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Angie left the store and walked across the parking lot toward her car. She was a very attractive young looking, middle aged woman, medium height, full figured with short dark hair and deep brown eyes. She was dressed in a conservative business suit over a white silk blouse and is wearing dark pumps. She was tired after a long day. It was late, the stores were closing and she was carrying a bag containing a few items she picked up on her way home.

As she approached her car and fumbled for her keys she did not notice the dark figure waiting between the parked cars in the next aisle. When she got to her car, an SUV, she placed her bag on the ground and opened the back door, then put the bag on the back seat. Just as she turned toward the front door, she suddenly felt powerful arms wrap around her from behind and quickly sweep her off her feet. Before she could cry out, a deep, hard male voice in her ear said, “…don’t make a sound, and you won’t get hurt….” Confusion and panic caused her to freeze for a moment and she felt herself being pulled into the back of the SUV and laid face down across the back seat. She felt her attacker kneel over her and pull her arms behind her. Frozen with terror she heard an unfamiliar raspy, clicking sound and suddenly felt cold hard steel manacles being placed on her wrists. “Please, don’t…”, she whimpered. But at that instant everything went dark as a black cloth hood was pulled roughly down over her head.

She felt her assailant shifting around on the seat and suddenly gloved hands gripped her ankles and she heard the sound of tape being ripped and could feel her legs being bound at the ankles. All this happened in the span of a few seconds and, as quickly as it started, the man left the back seat. She heard him open the door and get into the driver’s seat. The van started and Angie felt it begin to move. Suddenly, fear grips her and her she finds her voice, but as she starts to scream, the stereo came on….loud…. pounding music.. Drowning her cries. Unable to move, face down on the back seat, she felt completely helpless and alone, wondering where she was and not daring to think about what is going to happen.

As she laid on the seat, music pounding in her ears.. Angie’s mind was racing.. If he only wanted her money or her car he would have taken it at the parking lot . . . what did he want? A sudden realization comes over her. Is he planning on raping her? The thought made her mind reel. The reality of the moment, the feeling of being held helpless by an unknown stranger at once terrified and somehow excited her.

As a young girl she had often fantasized about a mysterious stranger coming to her room late at night and taking her. These fantasies had sometimes fueled her secret youthful masturbation sessions. As the years passed and she married and started her family, the demands of her husband, children and job had distracted her and diverted much of her energy from the area of sexual fantasy.

But lately with her children grown and her husband much less demanding of her attention, Angie had rediscovered the joys of self pleasure. She even had a secret “sex toy” she had purchased to help in her secret pleasures. She had also discovered a new world of sexual variety via her computer. Angie sometimes chatted on-line with strangers and their comments and conversations sometimes excited her deeply. On those occasions, when she had the chance she would retrieve her toy and let her mind run free as she explored her most intimate sexual thoughts.

As her passion would grow, and her body responded, stimulated by the feeling of her plaything, and her excitement deepened she would start to visit her most secret and deepest sexual fantasies. It was at times like that the dark stranger would sometimes return to Angie’s thoughts. As she imagined how he looked and the things he did and made her do, she never failed to achieve her strongest and most fulfilling orgasms. But now, the fearful reality of her situation drove all sexual feelings from her mind.

After what seemed like an eternity riding in the dark, hearing only the harsh, pounding sound of the car stereo and having no idea where they were.. Angie felt the car start to slow and turn… after a short ride on a rather bumpy road, the car slowed again and made several tight turns and then stopped. Suddenly the stereo cut off and in the silence, Angie heard the sound of a garage door closing. After the door closed Angie felt the driver open his door and in a moment the back door opened and Angie felt cool air enter the car.

As she laid shivering on the backseat, waiting anxiously, not knowing what to expect, she suddenly felt his hands on her again. She was pulled roughly from the seat and stood upright on the floor next to her car. Her feet were still bound and her hands were behind her and she wavered unsteadily on her feet, uncertain where he was. His voice, behind her, inches from her ear startled her. “Welcome……,” he said. “You have done well so far…keep it up and everything will be fine…” His voice was clearer now, indicating that his face was uncovered. Angie wondered where she was when she felt his arms around her again and she was once more lifted off her feet. She felt herself being carried after a few steps she felt him start up some stairs. One, two, three… then level again, and a turn to the left and straight and another turn, then down; one, two, three, four, steps and he stopped and carefully set her down.

She stood once again shaking on her feet, his hand on her shoulder steadying her. He knelt down at her side and she felt a cold blade on her ankle.

“Don’t move…….,” he said.

She felt him quickly cut the tape on her ankles and remove it. Relieved, she got her balance and started to regain her senses.

“We are in a very private and safe place, no one knows you are here and no one will ever look for you here, do you understand?”, he asked.

When she failed to respond, he placed his hand on the back of her neck and asked again, a bit more powerfully now, “do you understand?”.

“Yes…,” she whispered.

“Good,” he said, “I want you to know that if you do exactly as I say in every respect, you will not be hurt, do you understand, if so answer me.”

“Yes, she said, her voice trembling a bit with fear.

“OK then”, he replied. “First rule, no screaming or crying, there is no need and no one will hear you anyway, do you understand,” he said more softly now into her ear.

“Yes, I… I do..” Angie responded, more clearly now.

She was starting to feel some relief. Now that he was talking to her, telling her she would not be hurt she began to gather herself and her mind began to slow and her thoughts became more clear. He walked around her several times, circling her. She felt his hand gently lift her chin, and run over her shoulder. As he passed behind her, she felt his hand slide around on her waist. It seemed to her almost like a very slow and formal dance as her passed around her three times. Finally he stopped in front of her and spoke.

“I am going to take off the hood, the room is a bit dark but you will be able to see.”

He then stepped behind her and reached up to untie the cord at her neck then slowly and gently lifted the hood from her head. As he uncovered her face, she saw that she was in a dimly lit room. It was clean, nicely decorated. A couch was against the wall in front her and when she looked to her right she saw a small stairway leading up to a closed door.

The voice behind her spoke in her ear, “remember the rules? ,.” She nodded; “Good” he said. “Now turn around……….”

Angie heard his voice behind her.

“See, there is nothing to be afraid of, just a regular room in a very normal house, in a very nice, secluded neighborhood.” She looked around her and saw a small alcove to her left shielded by a Japanese screen. A fire burned in the fireplace in the corner, and candles flickered on the mantle above.

“Now, you may turn around,” he said. Slowly Angie turned to finally see her captor.

When she turned, she saw a man standing before her. He was medium height, perhaps 5′ 9 or 10”, dressed in a black silk sweater, black slacks and shoes. He was wearing a black mask that covered his eyes and head, leaving his mouth and open to her. She saw that he was white and that he had a neatly trimmed moustache. As he smiled, Angie saw that he had white even teeth.

“Not the monster you expected, am I?” he asked. He was well built but not massive, and Angie tried to guess his age. His voice was young and strong, but he had an air of cool confidence that made her think that he was older. She could see his eyes through the mask. They were a warm deep brown, and Angie thought she saw a twinkle when he smiled at her. He walked over to a chair in the middle of the room and sat facing her. “Come over here,” he said and motioned for her to approach him. With her hands still cuffed behind her she walked over and stood a few feet from him. He watched her closely and was silent as she stood in from of him.

“Would you like for me to release your hands?” she asked. Angie, swallowed hard and hoped that her voice would not betray her.

“Yes, please,” she answered in what she hoped was a firm and confident voice.

After a moment he replied, “I see. So ask me nicely, then,” he said. Angie thought she heard a bit of amusement in his voice. Angie composed herself for a moment and then said,

“Would you please release my hands, I promise I won’t try to run away or hurt you,” she said in what she hoped was a pleasant voice. “Of course, my dear,” he said as he stood up and approached her. He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her back toward him. She felt his hands grip the cuffs and with a well-practiced move unlock and remove them. After the cuffs were off, his hands rubbed her wrists for a moment. They felt warm and strong, firm yet soft on her wrists. He then turned her back to face him.

They now stood face to face. Angie was a petite woman, only 5′ 1” tall and as they stood close to each other she had to lift her head a bit to look into his eyes. She did not want to show any fear, Angie somehow sensed that as long as she maintained her composure and did as she was told she would come through this ordeal safely. He placed his hands on her shoulders and gently squeezed and massaged them.

“You are very tense,” he said as he continued touching her. “Try and relax, I have not hurt you have I?”, he asked in a soft voice. His voice sounded young to Angie, but he seemed so confident and in control of himself. Angie tried to estimate his age and failed. She forced herself to relax and take a deep breath.

“No…” she replied softly, the feeling of his hands caressing her shoulders was causing her to relax more as the moments passed and when she looked up at his face again she could see that he was smiling down at her.

“Now, that’s much better isn’t it,” he asked.

“Yes, yes it is, ” Angie replied, and her voice was much softer and more relaxed that she thought possible under the circumstances.

“Good, ….now . . . kiss me,” he said in a firmer masculine voice.

Shocked back to the reality of her plight, Angie did not know what to do, but steeling herself she leaned closer to him and reached up and gently kissed his lips quickly.

Before she could regain her composure though, he said, “No, not like that….you can do much, much better….try again.”

Angie’s heart began to beat more quickly, but before she could respond, he put his hands on her shoulders, leaned down and took her mouth in his. His lips were soft and covered hers fully. Angie tensed for a moment when she felt his mouth open slightly and his warm tongue enter her mouth. She tried for a moment not to respond, but his tongue slid deeper into her mouth and met hers, and she was forced to open wider to accept it. As his tongue moved in her mouth, probing and stroking at hers, Angie felt herself softening in his arms, her mouth relaxing. She felt his arms slide down around her and pull her closer to him. She felt herself lifted slightly by his embrace and almost by reflex she raised her hands to his chest. She could feel his muscles. He felt hard, firm and masculine. Like they had a mind of their own her hands moved across his chest to his shoulders and felt his strength. He smelled tasted good to her. He was wearing an expensive mens cologne and his mouth tasted like mint.

As Angie felt his arms around her she began to have familiar, but unaccountable feelings. Waves of pleasure began to build in her and before she could stop herself Angie returned his kiss. His arms holding her, his lips on hers and his tongue in her mouth were making her light headed. Pressing her lips more tightly to his, her tongue reached for his and she felt him tighten his embrace.

When at last he broke off their kiss, Angie had to breathe deeply to catch her breath. She should have been terrified, but she was feeling more intrigued and starting to wonder who this man was and her fear was slowly being replaced by a growing interest in what was happening, going to happen, and her surroundings.

“That, was much better, don’t you think Angie?”..he asked.

Before she could stop herself, Angie replied, “how did you know my name……” He motioned toward the doorway and there on a small foyer table was her handbag, the wallet open next to it and her shopping bag from the mall.

“I see,..” she said quietly.

“Don’t worry, I am not interested in robbing you, dear girl,” he said, and Angie thought she heard a bit of warmth in his voice.

Angie gathered herself, “So, what is your name?”., she asked. She saw a smile play across his lips.

“You may call me John,” he responded. “Well, now that we seem to be getting to know each other better, why don’t we try and relax a bit,” he said, and turned to walk over to a straight-backed chair sitting in the middle of the room.

He sat down, looked at her and motioned for her to come closer. Angie hesitated a moment then walked a few steps to where he sat and stopped about 10 feet away.

“No, come closer,” he said and motioned for her to move toward him.

Angie took a few more steps and stopped just within arms reach in front of him. She looked at him sitting there in front of her, relaxed and confident. For a moment he sat there regarding her with interest. She saw that he was looking her over carefully, appraising her as his eyes moved from her head to her feet and slowly back again.

“Angie, why don’t you try and relax a bit, take off your jacket,” he said at last.

Angie suddenly felt snapped back to reality and her fear began to return. He didn’t move toward her, but sat motionless and waited for her response.

After a few long and quiet moments, he said “Angie, do you want me to take your jacket off for you?”

“No,” she said and reached for the top button on her blue business suit. As she slowly undid the buttons, Angie watched for some reaction, but saw nothing, he simply waited until she had opened all the buttons and, then he nodded in her direction and she slid the jacket off her shoulders and held it in front of her. He held out his hand to take her jacket but she didn’t want to let go of her garments, and clutched it closely to her.

He rose from his chair and stood in front of her and gently took hold of her suit jacket and turned and placed it over the back of the chair. Angie now stood in wearing a white silk blouse and dark blue slacks. The blouse was slightly sheer and suddenly Angie could feel his eyes on her. As she glanced down she could see that her bra was clearly visible through the blouse, and she imagined that he could see the small bumps her nipples made through her clothes.

“You are a very pretty woman,” he said after a while. She tried to meet his gaze to show that she was not afraid. As she looked back at him, he was silent but nodded in her direction again, this time she knew what he wanted.

“No, please…,” she said, in what she hoped was a firm voice. He regarded her for a moment and reached out with his left hand and carefully took the top button of her blouse in his fingers. With a quick twist and flick he opened the button and Angie felt her heart quicken. His hand dropped to his side.

“Now you….go on,” he said, with a wry smile.

Angie realized what he was asking. Resigned to her fate, Angie looked back into his eyes and reached for the second button and, with as much defiance as possible, opened it. He smiled back at her.

“Good, that is much better, ” he said, more softly now. “Go on now…finish…,” he said.

Angie tried to relax and show no fear. She reached up again and opened the remaining buttons, leaving her blouse hanging open, her white bra, and the soft skin of her belly showing. He stood still, watching her for a moment before he started to walk around her. He placed his hand on her as if to reassure and, as he passed behind her, started to slowly slide her blouse off her shoulders. Angie reached to pull the buttons closed but his voice in her ear stopped her.

“No!…just relax Angie, it is going to be fine,”. Angie relaxed her grip and he pulled the blouse from her hands and walked back in front of her. She stood there wearing a white blouse, hands across her breasts, head down feeling a rush of embarrassment. He took her chin in his hand and gently lifted it so that their eyes met.

He smiled again, and softly said, “Don’t be shy Angie, let me see you”, and he took her hands in his and moved them to her side. He looked down at her chest.

“Ohhhh Angie, what a big girl you are”, he said softly as he regarded her breasts.

Her breasts were size 44D, round and very full. They spilled from the top of her bra and stood out firmly from her chest. “You have very lovely breasts, Angie. I had no idea. Do you mind?”, he asked as he reached up and gently cupped her soft full breasts in both his hands. She felt him squeeze her tenderly and lift and weigh her in his hands.

“Does that feel good Angie?”, he asked. “Go on, you can tell me,” he said.

Angie fought against the feeling but his hands were so warm and firm. He felt so tender but strong, she felt her heart racing and could also feel her nipples hardening under his touch. He noticed it too and she felt his fingers gently stroke and start to roll her nipples through the thin material of her bra.

“It looks like you do like it, after all”, he chuckled as he pulled gently at her erect nipple through her bra. “You should be proud Angie, you have beautiful breasts. For a woman your age, I would say they are spectacular”.

He released her breasts and returned to the chair and sat down. He sat for a moment before he said,

“OK, now the pants..”he said in a firmer more commanding voice.

Angie’s heart jumped. Standing there in her bra, being handled, touched by this stranger in this strange place was bad enough but the idea of showing more of herself to her captor caused Angie’s mind to race.

“Don’t be shy now, Angie, go on…. or do I have to do it myself?”. he asked, his voice on taking on the harder edge it had earlier.

Something in his voice told her that it was no use to resist and that her safety depended on her full compliance with this man. She took a deep breath and, with as much courage as she could muster, she reached down and unsnapped then unzipped her slacks. She waited a moment, then slowly slid her slacks down over her full, round hips and then on down her shapely legs. She kicked off first one then the other of her shoes, then lifting her legs she finished taking off her pants. She looked up at him and saw he was smiling back at her. With her last shreds of defiance, she tossed her pants toward him and he caught them then folded and laid them over the back of the chair with her jacket and blouse.

Angie was now clad only in her bra and panties. Her panties were also white, nylon, medium bikini cut. Angie was thankful that she had not worn anything sexier today. She had a few pairs of very exotic, sheer panties hidden away at home but today had chosen a more conservative pair. For some reason though she was glad though that she had shaved that morning and her legs and body were smooth…….

He rose from where he sat and crossed the room to the couch against the far wall. With quick motions he removed the cushions and opened the full sized bed and placed pillow against the head. He looked back across the room to where she stood and in that moment Angie knew that he would not stop until he had taken her completely. Her illusions of perhaps talking him out of raping her vanished and she fully understood his intentions.

Angie decided then and there that she would not cooperate any further. In spite of her earlier promises, whatever happened from this point on, she decided she would resist. For a few long moments she gazed back at him, met his gaze and finally spoke.

“No more, whatever you are thinking, that is all, I am leaving right now, you have had your sick fun, but now it is over”.

With a determined expression on her face she stepped across the room and reached to snatch her clothes back from the chair. He rose and intercepted her and grabbed her wrists in his hands.

“It looks like we are going to have to finish this the hard way, after all he said”, with a hard edge to his voice.

Pulling her roughly across the room he pushed her down onto the sofa bed. She landed hard and bounced, and before she could get rise he grabbed a restraint attached to the headboard and quickly snapped it onto her wrist. He then reached across her body and pulling her arm out firmly found another and retrained her other wrist. Angie bucked her body and kicked out catching him a glancing blow in the ribs. She heard him exhale sharply and felt him press his body harder down onto her.

For a moment she continued to thrash under him, but soon she tired and lay still.

“Now, just lay still and I wont have to hurt you”, he said.

He raised up and sat next to her, reached down and lifted two similar restraints from the bottom of the bed and, with velcro straps attached them one of them to each of her ankles. Angie was now tied spread eagle on her back on the bed. As she pulled and tested the cloth restraints she found that, although they did not cut into or hurt her wrists or ankles, she could not free herself. He stood over her and looked at her displayed there before him.

“You look very sexy like that Angie, very erotic indeed. I would bet that you have never been in this position before have you”?

Angie looked back at him and her eyes blazed with anger and defiance. She would not give him the pleasure of any more answers. He waited a moment and then said,

“OK, you want to give me the silent treatment? We’ll see what happens.”

He then walked over to the table where her purse and shopping bag were.

He picked up her wallet and paged through the photos therein.

“Hmmmmm, let’s see here, nice family,…. husband… he is a lot older than you isn’t he?… and who is this?… your daughter?… yes I can see the resemblance…. ahhhhh a grandchild!?!… he said in surprise… “yes it must be, but you don’t look old enough”, he said as he looked over at Angie tied there on the bed.

“No,” he said, “you definitely are not the grandmother type are you Angie”?

Angie felt more exposed by his looking through her private family photos than she did by laying partially naked and spread lewdly out before him.

After a moment he replaced her wallet and picked up her shopping bag. Angie’s heart began to beat wildy.

“Please, please, please DON”T let him look inside”, she silently prayed. But with growing alarm she watched as he reached inside and withdrew a smaller pink plastic bag. She watched with dismay as he opened it and looked inside. She saw his eyes widen and then watched as he smiled at the contents.

He looked back across to where she lay, and said, “Angie! “I had no idea…. what a very sexy, sexy girl you are”.

Her heart sank when he reached inside and pulled out the items still partially wrapped in tissue paper.

Her final shopping stop at the mall had been to the Fredericks store, where she had picked out a bra and panty set. They were nothing like the ones she wore that day, or on most days for that matter. She had purchased a pair of tiny see through bikini panties and a matching bra. Both barely large enough to contain and surely not enough to conceal her body.

Over the years as her husband had cooled in his ardor, Angie had returned to the private pastime she had learned as a young girl to satisfy her special, intimate needs. Her husband did not know her secret, and Angie was far too shy to ever tell him. She expected that even if he did not react with disapproval, he would surely not want to participate or share her passions. She had matured early and as a young girl had discovered the pleasure of touching herself.

Alone in her bed at night she would allow her hands to roam and explore her developing body and her adolescent excitement would build as she fantasized about faceless lovers touching her. She soon discovered the secret source of her pleasure. Hidden between her legs, tucked into the tight folds of her vagina, she found a tiny bud that, when touched in just the right way, caused her to writhe with pleasure and delight and then stiffen and finally spasm with release. She kept her nightly pastime a secret and stopped when she married, only indulging in the act on those rare occasions when she was alone and had not had sex in a while.

In recent years since her sex life had slowed to the point that is was almost non-existent, and sex drive had grown much stronger, Angie had returned to her youthful pastime with renewed interest. Her sessions now usually started with her showering, shaving and oiling her body and then putting on some of the most erotic undergarments she could find. She would then stand in front of a large bedroom mirror and drink in the sight of her body dressed in the type of erotic clothing she imagined that exotic dancers or prostitutes wore.

She would take out her secret sex magazines and flip slowly through the pages as her arousal grew, and imagine that she was one of the women posing there. The sight of her body, fresh from the shower, glowing, smooth and wearing such revealing and sexually explicit things aroused Angie as she considered how she looked, and she often started her masturbatory sessions by posing in front of the mirror in her bedroom. She would sometimes pretend that she was on stage at some sex club and was being watched by a small group of men and couples, all with hot and hungry eyes.

She liked to sit on the end of the bed, pretending she was in front of her unseen audience stroking her breasts until her nipples were hard and erect, then run her hands down along her torso and open her legs to show them her most secret and erotic area. The panties she liked to wear during her little “shows” were the thinnest and smallest she could find and they would barely contain her round, feminine mound. As she would spread her legs the thin material would stretch tightly over her vagina and her plump outer lips would be exposed. As she grew more excited her wetness would become visible through her panties at the lower part of her slit.

The sight of her posed like, in front of her imagined voyeurs gave her lewd thoughts and never failed to complete her arousal and would cause her to reach for her toy. She would tease herself with her vibrator and run it over and along her pussy watching as the wetness spread until the crotch of her panties were soaked and transparent. It was just such a pair of flimsy, tiny white panties that he now held between his fingers.

He put her under things on the table and smiled at her.

“Well Angie, lets see what else you have in here” he laughed.

Angie’s face was now bright red and she could not bear to look at him. She could only hope that he would not look further into the contents of her shopping bag. As embarrassed as she was by him finding her erotic underwear the thought of him finding what else she had was devastating to her. She had stopped at an out of the way roadside shop earlier in the day, when there would be no other customers to witness her other, more secret purchase. It was a shop she had visited several times over the past year. She had driven past many times over the years and her curiosity grew until one morning she passed and there were no cars outside so she stopped, gathered her courage put on a pair of dark glasses and entered.

It was a typical sex shop. Magazines of all types were displayed on shelves, paperback books in another section. She slowly walked down the aisle looking at the covers of the magazines and saw all manner of sexual acts and combinations. Men and women, alone and together, naked and fully engaged in all types of sexual acts were depicted in explicit detail. She saw lurid color photos of women together and… together!.. something she had never seen before and found strangely compelling.

She was both a bit surprised, and strangely excited. The thought of her, a “good girl” being in such a forbidden place gave her a thrill. She walked across the rear of the store and saw a few coin operated video booths, each with curtain screen and a small bench inside for one person to sit and a small screen to watch. And across one wall in a glass display were the objects of her search. Her eyes widened as she saw the number and variety of sexual aids, “toys” as they were called.

She walked along the case, her palms sweating and her heart racing. She could see small white vibrators, long thin shafts, short fat rubber plugs, and some very realistic looking dildos. She was too nervous to stay long and consider all the items displayed, so on that first visit she quickly selected and purchased a plain white vibrator from the disinterested middle aged man behind the counter. Her subsequent visits were much the same. She would stop in early when no other cars were in the lot, and quickly enter to make her purchases.

Although she knew that she could make similar purchases from certain mail order catalogs or from sources on the internet, the feared the possibility of her husband or children opening a package and discovering her secret. There was another reason though that she patronized that shop.

She always felt a lewd rush of sexual excitement from her forbidden visits. The interior of the shop with its images and items displayed for her always left her wet and aroused when she would leave. On her previous visits she had bought a few paperback sex novels, some very explicit mens magazine full of photos of women portrayed in various sexual acts, and once a women’s sex magazine, (although she later learned it was mostly purchased by gay men) and today she had made her most recent purchase.

Now with total dismay and growing shame Angie watched as he reached into her shopping bag and took out the white bag in the bottom, the one she had planned to slip into the secret hiding place where she kept her other “private” things. He put it on the table and opened it. His eyes opened wide and she heard him exhale between his teeth.

“Angie, …..” , he said almost too softly to hear. “Oh my…. you are a very, very nasty girl.. Aren’t you…?”

She watched as he reached down into the bag and withdrew her latest treasure.

“No……please don’t…”, she moaned, “please, just……………….don’t”. But it was too late and she watched as he lifted a large, realistic dildo and held it in his hands.

It was one she had seen on one of her first visits to the sex shop. She loved the way it looked displayed there in the case, so life like and erotic. It was flesh colored, about 10″ long and very thick, with veins and ridges detailed perfectly and in perfect proportion. At the base were a lovely set of large round balls pulled up tight and firm as if an orgasm was imminent. The advertisement said it was an exact replica of the erect member of a famous male porn star. The head was full, round and fat, and a darker shade than the shaft. She longed to touch and feel its heft, see if it was hard and firm or soft yielding.

She imagined running her fingers along the thick, long shaft and even kissing and licking the plum shaped head. She had seen her share of cocks over the years, but this one was larger and more perfectly shaped than any. On each visit she would examine it displayed there in the glass case and longed to feel and posses the lewd and swollen member. And at night she often thought about it as she pleasured herself.

The large toy reminded Angie of a cock in one of the magazines she had purchased at the shop. It was a closeup photo of a man from the waist down sitting nude a naked woman at his feet facing the camera. She held his large, erect cock in her hand as if to display it. The sight of the woman’s hand holding his cock and her eyes looking at her as if to ask her what she thought of it, almost as if she were offering it to Angie, stayed with her and she often turned to that page as she climbed to her orgasmic peak. He captor now held the cock in his hands, turning it over and examining it closely, running his fingers up and down along the thick full shaft. For some reason the sight of him handling it that way was strangely sexual and Angie blushed even harder for her feelings.

When she had finally decided to purchase her new toy, Angie couldn’t wait for the chance to use it and tonight was to be her first. Her husband was out of town and she had no plans to be with her children or friends. She had planned to go home, shower and relax, then spend a few moments looking over some erotic email from a man she corresponded with to get her juices flowing and then to pose for her own enjoyment in her new panties until she was ready. She loved to watch herself play.

She had discovered that when she first started looking at her refection as she oiled her body and prepared to please herself. Then later when she brought out her first vibrator, she caught the sight of herself as she used it and the image she saw gave her a thrill of excitement. She had taken to placing herself at the foot of her bed directly in front of her bedroom mirror, a magazine open on the bed next to her. She would page through the erotica and sit so that she could watch as she stroked herself and probed and slid her vibrator along her pussy until she erupted. Now here she was, helpless as a strange man exposed her deepest secrets and had her completely at his mercy.

He finally walked across the room to where she was laying. He still held her dildo. He stopped next to her and looked down.

“Let’s see what Angie really looks like, shall we?”, he asked. He reached down and unhooked her bra from the front and pulled it off her.

“Mmmmmmm, very nice,…. you have very nice tits Angie”, he said as they spilled from her cups.

Her breasts were full and round, with small pink nipples, erect from her excitement and shame. He reached down and cupped one in his hand and squeezed. Angie tried to resist but could not move, and he just smiled again and reached with his other hand for her other breast and held them both. He then sat down next to her. Angie turned her head away, but her took her chin in his hand and pulled her back to face him.

She saw that he was looking down her torso towards her belly and beyond. Angie tried unsuccessfully to turn her body away or close her legs, but her efforts just caused her panties to shift and bunch up more showing a bit of her full outer lips so she laid still. He reached down and stroked her soft, round belly, running his hand down across her tummy to her left thigh and back up her right and on up to her breast. Again, this time straight down across her belly to her mound, where he stopped and cupped her there. Angie tensed for a moment, then relaxed, hoping he would stop.

“Angie…”??, he said sounding a bit puzzled. In that moment Angie knew that he had discovered her most intimate secret.

For the last several years, Angie had taken to shaving her pussy completely. She had seen some women groomed that way in the sex magazines and thought that it looked very sexy. So on a lark one day had shaved herself. She was delighted with the results. He mound was full and round and her outer pussy lips were firm, plump and, exposed to view, they looked inviting and juicy. When she touched herself the sensation was also heightened and when she sat on the edge of her bed and watched as she used her vibrator the view was so much more intense and vivid that she orgasmed almost immediately.

Since that time Angie had kept herself smoothly shaved and had done so just that morning anticipating using her new toy. Angie knew as he touched her then that he could feel her smoothness. She tried to clamp herself together as she felt him pull her panties to the side to expose her lips.

“Mmmmmmmmm….very nice”, he said.

His voice thick and horse, very different now. His tone was full of sexual arousal. Angie could tell that, as excited as he might have been before, the sight of her smooth round pussy had now brought him to complete arousal. He reached into his pocket and took out a small folding knife and opened the blade. Angie’s heart leaped to her throat. He brought the blade down to her side and, lifting her side band, cut it through. Then taking the other side in his fingers he pulled her panties completely off, exposing her totally.

Angie closed her eyes for a moment and waited for him to say or do something. When she heard nothing she opened her eyes and saw him looking down at her.

His eyes were now sparkling and bright. He stood up next to her and pulled his sweater over his head, showing a well muscled chest, lightly covered with a V of hair trailing down over his belly. He then unbuttoned his pants and slid them down, and took them off. He was standing there is dark bikini underwear. She could clearly see the bulge of him between his legs. He reached down and, as she watched slowly slid he shorts off. When he stood again, she could not take her eyes off his cock.

It was not huge, but hung thick and swollen between his legs. He was circumcised and the head of his cock was pronounced. The shaft was about 8″ long, heavy and hanging down and as she watched it seemed to grow and swell. He raised one knee and placed it on the bed next to her, bringing his cock much closer to her face. She could see it much more clearly now and could see the thick blue veins pulsing and that the head was definitely growing larger.

He was silent but she sensed his growing arousal as his breathing deepened and quickened. He leaned over and again ran his hands over her soft, full breasts and down across her belly to her feminine mound.

“You look so young, down there…..”, he said almost to himself, his cock now closer to her face swelling and starting to become erect.

Angie sensed the source of his arousal, “young…”, he had said.

She had thought the same thing herself sometimes when she looked at her freshly shaved pubes.

He ran his fingers along her slit and she gasped involuntarily when he encountered her clit. As he opened her lips, Angie was amazed at how wet she felt. In spite of her terror she was soaked as if she was about to cum.

Angie felt something she had never experienced before, a feeling of deep and intense arousal at the idea of being taken, helpless, but loving it. She shivered at the thought becoming aware of her increasing sexual feelings. She felt somehow wanton and lewd and the thought of it gave her additional shivers. She could feel him opening her lips to see her aroused state and she knew from her many evenings of self pleasure just what he was seeing. He inner lips would be swollen and her opening would be bright red and dripping with her thick juices. He found her clit and rubbed it gently and she could not help but lift herself to meet him.

He then reached down and took his cock in his hand and lifted it, as if to display it to her. As he did she could see that he was reaching full arousal and becoming fully erect. The head of his cock was now much larger and darker, almost purple. She could see that several large clear drops of pre cum had leaked from the slit at the tip of his cock and that the head now glistened wetly. He saw her watching him and he slowly milked his now fully hard cock shaft and smiled down at her as more drops of his clear fluid oozed out and ran down his shaft.

He ran his fingers over the head and she saw how much wetness had gathered there. She watched as he lifted his fingers from his cock and brought them to her mouth. Before she could turn her head away he stroked her lips with his still wet fingers and she could taste him on her lips. The taste and smell was as good as she remembered from her past experiences.

He then did something unexpected. He took his cock in his hand and again milked more drops of pre cum to the head and took them on his finger. But rather than reach for her mouth again, he lifted them to his mouth and said.

“Turn about is fair play”, and took them into mouth.

The sight and idea of him tasting himself that way gave her a deep shiver of excitement.

He then reached over and picked up her dildo. As she watched he held it in one hand while he stroked it up and down with the other. He then wrapped his fingers around the base and slowly ran them up towards the head as if he were jacking it off, then near the top, he slowly brought his hand down along the thick meaty shaft.

Angie was mesmerized at the sight of him masturbating that large cock. It was something she had been anticipating doing since she had purchased it and now here was her captor, seemingly able to read her mind, doing exactly as she had imagined.

“Well, “he said… “which shall it be, me or him..”.

At first Angie didn’t understand what he was saying, then she realized he was asking which cock she wanted, his or the dildo. Unable to answer, she just stared back at him, so he smiled and said,

“OK, …. maybe both then,”.

With that he took the dildo and brought it to her lips. He rubbed the thick rubber head against her lips. The feeling almost as if it was real. The head was perfectly plum shaped and with the cock so close she could see the incredible detail of her new toy. As he continued to rub the dildo across her lips, Angie suddenly realized he was waiting for her to open her mouth and take it.

“Come on, aren’t you going to get him ready for you,”, he said. “It will feel so much better if he is nice and wet for you don’t you think?”, he asked.

Angie felt she had no choice but to open her mouth and accept the dildo. As she did he slid just the head in and she wrapped her lips around it. It filled her mouth and the fat, thick head felt at once lewd and delicious to her.

“Go, on.. make him nice and wet for you..suck him, Angie”, he said.

Angie started to use her tongue and as she did she felt how real the cock was and as she did he started to gently move in and out of her mouth in short strokes, just as if there was another man there, becoming more excited as she sucked him. While this was happening, she watched as he took his cock in his other hand and started to slowly stroke it up and down, his finger wrapped around the shaft at the base like she had seen boys and men do so many times before.

Angie was no stranger to male masturbation. It was something she had seen many times and found erotic. He seemed to read her mind and said to her,…

“this looks hot, doesn’t it? You like watching me jack off, don’t you Angie?”.

The sound of his voice talking to her as he pumped his hard cock aroused Angie and she nodded in agreement.

Slowly he pulled the dildo from her lips. As he did Angie tried to give it a final coating of saliva and it left her mouth trailing strings of wetness from her mouth.

He moved the fake cock down to her pussy and rubbed the head up and down her now soaked slit. The feeling was delicious and Angie could not help but look down and watch as the thick shaft moved along her pussy, the head spreading her plump lips wide as it sought entrance. As he neared her opening, he gently pushed in and it began to enter her.

He slowly fucked the large cock in and out in short strokes, each stroke becoming easier as she opened wider and the dildo got wetter from her juices. Angie looked down now and the sight of the big thick cock entering her naked smooth mound was more than she could bear.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm.. “ she moaned, unable to hold it in any longer.

He smiled and said, “I know, it looks nice doesn’t it? It looks so good,… your wet open pussy taking that big thick cock.”

His voice saying such erotic things gave Angie deep shivers of excitement. Angie looked down and saw that the dildo was now almost halfway in and sliding more easily with each stroke, the shaft now glistening with her female juices.

The feeling of pleasure were growing more intense by the moment and Angie tried to open her restrained legs to accommodate the cock. John saw her straining, so reached down and untied both legs so that she could fully accept her cock. As he did Angie lifted both legs up and pulled them apart slightly. This allowed him to fuck her more deeply with the dildo and it soon was almost all the way in.

In the silence she heard the sound of it sliding in and out of her, the soft sucking sound of each stroke came to her ears and excited Angie even more. She felt her orgasm in the distance and knew that her arousal would increase until she exploded.

He saw the change in her and moved himself up over her head so that his hard cock was inches from her mouth. Without him saying a word Angie opened her mouth and accepted his cock. This was the real thing and the taste was what Angie craved at the moment. He fucked his hips toward her and she soon was sucking him deeply. She felt him tense in her mouth and she knew he was also passing the point of no return.

As their passion intensified Angie felt him shift his body so that he was now kneeling on his knees astride her head. He angled his cock so that he was still deep in her mouth and then leaned forward so that his face was over her belly and he was now looking directly at her pussy.

With her leg restraints removed Angie had raised her legs so that the thick, full shaft of her new toy could easily penetrate her aroused pussy. She had always thought of herself as being rather small there, whenever she have fingered herself she felt snug, and when she had first purchased this large cock she wondered if she could accommodate it within her. But being swollen and wet as she was she could feel that her captor was able to fuck her with long deep strokes.

As he leaned down over her pussy he could see much more clearly now how she looked while fucking. Her pussy lips were fully spread and bulged out around the head of the cock with each stroke in and out. Since she was pulled open by the large cock head he could also see that her clit was aroused and peeking from the firm thick folds at the top of her slit.

It was a bit more pronounced than some he had seen and it seemed to wink at him as it appeared each time the cock entered and spread her open. He also saw that in her excitement the juices had flowed from her and had trickled from her pussy down towards her ass. With her legs lifted like that he could see her more clearly as she lifted herself up to meet each thrust, and the sight of that thick long, adult cock fucking her smooth, young and hairless cunt was somehow more erotic and forbidden than if she were not shaved. She looked…..young,… very young…. and the sight excited him even more.

He leaned down and gently kissed her on the top of her smooth mound. The smell and sight of her drove him on and he kissed her again, more deeply, opening his mouth and running his tongue along her slit. He started at the top where her opening began and slid his tongue down and over her clit. As he slowly licked over the hood covering her clit, he could feel her small bump in his mouth.

He stopped there and, with his free hand pulled her open wider so that he could see and reach her better. He could now clearly see her tiny clit. It was red and swollen and looked very much like a tiny cock. It was erect with a small thin shaft and even had a nub at the tip like a little cockhead. It looked so appealing that he could not help but to open his mouth and take her clit and start to suck it. As he did he felt her immediate response.

She bucked under him at this additional direct stimulation and he heard her give a deep, primal groan. She also started sucking his cock much harder and deeper. He was now fucking her with her dildo, giving her deep long strokes, and increasing the speed as her passion grew. The sound of the long, thick device making deep sucking sounds from the wetness of her body, now filled the room. He continued sucking and licking her clit as she writhed under him and sucked his cock with wild abandon.

He could feel her orgasm approaching so he intensified his efforts and it seemed for a moment to drive her wild. She stopped sucking him and took his cock in her hand.


She exploded and he could now taste her orgasm as a different kind of wetness flowed from her. She then stiffened and held still for a moment, so he stopped fucking and eating her and simply held the sex toy deep inside her. He could feel her pussy contacting and pulling on the cock, holding it tightly as he held it inside.

After a moment, as her spasms eased, he raised up, and slowly withdrew the dildo from her dripping pussy. When the head finally popped from her opening, her swollen red lips remained open giving him a clear view of her hot fuckhole. Placing the wet, slippery dildo on the bed next to her, shifted himself around so that he was now kneeling between her still wide spread thighs.

“Now, it’s my turn”’ he said, bringing the head of his still rock hard cock to her pussy.

“Do you like the idea of having two men, taking turns with you Angie?’, he asked.

“Do you want me to have you now that he has fucked you?’.

He ran the head of his cock up and down along her still wet and dripping slit. From the top all the way down past the opening to her pussy almost to the tight, pink little rosebud that was her ass, and then slowly back up again.

“Well, tell me Angie, do you want me now?, he asked again.

Angie looked down and saw him poised between her legs, his cock sliding along her slit, she could feel it probing her opening. She shuddered at the thought of having two men take her in such quick succession.

“Yes,” she said. “Yes, do it!”, she hissed.

“Mmmmmm”, he responded, “that’s my girl, so hot and nasty” Tell me where you want me,” he continued.

Eager for him now, Angie said, “inside me”.

“Here……?”, he asked again as he slid his cock up to her wet open hole and stopped. Angie arched her back up to meet him.

“Yessssssss……….” she hissed. “Right there..”.

“And what to you call this little hole?” he inquired.

Angie, now growing more excited and anxious by the moment, wanted to feel his hot cock inside her finally spoke….

”My pussy…” she panted, “fuck my pussy..”

“Ahhhhhh…yes…. your pussy…your sweet little smooth pussy.. so pretty….. so round and nice….” he said and slid an inch or two inside her as she lifted her knees up and opened herself wider to accept him.

“But here… this little hole..” he asked as his cock probed her,.. “ what do you call this sweet little, pink hole inside your pussy”, he continued, “tell me….” he insisted.

Angie had a secret vocabulary she used in her mind when she imagined being fucked or doing the erotic, exciting things she imagined while masturbating, and she knew what he wanted to hear.

The sex words she never said aloud that brought her so much intense pleasure when she played with her body, burned in her mind with a combination of shame and desire. Finally, as he continued to tease and withhold his cock from fully entering her, Angie could take no more.

“It’s my fuck hole,” she panted, “I call it my fuck hole”, as she pumped her hips up toward him.

“Ahhhhhh, I like that Angie,” he responded, his voice now heavy and thick with passion too.

“Yeah, I want to take your little fuck hole and feel you wrapped around me,” he said and slowly entered her, inch by inch until his full sack rested against her ass. “Ahhhhh…..”, he said, “that feels so good”.

Her pussy, although freshly fucked by that monster dildo and full of her cum juices, was wrapped tightly around his cock like a hot sheath. He started to pump her and soon his cock was soaked, slick and sliding easily in and out of Angie’s tight pussy.

Angie looked up at him and saw that he was looking down toward where his cock was going in and out and she followed his gaze. She had always loved the sight of her pussy being fucked. Sometimes over the years when they had sex and her husband had his eyes closed she would sneak peeks downwards, but with his large belly she was unable to see much. Her captor however had a flat stomach and Angie had a clear view of his hard, wet cock sliding in and out of her.

She loved the sight of them fucking. Although he was not as large as her new toy his cock was real and attached to a man that surely knew how to use it and seemed to be lost in fucking her. His cock was now fully hard and the head was swollen and deep red. As he pulled out with each stroke she could see the entire length of him wet and shiny from her juice and she also saw that the hair at the base of his cock was also soaked as were his full and heavy balls. He liked the feeling of his full wet sack slapping against her ass when she had her legs raised and she felt another orgasm in the distance.

He looked at her and suddenly asked if she wanted him to release her hands. Angie hesitated a moment before she replied, “yes, please…”.

Slowing his pace for a moment, he reached up and with one hand untied her left wrist then reached with his other hand and loosened the other. It felt good to lower her arms and Angie reached around his waist to feel his body on her. For some reason, now that she was unfettered Angie felt more taken and possessed than when she had been restrained.

They started to move more closely in unison now, their bodies seeming to melt together in the heat of passion. “Do you want to cum again”? he asked . Angie did not want to say it, but her body was betraying her. Finally, after several long moments of building pleasure, she gasped and said,

“yes! give me more! I wanna cum again.. I need to cum again,..please”, she cried.

He smiled down at her as he increased the depth and intensity of his pumping,

“go on then,…do it…’s OK…..”, he said as he closely watched her.

Angie knew what she needed now, but held back. When she felt this way there was something that always brought her to the highest level or erotic excitement. Whether she was alone or with a partner, it never failed to give her final boost she needed for her strongest orgasms.

He seemed to know that she was holding back and from the way he was looking at her Angie imagined that he knew what it was she wanted to do. He held her gaze for a moment then looked down at her pussy where they were joined and then back to her face. Angie knew then she could not wait any longer and she slowly reached her left hand down across her belly, between their bodies until she touched the soft mound of her pussy.

Her fingers spread her outer lips open near the top of her slit and she reached for her hot, erect clitoris. He continued fucking her as she wet her fingers with her juices til they slid smoothly on her center of excitement. Angie grunted with pleasure as she began running her wet, slick fingers across her tight little clit .

She closed her eyes and found her rhythm and almost immediately felt an additional rush of pleasure. When she opened her eyes she saw that he was fixated on her hand moving between them on her sweet little bud. He seemed fascinated and she found that she liked having him watch her touch herself.

“Mmmmmmm, yes.. “, he hissed. “Jack off for me baby,…..jack off your hot little clit…..cum with me”, he panted.

She felt her climax approaching and knew she would not be able to wait. She straightened one leg as she always did when she orgasmed and that seemed to signal him that she was ready.

His tempo quickened and she could feel his cock stiffening and swelling inside her. The feeling of his approaching orgasm was all she needed to reach her orgasm.

It hit Angie like a jackhammer, one of the strongest she had ever experienced. Her pussy clutched his cock and she felt the release of her cum juice with her deep inner spasms. As she was gasping and grunting in orgasm under him, Angie felt him tense more and start jerking over her, his strokes shorter and his breath coming in hot gasps.

He felt larger and harder inside her and his body tensed, she saw every muscle of his lean hard torso stand out in relief. She suddenly felt hotter and much wetter inside and knew that it was the combination of her female juice and his male cum, and in the moment after that felt that hot wetness leaking from her around the shaft of his cock, and trickling down over her ass.

They held their positions for several long moments, their hot breath slowing, and their bodies now wet with a combination of sweat and sexual juices. Angie lowered her legs and let her arms fall from around his body. He then slowly withdrew himself from her tight sheath and slid off the bed. He stood watching her for a moment, then crossed to the table and picked up several white towels and returned handing the to her.

Angie, covered and began to dry and clean herself. She was feeling a combination of shame and returning fear. He was already dressing and, as if reading her mind, looked at her and said,

“There is nothing to be ashamed of, Angie…….and I am not going to harm you”.

He reached for her hand and helped her to her feet. She stood unsteadily for a moment then her gestured to the alcove in the corner and she walked over and behind the screen. In a moment he handed her clothes over to her and she dressed and composed herself.

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