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Secluded Desire

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Sorry that it has been such a long time between stories. I have enjoyed reading thoughts about my first two stories and getting to know some of my “fans”. This particular story happens as the summer months die down and the autumn winds arrive turning all that is green into oranges and brown. I had recently returned to Knoxville to pick up some more of my things from my husband’s house (I say husband because at this point we are only separated, not fully divorced).

A phone call to John and a brief car ride to Cherokee, NC finds me in his presence again. We met mid morning and had some fun walking around what I guess could be considered Cherokee’s main street. A table hockey game or two, followed by Go Carts, and a chance to ride a mechanical bull was just a chance to laugh and have some fun. We shared an ice cream cone before we got in our cars and I followed him to Hot Springs, NC where we rented a cabin for the weekend. After he brought out luggage in, we decided to go for a walk on a nearby trail. It was gloriously peaceful and utterly romantic. He held my hand and walked behind me whenever possible, whispering sweet nothings into my ear which drove more insistently crazy with each syllable.

The afternoon began to wain as we came near a small creek. We stood in silence, listening to the chirping of birds until they seemed to die away. I honestly can not remember how long we stood there, his arms wrapped around me while I snuggled into him. There came a moment when I happened to turn my head and saw him looking down at me. I could have sworn that there was nothing there but pure contentment, mingled with desire there. Qualities that my soon-to-be-ex husband had lacked for many years and I had only found ever so recently during this past summer, with John. I smiled and turned into him so that I could better face him. He smiled and lowered his head, pulling me closer to him. Our lips parted and touched, tenderly and soft.

“Angel, I have missed you.” He murmured against my lips.

I told him that I had missed him too and that I was glad that he agreed to meet me this weekend.

“I am glad that you called.” was his reply as his warm lips brushed mine again.

I pulled myself away from his lips and took his hand, leading him to a large rock which was much bigger than either of us. I wrapped his arms around me and whispered into his ears to make love to me there. There was a smile on his face as my arms rose from his waist, drawing up the hem of his polo so that my hands could massage his chest and stomach before dipping lower and unbuttoning his shorts. When they fell free of his waist towards the ground, I found his already hardened cock and freed it from his boxers. I stroked it slowly, enjoying the torturous look on his face. Despite his moment of weakness, he was still able to find the button and zipper to my own shorts and he hurriedly pushed them down my legs. I sensed his urgency, for it equaled mine and added to the delicious feeling of illicitness which was warming my body. Our sexual relationship, born out of frustration and anger months ago was definitely more open than most, but this… this was something torn out of the scenes of some tawdry romance novel. I felt myself becoming slick and wet at the sight of his cock. Timid because of the sheer size of it, he was much larger than my husband and most men I had seen — even on the television up to that point and even now, that I think about. A thought which makes me rub my legs together as I write this story. I was also becoming hungry for it. To have it inside me and fill me to the point of bursting.

John lifted me by my waist and set my back against the hard rock behind me. I remember whispering something in french, but it escapes me as I write this, because all I remember is his cock sliding inside me. It was slow and very deliberate and I felt every centimeter of his heat as it entered. I clung to his shoulders as I experienced the overwhelming sense of both pain and joy, both of which were extremely intoxicating. I rose into his down stroke, wanting more from him.

John’s grip tightened on my hips as he gave me what I had silently requested. One month away from him, and by extension sex with him, had been almost too much to bear. I had grown so frustrated in my daily routine that I had begun to masturbate in the tub and in bed when I thought of having sex with him. What I had now I tried to find elsewhere, the proof was with the two men I had sex with in between my time with John. Neither could provide me with what I was receiving now.

My head swirled, higher and higher, my body grew hotter with each pulsating thrust of his magical hips. I was free of the shackles of my past and I cried out his name and various pleasures as the storm built within me. It was the exilerating bliss of flux and flow which had me caught in the moment. I looked into John’s eyes and saw him watching me. I saw him watching what he was doing to me. I smiled deliriously and drew in my bottom lip, clenching it hard as our gazes met and locked. I remember that gaze to this very day, a carnal bewitchment that still has hold of my soul and sends my libido rising up in either revolt of what I have now or exultation of what I experienced. I don’t know which.

My belly filled with nervous excitement that soon began to spread to the rest of my body. I felt the sudden rush of warmth fill my being and John’s gritted teeth and more insistent thrusting took my own pleasure to another level. I felt like I was going up on a roller coaster, the constant pressure and thrill of the great drop was eluding me. It got to be so much that I began to cry, tears streaming down my cheeks. John continued to thrust into me, his cock seemingly harder now than before and every thrust seemed to be a tease that served as a reminder of what was eluding me.

In my own desperation, I tore myself away from his gaze and wrapped my arms around him. I began to writhe my hips frantically, trying to match John’s fierce rhythm. My nails dug into his polo, balling it into my fists. It wasn’t enough. I wanted to claw into his back, driving nails into his flesh in the hopes of reaching my peak. My head bobbed as the wild flames within continued to build. I felt as if my head would explode when it struck me like a hammer to the stomach. The heated pain of exquisite pleasure exploded from within me. I was not prepared for how strong my orgasm would be. My teeth bit into John’s neck muscle and dug in hard. I cried out against his hot flesh as my body went wild. It bucked and pleaded for the gates to not close. My body had fought so hard to contain my orgasm that all sense of reality seemed to shut down as it took over.

John continued to thrust into me, almost violently to combat the animal that he had unleashed. He worked now on two fronts; one, to bring the beast out of me and two, to tame it. I swear I was floating on clouds of pleasure as ecstasy swirled within my body on it’s way out. I became aware that my teeth had relinquished hold of his flesh and I looked at the damage I had caused. Swollen, reddened flesh emerged from my aggression. Somehow it pleased me.

The storm had passed and I returned to earth, my head still swimming and flush with heat. I looked into John’s eyes, his intense blue eyes, and as his body continued to thrust in and out of me, it had softened to match my emotional state. Such a silly thing to make note of but it was what I needed at the moment. As our eyes met, we smiled at one another, his head neared mine as he placed a soft kiss on my lips. Still, he continued to move his hips against mine.

I wrapped my arms around him, embracing him as softly and gently as possible. I became aware that he had stopped thrusting and had relinquished possession of my hips, allowing my legs to return to the earth. They were wobbly and weak but none-the-worse-for-wear. I couldn’t bring myself to let go of him, I needed to be near him. His arms engulfed me and kept me secure as my body tried to return to it’s normal state of operation and mind. When I sensed myself ready, I remarked that we should get back to the cabin before it gets dark. He nodded and looked lovingly into my eyes as I said thank you.

We walked back to the cabin and lazily brought ourselves up the stairs to the door. Unlocking it, John spun around and embraced me as the door closed behind me.

God, he felt good. He was warm, still flush from heated sex only an hour earlier. His body felt hard, well, part of it was. I tried to stifle what I thought but I couldn’t . I rose on tiptoe and brushed a kiss against his chin. “Do you still desire me?” I asked him, a cheap, lazy grin had to have taken over my face. My excitement was not contained.

His answer was to the effect that he has always desired me. Nostalgia enveloped me as I thought back to our first encounter and how he held me then. Being in John’s arms was sheer comfort and joy and brought out the simple wickedness in me that had not been present before we first made love.

I won’t deny to you the throbbing between my legs and how it accelerates now as it did then, the pulse of it drowned out the rational part of my thoughts. John lifted up in his arms and with effortless strength moved towards the bed. A shiver raced up my spine, he was simply intoxicating. Leaning his shoulder into a door of burled pine, John entered the room, which was dominated by a large bed and my thoughts on imminent sex were momentarily halted by a sense of wonder.

The bed itself was an awesome creation of birch with long branches which soared overhead into a leafy canopy. The coverlet was white, silken and tailored, tucked in at the corners. He was warm, hot against me, his arms were solid and all I could think about at that point now was him deep inside me.

He set me on my feet at the side of the bed and took a deep breath. I sensed that he lacked the outwardly control that tried to convey. I admit to my own lack of control. I reached for the waistband of his shorts and all sense of the word control left my vocabulary. Together, we kicked off our shoes and he unbuckled my shorts and slipped free of my waist before I could get his zipper down. John was incredibly fast and it was amazing how deft his large fingers were. My tee shirt was over my head in seconds and he took off his polo at the same time I had begun to lower his shorts.

His shorts fell to the ground, he stepped out of them and kicked them aside without looking, his gaze intently on me. I know I smiled wickedly as lust seemed to caress my breasts, shocking my nipples into hardened points of flesh. A fact seemingly not lost on him as he looked down at my bra-covered breasts. Commanding hands found my nipples and thumbs massaged them against the silken prison. A finger slid under the thin strap of the bra, while another hand trickled down my back and unclasped the latest gift to myself from Victoria Secret.

My hands weren’t being lazy, by the way, my fingers hooked in the waistband of his boxers and I forced them down his legs. I watched his cock throb as the rush of night air came across his flesh. John eased my back against the bed and lifted me onto the coverlet. I pulled him down as he settled between my thighs with a delicacy that was tender but served to drive me crazy. When I looked up, his blue eyes, half-lidded and long-lashed were only inches away and smiling back.

A moment later, his erection was nudging my wetness. My hips moved back and forth, lightly upward as he slid into me. I moaned softly as I felt his thighs grew tense and I encouraged him on. He obliged and filled me to the point of bursting. I shifted my hips and he eased into me at another degree. I was so wet and felt myself begin to tremble. I grabbed the back of his head with two hands and wrenched his face to within inches of mine. I wanted him to see the extent of my need. I felt his cock throb against the walls of my flesh as he began to move within me. His flexed shifted and he drove in, making me jump against him in desire.

My legs wrapped around his, I clutched at his shoulders My back arched as I pushed my pelvis upward with a twist of my hips. The unbridled shock of pleasure tore through me and made me it’s slave. I think I must have melted around him in those initial moments and it only served to help the matter when he began to build a rhythm inside me. I held my breath against the raw feelings that began to tingle my flesh. Exhaling a moment later, I tried to shake away the demon within me but it was too late. I was lost to passion again.

Tempting witchery began to nip at my belly. The spell was slow and deliberate. I welcomed it and refused to curb my insatiable desire. I was lost within my own lust when John plunged into me with a barely suppressed violence. I welcomed it and desired to fight against it to prove my own dominance. My nails dug into his back, desiring to possess him in a way that eluded me by the creek. I imagine we began to move with a reckless abandon but I was driven by my indescribable cravings. I came quickly. Much to quickly for my own liking. The build up and pressure while at the creek seemed to open a gate where I needed more. More of John and what he could do, was doing, and I hoped would continue doing to me.

I yelled an obscenity and his name, not caring if anyone else heard me as I was spiraled out of control. I came again and lost control. I fought against him to give me more and begged him to do so. God, he was so hard, so strong, and so damn filling that I was beginning to think that my appetite was becoming insatiable. I sobbed as I released myself against yet again. Still, I begged him not to stop. Wherever it was that my body and soul were at, seemed to be a place that I had no desire to return from. Whatever preconceived limits I may have once imposed on myself had slowly been dropped when I first got together with John. As carnal desire now tore at every blazing inch of my flesh, I found myself open to nearly every depravity a woman could entertain. Even more enticing yet, I was desiring John to perform them on me with every beat of my heart and thrust of his cock. I wondered if this was a fleeting moment brought on by lust or if this was something more. I moan to myself as I press the keys on this keyboard as I think about the freedoms that John provoked in me.

He climaxed inside me and refused to slow down. As before, when we were at the creek, John continued to pound into me, his cock still hard and firm. Ohs and ahs were the only thing that escaped my lips. I seemed to have gone from a steamy romance novel to a steamy, well-acted porno movie. Still I desired more. I began to writhe against me and tried to break his hold on me. We fought, me more so than him as he did little more than try to block my slaps and kicks. I wanted to be on top of him but he wasn’t having any of it. I found myself facing the bed and being pinned down by his frame. As he rose, I tried to move against him, but his hands grabbed my hips. I couldn’t fight him in this position and used my arms to brace my frame. I pushed up and felt his cock rub across the swollen flesh of my pussy. Shame and desire tickled my belly as I thought about us continuing this doggy-style but my thoughts turned to something much more dirty and befitting of my mindset.

As John stood ready to enter me again, I begged him to go anal. I had never entertained the thought before and I don’t think John did either. My legs widened as I touched myself. I was wet. The mixture of us seemed to be everywhere I touched. When he asked me if I was sure, I told him yes and I wanted it now. I felt in control despite the position I was in. He guided his cock to my back door and began to ease it in. Dear Lord the pain was excruciating as he entered. I cried out every inch of his entrance, but felt the warmth of his cock and the pain of his size entering me was lessened by the slickness of our pleasure which covered us both. My pulse quickened as he moved inside of me. My belly tingled at this new sensation. He was slow and considerate, neither of which I wanted but when he finally thrust himself into me, I cried out another curse word and bit my bottom lip. He thrusted four times before I was becoming aware that the sensation he provoked was causing me to lose it. I don’t know why but I asked him to go faster and harder and he obliged. Our moans and grunts seemed to come together and I was becoming aware that the harder he thrusted the more aroused I was becoming. A familiar pang of desire began to trickle into my body again. It was quick to build and I called out his name in a hoarse cry as my hips bounced and I felt my muscles clench as pure warmth invaded me.

John’s hands possessed my hips as he came. By now, I was a slave to desire and my body froze instinctively as orgasm took hold of me. He continued to pound into me and I welcome it. I licked my lips because of what I wanted, what I allowed him to do, and most of all for what he brought out in me. As my climax subsided, I giggled both deviously and sexually at what had just happened. He pulled himself out of me and allowed me to turn and kiss him. As I straddled his lap, we continued to kiss each other lazily for a moment before he left me on the bed so that he could take a shower and clean himself off.

I sat on the bed, thinking about the ravishing John had just laid on my body and I pulled a pillow from overhead and hugged it tightly. The edge of it tickled my vulva and I became aware of the demons of lust again. Without shame or regard, I began to use the pillow to masturbate with until it became far too much to bear. Releasing the pillow, I allowed my fingers to begin massaging the swollen flesh and beyond. My orgasm was fast to arrive but very soft in release, I teased myself until the release subsided. Even then, I was not sated. I looked hungrily at the shower upstairs and suddenly found the strength to move a mountain.

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