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Susan Gets Used

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We had just gotten married and this is the story of our honeymoon trip. We traveled from a small town in Wisconsin just north of Madison to New York City for a week of fun and games.

It was in a room at the Marriott Marquis that first night I introduced Susan to sex. At first, she was a little hesitant but she quickly developed a love of fucking.

She told me the third night, after she had left me drained, that she didn’t know how she had managed to save her cherry until we were married.

I marveled at how much pleasure her petite little body could give me. She was only about 4 feet 10 inches tall and weighed scarcely 95 pounds. It was all distributed in the right places, though, and her ass was just sensational. I tried to get her to let me ass fuck her on the fourth night but she was too frightened of the idea to let me go through with it. I fingered her sweet little ass while we fucked, though.

On Friday night, we went for a walk, traveling uptown to see the sights. We got lost and found we were surrounded by porno shops and strip joints. We finally saw a place that looked relatively clean and stopped in for a drink.

The bartender set a couple of beers in front of us and asked if we were there for the show.

“What show?” My wife asked innocently, looking around the small bar to see where some kind of entertainment could possibly be.

The bartender almost sneered and said he would let us participate for $20. As a joke, I tossed the money on the bar and he pocketed it immediately, gesturing toward a door at the back of the room.

We entered. It was so dark that we had to feel our way to a table. A voice told us to take the table in the front and someone turned on a flashlight to point the way. The light gave me a chance to see the room. It was small and we were the only couple in there. There were about 30 or 40 men at a dozen other tables.

A spotlight hit the stage and two people came out, a huge black man and a small white woman. He was easily 6 and a half feet tall and about 280 pounds. “He looks like one of those circus strong men,” Susan whispered.

The girl was at least a foot shorter and looked to young to be in a bar. They danced to jungle music, lots of drums and animal noises. Soon he was groping her, subtle little strokes at first, then he began palming her tits and ass. Before long, he was stripping as they went. Soon, they were both stark naked and simulating sex.

I looked at Susan, thinking she would be ready to leave. She was watching the couple with rapt attention, her hand absentmindedly grazing her inner thigh.

“This is really warming her up,” I thought with some surprise. We ought to really bounce around the hotel room tonight.

Then we both gasped at what we saw. The woman fell to her knees in front of her partner and began sucking his cock. Her ass was pointed right at us and we could see her moisten up as she worked on his huge cock.

When it was at full staff, the music started again and the girl danced over to our table. She began pulling Susan to her feet. Susan resisted but the effects of the drinks and the urging of the audience soon got the better of her.

I heard the dance whisper to Susan, “You know what to do, don’t you?” Susan didn’t seem to hear her.

She was lifted onto the stage and dancing demurely with the black giant. His hands slid over her tiny form and it was only when he slipped a huge hand over her ass that she objected. She slapped at his huge hand and stepped back.

The giant smiled a knowing smile and said to the audience, “I forgot what she really wants.” They all leered as he scooped up a pinch of white powder from his shirt pocket and puffed it toward her face.

“Bolivian marching powder,” yelled one of the men in the audience. “Give me some, too!”

Susan instinctively inhaled and her attitude changed dramatically.

Now she was dancing with him, not merely jostling to the music. When his hand covered her ass again, she seemed not to notice. His fingers found the button and zipper that held her skirt in place and quickly loosened them. The skirt fell to the floor, leaving her onstage in just a very tiny pair of bikini panties and a blouse.

She tried to catch her skirt before it fell but the drug slowed her responses. She watched it fall almost absent-mindedly.

The men in the audience cheered their approval of her almost fully exposed ass. She stopped, looking at me for support. He came up behind her and ripped open the blouse, yanking it off her shoulders. Her pale, delicate bra couldn’t hide the fact that her nipples were rock hard.

His original partner, still totally naked, sat next to me and began to massage my cock through my pants. I was definitely at full mast, too. I wanted to rush the stage and stop this invasion of our life, but I couldn’t or wouldn’t do it.

On stage, he picked her up like a rag doll, lifting her up over his shoulders. “Put your feet out” he commanded. She did as she was told and he moved his shoulders forward.

Her legs were hanging over his shoulders and her barely pantied pussy was right in front of his face.

Turning sideways to the audience, he exaggerated opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue, playing to the audience. Slowly he began licking her crotch through her panties. At first, it looked like she was trying to squirm away. It became evident all to soon that she was trying to help him move the crotch of her panties aside, though. I was close enough to tell that they were soaked, anyway.

He used his teeth to bite into the thin strap that was keeping his tongue out of Susan’s wide open cunt. When he slipped his tongue into her, she seemed to curl herself around his face and screamed as she came in front of me and a room full of strange men.

He lowered her to the floor, snapped the side straps of her panties with his thumbs and slid them off, pulling them up and over her clit. She was breathing very hard, as sexually excited as anyone I’ve ever seen. She no longer realized she was in a room full of men and her husband. She was concentrating only on his mammoth cock and her need to get fucked as soon as possible.

He reached down again, this time ripping open the front clasp on her bra and using his huge hands to competely cover her exposed tits as he knelt between her legs. I watched in shock as she rolled her hips forward and lifted her legs in the classic fuck me now pose.

He moved her around so that her legs and ass were pointing toward the audience. I could see her pussy, wide open and dripping wet, her juices already running down her ass. Her cunt lips were moving on their own, quivering in anticipation of what was to come. Little moans and gasps were coming from her mouth as he teased her pussy lips with his fingers.

He dipped forward, positioning his cock at her entrance, For the first time, I could see how truly large he was. The head of the thing totally covered her slit from top to bottom and covered her opening from inner thigh to inner thigh. It was enormous and he was going to take her bare back.

As he rubbed the head of that thing up and down, the girl sitting with me unzipped my pants and took my cock in her mouth. “He gets to fuck her, I get to suck you, fair trade,” she whispered.

I heard Susan’s muffled moan and looked up again as she accepted the head of the monster. Her eyes, which had been closed during most of this, opened in shock when she realized what kind of monster was about the invade her innermost parts.

He flexed his hips, driving himself into her inch-by-inch. A long, loud sound, half way between a moan and a scream escaped her lips, ending only when he had competely penetrated her. She wrapped her legs tight to his waist. He was to big for her to wrap herself around him like she does to me.

He then withdrew, leaving only the tip in her. She looked at him, waiting for the fucking that she needed so badly. He held still, his huge black cock shining like a well polished shoe from my wife’s juices.

He grinned at her frustration. “Fuck me.” was all he said.

She brought her feet down to the floor, then drove her ass up hard, taking all of him in one thrust. The drummer hit a beat that her ass and the men in the room soon picked up.

“Fuck him, fuck him, fuck him,” They chanted in rythm to the drum beat. She threw her hands over her head, grabbing a rail for leverage and repeatedly drove her tiny pussy onto his monster cock.

She started to come again and he wrapped his hands around her waist. Rolling backwards, he was soon on his back and she was riding him like a woman possessed. Her tits were shaking as she pounded down on him. The drums and the chants kept a steady fuck rythm until she came again and this time he came with her, flooding her with his cum. We could all see it flow out of her in ropey white streams. I had already cum twice to my surprise.

He pulled her exhausted body off and stood to accept the applause of the audience. Susan lay there still in a drug induced haze, not fully aware of what had happened to her but still to humiliated to move. Her ravager left the stage, his enormous cock dripping sex juices as the lights went out again.

I sat there in the dark, too stunned at what had happened to do much of anything. Several of the men stopped to ask if Susan might be available for “personal services.” One even reached over and stroked her still exposed pussy, inserting a finger for a brief moment before she rolled over and curled up.

I gathered up her clothes, what was left of them, anyway, got her dressed and we took a cab back to the hotel. The honeymoon was over……….

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