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Working Out With My Stepmom

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A few years ago I was 18, and like many 18 year old guys I wanted to “get big” so I went to the gym pretty often to work out. My Stepmom was married to my dad not long before my 18th birthday, and recently she had been coming to the gym with me. She liked to stay in shape. She was more than 10 years younger than my dad; she was forty years old and my dad was in his early fifties.

She was an attractive woman with a great smile. She had a surprisingly nice figure for her age, her boobs were large and perky, her butt was muscular and curvy. It was a shock to me that at forty years old, she actually had an amazing thigh gap as well. Her hair was a gorgeous dirty blonde color, it was thick and wavy reaching past her shoulders. Her skin was a very pretty tan color. Even in the winter, she never became pale.

One Saturday morning, I woke up and went through my normal daily routine, and decided I would go to the gym to get a quick workout in. As I was about to leave for the gym, I heard my Stepmom yell to me, “Wait Steven, I’m gonna go with you this morning.”

I waited in the car for her to get ready. Several minutes later, I saw her walking towards the car. She was wearing skin-tight yoga pants and a sports bra. The sports bra seemed to barely contain her breasts; her cleavage was very prominent. her legs looked fantastic in the yoga pants, her thigh gap allowing light between her muscular legs.

As she walked around the front of the car to the passenger side, my eyes were glued to her butt. Her asscheeks were extremely smooth, no sagging or wrinkles anywhere. She got in the car and we went downtown to the gym.

We walked in together and went straight for the treadmills for a quick jogging warmup. She got on hers first, I watched her ass jiggle and sway as she moved. I got on the treadmill next to hers and we jogged for around 5 minutes. That day we decided we would do legs, so we went to the weights to do a few sets of squats. She quickly adjusted a bar to her preferred weight and placed the bar up on her shoulders, ready to squat. She hesitated.

“Steven, would you do me a favor and just stand behind me in case I start to fall backwards? Just spot me.” She asked.

“Yeah sure of course.” I replied, as this was a common request of workout partners.

I stood behind her without touching her, my hands out in front of me ready to catch her if needed. She began to squat, sticking her butt out far. She faltered a little bit, but recovered and completed the squat.

“Could u stand even a little closer? Its just that I haven’t done this in a while.” She asked.

I moved closer behind her and got in a minor squatting position myself, providing better balance. She squatted once again, her tight ass rubbing up against my penis area. Nobody else was in the gym as early as we were that day, so I didn’t feel very embarrassed.

After several more of her squats, the constant contact between my penis and her ass was beginning to cause me to get an erection. The shape of my cock was now visible through my shorts. I was extremely hard, and found it difficult to believe that she didn’t notice.

After her squats concluded, she said, “Ugh, my legs are cramping up a bit, do you think you could help me stretch for a minute?”

“Sure” I answered.

She laid on her back on the floor, lifting a leg for me to push towards her chest. I helped her stretch well, getting a decent glimpse at her perfect upper thighs. My penis made a bulge in my shorts, which now she had a clear view of.

“Are u hard, Steven!?” She asked in a surprised tone.

“Yeah a little bit, I’m sorry.” I replied, my face turning red.

“Oh, no, its okay! Its completely normal for your age.” She said in attempt to comfort me.

After about a minute of silence and awkwardness, she continued, “Do you mind me asking how big you can get?”

I hesitated, extremely confused. “Umm, I don’t know, probably 7 inches.”

“Not bad!” She exclaimed, a smile on her face.

After another minute of stretching, she got up and said, “Here, lay on your back, I’ll stretch you out now.”

I laid on my back, lifting my right leg for her to stretch first. I put my head back and closed my eyes, ready to relax for the stretch. But suddenly, I felt her hand on my thigh, creeping up towards my penis. She found my penis and grabbed it, stroking it from outside of my pants. I opened my eyes quickly and lifted my head. She was looking at me, with her finger to her lips, “Shhhhh…”

She continued to stroke me, and I closed my eyes again. Now she was fumbling with the waistband of my shorts, and soon both my shorts and boxers were around my feet. Her hands slipped back and forth along my cock. I could feel myself growing to fill her hand.

After a minute, I felt a sudden sensation. I felt her lips kissing the end of my penis. Soon, she put the tip inside her mouth, massaging it with her tongue. She began taking more of me in, her smooth lips caressing my shaft, her warm spit enveloping my penis. Her head bobbed up and down, and i began assisting by slightly thrusting my hips. It took all of my efforts not to finish in my Stepmom’s mouth. She took my cock out of her mouth and I heard her moving. I opened my eyes to see her squatting over me with her yoga pants still on. She squatted low so that the tip of my cock would rub along her asscrack and pussy. She waved her ass forwards and backwards, giving me an unbelieveable sensation. After about a minute, she sat on me, her skin-tight pants barely qualifying as a barrier. She sat on my penis and rubbed it through her buttcrack, massaging her pussy in the process.

I began to tug at the waistband of her pants, and she helped me out. She stood up and dropped her yoga pants and panties. She sat back down, this time her hand clutched my cock, aiming it towards her pussy. Next thing I knew, I was inside my Stepmom. She bounced on my penis, her ass making loud clapping noises in the process. The two of us moaned. I was shocked that this was happening. She continued bouncing on me for 5 minutes and then stood up. She went to a flattened bench and bent over, her breasts squishing out of the side of her bra. She stuck her ass out, ready for my dick.

I got on my feet and hurried towards her, and my penis went between her thighs. I leaned over her back and unstrapped her bra, releasing her perfect tits. I grabbed her hips and turned her towards me and sat her down on the bench. I kissed each breast slowly and sucked on her hardened nipples. I was pleasantly surprised to see that her tits barely sagged at all. She went for my cock again, shoving it in her mouth, pressing my hips towards her. She sucked a few times back and forth, then stood again and bent over the bench once more. I slipped my cock into her pussy with ease. She moaned loudly as I fucked her.

After about 10 minutes, she abruptly stopped rocking back into my penis. She heard a noise. She stood with haste and put her clothing back on, my wet cock making a thud as it left her pussy and flopped to my thigh. She threw my clothes at me and I quickly put them on. Someone had entered the gym, cutting our moment a bit short. Regardless, I will always remember that day; the day I fucked my hot Stepmom. It was the best experience i’ve ever had.

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