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Upward Mobility

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It started innocently enough: We were sitting in his living room drinking wine and Danny was telling me about his high school wrestling team and how he won forty-eight straight matches. His eyes wore a glazed-over expression as he talked about his glory days.

“…and out of those forty-eight matches, I pinned thirty-one of my opponents in under a minute in the first round!” he declared, triumphantly.

“I bet you can’t pin me in under a minute!” I challenged him.

He snapped out of his reverie; a slight smile spread across his lips.

“You’re on,” he answered, “but don’t start crying when I whip your pansy-ass!”

His air conditioner had broken a few days earlier, and we’d gotten into the habit of wearing as little clothes as we could to stay cool. I wore my tiny, navy blue gym shorts, and he was in his boxers.

He had me get on my hands and knees on his carpet. He was beside me, his left hand on my left wrist, his right arm draped over my back and shoulders holding my right wrist.

He said, “One-two-three-GO!”

He tried to pull my left hand out from under me while pushing me onto my back. It didn’t work—I squirmed out of his grasp.

I laughed, “Lost your touch, Danny?”

We did it again. He was able to push me to my stomach where our arms and legs twisted together, but he couldn’t turn me over to pin me. Our hot bodies began glistening with sweat.

I laughed in his face, “Did you wrestle girls in those forty-eight straight matches?”

I saw the fury in his brown eyes. We did it again. This time, he grunted and groaned as he used every ounce of muscle he had. I grappled with him; clawed his back; we panted like animals; then finally, with one mighty shove he pushed me on my back and he pinned my shoulders to the carpet. He was victorious on top of me. The anger never left his eyes.

He held me pinned to the carpet. I looked down to see his boxers ballooned out in front. He had an erection. Then a thin, cruel sneer spread on his lips.

“You little bitch,” he said contemptuously, “I’m gonna give you what your prick-teasing ass deserves!”

“W-What do you m-mean?” I stammered.

He didn’t say anything. Instead, he took hold of both of my wrists with one strong hand, and reached down with his free hand and tugged at my shorts. I tried kicking at him but all that did was to give him enough leeway to yank my shorts all the way down my legs and off. I was naked beneath him.

“Danny!” I shouted, but it was no use. His eyes bugged-out now and he looked like a madman.

He lifted off of me just long enough to pull down his boxers. His hard cock sprang into my view. It was long and slim, six inches at the very least; a largish, purple mushroomed cockhead. He spat on his fingers, and rubbed it on the glans. I felt his cockhead push against my anus.

“Danny!….what are you doing?…Danny-DANNY!!” He lunged forward forcing his cockhead through my anus and kept pushing until his entire cock was buried deep inside my asshole.

He never gave me time to catch my breath. He pulled out so just the head was inside me then he rammed forward with all his might and energy.


He brutally fucked me like a rag doll. I felt every vein, every nuance of his cock as it pistoned in-and-out of my asshole. I was helpless beneath him. All I could do was wait until his lust was satiated.

Suddenly he gave a deep thrust and his cockhead pressed against my prostate. My own cock tingled and came to life. My eyes rolled back into their sockets; my head swayed side-to-side. I was delirious with pleasure.


Sweat dripped off his face onto my chest. He was straining to cum. His cock fucked in-and-out of me. When his cockhead bumped my prostate again I exploded. I screamed and yelled and shot my cum over both of us. That triggered his orgasm. I felt his cock expand inside me then shoot load-after-load of hot jism in my ass. He collapsed on top of me. I took his face in my hands and kissed him deeply on the mouth. He kissed me back.

Suddenly, he sprang up like he was shot out-of-a-cannon.


I tried to calm him. I tried to reason with him. I said it was okay…don’t feel bad, I said. It felt really good, I told him.

I went to the bathroom and came back with a warm wash cloth. I tried to clean his penis but he pushed me away. He cleaned himself and slipped into his boxers. I gave him a glass of wine—he gulped it down. I poured him another. I sat beside him on the couch. He half-heartedly tried to push me away. I stroked his neck and back.

“My God, Johnny—what have I done? I’ve ruined our friendship—I can’t do this—I like girls, damnit!”

“Danny, it’s all right—we’ll survive this—no one has to know, okay?”

His brown eyes were moist when he looked at me. “My God, Johnny…I raped you…I’m so-so sorry!”

I put my arm around him. “Danny…it’s okay…I won’t tell anyone…” I whispered to him.

I stroked his chest and thighs. I kissed his neck and blew into his ear. The stiffness returned inside his boxers. I reached my hand inside his boxers and grasped his cock.

“Johnny—what are you doing?”

I stroked his cock, and rubbed his balls. “My God, Johnny….”

We looked into each others’ eyes; we kissed; a long, lingering kiss.

I got off the couch and knelt between his legs. I pulled his boxers down. I grasped the shaft of his cock with my left hand and massaged his balls with the other. I proceeded to give him the best blow-job of his life.

“Oh God, Johnny….” he moaned under my tender ministrations.

I moved into Danny’s apartment the very next morning. I’d turned another straight guy queer.

Men are such chumps, I was thinking as I vacuumed our apartment one morning. Give them an encouraging word from time-to-time, sympathize with them, listen attentively to their boring thoughts, touch their arms or backs or thighs and smile at them when they droned on-and-on-and-on about trivial things, and you’ve got them ‘hooked’. After that, give them a good suck or fuck whenever their cocks get hard, and they’re putty in your hands.

I hadn’t had a job since high school, and that was six years ago. I hated working. I wasn’t good at it, and it seemed like a colossal waste of time. I like spending money though, so you had to ‘choose’ the right men; men who were smart and ambitious, and wanted to ‘get ahead’ in this world, but who weren’t very sharp; men who could be easily led around by their dicks. Stroke their egos and they’ll stoke your wallet, I always said.

I smiled as I remembered Mr. Angelar, my high school algebra teacher. I was terrible at math and science, and was going to fail his course. One day after school I went into his office thinking he’d help me with algebra, instead, I received a more valuable lesson.

We sat side-by-side at his desk. I was expressing my frustrations, waving and using my hands when I spoke, I touched his arm a couple times, then I squeezed his thigh when I was trying to make a point, and I looked at him and he had the strangest look in his eyes. When my hand ‘accidentally’ brushed against the erection in his trousers, well, that was the first time I’d seen that look on a man’s face. It was the look of all-consuming, desire and lust.

He cleared his throat, then said, “Johnny, I don’t know if I can give you adequate training here in school.” He took my hand and placed it directly on his throbbing cock. “Perhaps you could earn better grades in a more suitable environment.” I squeezed his cock and from then on, we met at his house twice a week where he gave me ‘personal tutoring’. He even introduced me to a couple teachers I’d have in the next year, who also went out of their way to help me earn ‘extra credit’. I never cracked a book my last two years in high school.

There was a sharp rapping on the door and Mr. Bell, the landlord announced himself. He was there to fix the air conditioner — again. I was wearing my tiny gym shorts and nothing else. He stopped and looked me up and down.

He knew I was queer. Once, after I moved in with Danny and I paid the rent, with Danny’s money of course, he asked, “So tell me, who’s the husband and who’s the wife?” I placed my hands on my hips and posed like a girl. “I thought so,” he said.

He was banging on the air conditioner, trying to fix it. “Why can’t we just get a new one so you won’t have to keep coming over here?” I asked.

“These are expensive, little lady,” he said with a smile.

I stood close by watching him. He was twenty years older than me, but not a bad looking man. He gave off a musky aroma; he must have worked hard that morning. I ran my hand up and down the back of his white cotton tee shirt. Then I rubbed his bottom-cheeks through the thin fabric of his trousers.

Suddenly, he turned around and gave me a leering grin, and said, “Well, maybe we can work something out so I can get you a new one.”

I dropped to my knees, unbuckled his belt, opened his pants and pulled them and his underwear down. His cock was already hard. I kissed and licked it. I tickled the glans with my tongue. I gave long, licking strokes with my tongue on the underside of his cock. He groaned. My tongue traced a vein around his girth. By the time I wet my lips and placed them over his cockhead he was moaning incessantly.

I stroked his shaft and fondled his balls as I sucked his cock. His hips imperceptibly swayed back and forth. I took more and more of his cock into my mouth. I snuck a peak up at his face: his eyes were closed, and drool was leaking out of the corner of his mouth. I doubted if his scarecrow-of-a-wife ever did this for him. I wondered why it was called a blow-job? It wasn’t a ‘job’ at all….

I increased my stroking and sucking tempo. I could taste his pre-cum. He reached down and held my face. He pumped his hips back-and-forth. His glistening cock slid in-and-out of my voraciously sucking mouth. He grunted and groaned, straining to cum. I felt his balls contract in my hand. I rubbed his anus with my middle finger. His hips bucked uncontrollably. He screamed as he shot his cum on my tongue. I lapped it up and swallowed every drop. Afterwards, when his shrunken penis slid from between my lips I cleaned his still-twitching cock with my tongue. When I looked up he had a huge smile on his face.

We not only got a new air conditioner that afternoon, he lowered the rent by $200 a month, as well. He was going to become a frequent visitor, but it was worth it.

“How could he raise the rent by a hundred bucks a month?” Danny shook his head in disbelief.

“I dunno,” I said, “but I really love this place, we don’t have to move, do we?”

“No-no…we’ll stay here….”

A boy had to do whatever was needed to get ahead in this life, didn’t he?

It was for Danny’s benefit anyway, I was horny as hell after a visit from Mr. Bell, so I stripped off my shorts as soon as he got home from work and bent over for him. I had taught Danny how to reach around and stroke my cock while he was fucking me. We shot gobs and gobs of spunk in every room of that apartment. I may be a bitch, but my men are always sexually satisfied!

After I talked Danny into trading in his Honda for a Lexus, money became tight. We didn’t go out as much as we used to; we didn’t go to ballgames or concerts. And when the owner of his company, Randall, announced the company had lost money and there wouldn’t be any Christmas bonus this year, Danny became very depressed. He was counting on the bonus to help pay down a credit card I had maxed-out.

One day I was going to do a wash and was going through Danny’s trouser pockets. I came across a flyer advertising the company Christmas party. It was tomorrow night. When Danny got home I asked if we were going.

“I wish,” he said, “…the old man’s got three of us working twelve hour days starting tomorrow…a big contract came in and we have two weeks to finish it…” his eyes brightened, “but you know, I may be getting that bonus after all if we finish the job on time!”

What good does that do me? I wondered, I wanted to go to the party.

The next day after I serviced Mr. Bell, I saw the flyer again. Why should both of us suffer just because Danny had to work? I wondered. “What the hell,” I said to myself and jumped into the shower.

I wore my lavender dress shirt with black slacks and black suit coat—no tie. I used the grocery money Danny had given me that morning and took a taxi to the party. It was a classy restaurant/bar in the nice section of town. Inside, a sign pointed to an area where the people from Danny’s company would be.

I never met any of Danny’s co-workers before; I think he was still embarrassed about his gay-thing. My heart beat fast with anticipation as I walked into the party. It was a dimly lit room with tables of food surrounded by dining tables and booths. I looked around and listened. I walked to the long bar in the corner of the room. On a bar stool was a distinguished-looking, grey-haired man of about sixty. I heard him tell the bartender, “Jameson—neat!”, and he turned on his barstool to face the three people who were standing before him. I waited a minute then sat on the barstool next to him.

The bartender came over and said, “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you for your ID.”

“Certainly,” I said, and promptly showed it to him. I was a very young-looking twenty-four year-old.

“Very good! And what can I make for you tonight, sir?” the bartender asked.

“I’ll have a Jameson’s—neat!” I said.

The grey-haired man’s head swiveled to look at me. I gave him my sweetest smile. “Hello,” I said to him.

“Hello to you,” he smiled, then turned back and spoke with his friends. In a short while, the people dispersed and left him sitting alone next to me.

He ordered another drink, and I said to the bartender: “Since you have the bottle out—you may as well pour two!”

The grey-haired man laughed, “A Jameson-man, huh? Not too many of us around!”

I smiled, “Yeah, for the price I think it beats the hell out of Bushmills and Tullamore Dew.”

He eyed me curiously, “Do you work for the company?” he asked.

“No, my friend Danny does. I’m his…ah, roommate, John.”

There was a twinkle in his eyes, “OOhhhh, yes, the mysterious roommate! My name is Randall—a pleasure to meet you.” We shook hands—he had a nice, firm grip.

We chatted about whiskey, sports, cars, the economy…and whatever else I’d read about recently in the newspaper. We had three more Jamesons and we both were feeling no pain. He decided we needed food. He swayed when he walked so when we found a table, I asked him what he wanted from the buffet, and I fixed a plate for him. When I returned with my food I sat next to him. He liked that.

He may have been sixty but he didn’t look it. He had chiseled good-looks, was probably three inches taller than me and forty pounds heavier. He had broad shoulders, a full chest, and not a pot belly to be seen. His arms and hands looked big and strong.

He asked about me and my life, and I talked for awhile, using my hands like I always do. I’d touch his arm or shoulder, and every now and then would brush it against his upper thigh. He listened with a dazed smile on his face.

When he spoke I hung on every word. At the appropriate times, I’d say things like “fascinating”—”that’s interesting”—”you’re a smart man”. I’d laugh where needed, and frowned at the right times.

After the meal, we stayed in the booth and had a couple more Jamesons. His employees filed-by on their way out, thanking him for a wonderful party.

When we took the last swallow of our drinks, I placed my hand on his thigh and told him I took a taxi to get there, but I wasn’t sure if I had enough money to get home. My hand brushed the front of his trousers—he had a massive erection.

“Don’t worry about that—I’ll drive you home,” he said with a lust-filled grin on his handsome face.

I watched him as we left the restaurant; he draped his suit coat over his arm in front of him to hide his erection and walked fairly steady; he seemed sober enough to drive. It was dark outside. When he unlocked the doors of his new Cadillac, I climbed in on the passenger side. As soon as we were inside, I shifted over next to him; our thighs touching.

We looked into each others’ eyes. I think he wanted to kiss me, but there was a battle raging in his mind. He started the car and pulled into traffic. On the way home, my fingers lightly traced circles on his inner thigh. When he pulled into the parking lot of my building, I took hold of his erection through his pants and stroked it.

“Do you want to park over there?” I asked, as I pointed to the darkest area of the parking lot.

When he parked and turned off the ignition and lights, we were in darkness. He put his arms around me and we kissed. I grasped his cock firmly now and stroked him. He groaned into my mouth. I opened the belt of his slacks and pulled down the zipper. My small hand reached into his slacks and boxers and found his huge erection. My own cock immediately became hard.

I gently pulled his pants lower and his cock sprang free. I lowered my head and smothered his cock with kisses. I worked my tongue up and down his shaft. I found his balls and held his sac. Heavy, egg-shaped balls. I wet my lips and placed them over his mushroom-sized cockhead. I sucked his cock and stroked his shaft and massaged his balls. His head fell back against the headrest, rolling from side to side. Animal-like groans came from deep in his throat. I worked furiously on his cock. I was moaning now, too.

I felt his heavy balls contract in my hand. My tongue was on his cock-slit ready for his cum.

“OH-GOD—OH-GOD—OH-GOD…” he shouted in ecstasy as his cock exploded in my mouth.

I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed but still couldn’t keep up with the flood of cum his cock was shooting into my mouth. His cum dripped down my chin and into his pubic hairs. I licked his softening cock clean then buried my face in his pubes. I licked and sucked his cum out of his wet, matted pubic hairs.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang. He composed himself quickly and answered it. My face was still in his crotch.

“Y-Yes, dear?”…”No, I’ll be home soon”…”Yes, it was a good party”…”Okay, then—I love you, too.”

There was an awkward silence. He dressed himself. I wiped his cum off my face.

Finally, I said, “I had a good time tonight…If you want—call me sometime.”

More silence. I opened the car door, climbed out and walked quickly into the building. I had just gotten undressed and brushed my teeth when I heard Danny open the front door.

He was tired and in no mood to fool around but I was so horny I coaxed an erection out of him, climbed on top of him, lowered my asshole onto his cock and rode him hard until we both emptied our balls. We fell asleep with smiles on our faces.

It had only been a few days since my front-seat tryst with Randall, but I hadn’t heard from him and was beginning to think my ‘feminine wiles’ had failed me.

Mr. Bell was becoming more brazen in his visits with me. He now insisted we get naked, and demanded I give him two orgasms instead of one. The only consolation was I taught him to enjoy stroking my cock to climax; he did seem fascinated when he watched my semen shoot out of my cock. I decided it would be more tolerable if I could get him to take me in his mouth so I was working on that with him, too. Anyway, I was growing weary of him and was devising a plan that would get me out of our arrangement all together.

I was coming back from the pool one late morning. I grabbed the mail from our box and went inside and laid it on the kitchen counter. I made a salad and sat down to eat. The mail was mostly advertisements and a couple bills. I came across a handwritten letter with no return address. It was for me. There was a single, white sheet of ordinary computer paper folded over in the envelope. I opened it and it read:

Dear Johnny,

Even though I have tried, I can’t get you out of my mind. The other night was extraordinary. I am putting my business and family lives at great risk by even contacting you, but I feel I must resolve this matter one way or the other before I can fully concentrate on work again.

I don’t know how you feel about me, but I need to see you one more time so we can discuss our relationship. I offer my apologies in advance, because of my sensitive position, we must be extremely discreet.

On Friday, at 3:00pm, my personal assistant, Evan, will drive to your building. If you are not outside, I will understand, but if you choose to meet with me, Evan will bring you to me. I have already arranged for Danny to work late that evening.

I hope your answer is ‘Yes’,


I smiled to myself. I knew my life was about to become a whole lot better!

After a light lunch on Friday, I showered and shaved, dressed in a casual shirt and designer jeans, and went outside at 2:55. Promptly at 3, an older model Nissan Sentra arrived at my building. He rolled down the passenger window and said, “I’m Evan.” I climbed into the backseat and we drove off.

Evan furtively glanced at me in the rear view mirror several times during the ride. I have a sharp instinct when it comes to reading people and I sensed he disapproved of this rendezvous. I guessed he was a prissy-little-uptight faggot who was very proprietary when it came to Randall. I smiled in the mirror at him.

He drove me to a motel on the other side of town. It wasn’t seedy, but it wasn’t the best, either. I understood Randall’s need for anonymity.

“Number 14—knock once and go inside,” Evan said in his snotty voice. I guessed that Evan knew the routine quite well.

Once inside, I saw Randall sitting on the edge of a king-sized bed. I wasn’t sure if I should rush into his arms, or play it cool. I decided to play it cool.

“Hi,” I said, with a smile on my face.

He smiled back, “I’m glad you came—I was worried you wouldn’t.”

“I wanted to see you again,” I said.

I sat beside him on the bed; not too close.

“I-I don’t know what to say,” he began, “you’re a wonderful boy—so pretty and smart…you’re fun to be with…I don’t know if I can do this…I want to be with you…we’d have to keep this secret—that’s not fair to you…”

I moved closer to him, and said, “I can do whatever you need me to do.” I rubbed his thigh.

He drew me in his arms and whispered, “I want you!” We kissed; the passion melded our lips together.

I undressed him then took my own clothes off. I lay on top of him; kissing him and stroking his chest. I kissed and licked my way down his body until I was kneeling between his legs. I wrapped my fingers around the base of his throbbing, seven-inch cock; I massaged his ball sac and lowered my mouth over his purple cockhead.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but needless to say, I had him groaning and thrusting his hips in a very short time. My main concern was swallowing the massive amount of cum his balls held. I spilled much of it the other night and I didn’t want to make that mistake again. When the time came, and I felt his balls contract in my hand, I stroked his cock faster and placed the flat part of my tongue directly on his cock-slit. When he shot his cum into my mouth, my tongue quickly lapped it up and I swallowed over-and-over again until he was drained. I didn’t spill a drop—I was proud of myself.

‘Oh God, Johnny…that was wonderful!” he said, gasping for air.

I remained kneeling between his legs. I wanted to see what kind of recuperative powers he had. I kissed and licked his balls. I was able to fit one ball at a time in my mouth and I lathered it with my saliva and his cum then sucked his other ball. My hand petted his limp cock. I pushed at his thighs; he moaned and raised his legs to give me access to his asshole.

I buried my face between his bottom-cheeks. I kissed and licked his anus, up over his perineum and back to his anus. I licked around his anus, curled my tongue and pushed into his asshole. He groaned loudly. I worked my tongue as far into his asshole as it would go then back out to the tip. I tongue-fucked his asshole a long time.

His cock slowly came to life. I stroked it into full erection. I raised up and was turning my back to him; he knew what I was going to do next.

“Johnny,” he gasped, “let me lube you first.”

I smiled at him, “I already did that at home.”

“God, you’re amazing…” he groaned.

I turned my back to him, spread my legs wide, and positioned myself until I felt his cockhead pressing against my anus. I took a deep breath—I’d never had a cock this big inside me before—I knew it was going to hurt. I pushed myself slowly downward until I felt his cockhead pop through my entrance. I stopped, giving myself time to get accustomed to his size. I breathed deeply and pushed my asshole down his cock until I had the entire length of him inside me.

My whole body was wracked with pain. I saw stars dancing before my eyes. I imagined this was the pain women felt during childbirth. My face contorted and twisted in agony, but he couldn’t see me. I concentrated hard on not crying out, I was determined to give him the best fuck he ever had.

The pain wouldn’t go away, but I slowly raised and lowered myself on his cock. My body was screaming, but my mind pressed onward. It became only slightly more bearable as I increased my tempo. I slid up-and-down his cock faster-and-faster. His strong hands grasped my hips and pulled me onto his cock with greater urgency. He thrust his hips upward and filled me with his cock.

Now my rectum was numb—the pain was gone. I bounced up-and-down on his cock trying hard to make him cum. Suddenly, his hands tightened their grip on me and held my hips still while his hips bucked wildly; I felt his scalding hot cum fill my asshole. He screamed and pumped his cock until my asshole had milked his balls dry. It was finally over. His cock slipped out of me and I collapsed on the bed.

“OOhhhh, Johnny—Oh God…that was fantastic…”

When I regained my composure I smiled at him. “I’d better go to the bathroom,” I said and went and sat on the toilet. A mixture of cum and blood slowly oozed out of my asshole into the bowl.

He came into the bathroom and ran warm water on a wash cloth. He was going to clean himself, but I stopped him and said, “Let me do that.”

He left the room and when he returned he was fully dressed.

“Johnny, I’m sorry I have to leave so soon,” he said, “…I’m running late…Evan will help you clean up. Give him your phone number and he’ll give you his…I’ll get in touch with you through him, okay?”

I smiled weakly, “Okay.”

“Oh, and Johnny, Evan will do whatever you want him to do,” he said as he left the bathroom.

I heard the front door open; he must have motioned to Evan because I heard Evan’s voice in the room.

“Help Johnny get cleaned up. Do whatever he tells you to do, Okay?” Randall’s voice was stern; it thrilled me to hear him speak that way.

“Y-Yes, s-sir,” I heard him answer.

Evan meekly came into the bathroom. His face was white with a look of sheer horror in his eyes. I was the last person he wanted to obey, I was sure of it.

I wiped the remnants of my dalliance with Randall from my asshole and stood. I think he was shocked at how casually I stood naked before him. I smiled at him.

“Ah, Randall said…he said—” Evan stammered.

“Yeah, I heard him!” I continued smiling, “I need to take a shower—why don’t you join me?”

“Huh? I’ll help you—”

“Strip!” I ordered him, “I want you in the shower with me.”

Now his face flushed red with embarrassment. “Ah, I…ah—” his eyes opened wide.

Strip NOW!” I said forcefully. He obeyed me. I felt a thrill go through my cock.

The hot water felt great on my sore body. I had Evan soap me all over; his hands were very skilled. When my cock became fully erect, I pointed to it; red-faced, Evans’ soapy hands massaged my cock and balls. His expert hands made my cock throb. When he rinsed off the soap I told him to sit on the edge of the tub. He obeyed; his back pressed against the shower curtain.

“Suck my cock,” I said matter-of-factly to Evan. I held my cock and pointed it at his mouth mere inches away. His eyes bulged wide.

He stammered, “Oh, I…ah, well, I don’t know—”

“I don’t think Randall would be very happy if I told him you disobeyed me!”I threatened him with a smile on my face.

With a forlorn look in his eyes, and his face drooping in resignation, he took my hardness into his mouth.

Oh my God, I thought, he was actually going to obey me!

He was a skilled and fantastic cocksucker!

Evan was able to take my entire five inch cock into his mouth. His lips and tongue danced on my hotly aroused flesh. He played my cock like a virtuoso flutist. His hands stroked my shaft and massaged my balls. He had me groaning and pumping my hips; my head rolled side-to-side on my shoulders. He was almost as good a cocksucker as me.

When my balls contracted in his hand, he feverishly stroked my shaft and sucked on my cockhead. My screams of joy filled the bathroom. I held his head still as my hips pushed my cock further into his mouth and my cum exploded out of my balls. Wave-after-wave of intense pleasure wracked my body as he swallowed every drop of my cum. He had given me the best blowjob of my life. My whole opinion of him changed at that very moment.

I held out my hand and helped him to his feet. I looked down and saw his stiff cock standing between us. I reached for the soap and lathered his cock. He looked surprised and tried to stop me. I smiled and kissed him; he kissed me back. His lips and tongue were coated with my cum but I didn’t care. I worked Evan’s cock until he shouted and spurted his cum. We looked into each other’s eyes, and like the last line from the movie “Casablanca”, I thought, ‘This might be the start of a beautiful friendship’.

I sat in the front seat with Evan as he drove me home. I asked about his life and his job with Randall. He was hesitant at first, but soon became comfortable and opened up to me.

“Sometimes he doesn’t treat me very well,” Evan said in a low voice.

“Why do you stay with him?” I asked.

He looked at me like it was a stupid question, “…I love him.”

When he stopped at my building I scooted over to him and kissed him on the lips; his face turned red but he smiled.

He called the following day to arrange my next ‘date’ with Randall, and the timing of our future ‘dates’. It was clear I had to do something about Mr. Bell. I couldn’t let him interfere with my new relationship. I was moving up in life, and Mr. Bell had outlived his usefulness. I decided on a course of action, made a brief phone call, and waited for Mr. Bell’s 1:45pm arrival.

He was always on time, and he always made sure the front door was locked before we went into the bedroom. We were in the bedroom undressing when I excused myself and said I needed to take the steaks out of the freezer for tonight’s dinner. I took out the steaks then unlocked the front door.

I was kneeling between his legs with his cock in my mouth. I switched positions and we were now laying on our sides head-to-tail. I sucked his cock and encouraged him to suck mine. I’d been working up to this with him; I knew it was only a matter of time before he’d actually do it.

“Just do what I do,” I pleaded.

His cock throbbed in my hands when I said it; I knew the idea of sucking me excited him. When I placed my lips over his cockhead I felt his hot breath on my penis. Tentatively, he licked my glans then his lips sucked my cockhead into his mouth. This is how she found us. We were sucking each others’ cocks when his wife burst into the bedroom.

Needless to say, it was not a pretty sight. Poor old Mr. Bell, grabbing at his clothes trying to cover himself while his wife’s little fists of fury pummeled him. When they finally left my apartment screaming at the top of their lungs, I closed the door and made myself a margarita. Life was good again.

I met with Randall the next day in ‘number 14’ again. I was actually thinking of Evan while Randall and I made love. I knew I had to be at the top of my game to satisfy him. Evan was tough competition. This time it wasn’t as painful when he fucked me, and like before, he fled the room shortly after he was done.

Evan shyly helped me clean up afterwards. I intentionally didn’t orgasm with Randall—I wanted to save it for Evan. I decided it was going to be fun to be a ‘top’ for a change.

After showering, I took his hand and led him to bed. He demurred, but I was insistent. I had him kneel between my legs. I needed to feel his marvelous lips and tongue on my cock and balls again.

Oh sweet-mother-of-mercy was he good! He teased my cock to the brink of orgasm two-three times only to back off and leave me begging him for release. My whole body was on fire; I was babbling incoherently; I pleaded with him—I cried. When he finally let my cum explode into his wonderful mouth I screamed so loud we both thought the cops would come. It took a full ten minutes before my breathing returned to normal.

He reached for his bikini briefs but I stopped him. “Not yet, boy,” I smiled. He was three years younger than me and I loved being in control of him. I hooked my arms around my thighs and pulled them back exposing my anus to him. “Get me hard again, boy!” I commanded; he groaned and buried his face against my anus.

His long, hot tongue snaked into my asshole. “OOOOhhhhhhh…” I moaned.

His hands and lips and tongue were so busy on my cock and balls and asshole it felt like there were two boys working between my thighs. This boy was special. It made me wonder why Randall would want anyone else. It didn’t take him long to make my cock rock-hard.

I sat on the edge of the bed; I told him what I wanted. He found the tube of lubricant I had earlier used on myself. He stood with his back to me; he spread his legs and bent over. I saw his little brown hole. He applied lube on his finger and worked it into his anus. More lube, and his finger went in deeper. Then he smeared lube on my cockhead.

When he was ready, he positioned his anus on top of my cockhead. He held my pole and guided it into his anus. With one downward thrust, my cock completely disappeared inside of his asshole. He impaled himself on my cock. His asshole was deliciously tight.

With his hands on either side of my legs, he pushed himself up then lowered himself downward again on my cock. I reached around him and stroked his throbbing cock. He raised himself so just the tip of my cock was inside him then slammed himself down my cock. Small mewling noises escaped his lips. His head was thrown back and he wore a smile on his face. He truly loved being fucked in the ass, well, who doesn’t?

My hand went faster on his cock. He raised and lowered himself with greater urgency. I loved the feel of his cock in my hand; my thumb smeared his pre-cum on his cockhead—he groaned. Soon, we both were making unintelligible noises. We both strained to cum. My balls exploded and shot load-after-load of hot cum into his asshole. His cocked spewed forth a volcano of cum into the air. We screamed our ecstasy and collapsed on the bed.

We showered again; kissing and fondling each other. We wore permanent smiles all the way to my building. We kissed before I got out of the car. A wave of sadness came over me when I realized I wouldn’t be seeing him for a few days.

Danny brought home a bucket of chicken and mashed potatoes; I’d made salad. While we were eating, Danny said, “Oh Christ, I almost forgot. Did you hear about The Bell’s?” I shook my head. “Well, it seems she caught Mr. Bell ‘in-the-act’ with some slut and she kicked him out—they’re getting a divorce!”

“Wow,” I said, “the slut must have been some actress to do it with him.” We laughed.

Even though my life was changing for the better something still seemed to be missing. I saw Randall twice a week and that was fine, but only seeing Evan twice a week made my heart ache. I began to think that if I had my own apartment then Evan and I could be together more often.

One afternoon in ‘number 14’, Randall was catching his breath after a particularly heated blow-job I’d given him; I held his balls and asked, “Is Danny good at his job?”

“Well, ah…yes. Yes he is,” he answered. I think I took him by surprise, I never mentioned Danny before.

“Is there a chance for him to get a promotion?”

“Well, sure…if something around here ever comes up, he’d be in line for it.”

“Don’t you have offices all around the world?” I asked.

“You want me to transfer Danny out of town?” he sounded surprised.

“Well, only if it means a promotion and more money for him…if I lived alone, wouldn’t it be easier for you to see me whenever you wanted?”

Two days later Danny came home depressed; silent. I asked him what was going on, but he didn’t want to talk about it. That night he took me to a nice restaurant; we had wine and lobster and steaks. Then he told me.

“Johnny, I’m being transferred. I can’t get out of it. I have to leave in four days.”

“What? Where? Where are you going?”

“Saudi Arabia…Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I want you to come with me—it’ll be more money and we’ll live in the company house over there—I hear the house is like a mansion.”

I leaned forward and spoke softly, “Danny, I can’t go over there. Haven’t you read how they treat queers over there?”

Danny’s face reddened; he still couldn’t admit to himself what we were.

“Johnny, I…I…”

“Danny, I’ll wait for you…you won’t be there forever…when you come back, I’ll be here for you.”

“Johnny, yeah…yeah you’re right.” His mood brightened; we toasted his promotion.

The next few nights I gave him ‘good-bye fucks’ that he’d never forget. He was gone four days later. On the fifth day I called Evan and invited him over.

A few weeks passed and life was good. Randall was paying my rent and giving me an allowance. Not as much as I wanted, but I was able to ‘get-by’. I’d see him twice a week in ‘number 14’, and fuck his brains out. I even got him to include Evan in our lovemaking. Randall never wanted to come to my place, but that was okay with me.

Evan, sweet naïve, Evan! I insisted he service me three days a week at my apartment. I played the masterful ‘top’ to his subservient ‘bottom’. My orgasms were splendidly explosive. How he kept his asshole so tight, after fucking Randall’s big cock all this time, I’ll never know. And his mouth and hands…oh my God…he seemed to do something new every time we met. I always made mental notes so I could keep Randall satisfied.

A few more weeks went by and I was becoming restless. I was concerned more-and-more with my future. I was worried that I was nothing more than ‘a good fuck’ to Randall. What would become of me if he suddenly shut me off? I didn’t have any money saved, and if he quit supporting me I’d be screwed.

That damned wife of his was living the good life: she enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, and never had to take his cock in her ass. I thought, this arrangement is great for her, but not very fair to me.

One day, as Evan was leaving my apartment, we stood at the front door, hugging and kissing when he said, “Johnny, I have to go on a trip…Randall needs something delivered personally to one of his offices, and he only trusts me to get it done.”

“How long will you be gone?” I asked.

“About a week—not very long,” he answered.

“Where are you going?” I asked him.

He chuckled, “Saudi Arabia—I’ll say ‘hi’ to Danny, if you want.”

“Ah…yeah, sure…okay.”

He turned to leave then abruptly turned and faced me. “Oh…Randall still wants to see you next week. Can you take a taxi there?” he looked concerned. “He’ll reimburse you, of course.”

“Sure, yeah, I’ll be there.”

He paused; a serious expression came to his angelic face: “I shouldn’t mention this…but…but…”

“But WHAT, Evan?”

He looked me square in the eyes, and lowered his voice, “I guess Randall’s wife hired a detective agency—she might suspect something is going on…be very, very careful—okay?”

“Well, yeah—of course I will…who is it? Do you know the name of the agency? It might help if I knew their name.”

“I think Randall said it was ‘Blue Moon Private Investigations’…gotta go lover—see you in a week!”

We kissed and he left.

I poured myself a glass of wine and thought the information Evan told me over in my mind. This was definitely not a good development. I could lose everything I had worked for up to this point in time. A detective agency? Hell, it could be just a matter of time before this blew-up in Randall’s face. Was there any way I could help Randall?

I took a taxi and met with Randall the following week in ‘number 14’. He sat on the edge of the bed while I performed a strip tease for him. I undressed him and sat on his lap and we kissed for a long time. I told him I loved him and he said, “I love you, too.”

We lay side-by-side kissing and stroking each other’s cocks. I knelt between his legs and gave him a long, slow, tortuous blow-job. He screamed when he shot his load in my mouth. I wasn’t able to swallow it all and cum covered my cheeks and dripped from my chin.

I kissed and sucked his balls then concentrated on his asshole. My tongue curled in-and-out of his anus. I tongue-fucked him for ten minutes before his cock became hard again. I had him sit on the edge of the bed. With my back towards him, I mounted his hard cock and worked my way up-and-down his magnificent member.

“Oh, Randy, play with my cock—PLEASE PLAY WITH MY COCK!!” I begged him.

He reached around and stroked my hard penis in time with my asshole sliding up-and-down his throbbing cock. We fucked a long time. When I felt his strong hands holding my hips firm, I knew he was ready to cum. I fucked him faster and his hand on my cock quickened its pace, too.

Our loud cries of ecstasy filled the room as he shot his load inside my ass. My cock spewed semen into the air and it landed on both of us. When we were spent I climbed off him and still standing, I spread my legs and bent over and cleaned his cock with my lips and tongue. I could feel a river of his cum oozing from my asshole and down my thighs.

Randall’s divorce was kept very quiet. It never made the news. The only information I received was from Evan. When he had returned from his trip, we resumed our relationship. He was still ‘my boy’ whenever he visited my apartment.

He told me Randall’s wife got just about everything in the divorce. Randall had to resign from the company, and his money supply was low, and he’d have to live a very modest lifestyle from now on.

One day Evan wondered aloud, “How on earth did that detective agency know to put concealed cameras in ‘number 14’?”

“Yeah,” I said sheepishly, “I don’t know—they were pretty darn clever, huh?”

I hadn’t seen Randall since that fateful day, but he was still paying for my apartment and giving me the allowance. Evan said it would just be a matter of time before Randall and I could get together again. In the meantime, I was very happy with Evan—he was everything I could hope for and want—except for the money, that is.

One day as Evan was about to leave, he said, “Oh, hey…Randall and I are meeting with one of his old clients tonight. You want to join us?”

“No…I dunno…I’m pretty tired—you wore me out today!” I answered, and he laughed.”Ahhh, who is this guy?”

Evan looked at me; a smile curling on his lips and said, “Oh, he’s only like the 4th or 5th richest man in the world—he’s from Saudi Arabia—a real live Sheikh—he’s worth billions!”

“Wow!” I replied, “…it would be rude of me not to meet him, I guess.”

Evan laughed and told me the time and place to meet them.

“Sheikh al Faisal, this is Johnny,” Evan introduced us.

We shook hands and the three of us walked into a dimly lit restaurant for dinner. Randall was running late, but he’d be here, Evan assured us.

We sat at a circular booth; The Sheikh waved me into the middle and he sat beside me. Evan was on my right.

During dinner, The Sheikh didn’t say much, he seemed contented to listen to me and Evan talk of things we basically knew nothing about. He appeared to like me as he smiled often at me and would pat my thigh from time-to-time. When I was in the middle of a long story, I gesticulated with my hands. I would touch his shoulder, and rest my hand on his thigh. One time I touched the front his ornate robe and my hand brushed against his erection. I looked at him and smiled.

Randall never did arrive, but I hardly noticed. By the end of dinner, we were getting ready to leave; I figured it was now or never: Under the table I firmly grasped his erection and stroked it. He smiled at me.

When we stood, his beautiful robe hid his condition. As we walked out of the restaurant I felt a panic: he still hadn’t said anything to me. I had to fight the urge to throw myself at him and beg him to fuck me.

Since we both had arrived by taxi, Evan suggested he drive The Sheikh to his hotel then he’d take me home. The Sheikh climbed into the backseat of Evan’s car, and before Evan could close the door, I scrambled in and sat next to The Sheikh. I heard Evan softly laugh.

I sat very close to The Sheikh, our thighs touching. He still hadn’t said anything to me and I felt desperate. I lightly rubbed his thigh. When I tried to feel his erection, I discovered he’d lost it. My rubbing became more urgent. Just as Evan parked at the curb of his hotel, The Sheikh took hold of my hand and pressed it against his erection.

“Perhaps you will join me upstairs?” he asked with a slight smile on his face.

“I’d love to,” I answered, secretly thrilled at the chance to be alone with a billionaire.

Evan winked at me as we left the car and entered the hotel.

Going up to his room, I finally got a good look at him: Old, fat and ugly, but I wanted to be with him; I wanted to make an impression; I wanted him to want me.

Needless to say, I was fantastic in bed. I incorporated my moves with what I learned from Evan and I sucked and fucked The Sheikh to three orgasms before he’d had enough.

I wanted to stay the night with him, but he said it wouldn’t look dignified. I understood. He walked me to the door; my heart pounding; was this going to be it? He gave me a hundred dollars for a twenty-dollar cab ride.

Oh my God, I thought. I couldn’t leave without telling him how I felt. I couldn’t let the opportunity of a lifetime slip through my fingers. Blood rushed to my face; my pulse was beating a mile a minute.

“Ah, please…Mister…Mister Sheikh”, I stumbled; he looked at me oddly. “I could make you a very happy man. Please take me with you—please, I want to be your boy!”

We stood at the door a long time before he spoke: “I leave in the morning—you want to come with me? You want to leave this life for mine?” he softly asked.

“Oh yes, Mister Sheikh—please, yes, yes I do—can I come with you?” I pleaded.

He smiled and nodded—my heart leapt with joy.

“Your friend will pick you up—be ready at 8 o’clock!”

I wanted to hug and kiss him, but I knew nothing of his country’s customs. “Thank you—thank you—I’ll be ready!”

“Don’t pack anything,” he said, “You will have a whole new wardrobe in my country.”

“Thank you—thank you,” I gushed.

I was waiting outside my building at ten to eight. I wasn’t going to miss this for the world. My boyfriend—the billionaire…my boyfriend—The Sheikh. I smiled. I had finally made it to the top. From now on, every want and need I have will be taken care of in luxury. All of my hard work had finally paid off. I was as giddy with joy as a school girl.

I was daydreaming of the palace I would be living in when Evan drove up. I immediately opened the back door and took my place beside my man. He smiled at me and I returned it with a huge smile of my own.

Evan didn’t drive to the main airport; instead he went to the executive terminal. Looking out the window I saw dozens of beautiful and expensive private jets. To my surprise, when the guard at the gate saw who was in the backseat of Evan’s old car, he let us through the gate and we drove directly to a plane on the tarmac. I was impressed as hell.

“Good luck, Evan,” I said, “…what are you going to do now?”

“I’m moving in with Randall tomorrow—he bought a new house!”

“I thought he was broke?” I asked.

He saw the puzzled look on my face and laughed, “Oh, did I forget to tell you about his stock options?”

Whatever, I thought.

A very large middle eastern-looking man approached the car and he opened the door. I climbed out and he pointed to the open door on the plane, as I walked up the stairs to the plane I looked back into the car: The Sheikh was giving a fat envelope to Evan. I didn’t know what that was about and I didn’t care.

The inside of the plane wasn’t what I’d expected—it looked old and rundown, but that didn’t damper my spirits. I waited for The Sheikh and he led me to three seats towards the middle of the plane. He sat next to the window, I was in the middle, and the large man sat beside me. We were the only people on board—that impressed me!

The Sheikh explained that the man was his assistant, and that I’d be getting to know him quite well. I smiled at The Sheikh. My heart was pounding with excitement.

The plane took off almost immediately. We were in the air for about a half hour when the pilot made an announcement in Arabic. We must have been at cruising altitude because The Sheikh unfastened his seat belt and told me to do the same. He took my hand and placed it on his crotch. I found his cock through the material of his robe and massaged him to an erection.

“Pretty boy,” he smiled at me,”…kneel between my legs and satisfy me with your mouth and hands.”

I was more than happy to obey his request. On my knees, I pushed his robe upwards until his cock and balls were exposed to my view. The stench from his genitals smacked my nostrils hard. He must not have washed himself from last night, I thought. Undeterred, I went to work pleasuring him.

The Sheikh and his assistant conversed in their native language. I couldn’t understand a word, but their language sounded intriguing.


Sheikh: This pretty boy is such an idiot he begged me to take him with me. (they laughed) He believed his friend when he was told I am a billionaire with the largest oil fields in Saudi Arabia (they laughed)

Assistant: You do have the largest brothels there…and who knows? You’re only 999 million away from a billion! (they laughed)

Sheikh: (sighing) He is very good with his hands and mouth…his asshole is loose, but with exercise it will tighten.

Assistant: How do you want me to train him? What do you expect?

Sheikh: I paid good money for him. I want it back quickly. With the proper ‘training’, he can suck 50-55 cocks a night. At seven nights a week, I’ll soon make a profit out of him.

I fought past the smell and soon had his cock hard; my hands and mouth went to work in earnest to please him. I dreamed of my new life and wondered if he’d give me a boy or two for my own.

Sheikh: Yes, he will suck Arab cock all night, and during the day, I will give his asshole to the whorehouse guard dogs. (they laughed)

I loved hearing their laughter.

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