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Working Out the Kinks Ch. 05

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Since the semester began three weeks ago, I haven’t seen my dad. My parents’ house was a 90-minute car drive away — close enough to consider a spur-of-the-moment trip every now and then, but too far to do it too often. Classwork was keeping me really busy, too.

Also keeping me busy was the fact that I had not one, but two, casual girlfriends. One was Hedda, the blonde older woman I’d met at my friend’s baby shower. She had invited me to her apartment for drinks and to “discuss an internship at her company,” but after about an hour and couple of gin and tonics, she had put her hand on my upper thigh with one hand and stroked my hair with the other.

The other was Casey, a perky little brunette freshman I met while volunteering at a food pantry.

My sex life had gotten so much better since Daddy helped me get into perfect shape. I got attention every where I went, especially from men, of course. Little did they know that the only man in my life was my Daddy. Even though I had, I thought, an ordinary face, my tight fit body, high firm breasts, and thick red hair were attention magnets.

I told Daddy about my girlfriends, and he loved hearing about the details. “Hedda loves to make me cum by tonguing my ass and very very gently tapping my clit with her finger,” I told him. About Casey, he loved to hear about her insistence on her innocence, about how she’d call me and say, “I’m not a slut but god, Kellie, I want to touch you again.” And about how she became incrementally less shy the more aroused she got. And about how we’d 69 and two hours would go by. And about how, as good as that was, I could have used a really nice deep dicking at the end of it.

Daddy and I thought of an excuse for him to visit for the third weekend of the semester — but Mom ended up tagging along, so it turned into an excruciating visit, having him there but not being able to touch him, except for sucking him off in the car on Sunday morning on the pretext of the two of us going jogging while Mom slept in. He came in my wet mouth while he fingered my pink asshole. But I needed more.

We decided that he would call in sick on Wednesday, drive to the apartment I shared with two roommates, and take me to a hotel. I would skip class. When I heard his footsteps come up the stairs to our front door, my roommates had left for three hours of morning classes just fifteen minutes before. Dad had gotten up early to come and fuck me silly. This was going to be good.

I opened the door, and looked up into his deep blue eyes and smiled. I was slightly shaking all over from the excitement and for a moment we just sat there looking at each other, grinning. I was wearing a tight pink chemise and little striped cotton panties — i hadn’t expected him so soon. He was wearing clothes he’d wear to work – nylon workout pants and jacket top.

He told me I looked amazing. And indicated that he was ready to go – but I grabbed his wrist. “No,” I said. “Here.”

“But your roommates — ”

“In class. Gone, three-four hours. At least.” I couldn’t even talk in complete sentences. “Fuck me on my bed.”

We had to pass through the living room on the way to my room, and as we passed the sofa, he pushed me onto it, my knees on the seats. His hands yanked down my panties. “I’ll fuck you on your bed – but I want to eat your pussy on your sofa first.”

I just gasped. Here we were, on the sofa where I watched American Idol with my roommates, and my dad’s tongue was slithering all over my wet pink lips. My panties weren’t off – they were just pulled to the side, which felt dirtier. One of his hands fondled my tits through my chemise while the other gently caressed my flat little tummy. His tongue was making me gasp and I could barely breathe.

“It’s …. so…..good…Kellie….oh…..your….pussy….” he said.

I was grinding my hips, gradually more and more, and soon he had to put his hands on my ass to hold me still enough to keep his tongue on my pussy. I felt like I was on the edge of cumming for the longest time, but that I wasn’t going to get there. “I need fucking,” was all I could say.

As he lifted my petite frame off the couch easily, I could see the mess my wetness had left on the couch. But I was too horny to worry about it, and the next instant I was being tossed on my bed, my wrists were pinned down, and a very thick and rock-hard cock was inside my pussy, jackhammering me with long, quick strokes.

I came all over his dick in about 90 seconds, and my orgasm made me almost black out. He was still fucking me, his balls slapping against me, getting really deep inside me, his big muscular frame all over my small little body.

“You can do whatever you want to me, Daddy,” I whispered. “Anything.”

“Oh, god,” he said.

“Anything,” I repeated.

“I want to fuck your dirty little mouth.”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Until I cum, Kellie.”

He pulled out and I got on my knees as he stood up on my bed. My mouth had to search out his bobbing cock, it was throbbing so much. The hot crown filled my mouth and I tasted a mix of pussy and precum. Soon he had a hand on the back of my head, and the other under my jaw.

He began thrusting back and forth, and kept pretty good control to avoid gagging me, even though he seemed out of his mind with lust – I could feel it in the nervous jerk perceptible in his thrusts. A couple of times he shoved it really deep and I gagged a little, instinctively bracing my hands on his thighs to push him away.

“Put your hands away,” he said, surprising me completely with the dirtiness of the command. “Play with your pussy while I fuck your mouth.”

I gave him control of my mouth and he fucked it hard. I got used to it, but I could feel my eyes tearing up a little from the pressure. In a few minutes, he grunted, and held my head firmly in place, his dick really deep, and soon I felt spurt after spurt of warm sticky cum flood my mouth. He pulled out slowly, and I was panting. He held me, saying nothing.

We drifted off for a short nap, and when I woke up an hour or so later, I just began licking his balls. He woke up, we had a hot 69, and then I sat on his dick and bounced and ground my hips until I came on his cock twice and he shot hot cum into my pussy. The room smelled like salty sweat, with a faint sense of tart lemon.

It was such a hot morning – made even hotter by the fact that we had done all this sick stuff on my bed. The possibility – unlikely though it was – that my roommates could come home unexpectedly early made it all so much more intense. But they didn’t come home. Daddy and I showered together, he took me out to lunch, and I sucked him off in the car before he had to drive home to arrive back at home at the usual time.

* * *

That’s how things were for the rest of that semester. Daddy and I couldn’t get together just anytime we wanted – but when we did find time alone, the clothes flew off urgently and the sex was intense.

A couple of times he visited on some pretext of an “exchange of ideas” with his counterparts at my college — visits that would require an overnight stay. Mom never questioned this. My visits home never needed an excuse, though once there, Dad and I would have to find time in the dead of night or make do in the car during a midday errand. Once or twice we’d fool around in the basement gym, but this was always limited to oral sex or mutual masturbation, since we couldn’t afford to get too loud.

In between visits, we communicated with each other – through fake Facebook accounts we created and which we used only on computers we didn’t own. We were paranoid about any history being recorded of our — affair? I didn’t know what to call it.

He would leave me messages like, “Thought about your pussy ALL DAY.” Or, “Jerked eight — EIGHT! — times today.” I’d write him back and tell him how wet my pussy was from his message, from thinking about him. I’d describe the sex life I enjoyed with my two current girlfriends, and the guys who hit on me and who I’d turn down — because my pussy belonged to one dick.

Life was good at this time. I was in peak physical shape thanks to Daddy’s coaching and expertise about exercise and nutrition. I was getting all the sex I wanted, of all kinds. And I was getting it without any serious romantic relationships to take up my time and energy, so my grades were fantastic. I was so happy.

We carried on this way until – I fell in love with a girl.

(To Be Continued…)

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