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Date Night

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I love date night. Not only does it mean I get to spend quality time with my girl, but I am also pretty much guaranteed to get laid at the end of the night. Tonight was Saturday night and I was getting ready for our night out. Khaki pants, a light blue collared shirt, and a blazer completed my outfit. Right as I was getting ready to tie my shoes I heard my girlfriend yelling at me from our bedroom, “Hey honey, can you come here for a minute?”

Obediently, I walked through our house towards her, “Yeah, babe. What is it?” As I entered the room, I could see that she was hiding something behind her back, that dangerous smile on her face. I leaned against the doorframe and gave a low whistle, “Damn, you look hot.” She was wearing my favorite outfit: short skirt, high heels, and a low cut top that stopped just above her nipples. Her long hair in one of those complicated up-dos that lets me have free access to the back of her neck. One look at her and I could feel myself getting wet.

“Maybe we should just stay in tonight. It might rain, and I’d hate for your hair to get messed up.” I thought it was a rather clever ploy, but she was not fooled.

“Nice try, stud, but we’re going out. Besides, I have a surprise for you and if we don’t go out you’ll miss out on half the fun.” At this point, my attention turned from trying to look down her shirt to the objects she pulled out from behind her back. In her hands, she had a harness and one of the bigger cocks we own. “I want you to wear this tonight when we go out.” My brain froze, I had packed a few times, but mostly just around the house for fun. Tonight we were going to a nice restaurant and then seeing a movie. Not to mention the fact that there was no way it would not be visible. The cock was big and light colored pants are not known for hiding much. Seeing the apprehension on my face, she smiled and moved closer to me, cupping me softly between my thighs. “I promise I’ll make it worth your while.”

Now, I like to think that I am not someone who is easily manipulated, but as soon as she started to massage my crotch I knew I would do pretty much anything she wanted. You see, my brain might be sensible, but as soon as I get turned on my clit does all the thinking for me. Which is why I found myself saying, “Okay, babe. No problem.” At that, she smiled triumphantly, unsnapped my pants, and pulled them and my boxers down my legs. Then she helped me adjust the buckles on the harness and attach the dildo. Before pulling my pants back up, she gave a few firm tugs on the cock. This forced the base to rub against my clit and I leaned my head back with a low moan. When she stopped, I cried out, “Come on honey, just a quick one before we leave. I’ll never be able to sit still as turned on as I am.” She chuckled and then continued helping me to stuff it into my boxers and pants.

Once everything was adjusted, I turned to the full-length mirror behind me and got my first look at myself. I was right, the light colored pants did not hide a thing, a large bulge was clearly visible starting at my groin and then moving partway down my right thigh. “There is no way I can wear this in public! Everyone is going to know I’ve got a hard-on.”

“That’s sort of the point, dear. I think it’s hot. Plus, it’s not that visible.” Then she reached around from behind me and started rubbing her hands along the length of it as she continued talking. “You want to turn me on, right? The thought of you wearing that cock all night is making me so wet I’m going to have to change my underwear before we go out. All I’ll be able to think about is how hard you’re going to fuck me when we get home.” My ability to think clearly was quickly diminishing as she rubbed me harder, but I was able to get out a weak protest. “Then maybe that’s a good reason why we should just stay in.”

“Oh, but I love the anticipation. You know how all good things are worth waiting for? Well, I promise that tonight will be really, really good.” Her hands continued their torture as I began pumping my hips trying to get more pressure against my aching need. I could feel my legs begin to shake and my stomach tense as I prepared to come. One hand reached under my shirt to pinch and pull roughly at my nipple. Then I felt her teeth dig in to the back of my neck. That did it. I started to come so hard I had to lean my hand against the wall to help support myself. My clit twitched violently underneath the harness. Before I got a chance to fully regain my senses, she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door. “Come on, babe. We have to go or we’ll be late for the movie.”


I cannot even walk without being reminded that I have a giant dildo in my pants. The base of the cock pushes into my clit with each step. By the time we get to the movies, I am soaking wet and horny as hell again. However, I soldier on, determined not to let my girlfriend know how crazy it is making me. Of course, I know she can probably tell. When I’m turned on my eyes change to a dark blue and both my stomach and thighs tense. In fact, I know she is aware of how turned on I am because while we are waiting in line to buy the movie tickets she leans back into my arms and rubs her ass against my thighs and the hard bulge in my pants. She is torturing me. I am sure that I am going to die. Right here. In the line for some random chick flick my girlfriend is dying to see. That’s right, she made me wear a strap-on and then dragged me to a chick flick. The things we do to get laid.

At last, we make it into the theater with our soda and popcorn. I figure out that, with a little adjusting, I can relieve the pressure against my sex while I am sitting down. Thank goodness, because my girlfriend reaches over once the lights go down and gently cups the cock. Whatever, as long as she keeps her hand still it is only a little distracting.

By the time we are halfway through the movie, I am smiling to myself. Not because the movie was so entertaining, but because my girlfriend was squirming so much next to me. I could tell that she had gotten incredibly horny. Her thighs kept flexing and she absolutely could not sit still. I decided to turn the tables on her for making me suffer so much tonight.

I placed my own hand on her left thigh, right below the bottom of her skirt. Then I slowly drew small circles moving towards the inside of her leg. I could hear her breathing hitch next to me and the hand on my crotch tightened its hold. I moved her skirt up a little bit with each pass until her pink thong was exposed. My mouth started watering and my hips twitched when I saw that a visible wet spot was forming on the center of her underwear. As I lightly rubbed up and down her labia through her increasingly soaked underwear, she turned her head towards me and lightly bit my shoulder. But I was determined to torture her some more, so I started circling around her swelling clit that had started to form a visible bump in her underwear.

Finally, I pulled her underwear to the side and drew my index finger from her entrance all the way to the base of her clit. She was so fucking wet. Her come covered my finger and I used it to gently rub up and down on top of her clitoral hood. As I pulled my hand back, a line of sticky come connected me to her sex. If we had not been in a public place, I would have already buried my face in her gorgeous pussy so I could taste her. But since we were in a movie theater, I had to settle for taking my finger and placing it in my mouth. Her divine smell filled my nostrils while I tasted her on my skin. The musky, sweet flavor of her arousal like a drug to me. As I sucked every drop of her off my finger, she lifted her head up and quietly pleaded in my ear, “Please. Make me come, baby.”

Her desperate plea nearly broke my resolve to maintain any sense of decorum. I wanted nothing more than to bend her over the seats in front of us, rip her underwear off, and stick my cock deep inside of her. My boxers were soaked with my own juices and my clit was so hard under the base of the dildo I thought it might burst. But I managed to contain my baser instincts for now, and put my hand back on her gorgeous pussy. This time I did not tease her, I went directly to her entrance and slipped two fingers inside of her. With a little adjusting, I was able to reach her g-spot with my fingers as I ground my palm against her clit.

As she started to come, she once again sunk her teeth into my shoulder and her hand gripped more tightly to me. Thankfully, she had moved her hand off my cock, because she was gripping my leg so hard I knew I would have a hand-shaped bruise there in the morning. There are few things better in this world than the feeling of my girlfriend’s pussy contracting on my fingers and the warm rush of her come filling my hand as she has an orgasm. Finally, her spasms slowed and I gently pulled my fingers out and replaced her underwear. Her entire body was limp, her head was rolled back, and her eyes were closed for the rest of the movie. The only time she moved was to whisper in my ear, “You’re going to pay for that when we get home.” I could not wait. __________________________________________________

Dinner is agonizing. I am so turned on that now I am the one who cannot sit still. I feel like I am about to explode. As she tells me about her week, all I can think about is getting home and fucking her until she screams. When dinner is over at last, I break the speed limit driving home. She just smiles and puts her hand on me. Slowly, she moves it up and down over the dildo where it rests on my leg. At this point, my thighs and stomach are so tense they hurt. I can feel my heartbeat in my clit. However, she is careful not to put too much pressure on the cock. Just enough to remind me that it is there. As if I needed a reminder.

As we pull into our driveway, I have my seatbelt undone and my hand on the door handle before the car is in park. I fumble with the house keys and when I finally get inside I turn around and pin her to the door. I attack her lips with mine. It is not a gentle kiss. I suck her tongue, bite her lip, and press my body hard against hers. The cock rubs against her stomach and I can feel myself ramping up towards release. As I feast on her mouth, she runs her hands underneath my shirt and lightly scratches her nails down my back. I shiver and moan loudly. Next, she reaches down, unzips my pants, and sticks her hand through the zipper. She grips my cock and a couple sharp tugs free it from the confines of my boxers. The rigid length juts out proudly from my pants. The stiff cock a reflection of my own hard clit throbbing under the harness.

She strokes it a few times, grinding the base of the dildo into my sex. “Remember how I said I’d get you back for making me come during the movie?” I nod my head dumbly, too focused on my impending orgasm to really pay attention to what she is saying. “If you come before I say you can, we’ll be done and I’ll take care of myself tonight.” That gets my attention. I hoarsely respond, “But babe, I’m so fucking close. There’s no way I can hold out much longer.” Dropping to her knees, she gazes up at me with an innocent expression. “In that case, I guess you’re not going to get to fuck me.” Then she takes the head of my cock into her mouth.

My girlfriend gives the best blowjobs I have ever had. She knows that it is all about the show. There are few things sexier than looking down and watching her slide her tongue around the tip of the cock. Stroking its length and forcing it to rub against my throbbing center. Usually, I do not last long once she really gets going, but tonight there are dire consequences for coming early. As she wraps her arms around my waist and grabs my ass through my pants, it takes every ounce of willpower I have to not thrust the cock down her throat to relieve my aching clit. I toss my head back and lean over her to brace my arms against the door. My legs are shaking and I am not sure whether I will be able to stand for very much longer.

The delicious pressure against me ceases and I look down to see why she has stopped. Once she knows she has my attention she resumes stroking me. “How badly do you want to come?” Desperately, voice hoarse with arousal, I plead, “Please let me come. I need to come so bad. I’ll go crazy if I can’t come soon.” Right before she takes the dildo back into her mouth she says the magic words, “You can come.” At her words, my entire body tenses and I explode. My come soaks my boxers and my hips thrust involuntarily against her mouth. When I regain consciousness of my surroundings, I am surprised that I am still standing. I look down at her as she pulls her mouth off my dick with a wet sounding pop.

“That was hot, babe. I love making you come. But if you don’t fuck me soon, I’m going to take care of myself anyway.” At that, I growled and pulled her up into my arms. My lips, tongue, and teeth slid over her jaw and down her neck while I guided us backwards into the living room. When my legs hit the back of the couch, I spun around behind her and forced her to bend forward over it. As she bent over, her skirt lifted and I could see a huge wet spot that had formed on her sexy pink thong. She was so wet that the inside of her upper thighs was coated in her juices. I could smell the sweet fragrance of her arousal. My mouth watered. I knelt down behind her and slowly pulled her thong down her legs and over her high heels.

Once I removed her panties, I was treated to a close-up view of her gorgeous pussy. Her sex was swollen and bright red, desperately in need of attention. Her clit was hard and peeking out from its hood. I could not resist taking a little taste of her. My tongue moved from the base of her engorged clit to her soaking entrance. I moaned into her pussy as I stuck my tongue inside her to get more of her musky, sweet come. Her vaginal walls contracted around my probing muscle and I could tell she was getting close to orgasm. “Oh fuck! Please, I want to come with your cock inside me.”

I jumped to my feet, gripped the base of the cock, and slid its thick length into her. She was so wet that I had no problem sinking it all the way in on the first stroke. I stilled my hips to allow her a moment to get used to the fullness. “Do you like that baby? Do you like my big cock inside you?” She moaned and replied, “God, it feels so fucking good.” Then she started to rock her hips back into me, grinding the base of the dildo into my already sensitive clit. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting into her. The only things I could hear were her moans and skin slapping on skin.

I leaned over her so I could angle the cock down and hit her g-spot. I knew I had found it when she screamed, “Oh, shit. Fuck! Right there! Don’t stop!” I had no intention of stopping and I redoubled my efforts. I was pounding into her so hard my ass and thighs were burning with exertion. “Play with your clit, baby. I want you to come all over my cock.” Her hand flew between her legs and I could feel them begin to shake as she got closer to the edge. She screamed out as she started to come and ground down firmly against me. Right as she was coming down from her first orgasm, I leaned over and bit the back of her neck. I could feel her coming again. Her vaginal walls clamping down so hard on my dick that pulling it out was becoming difficult. I continued pushing my length into her, knowing she could come at least once more. As she peaked for the third time, I let my own orgasm wash over me.

I gently pulled the cock out of her and slid down to the floor, pulling her down with me. I leaned against the back of the couch and wrapped my arms around her. She gave a contented sigh and leaned her head back onto my shoulder. Nuzzling her neck, I murmured into her ear, “I love date night.”

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