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Forbidden Fantasy Hotel

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The Forbidden Fantasies Resort, owned and operated by Jamir Antoine, is located deep in the mountains outside of Denver Colorado.

Jamir, who stands 6 ft 2, is both intimidating and endearing to those who know him. Mocha colored with long flowing locs that hang to the middle of his back upon first glance would not be considered handsome but exudes a sexual charm that is undeniable.

He spent his youth in boarding schools in Great Britain and France where he acquired sexual skills that are almost legendary. The Brits and French had given him a lust for any type of sexual pleasure and he was intent on sharing his view with anyone willing to explore.

Jamir’s father was a member of the Black Panther party who had sent him and his mother away after being imprisoned and eventually murdered by the American government. After coming of age, he inherited his father’s fortune that had been hidden away and with it he built a chain of luxury hotels all over the globe. However, Forbidden Fantasies was his most treasured possession.

The others catered to the rich and famous and had the obligatory pools, tennis courts and other amenities the upper-class could afford but Forbidden Fantasy, which had a moniker out front that read FF – hotel, was completely different.

This hotel specialized in catering to sexual fantasies.

Each day people from all walks of life, lawyers, judges, actors and actresses, sports stars, and anyone else who could afford the price tag were able to make their wildest, most deviant fantasy a living breathing reality.

Jamir walked the massive hallway of the penthouse floor of his main building the Tower. He was there ensuring all of the rooms were cleaned and ready for tonight’s fantasy. I’m Candace Fitzgerald, one of the leading erotic writers in the country and I had requested the top floor for a fantasy to be fulfilled later that evening.

Jamir considered me one of his favorite guests because he knew whatever I experienced would somehow be immortalized in book form later. It was a little known fact that my first novel Sexy Slopes was written about a weekend adventure the two of us shared at the resort.

We stayed in one of the secluded cabins located on the property and by the end of the weekend I had had enough orgasms to last most women a lifetime and enough ideas to fill an entire novel. Jamir never asked for any credit or royalties. He just enjoyed the notion that he was my muse.

When he was satisfied with the layout of the area, Jamir turned the evening’s festivities over to his manager Joan and left the resort.

I pulled into the long winding driveway of The Forbidden Fantasy Resort intent on having my forbidden fantasy fulfilled. I’d promised myself that there was no way I was going to spend another New Year’s Eve at some boring cocktail party. Instead I was intent on getting some cock and a little bit of tail too. When I spoke with Jamir earlier he assured me that everything would be to my satisfaction and specifications. Jamir knew me, biblically and he assured me that what I was requesting would be no problem at all. I dressed in only a tiny mini skirt and button up blouse, as no underwear was needed for the party. Due to the frigidly cold weather I covered it all in a long flowing white fur coat.

I checked in at the front desk of the Tower and the manager Joan smiled and winked at me.

“Where’s Jamir?” I asked.

“He’s gone for the day but I have explicit instructions for what you’ve requested Miss Fitzgerald.”

“He won’t be participating?” I asked, just slightly disappointed.

“I’m sorry, he wasn’t aware you wanted him. It’s not on your list. If you like I can see if he has plans for the evening. But of course it is New Year’s Eve.” She said reaching for the phone.

“Oh no don’t disturb him at home. His presence is not necessary although it would have added to the fun. I’m sure what you’ve prepared will be just fine.” I said as I laid down the $10,000 dollars I was told my fantasy would cost. Joan locked the money in a safe then showed me to the private elevator leading to the penthouse. My fantasy required use of the entire top floor but being a personal friend of Jamir’s certainly had its fringe benefits. Feeling flushed with excitement I followed Joan out of the elevator onto the floor.

Joan took me to a small lobby-like area where my fantasy participants were waiting. There were 20 people there consisting of 12 women and 8 men. Jamir had ensured that Joan followed my instructions to the letter and each of the women was gorgeous and thick and the men sexy and tall. She had also included my preference of ethnicity in that 2 of the women and 3 of the men were Spanish. The remainders were African American. I licked my lips as I saw the smorgasbord I was about to get a taste of.

Joan introduced me and quickly set out the rules of the night. We were going to play a little game I like to call Ravage Me. The rules were simple. At the beginning a bell would ring and the lights would go completely out. Each person was to then find his or her way through the hallway and into one of 6 available rooms. The lights would remain out for 1 full minute. When the lights came on whoever you were in the room with you must have sex with. The first person to spot his or her partner had the choice of sexual position, style, etc. This would occur once per hour for the next 5 hours. To add a little extra spice to the game at the end everyone would gather in the lobby area once again and the person who had the most partners at the end of the night would receive the $10,000 dollars I had paid for the fantasy. If I won I would get all of my money back and go home very satisfied. If you found yourself in a room with someone you chose not to have sex with, as some of the people there were not bisexual, then you would have to forfeit all of your points to that person. The game would begin at 8pm and end at the stroke of midnight signaling a New Year.

Joan handed everyone a scorecard and wished us all luck before returning to the elevator. As we waited for the first bell to ring I surveyed the group imagining who I would like to find first. I was lost in a sexual fantasy with one of the Spanish men when the first bell rang.

I sprang to my feet as the lights went out. I scurried down the hall like a rat in a maze bumping into people and giggling. I found a doorknob and turned it entering one of the six rooms. I listened intently and I heard breathing. I quickly closed the door and waited for the lights to come on.

After what seemed like forever the lights came on and I looked around the room. I didn’t see anyone. Then I heard a voice from behind me.

“Hello Sexy looks like I found you first.” I turned around and looked into a gorgeous chocolate face. The man standing before me was 6ft tall with a husky body. I licked my lips in anticipation.

“What’s your pleasure?” I asked.

He unzipped his pants and quickly dropped them. “Suck my dick!” he ordered. I wasted no time falling to my knees and taking his dick full into my mouth. His dick was about 5 inches long and thick. It felt good wrapping my lips around its thickness. I hungrily began to suck him. He leaned his head back and moaned loudly. I continued to slurp and suck taking his dick deeper down my throat. I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him to me allowing him to fuck my face. I licked then sucked his balls into my mouth just before I deep throated his dick again. I continued to suck on it for several more minutes.

As he backed away, pulling his dick from my mouth, a trail of my saliva ran from it to my mouth like a spider web. I wanted to put it back in my mouth, and I reached for it. “Lie down on the bed!” he ordered. I quickly obliged. I loved the way he was ordering me around. He reached down and ripped my shirt open the buttons scattered across the room. He then placed his dick between my 40DD tits and began to expertly titty fuck me. Then he took his dick and dropped it back into my mouth.

“Suck it NOW!” I quickly obliged sucking it deep in my mouth. My pussy was on fire and as I continued to suck him off I reached down and began to finger my swollen clit. He slapped my hand away.

“No! This is my pleasure! Remember!” He pulled his dick from my mouth and went back to fucking my breasts. He alternated between having me suck it and being titty fucked. I squeezed my legs together trying to give my clit some relief when the first warning bell rang signaling the lights would be going out again in 5 minutes.

Almost on cue he grunted loudly and shot his cum full in my face while continuing to stroke his dick between my tits. I opened my mouth trying to taste it. He rubbed it onto my face and groaned louder as his climax subsided.

He got up off me and apologized for tearing my shirt. “I’m sorry I got carried away” he said.

“No problem at all” I smiled “I enjoyed it very much.”

“I need your name for my scorecard.” he said.


“I’m Justin.”

We both scribbled each other’s names on the cards and waited for the impending bell.

When the lights went out I decided I didn’t want to spend too much time in the hallway searching for a room. I wanted to be the finder this time instead of the findee. Remembering the normal layout of hotels I surmised that there should be a room directly across from the one I just left. I walked straight ahead until I bumped into it. Bingo! I thought and opened the door. Once inside I left the door ajar and waited for someone else to arrive.

I heard rustling near the door and grew excited. When the lights came on I was not disappointed at all. Standing before me was one of the Spanish women. She was about 5ft 5 inches tall with large hips and breast. She had beautiful full lips and curly brown hair.

“Wow!” I said as the lights came on.

She looked at me with apprehension. I sensed that she was a little afraid. “Looks like I found you.” I said.

She nodded her head but didn’t speak. I thought I saw her trembling. ‘Come sit on the bed with me?” I noticed she was almost naked wearing only a thong, as she quietly obliged.

“What’s wrong?” I asked,

“I’ve never been with a woman before.” She said.

Damn! I thought. I really wanted her but if she backed out I gained all her points.

“What’s your name?” I asked


Damn! Even her name is sexy I thought. I sat there realizing the hour was ticking away pondering whether or not to take her or her points. My clit was still throbbing from the previous experience with Justin and I decided I wanted sex more than points. I decided that I was going to have to seduce Sarita. I began by trying to relax her.

“Listen, we don’t have to do anything. I understand if you’re afraid.”

She looked over at me suspiciously and I smiled and winked at her. To my surprise and relief she smiled back.

“Let me give you a relaxing massage but remember when I’m done I get your points.”

“I only have one.” She answered “But I understand the rules.”

Sarita lay back on the bed and allowed me to remove her thong. I looked at her gorgeous body and decided to start with her petite feet. I gently kneaded them in my hands before moving to her calves. As I massaged I watched her face. She had closed her eyes and was lost in the pleasure. I continued up her body to her thighs. Her face tensed up so I spent minimal time there before moving to her upper body. I gently massaged her shoulders and arms. Her 38D breasts looked like two mounds of caramel ice cream with chocolate centers and I had to fight myself from taking them in my mouth. I told her to turn over on her stomach. She had the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. It was round and voluptuous. As I massaged her shoulder I stared at it while my pussy creamed.

I worked my way down her back and decided it was time to make my move. I began to massage her gorgeous ass. They felt wonderful in my hands and I squeezed them gently. Sarita moaned so I took another step. I gently spread her legs and slid my fingers down to her bare pussy lips. I gently stroked them. When she did not resist I spread them and began to finger her clit. Sarita moaned louder. I leaned down and took her clit into my mouth and gently began to suck on it. I felt her legs begin to quiver and I pulled back not wanting her to cum. Stopping momentarily I removed the remains of my shirt and took off my skirt. “Turn over” I said quietly.

She did and noticed that I was naked. “I’m not a lesbian,” she whispered.

“Neither am I,” I said as I leaned down and began to suck on her caramel breast. My pussy was dripping and I was in desperate need of release. I took Sarita’s hand and led it to my pussy. She quickly pulled it back when she felt my wetness. I sucked on her breast more sensually and pulled her hand back. Sarita began to finger my clit. I came instantly.

I trailed my tongue down to her stomach then spread her legs. She continued to finger my swollen clit. “Put your fingers in” I said. “Mmmmm” I moaned as I felt her slide 2 inside me

I began to lap at her pussy teasing her clit with my tongue. I swirled it around and around. She tasted so sweet. I wanted to get closer to taste more of her juices. I position myself between her legs and dropped my pussy into Sarita’s face in the 69 position. She continued to finger my sopping wet hole. My cum dripped into her face. “Mmmmm your pussy is so sweet.”

I murmured as I hungrily lapped at it. I took a finger and stuck it inside her hot pussy while I sucked on her clit. I searched inside her pussy finding her G spot and rubbed it gently. Then I flicked my tongue across her clit again and again.

“Taste me Sarita.” I whispered. “Lick my pussy.” I lowered my pussy closer to her face. “Please Sarita, taste it.” I said.

Then I felt it, a soft flick of the tongue. It was tentative at first, then stronger. Sarita grabbed my ass and pulled me to her face taking my whole pussy in her mouth.

“Aaaaaaah” I screamed with pleasure.

I was still lost in Sarita’s pussy when we heard the warning bell but I could not stop. She was sucking on my clit and I was rushing towards my 3rd orgasm. We continued to suck each other pussies no longer caring about the game.

We heard the 2nd bell and the lights went out. Neither of us moved from the bed we continued to suck and suck. The $10,000 dollars had completely left my mind as I enjoyed the sweetest pussy I’d ever feasted on. For a beginner Sarita had learned quickly and was turning me the fuck out. I knew I had to see this girl again.

Before either of us knew it the lights came back on again.

“Well, well, well what do we have here?”

We both looked up to see who had joined us in the room.

Sarita and I had been so lost in each other’s pussies that we didn’t realize someone had entered our room. Since he spotted us first we knew we were at his mercy. “Before we get started I’m Tristan. Write it down on your scorecards because there won’t be time later.” He said.

I rose slowly from between Sarita’s legs to look for my card. I scribbled her name, as I’d forgotten to earlier in my haste to taste her, then Tristan’s. I thought I detected a slight West Indian accent when he spoke which instantly turned me on. “I’m Candace.” I said as he stood with his card in hand poised to write.

He looked over at Sarita who was still lying on the bed. “And you are?”

“Sarita” “Yo Candace you can write her name down twice, then I want you to get back to lunching on that pussy. That shit was turning me on.” He said.

I crawled onto the bed and in between Sarita’s luscious thighs. I knelt down and began to lick her pussy again. I didn’t care that Tristan had joined us I was just glad to be back in that pussy paradise. Sarita began stroking her titties and pinching her nipples as my tongue slid up and down her slit.

I felt Tristan move behind me and begin licking my pussy. His mustache brushed against my ass and tickled.

“Mmmmm.” I moaned. Tristan’s tongue was long and rough and I pushed my ass back onto it as he sucked my clit before burying his face in my ass.

He then slid his tongue up and began tonguing my ass while spreading my cheeks with his hand so he could get his tongue in deeper and deeper. It didn’t take long for him to get my ass lubed up before Tristan stuck his large finger in my ass. I had never been butt fucked before but his finger felt like heaven as he expertly slid it in and out of my ass. I moaned into Sarita’s pussy lost in the pleasure he was giving me.

I felt the head of Tristan’s dick pressing against my pussy lips while he continued to finger fuck my ass. He had added a 2nd one and my ass was stretching to his touch. I had not been fucked yet that night and was hungry for some dick. I pushed back against his dick welcoming it into my hole. My body trembled from the sensation and he slowly fucked my pussy while fingering my ass. By this time I could no longer concentrate and had stopped eating Sarita’s pussy. The ecstasy of Tristan fucking me was causing me to feel light headed as he began to pound into me faster and faster.

“Come here Sexy.” He said to Sarita. She slowly got up off the bed with a ‘What the Hell’ look on her face and joined him behind me. “Stick your fingers in her ass, while I fuck her.” He said. With a slight hesitation I felt Sarita’s manicured nails pressing against my ass before she slid 3 fingers inside. As she began to pump my ass with the old in and out, I screamed, “Yes, yes, yes, oh hell yes.”

The two of them continued to fuck me good until I collapsed in ecstasy in a pool of sweat on the bed. Sarita pulled her fingers out and kissed my ass. Then she trailed her tongue down Tristan’s chest over his rock hard abs, nuzzled the hair in his crotch, and took his dick in her mouth. I lay satiated on the bed and watched as she wrapped her gorgeous lips around it.

“I need to nut and times running out Baby.” He said.

Tristan pushed Sarita down on the bed beside me and straddled her. He began to fuck her wildly with abandonment screaming at the top of his lungs. I leaned over and began to lick her pert nipples rushing them both to a mind-blowing orgasm. He suddenly pulled his dick out of her mouth and shot cum all over my face and her breasts as he moaned loudly just as the first warning bell rang.

I wanted to stay with these two but my mind began to remember the game as the clocked ticked closer to midnight. I had 4 points and only 2 more rounds to go. I kissed Sarita deeply and got up off the bed. I grabbed my scorecard and the 3 of us stood poised by the door waiting for the lights to go out.

As I entered the darkened hallway I tried to stay focused on finding a room. I bumped into a buff body and decided to follow it. I touched him lightly to keep him in my distance and followed him into the next room. Directly behind I felt hands on my ass. Great 2 more points I thought.

The lights came on and we were all surprised. On the bed lay a gorgeous brown skinned sister. She was completely nude playing with herself. The buff body I had followed belonged to a brother who was about 5’10 in height and mocha colored. I spun around to see the Spanish guy I had been fantasizing about in the lobby. He stood about 5’11 with sexy black curls all over his head.

I didn’t know what excited me more the prospect of 3 more points or the sheer sexiness of the people surrounding me. Remembering Tristan’s strategy I quickly took out my card and began asking for names.

The brother was named Calvin. I scribbled it down as I turned to my Spanish fantasy. “I’m Alphonso but I only need the ladies names. I’m not gay or bisexual.” he said.

The girl on the bed stopped fingering herself long enough to grab her card and said. “Well I’m not gay but I’m bisexual and my name is Sharice. If allowed I’m fucking all 3 of you.”

I quickly wrote her name down and joined her on the bed. “I’m Candace.” I gave her a few seconds to write my name and put down her card before I began kissing her deeply. “Mmmmm Candy, you are sweet!” she said and hungrily kissed me back. Calvin and Alphonso stood watching us kissing and groping each other not knowing what to do.

Sharice pushed me down on my back and began sucking hungrily at my breast while fingering my clit. This girl was not wasting any time and her roughness was turning me on. She pinched my nipples and bit them sucking hard.

“Unngh Shit!” I moaned as she plunged her fingers deep into my pussy working them in and out. I thrust my hips up to meet her hands.

“Damn girl, I wanted to fuck you as soon as you walked in the lobby” she said and climbed on top of me. She continued to roughly lick and bite my breasts while spreading my legs with her knees. “You ever pussy fucked Candy?” she asked.

I shook my head no not fully knowing what she meant. Sharice spread my legs wider and wrapped hers around them. She reached down and spread her pussy lips exposing her clit. Then she spread mine. “Push your clit against mine.” She said.

I quickly obeyed as she locked our legs like scissors. An amazing chill ran up my spine as our clits touched. I had never felt anything so soft and sensual in my life. I immediately began to grind my hips against hers reveling in the feeling. I’d been eating pussies and getting ate out by women for about six months but this shit was the REAL DEAL. I’d never felt so turned on in my life and I pumped against he harder and faster. She roughly squeezed my tits and bit me. I was in sheer ecstasy when I heard Calvin approaching the bed. He came around to my side and playfully hit my face with his dick. I quickly and hungrily took it into my mouth while Sharice and I continued to fuck. I could feel her juices mixing with mine running down our entwined legs.

Sharice quickly got up and rotated our position. She lay on her back and pushed her pussy back into mine. We began to fuck some more. Her clit felt large and I knew my climax was near. I deep throated Calvin’s dick trying to shift the focus. I didn’t want this pleasure to end.

I opened my eyes too see Sharice sucking on Alphonso’s dick. I watched it disappear between her luscious lips.

I felt my climax building faster and stronger. Sharice’s hips were bucking against me wildly and as her clit kissed and caressed my clit I could not hold back any longer. I screamed as I came but Sharice did not stop she continued to fuck me more urgently and harder. She worked her body expertly her clit pressing deeper and harder against mine and seconds later I came again, and again, and again. I tried to concentrate on Calvin’s dick but I was lost in the most mind-blowing orgasm I’d ever felt. My body shook uncontrollably as wave after wave rushed through me.

Before I had time to recover Sharice had gotten up and moved her pussy directly into my face. She straddled my mouth and began to grind against my lips. I opened my mouth and welcomed her pussy by lapping at it with my tongue. The mixture of my cum and hers tasted delicious as I hungrily slurped at it. “Yeah eat that pussy Candy” she moaned.


I felt my pussy lips opening and a dick slid in. I couldn’t see whose it was but it felt wonderful. I bucked against it. My pussy was ready for more. “Turn her over I want her ass.” I heard a voice say.

Before I knew it the 3 of them were moving me around the bed. Calvin lay down and told me to straddle his dick, he didn’t have to tell me twice, as I willing hopped on allow it to fully penetrate me. Sharice was behind me slapping my ass harder and harder. I moaned at the painful pleasure. She then spread my ass cheeks and stuck her tongue in swirling it around and around. The she replaced it with her fingers working them in and out. “She’s ready.” I heard her say.

Then I felt it. My ass muscles tensing as Alphonso’s dick went into my ass. I screamed in pain. He stopped momentarily. “Just relax Candy” I heard Sharice say. “Take a deep breath and relax.” Alphonso pushed in deeper slowly inch by inch by inch. Calvin was rocking his hips pushing his dick deeper into my pussy.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” I didn’t recognize my own voice as I let out a low guttural primal sound.

The pain had quickly turned to intense pleasure. I thought I was going to go out of my ever-loving mind. I must have sounded like that girl in the Exorcist when I screamed, “FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Calvin and Alphonso quickly obeyed as they both pounded into me deeper, faster and harder. I floated on a cloud of ecstasy not wanting to come down.

I almost cried when I heard the warning bell. No, not yet I thought. I had cum over and over but I wanted more. I mentally added these 3 to the list of people I needed to contact later.

Alphonso pulled his dick out of my ass and shot his cum all over it. I felt Sharice’s soft hands rubbing it in.

When Alphonso backed away Calvin flipped me over on my back and after a few quick strokes he pulled out shooting his load over my stomach and tits. To my surprise Sharice lay down on top of me and rubbed our bodies together soaking the cum up.

Alphonso, Calvin, and I got our cards and headed towards the door to wait for the bell. Sharice lay back down on the bed. “You guys can waste your time running I’m staying right here until someone comes in. It’s the last round anyway.” She laughed.

The lights went out and we stumbled out the door.

I entered what would be the last room and leaned against the wall. My body was still quivering from all of the amazing orgasms I’d had so far. I heard breathing around me so I knew I wasn’t alone. I decided to take a few seconds to catch my breath before the lights came on. Sliding down the wall I sat on the floor. I rested my head on my knees feeling tired and content.

I didn’t notice the lights come on but as soon as I heard her voice I knew I’d been found. “Hello sweetie.” She said.

I looked up into 8 eyes that belonged to 4 of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. My mind raced as I realized that I was the last to see my partners which meant they could do ANYTHING to me they wanted as well as make me do anything to them.

I didn’t know whether to be afraid or overjoyed. I saw tits swinging, erect nipples, shaved pussies, hairy pussies and succulent asses. I felt like a kid in a big candy store.

A big beautiful sister grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. She had HUGE breasts and a big fat round jiggly ass.

“I’m Kim” she said and pointed towards my card. She led me to the bed and sat me down. I quickly wrote down her name and the others introduced themselves.

Raven, was café au lait with firm breasts and shiny black hair that hung right at her shoulders. Tamera was the tallest of the group, at least 5’11, in her stocking feet, with long luscious legs and the color of deep rich mud.

Last was Toni the obvious leader of the group. She watched me write all of the names down then asked me for my name. “Candace” I whispered.

They each wrote it on their cards. I noticed that none of them wrote each other’s names down and I inquired to Kim as to why. “Cus we are not gonna fuck each other we’ve done that already. We all are gonna fuck you. “I shuddered with anticipation.

Toni ordered me to lie back on the bed. When I did I felt each of them grab my legs and feet and spread me from stem to stern. They then grabbed scarves and quickly tied me to the bed like the letter X.

Toni walked over and placed a blindfold over my eyes. I lay there completely naked, and exposed unable to see my partners and squealed inside with delight as I realized that I was about to live up to the name of the game. These ladies were about to RAVAGE me.

I felt a mouth on my tits sucking gently then harder. Then it moved to the other tit. No wait that’s another tongue. I realized that each breast had its own sucker. I moaned loudly.

I felt fingers and hands playing with my pussy. They plunged in and out and rubbed the clit. I tried to figure out if it was one person or two but I knew I didn’t care. I ground my hips into the fingers and hands. My pussy was sopping wet soaking their hands and the bed.

I felt a tongue in my pussy. It swirled around and around and around. Oh my Gosh! There were actually two tongues in my pussy. They are flicking my clit and dueling with each other. One is on my clit licking it and the other is plunging in and out of my hole. Oh Sweet Jesus! They both are sliding together up and down the length of my pussy. Four lips, FOUR LIPS! are kissing my pussy. “Aaaaah! Oooooh! Aieeeeee! YES! YES! YES! I screamed as I raced to my first orgasm. The tongues on my pussy and breasts moved faster and faster. The orgasms raced through my body I grew hoarse from screaming. I breathed harder and harder trying to catch my breath – afraid that I would pass out.

One of the lips moved from my pussy. The other one continued to suck and lick. I felt nipples against my lips. “Suck it.” A voice said.

I opened my mouth and a tit fell in. I greedily suck on it like a newborn baby. It was large and I guessed it must be Kim’s. As I sucked I felt a warm sweet liquid roll down my throat. I realized Kim must be a nursing Mom and I hungrily suckled up her milk and I smiled thinking how appropriate. It quenched my throat and I drank hungrily. Kim pulled her tit back and milk dropped against my lips. She kissed me licking it up.

“You like to suck do you? Then try this”, another voice said.

One of the mouths moved from my tits. I smelled the pungent aroma of pussy. I knew one was near my face. I flicked my tongue out searching for it I thought the tip of it brushed against a clit but it moved away too quickly – teasing me. Then I felt bare pussy lips against my face. I opened my mouth and began to eat out the strange and sweet pussy. After several minutes I felt her legs quiver as she came and her cum flooded my mouth. I sucked on it realizing that I was still thirsty as she moved away.

I was licking my lips and ground my hips into the 2 tongues. Kim had returned to sucking my pussy when I felt a hairy pussy drop into my face. “Suck on this honey.” Her voice said.

I quickly obliged surmising it was my other tit sucker since I felt her move from my breasts. At that moment I wondered why all women were not bisexual pussy was the sweetest taste on earth to me. I greedily began to feast on the hairy pie.

One of the tongues moved from my pussy and I waited to see what its owner was going to do. The other tongue stopped licking too and I heard what I thought was Kim’s voice say, “Oh shit, Toni. Are you gonna fuck her with that?” “Yes, move so I can get between them sweet thighs.” I heard her say.

I continued to slurp on the pussy as I waited. I felt a dick head slide up and down my own pussy. My eyes widened as I realized Toni must be about to fuck me with a strap on. Before I could think about the prospect anymore she slammed the dick into me. I felt it in the pit of my stomach and I moaned into the pussy I was sucking. I felt Toni hips against my legs and she thrust into me over and over.

“Move all of you. I wanna fuck her right.” Toni crawled deeper in between my legs. “Untie her legs.” She ordered.

She grabbed them, placed them over her shoulders and pulled me toward her so that she could fuck me harder. I felt her clit against mine as she pressed the strap on into me. I relived the sensations of fucking Sharice’s pussy with dick inside me. I fucked her back roughly.

“Aww shit! Fuck me girl” she screamed. Our hips bucked wildly against each other. I exploded with an orgasm.

“Don’t hog the pussy Toni.” I heard someone say. Toni got up off of me. I heard rustling. Over the next several minutes each of the girls traded the strap on and crawled between my legs fucking me. I’d never been fucked with a strap on before and I enjoyed what seemed to be the best of both worlds. Tits pressed against mine. Clits were grinding with mine while DICK sweet sweet DICK was deep inside my pussy. I fucked each girl with lust and passion enjoying the ravaging they were giving me.

When each of them was finished fucking me I lay there spent. The warning bell still had not rung. I felt another pussy drop into my face. “You haven’t licked me yet.” I heard a voice say. I could tell from the weight it must be Kim’s luscious fat ass. I tongued her deep and hard.

When she came Toni removed my blindfold then straddled my face. “I want you to see this.” She said. I silently thanked her as I sucked her clit and pussy lips sending her to a rocking orgasm as well.

Toni was still on my face when the warning bell sounded. I gave her pussy a few quick kisses and she moved off of me so they could untie me.

When I was free I kissed each of the girls on the lips. “Happy New Year!” I sang out joyously and “Good luck everyone,” I said as we all walked back to the lobby area.

When we all assembled each person was naked. We had all left our clothes in various rooms and Joan had gathered them in a pile for us to sort out later. I looked around the room at the partners I’d had and the ones I did not. I wished the game could continue.

I looked down at my card. I’d had 8 different partners and Sarita twice. 9 points I thought. I no longer cared if I won my body was completely satisfied and no matter who left with $10,000 dollars I had enjoyed myself immensely.

Joan stepped to the middle of the room. “Everyone looks happy and satisfied.” She said. We all looked around and laughed.

“Well let’s see who gets to go into the New Year $10,000 richer,” she said. “I’m gonna start high anyone who has 20 points or more raise your hand.”

We all looked around no one’s hand raised. Joan began to count down slowly. “18, 17, No one’s hand had raised yet. I began to feel a little better about my 9 points. “16, 15.” Joan continued to count downward then changed her strategy. “Okay, I’m gonna skip down a bit 12” she said.

Still no hands went in the air. I began to think that I might have won. There were only 2 more numbers to go.

“11” Joan said and dramatically looked around the room. I got excited. This was it if no one’s hand went up for 10 I would have won or at the least tied. I fidgeted in my chair with anticipation.

“10” Joan said. A hand shot up in the air. It belonged to Justin, my first partner. My heart sank. I had really wanted to win.

“Okay, let’s tally up your names to verify Justin” she said.

Justin stood and began to call the names on his card. “Candace” Joan looked to me for confirmation. I nodded my head.

“Maria” the other Spanish girl nodded. “Phyllis, Sarita, and Kim” they all nodded in agreement. “Raven, Toni, Tamera, Lucy.” All of these ladies nodded as well.

One last name to be read and he’d won. After a long pause he finally read it.


We all looked at Alphonso in surprise. He shifted in his seat but did not answer.

“Alphonso are you Justin’s 10th point?” Joan asked looking him straight in the eye. “Yeah!” he grudgingly said as we all broke into laughter. Apparently he was bisexual after all.

“Well games over everyone. There’s more fun to be had downstairs as the Forbidden Fantasy’s Annual New Year’s Eve party is in full swing. I hope you enjoyed your evening and please come back to Forbidden Fantasy whenever you are in need of pleasure.” Joan said with a huge smile.

I went to the pile to gather my clothes. I had lost the money but I didn’t feel like a loser at all. My body felt exhilarated and alive. I decided to book another game for my birthday weekend in a few months. Next time I would ask Jamir to participate.

As I was leaving Sarita approached me and asked if I would be attending the party downstairs. “Sure, just let me get dressed.” I said.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the elevator. “No need to. Clothing is optional.” She said as the doors closed and she pulled me into a kiss.

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