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Two Sets of Cheeks for Me

Category: Incest
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Working in construction for so long I’ve been able to work my way up to foreman; which in my case, basically means that I point out what others are to do and I don’t do much physical labor anymore. I’ve been doing this, with the same company, for almost twenty years now, starting when I was just seventeen. I’ve been able to keep myself in great shape, physically and sexually. It’s no secret that there’s a special category for construction workers in a lot of women’s, and men’s, fantasy worlds. I’ve been able to take advantage of a lot of a lot of those feelings over my career and I hoped to keep it up as long as I could. After all, I’m only thirty-six years old; I expect to be able to fuck like a madman for another few decades.

This particular project is an assisted living facility with senior housing attached to it. It’s a brand new addition to an existing facility in a small suburb of Kansas City, MO. I’ve been living in an apartment building right across the street from the site for the last six months as things are wrapping up. Being a “Yankee”, this hot, humid weather was tough to get used to the first year or so on this job, but since I moved down here to that apartment full-time, I’ve become accustomed to it; for the most part. Living down here has made me appreciate good, sweaty, dirty sex; mainly because it’s just so hot and humid here in the summer, and because I’ve met quite a few women, and men, that enjoy the same things as I do.

Yes, I’ve had sex with both women and men, sometimes at the same time, sometimes with several in a group orgy. Now with my apartment it’s easier to get together and get nasty with whoever is looking for a buff construction worker to fuck them, or looking to fuck a construction worker! Either way, I’m their man. I can take it as much as I can dish it out. My ass is somewhat of a legend amongst some of my fellow workers and even some of the guys from the assisted living facility. Male nurses seem to like taking my temperature with something other than a thermometer, and female nurses like when I do the same to them. I’m all about asses. I’ve always loved to fuck a beautiful ass and I keep mine in shape because I know how exciting it is to plow between two beautiful, bulbous cheeks and slide into that tender, tight, hot hole!

Since this project is almost finished some of the residents’ families are moving their parents into the new facility. Some of the rooms are finished and the home is allowing some of them to move in before the official opening date, just to make it easier and not have everyone moving all at once when after the grand opening. That’s really how I met Leslie and her daughter, Nancy. They were moving Leslie’s mother’s things into a corner room in one of the new wings when I came out of an adjacent hallway and saw Nancy’s picture-perfect ass in front of me pushing a flat cart full of bags and boxes. I was stunned; it was the most perfect, beautiful set of ass cheeks that I’ve ever seen. It was like if you were going to draw the most perfect female ass that you possibly could, that would be Nancy’s ass. And, to make things worse (better?), she was wearing these light gray stretch pants so there was literally nothing to hide. I wanted to pull her stretch pants off right there and lick and fuck that perfect ass more than I wanted to win the lottery.

They heard me behind them and Nancy and Leslie turned around and smiled and Nancy said, “Hi. You’re the one in charge of the new building, aren’t you?”

I said, “Hi. That’s me. It’s almost done, what do you think of it? Can I help you with anything?”

Leslie said, “It’s absolutely beautiful and it’s so big!” My mind was starting to play tricks on me. I was fantasizing about fucking both of them right then and there. My cock was starting to get big just like Leslie said about the size of the building. I was thinking about taking them into one of the empty rooms and working their slick holes over with my cock. Leslie was probably in her mid-50s and her daughter was probably in her late-20s. Both of them were drop-dead gorgeous but it was Nancy’s ass that really set me on fire. Nancy’s eyes sparkled and she smiled with a cute, little crooked smile and cocked her head to one side when I spoke. Leslie was also smoking hot with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was shorter and smaller than Nancy was and she wore jeans and a t-shirt with an un-tucked demin shirt hanging out. I couldn’t see her ass but I was sure I wanted to fuck it. No, I definitely wanted to fuck her tiny ass; there’s no question about it. I could have lifted her and put her under my arm and taken her home she seemed that small. Nancy was probably six inches taller than her mom was and was more full-figured; a beautiful, sexy, young body with some meat on it. I wanted to put my meat IN it!

Nancy said, “I think we’re ok, but thanks for the offer. Maybe we can bother you later for some help if you’re still here.”

It was the weekend so the place was totally empty except for the three of us. I would definitely be there, especially if there was any chance of fucking these two beautiful women! I said, “Oh I’ll be here. Don’t hesitate to call if I can do anything for you” I said as I gave them my cell number.

Leslie pulled a phone from her denim shirt pocket and punched in the number and said, “Got it, thanks! We’ll give you a call if we need anything.”

I knew what I needed; I needed to have them both on their hands and knees on one of the beds in one of the empty rooms, going between their pussys and assholes with my cock. I needed to be shooting so much cum into their sweet assholes that the next time I fucked them I would just piston in and out forever until I shot even more sperm up their dirty, little holes. I was starting to really get excited at the prospect of fucking that mother/daughter duo that my cock was starting to push against my cargo shorts. I wondered if they noticed that. I knew that Nancy looked there at least once but I thought she might have been surprised at my jiggling keys on my belt loop. I pictured both of their jiggling asses as I fucked into them, slapping against them with my keys. I pictured myself running a key down their naked, sweaty backs as I fucked their tiny holes for hours, turning them both into quivering, cumming, wet messes.

They started off down the hall again with Nancy slightly bending forward as she pushed on that cart full of boxes and boy, I really wanted to just run up behind her and pull those gray stretch pants down and slide into that tight little asshole of hers right there as her mother watched her “little girl” getting fucked in her dirty asshole and then doing the same thing to Leslie as her daughter watched her mom getting her naughty ass reamed and cummed into. But, of course, I didn’t do that. I followed them for a few seconds pretending to be looking for something in one of the empty rooms, looking into the open doorways, and finally said, “Well, don’t forget my offer; anything you need, you call me.”

I tried to get my mind off of those two hot women but there was no way it was going to happen. I even left the building and went outside to walk the perimeter and look for things to do, but then I came upon the room that they were in unloading Leslie’s mom’s moving boxes and they waved at me through the window. I tried not to make it look like I was stalking them, but maybe I really was. I could not get the mental image of Nancy’s perfectly-formed round ass cheeks dancing in those gray stretch pants as she walked down the hallway pushing that cart; and, her tiny, sexy mom walking next to her. I waved back and continued walking, looking down like I was trying to look for something. I just saw what I was looking for in that corner room, those two sexy women.

I went back into the building and was on the second floor when I heard the far elevator “bing” and the door opened. Out came Leslie and Nancy pushing that cart which was now empty. They must be out for another load of belongings to haul to that room. This time I had to help them. I said, “Hey, you two; let me get another cart and help you. It’ll go much faster with the three of us doing it..” In my mind, just saying “doing it” started to make my cock push on the front of my cargo shorts again.

Nancy said, “Well, you talked us into it. The three of us could do it faster if you helped.”

Whoa! I was starting to get the idea that they were up for a threesome; but it could have been my mind playing dirty tricks on me. I was hoping to play a dirty trick on them in a little while. They waited by the elevator for me to get another cart and when I got back Leslie had her denim shirt off and it was wrapped around the handle of the cart. She was sweating and her shoulders and neck were glistening. It was all I could do to not jump on her right there and lick that sexy little neck and those shoulders, and work my way down to her tight little pussy and even tighter little asshole. My tongue was going to be lapping at these women’s naughty parts before too long, I was almost sure of that.

We all went up into the elevator and Nancy pushed “3” to go up to her grandmother’s room for more stuff to bring down to her new room. They introduced me to Ellen and said that I was going to help them with their “dirty work”. Yep, my cock was going to be piercing those two assholes before too long, I was sure of it. As we went down on the elevator with both carts loaded to the hilt, I felt something against my ass and heard Leslie say, “Oops, sorry.” Her cart then pushed up against the backs of my shins and I fell backwards into her, knocking both of us down onto the floor of the elevator. I was so surprised that it took me a second to realize what just happened and I was lying on top of Leslie! My face was literally pressed into the side of her face and my nose was almost in her ear. I didn’t move, she smelled too good. My nose made its way to her ear and I breathed in, giving her the shivers and causing both of us to try to get detached. All the while my crotch and hardening cock was grinding into her so she definitely knew that I was excited.

Nancy just stood there and watched but finally offered a hand to both of us. We both pulled on her hands and she crumpled into a pile with us on the floor of the elevator. Her beautiful tits were resting on my right arm and her face was sideways into my neck and I was lying on top of her mom and now she was right here with us on the floor. I couldn’t resist grabbing onto Leslie’s ass as we were trying to get up, apologizing at the same time of course. As we were trying to get up again Nancy fell back onto me, landing that beautiful ass right on my crotch. We stayed there for a second and her arms were flailing around behind her trying to push off of the floor as I pretended to be trying to get up, but I really was just enjoying the feeling of those full butt cheeks resting on my hard cock that was still, unfortunately, in my pants. She definitely knew that she was sitting on a hard cock as she was writhing around on my lap like she was doing a lap dance. When we finally all made it to our feet and Leslie apologized again for the trouble. I said that it was no trouble and that I actually enjoyed it.

We finally got to the main floor and started down the long hallways, zig-zagging to the new room where Leslie’s mom would spend the next few years. I started out first and as I pushed on the cart, I realized that I was also bending forward while pushing on the heavy cart and my ass was sticking out. Both women had to be looking at my ass in those cargo shorts as I kept walking ahead of them. When I got to a corner I stopped and said, “Why don’t you two go first.” I had to see Nancy’s ass again, and now I could see Leslie’s ass since she didn’t have her denim shirt on anymore covering her tight little rear end. They went in front of me and I was amazed at how much I wanted to fuck those two wiggling asses. When we got to the room we started unloading the boxes and Nancy went over and closed and locked the door. I knew it was time. As she walked back I caught her by the arm and spun her around and kissed her on her beautiful lips. She instinctively put her arms around my waist and gave me the biggest, wettest kiss that I’ve ever had. Les lie saw this and said, “You two should get a room, ha ha..”..

I said, “We have a room, all three of us have a room, this one.” And I pulled Leslie over and grabbed her around her tiny waist and lifted her up off of the floor and kissed her. Instead of putting her hands around my waist she put them on my ass cheeks and pulled me into her tightly. I knew she was a hot mama, literally, and now I was going to find out just how hot she was. I kissed her lips, her neck, her sweaty shoulders and arms and lifted her up and laid her down on the bed where Nancy was already lying. The three of us started writhing and bucking like wild stallions. I couldn’t believe this mother / daughter duo was getting into this so much with a stranger, let alone with each other! They pulled off my cargo shorts and my cock strained against my boxers, so off those came. My cock sprang to attention and they both worked it over with their hot, wet mouths.

I couldn’t help myself and I came much sooner than I wanted to, but that didn’t really matter since we were obviously going to be there a while. Just seeing them both working on my cock at the same time was too much! I had them both on their hands and knees next to each other on the bed and I went between Nancy’s super tight asshole and back over to Leslie’s tight little pussy. Back and forth, back and forth. I laid on the bed and had Nancy squat over my cock and sit on it like she was doing in the elevator and that was unreal. I came even faster with her gliding up and down on my pole like that.

Then I switched to Leslie’s asshole and Nancy’s pussy. Nancy was on her back and Leslie on her hands and knees over her daughter and I went between Leslie’s sweet asshole and her daughter’s juicy little pussy. Leslie had an even tighter little asshole then her daughter had and her little titties were swinging back and forth as I spanked her tiny butt cheeks. Then I moved to her daughter’s pussy and asshole. They switched positions so I could ram into Nancy and not hit bottom. Her butt cheeks were so much fuller than her mother’s were that I could really slam-fuck into her ass without hitting bottom like I was doing with Leslie. I couldn’t decide which ass I liked more, Leslie’s small, cute ass or Nancy’s full ass. I wanted to have them both for myself forever. I couldn’t believe how tight both of them were, like they had never been fucked before, but by the way they were acting, I knew that they had done this before. They were both literally getting a cum enema from all the times I unloaded in their asses.

I fucked them and came in both of their assholes so many times over the next three weeks before the grand opening that my cock was sore from it. I ended up moving back up north but I’ve stayed in touch with them and have visited a couple of times to see the “progress” on another small addition that our firm was doing to the facility. I hope we never stop adding to that building, I look forward to fucking those two hot asses again on my next visit.

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