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Kyle’s Solo Adventure

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It had been three weeks now since the gang rape Kyle had been victim of and he was slowly recovering from the experience.

Alice was still very quiet and timid, which she had never been and she refused to see anybody for the time. Kyle got great help from his brother and had finally gotten over his fear of going out of the city. He took his bike and went for a short drive and he was hoping to make it past the dirt road where they came from.

He was certain that, if he made it past that point, he’d have no more problems. So he set out. His brother knew where he was heading and knew to come look for him if he wasn’t back within 5 hours. That’s the deal they made. If Kyle stayed out longer, he would give his brother a call.

So he got on his bike and steered it out of town, heading towards ‘the place of all evil’ like his brother called the spot where they had been pulled over by those cops. It turned out later that they weren’t real cops and that the police was actively looking for them. The descriptions Kyle and Alice gave, helped them a little further but it was no guarantee to find them. The only advice they had been given was to be careful and call for help if they didn’t feel safe.

Alice had locked herself into her apartment and came out for nobody.

* * * * *

Kyle was eager to get this over and done with, and got his brother to help him.

Now, he enjoyed the wind playing through his hair and the spectacular views he had from up on this small slope. He made it to the dirt road and beyond without hesitating and he pulled over to sit on a bench for a moment. Then he decided to take his healing another step further, got back on his bike and drove back to the dirt road. He stopped and hesitated, not knowing if he was making the right choice here. He shrugged off the questions and steered his bike up the road all the way to the bench where they had been sitting to watch the sun set. He pulled up to the bench and overlooked the scenery. It really was beautiful up there. He stayed there for a bit, then turned his bike around and went down the road again.

He was heading back to town and slowed down a little when he came by the spot where they had been pulled over. Images of what happened to him that night came rushing back to his waking mind and he nearly lost balance. He put his foot down and throttled his bike to greater speed.

He was coming within seeing distance of town when he suddenly heard the thundering sounds of multiple bikes closing in. He glanced in his rear-view mirror and noticed a large group of bikers coming up behind him. Pretty soon they were all around him and they were eyeing his bike, some in admiration, others in jealousy. His bike was his hobby and he took really good care of it.

* * * * *

The group started to slow down suddenly and he could do nothing but slow down as well. He didn’t want to cause an accident in this pack. When they came to a complete stop, two men approached Kyle and when the first one spoke to his friend, he remembered who they were. These two guys participated in the rape that night. Now these guys surrounded Kyle and he had no idea what they wanted from him.

“Hey, buddy!” said one of them, Kyle didn’t remember his name, but he couldn’t care less.

His breath caught in his throat and his “Hey.” sounded more like a whisper.

“So, you’re back up on your feet I see.”

Kyle nodded in reply.

“You know, there’s a way to keep things like that from happening again.” said the second one.

“Yeah, put a bullet through my head.” Kyle said with a faint smile.

“Well that’s one option!” agreed the man, “But another one is to join a gang like ours. No way anybody’s gonna wanna mess with you if you wear biker colours.”

“No shit!”

“So, whadda ya say?”

“Whadda I say to what?” Kyle replied, copying the man’s words.

“About joining us.”

“No thanks, I’ve got other things to do with my life than ride around town all day long.”

“I didn’t remember you this feisty.”

“Yeah, well maybe having a gun pointed at my face and one of my friends getting raped a few yards away is enough to take the feist out of anybody.”

“Okay, mister I’m too good for this, shut the fuck up and follow us!”

* * * * *

Kyle turned to see where that voice was coming from and found himself staring down the barrel of a gun.

He looked at the man holding the gun and he cocked it.

“Put it in gear and follow us.” the man said.

Meanwhile the two others returned to their bikes and the whole group set off.

Kyle felt the heat of the gun pointed at him and did as he was told.

They took him along the outskirts of town to an abandoned warehouse. The big gate was rolled open and Kyle saw another bunch of bikes parked to the side of the warehouse. In all there were at least 40 or 50 bikes.

Kyle didn’t see so many men and figured some of them were standing guard. While they drove there, Kyle took his time to look around and noticed a great number of them were armed with either hand weapons or rifles and shotguns. They manoeuvred him to the side and parked all the bikes along the wall. Kyle got off and followed the men, with the gun still pointed at him. He didn’t want to give them any reason to shoot him, so he followed without complaining.

When they reached a set of stairs, they stopped him.

After about 5 minutes, the door opened and a woman stepped out. She looked straight at Kyle and motioned them up.

“Bring him up here.”

Somebody shoved Kyle and he nearly lost his balance, managed to steady himself on the stairs and started up. Three men came up behind him. The woman stepped out of the way and motioned him in. He stepped inside and found himself facing five men. The one in the middle seemed to be the leader.

* * * * *

One of the men who came up behind him, shoved Kyle again, harder this time, and he dropped to his knees. He felt the cold steel of a gun tickle the back of his neck and stayed down.

“Here he is, Shark.” Somebody said.

One of the men went over to the leader and they talked for some time. Their voices too low for Kyle to understand what was being said. Then the leader stood up and came over to Kyle.

“So you’ve been having trouble with the law?”

“No, they weren’t real cops.” Kyle answered.

“That’s nasty. So you thought you were being pulled over by real cops and got your brains fucked out by a bunch of fake ones.”

Kyle refused to answer to that, but he felt his heart pulsing faster.

“And by some of your guys. I thought bikers always stuck together?” Kyle launched, realizing he was putting himself in a dangerous position.

“That could’ve been avoided if you’d been part of a family.”


The man grabbed Kyle’s shirt and pulled him to his feet. He was at least 10 inches taller than Kyle and lifted him off the floor.

“If you had worn our colours, my men would’ve called for back-up and we would’ve fucked their brains out instead of yours. A lone ranger will never get any help from anyone. You’re better off being part of a family. But I hear you’re not interested.”

Kyle was starting to have trouble breathing with the man’s fist in his throat and he tried to get free. He brought his hands up to the man’s fist and attempted to pry it open. He got treated to a blow to the ribs from behind which knocked the wind out of him even more. The leader set him back on the floor and nodded to one of the men to hold him up. He turned to the one who punched Kyle and grabbed him by the throat.

“Did I ask you to do that?”

His voice thundered through the small room.

The man looked up in fear and shook his head.

Shark’s free hand went up and came down hard on the man’s head, knocking him down.

“Get him out of my eyes.” he said to the other man. He nodded and grabbed his friend’s arm, pulling him out of the room.

* * * * *

“I hate useless violence.” he said to Kyle, who was trying to catch his breath.

“Have a seat, I’d like to talk to you.”

Kyle sat down and everybody left the room, except the woman. She stood by the door.

“So, tell me, what scares you in joining our family?”

“Nothing, I just have other things to do with my life than roam the streets all day.”

“We don’t roam the streets all day. Do have a job?”

“Yes, I do.”

“And do you like it?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact! I like my job a lot.”

“Well, nothing tells you to quit your job or anything. You’ve got a beautiful bike and it would be a shame if it got mangled.”

“What are you saying? If I don’t join you, you’ll wreck my bike?”

“No, that’s not what I’m saying, relax. I’m just saying that if you get picked on again, they might not mangle you up, but your bike instead. Or both! If you wore family colours, people would be less tempted to mess with you. You seem like a nice guy and from what I’ve heard, your girlfriend is pretty good-looking. Wouldn’t you prefer to set yourself safe?”

“I’m not a killer nor a rapist.”

“None of us are.”

“Then what would it take to join your gang?”

“It’s not a gang, it’s a family. And I don’t ask people to kill, steal or rape to join us. There are a few different ways to join, and given your history, I’d say sex would be your ticket in.”

Kyle jumped up, knocking his chair over.

“Forget it!” he shouted furiously.

“Relax.” the man said, “I haven’t even said anything yet, so calm down.”

Kyle looked at him, not knowing what to expect.


* * * * *

Kyle turned around and was face to face with the woman. She was holding a knife in her hand but took a step back when Kyle picked up his chair. He sat down again, feeling very uncomfortable about the woman.

Shark looked at him, obviously content that Kyle was obeying.

“Now, put your hands behind your back.”

Kyle’s heart missed a beat, but he did as he was told.

He felt the woman’s soft skin against his as she tied his hands to the chair. She kneeled in front of him, tying his feet to the legs of the chair as well.

“Just relax and you won’t get hurt.” Shark said.

He nodded to the woman and she started to unzip Kyle’s pants. Her hand found his cock and pulled it out, taking it into her mouth immediately. Kyle gasped for breath at the touch of her wet tongue. He looked at Shark who sat back to enjoy the show.

“Don’t.” Kyle whispered.

“Shut up or I’ll have her gag you.” he replied.

Kyle didn’t have a choice and he felt his cock grow to the woman’s touch. He got aroused and couldn’t help himself. She was licking and nibbling his cock as if she did nothing else with her life and pretty soon Kyle was close to an orgasm. He tried to hold back but Shark warned him not to fight it. He came in a matter of minutes and the woman swallowed all of his squirting juices. She licked his cock clean and sucked on him a little longer to make sure he wasn’t holding back on her.

* * * * *

“That wasn’t too bad, now was it?” Shark asked after Kyle caught his breath.

Kyle shook his head, but refused to say anything.

“You want more? There’s much more where that came from you know.”

“No offence, but no thanks.” Kyle whispered, he didn’t trust his voice.

Shark looked at him, peering into his eyes and he laughed.

“You can’t fool me! You’d love to stick your big cock into her pussy, don’t you.”

Kyle fought back his smile, but couldn’t fool either of them. The woman started undressing in front of him and Kyle watched her with ever growing interest. When she was totally naked, she bent over and showed her pussy to him. She spread her legs a little and cupped her hand over it, slipping a finger inside. Kyle felt his cock twitch and he pulled on the rope that held his hands.

“You want a piece of her?” Shark asked.

Kyle looked at her wet pussy and licked his lips. He hesitated.

Shark stood up and came over to Kyle. He put his hand on the woman’s ass and stroked her. Then he moved his hand and slipped his finger into her pussy. She pulled her hand out of the way and rubbed her clit while Shark fingered her.

“You want some of this?” Shark repeated.

Kyle couldn’t deny that he felt hot and he nodded.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind some of that.”

“Here’s the deal. You make me hard and let me fuck you, and you can spend some time with her. How’s that?”

* * * * *

Kyle looked up in shock at those words. He started shaking his head, but Shark put his hand up to stop him.

“Look, either you accept that deal, or you don’t. If you don’t, I’ll take what I want from you. If you do, you’ll get your share of the pleasure as well. It’s up to you whether you want to get raped again or not.”

“You’ll rape me anyhow.” Kyle said softly.

“That’s where you’re wrong. If you give me pleasure, I’ll give you pleasure too.”

Kyle said nothing, his cock was limp again after that shocking announcement.

“I’ll give you a few minutes to decide. When I come back, I’ll expect an answer from you. All I want to hear is yes or no.”

He pulled the woman up and showed his wet finger to her. She licked her wetness off his fingers and then licked her lips.

“Show him what he’ll be getting if he accepts the deal, Kim.”

She nodded and looked down at Kyle with hunger in her eyes.

Shark turned and walked out of the room closing the door behind him.

Kim stood in front of Kyle in all her glory. Her hand returned to her clit and she started rubbing it again, showing it to Kyle. She sat on the edge of Shark’s chair and pulled her feet up, spreading her legs as wide as the chair would allow her. Her pussy was still wet and she slipped her fingers into it. When she pulled them back, they glistened with her wetness.

“He’s not a brute you know.” she said in a whispery voice, “He’ll give you pleasure if he says he will. And all he’s asking you to do is make him hard. He’s not gonna cum in your mouth or anything. He’s giving you quite a good deal here. He’s been much harder in the past. I think he really likes you.”

She kept playing with herself and Kyle was riveted by the show she gave him.

“Once you’ve done your part of the deal, he’ll let you be with me. And I’ll be yours. I’ll obey your every order for as long as Shark wants me to. Isn’t that something to look forward to?”

“But I have to let him rape me first.”

“He won’t rape you. He won’t hurt you if you do as he tells you. And then you can have your way with me. If you wanna tie ME up to the chair, I won’t resist you. I’ll do everything you tell me to. Don’t you want to have a taste of this?” she spread her legs even further and pushed her pussy out to him.

“Such a small price to pay.” she added while slipping her finger back into her pussy.

* * * * *

Kyle was completely mesmerized by Kim’s movements and felt his cock twitch repeatedly.

Suddenly the door opened and Shark came back in. He closed the door and locked it.

“So?” he said as he came up beside Kyle, “What’s your answer? Do you accept the deal I offered you?”

Kyle looked up and nodded.

“Yes, I’ll take it.”

“Great!” Shark said, “Kim.”

She walked to the window and closed the blinds. Then she came back to the chair and untied Kyle. He stayed seated, waiting for Shark to give him an order.

“Come here, boy.”

Kyle got up and walked towards Shark.

“That’s far enough!” Shark said when Kyle was three steps away, “Take off your clothes.”

Kyle hesitated and looked back.

“Nobody can see what’s going on in here. That’s part of the deal. None of them needs to know what happens. All they need to know is whether or not you’re part of the family. It’s none of their business how you became part of it. I want to see you naked.”

Kyle did as Shark asked him and he dropped his clothes to the floor. His cock was still pretty hard and he felt awkward standing here under a man’s scrutiny. Shark got up and walked up to him. Kyle wanted to turn and run, but he stayed where he was, his heart beating furiously in his throat.

* * * * *

“Get down on your knees and make me hard.” Shark ordered.

Kyle obeyed and unzipped the man’s pants. He put his hand inside and found Shark’s cock, pulling it out gently. He started by stroking it for a while, not certain how he was going to pull this off. Suddenly he felt a hand on his own cock and when he looked down, he saw Kim. She was lying on the floor between Shark’s legs and smiled at him.

“Don’t worry.” she said, “Follow my lead.”

She stroked his cock with a very steady hand and Kyle copied her moves. Shark started to moan and Kyle could feel his cock grow in his hand. He kept looking down at Kim and saw her mouth approach his cock. He gasped when she took it into her mouth and he waited a few seconds before doing the same to Shark. He only took part of Shark’s cock into his mouth, but it still had a great effect on him. He gasped for breath like Kyle had just done and threw his head back in delight. That encouraged Kyle a little and he became a little bolder, taking more of that cock into his mouth. He could feel Kim’s tongue dancing around his own cock and he started to lick Shark’s. The cock grew in his mouth and he started to move his mouth up and down the shaft like Kim was doing to him right now. Shark put his feet a little wider apart for better balance and Kim moved away from Kyle. He moaned a little, but Shark put his hand on Kyle’s head. He obviously wanted Kyle to focus on giving pleasure rather than getting it.

A few minutes later, Shark pushed Kyle’s head back a little and looked down at him.

“Turn around.” he said softly and Kyle obeyed.

Shark pushed him gently onto all fours and kneeled behind him, stroking his ass with both hands.

He looked at Kim and she came over to them, spreading her legs in front of him. He put his finger in her pussy and collected some of her wetness. He then smeared that on Kyle’s ass and slowly entered his finger. Kyle tried to stay calm and didn’t fight the intruding finger. His breathing was fast and shallow, more out of fear of what he knew was coming than anything else, but Shark took his time.

* * * * *

He slowly penetrated Kyle with one finger, giving him time to relax, then added a second one, again very slowly, without hurting Kyle at any point. When both his fingers were gliding easily into Kyle’s body, he positioned himself closer and penetrated that inviting ass in front of him slowly, carefully. He knew his cock wasn’t big and that Kyle would easily take him inside, but nonetheless, he took his time. He kept stroking Kyle’s ass and back and he played through the young man’s hair. All that touching helped Kyle to relax and within minutes, Shark was completely inside him, thrusting gently back and forth, enjoying the tight ass around him, taking enormous pleasure in it. He made love to Kyle and pretty soon Kyle started to respond to him, to his own feelings. Shark intended to let Kyle come before he did himself and he continued with much pleasure to thrust in and out of the body that was now eager to feel him. Minutes went by and Kyle spread his legs a little further, pushing back towards Shark, inviting him in even further.

Shark made a gesture to Kim and she walked over to them, got down on the floor and presented Kyle with her pussy.

“Make her cum with your tongue.” Shark said to him.

Kyle tried to look back, but Shark pushed his head down towards Kim.

“She’s not gonna wait for ages, boy, just give her what she needs.”

So Kyle leaned down towards Kim’s pussy and started to lick her. First the inside of her thighs, then the outside of her outer lips, then pressed on to find her clit and let his tongue dance around it for a while.

Kim was really horny and she pushed her pussy up towards Kyle so that he could reach her even better.

“Finger me.” she asked him, “Stick your fingers inside my pussy and finger-fuck me.” she added.

“Go ahead.” came Shark’s voice from behind.

Kyle put his weight onto his left arm and used his right hand to finger Kim. He was still licking her clit and she couldn’t resist him for very long. She came with a sudden sigh of relief. She didn’t make any noise. Once her orgasm subsided, she moved around and put her head between Kyle’s legs and took his cock into her mouth. Her pussy was still right under his face and he continued to finger her.

* * * * *

She started to suck on his cock while he continued to lick her. Shark was still inside of Kyle and thrusting slowly. Now that Kim was giving Kyle a blowjob, he wouldn’t be long and Shark thrust a little faster and deeper. Kyle moaned in delight when Kim sucked on his balls and Shark thrust deep inside of him. It gave him double sensations and he loved it. Kim sucked him hard and fast and Shark was accelerating as well. It became overwhelming, but he didn’t want to give in to it this easily, so he fought his orgasm. He threw his head back and held his breath. He pushed back towards Shark’s cock and then thrust into Kim’s mouth and the two of them adapted to this new rhythm, giving Kyle even more pleasure. Suddenly he came! First anally. Contracting around Shark’s cock, causing him to thrust even faster and deeper, climbing towards his own orgasm. When Shark came and squirted his juices deep into Kyle’s body, he came to Kim’s mouth, squirting his own juices into her throat, which she eagerly swallowed after what she continued to suck on him to keep him hard.

“That was excellent, Kyle.” Shark said, “You’re great! Now you can have fun with Kim. Enjoy yourself!”

He pulled back and got up, stepping away from the young man. He rearranged his clothes and went to the back of the room, where he sat down in a lazy chair and watched them.

Kyle made Kim move around so that he could penetrate her without having to move and she obeyed, shifting her position in seconds, sliding her pussy towards his waiting cock. He quickly guided himself to her soaking wet pussy and took her in one thrust. He was so horny that he couldn’t be bothered with taking his time. He wanted to fuck this girl and he wanted to do it right now. His cock took possession of her and she gasped in surprise at the speed with which he did that. She could feel him fill her up and she spread her legs a little more to accommodate him. He thought nothing of taking his time and he thrust into that steaming pussy, bringing her to another orgasm and putting himself on the brink of one too.

* * * * *

Her body contracted around him and he pulled back, holding on to his erection and avoiding his own orgasm. He grabbed her hips and started to roll her over.

“Give me your ass.” he said in a hoarse voice.

She knew he was in a hurry and she quickly rolled onto her belly and up onto her knees, pushing her ass out to him. He dragged his hand through her wetness and smeared it onto her ass, lubricating it a little, then he put the tip of his cock against her ass and grabbed her hips with both hands.

“Take me inside of you.” he told her, so she pushed back and while his cock-head was slipping inside of her, he pulled on her hips and thrust forward, shoving his cock all the way inside of her. It made her squeal in surprise, but she bit on her lower lip to keep herself from making any more noise. Shark would punish her if she attracted unwanted attention. So she muffled her cries and pushed her ass back to allow Kyle all the way inside. His balls hit her ass-cheeks and he remained deep inside of her for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of an unprepared ass around his cock. Then he started to thrust back and forth. Less hasty than he had been with her pussy. He wanted to enjoy this more. He made her come twice before he gave himself up to his own feelings. He came deep inside of her and forced her down onto her belly, staying as far inside of her as he possibly could.

The clapping behind him startled Kyle. He looked back and saw Shark sitting there, clapping for their performance.

“That was beautiful. You really are a piece of work, Kyle. Was that number three or four?”

“Twice in her mouth and now again in her ass.” Kyle answered a little bashful. He wasn’t used to talking about his sexual performances.

“And you came once to me as well. You’re in great shape.”

Kyle turned away because he could feel the heat rise to his cheeks. He didn’t want Shark to see him blush at that remark, but Shark knew.

“No need to hide! Kim’s in great shape as well and I’m sure you could bring her to another orgasm within minutes.”

Kyle rolled off Kim and looked at Shark again.

“I don’t think so.”

* * * * *

Shark looked at Kyle for a moment.

“Shall I demonstrate?” he asked.

“Sure, be my guest.” Kyle replied.

Shark gestured to Kim to come to him and she jumped up immediately.

“Lap-dance.” Shark said as he unzipped his pants, revealing an erection. Seeing Kyle fuck Kim had obviously aroused him.

Kim turned around, facing Kyle and she sat down, on Shark’s waiting cock. It easily slipped into her and she pushed up a little, then sat down again, riding him without hesitation.

His cock tickled her g-spot with every move she made.

“Come over here, Kyle.” Shark said.

Kyle quickly got up and went up to the chair.

“Down on your knees and lick her.”

Kyle did as Shark asked and got back onto his knees, leaning forward to let his tongue dance around Kim’s clit. The joint efforts made Kim come with a short cry.

Shark let go of her hair and grabbed Kyle’s instead.

“Move!” he snapped and Kim scrambled out of the way.

“Your turn.” Shark said to Kyle and moved his cock towards his mouth.

Kyle looked up and when he saw the fire in Shark’s eyes, he parted his lips and took in the waiting cock.

“Make me come and you’ll be part of my family.” Shark ordered.

Kyle didn’t want to find out what awaited if he disobeyed and he lowered his head over Shark’s cock. He let go of Kyle’s hair and sat back.

“Slowly!” he ordered.

* * * * *

Kyle slowly moved his head up and down, licking and sucking on Shark’s cock, tickling the tip of it, then licking down along the shaft and sucking on his balls. When he brought up his hand, Shark stopped him.

“Mouth only.”

Kim came over and slapped handcuffs the wrist Shark was holding. When she bent his arm behind his back, he didn’t fight her. She brought his second arm behind his back and cuffed his wrists together.

“Good boy.” Shark whispered, “Never disobey a direct order.”

Kyle looked up and their eyes met.

“Promise me you’ll never disobey me.” Shark asked.

Kyle stopped licking him and looked him straight in the eye.

“I promise I’ll never disobey you.” he said with a steady voice.

“Keep going.”

He returned to his assignment and continued to lick and nibble and suck Shark’s cock.

“Don’t move.” Shark whispered suddenly and held Kyle’s head down with both hands, thrusting upwards and releasing his juices into Kyle’s mouth.

His first reaction was to try and pull away, but Shark held him down and he was forced to swallow every last drop of it.

“I’m the only person who’s cum you’ll ever have to swallow.”

Kyle relaxed under Shark’s hands and stayed motionless, Shark’s cock deep inside of his mouth.

Shark let go of his head and Kyle lifted his head.

* * * * *

“Now you can have all the fun you want with Kim. She’s all yours until I come back for you.”

Kyle got up and out of Shark’s way.

Shark got out of his chair and walked to the door. He unlocked it and turned around again.

“Kim, I want you to do everything Kyle asks you to do, no matter what!”

“Yes, Shark, I will.” Kim replied with a little nod.

“Then get him out of those cuffs to start with.”

Kim came over to Kyle and untied his hands. He took the cuffs from her and tied her hands behind her back.

“On your knees.” he ordered.

Kim obeyed.



“Have a look at the filing cabinet and use anything you like. You’ll understand when you open it. I’m locking this door from the outside and I’ll be back for you later. Have fun.”


Shark walked out and locked the door, taking the key with him.

Kyle and Kim were alone again.

* * * * *

Kyle went over to the filing cabinet and when he opened the top drawer, he found all kinds of blindfolds and gags. The second drawer held at least twenty dildos, all of different shapes and sizes, some single, other double and even a triple one. In the third drawer he found ropes, more handcuffs, chains, anything to tie a person up with. The bottom drawer held a few whips and other punishment gear. He also found some ecstasy pills in there.

He decided to fuck her with a dildo. He chose one that was bigger than his cock and took a rag to gag her with. He walked over to her and showed her the dildo.

“Open your mouth.” he ordered and she did it.

He tied the rag around her head, gagging her even though she never made a big noise.

“Head to the floor.”

She did as he told her, her ass sticking up in the air, waiting for him. She was still wet and he moved the dildo into her pussy without effort, it slipped right in, all the way in.

She spread her legs far apart to keep balance and he started to fuck her with it. He pulled it nearly all the way out of her and then shoved it all the way back. He continued that for ten minutes or so, at a teasing slow rhythm, just filling her pussy up and rubbing her g-spot without giving her anything to set her off.

Suddenly he shoved the dildo all the way into her body and then thrust his newly erected cock into her ass. She twitched in surprise coz she didn’t know he had another erection. He held the dildo inside of her while he slowly fucked her ass. When he felt her nearing an orgasm, he grabbed her hips and fucked her harder, deeper, driving her to a climax within seconds.

He continued to fuck her while she was orgasming and rode her hard until he came as well.

* * * * *

He quickly left her body and removed the dildo from her pussy. She moaned and looked at him with an obvious plea in her eyes. She wanted more.

“Get up.” he told her and she pushed herself back onto her knees, then to her feet.

He walked to the filing cabinet and retrieved the triple dildo, placed it on a chair and looked at her.

“Come over her and sit on this.”

She eagerly came to him and stepped over the chair, lowering herself to the seat. When she felt the dildo, she adjusted her position so that it slipped into her pussy. Moments later, she felt pressure against her ass and she pushed down over the second part. Soon after, her ass cheeks touched the seat of the chair and the third portion tickled her clit. She started to move around on it, but Kyle stopped her.

“Don’t move.” he said and he turned the dildo on with the remote control.

It vibrated against her clit, inside of her pussy and inside her ass. But not only did it vibrate, the top half of each separate dildo made small circles inside her body, giving her even more sensations.

Minutes later she started to twitch and moan in delight and Kyle just watched her. He was stroking his cock while enjoying the show and got another erection. He made her get up off the chair and go over to the other side of the room. Then he made her come back. By the time she was back, his cock was nice and hard. He asked her to get down on her knees and make him come again. He quickly removed her gag and she eagerly took his cock into her mouth.

“Slowly.” he said in the same tone of voice as Shark used on him.

She slowly sucked him to another orgasm and while she was giving him pleasure, the triple dildo continued to give her the same. She came more than once until he did and again, she swallowed every last drop of it.

He took a step back and asked her to get up and turn around. To her surprise he untied her hands and told her she could get rid of the dildo.

“Now that I got all these frustrations out of me, I can be myself again. From this point on, until sharks comes back, I’ll do only what you agree with.”

* * * * *

She came to him and flung her arms around his neck, her lips found his and their tongues danced together. The kiss was passionate and lasted forever. When they parted, Kim looked at him, turned around and walked to the corner of the room. She opened a door and walked through it. Kyle followed and found himself in a bedroom. Kim was getting onto the bed and invited him over.

“Make love to me.” she said and he obliged.

* * * * *

About half an hour later, Shark came back and found them on the bed, panting and sweating.

“Looks like you had fun.” he said and Kyle could only nod in confirmation.

“Time to go, I’m afraid.”

Kim jumped off the bed and walked back to the other room, got dressed and walked out as if nothing happened. Kyle was a bit slower; he was barely out of the bedroom by the time she walked out. Shark followed him into the other room and watched him get dressed.

“Did you like that?”

“Yes, I did.” Kyle replied with a smile, “She’s one hot lady.”

“She’s no lady. She’s my sex toy.” Shark replied.

Kyle looked at him, a little baffled.

“I saved her life once and she belongs to me now. I do with her what I want and I share her with who ever I want.”

Kyle didn’t know what to say.

“If you wanna be with her, you have to get my blessing. Otherwise you don’t get anything. And don’t figure you could just rape her; it’s been tried before. Both of them ended up regretting that act. And they both paid the ultimate price.”

“What do I have to do if I want to be with her?” Kyle asked.

“You know the answer to that question.”

Kyle looked at him for a few seconds, seeking and finding confirmation in his eyes.

“Let you fuck me.”

“Any time you wanna be with Kim, you come to me and give me that lovely ass of yours. I fuck you, you can then fuck her.”

Kyle finished rearranging his clothes and they walked out of the room together, down the stairs and to the right. Shark opened a closet and took out a vest and a small cloth. Both carried the biker’s colours. Shark gave Kyle the vest.

“Wear that over your jacket.”

Kyle took the vest and put it on.

Then they walked over to his bike and Shark attached the cloth to the chrome handle at the back of it. That way it would fly in the wind and be visible to anybody coming up behind the bike.

“Welcome to the family.” Shark said to Kyle and they shook hands.

* * * * *

From that point on, Kyle never rode alone again.

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