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Jeremy’s Proctologist

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The noisy alarm clock buzzed and buzzed. Wanting to continue sleeping, he flailed his arms out reaching for the snooze. To no avail, he groggily opened his eyes and stepped out of bed shutting off the dastardly invention. The clock read 6:00pm. Jeremy had gotten a nice Saturday afternoon nap in before his date that night.

Feeling the cool air around his naked body had never failed to make the waking process easier. It encouraged him to make a straight line for the confines of a comfortable, hot shower. Jeremy turned the shower on and started to drift away under the hot water.

A 24 year old college educated professional, Jeremy was a salesman at a local information technology company. He had always been shy, but this didn’t affect his job as much as many would think. When it came to women, he tended to let them make the first move or only made a move after he was 100 percent sure they were interested. This was not due to the fact of being unattractive; instead he had a slim to average build, standing five foot eight with short black hair that was usually in the most fashionable gelled up style that month. He had a chubby face with bigger than normal lips and a bubble-butt. Not the most hung in the jungle, but very happy with his 6 inches that he never had complaints about.

He stepped out of the shower and used a washcloth to wipe the steam from the mirror. Examining his self in the mirror, he felt good about himself. His chest was almost bare except for a small patch between his pecs. He had hairy legs and arms, but chose to shave them due to the preference of a previous girlfriend. He kept his cock, balls, and ass shaved as well. He had been trying for months to shed the extra pounds that hid his six pack, but seemed like he was getting no where. From his success with women, he wasn’t about to start complaining.

He fixed his hair, applied his deodorant, and went to the dresser. Slowly pulling out the bottom drawer from the dresser, he felt his blood begin to run to his cock, making it twitch and stiffen in the cool air of his room. He kept pulling until the drawer was removed from the dresser and his stash of panties was revealed. Thinking of the sleek, soft material which would be rubbing against his cock soon had him to full hardness.

“Damnit” Jeremy mumbled to himself.

He knew he couldn’t wear them tonight. He had heard Amanda was pretty easy and if by some chance he was going to get lucky and she turned out to be the right woman, Taking off his pants and revealing that he was a dirty, perverted panty connoisseur on the first date would surely end that quickly.

No one knew about Jeremy’s fetish with panties. Not his parents or any of his previous girlfriends. He had kept this a secret for six years and wasn’t about to let it out. It had all started while staying over at a friend’s house and not having any material available to heighten his arousal. Somewhat drunk and horny, he stumbled around his friend’s sister’s room, which he was sleeping in that night, looking for any kind of stimulant. Searching through drawers, under the bed, almost everywhere. Carrie had nothing available, then again why would she. She was a loser and a girl, nothing she had would turn him on short of finding her fucking another girl under the bed.

Ready to give up, he went to take a piss and out of the corner of his eye he saw them. A pair of white cotton panties. His friend’s sister was not his type, she wasn ‘t even considered good looking, even a little on the fugly side. But those panties were just so enticing. Picking them up, he examined them. They were completely white, nothing sexy about them. Exactly what he would have pictured Carrie wearing. Squishing them between his fingers feeling for dampness, he could sense nothing. But right where Carrie’s mound of untouched sex would have been, was a faint yellowish stain. Holding the panties in both hands, he brought them closer to his face. His face started moving towards them. Then it hit him, Hard!! The smell slithered and squeezed itself up his nose until it rubbed his brain’s g-spot and neurons started to fire in ways he had never experienced causing his dick to instantly grow hard.

Jeremy acted like a young boy with a new toy on Christmas. He reached to cup the outside of the panties with one hand and brought them to his nose. Inhaling deeply he was hit again with electricity which traveled straight to his cock. With his free hand, he ripped his cock out and started to feverishly stroke. Sniffing and sticking his tongue out to lick the honey spot, he stroked his cock up and down. It was like he was eating Carrie’s “ghost” pussy and he was loving every minute of it. He sucked the spot in his mouth nibbling on the cotton, milking it, trying to get every last drop of dried up nectar out. All while making sure he had some of the front patch of panties pushed against his nose. The combination of his senses, taste and smell, was going to cause a massive flood of an orgasm. Feeling the cum boiling deep in his balls, he quickly moved the panties down to his cock. He groaned and tried to muffle it, which only made him sound like a whimpering grown man. Then he exploded, struggling to stay up, filling the panties with his cum like he was a dog marking his territory. The orgasm was more intense than any Jeremy had experienced. And thus his dirty fetish started and he had his first pair of panties.

Since the incident, Jeremy had collected panties from numerous girlfriends, friend’s sisters, and even his mom. He liked licking them, smelling them, and had grown very fond of wearing them. He had never found a girl he was comfortable sharing his secret with and so the search continued.

Pushing the drawer back into place and sprinting down the stairs and out the door, he got into his car and headed to pick up Amanda. She was like most of the other girls he dated. Short and skinny, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Big tits and a nice tight body. But the thing that attracted him the most to women was their ass. And Amanda had one to die for.

Jeremy walked up to the door and knocked.

Amanda opened the door wearing a tight blue shirt and blue jean skirt that would reveal each nice globe of ass flesh if she ever bent over.

“Hey Sweetie….” “You ready to have a good time?” Jeremy asked. Hoping he would be able to get some action.

“Yeah, handsome….” Amanda said in a sexy voice. Admiring the hot guy who she was planning on fucking tonight.

Jeremy took Amanda to a local restaurant and then a movie. Amanda ended up practically having to spell out that she wanted him to touch her during the movie by constantly rubbing her knee against his and snuggling up to him. Jeremy finally got a clue and started to kiss and fondle her. By her reactions, he was pretty sure he would be getting something tonight and was glad he didn’t decide to sport one of his favorite pairs of naughty fun.

After the movie, Jeremy drove her back to his place and they immediately went up to his room. Groping and kissing the whole way up, and eventually plopping down on his bed. Amanda laid on her back while Jeremy kissed his way down her face and neck. Lifting her shirt up while Amanda arched her back, he slid it off. Then he released the bra hooks which were already straining against her huge D cup breasts. He went back to her neck and trailed his slimy tongue down to her right nipple, taking it in his mouth, sucking it in and then nibbling on it.

She groaned “Ohhhh…. Jeremy, suck on it” Arching her back as she did to force more of

it in his mouth.

Jeremy loved being told what to do, being a submissive when it came to the bedroom. He did as he was told and then repeated the process on her left one.

Kissing down her stomach, stopping only to stick his tongue in her belly button. She pushed his head further down and his cock started to grow thinking of the damp wet panties. Through his panty fetish he had become quite the lover of eating pussy, mainly because it allowed him to act his out his fetish by munching women while they still had their panties on.

Jeremy stopped right as he was about to lift her skirt up over her thighs and asked…

“What do you want me to do now”

Even though he knew the answer, he wanted to see how commanding Amanda could be.

She looked up at him with a mix of an annoyance and horniness.

“Eat my fucking pussy NOW!!!” She said sternly sending jolts down Jeremy’s cock.

He lifted her skirt and his jaw dropped. Sadness overcame his whole body. His cock shrank instantly. Everything was going so well. But Amanda didn’t have any panties on. Her pussy was wet and glistening, it was beautiful, but that didn’t matter to Jeremy. He Had been looking forward to munching on those damp, wet panties and they were nowhere to be found. Not to mention, having another pair to add to his collection.

“Why aren’t you wearing any panties” Jeremy asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

“Most boys like me when I …. How do yall say it? Freeball…or go Commando” she giggled back at him.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him. Just before Amanda looked up and saw his sad face, he wiped it off and smiled back at her.

“We do!” he exclaimed. Hoping she wouldn’t catch his unhappiness.

“Well then what are you waiting for…. I want you to eat this juicy pussy” she hissed back at him.

The only thing that could save his erection would be some good domination by Amanda and he hoped she was up to the task.

Jeremy laid on the bed beside her and was hoping she would take the clue and smother that pussy deep down on his face, making him eat it, rubbing it up and down, drowning him in her juices.

“What are you doing” she said.

“Why don’t you come sit on me” he said back hoping for the best.

“I don’t really like being on top… can’t you just do it while I lay on my back” she said back as her horniness was decreasing minute by minute.

Jeremy thought to himself “Strike one… anymore disappointments and we are both going to go to bed unhappy”.

He reluctantly got back between her knees and slithered to her pussy. He started licking her thighs all around her mound. She was moving into him, trying to push her wet pussy to his tongue. He kept circling it, inching closer to licking it. Then with his tongue, he licked a long stroke up the middle of her pussy, sucking every drop of her nectar that was left, down his throat. She moaned as his tongue reached her clit and whined as he brought it back down to her hole. He took a finger and slid it in her, moving it back and forth, until he slid another inside her.

“Ohhh… yes… baby… fuck me with your fingers” she groaned.

Continuing to finger fuck her, he used his other hand to push her ass up more so her legs lifted back towards her. He saw another erection saver staring him in the eye. He took his tongue and brought it to her dark starfish. He circled the rim with his tongue. Enjoying the musty smell and strange taste, his dick began to grow. He felt Amanda start to slow her movements, then he dove his tongue in her asshole, hoping she would reach down and pull him deep into it. Instead he felt a giant buck of her hips and his tongue was thrust outward.

“Your nasty… your not putting that tongue anywhere else on me” she yelled with an upset look in her eyes.

Amanda was completely turned off as Jeremy was just starting to get turned on.

She sat up and looked at Jeremy for what seemed like 5 minutes but was only a few seconds. She grabbed her shirt and bra and left without a word.

Jeremy was crushed. He thought he might have found the one. She was so demanding at first, but when it got down to it, she was just as submissive as him. Wanting Jeremy to take control and that is the opposite of what he wanted. Jeremy wanted to be pushed down on the bed hard, tied up, then forced to eat pussy and ass. He had even entertained the idea of being fucked with a strap-on. Especially, while he was wearing his panties. He would do anything for a girl that would dominate him.

Jeremy laid in bed with taste of asshole still fresh in his mouth. He was still very horny. He jumped up and practically ran to his stash. Ripping the drawer out, he searched through the pairs and pairs of panties, finally he saw them. His first pair, soft white cotton with the faint stain. Over the years the panties had lost their smell and had become soaked in Jeremy’s cum. He was forced to wash them. But the memory was all he needed tonight. He also grabbed the freshest pair he had collected and threw them on the bed. They were a more seductive pair, black and silky, and a thong. He slipped the white cotton panties up his legs and felt them rub against his cock, then squeeze his balls. He immediately felt the effects, his cock grew to full length, pressing hard against the white material. He looked in the mirror and thought how sexy he looked. His cock outlined by the white cotton and ass encased in panty heaven.

“If she wouldn’t fuck me tonight, then I will fuck myself” he murmured…

Jeremy considered himself straight and never had any bisexual experiences, but he did like having his ass played with and had a makeshift dildo he liked to use. He went to his bathroom and pulled out a brush with about five inches of round, rubber handle. He went back to his bed and laid on his back.

Taking the fresh panties he put them on his head so that the tainted spot would be over his mouth and nose. Then he started to feel down his body, rubbing his hands over his hard nipples and down to his hard cock. Using one hand to rub his cock through the panties, he took the brush in his hand and moved it up to his mouth. He inserted the brush past the panties and started to take it in his mouth. Sucking it and licking it, swirling his tongue around it, trying to get it wet enough to insert into his virgin ass. He imagined it was a girl fucking his mouth with a strap-on. He was so hard and he freed his cock by pulling his panties to the side. Sitting up, he moved the fresh panties out of his face in order to spit in his hand. He then rolled back lifting his ass high in the air and slapped the lubrication on his tight asshole.

Swirling the spit around his tight hole, he slid his pinky in and started to fuck himself. He flipped over on all fours, mashed his face against the bed, forcing the panties around his head back into his mouth. Looking to the side, he watched in the mirror as he grabbed the brush and moved in underneath himself up to his waiting hole. With his panties pushed to the side, one hand was stroking his dick hard and the other was slowly guiding the brush into his ass. When it reached the hilt, he started to buck back into it, imagining a beautiful woman was fucking him from behind and smashing his face into his panties. He started to pull the handle out and then push back into it, stroking his cock hard. Fast, hard, long strokes. Pushing back into the cock.

“Mmmmmm…..” he groaned as he felt the warm feeling wash over him and his cock twitched and shivered pumping any cum out of his balls on to the bedspread.

Exhausted, Jeremy passed out onto his bed.

He woke up the next morning with a pain in his rectum. He looked around and saw the brush handle and thought he must have been too rough on himself. Then he realized that there was not a condom on the brush which he usually applied. Worried about some damage he may have done, he slipped on his clothes and rushed to the nearest proctologist. He had never had his rectum examined so he didn’t have a regular doctor. He had looked in the phone book and went with the first one. They told him to just come on in. He walked in to Dr. Banner’s office and spoke with the receptionist, telling her he had an odd pain in his rear and did not know what it was.

They told him it wouldn’t be very long because the doctor had just started her practice and didn’t have many clients yet. While in the waiting room, a sudden wave of panic hit him. He felt strange, something was not right. He was excited. Adjusting himself in his seat, the truth came out to him, he had slipped on the tight black, silk thong. During the panic to get to a doctor, he didn’t even realize what he had done.

He was sweating now. His hands were trembling. What was this doctor going to think? Surely he will ask me to remove my pants. He is going to see his patient with a sexy pair of thong underwear on. He will probably tell all the other doctors and eventually everyone will know.

Jeremy was sitting uncomfortably, worried to death about his reputation, while having an erect cock caused by the very source of his anxiety.

The nurse opened her little window and called out “Jeremy… the doctor will see you now”.

“I could get up and walk out of here…. No questions asked” Jeremy thought to himself.

Jeremy weighed his options. But it kept coming back to, what if I am internally bleeding? So Jeremy decided to let his fate be decided. After this appointment, at least one more person would know my secret.

Jeremy got up and followed the nurse, ass having sharp pains, cock hard, wearing a sexy black thong. The nurse put him in the second waiting room and told him the doctor would be in very shortly. Jeremy looked around. He saw a table (which he presumed he would be getting on all fours on), some medical instruments, and posters on the wall with the male digestive system. He waited patiently, pondering his fate.

“Hi…. You must be Jeremy” he heard a soft warm voice say.

“I’m Dr. Banner and I see from your chart you are having a pain in your rectum” she said.

“Uhhh…. Ye… Ye… Yes” He could barely spurt out.

Dr. Banner was not what Jeremy was expecting. First of all it was a woman, he had never heard of a woman proctologist. Next he noticed her appearance. He estimated that she was about 6 feet tall and weighed 180lbs. He thought she was probably in her late 30s to early 40s. She kind of looked like a goth doctor. She had long black hair, pale skin, dark makeup on. Her face seemed to be one of those computer generated images where two faces were put together, one an angel and one a demon. She also towered over him and had him outweighed by plenty. She wasn’t fat, but just big. She had big breasts mainly from being overweight and a huge ass. Both of these assets were in a tight businesswoman suit which was overlapped by a doctor’s coat. Jeremy was not attracted to women that looked like this, the only thing that caught his eye was her massive ass. She took her coat off and tossed it on a shelf.

“Hold on one minute Jeremy… I have to go over a few things on this chart” she said.

Dr. Banner placed her chart on the table and started to mark some things down. She was bent over giving Jeremy a great look at her long legs. He started at her heels and traveled up her calfs and then her thighs, examining the doctor who would be examining him. He didn’t see any stretch marks or any flaws for that matter.

“So how long has this been going on” asked Dr. Banner.

“I woke up this morning and the pain was there” Jeremy replied.

“What is your sexual orientation” she said with a smirk on her face.

“I am straight” he said.

Dr. Banner looked at him with a puzzled look.

“So did you do anything unusual to yourself… put anything up there… or did it just start hurting on it’s own?” asked Dr. Banner.

I had no idea how I was going to approach this. Would she know when she looked in there? Could I just say I must have strained it? No, this pain was too deep for that.

“It was just like that when I woke up” he said.

“Alright… well lets take a look, take your clothes off…. put on this gown and hop on the table” she said

“Umm…. Is there any medicine you can just give me” Jeremy asked hoping he could just get out of this. He was feeling anxious, embarrassed, and excited that someone would finally know his secret.

“I am sure there is some medicine I can give you, but I won’t know which kind unless I take a look…. Don’t be shy…. I do this for a living… I am a professional and nothing that is seen or heard in here will leave” she said.

The last statement made him feel much more comfortable. He remembered doctor/patient confidentiality and thought that if she told anybody he would just have her arrested.

He thought he had one more chance to get out of this if she would leave the room while he undressed, he could hide the panties and avoid that embarrassment. He waited and she turned around. He thought about asking her to leave, but did not want a confrontation with someone who was going to be poking around back there.

Jeremy started to undress keeping his eyes squarely on her. He was going to get his pants off then hurry with the panties and try to hide them under his pants. He got his pants off and started to pull the thong down when her phone rang which happened to be on the other side of the room. She turned around out of instinct as my cock which was still hard was being uncovered. There he was shaved bare, cock sticking up, thong stretched between his thighs. He just stood there and she just stared at his cock. Her eyes were wide as she saw his cock, then her eyes darted down to the flimsy material under his cock and Jeremy could swear he saw some sort of smile creep across her face. About 10 seconds passed and she turned back around.

“I am so sorry… I just turned because the phone rang… I should have just left the room, but…” she trailed off

“There is no excuse…if you want to seek another doctor, I understand…” she said sincerely.

He had just been exposed, and he couldn’t possibly be anymore humiliated or embarrassed, and someone knew his secret. He thought she was going to tell everybody, the way she smiled when she saw his thong. But he wasn’t about to risk going through the same thing with another doctor.

“No… honest mistake” Jeremy said after getting the gown on.

He felt like he had nothing to hide now that she had seen his thong.

“Great… I am glad you understand… Is it ok for me to turn around now?” she asked.

“Yeah go ahead I am ready” he replied.

She moved over to Jeremy who was sitting up on the table, cock still in a state of arousal, causing the gown to tent up.

“Please would you lie on your stomach and bend your knees” she said gently.

Jeremy did as he was told and was reminded of the position that resulted in his current predicament.

He tried to relax as Dr. Banner went around behind him. He felt her lift up his gown exposing his clean shaven privates to her.

“I am going to do a few tests to see exactly where the pain is coming from, so please just tell me when I hit the spot” she said

Jeremy nodded.

He felt a cold gel, which he could only guess was lubricant, starting to be applied to his rectum. It felt very good, she was rubbing it around in circles. Rimming him with her fingers, his cock straining, balls tight. Then she entered him with her index finger. He held his breath and she gave him time to get used to it. She then started to push around the entrance of his rectum in order to find a sensitive spot. On about the third push, on the southside of his rectum, Jeremy knew she had found the spot.

“Oww…” he whimpered.

“That’s the spot?…. Oh… I think I see the problem…?” she said.

He heard her grab something metal and then he felt a sharp pain and when he opened his eyes, she was holding a small piece of plastic in a pair of tweezers. Jeremy noticed that she hadn’t worn any gloves which he thought was odd.

“I need to make sure there isn’t anymore” she stated. As she said this, she placed one hand on the small of his back and then another grasped his balls and cock from behind. Simultaneously she pushed down on his back and up on his genitals causing his ass to raise as high as it would.

“Uhhh….mmmm…” Jeremy sighed.

“Spread your legs… now… I haven’t got all day” she said raising her voice to him.

“What was that?” Jeremy thought to himself. That is certainly a different side to what he had seen so far. But he felt some excitement flow through his body. He had been arching for his cock to be touched. He spread his legs wider excited and scared.

“WIDER!!” Dr. Banner shouted.

Jeremy thought “ok… that was definitely shouting… I have some how pissed this big doctor off and I don’t want any trouble”. His excitement level switched to worry.

He did as he was told and spread until his knees were on the edge of the table. Dr. Banner took some more gel and spread it against his asshole. Jeremy enjoyed the sensation and then he felt an even more powerful sensation. Dr. Banner took two fingers and shoved them to the hilt.

“Mmmmmmm……” he involuntarily groaned as his cock twitched.

“Oh….so your straight… but you groan and your penis gets erect when someone puts two fingers deep into your ass” Dr. Banner exclaimed as she started to move her fingers in and out of his rectum.

“No… Yes… I am straight, but I like that” Jeremy moaned giving in to Dr. Banner. He was getting closer and closer to climax and that is all he cared about.

“Yeah… that is what I thought… now tell me why there was a piece of plastic up your ass and you had panties on?” Dr. Banner probed. She was really starting to work her fingers on him. Milking him mentally and physically.

“I was with a date…ahhh… yes… and she wasn’t wearing any panties and I wanted her to smoother my face with her pussy and ass, so I could eat both of them” Jeremy cried out…

“My date got upset when I stuck my tongue in her ass and she left…mmm…. so I decided to take matters into my own hands by doing what turns me on the most, wearing….oh god… PANTIES” Jeremy screamed.

He just didn’t want her to stop finger fucking his ass. He would answer anything she asked just as long as she didn’t stop.

“So I smothered my face with panties and put some on…. Ahhh….. then I used a brush to fuck my ass” Jeremy continued.

“Well thank you for finally being honest with me….lieing to a mistress like myself will not get you anything…. You need to learn that if you want to be a good little boy” Dr. Banner confidently stated knowing she had Jeremy under her power.

She placed a third finger inside Jeremy and worked it slowly inside him. Jeremy felt full. He had never had this much inside of him. His cock looked purple, it could not get any bigger, no more blood would fit. He felt like he was going to explode. Just before he was about to cum, Dr. Banner stopped. He heard her leave. He lay there asshole gaping wide. Feeling completely exposed. Then he heard her come back in, she locked the door.

“Watch me” she said.

Jeremy watched as Dr. Banner undid her skirt letting it fall to the floor. His eyes immediately fixated on her panties. They had a black lace trim and the rest was a white silky material. It wasn’t a thong, but when Dr. Banner turned around it had ridden all the way up her ass. Her ass was huge and gorgeous. It looked fat, but it was firm. Dr. Banner grabbed the sides of her panties and pulled them up hard. Her pussy was split open and the panties dug deep into her ass. She then started to slide them off making sure Jeremy could get a long look at her ass as she bent over to remove them. She stood there, only wearing her button up suit top. Jeremy was taking every inch of her ass into his ocular cavities. She turned around and his eyes got big. Every girl he had been with up to this point in his life had either a bald pussy or a neatly trimmed one. Dr. Banner’s was a full luscious bush. Hair encircled her lips, It was thick, long and curly. Jeremy didn’t know why, but his mouth was watering. Big bush like this was something that he was a virgin to looking at. It was something he now knew that he craved. Holding the panties in her hand, she looked at Jeremy straight in the eyes…

“Show me what you do with your panties” she commanded.

She threw the panties at him hitting him in the face. Jeremy still with his ass in the air, spread the panties out flat on the table. He felt and saw the damp spot in the middle which also had a few black strands of hair showing. He closed his eyes and stuck his tongue out aiming for the sweet spot. He slowly started to lower his head and then he felt it crash against the table.

“Eat those fucking panties you little bitch” she scolded in a barely audible voice.

Jeremy sucked the panties in his mouth, enjoying the feel of them against his lips. He swooshed and swirled his saliva around the panties. Swallowing and tasting her. Chewing on the few hairs that had been forced into his mouth. She had her hand on the back of his head, forcing his nose hard into panties. The smell was a musty sex and it was only causing his cock more pain.

She pulled his hair up causing his head to pull back from the panties. He struggled to keep assaulting the panties with his mouth, but she wouldn’t release her grip. Using her other hand she grabbed his chin and tilted it toward her. She bent down and placed her long tongue on his chin. Her tongue was long like a snake, he could swear she was kin to Gene Simmons. She started to lick up his face letting saliva drip off her tongue onto him. When she reached his mouth, she shoved her tongue in.

“Uck it” she commanded in the most understandable way she could.

Jeremy wrapped his big lips around her tongue. As he had done to his brush many times before, he started to blow her tongue. Sucking it into his mouth, tightly encasing it in his lips. Swirling his tongue all around it. It was like sucking on a small penis. She pulled away from him smiling. He could see juices building up on her hairy cunt. Starting to pool together and drip off her hairs like water drips from leaves.

Dr. Banner then made a funny swirling noise with her mouth and then she spit on his face. He could feel the warm ball of spit running down his cheek peaking into his mouth.

“Swallow it” she said with a stern look on her face.

Jeremy stuck his tongue out, reaching to the side as someone would try to reach for a crumb in the corner of their mouth. Helping the spit into his mouth. He savored it, tasting the saltiness. Then he swallowed it.

Dr. Banner then picked his head up by his hair with both hands and licked from his chin all the way up his left eye. She then hocked another spit ball that hit him directly beside his nose.

“Rub it in” she said with the same stern look.

Jeremy used his hand to rub the spit all over his face, covering himself in a muscus shell. Through the blurry saliva, he saw Dr. Banner unbuttoning her shirt. She revealed her huge fat breasts which were covered by a matching bra. Black lace trim with a white foundation. She unhooked it, and the massive beauties were exposed. They had to be DDs. Her nipples were hard and pointed out in the air like eraser tips. She was so pale, but her nipples were very dark like her makeup. She used her hands to help flip Jeremy on his back.

Jeremy’s cock was standing straight up. He thought it looked as big as it ever had. The head was fully engorged with blood. Every little crease of his cock could be seen. Dr. Banner picked up his thong.

“Put this back on panty boy” she commanded.

Jeremy slid the thong back on over his hard cock. His cock forced the material to stretch.

“I am going to ride your sloppy face until I cum…. You will eat me good or I will bite your dick off” Dr. Banner said while popping him in the face to make sure she had his full attention.

Dr. Banner got up on the table, straddling Jeremy’s mouth and facing his cock. He was so excited, he had always wanted this. He was going to enjoy every second of her juicy ass and pussy.

She slid her legs wider open, causing her asshole and pussy to drop down on Jeremy’s face. He could see the hairy pubic area getting closer to him. She had hair trailing from her pussy all the way to her rectum. She arched her back slightly causing Jeremy to only have access to her butt. He stuck his tongue out and lightly licked around the opening to her anus. He could feel the area contracting to the sensations of his tongue. Then she pushed down hard, forcing his tongue to go into her hole, her hairs tickling his chin. Jeremy started to fuck her hole with his tongue. Pushing it in and out. Licking around in circles. It tasted so good.

“Mmmm… that’s a good lil slut” Dr. Banner moaned.

“Lick that fucking asshole…. Tongue fuck my tight asshole you bitch” Dr. Banner yelled.

He was sucking and licking and fucking her ass with his tongue.

“Oh yesssss…. Mmmmm…” Dr. Banner groaned.

She was pushing her ass hard into him, her ass cheeks were spreading his face wide. His nose felt like it was going to get broken.

She pulled herself up from him.

“Ahhh…. Yeah….my asshole is nice and wet” she exhaled.

She shoved her pussy down on his face. Her hairs were scratching him. They were rough, but he liked the sensation. His nose was buried deep in her asshole. She started to ride his face, grinding her sex deep on his mouth. Jeremy tongued her pussy as it passed and shoved his nose deep into her ass. His tongue was frantically searching for things to lick. She would grind her clit across his tongue and move it all the way back, so his tongue traced down the entire length of her slit all the way across her gouche to her asshole. Back and forth. Harder and Harder. She started to lean forward, still fucking his face with her pussy and ass.

“You are being such a good boy…. I think I will reward you” She grunted.

She pulled his panties to the side revealing his hard cock. Spitting on it she stroked it from top to bottom.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………” Jeremy moaned loudly.

She then took his whole cock down to the balls. She never realeased her mouth. Fucking his cock from the very bottom all the way to his head with her mouth. She was grinding her pussy hard into his face while she sucked long, deep, fast strokes up and down his cock. Jeremy started to buck his hips up, trying to force every centimeter of his cock into her mouth. They were moaning and groaning, the temperature in the room was boiling. Jeremy’s face was getting raw from the hairy pussy and he couldn’t get enough.

“Ohhhhhhhh………. Gawwwwd………..” Jeremy screamed. As he thrust his cock as far in her mouth as it would go, he started cumming. Jet after jet of hot salty cum shot down his doctor’s throat. She kept sucking and fucking his cock until every last drop was in her mouth. Then she sat back up and continued her fucking of his mouth.

“Uh.. Uh… umm… yes…. Oh god… oh god…. Ahhhhhhh……..” Dr. Banner yelled…

She came, grinding hard into his face, squirting hot liquid down his cheeks. Jeremy tried to swallow as much as he could, but it was a flood. He had a mouth full of her cum and pubic hair. She moved off his face, standing over him, looking down into his eyes with a mouth full of cum.

She leaned down to kiss him.

“Open your mouth wide” she commanded.

He obliged, stretching his red face wide open. She spit the ball of cum deep down his throat. He savored the taste of his own cum, swirling it around. Then she bent down and kissed him hard. Pushing her mouth hard to his. Tasting herself all over his lips, They kissed for minutes, swapping each others cum.

Jeremy lay on the table. Completely exhausted. Having just had the best sexual experience of his life. He felt content, whole, and satisfied. Dr. Banner fell into one of the chairs in the office. She had thoroughly enjoyed this young man.

“I think your problem is solved… but the pain may stay for awhile… if you have any problems here is my card and you can give me a call anytime and I will do my best to help…” she said.

Jeremy was flabbergasted. He was so into Dr. Banner. He wanted to ask her out, get to know her. She knew about his panty fetish and appeared to like dominating him. But she acted as she did this with all her patients. He wanted to say something, but that wasn’t in his personality.

“I am writing my personal cell on here and prescribing you some mild pain killers” she continued.

“Thank you…” Jeremy managed to mutter with a confused look.

“You welcome… and don’t worry, the erection and thong will be our little secret as long as you can keep what we did a secret” Dr. Banner added as she gave him a smirk.

Dr. Banner started getting dressed. Grabbing the panties back from under Jeremy’s head she started to slip her legs back in them. Pulling them up to her pussy she covered back up her hairy bush. Jeremy looked at her like she was a stripper and Dr. Banner teased him. She pulled the panties up hard splitting her pussy open and making sure the string in the back rubbed her still wet asshole. She then took her hand and rubbed her soaking wet panties hard into her pussy. Jeremy was enjoying this, thinking about how she couldn’t get enough of his saliva deep in her cunt. She then winked at him and continued to get fully dressed.

Jeremy didn’t know what to think. He thought he should say something, but there was a feeling that Dr. Banner would just reject him. He felt like she didn’t want anything about what had just happened mentioned. She showed him out the door. As Jeremy turned the corner, Dr. Banner said…

“Jeremy, if you are thinking about doing to yourself what caused you to be here in the first place, maybe you should think about having a professional do that for you, and remember call me if you have any problems”

Jeremy smiled and walked to his car. Driving home he reminisced about the events that had just taken place and hoped a reason would come up that he had to call her again.

“I might just need a professional to do me tonight” Jeremy thought as he smiled wide.

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