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Two Gals and a Guy

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I’m a fifty-two year old guy on a long dreamed of sightseeing trip through the Scenic Byways of Oregon and Crater Lake. Then I’ll head up the Coast highway into Washington State to see Mt. Rainier and Mt. St Helen’s after which I’ll catch a plane back to my home in North Carolina. I’m retired so time is not important at all. I rented the car in San Francisco and plan to return it up at the Seattle-Tacoma airport. (SeaTac)

I had been on the California part of the trip for a couple of days and had just crossed into Oregon when I stopped for fuel and maybe a sandwich at the small restaurant next to the filling station. It was a diner sort of place with a long counter with seats but I sat at a booth so I could spread my maps and tour guides out in front of me. It was the last available booth so I felt a little lucky.

It seemed to take forever to get my sandwich and I was just drinking my coffee and looking over the place as two young women walked by my booth on their way to the back of the place obviously looking for a booth. They tuned and when they got next to mine stopped and asked,

“Would you mind if we sat here with you. There aren’t any available booths and you are the only one in a booth by yourself.”

“Not at all. Let me move these maps. I’m waiting for my sandwich and you can keep me company while I wait.”

I was guessing they were both in their mid twenties and were both rather pretty.

They sat opposite me and gave their orders to the waitress who announced that with the big crowd they had things were a little slow in the kitchen and the women answered back that they were on a sightseeing vacation so they weren’t in a big hurry. I told the waitress to just hold my order for a sandwich and bring it out when she brought out the ladies food.

We sat there and chatted for a half-hour talking about the places we had already been to and the ones that were still on our schedules. It was surprising that we both had almost the same itineraries for the rest of our trips.

Our food came and we chatted right through the meal and were still going at it with our final cups of coffee. They were Sally and Leah and both school teachers. I’m Bill and as I said before, am retired. I had a great job as a Computer Sales manager but didn’t miss working one bit.

We finished our lunches and said our good-byes with the obligatory ‘maybe we would see each other again on our travels’.

The highway I was now traveling wasn’t going to lead me past any well-known sightseeing places but the natural scenic beauty of the country I was going through was breathtaking. I ended up that evening in a nice log cabin type of lodge where I got a room at a very reasonable rate. I checked the bar and had a couple of very large scotch and waters’. The bartender was the owner of the place and said when he was traveling he hated the miniscule drinks he had always been served and had promised himself that if he ever had his own place he wouldn’t do that. Wow, did he ever keep his promise to himself! They were all doubles at the price of singles; I could get drunk in here at a very low price. I better be careful!

The highway I was on the next day was taking me to a few of the very well known tourist spots in this part of our country and I was anxious to see them. Sure enough there are mountains as high and certainly as pretty as most of those I had seen the previous winter in the Swiss Alps. The views were, to use a much-overused term in this part of the country, breathtaking. At some of the lookout spots every direction you turned would present another view that would have you sucking in your breath with the beauty of the place. It was awesome. I am certain that if they didn’t have such harsh winters many of the tourists seeing the area would be moving here to live.

I had spent so much time looking at the scenery it was almost five PM and I hadn’t traveled much further than one hundred miles since breakfast. Once again I was fortunate to find a great motel at a very reasonable price.

It was late May and still cool enough in the evening for them to have a nice fire going in a huge fireplace in the lounge area. I was sitting at their bar chatting with a couple of guys when I heard a somewhat familiar voice purring, “Hey handsome, can we buy you a drink?”

I turned and sure enough it was Sally and Leah from a couple of days earlier.

“Well, I don’t know. I am very particular with whom I drink.” As I spoke Leah had a hand running up and down my arm and across my chest.

The guys with whom I had been drinking were choking on the thought that anyone would even think of turning these two lovelies down.

“OK, you sweet talking devils. You talked me into it now keep in mind that I never have sex on a first date regardless of how pretty the girls are.”

Leah played along with, “Well, we’ll just have suffer but we can still drink with you can’t we?”

“OK I guess. Let’s get a booth so we can have some privacy” I suggested.

Sally was giggling at all of this and I had to kiss her to hush her up rather than let our little farce come out in the open.

Once we got over our crazy introduction at the bar our conversation almost picked up where we left off a couple of days earlier. The three us were all a little nuts with the beauty of some of the scenery we had seen since we last met. It was “did you see that…..?”, or “how about that….?” “could you believe the great view from that lookout?” Over and over again.

This went on for an hour or so when I suggested that it might be time to get some food in our stomachs before we got really shitfaced with the booze we had been consuming. We switched from the lounge to the dining room and each of them had an arm in the crook of one of my elbows and we walked like that with the three of us laughing away. I looked over my shoulder at the two guys at the bar and sort of just shrugged as if to say, “what can you do when you have it?”

The food was terrific and I slowed down a lot with my consumption of booze but the girls kept right on going. I finally mentioned that we might want to have a go-to-bed-cup-of-coffee since it was getting late. I signaled to the waiter and he brought a carafe of coffee and we sipped it for another half hour before I said, “Well gals, I think it’s nighty nite time.”

Leah said in a not too stable voice, “Aren’t you going to tuck us in?”

“Sure show me to your room.” As luck would have it theirs was directly across the hall from mine.

We no sooner were into their room and the door closed behind us than Sally pulled me to her and planted a huge kiss on me. Oh to be twenty years younger. I told you I am an old guy; what I didn’t tell you was that I hadn’t had a hard-on in years and from the way this was going it would seem the girls wanted an active hard cock to entertain them. I was wondering if my fingers and tongue would give them at least some of what they wanted.

I returned Sally’s kiss and I could see over her shoulder that Leah was stripping down for the night. When she was naked I reached over and pulled her to us and then brought her face to mine and then gave her a huge kiss. With me directing my attention to Leah gave Sally a chance to remove her clothes as well.

They were both naked and I was staring at two pairs of absolutely first class tits. Damn, I was going to have a hard time to wait to get my lips wrapped around them.

Sally began reaching under my jacket to remove my clothes when I sat them both on the side of the bed to say,

“Ladies, this is going to be a major disappointment to all three of us but as you have seen I am an old man, very fit but haven’t had an erection in years so I won’t be of any use to you in that regard. I have tried tons of Viagra and all of the other erection dysfunction medications and none worked. However, I can certainly use my fingers and my tongue used to get medals for its work.” I laughed and they joined me. As I was saying all of that I removed my tie and shirt and then pushed them back on the bed.

Sally was the closest to me and I formed the three fingers of my right hand into a wedge and then let it play in her crotch until they managed to find their way inside of the lips of her pussy and moved about searching for her clitoris. Once they found it and encouraged it to come out from under its sheath I began to slide the fingers up and down its side and as I let my mouth play with her nipples her moaning became louder by the minute. I then let her clit retreat and began fucking her with my tightly shaped fingers. I started slow and then began to increase my speed as her moans got louder. Leah was off to the side and said, “Sally, go for it. Let it go honey.”

As Leah was saying that I let my other hand drift over and began doing the same thing in her pussy as I was doing in Sally’s. By the time Sally was exploding Leah was just getting warmed up and I moved over to her and wrapped my lips around her nipples as my wedged fingers were doing their thing. It wasn’t long before her breathing became fast and furious and she had pursed her lips and was sucking in a huge lung full of air. As soon as I heard her moaning and she began to toss her butt from side to side and up and around I removed my fingers and let my face slide over to use my tongue on her pussy. That did it. A minute or so of that and she was reaching down and clamping my face between her hands and pulling me tighter to her pussy as she was getting to the point where her orgasm was overtaking her. When Sally saw my mouth on Leah’s pussy I could hear her making some kind of noise and as soon as I felt Leah explode I slid back to Sally’s crotch and used my tongue on her. She had just had an orgasm but that didn’t seem to matter. Another few minutes of my mouth on her pussy and she was exploding all over again.

Sally said, “Bill, this isn’t fair. Just because you can’t get an erection can’t we do something for you?” As she was saying this Leah had pulled my jockeys down and was taking my soft cock in her mouth. She used her tongue all over and around the head as well as letting it trace the veins she could see in my shaft. I wasn’t getting hard but it did feel good. Maybe, just maybe, with this type of attention my cock would come back to life once again.

I was kissing Sally while Leah was doing her thing with her mouth and then I reached down and lifted her face up to mine so I could plant some kisses on her. At the same time I lightly pushed Sally’s mouth down to my cock and let it replace what Leah was doing. Between the two of them working it over I could feel some activity down there but certainly not much.

Leah was tossing her ass back and forth again and I thought I would help her out again with my fingers. This time I used my fingers to fuck her pussy but also made room for my face to get under them and search out her clit. I was then able to lick her clit while my fingers were fucking her pussy. It only took a few minutes of that and she went wild. “Oh God, I’ve never felt anything like this before. Don’t stop Bill.”

I didn’t and let my other hand wander up and lightly massage her tits. That did it. She let out a low howl and then threw her pussy from side to side and then hard at my face as she was going through another orgasm. She finally lay back on the bed in what appeared to be a completely relaxed state. Her pussy had some serious exercise for I knew damn well that my tongue did.

Sally was still squirming around on the bed and I got up and went into the bathroom. I soon returned with something in my hand. It was a travel sized plastic container of shampoo I found on the shelf in their shower. It was about seven inches long and two in diameter. I lay besides Sally and with her juices still flowing out of her pussy I put the end of the plastic container up to her pussy lips and gave it a slight push. It quickly slipped in a solid four inches. The thing was about seven inches long so we still had a little ways to go.

It wasn’t long before I was holding onto to the end of the shampoo bottle with the tips of my fingers and then began some serious pussy fucking with the fake dildo. She quickly got into the action and I was soon pulling it almost all of the way out of her and then ramming it back in all the way. Whew, she got to love it in a hurry. I lowered my mouth on her nipples and sucked and licked for the next few minutes as she had another huge orgasm.

“Oh Bill, that was better than any cock I ever had in me.”

Leah heard that and said, “Well, I’m next for that wonderful fake cock.”

I instantly removed it from Sally and moved it over to Leah’s lovely pussy. She has red hair and her pussy hair matches her head. I started her off with just putting it in her a couple of inches and then rammed it all of the way in in one thrust and you could have heard her moan down in the parking lot.

“Oh God, do me. Yes do me.”

Do her I did. I pulled it almost the entire way out of her before ramming it back in all of the way. I kept that up for some time getting faster and faster every minute or so. It didn’t take long before she was throwing her pussy lips high in the air to meet up with my downward thrusts of the container into her pussy. A few more minutes of that and she was reaching down and grabbing my head and pulling it up to hers to plant a huge kiss on me.

“Oh God Bill, keep going. I am going to exploooooodddddeeee” she said as she let go. Her pussy was wet from her previous orgasm but it was nothing compared to what just happened. The juices were flowing out of her like the Niagara River was between her legs. I moved my hand from the shampoo bottle to cup her tits as I kissed her deeply and the plastic bottle slipped out of her.

The girls looked at each other a little embarrassed that they had let themselves enjoy something like this but damn if they didn’t. They were each still breathing hard from the pleasure of getting fucked as hard and as completely as they had. I must say that I did a pretty good job even if I do say so myself. I only wish it had been with my cock instead of the dildo.

Now girls, I would like for you two to do something for me. As you know I haven’t had an erection for a long time but ever since the two of you began caressing my cock I could feel some life in it. I would like for you to take turns sucking me off. First one until your mouth gets tired of it and then switching off to the other one until the same thing happens and then go back to the first one. Try doing this for ten minutes or so and see if I can’t get at least partially hard.

Sally jumped at the chance. She soon had me buried and was caressing my balls and her tongue was doing some magic on the head of my cock. She kept that up for a good while and then she pulled Leah down to take her place. Leah did the exact same thing with one exception. As she was sucking my cock she wet a finger and began inserting it up my ass. I never had been fucked in the ass before but this felt terrific. My cock was reacting to it a little and Sally then began to concentrate on it.

All of a sudden I could feel an old feeling deep in my balls as I felt the beginning of an orgasm. Sure enough, my cock was still not half-hard but I was shooting a load deep in Sally’s mouth. I quickly pulled out of her mouth and pulled Leah over to share in the accomplishment. She got the last part of my orgasm and licked up every drop still seeping out of me.

All I could say was “Holy shit. It has been a long time since that happened. I better take you girls home with me.” And we all roared.

I rolled out of their bed and pulled on my jeans and top and then made my way across the hall to my own room. I was sleeping in ten minutes.

The next morning I was up around seven and quickly dressed and then left a note on their door saying I had to get something from the store and would be back around eight thirty. “Keep everything warm for me!”

Sure enough I was back right at eight thirty and knocked on their door. Leah opened it with a towel wrapped around her and just then read my note. I thought they would have been up and down to breakfast by now but I guess with the booze and activity of the previous night they needed their sleep. I let the door shut behind me waiting to see what Sally would be wearing when she emerged from the bathroom.

Ok ladies, drop your towels or clothes, whichever you have on. As I said that I stripped down my pants and jockeys and flipped off my shirt. At least Leah and I were now both naked. Sally came out of the bathroom with her hair up in a towel but other wise naked as a jaybird.

“Hold on, I need to use the bathroom and I went in with the paper bag I was carrying. When I returned to the bedroom I was wearing a ten-inch dildo strapped to my crotch and beckoned Leah over to me. She fairly ran to me. “Oh my God, I don’t think I can take anything that big but I damn sure am going to try.”

I led her over to the bed and then lay alongside of her giving her huge kisses and lightly massaging her nipples with my hand. I was moving on top of her and positioned the dildo in front of her waiting pussy lips. I gave it a little thrust and went in her three or four inches and she gasped.

“Oh yes Bill. Keep going.”

I gave another push and I was in about seven inches and she was really gasping and breathing very hard. “Go slowly Bill. Not real fast now.”

I waited a few minutes while thrusting in and out with what she had in her up to then before giving the final thrust and had the whole ten inches buried to the hilt. “Oh my God. That feels unbelievable. I would never have believed that you could get all of it in me.”

“Oh hell, Leah, I knew you could take that with ease. Sally said you have the biggest cunt in the area.”

“WHAT, did you say that Sally?”

“No you idiot, he’s just joshing you. How would I know how big you are down there?”

I began a slow but steady motion with the big tool. I really had some fear that I could do some damage to her insides but as slow as I was going and as sensitive as I felt, I knew I wasn’t touching anything with any kind of force. She began throwing her ass up at me and her breathing started to come a lot faster. It wasn’t much longer before she was tossing her head from side to side with her pretty hair flailing out and around and biting her lower lip and then crying out, “Yes, yes, yes fuck me Bill.

And fuck her I did until she gave that final thrust and the juices started to flow again. I kept up my thrusting for another few minutes and then stopped as she came down from her orgasmic high.

It was Sally’s turn with the big tool and as I got on top of her I whispered. “Let’s make a big thing about how tight you are and that I will probably not be able to get it all in you. It will drive Leah crazy.”

She nodded yes.

I slipped the first inch or two in her pussy and she started to moan. By the time I had four or five inches in she was yelling, “No more Bill. You are splitting me apart.”

Leah heard all of this and came rushing over to see still half of the dildo out of Sally.

“Sally try a little harder. You can do it honey.” Leah coaxed

“Oh, I’m trying Leah but I’m so tight down there.”

I just looked at Leah and nodded and she almost shit herself.

“Maybe if I just rammed it into you and if you split apart so be it.”

“Oh God no. Bill you can’t do that. It could do some serious damage to her.” Leah screamed.

“Oh then I would have to kiss it and make it better. Wouldn’t I? Or maybe you could do that for me. How about it?”

By then I couldn’t control my laughter and Sally joined in as I slipped the dildo in all the way very slowly.

“See Sally, you do have a tight cunt but it was my tender loving attention that enabled you to take the whole thing. Now Leah’s pussy is so big I nearly fell in.”

By then even Leah was laughing but came out with, “You are a real pair of bastards. You had me worried silly that you were going to hurt her Bill.”

“Then you don’t think very much of me if that’s all you thought of me.”

That shut her up and I could see she was saddened by my response. I then began a slow and easy thrusting of the ten inches in Sally’s tight pussy and could feel her tighten up as her orgasm was getting closer. It didn’t take much time after that than she was exploding. “Oh God Bill. That was wonderful.”

Leah had to jump in with, “Sally, just think about it. In the last day we have had our pussies’ stretched with a shampoo bottle and then with a ten inch dildo. Whew, who would have ever thought it?”

“And Bill, I am sorry for saying that about your hurting her. I know you wouldn’t do that and I have no idea why I said it.” Leah said very apologetically.

“No problem honey. I knew you were concerned and just wanted the best for her.”

“Sally, now what are we going to do for him?” He must have left here this morning to go and buy the dildo. We have to do something for him.”

I was listening to all of this and was waiting to see what they would decide on.

“Sally, if you remember last night when it was my turn to suck his cock I slipped a finger up his ass and that sort of turned him on enough that he had his orgasm. Remember?”

“Yes I do, Is that what you are suggesting now?”

“No, he deserves a lot better than a finger. Some time ago I read where a guy had turned a gal on by putting his tongue up her ass after he finished licking her pussy. Bill, I’m going to try that with you. We are going to have Sally suck your cock while I twist myself around and put my tongue up your ass. I will fuck your ass with my tongue and I am betting you will have a huge orgasm. OK?”

“Sounds great to me” I answered.

Sally easily took my whole soft cock in her sweet little mouth and sure enough Leah twisted herself around until she got her tongue up my ass. It felt great but not as great as it did when she started to move her tongue in and out of me. I felt huge heat in my balls as well as in my whole dick. Not only was I going to have an orgasm, my dick was rising to a full hard on. Both of them squealed with delight. It didn’t take long after that before I was filling Sally’s mouth with my juices and Leah kept up the ass fucking with her tongue. Damn, I never remember feeling so hot in all of my life.

We all just lay there while I was coming down and Leah was just stroking my cock very gently. “Who knows, maybe we wont have to use the dildo after all.”

I had to answer back with, “Bullshit, I don’t have any condoms and I’d rather fill your pussies with my cum that fill them with babies”

“Oh, you have that right. We’ll give you blowjobs and you can fill our pussies with Big John;” the name they gave the dildo.

“OK by me.” I answered. Now it is time for us to get our asses up, cleaned up and get on the road. I was thinking we could only use one car but that would present a problem getting the other car as the trip went on. I think that one of you can ride with me for a while and then switch off with the other one. How does that sound?”

We had breakfast at a little café down the road from our motel and for a change the service was fast and the food was fine. We had a little conversation about the cost of our vacations and the girls came out with what I thought was a terrific plan. We would each pay our own way. When we had dinner we would all chip in the cost of our meal plus tip. It was nice to hear that they weren’t looking to stick me with the bills.

Sally rode with me for our first part of the trip and our first tourist spot on our agenda was going to be Crater Lake National Park in the lower part of Oregon. Everyone back home and those we talked to along the way all said it was a ‘must see’ so that’s where we would probably be by late afternoon.

Sure enough we made it to the Crater Lake Lodge by three in the afternoon. We could have made it a lot earlier but detoured around Klamath Lake and had mixed feelings about the wisdom of going out of our way to see it. It is one hell of a big lake but it looked to us that the scenery around Crater Lake was going to more scenic.

Ah well, we were successful in getting one large room with two queen-size beds and a lounge with a TV area in the nearby motel. It was sort of a little suite with a fireplace in our room if the temperature dropped a lot. I had no plans of tending a fire all night but it was going to be nice to spend some time in the main lounge for drinks before and after dinner. There was a well-marked walking trail that started out from the lodge and went for a few miles around the place. We would certainly take advantage of that to get the kinks out of our muscles from spending all day in the cars.

The food was surprisingly good at the lodge. I say surprisingly good because I have found that restaurants in touristy places aren’t that good. They aren’t counting on the repeat business that the local places are so they serve and charge just what they can get away with. Anyway, the three of us enjoyed our meal and that was nice.

We went for the walk and then came back and sat facing the fire in the lounge. It wasn’t a roaring fire you would want on a sub freezing night but it was a cozy little fire we, along with a number of the other guests enjoyed. As I sat there looking at us and then comparing us to the other guests I could tell what they were thinking of us. “Look at that guy who is old enough to be their father enjoying their company.” You know what, they were right. I am fifty- two and the girls are in their mid twenties and as I said earlier, Oh how I wish I was twenty years younger. We wouldn’t have any need for ‘Big John.

It didn’t take us long to get back to the room and begin getting ready for the night.

“Ladies, it is time for bed so get ready for Big John. He’s been pouting all day thinking that you are neglecting him”

They laughed and began to strip. I joined them and it wasn’t long before the three of us were bare ass naked and then I was wishing I had started a fire. This is backwoods country and it is cold, not cool, at night in May. Bullshit, I had to start the fire. The heating system would take care of the bedroom area but it wouldn’t do much for the TV and lounge rooms. They had some kindling and logs stacked on the ledge in front of the fireplace and in no time at all I had a nice fire going. Damn, I was proud of myself.

“Sally lay on your stomach in front of Leah. Sally, I’m going to fuck you with the dildo from the rear, not up your ass if that’s what you are worrying about, but I’ll put it in your pussy and fuck you that way.”

I began slipping the big dildo all the way into her and she was loving it. I was going particularly slowly since I didn’t want to rush her orgasm as I had another thought in mind but was going to need some time to make it happen.

Leah was watching the activity closely and it looked as if it was turning her on a little. I leaned over as far as I could and let my hand start a light penetration of Leah’s pussy. That turned her on a lot more. I let my hand drift up from her pussy to her tits and began to fondle her nipples. That had her moaning even more yet.

I didn’t know if the girls ever had had a lesbian experience between them but I was soon going to find out

“Sally, I want you to bury your face in Leah’s pussy and begin searching out her clit. Leah, don’t think you are getting away with something for you are going to be doing this very same thing to Sally in a few minutes.”

Leah was the first to respond with, “Are you out of your fucking mind? I am not a lesbian and don’t plan on becoming one just for you.”

“Leah stop that crap. You aren’t becoming a lesbian but you will be giving your best friend an orgasm she won’t soon forget. She’ll do the same for you so you will both be satisfied. Now Leah, slide your pussy over this way and let Sally do her thing.

Sally hadn’t said a word about this up to then and I was getting the feeling she was all for it. I am betting she had been harboring a longing to do this with Leah for some time and the opportunity was now staring her in the face and she didn’t have to embarrass herself by making the first move.

“Slide over Leah. Let her get closer.”

She moved her pussy over towards Sally and I told Sally to put her arms around Leah’s hips and pull her towards her. She did it and Leah’s sweet little pussy was now an inch from Sally’s mouth. That was all it took. It was clear that Sally was pulling Leah to her as hard as she could and her tongue was soon deep in Leah’s pussy searching out her clit. It didn’t take long before Leah was responding to the tongue and was letting out a little howl something like she had at one of our other sex parties.

While all of this was going on I started to fuck Sally’s pussy with the big dildo harder and faster than I had up until then and she was throwing her ass back to me. I had the immediate feeling that Big John wasn’t big enough for either of them and I would have to see what I could do to upgrade it. Maybe not much longer but a lot fatter would be nice.

The dildo was doing its job and Sally was humping back at me hard and fast and was making some noise with her mouth around the lips of Leah’s pussy. Leah wasn’t quiet by any stretch and the moans coming out of her were getting louder and louder. All of a sudden she thew her ass so high in the air that Sally had a rough time staying with it and she pulled Sally’s face deep in her pussy as she finally let go with an explosion. It wasn’t a few minutes later that Sally was doing the same thing.

Sally soon was squishing her face all around the lips of Leah’s soaking wet pussy lapping up every drop of her friend’s juices. Well, at least one of them didn’t seem to mind doing something slightly on the lesbian side and I was certain Leah would do the same. We’ll try after we have had a chance to rest up a bit.

I got up and attacked the mini bar and we were soon slurping down some great scotch and in deep conversation about our trip almost as if nothing at all had just happened. Maybe Sally was trying to act as if she hadn’t just eaten a pussy.

We sat around downing drinks and just bullshitting about our trips so far. The girls had a bit of a different route before they met up with me but from here on our plans were almost identical.

I was glad I had started the little fire. It completely took the chill off the suite and there we were sitting around bare ass naked and without the fire we would have been very uncomfortable.

Sally was looking at Big John very hungrily and I mentioned that we ought to hit the sack before she had a sex fit. They laughed but we all got up and made our way into the bedroom area. I thought I would try a different position with her than we had up to then and it might make it easier for Sally to eat Leah’s pussy.

I had Leah lay on her back as I slipped Big John into her. I had her throwing herself back at me as I thrust the dildo deep inside of her and after a few minutes of this I told Sally to climb up and lower her pussy on Leah’s mouth. Leah was going to eat her while she was getting laid. Sally jumped at the chance.

Leah was thrashing around from side to side and up and down and after a few minutes of that I had to remind Sally not to smother Leah with her pussy…. the girl had to breathe. Sally lifted herself up an inch or two and Leah let out a huge gasp for air ….. She had been suffocating! Imagine having to report to the EMS techs that the gal had been smothered to death by a pussy. I wonder what the judge would have said.

We hit the sack shortly after this activity and slept like babies. Leah was awake first in the morning and gave me a hell of a surprise. She awakened me by giving me a blowjob! She was up to their old tricks with sucking my cock at same time she had a finger up my ass. It was getting to me big time when she withdrew her finger and replaced it with her tongue and put her hand on my cock and began jerking it off. Damn, I was getting closer to a hard-on every time they did something like that to me. Maybe my days of Mr. Limp Dick are over.

Sally woke up a few minutes later and just lay there and watched. For some reason she looked beat and I didn’t know why until later when I found out the girls had both woke up in the middle of the night and entertained each other without waking me. I had turned them into closet lesbians!!! I damn sure didn’t care but I was upset they felt they had to hide it from me. Well, they will be OK after we all part company and maybe that is what’s coming up soon. While they were having breakfast I drove into a large town near our route and bought another strap-on dildo. This one was twelve inches in length and half again thicker than the one I bought a couple of days ago. I told the girls what I had bought and said I would save it for our next time in the sack; maybe that afternoon but if not then, certainly that night….they were squirming with excitement about it.

We had seen Crater Lake the previous day and today we were going to be touring what Oregon has done with their beautiful roads. They have named some of them Scenic Waterways and from what I hear are named very well. Apparently they run along some rivers that by themselves provide some nice scenery but when those rivers are in deep gorges the scenery is even more spectacular. We shall see.

We crept along mile after mile that had us ooohing and ahhing for what seemed forever. It was almost two and we hadn’t had lunch when we came upon what seemed like a decent log cabin type of café. It was fantastic. We only had sandwiches and soup but the soup was to die for and the sandwiches were a meal themselves. The owner told us where we would find a nice motel a couple of hours down the road and the girls were anxious to get there. Not because of being tired driving but they each wanted to try out the new dildo!!

Sure enough after a few more hours of enjoying the scenery we pulled into what seemed like a very small log cabin motel. What we couldn’t see from the parking lot was the number of log cabins in the back behind the main building. They were the rooms they rented out and turned out to be magnificent. Each had a king sized bed in a huge bedroom area with a large stone fireplace in one corner with some split logs stacked up in a steel ring kind of thing that kept the wood off the floor. The bathroom had both a separate shower and tub. All in all very nice …. Not cheap but nice.

The motel had a restaurant associated with it and we had a very decent meal accompanied by some wonderful scotch. The girls each had two and then announced they were ready to hit the sack. It was only 6:30PM and they were ready for bed!!

Leah was so horny she could barely wait to get into the room before she started to shed some clothes. He had her blouse off when we were still fifteen feet from the front door to the room and had a head start on dropping her jeans. Thank God no one was anywhere near us.

By the time we were actually in the room Leah was bare ass naked and Sally was almost there herself. Whew, I do hope the new dildo lives up to their expectations. I went into the bathroom carrying the bag from the porn shop and strapped the thing on. I also bought some Astroglide to help with the insertions. The clerk STRONGLY recommended it and I took his advice so I smeared a gob on it and then went back out to the room.

Leah yelped, “Holy shit, the thing is a monster. Bill, we’ll never get that thing in us.”

I answered her with, “Well, I talked to the clerk in the store and he said while it is large we can do it if we go slowly. We can always stop when we get it in and it is beginning to bother you.”

“Leah, you’re first. Get up on the bed on your back and we’ll take it very easy. As soon as it feels uncomfortable let me know and I’ll stop right there.”

She climbed up on the bed without ever taking her eyes off the new toy while. Sally just sat there in astonishment waiting to see what was going to happen next.

I reached down and opened her pussy lips with my fingers and then held the lips apart while I positioned the head of the dildo in line with her pussy. I gave it a little push and it slipped in about three inches.

“Oh God, here we go.” Leah mumbled.

I gave another small push and had it in her a solid six inches but since it was so much thicker that the first dildo she was feeling every inch a lot more. I stopped right where I was and let her get accustomed to the larger unit before going any further. She reached up and pulled my face to hers and planted a huge kiss on me after saying, “C’mon big boy. Show me all you have.”

Holy shit, she wanted it all. Well, I had to do what the lady asked so I gave it a long slow push and soon could feel that I had it in most of the way.

“Leah, the whole twelve inches are almost in you. If you aren’t feeling any discomfort I will go the rest of the way and then start to fuck you with it. What do you say?”

“Oh God Bill. I’m not sure I can take anymore than you already have in me. It feels terrific but I am afraid to have you go in any further.”

“Okay honey, I’ll just fuck you with what’s in you now.”

With that I began a slow in and out thrusting and she was moaning louder and louder with each inward thrust. Without asking her I started to slip the remaining few inches in her to see if she could tell the difference. She didn’t say a word until I had it in all the way and she said, ‘Well, you sneak, you’ve gotten it in all the way and it feels magnificent. Fuck me good.”

And fuck her good I did. I lifted her legs up to the top of my shoulders and pulling the dildo almost all the way out and then driving in to the hilt.

“Oh God Bill, this is unbelievable. Don’t stop …don’t ever stop.”

It didn’t take much of that before she was wrapping her calves around the back of my neck and pulling me down to her. It wasn’t just her mouth I was feeling; she had her tongue buried in my throat.

She was throwing her ass up at me harder than ever when she let out a howl saying, “I’m coming.” Sally looked at me and just shrugged, “I guess she’s coming,” she said with a laugh.

Leah was panting so hard I thought she would explode when she let go with a huge orgasm.

“Oh God Bill, I can’t believe you did that to me and I was able to take that huge thing. I’ll never be satisfied with a normal cock again.”

Sally broke up in laughter and said, “Well, if it’s that good I better try it out too.”

“Girls, I want to try something a little different. Sally, I want to strap this thing on Leah and have her use it on you. I’m not going to be around forever and I sure want you girls to be able to use it on each other after I am gone.”

“Buuuuutttt, before we do that I think it is about time that I got a little relief. How about trying that thing you did a few days ago where Sally sucked me off while Leah had her tongue up my ass. If you remember it got my dick hard and I filled Sally’s mouth with my white hot come.”

Sally responded with, “Oh yes, I remember it well. Leah, this time I’ll put my tongue up his ass while you suck him off.”

She barely got the last word out of her mouth when Leah had her tongue half way up my ass and was working it around like crazy. I put my hands on either side of Sally’s head and pulled it down to my cock and she quickly had my limp dick buried almost to her tonsils. While Leah was tonguing my ass she moved one hand up to my balls and was massaging them lightly while Sally was doing her magic on my nearby cock. Sure enough I began to get that warm feeling again as my cock was going into a full hard on.

“Stop everything girls. I want to do something a little different this time. Leah, get over here and lay on your stomach. I am going to fuck your ass.”

“Oh damn Bill, that is going to hurt terribly.” Leah whimpered.

“C’mon honey. My cock isn’t anywhere near the size of either of the dildos and I am going to grease it up completely.”

She finally slid over and was making some funny noises in anticipation of her ass fucking. I positioned my cock in front of the ruby red lips of her asshole and gave it a little pressure. The Astroglide sure helped out for I was in her a couple of inches without any strong thrust on my part.

“Leah, I’m only about seven inches and this next thrust will have me completely buried. Hold on honey.”

I could hear her grunt and with my next thrust I was buried as promised. She did let out a huge gasp but I think it was one of the ‘I’m glad that part is over’ type.

I began a slow but steady thrusting and I knew it wasn’t going to take long for me to climax. This was the first time I had my cock inside of an ass in years and I already could feel the heat building deep inside of me. My balls felt it rise to their level and I then let go. I was filling her ass with my hot come with one stream after the other. She felt me unloading and screamed, “Let it go Bill, fill up my ass.”

I must have shot three or four long streams before my cock wound down to its old ‘limp dick’ status. All I could say was that it was great while it lasted.

“Sally, its time for you and the monster. Let me grease it up and you get up on the bed and get ready for it.” I said with a huge laugh.

She handled it almost exactly the same as Leah did but when she was ready to let go she grabbed me by the hair and I though I was going to be bald when she finally let go of it. Her orgasm was monumental and neighbors should have been able to hear her panting a mile away.

“Well gals, I have an announcement. I’ll be leaving you guys tomorrow. You will be continuing up thru the center of Oregon to see many of their Scenic Byways and the scenery they have to offer while I am going to go west over to the coast. There is a couple I was friends with for years who moved out here a few years back and it would be shameful to be this close to them without dropping in on them. I will leave both dildos with you and the two of you each gave the other great orgasms when you buried your face in the other ones pussy. Remember? Between the dildos and each other you will have it made for life. I know I’ll never forget the two of you getting my limp cock to stand up at attention.”

They both came charging over to me with tears pouring down their cheeks. Leah started with, “Oh Bill, we thought we would make this entire trip together and nothing would stop that. You can’t leave us now.” Sally followed on with, “Bill, what do we have to do to make you change your mind. What can we do for you?”

“Girls, there is something we never even chatted about and that is will we ever get together after this vacation is over? After all, we only live about a hundred miles apart back home. A mere couple of hours traveling.”

“You mean we can visit each other after the vacation is over?”

“That’s exactly what I mean.”

“Whew, that’s a load off my mind.” Leah said with a laugh. “I don’t think anyone can handle those dildos like you.”

“Ladies, it’s time for bed and I want to make a suggestion that we enjoy our last night together the same way we enjoyed the first one. I will use my hand on the lips of your pussy while my tongue is doing its magic on your clit. What do you think?”

Leah jumped on the bed saying. “Bring it on big boy.”

And that was the way we spent our last night of the vacation together.

Getting together after returning home is another story altogether.

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