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The Web Cam Experiment

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Tyler had been friends with Jason since the 4th grade. They had grown up together in the same sleepy neighborhood, never apart for more than a few weeks of family vacation. Now they were hanging out on one of the last summer nights before they started their senior year of high school. Both were hoping for the promise and excitement of the end of high school to be all they had heard and more.

At the moment, they were playing video games in Jason’s basement, jointly relishing the fact they had both turned eighteen within the span of the last week. Tyler was sitting on the left hand side of the couch, his tall, lanky form stretching out as he played. Both boys were quite thin, without a drop of fat on their bones. Tyler was an inch or two taller than Jason, with slightly longer skater-boy dirty blonde hair that framed his piercing blue eyes. He had a round boyish face with light freckles and a devilish handsomeness about it. Jason had short brown hair, and a slightly more defined and thinner face, with deep brown eyes. He also had a few more muscles on his lean frame, with visible biceps and the beginnings of a six pack.

Killing nameless soldiers on a console began to lose its appeal after two hours, and Jason was beginning to want a bit more excitement.

“Hey Ty, wanna check out a cam site tonight? See if we can find any hot babes?”

“Yeah, that’d be great,” said Tyler. He had heard of cam sites before, where you could meet other people from around the world. He had never used it before because his parents refused to get him a laptop until college, but he knew Jason had tried it a few times before. Although you weren’t supposed to do anything sexual, Jason had told him of a striptease a girl had given him a few weeks back in exchange for watching him jack off. For a pair of eighteen-year-old virgins, this was the height of excitement.

As Jason booted up his laptop, Tyler watched him eagerly. They were sitting on the floor now, both in view of the web cam. Within a few minutes, they were cruising the web looking for girls. Tyler knew neither of them had made it past second base with a girl, but he was hoping to get the most he possibly could out of an online interaction.

“Be prepared for a lot of dicks,” Jason said as he logged on.

He warning was well placed. The first thing that popped onto the screen was a large, hairy cock. With a short laugh, Jason quickly clicked the next button. After ten minutes of trolling through a sea of dicks, a girl finally popped onto the screen.

Jason began typing furiously as Tyler looked on over his shoulder, trying to be casual and attractive. The girl had long red hair, a lightly freckled face, a thin build but with firm, pert little breasts. Her legs also seemed to run the length of eternity and back. On closer inspection, Tyler noticed she was less of a girl than a woman as she must be a few years older than they were. She was certainly worth their time.

“Hey, cuties,” she said, “Are you two looking for a little fun tonight?”

Jason turned around smiling as he read this line.

“If you want to have a little fun tonight, why don’t you show me what’s under those shirts?”

Both of the boys scrambled to take of their T-shirts. Jason revealed a lightly tanned body with burgeoning muscles resting under the surface of his stomach and arms. A few light wisps of brown hair traced their way up from his shorts. Tyler was a shade lighter and less muscled, but his body was idyllically skinny.

“Want to take your top off for us?” Jason replied.

With a smirk and a wink the redhead, sitting cross-legged on her bed, pulled off her blue tank top and revealed a pair of pert, small breasts with pink roses at the tips.

Tyler could feel himself beginning to get hard. When he looked over at Jason, he saw a similar bulge rising in his shorts. Sheepishly at first, both boys plunged their hands into their shorts and begin to play with themselves as they watched the red-haired girl massage her chest.

“If you guys want to see more, you’re going to have to do more. Especially since I’ve been so generous!”.

“What do you want to see next?” Jason typed.

“Take off your shorts. Show me what you’re made of.”

Both boys looked at each other slightly nervously and then shrugged.

“It’s not weird if we’re camming, right?” Jason asked.

“Not at all,” said Tyler, who was excited to impress their online partner.

With a quick sideways glance at one another, both boys slipped out of their shorts and then their boxers to reveal two gorgeous cocks. Both boys were at full attention. Jason’s dick, which Tyler noticed was slightly larger than his own, had to be a full seven inches. It was surrounded by a slightly unruly patch of pubic hair. Tyler’s was closer to six inches and his pubes were relatively well-trimmed, waiting for his lucky day. He could see Jason take note of his now hard cock.

“Jerk them for me,” the screen read.

The boys obeyed the command, slowly beginning to stroke their cocks, up and down, up and down as they watched the figure on the screen rub her breasts and occasionally slide her hand into her short denim shorts.

The boys continued to jack off as they watched the screen. Tyler noticed his gaze occasionally changed direction and momentarily focused on Jason’s penis. He felt a strange twinge of ecstasy when he caught side of it, with its cut head and slight curve. He watched his friend’s hand stroke it out of the corner of his eye.

Then Jason typed, “Can we see your pussy now?”

Another minute of masturbating, then, “You’ll have to do better than just that. I really need some fun to get horny tonight. Why don’t you give each other a hand?” she said with a winky face.

“Dude, she wants us to jerk each other off….”

Jason looked at Tyler with a look of mixed concern and intrigue on his face. Tyler was stunned by the idea and a little surprised, mainly by the fact that deep down, he knew he really wanted to run his hand over his friend’s powerful cock.

“Well, what do you think? It’s not gay if it’s for a chick, right?” Tyler said a bit uncertainly.

The two looked at each other and started to giggle a bit. Jason looked down at Tyler’s crotch as he laughed, sizing up the task ahead.

“Promise never to tell anyone?” Jason asked.

“I won’t if you don’t.” As Tyler said this, Jason reached over and grabbed his cock. Tyler let out a soft “Oh” as he felt the warm, strong grip of another hand on his dick. He made eye contact as Jason started to softly stroke his dick.

“How does it feel?”

“Pretty great, I mean I don’t want to sound weird, but it feels really good.”

“Come on, return the favor man.”

Tyler looked over at Jason’s cock, and reached across his body to grab it. He felt the firm, soft flesh in his hand as he cradled the shaft gently. Then he moved his hand in an upward stroke and rubbed his thumb and his pointer finger on the baby soft head of his friend’s penis. He could feel Jason’s body tense slightly and rise as his hand moved over his friend’s cock.

“Do you like it?” Tyler asked.

“Yeah, just wish it was her, right?” Jason replied with an air of what sounded like uncertainty to Tyler.

“Yeah, of course.”

The boys who had been a bit distracted by their mutual play, refocused on the screen as they stroked each other. The girl seemed satisfied with their efforts; she slipped out of her denim shorts to reveal a tender pink pussy that was neatly shaved. She slowly began to slip a finger in and out of herself.

As Jason watched this, Tyler could feel the pace of Jason’s hand increase on his cock. Tyler strained forward slightly, and let out another barely audible moan. Against his wildest dreams, he could tell he was far more turned on by having his friend’s cock in his hand than watching the girl on the screen. He thought he should have felt ashamed or embarrassed, but he was too excited by the moment.

For a second, Tyler let his hand slide down the shaft of his Jason’s dick, which was now starting to become slippery with precum, and cup his balls. When he did this, he thought he heard Jason let out a slight moan of pleasure. Although Tyler was still far away from cumming, he was harder than he had ever been.

On the computer, he saw the girl reach across her bed to a small night stand and retrieve a purple vibrator from the door.

“If you guys want to see the grand finale, you’re going to have to give me just a bit more. I’ve always wanted to see two young guys suck on each other. Make my dreams come true, and I’ll do the same for you!” This message stood out on the screen.

Tyler felt his heart start to pound even faster after he read this message for the second time. Jason looked over at him with an eyebrow raised, as if asking him for advice. Tyler knew he wanted to try it, but he wasn’t sure how his friend would respond. It was crossing all of the boundaries for two friends to go this far.

“Whaddya think?” Tyler asked.

He could see Jason was watching the red head slowly rub the vibrator around the outside of her pussy.

“I mean, we absolutely could never tell anyone about it. We’d have to take it to the grave. But…I mean it can’t be too bad, right? Might actually feel kinda good. And don’t you want to see her fuck herself with that vibrator?”

Tyler smiled, maybe a bit too obviously. He knew Jason wanted to try it.

“Yeah, I mean, as long as no one ever knows. I think it’s worth it.”

“Ok, well, I mean it’s pretty weird, but we both know what we’re doing it for.”

Jason looked back down at Tyler’s now steel cock in his grip. He had stopped moving his hand and Tyler had removed his own hand from Jason’s crotch. Tyler moved the laptop forward so it had a closer view of his dick.

With a nervous smile and his head sideways so he could watch the screen, Jason slowly lowered his head toward Tyler’s cock. Tyler could feel the excitement building in his whole body as his friend’s mouth came ever closer to his dick. He had always thought his first blowjob would come from a girl, but he was more excited than he had ever been for his friend to put his lips around his dick in this moment.

With one last moment of hesitation, Jason made the plunge, guiding Tyler’s dick through his lips. He made a few shallow pumps before he eventually went deeper down the shaft, tongue licking the head as it went down his throat. This time, Tyler let out an irrepressible moan as his dick entered the warm, wet bliss of his friend’s mouth. He had never felt anything like this before. He could feel the softness of his friends lips, the unique texture of his tongue, and slippery warmth of a mouth in general as it bobbed up and down on his dick. After the first few pumps, he involuntarily began to gyrate his hips, pushing his cock deeper into his friend’s throat, causing Jason to gag slightly.

After thirty seconds that felt like an eternity of pleasure, Jason came up for air, lips wet and saliva around his mouth.

“Tastes a bit salty,” he said with a laugh.

“I could tell you liked it a lot….” Jason said.

“Yeah, it was really amazing…”

As Tyler said this, they both saw the girl deep throat her vibrator and then plunge it into her pussy as she began to ride it on the edge of her bed.

“Let me do you,” Tyler said, trying to suppress his eagerness.

Jason lay back down, secretly excited to feel a blowjob for the first time. Surprisingly, Tyler was even more excited to give the blowjob. Although he had never really thought about sucking dick before, now it was all he could think about.

With his hand at the base of Jason’s dick, he leaned over and took Jason into his mouth. The first contact with Tyler’s tongue made Jason’s dick throb. Tyler immediately knew he loved sucking cock as soon as he had made his first stroke. He took Jason’s cock deeper and deeper into his mouth and throat with each pump of his head, being careful to keep his teeth out of the process. Jason was elated: he could hardly contain his enjoyment as his friend’s warm mouth enveloped him, sending electronic pulses of arousal through his cock each time the heavenly mouth pulled it back in. Although Jason was still watching the girl pound herself on the screen, he was quickly losing interest as Tyler pulled his dick deeper and deeper into the back of his throat.

Tyler quickly realized that he didn’t have much of a gag reflex and he was highly pleased. Although he could see snippets of the computer screen, he no longer cared about the girl. While he was still blowing Jason, he motioned for him to sit back up onto the couch, so he could kneel between Jason’s legs. Jason obliged without question, legs now stretched tightly out as he tensed his ass, Tyler between his legs with his back to the camera.

Jason looked down and made eye contact with Tyler, smiling as he did so. Tyler had been sucking for a lot longer than Jason’s thirty seconds and he had no desire to stop. As he sucked, he started to tease the tip of Jason’s dick with his tongue every time he came back up, like he had seen girls do in the pornos.

Jason, with his dick still in Tyler’s mouth, stood up. He took Tyler’s kneeling head in his hands and pulled the blonde head deeply into his crotch as he pushed his cock forward. He could feel every inch that his dick slid into Tyler’s mouth, until it rammed into the back of his friend’s throat. Tyler loved this feeling: full of his friend’s cock up to the brim, the soft tip pounding into the back of his throat. After a few seconds he finally felt his gag reflex kick in, causing a few heaves as he moved the cock forward in his mouth, but only slightly. As Tyler gagged, Jason moaned loudly as he felt the contractions.

He had never been this horny or hard before in his entire life, and he could feel he was coming to a climax as he kept face fucking Tyler. As his cock was repeatedly taken into a welcoming hole of soft lips and warm spit, he could feel his balls begin to tense, and a tidal wave of cum building at the base of his shaft. As the pressure rose and he felt the crescendo, he plunged his cock into the back of Tyler’s throat and gasped, “Oh, oh, fuck yes.”

Almost on the tips of his toes from the power of his excitement, Jason came as he had never come before. Tyler felt an almost electric shock of arousal as Jason’s cock began to throb like mad and dump load after load of thick, hot cum into Tyler’s throat and mouth. He continued to pull the cock into his mouth as it filled up with the warm taste of cum. Jason’s eyes were closed as his orgasm began to finish off. When he opened them, he more fully noticed that Tyler was licking off the tip of his cock, getting every last scrap of cum.

Tyler stood up as he felt the last drops of Jason’s cum slide down his throat. Jason sat back down onto the couch with his legs spread. Without a word, Tyler climbed onto the couch, cock in hand, and positioned himself so he was standing on the couch with his cock at Jason’s mouth level.

Jason, knowing he owed his friend for the amazing time, took Tyler’s cock slowly into his mouth. Once again, his mouth was filled with his friend’s throbbing cock and the slightly salty taste of precum, which had increased in volume since the last time he had taken Tyler into his mouth.

Jason started at a low tempo, adjusting to the feeling as Tyler’s cock made it deeper and deeper into his mouth. Taking a page from Tyler’s book, he ran his tongue over the tip of Tyler’s dick after each stroke into the back of his mouth.

Tyler was mesmerized by the feeling of his dick sliding slowly in and out of his friend’s tender mouth, feeling Jason’s tongue tease and torture his soft tip, arousing him immensely. He knew the feeling was more intense this time because giving a blowjob had made him incredibly horny. After a short while of going slowly, Tyler could not resist picking up the pace. He began to thrust forward, increasing the speed and depth of the blow job.

With this hint, Jason immediately began to pick up the pace, allowing Tyler to force the back of his head forward as he pulled the dick in and out of his mouth more quickly. The white dick was now shining with spit each time it popped out for a second and Jason rubbed the shaft of the cock with his hand when it was not in his mouth.

Tyler could not believe the intensity of his erection. He picked up the pace again, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into Jason’s throat. As he did so, Jason grabbed his ass and began to knead his cheeks, driving Tyler even wilder.

With his head thrown back Tyler let out, “Oh, oh , oh sweet Jesus. ”

“Harder. More.” He whispered.

Jason was doing his best to keep up with Tyler’s demand, but as Tyler’s cock began to pound into the back of his throat, he began to gag and his eyes filled slightly with tears. Tyler could hardly contain his excitement as he watched Jason gag on his cock; he found it to be another huge turn on. However, he pulled out momentarily to make sure Jason was okay.

“Can I go that deep?” he asked shyly.

“Yeah, I actually kind of like it…”

With that, Jason took Tyler back into his mouth and began sucking him in deeply. Within a matter of second he was gagging on Tyler’s cock again, sending shivers through Tyler. This time, instead of stopping, Jason moved down to Tyler’s tensed scrotum and momentarily began to caress his balls with his tongue while he stroked the shaft of his dick.

With a few more slurps and gurgles, Jason took Tyler back into his throat. This time he knew there would be no more stops and starts. Tyler pulled Jason’s dark head deeply into his crotch, his lips moving down the entire length of Tyler’s cock, to his cleanly trimmed blonde bush.

At this, Tyler began to thrust faster than before, pounding his cock faster and faster against the back of Jason’s throat, sliding into and out of his friend’s slippery and supple young mouth. With each pound, Tyler could still feel Jason manage to lightly stroke his cock with his tongue. Finally, as Jason began to choke on his cock one last time, he felt an orgasm beginning to burst through his cock. He could tell Jason felt his body tense because Jason pulled his dick as deeply into his throat as he could as he continued to gag.

“Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah!”

Tyler’s climax was monumental; his dicking was jerking uncontrollably as a river of cum poured from his cock into his friend’s throat. After what seemed like an eternity of pure bliss and pounding cum, he felt Jason pull away. The last drops of cum spattered onto Jason’s spit soaked lips.

Tyler collapsed next to Jason on the couch. They both briefly looked back at the laptop; the woman on the screen had disappeared. In her place, a boy of their age was jerking off onto his well-toned abs. With his foot, Jason shut the screen.

“Well, that was a little awkward,” Jason said.

“Did you like it? I mean, I get it if you didn’t. It was a little gay.”

“Well…um…I actually really really liked it. Can you keep a secret Ty?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“I kind of liked having you in my mouth. I hope I did a good job. I liked it when you went in deeper…”

A wave of relief spread through Tyler. “I loved sucking your cock. Maybe we can cam again and do this sometime. Or, I guess, I’d want to do it without the cam even…”

“Yeah, we should do it again.”

As Jason said this, the boys heard the front door upstairs open as Jason’s parents returned from their night out. Both boys scrambled off the couch, to pull their clothes back on.

After a hurried redressing, Jason said, “Let’s watch a movie.”

As they sat on the couch together watching a movie, Tyler felt incredibly content sitting next to Jason. Whenever their eyes met, a little smile crossed each other their faces. They both knew they wanted more. As they sat watching the movie, they each started thinking about ways to make a next time a reality.

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