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Compulsion Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of Ella’s story. She is a real person (as is Gabrialla) and chapter 2 moves from fact to her fantasies. The story focuses on a dominant interracial lesbian theme. If this is not to your taste, thank you for stopping by but please pass on this and move onto a different story.


Ella stood in front of her bedroom mirror. She twisted one way and then the other, checking out the way she looked. It was scandalous. She might be an exhibitionist, but she couldn’t possibly wear the dress that Miss Gabriella had just sent her. This was too outrageous, even for her.

The packaging still lay strewn about the room and she brushed some with her foot as she took a step back. No … she couldn’t possibly wear this!

The laced V-neck extended all the way down below her pierced belly button, leaving most of her breasts on display. If she was careful, she could keep her nipples covered, but the way they poked through the material left little to the imagination. As for the back, the top to bottom gap held together by the criss-cross lacing left most of her naked ass on show!

The lurid bright pink heels that had arrived with the dress were equally provocative. The pink strap criss-crossed up her calves and the platform sole was so high that she struggled to balance with each step.

She’d never looked as slutty…

She held her hands above her head, loving the way the blue dress hugged her curves as she posed this way and that. My God, she’d have to wear the dress and shoes when she went clubbing with the girls one night. She’d be the centre of attention.

The thought excited her even more. She locked her fingers behind her head and ground her hips like a lap dancer as she watched her reflection in the mirror.

Miss Gabriella would approve!

The instructions that had accompanied the packages were clear. She was to wear the dress and shoes when she visited Gabriella in Croydon this weekend. The invitation had taken her by surprise … but somehow it didn’t seem like an invitation. It felt more like a command.

The thought of returning to her home town was as exciting as it was nerve racking. She hadn’t returned since she had escaped the area and there were a few people she had been glad to see the back of. But then, she’d be seeing Miss Gabriella again! Hopefully she would explain why she’d come to Brighton to search for her.

That’s what she’d said. She’d come for her…

Recollections of their encounter came flooding back. It had been everything she’d ever imagined. Fuck, it had been even more than that. High on ecstasy, she’d drifted in and out of sleep but each time Miss Gabriella had awoken her and demanded more. The drowsier Ella was, the more demanding she had become.

Was there anything that hadn’t been asked of her?

Except that Gabriella hadn’t asked … she’d taken as if it was her right.

Ella had licked her to several more orgasms … had lain obediently still while she’d ground her black pussy on her face … and had even responded to her demands for ass worship. Ella had always hated that thought but with this woman the act of complying so willingly had been so fucking hot.

As the night had worn on, she’d surprised herself over and over again by the way she’d so easily complied with the older woman’s lewd wishes.

And when her own body had craved relief, Gabriella had allowed her to finger herself to orgasm. More than once. The older woman had propped herself up on the bed as Ella had masturbated. Oh fuck, she could still see that superior, cold, and yet incredibly hot look in her eyes as she’d watched. Her expression had remained the same, superior and detached, as Ella had fingered herself.

Gabriella’s naked body, her aroma, her attitude and her dominance had all aroused Ella beyond belief. And the older woman had continually whispered dirty things to her as she made Ella submit to yet another sexual indignity.

The younger girl was her bitch and a whore, a little white slut whose only purpose was to be used by black women. And that was just as well because she knew how much Ella craved black pussy. She’d always known that, she’d said.

The words had found their way inside Ella’s head.

It was true, she knew. Being brought up among so many strong black women had fed her libido. And ever since the night she’d spent with Miss Gabriella, she couldn’t go for five minutes without thinking of her need to serve. She even looked at the black girls at work in a different way. Imagining, letting her thoughts wander…

Oh fuck! The growing heat between her legs was impossible to ignore.

She removed the dress in what seemed like seconds. Yanking open the drawer of her bedside cabinet, she pulled out her trusty pink vibrator and then collapsed on the bed. If she lay just so, she could see her reflection in the mirror.

She stared at her reflection as she lewdly spread her legs, sliding them as far apart as she could. She felt like a pornstar … wanted to be one.

My God, she was so wet.

She let out a second moan as she switched on the vibe and slid the eight inches of pure joy deep inside her needy sex. Oh yesssss! She savoured the vibrations for a while and then tilted the toy slightly to vibrate against her clitoris. She almost passed out with the sensation and the thoughts inside her pretty little head.

She gurgled with joy. That had been a phrase that Gabriella had used and it stuck in Ella’s mind. Her pretty little head, she’d said. It sounded so cute and sexy.

If only Gabriella could see her now. The older woman had teased her with talk of her strap-on. She raised her hips at the thought and thrust the pink phallus deeper. In her mind’s eye, the black woman was on the other end of the cock, whispering dirty things again as she fucked her.

“Little Ella’s a bitch … a slut … a whore,” she’d chanted. “Little Ella wants to serve … Little Ella craves black pussy…”

Even now, the phrases repeated over and over in her head.

She slid deeper into the mattress and thrust her hips upwards. Was this how she’d feel when Gabriella was fucking her? One hand rose to her right breast, her fingers caressing her sensitive nipple as she began to piston the vibrator in and out. What had started as a slow tease had quickly changed to an uncontrolled frenzy.

Behind her closed eyelids she could actually see that curvy black body with the big phallus thrusting from her loins. They weren’t making love. Gabriella was fucking her doggie style. It was dirty and nasty and wonderful. It was pure lust and control.

It was exactly what Ella needed.

The black hips thrust forward again, driving the huge strap-on further into her. She raised her hips from the bed and moaned. She was helpless, at the woman’s mercy. Being so used, so out of control, was so different to her normal life. The images in her mind sent waves of pleasure circling around her body.

She shut her eyes, revelling in the fantasy.

She could see herself but she was different. Her hair was bigger, much bigger and voluminous, back combed to increase the height. Her makeup was black and much thicker than normal, framing her eyes. Her huge hoop earrings swung from her ears with each thrust. Her cherry red painted lips were open and she was gasping with each powerful pump from those sexy black limbs.

Gabriella was thrusting harder into her now … harder and harder as her own frenzy built up. Her hands clawed at Ella’s hips, holding her in place.

Ella heard a rhythmic chanting and realised the sound was coming from her own lips. Her eyes rolled. She was out of her own control in her own fantasy. She was at Miss Gabriella’s mercy now. The dominating woman was using her like an object—her object. She’d taken hold of Ella’s hair extensions for leverage and was yanking her head back as she thrust harder, ignoring the whimpers of pain and pleasure.

She was talking to her, too … whispering in her ear…

“Cum for me, you little white slut. That’s it … like that … cum for me whore. Cum for your Mistress…”

Ella instantly lost control, squealing aloud as the crashing orgasm tore through her. It was incredible, unbearable, as if she was about to lose her mind. She collapsed back onto the bed, heart racing, her entire body trembling as the waves caressed her insides, receded, and then returned.

When eventually the earthquake began to subside, her eyes began to open. The reflection she saw in the mirror opposite made her shudder in shame and, yes, lust.

There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for that woman.


Ella’s anticipation had been building throughout the journey to Croydon. Every eye had been on her—and why not? The bootylicious dress and platform shoes had seen to that. Her heavy, dark mascara and big silver hoop earrings complemented the look, and the cherry red glossy lipstick added a provocative pout.

Miss Gabriella’s instructions on her appearance had been extremely specific and she’d followed them to the letter. The only thing missing had been a change in hairstyle and even that was being taken care of.

The hairdressers’ appointment was Miss Gabriella’s present to her for dressing as instructed.

The black girl who’d cut her hair—Cleo—was young but had known what she was doing. And she was hot!! Her full breasts pushed against the tight tee-shirt and that short black mini skirt displayed most of her fabulous legs.

She had this sassy way of moving as she’d styled Ella’s hair and the constant brushing of her body against Ella’s had the young girl constantly shuffling in her seat. Maybe it was the anticipation of seeing Gabriella shortly, but Ella had found her temperature rising with each soft contact.

Once the new hairstyle had begun to take shape, Ella’s excitement had increased further. It was exactly the effect she’d wanted. Cleo had styled her hair into a different shape and then back combed it so that it stood high on her head.

The effect was perfect…

The young hairdresser’s eyes caught hers—again—as she watched her in the mirror. How many times had she caught her staring at her body?

“So,” she grinned. “You’re visiting Gabriella?”

The way she asked the question made Ella sit up and take notice. Was there a hint of playfulness in her tone? Did she know something she didn’t? She tried to maintain her composure despite the goosebumps she suddenly felt.

“Yeah, that’s right.” “You’ve known her for long, hun?”

“No … well, yes … well, sort of…”

Damn. So much for keeping her composure!

“I … I used to live around here. The gang … people … I knew used to call into her newsagents from time to time.”

“How long is it since you were in the area?”

She shrugged. “Oh, it’s getting on for a year now, I guess.”

“Why did you leave?” Ella hesitated. It could be idle chit-chat but it felt more like the girl was leading up to something. There was definitely a glint in her eyes. She instantly felt defensive, but quickly shrugged off the implication in Cleo’s voice. She had nothing to hide, and the young girl was probably asking as it was something they had in common.

“I … I got a job in Brighton. So, er, naturally I had to move down there.”

It wasn’t quite the truth, but it would do.

“Do you like it there, hun?”

“Yeah, it’s great. It’s much more laid back than Croydon. And there’s always something going on, you know, clubs and the like. I love it…”

“But you’re okay coming back to live here?”

Ella’s face creased in puzzlement. Clearly the girl had got the wrong end of the stick. She turned her head sideways to look directly at her rather than through the mirror.

“I’m only here for a long weekend, Cleo. I’m going back on Monday.”

The smile on the girl’s face widened and a shiver ran through Ella. Her eyes seemed to stare right through her. She was missing something here. What was it? For a few moments the silence between them ate away at the atmosphere in the room.

It was Ella who broke it. “Do you know Gabriella?”

The young hairdresser laughed softly and gently turned Ella’s chair back so that she was facing the mirror again. When their eyes met, she leant forward so that the young girl’s head was cushioned between her breasts.

“Oh, yes, of course I do.” Her voice seemed to purr. “I work for her from time to time. You know, when business is particularly good.”

“Business?” Ella was bemused. This wasn’t making sense at all. “You work at the newsagents?”

Cleo stepped away and threw back her head as she laughed.

“No, not in the newsagents. I’m sure Gabriella will explain it all to you when she’s ready.”

She placed the comb in her hand onto the tray and cut off further conversation on the topic by nodding at the mirror.

“We’re all finished here. So tell me hun, what do you think of your new hairstyle?”

Ella’s gaze turned back to her reflection in the mirror. Her heart instantly began to beat faster. The end result made her look completely different … like a complete sex kitten. She adored the look. Her hair stood up high on her head, back combed away from her forehead and complementing her dark lined eyes. A shudder of pleasure flooded through her. This was the effect Gabriella wanted.

“It’s incredible,” she murmured, turning her head one way and then the other. “You’ve done a brilliant job, Cleo. I don’t know how to thank you.”

“You don’t?”

The black girl raised an eyebrow as she spoke and sexily cocked her hip as her gaze found Ella’s. She removed the black hairdressing cloak and brushed some hair from Ella’s soft skin before she turned towards a door at the rear of the salon.

“Come with me,” she said over her shoulder.


The small office was barely big enough for the tiny desk and small chair. Cleo flopped down onto the seat, her legs carelessly splayed apart.

“Close the door behind you, hun.”

The girl’s voice was casual and yet commanding.

Ella nervously pushed it shut behind her. The soft music from the salon filtered into the small room but otherwise the only sound was the soft click as the door self-locked behind her. Cleo’s short black skirt had ridden up her thighs and she found her eyes drawn to the cream thong so provocatively on display.

“You asked how you could thank me…”

Ella pulled her eyes upwards to meet the girl’s knowing stare, trying to keep them anywhere other than between those young black thighs.

Cleo responded by shooting Ella a look, one that said she understood her inner turmoil. Her lips curled up at the ends in amusement as she rose to her feet.

“Miss Gabriella paid for the appointment…”

Her fingers went underneath her short skirt. She dragged her thong down her thighs and shimmied out of it. Ella watched, a rabbit caught in the headlights, as she kicked it away and then sat down again.

“But she left the gratuity to you…”

She raised the sole of her right foot and placed it on the top of the curved chair arm. When she repeated the action with her left foot, splitting herself open, her skirt dropped to her waist. The full lips of her dark labia were lewdly displayed.

“Come here, hun…”

Ella stood transfixed. She leant back against the door behind her to prevent her weak legs from collapsing altogether. Her skin tingled. Her sex moistened. There wasn’t any way she was going to … but Cleo was sexily crooking a finger at her, beckoning her forwards…

Almost before she realised what she was doing, she’d pushed forward from the door and sunk to her knees. Her high heels scraped the floor behind her. Cleo’s eyes sparkled in triumph. With a growl, she took her right leg from the top of the chair arm and curled it around Ella’s neck.

“Come to Cleo, little girl,” she whispered, using the back of her heel to gently pull her head to the Promised Land.

Ella almost fainted at the words, but there was no time to dwell on them. The young hairdresser’s black pussy was calling her and she couldn’t resist.

As lips met lips, she slowly trailed her tongue along the girl’s labia. Her taste was every bit as wonderful as Gabriella’s. She paused for a moment, savouring the taste on her cherry red lips as she stared upwards. Cleo’s heel instantly pulled her back again.

“Don’t stop, baby,” she commanded.

Ella almost melted. Her hands curled up and around Cleo’s black thighs. The difference in their colour was every bit as intoxicating as it had been with Gabriella. She felt dizzy with the contrast.

Tightening her grip, she licked along the full length of the girl’s opening again. When Cleo’s body jerked, she took each of her labia in her mouth, sucking like she would on a peach. A surge of wetness filled her mouth. The young hairdresser groaned her approval and wrapped her other foot around Ella’s back. Her ankles locked together, keeping her in place.

The submissive position fed itself all the way down to Ella’s sex. She was an object, there to be used, and some primitive feeling surged up from within. All of a sudden she couldn’t hold back. She repeated the long laps of her tongue, making sure she drew her silver stud across the areas she knew were the most sensitive.

Cleo began to moan, softly at first and then more loudly. Ella licked harder, faster, swallowing the free-flowing juices and then returning for more. The girl had raised her butt from the chair and was rotating her pussy against her mouth. Ella stayed with her, gripping more tightly with her long fingernails as Cleo used her face.

When the girl began to chant incoherently she knew she had what she wanted. She took advantage and began to lick like a madwoman, desperate to bring the girl to her orgasm. It didn’t take long. Cleo’s humping body suddenly began to shudder and she was screaming out her need.



Ella was five minutes late when she arrived at the address. She had expected to be visiting Gabriella at her flat above the newsagent’s shop, but it seemed she’d moved on from there? The new address had taken some finding, but she was here now.

She was still on a high from her encounter with Cleo. Had Gabriella set that up? It was difficult to believe that the young hairdresser would have taken such a risk without her permission. Perhaps it was another treat that Miss Gabriella had planned for her, as a reward for being so obedient?

She’d done everything she’d been instructed and she adored her new appearance. She was a slut … a slut to be used … a slut to be used by black women. She was like a … a … porn star Barbie doll. The thought made her weak at the knees. Perhaps Miss Gabriella would allow her another tattoo. Or even better, another piercing?

She longed to have her clit pierced.

It was amazing that Gabriella had come looking for her in Brighton. That’s what she’d told her. She’d come looking for her—little Ella Parker. She still couldn’t believe it. After all those years of secretly longing for this woman!

This weekend, she had the chance to show her just how much of a slut she could be, and then she’d be invited to come back to see her regularly.

Only … it wasn’t Miss Gabriella who answered the door.

This black woman was a similar age but her body was shorter and thicker. She had the brightest of dyed red hair, smothered in gel and slicked back from her face. She knew the style. Lots of dykes wore their hair that way.

The woman stood for a moment, her eyes flicking up and down Ella’s body as if studying her appearance. She took in the hair, the thick black mascara, the revealing blue dress and the lurid bright pink heels with the ridiculously high heels. Then she nodded in appreciation.

“What’s your name, babes?”


“Hey, Gloria,” she shouted over her shoulder into the house. “The entertainment’s arrived. Some white trash called Ella.” She held the door open. “Come in, babes … come in.”

Ella hesitated. This wasn’t what she’d expected.

“I’m looking for—”

“Gabriella,” the woman interrupted. “She sent you here, girl. Now get that pretty little ass of yours inside, okay?”

She made no attempt to move so that Ella had to brush past those huge breasts as she entered. Her heavy perfume filled the young girl’s nostrils. She headed up the dark narrow stairs and peeked through an open door on the right.

A second, much younger, black woman was sitting on a sofa next to the windowsill. It looked as if she’d been watching her arrive from the upstairs window. She wore wire-rimmed glasses and her hair, although black, was slicked back in the same style as the woman who’d met her at the door.

“This is my daughter, Gloria,” the older woman said from behind her.

“Hello baby,” Gloria greeted her.

As she spoke she unfolded her legs from beneath her and stretched them along the length of the sofa. Like her mother, her eyes swooped across Ella’s body and the way she slowly nodded confirmed her approval.

“Gabriella’s come up trumps this time,” she continued. “I can see we’re going to have so much fun ”

“I … I … don’t understand…”

“What’s there to understand?”

The older woman’s breath hit the back of her neck as she spoke. She stood close enough for Ella to feel those huge breasts pressing against her back.

“We pay Gabriella and she sends round one of her lil white girls. Only this time we had to pay a little more because she said you were mixed race. How ’bout that? And you’re going to show Gloria and Maddy just what a special lil girl you are, huh?”

Ella felt her body shudder as realisation dawned. This couldn’t be true. Miss Gabriella wanted her as … as…

She cast a quick look at the younger black woman on the sofa. Her face was a smiling picture of innocence but she had raised her knee and her right hand was already at work between her thighs.

“See,” the mother whispered in her ear. She planted her hands on Ella’s shoulders. “You’ve already got Gloria feelin’ the need. Why don’t we just get down to it, babes?”

The hands tightened on Ella’s shoulders and she felt like she was in a dreamlike trance as the older woman guided her back out into the small corridor and through a door on the left.


“I think we’ll keep that dress on, don’t you, babes?”

Ella stood just inside the bedroom, mesmerized. The bed was covered by leopard skin sheets and there was no headboard, just a long horizontal rectangular mirror that was fixed to the wall between the bed’s wooden posts. She could see her reflection in the mirror, and also the older woman’s face as she stood behind her. Her powerful perfume filled the air around them.

“Gabriella tells me you like to get a lil high, babes. Is that right?”

Her hands were guiding her again, moving her across to an oak dressing table. Ella immediately understood why.

There were three rows of coke already cut out on a small mirror. Ella’s entire body began to tingle. For the first time since they’d entered the room, the older woman let go of her shoulders. The older, red haired woman picked up a straw beside the mirror and quickly did a line. She sniffed sharply, rubbed her nose and licked her lips.

Then she turned back to Ella and handed her the straw. “Go ahead, babes.”

Ella didn’t hesitate for more than a second. Waves of excitement were flooding her body but they were mixed with tremors of apprehension. Two black women … a mother and daughter … they’d actually paid for her! Miss Gabriella was using her as a prostitute!! Even just thinking the word sent her mind into overdrive.

She was used to the drug and knew that, despite the adrenalin running through her body, it would help remove any doubts. She took the straw, leaned over the small mirror and eagerly snorted a line with all the ease of a professional.

She heard a noise as she waited for the chemical buzz to hit her. Gloria had entered the room without her noticing her. She stood beside the mirror, swinging a pair of handcuffs backwards and forwards in her hand.

“Come here, baby,” she said, patting the bed. “Right here.”

The older woman gave her a nudge but in truth none was needed. Little fireworks were going off in her brain. She edged forward but when she began to sit on the bed, Gloria gave a tut-tut and shook her head.

“Not like that, baby. I want you on your knees, like a doggy. Lil bitches need to be shown their place, don’t you think? And put a hand on each of the poles.”

Gloria clicked the handcuffs into place and left Ella to stare at her reflection in the mirror as she sauntered to the oak dressing table. Like the two women before her, she picked up the straw, leant down, and quickly did a line.

“Ain’t you a picture,” she said, rubbing her nose and turning back to Ella. “What d’you think, mama?”

The older woman laughed. “Another lil slut with her ass in the air. Except this one is an even sexier lil thing than usual. Smile for the camera, babes.”

She took two shots taken as Ella’s reflected face stared wide-eyed into the lens. Her blood ran cold. The older woman was moving around the bed, taking more shots.

“No …” she began. “No…”

There was no point in continuing. Gloria had moved past her mother and was climbing onto the bed in front of her. Without a word, she dragged her tee-shirt up and over her naked breasts and let them hang in front of the captive girl. She had the longest, thickest, blackest nipples that Ella had ever seen.

“Go on, baby. You know you want to.”

She rubbed her right nipple across Ella’s lips as she spoke. The movement was so unexpected that even as the camera clicked off more shots, Ella opened her lips and took it inside. When she gently began to suck, all thoughts of being photographed left her. The younger girl changed breasts and Ella accepted it greedily. She even began to use her teeth to nip gently in the way that drove Dani wild.

It was the mother’s voice that eventually changed the action.

“Take the camera, Gloria. It’s my turn.”

The words had hardly registered in Ella’s mind until the feast she was suckling on left her. She whimpered in frustration and then her body trembled as she saw the mother’s reflection in the mirror. The plump woman was naked and her huge breasts swung from side to side as she approached the bed.


It was partly the effect of the cocaine but also the overwhelming need inside her. Ella had been transformed into the bimbo of her fantasies and the reason she was here, in Croydon, was to be used. That’s what Miss Gabriella had in mind for her all along. She—lil Ella Parker—was to be used by black women. She was their slut.

She felt her body betraying her as Maddy manoeuvred herself onto the bed. The older woman sat with her back to the mirror and positioned her plump legs either side of Ella. Her exposed sex was already wet and ripe, a feast to be tasted. Ella heard herself moan. This was to be her new role in life and she was practically creaming at the realisation.

“Look at the little bitch,” she heard the older woman say to her daughter. “She’s practically salivating…”

Her hand went to Ella’s hair and she yanked her head upwards so that she could stare into her eyes.

“Need it bitch? You want this black pussy of mine?”

Ella whimpered. She was here, handcuffed to the bedposts and the women could do anything to her. She craved that like a fix. And the older woman’s tone had turned from persuasive to commanding. The gloves were off.

“Look at it bitch,” She yanked Ella’s head downwards. “Want to taste?”

Heat covered Ella’s body, just as if the temperature had been turned up. The clicking of the camera no longer bothered her. The woman had shaved her sex but a tiny stubble remained. And yet—right then—it was the most exciting sight of her young life. She felt a drop of saliva run from her mouth and down her chin.

The woman ran her hand across her wet lips and Ella instantly caught her scent.

She eased open her labia to reveal a surprisingly moist interior. When she began to slowly rub the pad of her finger along her delicate inner lips, Ella shivered. If Maddy’s intention was to build her hunger, she’d turned her into a starving woman.

Her finger moved up and down only inches away from Ella’s hypnotised gaze, while her other hand slowly drew the girl’s head to her honey pot.

Ella’s studded tongue flicked out but the older woman’s need was more intense.

“We’ll do this my fucking way, bitch…”

Her fingers tightened in Ella’s hair, holding her head in position as she ground herself across that pretty little face. It all happened so fast.

Ella couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t see. All she could feel was delicious wetness smothering across her forehead, nose, mouth and chin. Maddy began to curse. As she ground herself even more frantically across her face, Ella couldn’t hear all the words. But she understood enough. Her pussy flooded.

She was a bitch, a slut, a whore—a black woman’s paid-for fucktoy, without a will of her own, there to be used.

Then Maddy’s grunts grew louder. Her body began to convulse. The inevitable had arrived. She put one hand on the bed to support her weight as she pulled Ella’s face away and held her in position.

Then she squirted…

The shock hit Ella like a sledgehammer. As the first hot spurt struck her face she felt her own body spasm. She was cumming, just like that, without being touched. She tried to move her hands but the handcuffs kept them securely in place.

A second burst hit her face. Then a third. From somewhere in the distance reaches of her fuzzy mind she heard a voice telling her to open her mouth. The grip on her hair was almost pulling her roots out. She gulped the diminishing spurts, swallowing hard and then opening her mouth for more.

And all the while, she could hear the insistent clicking of the camera so close to her head.


Ella had no idea what time it was. She’d serviced Gloria after Maddy and then taken care of her mother again. Her wrists were red-raw from the handcuffs and the bootylicious dress she still wore was creased beyond recognition. Her hair was all tousled and damp and the women’s combined juices had smeared her make-up.

She looked exactly how she felt … and how she wanted to be. A slut.

Their slut. Miss Gabriella’s slut.

They’d fed her some more coke during a brief intermission and then the women had returned for more. And all the time, mother or daughter had taken photographs as the other had used her. Ella hoped they’d show her later…

A movement behind her brought her out of her thoughts. When she stared at the reflection in the mirror, she gasped.

Gloria had a fantastic body. Unlike her mother, she was tall and slender, but they shared the same huge breasts. Those chocolate coloured nipples made her mouth water. So did the sight of the black phallus jutting out from her groin.

Oh fuck…

Gabriella had teased her with talk of wearing a strappy. But this girl was real. She was here and now. It was going to happen. When Gloria strolled around the bed and offered the cock to her lips, Ella didn’t hesitate. Saliva dripped from her mouth as she took it as deep as she could. If her hands hadn’t been cuffed, she’d have jerked it at the same time as sucking on it.

“Such an eager little bitch…”

Gloria let her have her way, clutching her breasts as she watched Ella’s frenzied response. When she eventually pulled the young girl’s head away, her need was such that she practically leapt onto the bed behind her.

“Watch,” she snarled, nodding at the mirror. “Watch yourself getting fucked…”

Ella whimpered. Cool hands slid across her tight little ass. A hard, unyielding shaft pressed against her dripping sex. She watched transfixed as Gloria stood behind her, hands around her waist so that she could drag her ass up even higher. Satisfied, she crouched a little as she eased the phallus into position. When she leant her weight into Ella, the black dick slid into her like a knife through butter.

“You getting it all?” she heard Gloria ask.

It took a few seconds to realise she was talking to her mother.

The older woman stood beside the chest of drawers. She placed something on top and checked the angle to make sure it was perfect before leaving it there.

The blinking red light told Ella that the camera had been replaced by a camcorder.

Gloria was moving slowly, resisting her attempts to thrust back against her. The unspoken message was clear. The black girl was in control.

Ella watched every movement in the mirror like she was observing herself in a porn film. She had such a needy expression on her mascara-covered face. Gloria was smiling at her triumphantly but she didn’t fool Ella. The young girl could see the clear arousal in the younger black woman’s eyes.

Gloria’s black hand found her hair, jerking her head back as her thrusting hips found a natural rhythm. Ella couldn’t help but pump back. The bed rocked under them and she began to groan. The sound turned into a growl, coming from the back of her throat. This girl could fuck! Her first climax hit her like a freight train but Gloria behind her wasn’t letting up. A second orgasm hit her with the force of a bursting damn and she buried her face in the damp pillow infront of her.

When she felt insistent fingers in her hair again, she raised her head obediently.

But this time it was the mother’s hand. She was moving her plump body onto the bed infront of Ella again. Only this time she positioned herself away from Ella, so that she faced the mirror. The hand in her hair roughly dragged her face forward.

“Okay bitch.” Her voice was a harsh rasp. “You know how black women love ass worship. Get to work…”


Gabriella had found them an upstairs table overlooking the dance floor. She’d been specific about how Ella should dress tonight and, despite her surprise at the request, the young girl had followed her instructions to the letter.

The way she had braided her hair at the sides, with bangs at the top, had the desired effect. It knocked a few years off her age and given her the archetypical teenage seductress look. Her white blouse and short grey pleated skirt added to the schoolgirl look and the knee length white socks completed the picture.

Her heart had been racing as she had followed Gabriella across the lesbian nightclub, up the curved staircase, and to their reserved table. That wasn’t only because of her schoolgirl attire. She was the only white girl in The Black Magic club.

The heavy beat of the music throbbed around her ears. The abandoned way the young black women performed on the dance floor found its way between her thighs. But it was the way all eyes continually stayed on her hot young body that gave her the biggest buzz. She felt like a celebrity.

“Look around you,” Gabriella breathed in her ear. “Every woman in here wants to fuck the little white girl…”

Ella whimpered at the words. It was true. And she’d service them all if Miss Gabriella would let her. She stared like a loving puppy at the woman beside her. Her Mistress’s shoulder length black hair always seemed to shine and those big lips of hers made it look like she was constantly pouting.

She loved her.

And she loved her new life.

There had been something incredibly sexy about being broken. She no longer had a mind of her own. Last week she’d had her clit pierced and Miss Gabriella had agreed that she could have her nipples pierced, too, if she pleased her.

“Look at them staring,” Gabriella chuckled, interrupting her thoughts.

She stroked a finger along the back of Ella’s hand as she nodded around the room.

“You’re already wet, aren’t you, babes?”

Ella felt the heat between her thighs. Every black woman in the room desired her.

“See that woman in the white dress?”

Her eyes followed the direction of her Mistress’s gaze. The woman across the room was considerably older, in her fifties, perhaps? But she was striking looking and had curves to die for. She reminded Ella of a slightly older Queen Latifah.

“Hot, isn’t she?” Gabriella continued.

She unfastened an extra button on the front of Ella’s blouse and then cupped her cheek. Ella shivered. Those dark staring eyes made her almost feel like she was trapped inside her head.

“She’s paid for you for two whole days, babes. You’re going to love her—she’s very demanding. Why don’t you go over and introduce yourself?”


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