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Wild Dance

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Last weekend my girlfriend Tina suggested that we go dancing at this new club she heard about. Now Tina is a very hot chick and loves to dance. I love to dance too and said sure, why not. She told me she wanted this to be really special and darted into the bedroom saying she would pick some things out for me to wear that would really turn her on.

I lit a joint and followed right behind her. I watched as she laid out clothes she wanted me to wear for the evening on the bed. There was a new silk shirt that I had never seen before with a new pair of hip huggers. “Let me see, baby. Put them on.” She took the joint and took a toke waiting for me to give her a fashion show.

Granted they were not the choices I would have made, but I tried them on anyway. I smiled in agreement and slipped on the hip huggers. I noticed immediately they were probably a size or two smaller than what I normally wear. Once on, they were so tight that my erection was completely outlined and I thought I might as well be naked.

My briefs were clearly visible above the low riding pants and Tina insisted that I take them off. Then she surprised me by handing me a pair of her panties.

“What are these for?”

“You will have to wear them, silly boy. They are called teeny weenies. Those pants are low cut and so are those panties. Your underwear is too big. You can’t wear them. You look like a clown.”

“I can’t wear these!”

“Don’t be silly, of course you can. No one will know, but me. And frankly, I think it is sexy. I like the idea of your cock being all wrapped up in my cute panties.” Now I did like that idea. “In fact, give those back. I am going to get you a really sexy pair.” She returned with a pair of pink silk panties that were trimmed in white frilly lace. They were so tiny. “Put these on instead.”

“But those are worse than the others!”

“But you will love the way they feel. Quit complaining and put them on.”

I pulled them up and we both watched as my cock grew to full erection from the delicate silk. Tina stroked it a few times with a big smile on her face. “Feels good, huh? They will keep you nice and hard all night long. And it will make me horny knowing that your cute cock is wrapped up like a sexy little present just waiting for me…”

I put the hip huggers back on. They were still tight as hell, but you couldn’t see the tiny panties so I was happy. I then slipped on the shirt which fit me like a second skin. It hugged my upper body like a second skin. The way Tina looked at me made it all worthwhile. She gave me a wink saying, “Very hot, baby, very hot!”

When I saw what she was wearing I knew we were in for quite a night. She wore this ultra short black lace see-through dress that left nothing to the imagination. Underneath she wore a black bra, panties and garter belt! Now the dress was so short there was a good three inches between the dress and her stocking tops. Now the look of those straps against bare skin for three inches was very sexy indeed. To finish things off, she wore elbow length black gloves and some high, high heels.

“Damn babe! I don’t want to fight every guy in the place. You are totally hot!”

She smiled and came over by me and rubbed her hot little ass against my clearly visible erection. “You don’t have to worry about a thing…”

We smoked another joint and got in the car headed towards the club. She told me the crowd was a mix of everything; gays, benders and bisexuals. Then out of the blue she confessed that she had been with two other women before we started dating. I thought it was strange for her to fess up there in the car of all places, but she proceeded to tell me how hot it was eating pussy and how she looked forward to doing it again.

Then she turned to me and asked if it bothered me. I told her no; but that I was jealous and wished I would have been there to enjoy it with her. She just gave me a sexy smile.

“Have you ever sucked dick?” she asked bluntly staring at me.


“Ever wanted to?” she continued with raised her eyebrow. Now I can remember being curious about it from time to time, but wasn’t at all sure I was going to share that with her. But she had shared with me, so I decided why not.

“I couldn’t say I haven’t thought about it” I said smiling at her. She smiled back.

“Thanks for being honest. I think everyone has thought about sucking dick at least once… I know I’m thinking about it right now…” She reached over and stroked my erection through my hip huggers.

We walked into the club and the music was pumped and so was my heart. I looked around the dark club only able to see the lights from the DJ and the restrooms. The place was packed with hot girls and guys dressed to kill. I could see why Tina wanted to dress us the way she did. We fit right in.

I ordered a round of drinks as we checked out the action. This place was super hot. The music was loud and everybody was really getting it on. We quickly downed our drinks and Tina grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the dance floor.

We were feeling just fine and started dancing real close. Man she looked hot and was really dancing dirty. The way she looked at me while we danced really got me off. I watched as her eyes scanned down my body until they locked onto my crotch. I knew my hard cock was easily on display for everyone to see.

Of course, I could say the same for her. Her breasts were clearly visible through the see-through dress and her bra did little to hide her two pointy nipples. And the garter straps’ showing on her legs was totally sexy.

Before I knew it we are rubbing against each other dancing in the most overtly sexual way. She was turned on and so was I. We danced like that for a good thirty minutes with both of us getting more outrageous trying to top the other.

I told Tina that I had to hit the restrooms and left her dancing on the dance floor. I looked back at Tina as soon as I got off the dance floor and saw two hands appear on her hips. I should have known that would happen the way she looked. I decided that maybe I should hang around and check it out.

This guy was built with long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail wearing pants that looked like they were painted on. He had really taken control, moving Tina this way and that. They were very hot dancing together. I wanted to keep watching but nature called and I headed to the bathroom.

When I returned I could see they were having a serious conversation on the dance floor and that bothered me. As I approached it was clear they were talking about me. As I got closer the guy disappeared in the crowd. Being a little paranoid, I asked Tina, “Who was that?” She gave me a little grin, a big kiss and said it was Terry.

She started dancing with me and it was clear she didn’t want to talk about it. She was all over me, grinding her hips against me, licking my ear. Once again I found myself just as horny as before I left.

Then Tina said it was her turn to go to the bathroom and disappeared into the crowd leaving me alone on the dance floor. I was just about to head for the table when I felt a pair of hands on my hips moving to my rhythm. I didn’t dare turn around as I could tell it was a guy from the strong grip he had on me. I had never danced with a guy before and instantly became self conscious. I quickly glanced in all directions and saw that no one had even noticed.

His hands were on my hips urging me to move a certain way. Once I figured it out we danced in unison. But then he pulled me back against him and began grinding his hips into my ass. I immediately felt his cock, which was very hard, pressed up against me. I had never done anything like that before. I freaked out a little, but then decided to just go with it. Tina had warned me about the place and I didn’t want to make a scene.

He held my hips just where he wanted them and basically started humping me. I could feel his cock rubbing against my ass and couldn’t help but think about it. I looked around, but no one seemed to care. At first I found his domination a bit distasteful, but the more he did it, the more I grew accustomed to it.

At one point I felt his hands grab my shirt and pull upwards exposing my muscular chest to the crowd. I freaked out, but then the crowd began to cheer and applaud. The DJ turned on some red lights just above our heads and the crowd made a circle around us. Suddenly we were the center of attention. I certainly was not used to that, especially dancing with a guy. But everyone was watching and enjoying our show, I felt compelled to do my best.

He kept rubbing his erection against me. Then I felt his hands reach around and tweak my nipples, which are very sensitive. And that made my erection throb. I figured everyone could see my erection prominently displayed in my tight hip huggers, but I didn’t care. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. It was pretty clear that I had submitted to his will and it felt like he was showing me off to the crowd.

But all that came to an end when I happened to look down to see that his relentless humping had worked my hip huggers down enough to expose the panties I was wearing. My face immediately turned three shaded of red. Once he saw that I had figured it out, he leaned forward and said, “I love those panties on you, Chris. Very sexy!” He followed that with a very distinct shove of his cock into my ass.

Finally I looked over my shoulder to see it was Terry, the guy I had watched dance with Tina. I started to pull away, but he turned me around so that now we were dancing face to face. He tweaked my nipples again which sent a flutter through me. The crowd felt like a willing accomplice as they applauded his bold sexual move. I looked around the crowd for Tina, but she was still gone.

He pulled me into him, between his legs, so that our cocks were mashed up against each other. It was the most audacious thing, but I couldn’t deny the sexual heat it produced. He started rolling his hips, mashing his cock against mine. I don’t know what came over me, but I started doing it back. Soon our bodies were undulating, our cocks rubbing against each other and the crowd erupted into wild applause.

We were making quite a scene. I had almost forgotten about Tina until I saw her face in the crowd watching us dance. She gave me a wink and I could see she was getting into it just like everyone else.

I was so horny by the time that song ended that I was beside myself. Tina made her way out to us. “You two are so hot! I want you both. Let’s go home. Now!”

“You are kidding!” I said not believing my ears.

“No I’m serious!” she said reaching her hand up behind my head. Suddenly Terry leaned down and kissed me as Tina held me still. He kissed me right there on the dance floor with everyone watching!

He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I found myself kissing him back. “That’s it, nasty boy…you learn quick.” I was completely dumbfounded by the time we stopped. Terry smiled at me and handed me something. I looked down in my hand and saw panties, Tina’s panties.

Tina grabbed Terry’s arm and headed for the door with me following right behind. When the valet brought the car around Tina smiled at me, “Boys in the back, I’m driving!” The look on the valet’s face was priceless.

No sooner were we in the back seat than Terry’s tongue was down my throat. I wasn’t used to kissing guys and Terry didn’t give me much time to think about it. I felt his fingers pinch my exposed nipples and moaned in his mouth. Then I felt his hand grab my cock and I moaned again. He seemed to be everywhere at once. Tina adjusted the rearview mirror so she could watch as Terry pulled my zipper down and reached in for my cock. “Looks like I had better take the long way home” she giggled.

Once we got to Tina’s place, “All right you two, try to keep off each other long enough to get inside” she winked. As soon as we cleared the door, “Now we can really have some fun” Tina said heavily. “I’ll put on some music and then you two can really give me a show.” She turned to me and said, “Especially you, mister. Take everything off but your panties. I love the way they look on you and I’m sure Terry will too.”

I stripped off my hip huggers and stood there in those panties. They were no match for my ragging erection that stuck out the top. “Take off his clothes, nasty boy” Tina yelled over her shoulder as she turned on the stereo. I looked at Terry and he just smiled back. I stepped over to him and tentatively grabbed his shirt and raised it over his head and through it on the floor.

“Lick my nipples” Terry said staring at me. The very idea caught in my throat. The music filled the room and I lowered my head to his nipple. As I began to suck it into my mouth I felt Terry cup my balls saying, “I bet these feel good.” He squeezed my balls and I moaned while tonguing his nipple. Tina passed behind me and whispered in my ear, “Now the other one…” I felt like I was under some sort of spell as I moved to Terry’s other nipple.

Tina moved to the couch and started rolling a joint as she watched me pleasure Terry. “Now get those pants off of him” she yelled out. I reached down with trembling fingers and undid Terry’s pants staring at the large bulge.

“Now cop a feel…I know you have been thinking about it all night” Tina said. I looked down at Terry’s spandex thong and cupped his bulge. “Feels good, doesn’t it nasty boy? You are not used to playing with cocks, are you?” My heart was beating ninety to nothing. “Why don’t you bend down there and give it a nice big kiss.” A lightening bolt went through me as soon as I touched that lump with my lips.

“Let’s see some more of that dirty dancing. That was really hot!” Tina said calling the shots from the couch. Terry pulled me towards him and we started dancing. He started rolling his hips mashing his cock right up against mine. This time we were practically naked. The feel of his cock was making my head swim.

Terry put one hand on my ass to hold me against his cock and grabbed a hunk of my hair with the other. He guided my lips back to his nipple and I resumed sucking on it. We danced like that with him moving me between his nipples. I just did everything he wanted me too.

Tina slipped her clothes off and lit a joint and held it so we could both take a hit while we danced. Then she joined us rubbing her beautiful breasts against our bare skin. “Let’s see some more kissing …that was hot!” Terry snaked his tongue into my mouth kissing me as Tina rubbed her hand all over my silk covered ass. I had never been hotter in my life.

Tina danced up behind me, rubbing her breasts against my bare back kissing the back of my neck. “You are so hot!” she whispered. Her hands found their way up my front and tweaked my nipples, which she knows drives me crazy. I moaned into Terry’s mouth.

“Time for you to get some dick, boyfriend…some nice hard dick…”

Then I felt her hands up on my shoulders gently urging me down. I could barely breathe as I sank down to my knees. “Kiss me baby” Tina said to Terry as she leaned forward. I found myself sandwiched between them with my face pushed up against his cock and balls. Terry started humping my face much like he had my ass all evening.

They broke their kiss with Tina looking down at me, “You like that cock?” Terry was still rubbing it against my face. Then she looked at Terry and said, “Give him some cock, baby. He needs some cock.” Then she reached down and freed Terry’s cock from his spandex thong. I found myself staring at this nicely shaved cock throbbing back and forth in front of my face.

Terry started rotating his hips back and forth again causing his cock to slap me in the face. “Oh god I love that” Tina hissed. “That is so hot!” I couldn’t begin to describe the feelings going through my head. It was simply outrageous. “You love that cock, don’t you nasty boy? You are going to be my little cock slut tonight, aren’t you?” Then she reached for Terry’s cock and guided it straight into my mouth. “Suck that cock, nasty boy…suck it real good” she whispered.

I took as much of that cock into my mouth as I could. They started kissing again leaving me to figure out how to suck cock. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I did like the way his warm flesh felt between my lips. I started sucking the tip back and forth between my lips and licked it with my tongue.

Tina broke their kiss and asked Terry, “Is he doing a good job? Because he is going to suck your cock until he gets it right, aren’t you nasty boy…even if it takes all night.” The very thought made me moan around his hard flesh. His skin was soft and hard at the same time. He was leaking all kinds of pre-cum into my mouth and I discovered that I liked that too.

Tina kept her hands on the back of my head as I sucked. “That dick looks good in your mouth, nasty boy.” She looked up at Terry, “Fuck his mouth baby…I want to watch you fuck his mouth.” Terry started off gently rocking his hips back and forth seesawing his cock past my lips. “Yeah, that’s it.”

Once she saw that I was not going to resist, she removed her hands and told me to hold on to Terry’s hips while he fucked my mouth. Tina walked over to the couch, spread her legs wide and started playing with her clit.

“I told you I could get him to suck your cock” Tina said. Terry smiled down at me and said, “Looks like she was right…” Then he started fucking my mouth a little harder while I steadied myself by holding on to his hips.

It wasn’t long after that when I felt Terry’s hands holding onto my head. I flicked my tongue across the tip of his cock teasing him relentlessly. Terry responded by shoving his hips forward cramming as much cock as he could down my throat.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh” he cried tightening his grip on my head. Then his cock started spurting cum.

“Oh god, yes…” Tina cried out watching his balls jerk up and down.

The first splash coated the top of my mouth and slid down my throat. The second splash landed on my tongue and I swallowed it as fast as I could. Terry moaned over and over as he unloaded those heavy balls down my throat. I could hear Tina moaning too and knew that she had hit another orgasm watching us.

I sucked it down and swallowed until he didn’t have any more. I pulled his cock from my mouth and began to lick it clean, down to his balls, and back up again. I bumped into something and opened my eyes to see Tina had joined me.

“You are going to make a great cock slut” she said. The two of us licked his cock clean and then shared a very hot, passionate kiss that was permeated with Terry’s sperm. Then the two of us turned our attention back to Terry’s cock, which had never really gone soft. I can’t tell you how hot it was sharing a hard cock with my girlfriend!

Before long Tina guided me down on all fours. “Aren’t these the cutest panties?’ she said exposing my ass to Terry. She guided Terry’s cock right up to my ass. Terry rocked it back and forth a few times letting me get used to the feel against my bare skin. Then he positioned himself at my door and thrust forward. I felt like he was ripping me in two. I just tried to relax and enjoy that hard cock inside me.

Tina scooted up so that her pussy was right in front of my face. “Eat some pussy, nasty boy” she cried. I pushed my tongue into her slippery wet pussy and got a mouthful of juices. Terry kept pushing that cock into me until I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. I’ll never forget that feeling. Then he started fucking me with that cock of his while I licked Tina’s pussy.

“You like being fucked, don’t you lover…does that cock feel good in your ass…nice big cock fucking your ass…so hot!” And it did. I had no idea it would feel so good. Just the idea that he was fucking me drove me crazy.

It didn’t take long before Terry started moaning and thrusting harder and I knew he was going to cum again. He pulled me up tight against him, held me there and thrust his cock forward so far that his balls were smashed against my ass.

“Ahhhhrrrrrggggg!!” he cried. I could feel his cum filling my ass. It was a feeling I will never forget. “That’s it, baby…oh yeah…so hot…” Tina cried as she flooded my face with her juices.

“That was wonderful” Tina finally said after we all rested. “Go fix us some drinks, nasty boy. And pull those cute panties up. They look so good on you.”

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