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Winter Weekend

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What a wonderful weekend… a secluded cabin at an exclusive ski-lodge resort and some very good BDSM workshops and seminars. What more could a lady ask for?

They pulled slowly into the covered parking in front of the cabin and he hurried around to open her door and carefully hand her out, taking care that her spiked heels didn’t slip on the icy concrete. Inside, she handed him her coat and he hurried to put their things away.

A low fire was burning in the fireplace and his breath caught in his throat as he saw her, lying on the soft pillows and rugs in front of the fire, her hair spread around her shoulders. The curve of her breasts and the black leather corset she had worn to the workshop were highlighted in the firelight and his gaze could not help but travel down her body to the leather garter belt and panties she wore and then on to her black stockings and stiletto heels.

“Come build up the fire for me, pet.”

He complied quickly, eager for the chance to be near her. When he was sure that the new logs had caught, he turned to face her, automatically assuming her favorite position, on his knees, hands held at the small of his back, head down. She was pleased with what she saw, his snug leather collar and the black leather body harness accentuating his shoulders and chest, leading to the gleaming ring that encircled his cock and balls and then the strap that disappeared, enticingly, between his legs.

Sitting up, she slipped her hand under the chest strap of his harness and pulled him forward until he lay across her lap. His arms held his weight off her legs, until she firmly pressed him down, letting him know that it was all right to relax. Her hand traced the dark strap that nestled between his buttocks and she could feel him press lightly into her touch. She caressed his ass cheeks, lingering over the mark that she had recently placed on his right upper cheek, a stylized initial of her name. The firelight imparted a rosy glow to his pale skin and she was filled with the sudden desire to make that color brighter. Her hand cracked against his ass sharply and he gasped in surprise, but the twitch of his cock against her thigh betrayed his arousal. Muffled exclamations and moans of pleasure spurred her on, until his ass cheeks were hot and a very satisfactory shade of red. He was commanded back to his original position and swiftly obeyed, although now tousled and obviously aroused.

“I believe that I would like to use the hot tub now, pet. You may undress me.”

His hands gently grasped her left ankle and raised her foot until her stiletto rested on his right thigh. There was some discomfort as the sharp heel pressed into his flesh, but Mistress allowed him to rub his cheek against the silky softness of her calf for a second and his pain was forgotten. His hands worked surely to unbuckle the thin ankle strap of her shoe, finally removing the footwear and then gently placing her foot back on the floor. She noted that his hands lingered slightly on her calf and she lightly tapped his cheek with her finger to direct his attention back to his task. Her other shoe was removed in a similar manner and if he noticed that her spiked heel had pressed just slightly harder into his thigh, no comment was made. Rising up on his knees, he unfastened the garters holding one of her stockings and slowly slid the silky fabric down her leg, allowing her to step out of it. He reached for the second, but her hand on the back of his head drew him in, until his face rubbed against the leather of her panties. Her scent was intoxicating and he could not hold back the small moan of arousal that slipped from him. Daringly, his tongue licked over her mound and her hand was instantly in his hair, pulling his face away, with a command to finish his task. Her other stocking soon joined its mate, along with her garter belt.

He rose to his feet and she turned her back to him, allowing access to the laces of her corset. As the laces loosened, she sighed with relief, enjoying the feeling of freedom. She caught his hands in hers, bringing them up to massage her breasts as she leaned back slightly against him. He rolled her nipples between his fingers the way she had taught him and was delighted by her exclamation of pleasure. Abruptly, she stepped away from him, turning and cupping her breasts in her hands.

“Suck them pet.”

Her nipples became erect under his tongue and Mistress showed her approval of his skill as her hand stroked the back of his head as he complied with her wishes. Finally, she pulled his head away.

“Go the bathroom and get my hairbrush and a hair clip. I’ll be waiting next to the hot tub.”

He returned to find her sitting on the end of the chaise next to the hot tub. Kneeling, he handed her the brush, laying her hair clip on the chaise. Her hand on the back of his neck pushed his head toward the floor, and he assumed a punishment position immediately, his ass held high in the air for Mistress, waiting for the sharp smacks he was certain would follow, wondering what he had done to displease her. Instead, he felt her soft hand stroke gently over his buttock, down the cleft of his ass and then gently fondle his aching balls and cock. His legs spread wider to give her more access as he leaned slightly into her touch. Her playful touch continued until he moaned with pleasure. Lightly smacking his upturned ass, she said, “Come pet, brush my hair for me now and then clip it up so it doesn’t get wet.”

The brush glided though her hair until it was sleek and shining and he deftly twisted it up on top of her head and secured the clip to hold it. Leaning back on her elbows, she indicated that he could return to his place kneeling before her. “Take my panties off now, pet.” He leaned forward, reaching for the tiny scraps of leather, but she stopped him…. “No hands, baby.” His nose brushed against her tummy as he got the edge of the soft leather between his teeth and began to work the garment down as she obligingly raised her hips to help the process. The scent of her arousal was strong and he groaned involuntarily, his eyes closing briefly as he enjoyed the moment. Her panties came off and he placed them on the end of the chaise and knelt back to await further instructions. Her hand caressed her breast and slid slowly down over her belly, lower and lower, finally dipping two fingers into the cleft of her cunt. She then leaned forward and placing them against his lips, inviting him to take them in. He accepted her gift eagerly, enjoying the lemon-sweet taste of her, hoping that she would allow him to indulge further, but she finally stood and moved around him, stepping down into the steaming water of the hot tub with a sigh of pleasure.

He was sent to get some fresh towels, returned and piled them within arm’s reach. He knelt on a soft mat near the hot tub, his arousal evident, cock hard with a little pre-cum glistening at the tip. She observed him through half closed eyes for a while, noting his stillness, but also knowing that he was awaiting her command.

“Come in with me, baby.”

His fingers deftly unfastened the straps of his harness, moving lastly to the collar around his neck, laying all the leather carefully out of harm’s way on the end of the chaise. He eased into the hot water, lounging back against the side of the tub, his arms outstretched along the rim. Gradually, his eyes closed as he relaxed into the warm caress of the water. After a few minutes, he felt her hands on him, and began to sit up, but she stopped him with a soft word, “No”, gently pressing his head back again and closing his eyes. Her hands pinned his arms against the side of the tub and he felt the warm pressure as she straddled him and then lowered herself onto his still erect shaft. He could feel her breasts rub slickly over his chest, her slight movement causing her clit to be rubbed gently between them. Her eyes closed as she concentrated on the sensation, using him as her fuck toy. After a while, her movements became slightly more forceful and he could feel the walls of her pussy start to contract around him as she came with a moan….

Deliciously relaxed, she was aware of him inside her, hard and unsatisfied. She slid off his lap slowly, hearing his small moan at the decreased sensation around his cock. She returned to her place opposite him, eyes closing as she relaxed in the lulling hot water. Although her eyes were shut, she was somehow aware when his hands dipped into the water, “Don’t touch yourself, pet.” His arms quickly returned to the sides of the tub and she couldn’t help a small smile on hearing his resigned groan.

They soaked in silence for a while and he finally handed her carefully from the tub. He retrieved one of the large towels and began to dry her, watching the small rivulets that ran down her body with some fascination. She noticed his interest and allowed him to lick up some of the excess water as he continued his work. Finally dry, she left him to dry himself and requested that he bring her a drink. He returned to find her sitting once more in front of the fire, still nude, a bottle of massage oil warming near the fire. Silently, he handed her the drink and opened the bottle of oil, warming it a bit more in his hands before moving to rub her shoulders and upper back. She allowed him to work on her back for a while before setting her drink on the hearth and stretching out full length to give him better access. His hands glided over her skin sensuously and he took some satisfaction in the small sighs of pleasure she made. She flipped over on her back so that he could attend to the rest and noticed that he was still hard, his cock standing at rigid attention. She propped her head up with a small pillow and watched him through half closed eyes as he bent to his task. She felt his hands sliding over her skin, but soon became aware of another touch as well and realized that he was rubbing his erection against her as well. Sitting up abruptly, she commanded him to a kneeling position, his hands held correctly at the small of his back.

“You know the rules pet. You may not take pleasure in that way without my permission.”

Her hands went to the large butterfly clip that still held her hair and removed it, noting that it was the perfect size. Squeezing the clip open, she grabbed his cock and placed the clip around it, making sure that some of the points of the clip were in contact with his skin. The pain was exquisite but the tightness of the clip ensured that his erection remained and he realized that it was quite possible Mistress might leave him this way for a while. He contemplated this fate while returning to his task, completing the massage he had started, leaving her body softly shining with the fragrant oil.

He knelt there, his cock throbbing, aroused yet painful at the same time. She regarded him for a time, but made no move to release him. Involuntarily, his hand moved toward his aching shaft, but he stopped the motion before it was completed and returned to his position.

“Very good baby…I am glad to see you have THAT much control at least!”

There was a loud knock on the door at that moment and he jumped slightly, startled.

“Go open the door pet. Go just the way you are…”

He opened the door while trying to stand behind it, both to conceal his nudity and to protect his bare skin from the icy draft that rushed into the room. The young man on the steps was heavily bundled and entered without comment, other than an amused glance at Mistress’ pet and his rather unusual adornment. The young man immediately began to undress, finally standing beautifully nude, before requesting, “Please take me to your Mistress.”

“He presents himself very well” she thought, surveying the kneeling form. “I must remember to thank Mistress Cynthia for her generosity”. She circled him slowly, pausing now and then to gently stroke an area of interest, finally going to her knees behind him and pulling him back against her body as her hands explored the cleft of his ass and the rampant erection he sported. From the corner of her eye she could see her own pet as he knelt nearby. His eyes were downcast, looking at the clip, which still painfully bound his cock, his erection still present, but less than before. She motioned for him to come closer and then slowly removed the clip, stroking him lightly back to full hardness, kissing him lightly as she did so.

“Go bring back the cuffs and some rope pet, and bring a chair from the kitchen as well.”

Her lovely visitor was seated in the chair, his arms bound behind him, ankles bound tightly to the legs of the chair. Mistress observed him closely, noting his rapid breathing, almost a pant, but it was evident that this was due more to excitement than fear or distress as his cock was rock hard and leaking pearly drops of fluid from the tip. She straddled him, finally almost sitting on his lap, Her arms loosely around his neck. Her pussy was wet and She rubbed against his cock. At her command, her pet knelt behind Her and She reached back to guide him into place, gasping with pleasure as he began to lick lightly over her ass, finally using his tongue to rim Her. She rocked rhythmically on the other’s lap, rubbing her pussy against his hardness and then pressing back into the talented tongue behind Her. Rising up slightly, she allowed the head of his cock to penetrate Her shallowly, rubbing the head over Her clit. This lovely torture went on for some time, with gasps and moans of pleasure from all three.

Mistress finally rose slightly, breaking the contact and stilled her pet’s movement behind her. She turned to face the opposite direction, straddling their visitor’s lap once again and guiding his cock into her dripping slit as she sank down on him, her back to his front. She beckoned her pet to Her and guided his mouth to Her nipples, letting him suck them into hard peaks, his knowledge of Her body allowing him to apply just the right amount of pressure for the pleasure/pain he knew She desired. Her hands fastened in his hair, pulling his head back, then firmly guided his head down, down to that glistening junction of cock and pussy.

“Lick it baby…lick it and make me cum.”

She worked herself on the rock hard cock between her legs, rising slightly and then dropping back again, over and over, with her pet’s warm, wet tongue teasing her clit until she felt that familiar warm heaviness begin to gather in her belly.

“So close, so close baby…give me more.” The pressure of his tongue increased and he could feel her clit swell, then begin to pulse as the waves of her orgasm rolled over her, her rhythm becoming jerky and her breath coming in gasps as she spasmed and then finally stilled.

She tilted his head back, “Look at me baby….”

She studied his face, his eyes dark with arousal, leaning forward to kiss him gently at first, then with increasing intensity, able to taste herself on his tongue. She reached down and stroked his erection, using her thumb to spread his pre-cum over the silky head, enjoying his shuddering intake of breath at the sensation.

Rising at last, she studied the two men, one still bound tightly in the chair and the other kneeling so beautifully before her. Her hand on the back of her pet’s neck pressed him forward toward the still hard cock sported by their visitor.

“Take him in your mouth baby. I want you to taste Me on his cock.”

She could feel the resistance in his neck and back as she urged him forward and abruptly changed her tactic, pressing his head firmly toward the floor with a stern command to remain in place. She stepped away, but quickly returned with a small leather paddle, dangling from its leather thong at her wrist.

“You know I expect complete obedience pet. I know what you need, but when this is finished, you will obey… In fact, you will beg me to be allowed to have that hard, fat cock in your mouth.” He could not see, but there was a slight smile on her face as she said this. She knew that he needed to be “forced” into obedience tonight.

His upraised ass quickly took on a brilliant shade of crimson and he jerked slightly with each hard smack. Her hand soothed and stroked his hot skin intermittently until finally she heard softly…”Please Mistress.”

“Please what baby?”

“Please Mistress, I want to suck that cock for You.”

“I would like that very much pet… Go and take just the head into your mouth now.”

She watched as he slid forward slightly and opened his mouth. Her left hand grasped their visitor’s hard shaft as her right slid behind her pet’s head, encouraging him, as she guided the cock into his mouth. “Just the tip for now baby. Use your tongue on him.” The resultant moan from above told her that he was obeying her instructions, with the desired result.

Her taste in his mouth made him want to seek more, but he knew she was watching him closely. His eyes closed as he enjoyed the sensation of that smooth warm hardness in his mouth, chasing the taste of Her, mingled with the drops of pre-cum from their guest, so he was slightly startled a few minutes later to feel cool slickness over his hole, quickly followed by a mild burning stretch as the tip of her strap on penetrated him. She paused a few seconds to allow him to adjust and then pressed forward, penetrating him fully but gently, his mouth still around the other man’s shaft.

She fucked him slowly, the smooth length of her dildo disappearing into his hole as she pulling his hips back with her hands and then pushing him forward, pushing the cock further into his mouth, allowing him to taste the remnants of her cum. She held him firmly, not letting him increase the speed or force of her penetration.

“Easy baby…this is going to last a good long while.”

They fell into an easy slow rhythm of push, then pull, in and out, until finally their lovely guest began to moan low in his throat and to pant slightly. “Please Mistress, please let me cum. Please let me cum for You.”

“Use your hands on him baby… Let me see him cum.” She pulled her pet back slightly until her dick was buried in his ass, watching as his fisted the other man’s cock. The other pet began to struggle against his bonds, finally arching and coming with a harsh shout, his cum spurting over her pet’s fist and actually onto his chest, dotting and striping him with white.

She withdrew slowly from her pet’s hole, then kissed him gently before rising to her feet and heading off to the bedroom. “Clean him up baby and untie him…Then both of you meet me in the bedroom.”

They entered the bedroom to find Mistress kneeling in the center of the bed. She beckoned them both to her and guided their mouths to her nipples, gasping in delight at the sensation of the dual stimulation. Her hands stroked the backs of their heads, not quite holding them in place, but keeping their attention where she wanted it. Finally, almost reluctantly, she pulled back.

“On you hands and knees pet, facing away from me.” He complied quickly and moaned with pleasure as he was breached from the rear again, her freshly lubed strap-on sliding in to the hilt with one thrust. She held him still for a moment and then began to thrust slowly, giving him the full length every time. Soon, he was pushing back against her slightly and she knew that he wanted/needed more. Their handsome guest was instructed to lie on the bed and position himself so he could take her pet’s cock into his mouth. A slow rhythm was started, Mistress’ cock sliding in and out, pushing her pet’s hardness into the eager mouth below.

“Mistress, please…..”

“What is it baby, what do you need?”

“Please Mistress, I need to cum, please let me cum….”

“No baby, not yet.”

His answering moan was incredibly erotic to Her. The speed of her strokes increased and she brought him, begging for release and moaning with pleasure, to the brink of release before abruptly pulling out. His cry of surprise and frustration almost made Her laugh, but she held it back and petted him. “Just a little more, baby, just a little.”

Their delightful visitor was positioned on the bed, kneeling, sitting back on his heels, his cock hard and standing tall once again. Turning her pet, she positioned him between their guest’s knees and then guided him back a bit until he could feel the other man’s hardness against his sensitive pucker.

“Take him in baby, I want to see you fuck yourself on that hard cock. Let me watch you take pleasure in this.” He could feel her hand applying lube to the other man’s length and then rubbing over his hole. “Do this for me baby, show me how good it feels for you.”

Masculine hands on his hips guided him into place and he groaned with pleasure as he was filled once again. “Oh baby, that looks so good, you are so beautiful like that.” The position didn’t allow for a lot of movement, but a slow rocking motion was soon established, both of them making small noises of pleasure as Mistress’ hands roamed their bodies, stroking, caressing, tweaking a nipple now and then.

“Now baby, work your cock for me. I want to see you cum for me with that big dick inside you.”

His hand flew to his cock and he began stroking. He knew that She was watching and tried to draw it out as long as he could, although he was almost desperate for release by now. Finally, she leaned close and said “Cum for me baby, cum now…!” With an uncharacteristic shout, he came hard, long ropes of pearly white striping his hand and belly as he gasped for breath. He was drained and exhausted, but strong hands held him gently as She cleaned him up a little with a waiting towel, then gently moved him forward, off the cock that still impaled him, until he was lying on the bed.

Mistress kissed their guest lightly and sent him off to clean up before returning to his Mistress. She made a mental note to speak with Cynthia the next day and thank her for the loan of her charming pet. She saw him out and returned to the bedroom to find that her pet had fallen into a light sleep. He had pleased her so much tonight…. Mistress turned out the remaining lights and slid between the soft sheets, spooning her body behind her pet, her arm draped lightly over his waist.

“What a wonderful weekend.”

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