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A Strange Encounter

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The headline act was about to take the stage but I couldn’t wait; I was desperate for a pee and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I was in serious danger of wetting myself. I made my excuses to my friends and hobbled across the crowded field towards the portaloos, thrusting my hands between my legs to prevent an accident.

I reached my goal only to find my worst nightmare; a queue at the ‘ladies’ a mile long! Typical! All of the women in the line were grasping their crotches and jigging up and down as they tried not to piss themselves. Hell, I couldn’t wait in that line, my bladder was threatening to explode. I had visions of it bursting sending torrents of pee down my legs whilst I waited for a vacant toilet. I couldn’t face that sort of humiliation.

My eyes searched the field for an alternative portaloo but all the facilities had similar queues. It was hopeless.

It was then that I spied the hedge at the far end of the field. A row of men were lined up along it, cocks out, smiles of relief on their faces as bright yellow streams of urine showered the undergrowth. I envied them. Men had it easy. They could pee anywhere when they needed to go.

“Ah well,” I said to myself, “I’ll just have to join them!”

I marched over to the hedge, still holding my crotch tightly. The men saw me coming and glanced around nervously. Most of them seemed embarrassed by the presence of a woman and finished peeing quickly or moved away from me. Others stared at me and refrained from relieving themselves until I had passed. Not all of them.

One man approached me, stepping in front of me to block my path. He leered at me as he unzipped his pants, took out his substantial cock and stroked it. He ran his hands up and down the thick shaft as he studied the expression on my face with amusement.

I was horrified and my eyes widened as I watched his cock swell. I could be in trouble here! I tried to move past him but he moved with me, barring my way. Then I gasped as he took his now semi-erect penis firmly in both hands and pointed it at my feet. I knew what was coming and braced myself as he shot a jet of hot pungent pee straight at me! He grunted with satisfaction as he moved the flow back and forth over my shoes, soaking them.

“Oh shit that’s disgusting!” I cried out, but I didn’t move, I didn’t even try to.

In truth I felt strangely aroused. My cunt lips swelled and I felt hot inside as I stood frozen to the spot letting him piss on me. I imagined myself taking hold of that fat cock and aiming his golden fountain at my tits, feeling my nipples harden as the foul smelling piss soaked through the fabric of my tee-shirt. I imagined the stream hitting my face and running into my mouth. I could almost taste it and the thought made my cunt tingle.

“You’re a fucking arse-hole, Jim, leave her alone!” shouted a man’s voice.

I snapped back to reality as a second man came striding over to rescue me.

“Sorry,” he muttered apologetically as he grabbed Jim by the arm and pulled him away.

Jim laughed and shook his cock at me, spattering the last of his piss over my tee-shirt. A tiny drop landed on my lips. It tasted salty.

I felt eyes watching me and suddenly felt very vulnerable. What was I doing here? Anything could happen to me. I shouldn’t be taking a risk like this. Then my bladder pained me again. I grasped my crotch and scurried onwards to find relief, praying there were no more ‘Jims’ around.

Right, that would have to do. I needed to pee, now! I looked around. I seemed to be alone. The headline band had just got up on stage so the line of peeing men had disappeared back to the field to watch them. Ok, now I could do it.

I stood close to the hedge, lifted my skirt above my waist and pushed my thong to one side. Then I opened my legs. I pushed down but nothing happened. My encounter with Jim still had me on edge. I needed to relax. I shut my eyes and concentrated. It was coming, I could feel it. I exhaled deeply as the first warm drops squeezed out.

“Have you ever tired finger fucking whilst you pee?”

I nearly jumped out of my skin! Who’d said that?! My eyes flew open and fell upon an attractive woman about my age. A stranger. Where did she spring from? My poor bladder clamped shut again with the fright sending a searing pain right through me.

“Well?” she asked in a soft rather seductive voice. “Have you tried it?”

I didn’t answer. I was too embarrassed. I hastily let my thong spring back over my exposed crotch and pulled down my skirt.

The woman laughed.

I liked her laugh. There was something sexy about it.

“Sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to frighten you. Go ahead and pee. I’m going to. You don’t mind if I get myself off at the same time do you?”

I shook my head nervously. Was she serious?

The woman pulled down her lacy panties and stepped out of them then hitched up her skirt exposing her smooth round backside and shaved pussy. I watched as she calmly opened her legs and spread her labia with her fingers. She was wet; beads of creamy white moisture clung to the opening of her cunt.

I gaped at her, mesmerised, as she licked her fingers and plunged them deep into her own moist opening. She threw her head back as she began rubbing her clit with wild abandon, moving her fingers backwards and forwards and groaning out her pleasure.

My cunt juices flowed as I watched her and my thong became sticky and wet. She had no shame and she looked so hot. My hand reached between my thighs for my own pussy, stroking it gently through the flimsy material of my thong. I forgot the pain from my bursting bladder as I became intensely aroused, watching this stranger fucking herself in front of me.

The woman kept rubbing her clit and moaning, her groans getting louder as a trickle of golden pee seeped out from between her legs and ran down her fingers.

“Oh fuck here it comes,” she cried as she released her orgasm and pee at the same time.

A wave of pleasure ripped through her as her hot piss exploded out showering the ground around her feet.

“Oh fuck that’s so good,” she screamed.

More piss squirted from between her legs as she continued to massage her cunt frantically.

I couldn’t move. I was so turned on my legs had turned to jelly. Her flood hit the ground with force and for the second time that evening my shoes were soaked with piss, and I loved it! My pulse raced and my cunt burned with such ferocity.

The woman squeezed out the last of her pee and closed her eyes, breathing hard.

“You have to try that,” she sighed. “It’s heavenly, and even better with an audience.”

An audience? Did she mean me? It dawned on me that my presence had turned her on and I liked that. Suddenly the idea of fingering myself and peeing in front of her had me hot. I wanted to do it, and I wanted her.

I leaned forwards and grabbed her kissing her hard on the mouth. My cunt throbbed as she kissed me back, plunging her tongue deep inside my mouth. She tasted of wine and strawberries and I licked her mouth out, thrilled at our intimacy.

She reached for my skirt, hoisting it back up over my bottom then she pulled my thong aside. I let her. I wanted her to. I held my breath as she slid her middle finger smoothly into my wet hole and began fucking me. She moving her finger in and out, rubbing me and teasing me. My cunt muscles responded, gripping her tightly. I gave myself to her.

“Oh God!” I groaned as I felt my orgasm building.

“Try to push out your pee,” whispered the woman. “Let it go gradually, its bliss.”

I did as I was instructed; pushing down on my bladder but to no avail. I concentrated, relaxed my muscles a little and cried out with pleasure as I released a tiny drop of moisture. The sensation was exquisite; I had never experienced anything like it before.

“Hold it in for a moment longer, don’t release it all yet,” uttered the woman as she ducked down between my legs and pulled down my thong. She eased my thighs open and began licking my clit.

“Oh fuck that’s good,” I sighed.

Her tongue felt warm and sensuous as it probed deep inside me. In and out it thrust each stroke more delicious than the last. My muscles began to give and I involuntarily released a squirt of pee. The woman groaned and lapped it up thirstily.

“Oh God I’m coming,” I cried as my orgasm peeked.

“Now push,” said the woman.

She stepped back and thrust three fingers deep inside me, hard.

I pushed down and my muscles finally gave out.

“Oh fuck!” I screamed as my pee cascaded out of me triggering the most sensational orgasm; a double release.

My hot piss squirted everywhere, gushing down my legs and saturating me. I threw my head back and let it go, and all the time the woman fingered my clit and moved her fingers inside my longing cunt. I had never had an orgasm like it and it wouldn’t stop; a second wave tore through me immediately after the first leaving me weak and quivering.

I relaxed completely as my pee slowed and trickled to a stop. It was over. I breathed hard as I slowly recovered my senses and righted myself. My shoes and legs were soaked and my thong lay in the pool of piss at my feet.

The woman slowly withdrew her fingers from my glistening hole and I watched with deep satisfaction as she licked each one clean, savouring the taste of my juices and pee.

“How was that?” she smiled.

I closed my eyes and let out a contented sigh.

“It was the best,” I replied.

I opened my eyes again and smiled but she had gone, melting away across the field and disappearing into back the crowd.

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