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Fred, Mary & Jessica again

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Fred couldn’t remember how he got into the city the next morning. In fact when he realised he was in the city he couldn’t remember waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast and getting into the car. He even glanced down guiltily to make sure he was dressed.

He had gone to the city, he decided, because it was about the time he usually went there. He tried to remember what he usually bought in the hypermarket and in this way he slowly managed to work his way around to the checkout.

He noticed that he had remembered to buy more Cava to replace yesterday’s consumption.

He was standing in line at the checkout when he felt a smooth palm stroke over his buttock. He whirled around to see Hilary standing behind him. After the initial shock he grinned at her and she moved close to him and slid her hand on to his naked thigh tight against his crack.

“Hi Fred,” she laughed, “are you any closer to selling yet?”

“After the shock you’ve just given me I think I am,” he smiled. “I nearly had a fatal heart attack.”

Hilary didn’t move her hand as they neared the head of the queue. Soon it was Fred’s turn and the checkout girl noticed his best feature in his shorts and smiled at him. He paid and waited for Hilary as she paid for her few items.

“Can I buy you a coffee?” he asked, looking at her fully for the first time. Hilary was carefully made up for business but was still provocatively dressed in a blue top today which was a twin of the lemon one of a few days ago. Today her shorts were cream with lots of pockets. High-heeled white sandals completed her dress.

“Best offer I’ve had today”, she laughed and looked directly down at his full shorts.

They retired to the coffee shop and quietly watched the people passing by. Truth to tell Fred spent more time watching Hilary’s body as it moved beneath her minimal outfit; he bet she wasn’t wearing a bra again.

“Do you like it Fred,” she laughed. “I must say I like you looking at me.”

“Yeah,” growled Fred. “I was just wondering if you are wearing a bra today. I want to suck your nipples.”

“I almost never wear a bra Fred. I’ll have to come and see you again soon and prove it. I have to go; are you parked underground here?”

“Yes, I’ve got to go too. I’ll come with you. By the way, is there a Mr. Van thingy?”

Hilary laughed out loud as they walked down the escalator together. She took his hand and rubbed it between her legs, over her pussy.

“I’m divorced Fred so there’s no angry husband watching me.”

“Just lots of salivating boyfriends, I expect. God, you’re hot Hilary. To put it bluntly, I would love to fuck you. Could you fancy a cock that’s thirty years older than you are?”

“Of course I could. Don’t forget I’ve already seen what it can do. There’s nothing wrong with your penis Fred. I want it to fuck me soon. There, how’s that?”

They had reached her car. Fred took her key and as he bent down to insert it into the lock Hilary inserted her long fingers into the hem of his shorts and unerringly grasped his prick. Fred turned slowly and in the middle of a busy car park raised Hilary’s top to reveal her juicy breasts. She didn’t flinch; just gazed into his eyes and squeezed his cock some more.

“I’ll be over as soon as I can get another appointment near to you. I definitely want that fuck now. OK?”

“Oh fuckin’ Kay,” said Fred as he restored Hilary’s modesty. They kissed firmly, tongues playing, and then separated.

Fred drove home thinking of Hilary, relishing the feel of his erection in his shorts. As he neared home his thoughts returned to Jessica and his cock hardened up even more.

As he opened his gates and parked his Jeep he thought that she hadn’t come and he felt acute disappointment. Then he saw Prince sitting outside the washhouse loo and knew that he had a visitor.

Then he saw her! Jessica! She came through the poolside door and waved to him. She was naked! ‘Christ she is so beautiful’ he thought and quickened to meet her. She flung herself into his arms and kissed him full on the lips.

“Oh Fred, I’ve been waiting ages for you. I walked here so I was hot when I arrived. I stripped off straight away to cool off. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath today ‘cos I left my bikini here didn’t I? Did you see it? How do I look?”

“Oh Christ Jessica, you are the most beautiful creature on this earth. If my cock could possibly grow another centimetre at the sight of you it would. Please stay all day and let me feast my eyes on your beauty!”

Jessica’s arms had remained around Fred’s neck and now she kissed him again.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes and let’s have a nice cool drink,” she smiled. “I’ve just been for a pee. I wanted to do it in front of you like yesterday but I couldn’t wait. I went to the loo ‘cos it seemed a bit pointless doing it outside if there was no one else to see it. I’ll have a few drinks then I’ll be able to do it for you. Will you like that?”

“I’ll like everything and anything you do, you beautiful nymph you. Come on, help me carry these groceries into the casa and then we’ll get that drink.”

Fred was thirsty so he grabbed a bottle of cold water out of the fridge as they were carrying the goods indoors. When they had finished he went down to the bedroom and discarded his shopping clothes and put on a clean pair of swimming shorts. He returned to the naya and picked up his water.

“Hey, that’s not fair,” complained Jessica. “I’m naked for you. Why have you got shorts on? I’m going to take them off you!”

She was surprised that Fred didn’t try to stop her. All he did was pour cold water all over her breasts as she dropped his shorts to reveal his semi hard prick. She stood up and grabbed his arms and then collapsed against him as he began to drink the spilt water off her generous breasts. He licked her long warm slopes with the hard nub at the top. Every time he reached a nipple he sucked on it and nipped it with his teeth.

Jessica rubbed herself against Fred, pressing her beautiful body to his more than mature one. He kissed her again and released her.

“Now Jessica darling,” he said. “I want you to go over to your sun bed again. I’m going to get my coffee and then I’ll open us a bottle of Cava. I’ll come over to you and put your sun cream on all over you. I’m going to indulge myself by just looking at you. We’ll have a few drinks and a nice time. OK?”

“Sounds fantastic as far as it goes,” Jessica answered. “But Fred, you know that I want to touch your cock, don’t you? I only had a quick grope of it in the pool yesterday afternoon. I want to make it come all over me again and then I want you to make me orgasm again like you did yesterday. Can we do that?”

“We’ll see how it goes,” said Fred. “Now go and get ready for me.”

Jessica happily skipped off to the pool and Fred went into the kitchen. He prepared the drinks and took a deep breath before venturing outside again. His cock was ramrod stiff.

Jessica was lying on her front when he got to the pool. Her fantastic back and gorgeous buttocks were spread for him to admire and he did just that. Jessica heard him approach, bare feet or not.

“Please oil my back and bum now Fred. Then I can turn over and you can do my front while I drink my Cava.”

Fred picked up the bottle of oil. He tipped it up and squeezed. A thin stream of oil left the neck of the bottle and Fred guided it across Jessica’s shoulders, down her spine and then into circles over her glorious buttocks. Fred breathed deeply and applied his palms to her skin, gently but firmly stroking the oil into her body.

Her shoulder blades rippled under his touch. He was firm with the thinner flesh covering her spine. She squirmed a little as he tickled her waist and sighed loudly as he firmly stroked circles around her buttocks.

“Don’t forget the sides of my breasts and my bum crack,” Jessica murmured sleepily.”

Fred breathed deeply again. This time he poured the oil into his palm. He rubbed both palms together and then touched Jessica’s breasts for the first time. His cock shot up ramrod stiff and he had to take care to keep it from touching Jessica’s skin.

Then he touched the crack of her arse. Jessica moaned and spread her thighs to give him ease of access. He gazed in awe at her little puckered arsehole and the wet juicy crack of her pussy. He groaned audibly and smacked her bottom quite hard.

“Turn over Missy,” Fred groaned again. “If I don’t stop looking at your beautiful arse I’ll come all over it.” Jessica rolled over. “Ohhhh my God, I think I’ll come all over your breasts and cunt anyway.”

“Now that is proper grown up talk Fred,” giggled Jessica happily. “I decided while I was lying in bed last night playing with my pussy that I wanted you to be my next lover so it doesn’t matter how many times you come on me. Make it before Mummy comes though ‘cos I want to have you on my own for a while.”

Jessica reached for and passed Fred his Cava and then picked up her own.

“Cheers,” they toasted each other.

Fred couldn’t help himself. He began to wank his cock again and Jessica open her eyes wide to watch. She spilled some of her wine on to her breasts and they both watched as the excess trickled down to her bejewelled belly button.

“Don’t waste that drop,” whispered Jessica. “Drink it off me!”

Fred threw his leg over her thighs and sat on them. He stuck his tongue into her belly button and licked. Jessica bucked and pulled his head down to her. Fred headed upwards, licking Cava from the valley between her breasts. When he had removed it all he rested his head on her breasts and licked gently.

“My nipples please Fred, suck my nipples and play with my titties. They are aching for your tongue and your hands. Ohhhh yess my darling, that’s soooo goooood!”

Fred’s cock and balls were now resting on Jessica’s shaved pussy; her juice was evident to him as he pressed down gently. He groaned and begged to her.

“Now you can touch my cock Jessica darling. It’s ready to burst all over you. I’m going to come all over your body again.”

Jessica carefully took his cock in her hands, her long slender fingers around his shaft. She just naturally started frigging him slowly. Fred groaned again.

“Oh Fred, your cock feels beautiful. No wonder Mummy loves it inside her. I want it too. You’re so hot and I can fell it throbbing. Are you coming soon?”

“Yes Jessie darling, right this fucking second! Ohhh my God, here it comes!”

Jessica’s hands on Fred’s cock froze as she felt his spunk shoot through it. He ejaculated on to her breasts, splashing both with his first blast. Jessica recovered and tossed him again, this time directing his spurts on to her belly then back on to her breasts again with a final one reaching her mouth. Fred stopped spurting but Jessica didn’t let go of his cock, looking at the little eyehole in the end with a sense of wonderment. Then she pulled him nearer, opened her mouth and sucked his knob in, licking and sucking until it was clean. Only then did she release him and begin to collect his spunk from her belly and breasts, sucking it from her fingers as she worked. As she finished she pulled his head to her and they kissed, sharing the last of his spunk.

Jessica refilled their glasses, no mean feat as Fred was still sitting on her very hot pussy. She handed his glass to him and smiled.

“I saw a porno film once at a party and one of the girls in that film sucked the man’s cock after he’d shot his load all over her. I thought at the time that it was really horny and promised myself that I would do it to a favourite lover of mine. You are that lover, Fred my darling. Now, when do I get my orgasm?”

“Right now my angel,” replied Fred as he changed position so that he could comfortably get to Jessica’s pussy. He opened her thighs wider and plunged his tongue on to her pussy. He pushed his tongue into her crack as far as he could and sucked hard. He moved along the crack, sucking and nipping until he reached her clitoris. He had seen yesterday that her clitty was quite long when allowed to protrude from her crack so he now pulled it out with his lips, sucking firmly.

Jessica went off like a firecracker and thrashed and screamed into an orgasm the likes of which Fred had rarely seen. Coupled with her spasms came a veritable flood of cum juice. Fred set to, trying to drink as much as he could catch but quite a lot leaked through Jessica’s legs and on to the lounger. Jessica held his head to her mound and moaned and moaned, slowly relaxing and pulling her thighs together. Finally she lifted his head and smiled down at him.

“Fucking Hell, wasn’t that something,” she said. “I’m sorry Fred darling, but I think I’ve ruined your lounger cushion.”

“We’ll turn it over until I can get another,” he laughed. “It was worth every cent. Time for our pre lunch swim now my angel.”

They were still in the pool when Mary arrived. They didn’t hear her drive up and didn’t see her walk across the forecourt. Prince didn’t bark at one of his favourite people of course. They had forgotten to turn the lounger cushion over. Mary took a long look at that and walked to the edge of the pool, stripping off her top and shorts. She wore no bra or panties again so she stood and let her long hard stream of pee arc out before diving neatly into the pool and surfacing near Fred, grasping his cock.

“You need a new lounger cushion Fred,” she said. “My daughter seems to have ruined it!”

“Get me a supply of cushions my darling,” said Fred. “I think I’m going to need them!”

Mary stood in the pool and pressed her naked cunt against Fred’s flaccid cock. Flaccid or not, Fred loved the feeling and ground his crotch against his Mary’s cunt. He felt himself begin to grow; so did Mary.

“Jessica darling,” she said, “please go to the kitchen and find something to eat for lunch. Fred and I have to sort something out.”

Jessica climbed the steps out of the pool, both Fred and Mary watching the sight of her beautiful rear view as she ascended the steps. Fred grasped Mary’s bum and she in turn squeezed his cock. Jessica turned.

“I’ve found some, Fred darling,” she called. “Watch!”

After a few seconds her pee squirted out of her cunny, adding to her mothers drying puddle from a few minutes ago. Then she swayed across the forecourt, climbed the naya steps and disappeared into the villa.

“Ohhh Fred darling, you can’t resist her, can you?” sighed Mary. “Have you made love to her yet?”

“No, not yet, Mary my love,” he said. “She tossed me off or I would have about twenty minutes ago. She is just so beautiful and such a nice person too. Just like her mother!”

Fred pulled Mary to him and fondled her buttocks deep down into her crack with one hand and grasped her breasts and nipples with the other. Then he pulled her to the steps and they climbed out into the warm sun. He pushed Mary under the poolside shower and turned on the tap. As the water descended he pointed his cock at her body and let fly. Then they embraced under the shower before he turned off the tap.

“Is it too soon after Jessica to get you hard again my darling?” asked Mary as she took his tool in hand again. Fred began to grow in her warm clasp.

“I want you Mary,” gasped Fred. “I always want you. I used to want you when I saw you in the street or out and about with Graham. Oh God, that feels lovely; let me touch your pussy and lick your tits!”

Fred and Mary played with each other’s bodies, oblivious to the fact that they were visible to the outside world, even though it was unlikely as Fred’s villa was almost at the end of the road. Jessica watched from the naya as she brought out lunch from the kitchen. Her hand drifted between her thighs again.

Fred sat Mary on the balustrade and parted her thighs. Mary pulled his cock to her cunt entrance and watched as her lovers’ knob end slid between her lips on its way to heaven. They then both took a firm grip on each other’s buttocks and pulled hard into their bodies. Mary wrapped her legs around Fred’s waist. Soon Fred’s balls were slapping against Mary’s thighs and her pussy was making wet squelching noises.

God I’m going to come darling,” panted Fred. “Where do you want my spunk?”

“All the way up my cunny,” gasped Mary. “Show me you love me by filling me with your spunk; all the way up my passage.”

“Yes now darling, I’m coming nowww, nowwww, nowwwww! Fucking Hell, that’s a lot!”

“Ohhh yes my sweet, I can feel it. I can feel your lovely hot spunk shooting all the way up my cunt to the top! It’s making me come on you! Yesss, yessss, yesssss! Arghhhhhhhh!”

Gradually they stopped thrusting at one another. They smiled into each other’s eyes and then kissed, deeply and lovingly.

“Here you are, you guys,” said Jessica, handing them a glass of Cava each. “You’ve earned these. That was a beautiful and erotic sight. I love you both.”

Despite the fact that Fred was still deeply embedded in her mother’s pussy, Jessica kissed them both opened mouthed on the lips.

“Come and see what I found for lunch,” she laughed. “I’m hoping that it will give us energy for some more lovemaking afterwards.”

They all repaired to the naya but not before Mary had sucked their excess juices off Fred’s cock. There was plenty of salad and smoked salmon, with fruit and ice cream too. They soon drank the rest of the Cava and started on another bottle.

Fred was beginning to feel pleasantly drowsy when a soft hand aroused him by touching his soft cock. He opened his eyes to see Jessica kneeling before him, her magnificent breasts covered in cream and ice cream.

“I’m afraid I’ve made a bit of a mess Fred darling,” she said softly. “Could you help me by cleaning me up with your tongue.”

She sat on his knees and pushed her breasts towards his eager lips. Fred started licking the creamy substance off her breasts in long firm strokes, ending at a nipple each time. He gave each nipple a firm suck and a hard nip as he reached it. Jessica held his head in her hands and kept him tight against her, moaning with pleasure all the time.

Small drips of the nectar had dripped from her breasts and fallen on her newly shaved pussy lips. As Fred completed the breast-cleaning task Jessica stood and pulled his head to her pussy for him to finish the job. As soon as his tongue touched her crack she sobbed into a climax, grinding her soft warm pussy into Fred’s face.

“Fred darling, don’t forget me,” came Mary’s voice. “I need cleaning up too!”

Fred released himself from Jessica’s grasp and turned to Mary. She sat in her chair with her thighs wide apart. She had liberally spread cream and ice cream all over her naked snatch, her crack completely covered.

Fred bounded across the space between them and started work.

“I’ve got a lovely mixture for you darling,” she purred. “Cream, ice cream and mixed love juices from before lunch. Go on, lick me out and make me come again!”

Having found the crack at last Fred stuck his tongue in and scooped out the loving mixture. He then pulled Mary towards him and kissed her, mixing all the tastes together. He returned to the task in hand several times until she was clean of creams and empty of juices. Mary was thrashing and moaning as he licked deep into her vagina.

“Oh God yes Fred you horny bastard, I’m coming again. I love you, you fucker you. Ohhhh yes, I’m coming all over your lovely tongue. Ohhhhhhh!”

Fred cleared the table; he had to stand anyway after servicing Mary! The girls, mother and daughter, lay back in their chairs with satisfied smiles on their faces.

Fred returned to the naya and whispered into Jessica’s ear. “Off you go to your sunbathing now sweet darling. You’re neglecting your tan.”

Jessica uncoiled her splendid body out of the armchair, kissed Fred full on the lips, and sauntered across to the pool. Fred ran his fingers over Mary’s breasts to arouse her and then beckoned her to follow him indoors. He guided her to his bed.

He kissed Mary all over her breasts, belly and juicy crack. He rolled her over on to her front and kissed her bum cheeks, using long wet strokes from his tongue. He spread her thighs and dropped saliva down into her bum crack, watching it fill the small crater of her arsehole. Then he kissed it and Mary spasmed.

“Oh my God Fred, that felt fantastic. I’m making juice again for you. I must be insatiable. Are you going to fuck my arse again? Please do, I like your cock in my bum!”

“Present your hole for a rogering my darling,” Fred commanded. “I don’t know how my cock’s got hard again, but hard it certainly is. I’m going to slide it into your arse and then I’m going to fuck it!”

Mary lifted her bum high into the air. Fred felt around and into her pussy, siphoning her juice back into her arsehole. He pushed his cock into her pussy, right to the hilt. He then thrust in and out of her for a few times before withdrawing and pushing his cock at Mary’s rear entrance. He pulled her cheeks wide open, gazing at her widening arsehole. Because of the lubrication and possibly because of the familiarity he met little or no resistance and slid smoothly into her. He stopped, deeply embedded into his love.

“Oh God Fred that’s lovely,” said Mary as she squirmed on his tool. “You feel so hard and thick and so long too. Now we’ve done it this way a few times I really do like it. Start your fucking motion now. I’ll soon come, especially if you reach around me and feel me all over.”

Fred pulled almost out of her and then firmly thrust back in. Mary gave a little squeal and then thrust back on to him. This started a fucking duel between them. Fred reached around to Mary’s cunt and started playing with her clit and pushing two fingers deep into her. He could feel his own cock thrusting in her other hole.

That set him off and before long he was gasping a warning of his impending gusher. Mary was at the apogee of feelings by this time and encouraged him on.

“Yes Fred yes, fill my hole. Let me feel your hot seed squirting into my bum. I want; I need it. Shoot it now darling. Yes, that’s it, ohhhh yesss, that’s wonderful, all hot and sticky!”

Fred was completely drained. He had never shot so much spunk for years. In fact, he couldn’t ever remember such a day.

Fred and Mary dozed off into a little sleep and out by the pool Jessica did too. She felt so happy here and she was sure Fred would make love to her tomorrow or the next day. Before sleeping she had closely examined her shaved pussy and then had softly rubbed her fingers all over the area. Juice had started flowing freely from her crack even though she was nowhere near achieving an orgasm. She sipped at the remains of her Cava and daydreamed about feeding Fred’s lovely prick all the way up her cunny. She made more juice.

Suddenly Jessica was awakened by her mother calling to her. She had fallen asleep after all.

“Come on darling, it’s time to go. Gather your things together. I know we don’t have much between us but we had better look at least half decent as we go up the road. You can drive, here’s the keys.”

Mary retrieved her top and shorts from where she had dropped them by the pool; Jessica picked hers up from beside her lounger. She noticed that her pussy hadn’t stained the cushion too much and said so. Mary laughed.

“We’ll pick some more up from the pool shop tomorrow while we are out shopping. I’ve told Fred that neither of us will be here tomorrow morning, as you need some clothes to take back with you. It’s a fact that you don’t need them here.”

“Can I come here tomorrow afternoon mummy? I…I, still want to work on my tan.”

“And on Fred too, no doubt,” said her mother. “Jessica, of course you can come here tomorrow. Fred won’t say no, will he? As long as you’re sure that you know what you’re doing and what you want I will accept it. I won’t be here tomorrow so that you can have time alone with Fred. You’ve decided that’s what you want, haven’t you?”

“Oh yes mummy, that is definitely what I want. I won’t spoil it for you and Fred though. When I come back for Christmas I’ll bring a boyfriend and I’ll let you know in advance whether I want one room or two. Oh hi Fred, we’re just off.”

Fred had come out of the house and Prince bounded towards him. He had put his shorts on and there was no bulge at the moment.

“Goodbye my darlings, I love you both,” he said as he kissed them both goodbye. “I’ll see you on Wednesday then?” he asked.

“Yes,” said Mary as she got in the car.

“No, I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon after we get back from shopping,” whispered Jessica as she got into the driving seat. “You just have your cock ready!”

Fred and Prince watched and waved as his beauties drove away.


An insistent ringing in his head awakened Fred. It took him a few seconds to realise that it was his gate bell ringing. He also could now hear that Prince was barking outside.

He had dropped the window shutter last night and that was why the bedroom was still dark. He hopped out of bed and raised the shutter and looked towards the gate.

Christ! He had forgotten that Maria Elena had said that she was coming around. There she was at the gate, Prince jumping up and down in excitement.

Holá Maria Elena,” he shouted, “wait there. I’m coming!”

He grabbed the nearest pair of shorts and quickly trotted up the corridor to the naya and across the forecourt to the gate, having managed to grab the key as he went.

Maria Elena waited patiently as he opened the gate and let her in. Prince now stopped barking but did his party trick of pushing his nose into her crotch. She pushed him away and giggled.

“Senor Armstrong, good morning! I’m so sorry if I am too early and I’m also sorry that I have woken you. I did not realise the time.”

Fred gently took hold of her wrist and looked at her watch. It was showing a few minutes after ten o’clock.

“Oh my, Maria, I did not realise it was so late. I had a very busy day yesterday and was very tired last night. Come and have some breakfast with me and we can talk. It is lovely to see you again.”

Fred guided Maria Elena across the forecourt and admired her body as he did so. She was wearing a tiny white top, one of those that had no back, only strings. It stopped beneath her beautiful small but round breasts, their nipples clearly showing through the thin cotton. The only other item of clothing she wore, apart from her high-heeled sandals, was a pair of brushed denim shorts that once again clung precariously to her prominent hip bones.

Fred told her to make herself comfortable on the naya while he made coffee. A few minutes later he took her coffee and offered her a plate of sliced melon. As soon as he spotted the melon Prince sat before her with saliva beginning to drip from his jowls. Maria laughed.

“As I was saying, Maria Elena, it is lovely to see you again. You are looking so much happier than when I last saw you. Have you solved the problem of your over amorous boyfriend?”

Maria carefully fed Prince a piece of melon from the slice she was eating. Fred observed with interest as the melon juice dripped from the slice on to her breast, close to a nipple. His prick stirred.

“Oh yes thank you, Senor er, Fred,” she smiled at him and another drip of melon juice fell to her breast, this time scoring a bulls-eye on her nipple. She flicked at it in reflex and her nipple began to erect. Fred’s prick lengthened in his shorts.

“I’m sorry I was such a baby the other day,” she smiled at him again, noticing the swelling in his shorts. “I have definitely finished with Enrique. In fact, I am not going to see any more young boys for a while. I have a new admirer now. He is a widower of thirty five years, very handsome and very charming.”

“I am very pleased that you are happy again Maria but I am not so pleased that you have discarded my appreciation of you so soon. I had hoped that we might develop a close friendship. Please drink your coffee.”

Maria looked at Fred with concern on her face. “Oh please Fred, I do want us to be friends. I like you very much. Jose and I are just starting to be friends. He knows of my disappointment with Enrique and says he will respect my wishes. You were so nice to me last week and I feel that we can be such good friends. My friend Mary tells me that you are very good for her and says to me that I should try older men.”

“I think that you might find that I am much too old for you to consider a close friend, my dear. I will be delighted if you would visit me and let me admire your beauty every so often.”

“Do you think that I am beautiful Fred?” asked Maria. “I look at myself in the mirror and see all different things that are wrong with my body. Do you think that I could have a little brandy in my coffee? I think I need a little courage this morning.”

Fred handed her a small glass of brandy and took a larger measure for himself, thinking that it was a little early for drinking.

“Courage Maria, why would you need courage to visit and talk with me?”

“Because er Fred, I am alone with you for the first time and I can see that you like me to be here.” Maria looked down at the bulge in Fred’s shorts and smiled at him nervously.

“Just because I’m a horny old man doesn’t mean that I’m going to jump all over you my darling Maria. I admire you too much to do that. It just means that due to my age I don’t have any inhibitions about my body or who sees it. Anyway, what’s all this about faults with your body? I can’t see any. Come and look at yourself in my mirror and show me all your blemishes.”

Maria finished her brandy and coffee and walked into Fred’s house.

“Where is the mirror Fred?” she asked.

“In the bathroom,” he answered. “Let me show you.”

Fred walked down the corridor, into his bedroom with the crumpled sheets and on into the bathroom with the full-length mirror. Maria followed him a little tentatively, looking at the bed a little nervously. Then she saw the mirror.

“Oh my gosh,” she gasped. “What a huge mirror, I’ve never seen one so big before. Isn’t it fantastic! I can see all of me.”

Fred gently took her by the shoulders and turned her full on to the mirror. She looked into the mirror at his eyes as he admired her beautiful slender body.

“There,” he said, “I said that you were beautiful and the proof is before you. There is not a fault or a blemish in sight.”

“I don’t like my stomach and I think that my breasts are too small,” Maria complained. “Oh look, I’ve spilt melon juice on to my little top. You can see the stain.”

They both looked at the mark over her right nipple. Then Maria looked at Fred looking at her breasts. Neither of them said a word. Then she felt Fred touch the tie at her back and pull gently.

“Shall I get that mark out for you,” he said quietly, still tugging at her tie string. She looked at him in the mirror and nodded. He pulled hard on the string and there were her lovely rounded breasts reflected in the glass. They were perfect and he softly said so.

“Stay there and search for your blemishes,” he whispered. “I’ll put your top in soak and you can show them to me when I return.”

He was back in less than thirty seconds to find that she hadn’t moved. He was hard as he gently put his hands on her shoulders. Maria trembled slightly and leant back onto his naked hairy chest.

“So, show me your blemishes,” said Fred as he softly kissed her right ear. “To me you are just beautiful.”

Maria gave a little sob and turned around, flinging her arms around Fred and hugging him to her. She stayed silently like that for a while, stroking her little hands up and down his back. Then ……. .



“Can I touch you? Can I please feel your penis? I want to see one that is not threatening me, do you understand?”

“Of course you can, little one. I was desperate for you to ask. My cock is so hard because you are in my arms but you are quite safe. We will only play how you wish. Let us go back to the sunshine.”

Back to the naya they went, Maria beginning to enjoy her partial nakedness. Fred poured more coffee and brandy. As Maria raised her glass to her lips Fred dropped his shorts and stepped out of them. His rock hard cock bounced before her and Maria put her spare hand to her lips.

“Oh my gosh,” she gasped, “oh my gosh, that’s wonderful. I’ve never seen anything like that! Enrique’s was so small compared to yours Fred. Can I touch it now?”

“That’s the only reason I showed it to you. Come on, you come and sit here on my knee.”

So Maria sat on Fred’s knee and took a firm hold on to Fred’s ramrod, stroking it and squeezing it. Fred leaned back with his eyes tight shut, touching and pulling on her lovely little round breasts with the hard nipples. Maria started to toss him off quite firmly. She had obviously done this before!

“Maria, if you keep that up you’ll make me come,” he groaned. “Then I’ll have to wash your shorts too!”

Maria stood quickly and Fred watched as she dropped her shorts and panties to the floor. Her black pubic patch was neatly trimmed. Fred suddenly remembered his camera and picked it up from the shelf beside him. Maria Elena soon agreed to pose for him, Fred saying that he wanted to prove to her that she had no imperfections. He used a whole card of memory, taking several extreme close ups of her open pussy lips, her nipples and finally her arsehole.

Maria then remounted him by straddling his knees. She reclaimed her grip on his cock and resumed tossing. Fred gazed mesmerised.

“You’ve done this before, you little minx,” he groaned as his passion mounted.

“It is the only way to stop boys making you fuck with them,” she panted. “This or sucking them! Would you like me to suck you? You have a lovely penis, so hard and long.”

“You just do what you want, my darling. I love what you’re doing right now. I’m going to come all over your gorgeous flat tummy any minute now.”

“I think I will suck you next time Fred when I have more time. I am very tempted to try and put your er, cock, in my hole but I have to think about if I want to lose my virginity to you. Ohhh, Fred, I’m getting very wet! Please play with my clitoris.”

Fred slid his hand between Maria’s thighs and rubbed her vagina gently before rubbing his thumb over the hard nub of her clit. Maria reacted by jumping up and down as he explored her. This made her frig him more firmly and that took him over the limit.

He groaned out loud several times as a warning and then shot a great spurt of spunk all over Maria’s breasts and belly, followed by a second and then a third. Others followed until she was coated. He continued to stimulate her clitty and was rewarded with a stream of juice all over his thighs as she reached a high climax.

“Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh,” Maria screamed as she came over and over again. “Ahhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh, I can’t stop.”

But stop she did eventually and collapsed against Fred, coating his spunk and her juice all over them. They kissed for the first time, enjoying the taste of each other. They held each other and kissed many times until Maria sat up and said that she had to go.

“We had better have a shower before you go,” laughed Fred. “I don’t want your mother getting suspicious about what you’ve been up to.”

“I’m not on my way to meet mother,” giggled Maria. “I’m on my way to meet Jose. He definitely won’t want your cum all over me. I think he might want to show me his penis today so I’m pleased that I had a practice with you.”

Fred smacked her bottom with a resounding thwack as he followed her back to his bathroom and the shower. He retrieved her top on the way and popped it into the dryer.

They had a loving shower together, soaping each other all over; Fred spent a lot of time washing Maria’s crotch and she played likewise with his cock. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

As he dried her she asked him a question.



“Next time that I’m naked for you will you please smack me hard again? I think I quite liked it. If you put me over your knee I can play with your cock as you smack me.”

Fred agreed and kissed her again. Maria’s top was clean and dry so she dressed and then Fred dressed too. He and Prince got the car out and drove Maria into town where she was to meet her new flame. He parked where she told him and he kissed her goodbye with his hand feeling up her shorts with two fingers resting on her wet crack. Maria groped his cock as she jumped out on to the pavement.

“Goodbye my lover until the next time,” she said gaily. “Don’t let Jessica Martin wear you out this afternoon!”

Christ, women talking together again. Girls do it too!

As Fred drove up the main street he saw Becky coming out of a women’s wear shop. He tooted the horn and she looked up and saw him and waved. He pulled to a stop, double-parking in the street. Becky jumped in beside him and kissed him as he drove off.

“Hi lover,” she laughed as she placed a hand into his crotch, “how’s my friend today?”

“All the bigger for your touch,” grinned Fred as he looked across at her.

“My jeep’s just around to the left outside the doctor’s,” said Becky. “You can drop me off there please. No visitors today?”

“Oh yes,” grinned Fred again, “I’ve just dropped Maria Elena off in town and I’m expecting Jessica this afternoon!”

“You horny old fucker,” laughed Becky as Fred stopped alongside her jeep. “When am I going to get some more?”

“I’ll call you,” said Fred as he leaned over and kissed her, firmly grasping both of her upper charms as he did so. “I need to pee on these again soon!”

“Ohhhh yesss please Fred. Make it soon! Jack said he was going away for a couple of days soon but I don’t know when yet. I’ll call you as soon as I know.”

Becky transferred vehicles and waved as Fred drove off, his hard cock tenting his shorts.

As soon as he arrived home Fred did a few chores, like tidying up a little and cleaning up after Prince. He swept the pool area and changed the lounger cushions. He changed the film in the camera. He tried to keep busy to keep his mind off Jessica’s promise to visit this afternoon. He knew that if she hadn’t changed her mind that today would be the day!

Soon he couldn’t think of anything else to do so he made himself some lunch and sat down with a tuna bocadillo, coffee and a glass of rosé wine. One glass became two then three and he then fell into a beautiful dreamy sleep.

Maria Elena had just told him that she had decided to put his cock into her pussy and Becky was begging her to hurry up because she wanted it up her arse when Fred was awakened by a voice. Jessica’s!

“Fred darling, I’m here,” she was calling. She was too; it was real!

Fred started up, instantly realising that he was still naked and had a huge hard on. Two pairs of deep brown eyes were gazing at him, Jessica’s and Prince’s. Jessica was holding his thick hard cock.

Fred pulled her to him and kissed her. She was still wearing her little white top and her jean shorts. She moaned quietly as his tongue entered her mouth and she slid carefully on to his lap.

“Hello, you gorgeous creature you,” Fred whispered as they pulled back and looked at one another. He put his left arm around her and pulled her close. His right hand gave Prince a quick ear fondle and then started to fondle Jessica’s magnificent breasts. Jessica moaned again and commenced to kiss and bite Fred’s neck. Then.


“Yes darling?”

“Can we go to bed now? I want you to make love to me and I want it to be on your bed. I want to feel your body on top of me and I want to feel your cock all the way up my hole. I want to see it go in and I want to watch it pump in and out of me. I’ve seen you shoot your spunk out of your cock twice now and this time I want to feel your hot seed shoot deep into my body. This time I want to see and feel everything. Can we do that now?”

Fred answered her by first kissing her again. Then he said firmly to her.

“Stand up Jessica and drop your clothes. I want feast my eyes on your body, the body that I’m going to worship by making love to it. Later I shall photograph you in your naked state, for my enjoyment only of course.”

Jessica stood and lifted her top over her head, shaking her hair wildly and making her tremendous globes ripple before him, her nipples erecting instantly. She slid down the zip on her shorts, letting them fall to the ground. She wore no panties and displayed her gorgeous body to him proudly before taking a large soft breast in each hand and pulling on her hard nipples. Then she stroked her hands down her body until they reached her pussy, opening the lips wide so that he could see into her and gently flicking at her clitty with her thumbs.

“Well sir, will I do?” she whispered, holding out her hands.

Fred took her hands and stood. “Most certainly you will do! I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and sexy in all my life.”

“Then let’s away to your bed,” cried Jessica. “I want you to make love to me and then you can really start educating me. I want you to fuck me lots of times before I have to go back to school.”

Jessica led him into the house and down the corridor to his bedroom. She jumped straight on to the bed and held out her arms to Fred. He lay down beside her and pulled her into his arms, relishing the touch of her tremendous body from her lips to her thighs. Her breasts were squashed against his chest and his throbbing cock was digging into her belly. They kissed long and hard.

“Fred?” gasped Jessica as their lips separated.

“Yes my angel,” he panted in reply.

“Do me now, don’t let’s delay it any longer. Make love to me! Put your lovely big prick right into me and let me feel it pushing in and out.”

Fred rolled Jessica on to her back. She parted her thighs and smiled up at him as he knelt between her legs. He lowered his cock towards her waiting pussy.

“That’s it,” said Jessica. “I can see it coming to me. Not like that bastard Gary. Rammed it in, shot his load and then put it away! Bastard! Ooooo yes Fred, I can feel your prick knocking on my door. Let me open up for you.”

Jessica reached down and parted her pussy lips. Fred groaned and pushed his knob end into the pink folds of Jessica’s cunt. His end disappeared!

“Ohhhh yes Fred, that feels so goooood! Push it in further. Ohhhh yes that is sooo beautiful. Your prick is sooo hot! Now push him all the way into me!”

Fred discovered he was holding his breath. He pushed his cock all the way in to his balls and expelled the air from his lungs. Jessica held him tightly in her arms.

“Lovely!” she exclaimed. “Just fucking lovely. I’m full of your cock now Fred. Give me some fucking now. Do it hard and fill my cunt with your cum. I’m on the pill so don’t hold back. Fill me up soon and then we can do it again!”

Fred pulled back and then rammed his tool home again. It was bliss. He did it again and straightaway felt Jessica make juice. She became very slippery all the way along his cock. Not only did it make it easy for him to thrust into her but also there was less friction so he would last longer. He quickened his pace and heard Jessica react.

“Ohhhh it’s wonderful, so wonderful. I can feel you all the way up my pussy. God! I’m so wet I’m gonna come soon. I just know I am!”

Fred was now pumping his cock hard and long into Jessica. She was making so much juice that they made a wet slapping noise at the top of each thrust. Jessica pushed her cunt back at Fred as he pounded into her.

“Oh my God, I’m gonna cum!” she squealed. “You’re making me come, you bastard! I’m gonna come all over your prick. Here it comes! Now! Nowww! Nowwwwww! Arghhhhhhhhh!”

Fred gritted his teeth and managed to hold on to his spunk. He desperately wanted to shoot his load but he wanted his darling Jessica to have more than one orgasm this afternoon if it was within his power. Jessica was now beginning to regain control of her body.

Jessica kept her arms tightly around Fred, stroking her hands up and down his back, gripping his buttocks hard as she did so. At the same time she relaxed and played with his cock, squeezing her cunt muscles around his tool.

“Ohhhh Fred darling, that was fantastic! I had such a giant orgasm. Did you feel it? It felt wonderful making all that juice and squirting it all over your prick. You’re still hard, aren’t you? I can feel you deep in my tummy. Are you going to make love to me again?”

“Do you want me to do it to you again sweetheart?” asked Fred as he flexed his cock against Jessica’s passage walls.

“Oh yes please Fred darling. Come on, do your worst!”

“Let me up a little darling. That’s it! Now let’s just adjust our position a little. No, I don’t have to take him out yet.”

Fred reached back and took a hold of Jessica’s right ankle. He folded her leg at the knee and then pushed her thigh up high until it rested on her right breast. He did the same with her left leg and then put both legs over his shoulders.

Jessica had remained motionless as he manipulated her body, except for her cunny walls gripping at his cock.

“How does that feel,” asked Fred as he pushed a little deeper into her hot cunny. “Are you ready for another shafting?”

“Ooooo yes Fred, you feel even deeper now. Your cock feels huge. I bet I never get a bigger one all through my sex life. Go on; start fucking into me again. I bet I come soon again, I can feel it starting already.”

Once again Fred pulled back until his cock was almost out of Jessica’s cunt and then he rammed it back in again to the hilt. Jessica squelched and squealed.

“Ohhhh myyy Goooood!” she squealed. “That’s fucking fantastic! Such a length of cock in me! I can feel you all the way up to my stomach. That’s it Fred darling, pump your prick into me. I’m gonna come again any second now.”

Fred gazed down at his lover in rapture. Her pussy was slit wide open and his cock was sliding in and out of her at a great rate. He could see himself fucking this beautiful young girl. It was a fine erotic sight. She may be coming again but he suddenly felt in full control and just wanted to watch her next orgasm. He reached down and took both breasts in his hands. He squeezed them hard as he rammed his tool home. That did it for Jessica.

“Fuckinnnnng Hell,” she screamed. “Fuckinnnnng Hell, I’m cominnnng!”

She was too! He hips thrashed as she tried to climb further up Fred’s pole. Liquid cum ran from her hole as she howled into her release. Fred hung on to her legs, making sure that his cock stayed buried inside her. Eventually Jessica subsided back on to her back, her legs slipping off his shoulders and hitting the sheets with a ‘thwack’.

Fred slowly eased his cock from Jessica’s molten cunt and lay down beside her. She turned to him and he nuzzled and nibbled her breasts and nipples.

“Thank you so much Fred. That was fantastic. From now on I’m going to say that you were my first lover. That other boy just doesn’t count any more. See, I’ve forgotten his name already.”

They kissed and Fred reached for her bottom and pulled her to him, his still stiff cock pressing into her belly. Jessica reached for him.

“God, you’re still hard, aren’t you?” she said wonderingly. “Aren’t you going to come in me Fred darling? I wanted to have your spunk in me today. Are you going to love me again?”

“Jessica my darling, we are going to make love again; I’m going to fire my spunk deep into your vagina all the way up to your womb entrance. Then we will go and have a nice hot shower together and we can pee on each other. Then, if you can get me hard again, we will continue with your education by showing you how to suck me off and I will lick you out until you come all over my mouth. How does all that lot grab you?”

“Sounds fucking great to me,” giggled Jessica, kissing him again. “Can I start practising for the suck off now Fred? Your cock is still sticky from my cum.”

Without waiting for an answer Jessica scooted down Fred’s body and fed his cock into her mouth. She reached up to his mouth with her sticky fingers and he grabbed her hand and licked her fingers, one by one. Jessica licked up and down his cock lasciviously, wiping off her cum juice. After a couple of minutes he felt definite stirrings in his balls so he gently pulled her head from his tool.

“Sorry darling but it’s time to fill you with my cream. Get up on your hands and knees with your head on the pillow and your bum in the air.”

Jessica complied quickly to his request.

“Are you going to fuck my bum Fred?” she asked.

“No darling, that’s for another day,” Fred replied. “This time I’m going to pump your pussy full of my cum.”

Fred positioned himself behind Jessica’s rump and pulled open her buttocks. Her pussy still gaped open from its previous action so he had no difficulty in sighting and pushing his cock into her hole. He sighed with deep emotion as he watched his cock disappear into her cavern. Jessica also sighed deeply.

“That seems even deeper Fred darling. Do you want me to move?”

“Not yet Jessica darling. Just keep firm while I fuck you. When I’m ready to come I’ll tell you what to do.”

Fred started to pound his cock deep into Jessica. He gripped her hips, holding her buttocks apart so that he could see his cock at work and also her little puckered anus pulsing in time with his thrusts. Very soon he was receiving a message from his balls that a consignment was being despatched. He, with difficulty, stopped his thrusting.

“Now Jessica darling, start tossing me off with your cunny. Rock backwards and forwards and squeeze my cock hard with your cunt. I’m nearly there. I want to cream you now!”

Jessica was more than ready. She gripped the bed with her hands and gripped his cock with her cunt. She pistoned back and forth on his cock and got very very hot again. Fred felt his rushing seed.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” he grunted as each bolt of spunk shot out of his cock and jetted deep into Jessica’s belly. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh.”

Jessica squealed as she felt his first shot.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!” she shouted. “I can feel it, all hot and sticky. I’m coming on it. Fill me; give me your cream. That’s it! I’m cominnnng, I’m cominnnng, I’m cominnnng!”

Fred gasped as his cock began to shrink and he fell to the mattress beside Jessica. She slid down from her position on to her belly. She put her arm across Fred’s chest and began to rub his body slowly, making circles and then rubbing his nipples. She lifted her head.

“Your cock’s gone down at last,” she grinned. “I am all squidgy inside my cunny now and it’s not from me playing with myself this time. I wonder if I’ll ever do that again?”

“You can’t expect to have sex on tap, you know,” laughed Fred. “There will still be a place for the old masturbation. Do you often play with yourself?”

“All the time. Gerry and I share a room and we have competitions to see who can come the fastest. She’s more experienced than me though. She’s three months older than me and she’s been having sex with some boys since last April. I’m not sure ‘cos she won’t say but I think that one of the boys that she’s had is her brother!”

“What makes you think that? That’s incest, you know?”

“I know but she’s always going on about what a fantastic body he’s got and how much she loves him. About the only thing on his body she hasn’t described to me is his penis so it just makes me wonder, you know.”

They lay silently together for a few minutes, just touching and relaxing. Then Jessica continued.

“Gerry’s great fun. I like her a lot. She’s the one that told me how to suck a cock. She does it all the time. She says she can have a great night out with a guy and only have to suck him off at the end of it. She’s not on the pill so she has to be careful. That’s all going to change though ‘cos she’s just started taking the pill so by the time she gets here she’ll be ready to experiment. I’ll give you a good recommendation Fred so maybe she’ll fuck you too!”

“What makes you think that I can cope with two of you,” laughed Fred. “Don’t forget, I’m so much older than you girls.”

“It doesn’t matter so long as you can get it up,” giggled Jessica as she reached out for Fred’s cock. “If you can get it up you can get it in. Anyway, Mummy says she’s not the only one; there’s Mrs Thompson, Becky to you, someone called Hilary van whatshername, and what about little Maria Elena? I haven’t seen her since her visit this morning. Did you fuck Maria Fred?”

“No I didn’t,” said Fred, smacking Jessica’s bottom quite hard. “Come on, it’s shower time. I’ll tell you though just so that we are honest with each other. Maria Elena was naked here this morning. She was telling me about her new old boyfriend, he’s a thirty five year old widower, and that she was expecting to see his cock this afternoon but she said that she hadn’t decided if she would let him make love to her or not.”

“Great, she’ll have lots to tell me down at the bar tonight,” said Jessica as she got into the shower cabinet. “Fred, you know you said we could have a pee in here?


“I want to do it for you but I’d love it if you’d smack my bum while I’m doing it. I think it will make me do more. Will you do that for me?”

“Of course,” replied Fred as he smacked her hard again. “I really need to piss now so I’ll go first. Take a hold of my cock!”

Jessica managed to take hold of Fred’s cock just as his piss started. Like most girls, she loved to feel his piss coursing through his prick. She was soon hosing his stream in all directions, over her body, up the walls and up on to his chest. As he finished he turned her and smacked her. She squealed but she was ready.

Fred pulled her to him and smacked her repeatedly as she squirted her pee all over his cock and balls. As she finished he fondled her pussy and was rewarded with a little orgasm.

“That was lovely Fred. I’ll finish you off with a blowjob outside. Can I have a Breezer as well please?”

“I’ll get me a brandy and a beer,” grinned Fred. “After you’ve sucked me off I’ll anoint you with beer and then lick it off you.”

So that is what they did. Jessica soon got Fred hard again and set to work, firmly stroking and sucking him to the point where he had to warn her of his impending ejaculation. She gave him a sort of grin and continued jacking and sucking. Fred gave a loud groan as his cream shot up his tube and into her mouth. He then grunted rhythmically as each shot hit the back of her throat. Jessica swallowed the lot.

“Mummy told me how to suck off as well as Gerry,” she said a few minutes later as Fred was licking beer of her tits and belly before heading south to her cunny. “It was only theory, of course, Graham wouldn’t let her do anything like that to him. I think she really likes sucking you Fred. It gives her confidence with her lovemaking. Oh yes, that’s lovely. Suck on my clitty and lick me hard. Make me come again.

Fred was a good licker and Jessica soon made cum juice for him to drink. Then he got the camera out again. Jessica was a little worried about nude photos but when Fred said that he did all his own processing and editing on the computer she agreed to the photo session.

Jessica soon got into the modelling mood and posed erotically for him, showing off her cunt to the camera along with her bottom. Fred got some great shots of her bum, her pussy and her breasts, along with nipple close ups. He exposed two cards of memory with Jessica taking a few of his stiff cock to complete the second card.

He sat deep in his armchair sipping his brandy as she slipped on her things and kissed him goodbye.

“I will walk home darling,” she said. “I promised Mummy I wouldn’t monopolise you so I may not come tomorrow. If Mummy doesn’t come can I come?”

“Of course you can,” said Fred. “I can’t promise such a top performance every day though.”

“That’s OK,” said Jessica as she waved him goodbye from the gate, giving Prince a stroke and a pat as she went. “I’d come just for the sunbathing anyway.”

Fred lay back and closed his eyes, resting after his extremely energetic afternoon. Then the phone rang. It was Becky.

“Hello Fred darling,” she trilled, “has she gone?”

“Yes and I’m totally knackered.”

Becky laughed. “Only the reason I’m calling is that Jack has just phoned to say that he’s not coming home tonight. He’ll be shagging that accountant woman that he met. I’ve rung the private detective and told him where they’ll be and to get the dirt on him this time. I’m not going to divorce him or anything like that. I just want to have him in the palm of my hand for future leverage.”

“So you’re on your own,” said Fred.

“Yes, do you want to come round here or shall I come to you?”

“I won’t leave Prince all night,” answered Fred. “You come round here!”

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