy, lips puffy with arousal. I slowly inserted my cock in her hot cunt, letting it lubricate me once more.

After a few thrusts I slide out of her. Sensing that her pussy juices, though they coated my cock in a thick sheen, and the saliva I’d left wetting her anus wouldn’t be enough, I reached into the pocket of my pants that lay bunched up around my ankles. Pulling out the small tube of Vaseline I was using as chap stick, I squirted the remaining dime sized droplets onto the head of my cock. I began rubbing the lubricant into the head and along the shaft of my cock when Eve murmured something almost inaudibly.

“What did you say Baby?” I said, leaning forward, my hand pausing mid-stroke.

“Fuck me in the ass,” she said, raising her head slightly, “I want your hard cock filling my ass.”

“Oh, I’m going to stretch you wide in a second you dirty little slut, don’t worry. The whole flight I kept thinking about fucking you in the ass. There was this tall flight attendant who kept bending over in first class and even though she wasn’t nearly as hot as you are, she had this great ass. It was really hard for me not to shut myself in the lavatory and spray my cum on the walls to the thought of fucking you both,” I said, my hand resuming work on my hard cock.

“Ohhh. . . who would you put your cock in?”

“You of course. I’d make her suck my cock to get it ready and then I’d push it up that tight ass of yours.”

“I like the sound of that,” she said. “Then what would you do?”

“If you were good, I’d make her lick your little pussy while I fucked your ass.”

“What if I wasn’t good? What if I was bad?”

“Then I wouldn’t let her lick you at all, you dirty slut. No, I’d make her tongue my balls as they slapped up against your wet little pussy until you begged me to let her lick you.”

“And why would she do that for us?”

“Well, Baby, we’re both fucking hot,” I said, giving her ass a light slap; “who wouldn’t want to fuck us. And if she did a good job using her mouth, I’d make sure to return the favor. I’d use my talented tongue to make her cum buckets down my throat.”

“Mmmm. . . you’re making me so horny, will you fuck me please?”

“Oh alright, I guess I could start fucking you now,” I said trying to sound reluctant. Putting my left hand on her ass and spreading it open, I prepared to slide my cock, well slicked with Vasaline and pussy juice, deep into her rear.

“Baby, reach back and help me spread this beautiful ass of yours.” Removing her right hand from the wall, she brought it around and pried open the other side of her ass for me. Staring at her little rosebud, still glistening with my saliva, I felt my cock twitch in anticipation. Placing the head of my cock against her anus, I slowly began applying pressure.

“Relax Baby.” Slowly I began rocking my hips back and forth, applying pressure in waves. Finally she sighed and the head of my cock slide past the ring of her anus. Her sigh turned to a gasp as her tight hole stretched to accommodate my cock. Once her breathing was back to normal I continued pushing forward. It was all I could do not to slam into her immediately.

Over two months since I last fucked her and more than a week since I’d had a chance to jerk-off; I was barely holding on. I watched her pretty puckered anus swallowing my cock as I slowly pushed inside of her bit by bit. Half way in I could feel her tense up again.

“Baby, just relax, and you can let go of your ass. Let my cock fill you up.” She brought her hand back up to the wall for support.

“Mmmmm. . . I’m trying to. . . it kind of hurts. . . you feel too big. . . but it feels good too.” After a brief pause I began pushing back into her. After what seemed like forever I found my hips pressed up against the flesh of her booty: I was fully buried.

“Oh God. . . Adam. . . I feel so full. . . mmmmmm. . . I like your cock shoved all the way up my ass.” Hearing her words made me want to start to fucking her hard and fast, but I reigned myself in. Slowly I pulled my cock all the way out, even letting the head pop free. Again I pushed my hips into her, this time meeting much less resistance as I slide inside of her.

“Yeah. . . fuck my ass Adam,” she gasped between moans.

I pushed all the way into her until my hips hit her ass again. Each time I pulled out and pushed back in, I increased the pace just slightly. Had I been fucking her pussy, my pace would have been maddeningly slow, but buried in her hot and extremely tight ass it felt much faster.

“You like it when I shove my cock up your ass don’t you, you little slut?”

“Yeah. . . fuck my ass. . . Adam. . . stick your cock in my ass. . . fuck my little ass. . . yeah. . . fuck my ass. . . ” As I once again picked up the pace these words became like a mantra for her. Sandwiched between moans, she repeated them softly, as if to herself. I was almost startled when I heard the door of the bathroom open, but I didn’t stop moving in and out of her. Slowly my body was taking control of itself as I repeatedly buried my cock in her primal depths.

Eve’s murmurs were almost inaudible to me, so I wasn’t surprised when I heard the new occupant peeing loudly in a stall close to ours. She felt so tight around my cock, it was difficult to believe I wasn’t going to rip the skin right off my cock with each thrust. The Vaseline was giving me just enough lubrication to slide in and out easily, but not so much that all the friction was lost. I could feel as each inch of her ass rubbed against the length of my cock. I was so lost in the sensation of riding Eve’s ass bareback that I didn’t hear my own grunting as it got louder.

“Yeah. . . Oh God. . . Fuck my little ass,” Eve moaned, breaking my trance.

I realized we were being loud when again I felt eyes on me. Turning to my right I saw a blond head peaking over the stall next to us. It took me a moment to recognize the flight attendant whose ass I’d been staring at during the flight. Our eyes locked together as I continued thrusting in and out of Eve’s ass. I could feel my balls beginning to bubble with cum waiting to escape. I squeezed down on my cock with every bit of concentration I could muster, trying to prolong the time I could spend fucking her tight ass. I had control, but it was tenuous.

“Oh God. . . Eve . . . you little slut. . . your ass feels so good on my cock.”

“Yeah. . . fuck me. . . pretend that flight attendant is here watching us.” I almost lost the rhythm of my fucking at the sound of her words, but managed to keep going without more than a two second pause. I looked back up at the flight attendant, who was herself now staring raptly at the sight of my cock stretching out Eve’s little ass.

“I don’t have to pretend Baby, she watching us from the neighboring stall.”

“Mmmmmm. . . why haven’t you told her to come here yet?” At that the flight attendant looked back up into my eyes.

“Get in here,” I said to her, watching as she bit her lip for a moment before disappearing back into the stall.

At the sound of the toilet flushing, I took my left hand from Eve’s body to unlock the stall door. The woman walked into the stall, locking it back behind her. Through her hair, Eve looked at the woman, who momentarily seemed unsure of what to do now that she was in the stall with some random couple having anal sex.

“Take your clothes off,” Eve hissed, surprising the woman and me.

Again I felt an orgasm starting to build, so I slowed my thrusts down, allowing Eve’s tight anal ring to squeeze me from the head to the base of my cock with exquisite slowness. After a brief pause the woman began shedding her uniform: First the jacket, then the vest, and finally the white blouse. She stood to our left wearing only her pants and bra.

The woman was taller than Eve and only a few inches shorter than me. Shoulder length blond hair framed her face, which was a little plain. Skillful if somewhat excessive use of make-up made her look more strikingly feminine. I found her attractive in a generic Weather Girl sort of way.

“All of it,” I said.

Slowly she reached around and unclasped her bra. Her ample breast, which had been partially obscured by her uniform, drew my gaze from her face. Now freed from her bra, I could see her light pink nipples growing harder by the second. Her large breast stayed remarkably perky, just enough to let me know they were fake. Nonetheless, my mouth watered at the thought of sucking and licking them. She hesitated when she got to her pants.

“Come here and take those off . . . now!” Eve commanded.

The woman walked forward until she was directly at Eve’s left. I continued fucking Eve slowly as her left hand abandoned its place on the wall and dropped down to the flight attendants waist line. Eve deftly opened the top of the woman’s pants, and with a fluid motion pulled them down over the flight attendant’s slight hips, letting them fall to the floor of the bathroom stall. Watching I couldn’t help but pick my pace back up, my hard cock slipping deeper into Eve’s ass.

The white boy shorts the flight attendant wore matched her bra. I watched as Eve slid her hand up the woman’s thigh until it rested on her firm butt.


My cock began twitching at the sight of Eve’s hand as it spanked the flight attendant’s ass, and for a moment I thought I’d lose control. Again I bore down on my aching balls and held-off the orgasm.

“I think you’re lucky. . . you little slut,” I managed to pant to Even between strokes. “Even though you’ve been bad, I don’t think I can handle having her tongue play with my balls, I don’t want to cum yet.” Eve let out a little squeal. I pumped into her ass hard, and Eve was forced to bring her hand back up to the wall for support.

“God. . . Adam. . . fuck me . . . fuck my little ass. . . your balls. . . are hitting my clit. . . don’t stop fucking my ass.”

As I continued to slide in and out of her, Eve’s body began to shake. I knew an orgasm was quickly approaching her, so I motioned for the flight attendant to kneel down between her legs.

“Lick her pussy while I fuck her tight ass . . . we’re gonna give my little slut the best orgasm she’s ever had.”

With each thrust I could feel my balls swinging between Eve’s legs until they were slapping wetly against the lips of her pussy. Her shaking increased. After a moment I felt my balls slap against the flight attendant’s chin, her tongue searching for Eve’s clit. Suddenly Eve convulsed, and I knew the flight attendant had hit her mark. I tightened my grip on Eve’s waist and watched my cock slide between her ass cheeks and into her tight little anus.

“Yeah. . . I’m gonna fill that little ass of your with cum in a few minutes. . . God. . . seconds. . . you’re ass is so tight Baby,” I said. My fucking was becoming as frenzied as her shaking, as I rammed myself into her, my hips slapping against her ass.

“Fuck. . . I’m gonna cum soon,” I said.

“Oh yeah. . . me too . . . fuck me in the ass. . . fuck my little ass hard. . . . I want to feel you shoot your hot cum deep in my fucking ass. . . Oh god!” I knew I was on the edge, trying to hold myself back, but the flight attendant had other plans. Quickly, she buried two fingers into Eve’s burning cunt, all the while continuing to lick her clit. As she finger fucked Eve, I could feel her fingers massaging the sensitive head of my cock through the wall of Eve’s pussy. It was too much.

“Fuck,” I managed to grunt.

A tingling began to build between the base of my cock and the pit of my stomach, like static electricity waiting to shock. I kept fucking her hard. Looking down I watched as the length of my cock pistoned in and out of her anus, the little wrinkles of her opening stretched around me like a halo. I felt the electricity in my stomach expanding, arching down to the head of my cock in flashes as I felt the flight attendants fingers briefly touching the head of my cock inside Eve’s hot passageway.

“I’m gonna . . . cum . . . Baby,” I said, knowing that by the time the words had left my mouth the orgasm would be overtaking me. I tried to keep thrusting as the electricity shot up the length of my cock and back down, radiating out to my arms, legs, and head.

“Yeah, cum in my ass. . . shoot that hot cum all the way up my ass,” she hissed, her shaking reaching its peak.

I felt the cum pump from deep in my balls, traveling through my cock and finally rocketing out in giant spurts. With each thrust I shot a new load of cum deep in her ass, the flight attendant still lapping madly at Eve’s clit and burying her finger’s deep in Eve’s cunt.

“Yeah. . . Fuck. . . I’m cuming,” Eve moaned.

Her anus began pulsing around my cock as I continued pushing into her, still cuming. I’d never cum so much, my body forcing spurt after spurt from the tip of my cock into her ass. Looking down I could see my cum begin to drip out from her anus, forced out by the power of my thrusts and the contractions of her tight ass.

One last time I slammed my hips into her ass, burying myself completely. My cock twitched a few more times as her body, still shaking, pulsed around me. I could feel my cum beginning to ooze down to my balls; there was just too much of it to stay inside of her along with my cock. Suddenly I felt the mouth of the flight attendant on my balls, sucking and licking up the excess cum. I could feel her tongue following the trail of cum up from my balls to the base of my cock and finally to the point where Eve’s and my body joined.

With my last remaining strength I straightened up, pulling my cock from Eve’s ass with a wet slurping sound, stumbling backwards until I was leaning up against the wall of the stall. I watched as Eve’s ass, stretched out by my hard cock, slowly began closing again, a rivulet of cum dripping out and down the crack of her ass. The flight attendant continued licking at Eve’s ass, catching the cum with her tongue. My erection was temporarily renewed as the flight attended brought her whole mouth up and, locking her lips around Eve’s still stretched anus, sucked the remaining cum from her.

I wasn’t sure if I should be turned on or disgusted by the act. My ambivalence must have been palpable because no sooner did the thought cross my mind, than the woman straightened up. Looking first to Eve and then to me she grabbed her clothes and shot out the stall door.

My cock, still wet with cum, Vasaline, and traces of pussy juice, began to shrink. Now temporarily sated, my mind momentarily turned to other things; I hoped they hadn’t lost my bag again. Eve, her body just beginning to stop shaking, turned around to face me, brushing her hair back from her face. Her eyes told me everything, and I sighed.

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