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Tutoring Jean

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The mid-term grades had just been posted and most of the class crowded around the board trying to see. I was near the back of the crowd and just waited.

“Wow Bob, an ‘A’! You must be a genius.”

I looked behind me to see Jean, one of the nicer looking women in the class.

“What did you get?”

“A fucking ‘D’. Maybe I need you to tutor me.”

“If you want I’d be happy to try and help.”

“Not sure I can be helped.”

“The next test is in a week. Bet you can do better.”

“I know. The weekly tests are about as hard as the mid-term too. Can’t hurt to try. You free tonight?”


“Come in Jean.”

“This is some place. You live here alone?” Jean left her books on the table and walked around the great room. “Look at the city lights. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.”

I had and I was looking at it right now. Her jean skirt was begging to be pulled off and the way those nipples were stretching the fabric of her blouse looked like they would rip a hole any second.

She stood in front of a bookcase filled with books and CD’s. “Van Morrison, cool. My Mom likes him.”

That put me in my place, but I tried not to feel old.

“‘Best Erotic Short Stories’, you read these?” Before I could say anything she let the book fall open and began reading out loud.

‘Her knees rested on either side of his face as her pussy hovered lightly above his lips, his tongue probing her wetness.’

Still holding the book opened to that page, she walked towards me. “Oh-h-h Bob, you dirty man.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“Would you like to do that to me?”

“Jean, I’m old enough to be your grandfather.”

She was close enough to me to almost rub that lovely body against me. “I’m not a little girl. I’m 19. Maybe I like my men to be more mature.” The hand that held the book lifted it enough for her to see the page. She read more.

‘Her soft folds of skin moved back and forth across his mouth forcing his tongue to drag through the ever growing puddle of juices forming on them.’

“Damn Bob, that sounds just like what my pussy is doing about now. What is it going to take to get you to be like in the book?”

I knew the answer was ‘not much’ as I continued to watch her cleavage seeming even more pronounced as her chest expanded with each breath. My hand moved without control by my mind until it rested on her waist.

The book fell at our feet as she moved closer and the last few inches that had been separating us vanished. Her hand rose to hold my neck. The bottom of her blouse lifted just enough that my hand now lay on bare skin. There was no way I would stop now.

Her young fingers were unbuttoning her blouse as she looked at my face. “Is that the bedroom?”

There were pieces of her clothing on the floor all down the hallway and into the bedroom.

I stood next to the bed looking at one of the nicest naked bodies I’d ever seen and this one was right in front of me, not on the page of a magazine or in a movie. She was touching herself between the legs that were spread wide open.

“See anything you like Bob?”

Like me, even my 62-year-old cock was getting quite excited while I slipped my pants off. As I put the cuffs together to drape them over the back of the chair, I felt so old.

“Just toss them on the floor and ravage me.”

My compulsive habits screamed at me ‘be neat’ and at the same time my cock was screaming something else, something I’d not heard it scream for such a long time. My cock won.

Our bodies lay next to each other, the feel of her soft young skin so foreign to me. Her hand rested over my cock and her fingers touching my balls. “Nice cock Bob.” Her lips pressed against mine and within seconds our tongues were sliding around each other’s mouth. I was in heaven. I hoped she was not in hell.

A breast filled my hand. “Hope I’m not too small,” she whispered into my ear and then nibbled my earlobe, leaving it quite damp.

“It’s perfect Jean.” I had not held that many, but there was no doubt it was the best that my hands had ever rested against. I could feel the nipple against the aging skin of my palm. My fingertips squeezed it between them. “I didn’t think it could get bigger.”

“It likes your fingers.” Her fingers were already busy with my cock. No one had ever touched me so nicely.

In an effort to remember what to do, my mind replayed some of the stories I’d read so many times. It had been years since the last time. My wife and I had only kissed for a while before I put my cock inside her. If I did only that now, I was afraid this might never happen again. It might not no matter what I do.

Her nipple entered my mouth. “Yes,” she moaned. My tongue dragged back and forth across it. “Wonderful,” she moaned even louder. Her fingers ran though my hair, twisting stands around a finger or two. I could feel a slight pressure against my head almost pushing me further downward. I didn’t resist.

I lay against a thigh looking at her hairless pussy, the aroma filling my senses and drawing me closer. My fingertip touched a bead of moisture that was ready to drip toward the mattress, and then pushed in between the folds of skin. Lazily the tip of my finger slid upwards through them. I touched her clit. “Fucking great!” she screamed. I took the swollen piece of flesh between two fingertips and rolled it back and forth. “Right Bob!” she yelled.

No longer could I resist and I leaned my mouth close enough to lick her clit, then put my tongue inside her. It was better than the descriptions in the erotic short stories. It truly was the nectar of the gods.

Within moments Jean was bucking and rubbing her crotch against my mouth. I was almost unable to control her movements, almost unable to maintain contact. She knew and her hands held my head tight against that most wonderful part of her.

“Put a finger in me,” she begged then she put a hand over the area just below her stomach. “Press it hard against where my hand is.”

As I followed her instructions, she began to bounce even more violently, her fingers gripping the sheet as if to avoid flying up and hitting the ceiling. After a few minutes, she started asking me to stop. I did. She relaxed.

“Was that good?” I asked like a novice lover.

“Oh Bob, THAT was very good. Your turn.”

She kissed me on the mouth for a few minutes and then moved so she was between my legs.

“So this is what I was holding in my hand? You are damn good looking Bob.”

I didn’t get to reply before half my cock was in her mouth. Her fingers fondled my balls as she bobbed her head up and down letting her lips slip along the shaft of my cock.

“This is my first…” I started.

“You’re teasing me aren’t you?”


She held my shaft with one hand as her lips worked around the swollen head. I leaned on my elbows watching what she was doing to me knowing that my ability to resist letting a big load fly was small.

“It’s about…”

Her lips tightened around the head as her movements became more vigorous. I took that to mean she didn’t mind me filling her mouth. And I did in much greater amounts than I was used to these days.

She looked up with a glob dripping from the corner of her mouth. “So good Bob.” She crawled up along me until her lips were next to mine. I could smell myself on her face and I knew what was about to happen. She kissed me and for the first time, I tasted my own cum. Her tongue remained in my mouth as I licked more from it.

I lay there with my hand resting over her pussy, just looking into her baby blue eyes.

“That was nice Jean.”

She gave me a quick kiss. “Better than nice.” She rolled me onto my back and lay on top of me looking at my face. The warmth of her skin was causing me to become erect again. “That was quick old man,” she teased as she wiggled her pussy against the head of my cock making it grow hard even faster. “Did you take a blue pill?”

“Nope. Just the wonderful feel of your luscious body.”

“This time I want you to cum in my pussy. You up for that?” Her pussy was already a few inches down my cock and I wasn’t going to ask her to stop.

She took her time as she worked her hips back and forth letting my cock almost slip completely from inside her and then slide the rest of the way down. I neither was close to cuming or getting soft.

“That feels wonderful Jean.”

“Yes it does. I like the way you are staying hard.”

“You seem to know how to make it stay that way.”

My hands moved along her sides pausing to touch her chest, my fingers twisted her nipples. I was surprised that I had another cum ready and could feel it gush once inside her.

“Thank you Bob.”

The sun peeked through the edges of the curtains casting a little light on Jean’s naked body lying next to me, the sheets just barely covering her hips leaving the top of her crack exposed. How did I get so lucky? I just lay there savoring the glorious view of such an angel in my bed. My cock was acting like a young man’s for a change and was already begging for more of what had happened last night.

She rolled over and blinked a few times. “Hey my good-looking stud.” She kissed me and reached between my legs. “Oh my … look what else is awake.” She didn’t let go, instead began to slowly stroke it.

I reached between her legs and inserted a finger. “Don’t think I can get enough of you.”

“Hope not. I know I can’t get enough of you darling.” Jean bent down and let her mouth swallow my whole cock without a pause. After three or four sucks, she climbed on top of me and let the shiny shaft disappear inside her. “I like being on top of you. Do you mind?”

What a silly question. “I love you however you want me.”

“You’re a sweetheart.”

After many trips along my cock with her pussy, Jean was breathing through an open mouth, and her head was thrown way back. “My pussy loves your cock,” she wailed. I could feel that wet warm piece of flesh convulse and hold me tight like a soft vice that would never let me go. As it relaxed a little, then squeezed hard again, I felt my orgasm start. I knew I was filling her cunt with my juices. After the fourth shot I could feel it start to drain from her down between my own legs. I surprised even myself as the seventh and eighth shots left my cock.

“Shoot it again baby.” Jean yelled as she squeezed her cunt as tight as she could on the next trip up and down. “I love it.”

Alas, I had no more left.

“You made me cum too,” she moaned softly as she collapsed on my chest, her mussed hair against my face. “I love the smell of your chest Bob.”

“Maybe it’s my new lotion called ‘Jean'”

“You are too kind.”

We stood face to face in the shower, water falling from the large showerhead like a pleasant morning rain on 2 young lovers in the woods.

My fingers parted the lips of her pussy and felt just a little inside the wonderful pieces of flesh. “I could get use to you real easily.”

“I’d like that.” Jean held my semi-flaccid shaft with her fingers. “I’d like that a lot.”

“Do you have to go anywhere today?”

“Just a class in a few hours.”

“Can I buy you breakfast?”

“Sure. There’s something right here I’d like to eat too.”

A second finger went deep inside her. “Likewise.”

Hand in hand, we walked down the sidewalk, our hands swinging back and forth. Jean skipped a few times like her feet could barely stay on the ground.

“Do you mind?” she asked softly.

“Mind what?”

“Being seen with me.”

“Hell no! You make me feel like a kid again.”

I put my arm around her waist and pulled her closer as we walked along the sidewalk. A woman not quite my age passed us and stared then frowned. We both smiled at her. I knew there would be a lot of that and I didn’t care. I let my hand slide down a little until it rested over a hip for a moment, then I moved it back up.


“Of what?”

“I might push you into those bushes and make you jump my bones.”

“Yeah, like you would have to do a lot of ‘making’.”

We laughed and banged the sides of our hips against each other a few times as we skipped along.

“For two?”

“Yes please. A booth if you have one.”

She put the menus on the table. “Coffee?”

“Yes for both of us.”

“Nice to see a father take his daughter out to breakfast.” She poured the coffee and left.

I thought to myself ‘At least she didn’t say grandfather’.

Jean moved even closer to me on the seat and put her hand over mine. “Oh Daddy I hope you can tuck me in bed again like last night.”

“I will if you are a good little girl.”

“If I’m bad, will you spank me?” She had a devilish grin on her face.

“I might have too.”

We looked up. The server must have been listening and the look on her face made it seem she didn’t think anything we had said was very funny. We ordered and with a “humph”, she walked off.

Jean opened the door without knocking. “Daddy, it’s me!” she said loudly.

I walked out of the den. “How’s my little girl?”

“I was bad.” She bent over and pulled her skirt up over one hip. “Don’t spank me too hard.”

Without a pause, the palm of my hand landed kind of hard on the pale skin. A loud ‘whack’ echoed through the room. The skin turned very pink.

“Oh Daddy, I’ll be good.”

A second ‘whack’ roared through the room.

“I promise Daddy.”

I pulled the hem of her skirt further up as she continued to bend over. My hand rubbed her cheeks and then a finger pressed into her pussy.

“Daddy … you sure know how to teach your little girl to be good don’t you?”

“I may need to punish you more in the bedroom.”

“Not the bedroom.” She frowned. “Just punish me here in the entryway.”

She stood up and leaned against the wall with one leg pulled up high. “Do me, right here!”

My pants fell around my ankles as my hips jerked forward driving my cock deep inside Jean.

“Oh yeah Daddy.”

She was going wild role-playing. I guess I was too. My tongue was deep in her mouth as I slammed my cock up her cunt over and over until I felt myself starting to shoot load after load of hot cum inside her.

“Your cum shooting in my cunt feels so-o-o good Daddy.”

The empty drawer was open. “I was hoping you might want to put something in here.”

Jean put a few pairs of panties and other pieces of clothing in it. “And I was hoping you would want me too.” She slowly pushed the drawer closed, and then turned towards me. Her arms lay on my shoulders as she lifted herself on her toes to kiss me. “It’s impulsive.”

“I know, but I’m willing to risk it.”

I picked her slim light body up and cradled her in my arms while I carried her to the edge of the bed. She sat and watched me unfasten my pants for the second time in not so very long.

“That excites me Bob.”

I nodded my head as I pulled my pants off and just tossed them on the floor.

“Bob is being wild and crazy.” Jean said in a teasing way as she laughed before lying back on her elbows with her knees spread very wide.

“How could I not with such a beautiful woman lying in front of me?”

“I don’t know. How?” She dragged a finger through her pussy and then slowly licked it.

We lay diagonally on the bed, our bodies pressed against each other, and our hands gently touching all over. All that could be heard was the sound of loving kisses being traded back and forth.

The days soon became weeks. Our passion remained high and our free time filled with wonderful sex.

Three of the books of erotic short stories lay on the bed as we sat naked facing each other. I picked up one, not a particular one, just the one on the top, and began reading a random page.

‘Betty kissed her sister deeply while John watched, his throbbing cock wrapped with his fingers.’

I looked over the top of the page and Jean was gently fingering her pussy.

‘Her sister’s hand probed Betty’s sopping wet pussy with two fingers. Betty moaned.’

Jean gasped “Ah-h-h.” Her fingers were hidden deep inside her now. “Read more.”

‘Quickly fingers were replaced with lips, lips of both women on the clit of the other.’

“Oh-h-h fuck!” Jean said in a near scream, maybe a deep roar. My mind too focused on what I was watching to hear much detail.

‘John coated his shaft with lotion and began pushing it into Betty’s ass. She begged him to push harder.’

I rested the book in my lap, my cock now pressed between the edge of the book and my stomach, and watched Jean finish her orgasm. She sat there with her finger lying against her pussy.

“I liked that,” she whispered hoarsely.

“What turned you on the most?”

“The two women together. I’ve only had a cock in my ass once.”

“I’ve never done any anal sex. Have you been with a woman?”

“Twice with one girl. I like being with you more than anything, but would you like me to be with a woman?”

“Only if you would. Those parts of the stories excite me too.”

At least once a week we took turns reading to each other from the erotic books that were growing in number. Tonight it was Jean’s turn.

‘Sandy licked Judy’s pussy while Frank watched his wife from the louvered closet door.’

She stopped and looked at me. “If we brought another woman into bed, would you be able to still love me?”

“I would like to think so.”

“I don’t want to risk it.”

‘Frank gasped as his cum gushed from his hard cock. Judy jerked around as she heard the noise. Frank fell against the door and then onto the floor in front of it. “Fuck you Sandy!” Judy screamed as she grabbed her clothes and ran down the hallway then out the door.’

First one, then another book fell on the floor as we lay facing each other, her hand sliding over my hip as we kissed. Her fingers disappeared into the crack of my ass. She paused and pulled her face back slightly as her fingertip began probing my asshole. I could feel my cheeks tighten as it entered me.

“You mind?” she quizzed.

“Do I get to fill yours with my cock?”

I stood behind Jean, my arms wrapped around her waist. “Look at those waves.” I kissed the side of her face.

“This is going to be a great summer. I’m so glad we can spend three whole months at the beach.”

“It will be a good break from classes. I can’t think of a more wonderful person to be here with.”

“I love you Bob. Just think, we’ve been together four months now.”

“Kind of funny no one understands how we could have lasted this long.”

She turned in my arms and kissed me, gently at first, then letting the passion flow for a few minutes before pausing. “I don’t care what they think.” Her tongue once again explored my mouth.

We walked through the edge of the surf where the water just barely reached as the waves broke against the sand to our side.

“Hey!” I teased as Jean kicked the water and most of it splashed on me.

“Got to get those trunks of yours wet somehow.”

“Not fair. You don’t have enough material on you to get wet.”

“Don’t you like a little bare skin?”

“A little? Careful, I might pull you in the water and rip those few square inches of fabric off you.”

“Any then what?” Her hands rested against my waist for a moment before sliding one hand up over my nipple.

I cupped a hand under the nice cheek of her ass and lifted her slightly off her feet so her lips were directly in front of mine. I paused for a moment just looking at her face.

“I melt every time I look at you Jean.”

“Well I feel a part of you that doesn’t seem to be melting.” She giggled and reached down between us. “Yup. That’s definitely not melting.”

A large wave snuck up and crashed hard against us. We fell landing with Jean on top of me.

“Damn wave seems to want us to fuck.” I laughed as I pushed our bottoms down enough to slide my cock inside her.

Nearly to the covered patio of the summerhouse, two women holding hands approached us.

“Hello. We’re staying in the house next to yours. I’m Sandy and this is Betty.”

Sandy wore a one-piece swimsuit, Betty a long t-shirt. Both were okay looking, probably midway in age between us.

“Have a nice walk,” Jean called out with a wave of the hand as they passed us without further conversation.

The warm water of the shower poured over us as our hands rubbed the bars of soap and covered us in a soft smooth lather.

“Good God Bob, don’t you ever get soft?”

“Making up for a lifetime without such a lovely sexy woman next to me.”

“Just so it’s me.”

“No doubt about that. I can’t imagine anyone else.”

Our hands brushed the lather away with gentle touches of the tender parts of our bodies. She held me close with her hands resting over my hips.

“Make me moan.”

Barely dried off, I carried her to bed and began licking the beads of water from her breasts. A palm covered her crotch for a moment followed by fingers sliding inside.

“You have a magic touch darling.”

Her legs were in the air over my shoulders as my tongue probed her digging for her clit. “YES!” she screamed loudly as I sucked it hard into my mouth. She laid her hands against her thighs and pressed them to the side making even more room for me. Two fingers went all the way inside and rubbed around pressing hard against THE spot. “I like it like that.” Seconds later she was thrusting her hips up against my face and cupping her breasts in her hands.

She fell limp and started breathing more normally. “You ARE good.”

I pushed her legs up against her chest and dragged a finger through the crack of her ass stopping just over that opening and let my finger probe gently.

“What did you find back there?”

“Another part of you I kind of like.”

“Strangely I’m liking that a little too.”

“Nice to be away from all the uproar of town,” Jean remarked as I rubbed lotion on her back.

“I’m just happy to be with you.”

“Thanks for all you do for me Bob.”

“You give me so many things I’ve only read about. … Roll over and I’ll do your front.”

As the lotion dripped over her stomach, she jumped a little. “Did you take that out of the freezer?”

“Guess I’ll have to warm you up. Got any ideas?”

She pushed her swimsuit bottom down to her knees. With one hand, I pulled it over her feet. Her knees fell apart.

“What a mind reader,” I gasped as I looked at the folds of skin outlining her pussy. My fingers massaged all between Jean’s legs.

“Oh my…” she moaned loudly not thinking anyone could hear her over the roar of the surf.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt,” the voice said.

We didn’t know how long she had been standing there. Long enough so that what we had been doing wasn’t a secret. My fingers remained inside Jean. “Hello.” Then I slipped them out.

“We met the other day.”

Jean sat up, her bare feet were on the floor on each side of the lounge chair leaving her crotch uncovered and very exposed. “You’re Sandy? Right?”

“I’ll get some beers.” I walked away licking my fingers.

When I returned, Sandy was sitting on the end of the lounge Jean was on. It was pretty damn clear what she was looking at.

I sat on the other lounge and handed each of them a beer. “Nice beach. Love the white sand and blue water.” I held up the bottle up in a silent toast.

“My friend Betty and I are here for the summer.”

“Us too.” Jean said before taking a sip of beer.

“Did I hear someone talking about me?” There was a little giggle as the new woman rested her hand on Sandy’s shoulder before she leaned in to kiss her.

“You must be Betty?” Jean remarked before introducing us.

“Guess I need to get another beer. Have a seat.” I pushed a few more chairs toward Sandy and Betty before walking into the house.

The cool evening breeze blew through the open windows. The full moon provided the only light in the room. I could easily see Jean bouncing up and down over my hips.

“Your cock fills me so nicely,” she screamed not caring who could hear her. “Hope you never get tired of me fucking you!”

I could barely breathe much less speak. I just lay there watching her pussy slide up and down the shaft of my cock. We had already made love more times than I had all my life before I met her.

“No way,” I finally managed to gasp with the small amount of air I was able to inhale.

“I love the way you stay so nice and hard.”

I’d lost track of how many times her pussy had just swallowed me, fifty maybe. Maybe double that. I never felt it was too many.

“You are lasting much longer these days. I like that.”

I could no longer hold back and the first of several shots of cum began filling her.

“Oh Bob … that feels so wonderful.”

The third and last shot left my cock and a teasing frown formed on her face. “Sorry,” I said.

She lay on my chest and kissed me a few times. “Baby, you’re my stud. Don’t be sorry.”

We cuddled for a while without saying anything.

Jean’s hand rested between my legs. “Think they’re lovers?”

“No doubt.”

“Remember that story?”

“Yes. I think about it occasionally.”

“Dirty boy.” Her fingers slide along my gooey shaft. “Ever want to watch?”


“Or one of them with me?”

“Who’s dirty now?”

“I think you are. Look who’s cock just got hard.”

I just nodded as her hand continued to stroke.

The ocean was calm and quiet for a change.

“Suck my clit!” a voice screamed. “Finger my cunt baby!” it screamed again.

“What are you listening too?”


“Oh baby … fuck me.”

Jean looked at me with a lustful smile. “That’s coming from their house.”

“Oh my.” I felt like a voyeur realizing that was overhearing someone having sex. But now all I could hear was the voice of my most wonderful lover.

“Sure makes me want my pussy eaten out.”

“By who?”

“You my dear … of course.”

“What if they offered?”

“Only if you could be there.”

Jean was bent over, her legs straight. “Look at this shell.”

“I’d rather look at your fine ass.”

“It IS nice,” the voice said.

I looked around.

Jean stood up. “Hi Betty.”

“Sorry, shouldn’t have said that.”

The wind caught the bottom of the long t-shirt that Betty seemed to always have on and lifted it enough to reveal that she had nothing on under it. She didn’t pull it down.

“Now THAT is something fine.” Jean cooed with a sexy grin.

“Thanks.” Her finger dragged slowly between the folds of skin one time. “It likes to be touched.” She puckered her lips for a fraction of a second like she was kissing someone. The wind stopped and the hem fell over her hand still resting between her legs.

Jean watched the action, then rubbed her tongue across her lips once.

Betty walked past letting her hand touch Jean’s bottom. “Bob, take care of that nice ass of hers.” There was a brief pause. “Of course if you need help…” A large wave crashed drowning out what she said next.

We watched her walk away, the back of her shirt bouncing up a few times exposing her hips.

“Bob…” Jean cupped my crotch. “Oh my God, look what I found. Did that turn my lover on?”

I stood next to the bed looking at my angel lying naked with the sheet pushed down to her knees.

“There’s my teddy bear.” Jean reached out and touched my nearly erect cock. “Both of them.”

Faintly we heard voices.

“Wouldn’t you like to have your mouth between Jean’s legs?”

“Fuck yeah! Bet Bob likes it down there too.”

“I’ve heard them. Sounds like he keeps his prick hard for a long time.”

Jean pulled on my hand until I fell next to her.

“Well old man, maybe you have a harem and didn’t know it.”

“There’s only ONE woman in my harem.”

“Wouldn’t you like three women pampering you just for a night?”

“Maybe you should be the pampered one.”

The sun was just perfect on top of the sand dune and I watched Jean walking alone by the water’s edge.

“Never thought I’d see you without Bob.” Betty called out.

“Kind of hoping I’d bump into you. You had something that was pretty the other day.”

“This?” Betty pulled the front of her long t-shirt up just enough to reveal half of her pussy before letting it back down.

Jean reached out and placed her hand between Betty’s legs. “Yeah that.”

Betty’s mouth opened wide and she gasped as two fingers entered her.

“I had a dream about you. I heard you talking about having your face between my legs. I tried to picture it as Bob sucked me that night. I could see you down there so clearly.”

“How about if Bob watched me do that? Bet that would be a big fucking turn on for him.”

“Maybe for all four of us.”

“Hell yeah!” Betty said as she shoved her hand inside Jean’s swimsuit bottom.

Jean’s expression changed suddenly. I heard her moan, “Oh yes baby!” Betty continued to finger her even as Jean’s legs buckled and she eventually fell sprawled on the sand.

“Imagine what my mouth would do to you,” Betty said as she leaned over and kissed the soaked fabric of the swimsuit bottom.

Rain pounded on the roof, almost as hard as my heart beat in my chest as I watched. Jean’s legs were high in the air as both Sandy and Betty took turns licking.

A finger jammed inside. “Yeah … finger me!” Another finger was added.

I sat next to Jean’s head and stroked her face with my hand. Her mouth was wide open as she tried to breathe. She turned her head and my cock bounced against her mouth and her tongue reached out to lick it.

For hours, the sounds of sexual excitement echoed through the room as first one, and then another person experienced some form of release.

I awoke with them on one side of the bed and we were on the other. My eyes opened just enough to see the clock, ‘4:19’ the big orange numerals read as I rolled over and drifted off to sleep.

The next time I woke up, Sandy and Betty were walking out the bedroom door. Betty turned. “Take good care of that delicious woman.” I would, no problem.

That was the only time we shared ourselves with others. It was too much fun just being alone with each other. Jean never lost her knack of helping me become erect enough to make love with her. Even after I couldn’t, even after the blue pills no longer helped, at least we both enjoyed my mouth drinking her always-delicious juices.

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