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A Second Bite at the Cherry

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It has been four years since Trinity and went on our ill-fated camping trip; ill-fated by any sensible measure but, for me, one of the intensely erotic experiences of my life until now.

Trin had arranged with her uncle that we could camp on his farm as a rehearsal for a music festival we were planning to attend later that summer after our exams.

A fun weekend away but also a chance to prove to our parents that two eighteen-year-olds could cope with getting somewhere, putting up a tent and looking after ourselves!

All had gone well; we’d packed, caught the right train, changed trains and hiked the two miles out to the farm laden with tent, clothes and food all without error. Trin’s Uncle John — ‘Farmer John’ as I always thought of him — and his wife Joan had welcomed us. He suggested that we camp at the end of First Field, in sight of the farmhouse in case we had any problems. We, being eighteen and therefore invincible, knew better and insisted on camping the other side of the small wooded copse on the edge of High Field as Farmer John called it.

Pitching the tent was a bit trickier than we expected but we managed — not bad for two girls who’d never been in the Girl Guides — and we got all our stuff inside. Trin fished in her rucksack and pulled out a bottle of white wine with a flourish. “Ta dah! Want a drink?” It was a very warm sunny day and I happily agreed. We sat down to chat and drink and (perhaps not surprisingly) the wine quickly disappeared and we were both a bit tipsy! We decided to spend an hour or so sunbathing before cooking some supper on the disposable barbecue we’d brought along. I lay down in the grass and had not long closed my eyes when Trin giggled. I opened one eye and looked up to see her pulling off first her shirt then her bra.

Seeing the look of surprise on my face Trin just smiled and said, “Well, I made sure we’re completely secluded: nobody, but nobody, will see us. There are no paths round about and I made John and Joan promise to leave us alone, so I’m going to take the chance to get an all-over tan!” And she flopped down beside me. “You should too, Sue.”

“Well, okay…” I said, a little bashfully despite the alcohol, I’ll admit, but I undid my shirt and slipped my bra off. “At least you’re not going for a complete all-over tan!” I added, looking at her shorts.

I should have known Trin better as, with a “Ha! Wanna bet?” she stood, a little unsteadily, and undid her shorts and let them fall. Removing her panties in her somewhat inebriated state proved too much for her balance and she toppled to the grass, her panties round her knees. My jaw dropped but I couldn’t help staring as she kicked her legs to try and get the panties off. I’d seen Trin undressed before as we changed and showered at school but laying on her back kicking her legs I had a close-up view of her pussy and arse. I remember noticing that, below the main V of her bush, her pussy was only lightly covered in her light brown pubic hair and that, as she struggled, her pussy would open slightly, revealing her inner labia. There in the grass and open air I found her… mesmerising and, more worryingly, the most erotic thing I’d ever seen. Trin was still giggling and (thankfully) hadn’t noticed my blatant staring when she cried “A little help here?”

Not trusting myself to speak at that moment, I reached forward and caught her legs by her calves to stop her kicking around. Her pussy lips were slightly open at that moment, the darker pink moist folds within visible in the sunlight. For a fleeting moment I imagined reaching out and touching them as I touched myself sometimes, leaning forward to place my lips… but no! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! I snapped back to reality and quickly slid Trin’s panties from her legs, dropping them onto my shirt behind me.

“Come on Sue, your turn: get you kit off now!” she ordered as she sat up. My lustful thoughts had me blushing furiously but Trin assumed it was my embarrassment at having to strip. “Come on, Sue, it feels so lovely and free being naked — and it’s not as if I haven’t seen you in the buff before!” I reluctantly complied, though without Trin’s exhibitionist thrashing around. I was afraid that my arousal would be revealed and while I could feel the moistness in my sex, a quick glance down confirmed that my slit showed nothing but a slight puffiness.

Lying side by side, I began to relax while trying not to think too much of Trin’s naked body beside me. I gradually relaxed about being naked but remained very turned on. I commented to Trin that she seemed very at ease in the buff. I glanced across and saw that she was blushing slightly. I rolled onto my side, facing her, intrigued. “What is it?” I asked.

“I, er, that is my family have been to naturist places on holiday a few times, so I guess I’m used to it.”

“I think you’re more than used to it — I’ve just noticed that you have no tan lines!” I laughed. We chatted on, she explaining that naturism wasn’t about sex or even having to be naked, just the freedom. I asked how being nude didn’t make people think about sex more and she said that after a while you just got used to it, though seeing someone you found attractive had the same effect, clothed or nude.

“Okay, so I like being nude — I love the freedom! You don’t seem to mind too much — I see you’re not trying to hide anything from me.” She smiled.

“Yeah, but it’s just you and me here and, as you said, we’ve seen each other naked before, in the showers and stuff. Anyway, being here isn’t the same as going someplace with hundreds of people!”

“True, but mostly we’re nude at home, so there aren’t ‘hundreds of people.’ Anyway, you’ve made a very good start.”

“Trinity, you will not turn me into a nudist!” I retorted firmly.

She looked me up and down meaningfully. “Already succeeded, girl!” she said and we both laughed. It was true that I did feel very comfortable laying there naked with her.

As the sun started to drop we lit the barbecue and began to cook. I remember the sunset of vivid orange and red that made Trin’s skin glow. The air stayed warm and humid and we sat together chatting as the evening darkened. Eventually, the air began to cool and the wind picked up so we retreated into the tent and slipped into our sleeping bags. The wind made the tent fabric rustle and snap as we began to doze and the faint staccato patter of rain started as I fell asleep.

We awoke to a loud crash of thunder. I opened my eyes and a few seconds later lightening made the tent fabric light up. The rain was torrential, a continuous heavy drumming as Trinity gave a shout of dismay, “Aagh! I’m soaked!” The corner of the tent by Trin’s feet had sagged and a constant stream of rainwater was falling onto the lower half of her sleeping bag. She unzipped and wriggled out, shivering in the now chill air.

Without thinking I opened my sleeping bag. “You can’t go outside in this storm but, well, it’s warm and dry in here…” Trin didn’t say anything but wriggled in beside me. Her skin was cold but soft and the feel of it sent shivers of excitement through me. Trin mistook my shivers and apologised for making me cold but I told her not to worry. We were both unsure what to do and finally settled for lying back-to-back. This suited me: our bottoms were pressed together and I couldn’t resist slipping a hand between my legs. Feeling how wet I was I suddenly felt ashamed by how much this was arousing me; part of me didn’t want to accept that I was lesbian or bisexual. I was sure that Trinity was embarrassed by the situation; an afternoon of naturism with a best friend was one thing but being naked in a sleeping bag was obviously too far for her. I began to worry that our friendship might be damaged.

The night passed and I didn’t sleep; I remained too conscious of Trin’s body touching mine and, now the alcohol had worn off, my head ached. When dawn came at last, the storm had passed but the weather had broken and we hurriedly dressed in the cold, damp morning. As I feared, as we packed up and trudged back to the farmhouse there was a distance between us that hadn’t been there yesterday. We left that day, both of us out of sorts through tiredness, sore heads from too much alcohol and sun and, for me at least, a vague sense of disappointment.

When I arrived home and unpacked I discovered a pair of Trin’s panties, the ones I’d stripped off her. I held them close and couldn’t help a little tear of disappointment at what might have been and the closeness that I suspected we’d lost forever. The next weeks confirmed my fears for, though we relaxed a bit with each other, neither of us mentioned sharing the sleeping bag. We never went to the festival: the summer was a washout and the festival was cancelled. I kept her panties safely hidden in a draw and they were often the trigger both of a longing and some intensely erotic fantasies!

A-Level exams soon came and kept us busy and we only met now as part of groups. As we went off to different universities we stayed in contact, through Facebook, birthday and Christmas cards, but drifted apart. However, what might have happened between us — a night of passion under canvas — became a favourite fantasy of mine. We remained friends but not as close as we had been. At university I made new friends and had sex, mostly with guys but I let a woman (a visiting post-grad student) seduce me once. I enjoyed it and I came to accept that I was at least bisexual and that made me fantasise about Trin all the more. I also loved being naked at home; as often as not I would strip as soon as I got in. I did wonder about the naturism bit but never followed that up: I didn’t dare try anything like that on my own.

Chapter 2: An Unexpected Email

Nearly a year after I had graduated, Trin sent me an unexpected email:

Hi Sue, how are you — long-time no see!

Do you remember that disastrous camping trip to Uncle John’s farm? I can’t believe that that was 4 years ago, can you? I don’t know if you’d be interested but I was thinking of going back there and trying camping again, for old time’s sake. Perhaps we can get everything right this time! 🙂


Trinny x

I was so surprised and more than a little intrigued. I wasn’t unhappy with the invitation, just the opposite, but why now? And what did “get everything right” mean? Was it just an innocent comment — a simple desire to re-connect with an old friend — or was there something more? The butterfly tingle in my tummy betrayed what I wanted her to mean. I looked at her profile on Facebook and thought back over what I knew. I seemed to recall she’d had boyfriends; the last one — Greg, Graham? — seemed to have gone and she was now ‘Single’ and her ‘Interested In’ had changed from ‘Men’ to just blank. So: a recent break up perhaps? She didn’t post many photos but the few she had showed her at university parties, a few with boys (ah, it had been Greg) and her as part of women’s rugby teams (wow, that was an unexpected new hobby but she’d stuck at it and was a lot fitter and stronger looking as a result). Not enough information!

We fixed the date for the weekend after next, though we wouldn’t be travelling together as Trin was going up to the farm ahead of me. However, said she’d meet me at the station and we’d walk to the farm as before; she was obviously trying to recreate the original weekend as far as possible. Fortunately, she didn’t insist on us lugging all the tent and equipment as she’d bring that to the farm in her car and so all I’d need was “a few clothes and stuff.”

However, deciding on “clothes and stuff” proved harder than I’d expected; what to wear and what to bring? It was forecast to be a hot, sunny weekend but how should I dress? We’d ended up naked last time (my pussy tingled at the memory) but we’d both been drunk. Was she still a naturist? Would that happen again? It might happen (oh please, please, please!) so should I wear something that I could remove if not sensually, then at least smoothly and easily? How sexy should I try to be? What if Trin was just trying to be friends again? I knew and now accepted that I found her sexually attractive, but I had no evidence to suggest she saw me in that way. I longed to make love to her but didn’t want to risk destroying the friendship we had remaining — particularly now there was a chance for us to get closer again.

And that was just the start; what about all the other issues? Could we talk about what had happened last time? If she mentioned sharing the sleeping bag should I say that I didn’t mind as she was my friend? Maybe, but that might discourage her if she was after something more now. So should I admit that I’d enjoyed having her snuggled up against me? Oh, but that might freak her out. Should I come clean and confess that seeing her pussy up close had really turned me on? Absolutely not! I certainly couldn’t say that! Could I suggest we undress again? And what about her panties: should I return them? My mind was in a whirl with a tornado of questions and my body in a state of semi-permanent excitement as the weekend approached.

Three days to go. I finally decided on a cute and sexy summer look: a pale yellow strappy summer dress and a light denim jacket as it would be chilly first thing in the morning on the way to the station. I wanted something that I might have worn last time to show Trin I was happy to buy in to her attempt to re-run the previous weekend .

What about a bra? I did sometimes go without when it was hot (my breasts have stayed pert or, as one ungenerous guy put it, ‘a bit small’) but while the dress wasn’t see-through the fabric was thin and my nipples would show even when not aroused. I settled on a light cotton half-cup bra.

Panties? While going commando was tempting, I realized it would be a bad idea: I knew how much it had turned me on when I’d tried it in the past, not to mention that when sitting in a moderately short dress on a train there was too much risk of exposing myself to some lecherous old guy! I didn’t want anything boring though — if Trin got to see them I wanted them to have an effect and if she didn’t see them well, it didn’t matter if they were sexy or not. I had two new string thong panties, one black and one white, whose crotch area was a fine, slightly transparent looking mesh fabric. I’d felt very sexy when I tried them on but hadn’t ever worn them. The white pair would be ideal under the pale dress but when I tried them they didn’t quite work. While I kept my dark pubes trimmed, they were quite thick and made the crotch just look grey and hairs poked through the mesh. Something had to be done, so half an hour and a tube of bikini hair remover cream later I was completely pube-less and the panties looked perfect: the shape and line of my pussy visible through the white mesh. When I undressed I now felt more naked than ever!

Two days to go: time to start packing. Into the bag went a waterproof jacket, sweatshirt, nightie, panties and the other thong, shorts, a skirt, tee shirts, leggings and a pair of trainers plus a towel and wash-bag, I wasn’t exactly travelling light but felt that I was ready for whatever the weekend might hold.

I was up early on Saturday morning and excitedly dressed myself. I had a cup of tea but was too nervous to eat. At the last minute I changed my mind and took off the bra and stuffed it into my bag. I also went back and took out Trin’s panties and slipped them into the side pocket of the bag. The bag was heavy, but it was too late to repack now so off I went, laden down.

As I alighted from the train I saw Trinity running up the platform towards me in a short denim skirt and crop-top. She was taller than me now and her skimpy outfit showed off her long, strong legs and flat stomach; I couldn’t help wondering what she now looked like naked. Trinity threw her arms around me and I hugged her back, enjoying the feel of her body against mine. However, the touch and thoughts of her body were a bad idea as they made me unsure of what to say to her, just as on that morning five years ago. Trin, however, seemed determined to be light and easy with me, though I sensed her nervousness. She held me at arms’ length and looked me up and down. “I like your dress. You look… cute!” she declared before plying me with questions about the journey and kept saying how excited she was that I’d agreed to come.

As we walked out of the station and up the lane Trin reached across and lifted my travel bag from my shoulder as if it weighed nothing. “I’ll take that for you. Hey, you didn’t pack light did you, Sue?”

“If I recall last time…” I hesitated and could feel myself blushing but pressed on, “we had quite a range of weather!”

“Hmmm, yes.” laughed Trin, “It was fun at first though, wasn’t it?”

I nodded in agreement. “I loved that Saturday afternoon. Shame the tent leaked and ruined the night.”

She looked up into the hot, cloudless sky, so like the last time we walked this way, and I was almost certain that she was blushing too. We walked on in silence for a bit before I tried a safe topic.

“So, are we going to camp in the same place again?” I asked.

“Of course!” Trin replied. “But I’ve already put the tent up; hopefully I’ve done it properly on this occasion!” she laughed.

I smiled. “I thought you wanted everything the same as last time?”

“Oh, I do, the important things, anyway. And this will give us more time to talk and relax together. Come on,” she said as she climbed over the gate, “we can cut across the fields rather than trudge all the way round to the farm house.”

We had to scramble over a couple of ditches and through a dense thicket but soon arrived at the tent, the same one as before. I realized that it would be an even snugger fit than last time as we’d both grown. Trin dropped my bag by the tent flap and turned to me, arms wide and a smile on her face. “Welcome to our little, secret world again! Shall we begin?”

I looked at her, uncertain what was coming next but with some wild hopes. Meanwhile, my hand subconsciously went to the top button of my dress and it was only as the button popped open that I realized what it was doing. Trin laughed and reached down to lift an ice bucket and bottle of wine from the shade of the tent. “I know it’s early but I was going to suggest we start with a little drink but you seem to have a different idea, which is cool!”

“Um, are you still a naturist?” I managed to croak, my face burning red, “Still..?”

“‘Getting my kit off?’ Of course,” she replied. “Not as much as before but still keeping free of tan lines!” and she smoothly pulled her top up and over her head, and let it drop. She had no bra and, without hesitation, she continued to undo the button on the side of her skirt and let that fall too. She had no panties on either and I stood transfixed: her toned body with more muscle and broader shoulders than before, her breasts full and firm, her stomach flat with her ab lines softly visible in the sunlight slanting across her body, and down to a small triangle of short, fine brown hair above her smooth hairless labia. After I kept staring for far too long, Trin laughed: “Come on, Sue, your turn now!”

My hand was trembling now and I fumbled with the buttons.

“See, we should have started with that drink!” said Trin gently. After the second button I gave up and started pulling the top over my head. “Let me help you,” said Trin and she slipped he hands under my skirt and slid them up. I raised my arms and let Trin undress me, her hands brushing my hips, waist and the sides of my breasts as she lifted the dress away.


“I seem to recall you had to help me last time, so it’s my pleasure my dear Sue.” She stood back and watched as I took a deep breath to steady myself. Neither Trin nor I had said anything but I was pretty sure she had more than just friendship in mind this weekend. The way her hands had brushed my body was too deliberate and she had just taken a step back to get a good view while I removed my panties. I was determined to remove them gracefully and sensually. I slid my hand down over my stomach onto my hips, raising my boobs and turned slowly. I completed a turn and smiled at Trin as I slipped my thumbs under the side strings of the thong and slid them down slowly. I could see Trin was transfixed as I eased my panties down, the fabric sticking slightly to my damp pussy. As the panties passed over my thighs I let them fall before standing up and stretching with my legs apart.

“Mmmm,” I sighed, “This does feel good!” And it really did — so free and natural — and with the girl of my dreams and fantasies in front of me. I felt a surge of affection and love for Trin; I felt certain that we were both physically attracted to each other and that we could be lovers. But it occurred to me that that wasn’t enough. I didn’t want a one night or one weekend fling; I didn’t want a brief affair or a brief, experimental gay relationship. I remembered how close we had been and I wanted not just a lover but a friend, a soul mate even, as Trin had been to me in the past. We stood there, both naked, both unsure of what to do next . I felt sure that this was an important moment. I had an idea: I needed to sort out what had gone wrong last time if we were to avoid a repetition.

I walked over to my bag and bent down (giving Trin a good view!) and reached into the side pocket, taking out what was in there. I walked across to Trin and put my hand on her arm. “I’ve missed you,” I said, “I’ve thought about you so much.”

“Me too,” she replied. “I want…” I placed my finger on her lips to quiet her and she looked puzzled, her cute round nose wrinkling and I again felt that wave of love for her.

“Last time we were here, that Saturday was the best day of my life,” I told her. “We were so close, so free and open and being naked together made every moment so… well, intimate, I guess. And then it all went… well…”

“Strange? Odd? Horrible!” Trin whispered and I saw her eyes fill with tears at the memory, a glistening drop ran slowly down her cheek.

“Yes, all of those. I’ve never stopped thinking about it. When I got home I found I had these.” I opened my hand to revel her scrunched up panties.

Trin laughed through her tears at the sight of them. “I wondered what had happened to those! They were one of my favourite pairs too. You didn’t return them?”

“No… I just couldn’t. They were part of that magical Saturday, the panties I took off my best friend. They reminded me that it really had happened and…” I had to swallow hard to continue, struggling to summon the courage to risk opening up about my feelings towards her, “…and that I had seen your pussy, and… fuck it Trin, I wanted to touch it, kiss it even, and make love to you!” I could feel tears on my face as well now. “But I was afraid that that would freak you out: your best friend some freaky dyke bitch. And then when we were in the sleeping bag together… God! Your body against mine — I was in heaven but you seemed so uncomfortable with it.”

“Oh, fucking hell! We were so bloody stupid! Sue, I’ve had such a crush on you since we were about 14! You used to cuddle me when I got teased by that little shit Ben Andrews and his mates. I felt so safe and loved when you were there and that camping trip was supposed to be a chance to, well…”

“Seduce me?” I suggested.

“No! To see how you felt towards me! You were so cool and easy with the naturism bit but I bottled out of touching or cuddling you; I didn’t want you to think I was a, what was it, psycho dyke bitch?”

“Freaky dyke bitch, actually. But I did invite you into my sleeping bag.”

“Yes, and I was too scared to make the first move, especially when you turned your back on me.”

I stepped forward, slipping my arms around her waist, drawing her close. She wrapped her strong arms around me and we hugged tightly, enjoying the feel of each other. I looked up into Trinny’s beautiful face. “I have to know, Trinity: do you really want this? Are you happy with me as your freaky dyke lover?” She didn’t reply but leant forward and our lips met, a gentle brushing at first then with more eagerness. I slid my tongue forward and, as it touched her lips, her mouth opened. We kissed deeply and hungrily as our hands touched and caressed. I pressed my mound against her thigh and shivered with pleasure as my swollen labia rubbed her skin leaving a sticky, damp trail. I felt Trin’s hand enfold my right breast, my nipple being gently massaged between her fingers.

My hands were all over Trin: I wanted to touch every part of her and before long my hand slid to her abdomen and paused before slowly slipping down. My fingers played in the tuft of short, soft hair between her legs then continued down as I traced along the sides of her labia that, like mine, were puffed and swollen and slick with her juices. I slid two fingers along the cleft, back and forth, gradually slipping deeper between her pussy lips. Trin tipped her head back and gave a loud sigh of pleasure and I withdrew my fingers ad raised my hand. She looked down, wondering why I had stopped. I was desperate to taste her and she watched as I slipped the two fingers that glistened with her love juices into my mouth, savouring the wonderful sexy savouriness of her.

Without hesitation I dropped to my knees, my hands on her hips. I moved in and gently kissed her gaping pussy, then again more firmly before dipping my tongue between those delicious wet folds. Trin was stroking my hair as my tongue lapped and darted and she thrust her hips forward to help me probe deeper. As much as I drank down, her pussy seemed to offer more of her delightful nectar. My tongue found the nub of her clitoris and she gave a squeal as I licked it hard.

Meanwhile, I slipped two fingers inside her. I looked up at her: across her firm stomach and beautiful round breasts into her face, flushed with her arousal, eyes wide and sparkling. She was tall and strong, an amazon warrior maiden and I loved her. I pumped my fingers deep inside her and gently ran my tongue across her clit. “Shit! YES!” she gasped as her orgasm hit. I felt a warm flow and withdrew my fingers and clamped my mouth over her pussy; I could feel the first drops of her love juice trickling down my boobs where they had fallen but the rest flowed into my mouth.

Just as her orgasm began to pass, Trin’s legs gave up and she flopped down beside me. Before I could finish swallowing her love juice she pulled me down on top of her and began kissing me hungrily. I opened my mouth, letting her have a share of her love juice. Her skin was slick with sweat as we lay together; Trin’s breathing slowing as we continued to kiss gently.

“God, Sue, you are amazing: I’ve never cum as hard as that! I enjoyed that so much.”

“Good!” I replied. “I want you to make a habit of it; you taste so good, don’t you?”

“I… okay, yes, I do like the taste of myself.” She coloured slightly. I felt her hand slip down between my legs to finger my swollen slit. “But now it’s your turn, missy, I want to taste you!” and with that she rolled, flipping me onto my back on the grass as she straddled me. She bent forward and kissed my cheek and neck and worked her way down to my boobs. I became conscious of how flat my chest was, laying there on my back, and was so happy when Trin murmured, “Your titties are sooo cute!” and with those words Trin again affirmed that I was completely desirable to her. She began gently nibbling one nipple after the other. I heard Trin give a gasp. “Oh my God! What huge nipples you get! They’re fantastic!” as she moved on to some serious nipple sucking and rubbing. “Mmmm, with added Trinny pussy flavour too!” she exclaimed as she tasted the juices that had dripped onto them. Then further down across my stomach, her tongue circling and probing my belly button, making me giggle, and on down…

I lay there in the sunlight, arms wide on the soft, cool grass, legs open and my friend, now becoming my lover, went down on me. My cunny was dripping; I could feel the wetness running between my arse cheeks over my anal bud . Trinny’s tongue was wonderful — first lapping then probing and I gasped as she sucked my clit. I spread my legs wider and arched my back to encourage her on, feeling her finger gently stroke my anus. I gave a squeal of pleasure, “Oh! Yes, Trinny!” pulling my knees to my chest, opening my most intimate places to her. I felt her finger, slick with my love juices, penetrate my anal ring as she slowly and gently finger-fucked my arse. At the same time her other hand worked on my pussy, three fingers sliding deep inside as her thumb ran over my clit.

My jaw clamped as the orgasm began and I stopped breathing as the climax took me. Suddenly, I seemed to explode as a torrent sprayed from my pussy. I felt Trin’s mouth clamp over my sex and I rode the waves of pleasure. I flopped back, spent and exhausted as Trin wriggled up beside me, a huge grin on her face as she bent and kissed me. As our lips met and parted my mouth was flooded with my ejaculate and we continued to kiss as I savoured and swallowed her offering.

She lay back and I cuddled up to her, my head on her breast that, like her face and hair, was wet and smelt of my nectar. “My pussy’s never done that before!” I confessed. “I can get pretty wet but squirting like that was incredible!”

“It certainly was! You tasted even better than me, too,” Trin replied.

“No I didn’t, but I’m glad you liked it. Your pussy is simply delicious.”

We moved into the shade — the sun was very hot and we hadn’t any sun cream — and dozed. “Trinny?” I whispered.

“Yes, Sue darling?”

“Will you be my girlfriend?” I giggled and wrapped my lips around her nipple.

“Can I be serious for a minute, Sue?” she asked and a sudden coldness descended on me. She must have seen the worry in my face because she stroked my cheek in reassurance and I nodded, still anxious. “When we were here last time, you know I said that I fancied you then? The thing is, I fancied you but, well, I wasn’t a lesbian! I couldn’t be like that girl Liz, at school — remember her? — who came out as a lesbian? Remember how much she got teased and bullied for being gay? I guess I wanted to test to see how I felt about you but it all went so wrong…”

I nodded again. “You said you’d had a crush on me. What did you hope would happen?” I asked.

“More cuddling, maybe some touching and kissing. Nothing like what just happened, not in my wildest fantasies! I guess I hoped I’d find out if the attraction was real, but I chickened out and screwed up out friendship.” She was close to tears again.

I kissed her cheek. “Hush now. We both screwed up; neither of us were ready. I think I knew on that Saturday that I was attracted to you physically and… well whatever happened I’d have gone with it I guess. And you’ve more than made up for it now: you made today happen.”

“Thanks, I’m glad it did!” Trin hesitated and then continued, “I know that I’m bisexual now. I’ve slept with guys and had boyfriends, but I’ve slept with a few girls too — I had quite a long relationship with a girl at university. She was nice and being with her was very comfortable and caring but she wasn’t massively into, you know? The physical side. What about you?”

“Oh, boys — mainly. One woman though: a visiting post graduate student attending a two-day conference. I was asked to act as her guide and help her. After the first day I took her to a bar then she asked to go to a nightclub and… she was hitting on me so when it got late I thought ‘Why not?’ and ended up in her bed. It was good fun but almost entirely physical. She hooked up with someone else the next night. Still, it helped me understand and accept my attraction to women.”

Trinity stroked my arm affectionately. “After my last boyfriend I know now that it’s definitely women I want to be with. Actually, I think it’s a particular woman.” She smiled at me, “You, my best friend and teenage crush, I think it has to be you.”

I hugged her tight. “I think it has to be you for me too!”

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