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Darkling Prince

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Naked forms, barely visible, played in the shadows around Darkling Prince. He strode through the town, and laughed at the mortals cowering inside. Halloween, Samhain, whatever they called it in this time, in this place, was when evil spirits roamed the worlds.

Darkling roamed, as evil as he needed to be. Far off in the fields, a bonfire raged. Hm, time for some fun, then.

Naked nymphs and satyrs giggled from the shadows.

The bonfire made all the shadows dance. Darkling stood on the edge of the light. Black-robed figures circled the fire, chanting in rough cadence. The chant wavered, and then strengthened again in a different tone.

Lust swirled in the wind.

The robed figures swayed in rhythm to the chant.

Darkling, the cause of the change, waved a hand. Heat bloomed from the fire. Warmth made mortal bodies sweat beneath the robes. Black cloth fluttered to the ground. Naked mortals continued to chant, circle, and sway. Penises moved in rhythm with breasts.

Darkling laughed. The pathetic mortals thought a ritual chant would keep him away, but he’d changed it to something far more suitable.

Each participant passed near his station. A muscle-bound male — a large breasted female with red hair between her thighs to match the long braid down her back — another male, and then a female, twelve of them in all — and Darkling was the thirteenth.

Black hair swirled down one woman’s pale back. Her buttocks moved with her steps, feminine and beguiling. Her breasts, perfect and rounded, jiggled. Dark eyes, shaded by even darker lashes, looked at Darkling.

He smiled and crooked his finger at her.

She approached. The chant left her lips, but the swaying of her body intensified. She went to her knees like a supplicant, in front of Darkling.

He opened his cloak to reveal a flaccid penis. The covered head rested halfway down his muscled thighs.

The circling figures slowed.

The kneeling woman ran a slender finger over the length of Darkling’s cock. She licked her full, pouting lips, and then lifted his cock to slide her mouth over the head.

Heat countered the cold wind. Darkling grinned at the now motionless circle of mortals. Penises glided to full erections. Nipples hardened. Mortals were so easily influenced.

Nymphs and satyrs moved into the light. Smaller than mortals, they scattered throughout the circle. One dark satyr put his hand directly between the legs of the red haired mortal woman. She tossed her hair back and moaned loudly.

A nymph circled the muscled male, and slid her hand over his erection. Far more direct than the females of the species, the male pushed the nymph to the ground and climbed on top of her. The nymph’s grin showed her pointed canines between soft, plump lips. The male’s thrusts made her breasts bounce in circles.

The dark satyr circled behind the redhead. He ran his hands over her body, and his hoofed feet scattered dirt with each step. A short tail flicked back and forth, a mirror to his emerging cock. He stopped behind the redhead, and maneuvered her to one of the stacks of firewood. He put an arm around her waist, and pushed her upper body forward.

The redhead’s breasts pointed toward the ground. Her hands rested on the firewood. Her ass, round and pale and jiggling with the sudden cessation of movement, nestled against the satyr’s furred belly.

Darkling’s cock hardened fully as the satyr plunged an over-sized cock into the woman’s pussy. The woman kneeling in front of Darkling panted around the stiffening shaft in liquid breaths.

Other nymphs and satyrs paired with mortals, and the grunts and moans of carnality mingled with the static crackle of the bonfire. Darkling watched, and allowed the little mortal woman to caress and suckle his cock. Ripples of lust ran through his belly and thighs. Each nibble, lick, and suck gave him power. Each passing moment brought a multitude of orgasms close.

The muscled man grunted and spurted into his writhing nymph. The nymph tossed him aside like a used husk and approached the satyr and redhead at the woodpile. She kneeled in front of the woman, and shoved the redhead’s legs until she stood spread. The satyr continued to pump his long, slender cock in and out. The nymph licked at the redhead’s cunt like a dog. The redhead’s voice sounded over the gathering in a long howl of pleasure.

Darkling grinned his approval. The woman kneeling in front of him, her lips still wrapped around the head of his cock, gazed up into his eyes like the personification of carnal lust.

More power flooded Darkling’s body with each orgasm, and he raised his hands. The dark-haired woman ceased kneeling in front of him as her knees left the ground. Her lips popped away from his cock and he turned her to her back.

The other mortals gathered. Nymphs and satyrs giggled and danced. The dark-haired woman floated in mid-air.

Slowly, the mortal men and women laid hands on the floating woman. She began to undulate. The muscled man stood between her spread legs, and Darkling raised her body higher, until the man put his tongue against her cunt. She bucked her hips.

Darkling chuckled.

Flaccid cocks erected again, and hands stroked the floating woman’s body with more fervor. The man between her legs thrust his hips back and forth in a futile attempt at release. His tongue worked the floating woman’s pussy. His lips sucked, and his teeth nipped. His fingers invaded her ass.

She gasped and writhed.

Darkling held her at the threshold of her orgasm, and refused to allow her release.

The mortals turned toward each other. The muscled man and the redhead embraced. She rode his leg like a horse, bouncing her pussy against his thigh muscle. Another woman kneeled to suck his pudgy cock. A satyr put his cock up the redhead’s ass. All of them collapsed to the ground in a writhing mass of cunt and cock.

The floating woman tried to use her own hands. Darkling stopped her. She moved her hips up and down, spread her legs as far as they would go, and stared at him with dark, pleading eyes.

Another orgasm from the twitching mass of flesh on the ground siphoned power into Darkling. He grinned with it, and stood between the floating woman’s legs. Slowly, he lowered her until he could rest his cock over her swollen pussy.

Her spread-eagled body, pale and slender in the flickering bonfire, twitched in expectation. The moist inside of her pussy gleamed, and moisture gave luster to the dark, curling hairs surrounding it.

Darkling’s cock, the head now fully exposed in dark splendor, looked far too large to fit into such a delicate body. A shudder of power ran through him, and his cock jumped against her pussy.

The muscled man fucked the kneeling redhead, and another woman, blonde with an almost hairless cunt, lay on her back with her tongue in the redhead’s cunt. A satyr fucked the muscled man’s ass. Another licked and suckled the blonde’s little cunt, while fucking the face of yet another mortal woman. No mouth, hand, cock, or pussy went unused.

Darkling shoved his throbbing, aching cock into the floating woman’s wet pussy. The woman’s mouth opened into a perfect circle. He put his hands on her hips, and dug his claws lightly into her skin. His cloak fell away when his wings unfurled. Deep red-black, they opened to the night.

Slow strokes moved her breasts in rhythmic circles. Her stuffed pussy clutched the head of his cock. Backward motion gave rise to suction that would force a mortal man to remain motionless. Darkling was not a mortal man. He pulled out until only the head remained inside, and then pushed in with slow determination.

Power hammered into his veins as another mortal climaxed. And another. He could keep them at it all night if he chose.

The floating woman gasped and twitched. Bright red dots of blood appeared around the tips of Darkling’s black claws. Her pale skin flushed. He allowed only three swift spasms, and then cut off her orgasm. She bucked, and her pussy clutched and released.

Darkling’s balls, dark and naked of hair, began to hit against her ass as he increased the speed of his strokes.

Imps exploded from the bonfire to fly in swift circles around the gathering. Several settled on Darkling’s shoulders to watch the fun. One, a female with tiny, pointed breasts, straddled his shoulder and rubbed her wet little cunt against his dark skin. A pair of them grabbed the floating woman’s trailing hair and hung from it. The tiny female grabbed the male with her legs and managed to get the little cock stuffed inside her pussy. They hung suspended while fucking merrily.

Darkling had no room in his lust for laughter, although he felt like laughing. He thrust in and out of the floating woman, and gathered more energy.

One mortal woman, dark blonde, kneeled over a man whose face was occupied with the redhead’s cunt. His cock slid in and out of the blonde’s slick pussy. Behind her, another man rammed in and out of her ass. Her mouth was full of satyr cock, and each of her hands held the pussy of another woman.

Darkling groaned. His hips thrust. His cock trembled. His balls tightened.

One of the women in the pile extracted herself on his silent command. She kneeled behind him, and licked his ass while her hands gathered moisture from his sliding cock. She ran her fingers down the crack of his ass, and then worked into his anus.

Darkling’s thrusts took on a more fervent pace. The fingers in his ass massaged and thrust. She licked his swinging balls. His wings fanned the air in jerky time to his thrusts.

The floating woman’s body jolted each time he rammed forward. Her breasts jiggled and bounced.

Darkling let go of her orgasm, and her lips stretched into a scream of lust. Her pussy convulsed, sucking and clutching his rampaging cock.

Still, he pounded her. His climax raged, on its way, but unable to hurl itself over the final cliff. Three orgasms slashed him with more power. His deep voice rumbled the air like thunder.

The little imp on his shoulder came with a squeal of delight, and then tumbled to the ground. The little pair swinging on the floating woman’s hair grunted and stiffened. Another that had perched on the floating woman’s breast to masturbate spurted a tiny rope of come toward her belly.

Darkling roared. The bonfire grew to monstrous proportions, jetting flame a full twenty feet into the air. Heat billowed.

Darkling’s cock jerked and spat. His ass clenched, trapping fingers. He slammed into the floating woman’s pussy, and held her, writhing and coming, until his seed overflowed and dripped toward the ground.

He pulled out, and his cock continued to spout up at her breasts. The little imp still seated on one was slammed off by the force of it. Another jet spattered the floating woman’s face with semen.

Darkling readjusted, and slammed his still spurting cock into her pussy again. Perhaps, this time, it would never end and Darkling could ride out eternity shackled to his lust.

But the power finally faded, and Darkling’s last spasm jerked his wings.

Another shot of power made him grin. The mortals, still fucking, sucking, and fingering, remained in a heap next to the diminishing bonfire. He let go of the floating woman and she sank slowly to the ground, still twitching from her climax.

The muscled man crawled away from the group and collapsed on the ground. His erection gleamed with mortal juices, but he glared at Darkling with fury. “Begone, Demon!” he screamed.

Darkling laughed. Mortals were so dramatic.

“I command you to leave in the name of God the Father Almighty!”

Darkling sighed, and seated himself next to the man. “I’m not a demon,” he said calmly. “I’m something far older, and you have no idea of what name to use to command me.” He gestured to the dark-haired woman he’d finished fucking.

She approached, although her chest moved in breathless gasps. Her dark, sultry eyes fixed on the muscled man’s gleaming cock.

“No! Simone! You must refuse!” He tried to scramble away.

Darkling moved swiftly. He pinned the man’s shoulders to the ground. Simone straddled the man’s legs, and slid her pussy down the man’s cock.

The man’s scream of rage hurled itself into the night.

Darkling chuckled.

Simone’s breasts jounced on her slender ribcage. Her dark eyes met Darkling’s gaze. She winked.

Darkling’s cock twitched. His laughed boomed into the echoes of the muscled man’s scream.


Simone slid her pussy up and down Eldridge’s fat cock and winked at Darkling Prince. Her pussy, stuffed and yet still in need of more filling, moved in slow circles as she rose and fell.

Her words came out mixed in soft gasps of arousal. “Darkling Prince sparked the lust of the Goddess, Herself. His seed impregnated her, and the world was born.”

That was very old lore, and Simone had thought it was myth. Darkling’s presence tonight told her the truth.

“There is no Goddess!” Eldridge shouted. “You speak lies, Witch!”

So he’d named her. Witch. Yes, her mother was a witch who believed in the Goddess, and not in the God of her people.

Simone caressed her breasts and nodded. “Yes, Eldridge, Goddess created the world from Her womb. You are the one preaching lies.” She looked up into Darkling’s black eyes. His winged brows gave him the appearance of amusement. Lust simmered deep in those eyes, and her pussy clenched around Eldridge’s cock.

“Witch, get thee away from me! I command you!” Eldridge’s voice had little real power in it. Lust swirled in the air, and it would leech the strength from him soon.

Darkling gestured to Moira, the redhead. “I can think of better things to do with your mouth than defile this woman with futile commands.”

Moira, her green eyes calculating, lowered her body over Eldridge’s face until her cunt covered his lips. She slid back and forth, over nose and chin, until he stopped trying to talk. His tongue, pink, wide, and flat, flashed against her clit. Moira caressed Simone’s breasts, and leaned forward to kiss her.

Intense arousal lanced through Simone’s belly and clenched her pussy around Eldridge’s cock. Soft lips suckled hers, and Moira’s tongue became a small cock invading Simone’s mouth.

Darkling relinquished his hold on Eldridge and stood. An imp flew to his rising erection, wrapped its arms around it, and hung there with its tiny replica bobbing. Simone broke away from Moira’s kiss and touched the imp’s cock with the tip of her finger.

A look of pure pleasure suffused the imp’s sharp features. It released Darkling’s cock and flew to Simone’s breast, where it clung to her nipple. Its tongue felt like a small pin.

Eldridge bucked beneath her and warmth oozed into her pussy. She stood, and his cock continued to spurt into the air. Moira leaned forward and licked at it.

Darkling Prince took Simone’s hand, pulled her backward against him, and then took off into the air. His mighty wings pounded the air. His cock pressed against her ass. His arms held her like strong iron as they flew over the town. Higher, over the trees, and toward the mountains. Simone shivered in the cold, but heat continued between her legs as if it would never ease.

Another bonfire raged below, and Darkling flew toward it. Figures danced and chanted in a circle. Snow dotted the landscape. Darkling landed outside the circle of light, and set her on her feet. She leaned against the warmth of his body, and his wings wrapped around her. Sheltered, she put her hand on his cock.

Long and fat, it wasn’t yet completely hardened. Simone gripped it hard. Darkling’s breathing deepened. The smooth skin of his chest felt warm beneath her cheek, but his cock was smoother and hotter. She lowered her hand to cup his balls, and then slid back up to stroke his cock in rhythm to the slow chanting.

She turned her head to peer over the edge of his wing. The chanters moved in less constrained circles. They divested themselves of all clothing. Darkling opened his wings and gestured her forward. Heat flowed from the fire, and she went toward it.

The chanters moved around her, no longer centering on the fire. Darkling stood beside her. His cock had thickened and lengthened, approaching full erection. She turned toward him. Someone pressed a cock against her ass. Another pressed hard against her hip. A moist pussy rubbed her other hip. She ignored them and stared up into Darkling’s face. Hair black as midnight curled around pointed ears. Pale skin looked slightly flushed. His lips had the color of roses, and white pointed teeth showed when he smiled. Purple eyes, a mix of blue and demonic red, slanted slightly, surrounded by sooty lashes.

Simone shivered in delight at his appearance.

His wings folded behind him with a flex of immense shoulder muscles. “You will be my companion tonight.”

Even his voice aroused her. If he spoke again, she’d climax at the sound. Trickles of lust ran up and down her spine like spiders on the rampage.

He put a hand on her arm and turned her away from him. His cock pressed against her ass when he moved closer.

The chanters, who had succumbed to lust, writhed together in a standing mass of flesh. They moved toward a statue of a man that stood amidst a small circle of standing stones. A stone erection jutted outward. A woman climbed up the front of the statue, until her feet rested on two stone ledges on either side. She lowered herself onto the stone phallus, and began to fuck it in fast, urgent movements. Her moans caught in Simone’s ears and heightened the carnal effect.

Low benches between each of the stones acquired an occupant. Each held a man on his back. Erections pointed upward. Women straddled them.

Gasps and grunts filled the air.

Darkling moved against Simone. His claws retracted, and he massaged Simone’s clitoris with gentle, rhythmic fingers. She writhed back against him to create friction against his cock.

The woman on the statue held to it, and kissed it like a lover while her ass bounced up and down. Her leg muscles flexed. She stiffened and gasped. Liquid drooled down to the statues stone balls.

Darkling’s breathing escalated, hot against Simone’s hair. His cock lurched and settled.

The woman climbed off the statue’s erection and stretched out on the altar in front of it. A stone pedestal raised her hips upward. Two offshoots of the shelf held her legs spread wide, but her ass had nothing beneath it.

The darkness beyond the stones held figures. They filed into the light, all of them dressed in gray robes. The line stopped in front of the statue, where the leading figure bowed, and then approached the woman on the altar. The rest stood in line, silent, each hood pointing down as if they were afraid to watch.

The leader took a position between the woman’s legs, and opened his robe. He stroked his penis to full hardness, and then thrust into the woman. His grey robe fluttered as the pace of his strokes increased.

Darkling spoke into Simone’s ear. “This is the way it used to be. If the woman is with child after tonight, it will be the child of the god.”

The deep voice penetrated Simone, and Darkling’s fingers stirred her lust until she wanted to scream with need. She writhed her ass against his cock, pleading with her body.

The leader gave a last shove into the woman on the altar and arched his back. His hood fell back to reveal his grimace of pleasure.

Darkling’s cock lurched again. “Each orgasm makes me harder,” he whispered. “Lust begets lust.”

She answered with a low-throated moan and pushed her pussy against his twirling fingers.

Another gray figure took the place of the first. The rest, in response to a command by Darkling, cast their robes aside in a pile. A hundred robes? So many… Simone glanced at the figures on the benches, the priests and priestesses, if she understood in the middle of her agonizing lust.

They fucked in rhythm to an on-going chant. Muscles flexed. The chanted words came out in gasps. The women touched themselves, and the men thrust upward.

Darkling placed Simone on the pile of robes, soft and warm. He kneeled between her thighs. His cock bobbed. He lowered himself over her and pushed the head inside.

Simone raised her knees, and pushed her hips upward.

Darkling’s grin tightened her belly.

She lowered her hips, and then pushed up again, fucking just the head of his cock.

A loud moan announced another orgasm. Darkling’s cock grew.

Simone grabbed Darkling’s arms and tried to pull him closer.

His wings fluttered, but he remained kneeling where he was.

She rose up and down in a futile attempt to entice his cock into her.

He circled his hips, slowly.

She moaned in frustration.

He thrust once, twice, and a third time to the hilt, and then retreated until his cock head threatened to pop out of her.

Her cries echoed into the chanting.

Darkling laughed, but it was a dark, aroused sound that made Simone’s toes curl.

Another orgasm, and Darkling’s head tossed back. His wet cock bounced.

The chanting picked up in pace, now accompanied by the rhythmic slapping of flesh against flesh.

The current man fucking the woman at the altar grunted with each thrust.

Darkling plunged his cock deep inside Simone’s twitching pussy. His low growl made her thighs tremble. His chest pressed against her breasts. His shoulders strained with the pressure of his moving wings.

Simone curled enough to grab his hard ass. It flexed beneath her fingers. His cock slid in and out of her pussy, and rubbed against whatever was inside her that caused excitement. She moved with him, quaking with an approaching climax that would rip the world apart.

Another shout of triumph sounded from the altar, and the ridge of Darkling’s cock head rubbed hard against that place again.

Simone had no control of movement left. She undulated, writhed, grabbed Darkling’s ass, scratched him, bit his chest, and then stiffened. Poised at the threshold, she stared into his darkened eyes and knew he somehow kept her from her climax. She made animal noises.

The chant crested into carnal howls. Orgasmic energies slammed into Darkling, and his cock stretched Simone’s pussy walls. His cock ceased to slide back and forth. It slammed deep inside, retreating only enough to rub against that place inside her, and then slammed inward again. His balls slapped her bouncing ass. Dark wings created a gale of wind, and then lifted them both from the ground.

Darkling turned them so gravity forced her down onto his cock, and he shoved her body up and down with powerful arms. His wings kept them aloft.

Simone’s orgasm ripped through her like lightening, followed by the thunder of Darkling’s climactic roar. Hot seed jetted into her inflamed pussy. She writhed on it, impaled through her very soul.


Darkling managed to avoid slamming into the ground when his wings curled with his climax. Simone sat on top of him, and his half-hard cock remained embedded inside her pussy. Another orgasm from the line of men at the altar shot more power into him, and his cock trembled. He sensed Simone’s pain. Sore and almost crippled from the constant activity, she still craved his cock.

Of course she did. He was a god, was he not? But he had no wish to cripple her for life.

He gently set her aside, wrapped one of the gray robes around her, and lifted her into his arms. A short flight sent them to another time, another place, and he set her on his bed. Dark walls surrounded them. Silence coursed through the air in palpable form.

“Simone,” he said to waken her, for she’d fallen into sleep in his arms.

She opened her eyes and gazed at him like a trusting child.

He smiled. Her pain diminished here, in this sacred place. Her body would heal completely, given a few more minutes.

She stretched, languid, and the robe slid away from her like water. Her pale breasts bobbed. Rose-colored nipples hardened as she gazed at him. The soft swell of her belly curved down toward the ink-black triangle of her pussy. She rolled, and the flex of her ass muscles drew him to touch her.

He folded his wings into place and stretched out beside her. His hands roamed over her curves, claws carefully retracted to avoid injury. He touched her pussy, and tried to sense her pain. It was gone, so he caressed her clitoris with a single finger. Leaning, he used his tongue to soothe the pink skin surrounding her clitoris, and then gently suckled the little nub while his fingers penetrated into her pussy.

He massaged the soft mass of nerves and tissue deep inside that would lend to her arousal.

Simone raised her leg and turned to give him more access. “Yes,” she hissed, and thrust back and forth against his mouth and hand.

Darkling’s cock brushed the soft cloth beneath them. He pulled away.

“Don’t stop.” She sounded agitated.

“But the night has not ended, and I feel the need for more traveling.” Grinning, he picked her up again and placed her on her feet. He wrapped the robe around her, and lifted her into his arms like a child.

She laughed. The pure joy in her tone sent bolts of arousal through his belly. “More bonfires?” she asked.

“Perhaps something a bit different.” He stretched his wings and took them through time and space, landing on a paved street in the shadows of an electric light overhead. He set Simone on her feet and waited for her to become accustomed to the surroundings. “I have healed your pain,” he told her softly. “I will do so again if you request.”

She nodded. “I thank you, Master.”

Turning, he put his hand beneath her chin. “No one is your master, Simone. You are always free to go home.”

The swift panic in her eyes told him she didn’t want to leave him. “Only if you wish me to leave,” she whispered.

“Then remain with me.” Smiling, he gestured toward the houses that lined the street. Small ones ran and laughed, darting from house to house. Pumpkins stood on porches, carved with faces both ghoulish and comedic. “The children wear costumes,” he explained as a white, ghostlike figure ran by with a bright orange basket in its hand. “This culture has moved past magic into science, and does not believe in evil spirits. The bonfires of the ancients have long passed from this world.”

“Why does that make me saddened?” she asked, grasping his hand in hers.

“It is a death of sorts, and deaths make mortals feel their own mortality.” He smiled again, and led her down the street. On the corner stood a small home filled with lust. It was this, which had drawn him out of time. The darkened porch held flickering jack-o-lanterns, but no child approached. Cold, autumn wind rattled dead leaves along the cement walkway.

Simone walked alongside Darkling as he climbed to the porch and entered the building without knocking. A semi-dark room held figures swaying to music. Odd lighting revealed a couple engaged in a passionate kiss on a sofa. A large chair held a man and woman in an embrace. No one protested Darkling and Simone’s entrance.

Darkling led Simone to the sofa and pulled her down to sit beside him. He settled an arm around her shoulders and felt her trembling. “Do not be frightened, little mortal.”

“I am cold.”

Darkling sent heat through the room and waited for the effects of his presence to manifest. Simone’s small hand worked its way between the folds of his cloak and grasped his cock. Soon, the kissing couple beside them on the sofa began to remove clothing. The woman on the chair writhed against the man. The dancers moved closer together.

One woman, dressed in this culture’s version of a witch’s hat and broom, straddled the broom and rubbed her cunt along the handle. Another woman kneeled in front of her dancing partner and pulled her partner’s cock from within the sheet wrapped around him. Her tongue danced in rhythm to the music.

Clothing drifted to the floor. Naked men and women pressed together, rubbing cocks and pussies in carnal measure. Soft moans added to the music.

Simone’s hand stroked Darkling’s extended cock. He opened his cloak, and Simone kneeled between his knees. Her warm lips surrounded the head, and her small teeth nipped. Darkling grinned at the escalating orgy.

A longhaired man shoved a petite woman against the wall and held her up with his hands beneath her ass. She raised her legs, and cried out when he plunged his hardened cock into her cunt. His ass muscles flexed with each thrust.

Simone stood, and the gray robe tumbled from her shoulders. Her nipples looked dark in the dim lighting.

Darkling reclined back on the sofa and scooted his ass forward. His wings cramped, so he stretched them along the back of the sofa. His cock, darkened and almost fully aroused, pointed lazily upward.

Simone straddled him, and rubbed the head of his cock against her clitoris.

Behind her, the broom-straddling witch, now wearing only her hat, lowered the broom to allow another woman to climb aboard, facing her. The two rubbed against the broom handle while kissing and caressing each other.

The couple next to Darkling on the sofa rearranged themselves so the man was behind the woman while she held to the arm of the couch. He drove into her with a grunt, and the couch rocked.

Simone slid her pussy onto Darkling’s cock. A hand snaked around waist and twirled over her clitoris. She gasped. The man behind her grinned at Darkling, who grinned back. Simone bounced, and her breasts bounced with her.

An orgasm shot power into Darkling’s cock, and then another. Then three of them in quick succession. He arched upward, and Simone grabbed his shoulders. She circled her ass so his cock stirred her insides. The man behind her thrust his cock against the crack of her ass and kept his fingers moving. Darkling reached around her, grabbed the man’s cock, and stroked it with a swift, even hand. The man looked startled for a second, but then his head leaned back and he moaned. His climax shot seed at the middle of Simone’s back, and she growled.

Darkling laughed buoyantly. Mortals had so much lust all bottled up inside their bodies. Another orgasm handed him power as the broom riders howled.

Darkling picked Simone up, and turned her on his cock so she faced outward. She leaned back against his chest as a woman with white-blonde hair kneeled in front of them. A rough tongue ran over Darkling’s hanging balls and up to Simone’s clitoris. Darkling held to Simone’s hips and thrust in and out in rapid strokes. The kneeling woman spread her legs as a man approached her from behind.

The reclining chair now held three people. Two women licked and sucked the man’s purpling cock like a piece of candy. The women rode his legs, rubbing gleaming wet pussies with abandon.

Darkling’s cock swelled past all known proportions. Simone’s pussy contracted, and heated moisture flowed around his shaft. He stood, lifting her off his erection, and placed her on the sofa. Gasping, she stared at his cock. He smiled, and ran a gentle finger over her cheek to brush away a dark tendril of hair. “Rest for a moment, Sweetness,” he said, and kissed her lush lips.

Turning, he stretched his wings wide. The fucking couples stared, but kept moving in the age-old manner of creation. Darkling’s cock curved slightly upward, gleaming with Simone’s juices. Power streamed through the room toward him. He absorbed it, and turned back to Simone. “The sun will arise soon, and I will not be able to take you home.”

“I do not wish to go home.” Soft, there was a slight sense of supplication in her tone.

“Where do you wish to go?”

“With you.”

For a long moment, he studied her. Her breathing had returned to normal. Her breasts drew his senses, and the ink-dark triangle between her pale thighs. “You will be stranded then, with only me for company until this night next year.”

“I will be happy.”

He picked her up, leaving the robe on the floor. “I will keep you, then.” He lifted her until she straddled his hips with her legs. His cock sank deep into her soft heat. “Hold on tight,” he whispered, and lifted them with his wings as he changed the time and place surrounding them. Home, he flew, to the womb that held him secure.

Simone clung to him, and circled her hips to create friction against his cock. He fucked her with hard thrusts as they flew.

Dark walls surrounded them again, and silence. Nothing could penetrate this place. The beginning of the world lay in this chamber. Darkling circled down to the bed, still thrusting. He kissed her lips, mauled her mouth with his tongue.

Beneath him, on the bed, she stretched her legs. He slowed his thrusting to a gentle, soothing rhythm that rocked her breasts up and down with each movement. His entire body relaxed. Only the hard insistence of his cock remained tense. Tendrils of arousal curled and uncurled through his nerves.

Simone opened her dark, sultry eyes.

Darkling buried his face in her hair. Her pussy suckled his cock like a newborn. Her hands caressed his skin. Soft sighs of passion brushed at his hair. She kissed his ear, nibbled at his throat.

He reached down, grabbed her beneath her knees, and pinned her body to the bed. Very slowly, he slid his cock in and out of her tight, swollen pussy. His wings moved in rhythm. For the very first time that evening, sweat cooled his brow.

Simone’s head thrashed on the pillow, and her fingers grasped his shoulders. Her pale body, bent beneath him, tried to hasten his thrusts. The tremble of her thighs increased.

Each thrust sent a bolt of lust through each of Darkling’s nerves, but he kept to the gentle pace. His cock looked dangerous, slicked and moving without pause into her body. Her breasts circled with gentle rhythm. Her eyes, wide and dark, drew him into her gaze as if he fell into the void.

She shuddered, and something exploded deep in her eyes. Her pussy rippled. Her body tensed, and then released.

Wave after wave of orgasmic power pushed against and into Darkling’s soul. He shifted his grip on her legs and pounded the fulcrum of her body. His voice echoed from the high ceiling in nonsense syllables.

The piercing, lust-filled quality of her scream jerked his muscles. He arched his back and his thrusting changed to short, hard strokes. Faster and faster he moved, until, with one last jerk, he pulled his cock almost out of her clutching pussy, and then slammed back in to the hilt.

Seed poured through his shaft and into her body. He shuddered and wrenched his cock up again, and then down. The spasms blended into one long eternity of bliss. He rammed in and out, as if forcing his seed even deeper inside her.

Arms trembling, he opened his eyes to gaze down at her face.

She smiled, mysterious and soft.

Darkling lowered his body until he could kiss her. Soon, a new world would spin through time.

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