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This story is based off of real events. Names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. All participants in sexual acts are 18 years or older.


My name is Brian. When this story takes place, I was 18 years old, 5’11” and around 140 pounds. Having just recovered from a bad case of mono, I was not in the shape I would have liked to be in, but I was still decent looking. However, this story is not about my first time, it is about hers.

Three years ago, on a family trip to the beach, I was first introduced to my cousin’s best friend, Xenia. She was cute, but nothing extraordinary. Standing 5’4″, roughly 100 pounds, she was full of energy and fun to be around.

Unfortunately, I only had the chance to hang out with her for a few short hours on the boardwalk. Xenia, my cousin, my brother, and I played miniature golf, with Xenia and I dominating in the 2v2 format we created. However, no real sparks flew, and when we went back home, I forgot about the cute little Russian girl.

The summer after I graduated was filled with work during the day and drunken fun with my friends at night, but in June, the normal routine was shaken up. My Aunt and Uncle stopped by on June 21st, traveling on their yearly trip to the New Jersey beach. Along with them came my cousin, and her best friend Xenia. Xenia had grown up well, still 5’4″ roughly 100 pounds, but now fully endowed with ample breasts and a tight sexy ass. The night that they stayed over was Xenia’s 18th birthday, and we had a makeshift party for her. After cake eating, I wanted to get some time alone with her, but the four of them were exhausted from driving down from their rural hometown in New York, and had to leave early the next morning. While I was disappointed, I was getting very excited for the following weekend and my graduation party. I knew that the four of them would be coming back and spending two days at our house.

While the party was going on, I was rather busy accepting presents, playing ultimate Frisbee with my friends, eating, and swimming. But, even though I was in the middle of playing ult, I noticed when Xenia arrived. It wasn’t just me though, all of my guy friends started asking who the hot girl in the skirt was. During the party, though, my cousin and Xenia almost exclusively entertained two of my other younger cousins. Around 8 though, when the party was basically over, I joined my cousin and Xenia in goofing around with my two little cousins. It was here, in my basement, that I finally started making progress with Xenia. During a tickle fight with the young ones, I discovered that she was extremely ticklish. This fact, of course, made it extremely entertaining to tickle her, not to mention the plus of having a sexy 18 year old essentially gyrating against my active hands. While I don’t think she particularly liked being tickled, I noticed that when “truce” was declared, she did not protest that my hands lingered either on her body or holding her hands. However, I did not make a move immediately, as there were 3 other people in the room.

Around 10 my two little cousins left with their parents and my cousin, Xenia, and I started to watch some episodes of Family Guy on DVD. Because I had (and have) back problems, I started asking for one of them to give me a back massage. My cousin declined outright, but Xenia said she would if I gave her a good one first. Obviously, I did not object to running my hands on her sexy back, so I began giving her a massage. After about 5 minutes of a normal massage, I started letting my hands get a little more adventurous. When I worked my hands down her back, I went a little farther than appropriate, gently grazing the top of her cute ass. After she did not say anything, I was emboldened and went wider on the way back up, grazing the sides of her ample breasts. At this, her breathing noticeably changed, and my cousin looked over causing me to go back to a normal massage.

The massage I received was relatively uneventful, though she carried it on for almost 20 minutes, far longer than necessary. After watching a few episodes, my mother came to the top of the stairs and told us that the adults were all going to bed and that we should not stay up too late. Then, because I was beginning to bore of Family Guy, I asked the two girls what they wanted to do. Xenia asked what fun stuff there was to do at my house, and I responded with two things: swimming and drinking. Since my cousin didn’t really like to drink, and Xenia didn’t want to swim, I proposed that we do both. That seemed like a fair compromise to all parties, and I went upstairs to grab a half full bottle of orange flavored vodka along with some towels while they changed.

We took a few shots worth each straight out of the bottle and then took the bottle out with us to the pool. The water wasn’t cold, but, at 1 in the morning, it wasn’t warm either. So, naturally, we drank more vodka to keep us warm. However, I wanted the girls, Xenia in particular, to have most of the alcohol and faked a few shots to ensure that I would keep my wits and their judgment would be lacking. When we finished off the bottle, I started trying to tickle Xenia in the water. She wasn’t nearly as ticklish, but I persisted in order to run my hands along her tight sexy body. Gradually, as the alcohol set in, she started not pushing my hands away and I started to just hold her. While this was going on, my cousin was entertaining herself futilely trying to play water basketball. Whenever she turned to the basket, away from Xenia and me, I started caressing Xenia’s stomach. Slowly but surely, I worked my way up to her breasts, gently squeezing her C-cup tits.

I was trying to be sneaky, but my cousin turned around when I wasn’t expecting it and saw me feeling up her friend. I don’t know why, but I expected to get slapped or something. However, my cousin said, “If you two want to hook up that is fine by me.” That statement seemed to flip a switch for both of us, as Xenia immediately turned around and kissed me. After the initial passionate kiss, all of us went inside. I took the liberty of drying Xenia off and then disposed of the empty vodka bottle while they changed. After I changed into dry shorts, I grabbed some blankets and pillows my mom had set out for the girls to sleep on. I took them down to the basement where Xenia and my cousin were sitting on the couch. My cousin had turned on the TV and was surfing channels. I settled next to Xenia on the couch, and promptly started kissing her. When I started feeling up her tits, though, she said she felt weird with my cousin at the other end of the couch. To solve this problem, I took her upstairs to a couch in the family room.

As soon as we were out of my cousin’s sight, I was all over her. I almost tore her shirt taking it off over her head, and had her bra and my shirt off before we made it to the couch. We were making out like we were both possessed, and my hands were busy exploring every inch of her taunt body. She mildly protested when one hand worked its way down between her legs, but gave up any notions of protest when my hand cupped her mound through her very thin pajama style pants. I was lying on my side, with my right hand around her back and my left stoking her pussy through her pants. Even through two layers of clothing, I could feel intense heat emanating from her virtue and as I continued to rub I could feel wetness beginning to seep through.

After about three minutes of passionate kissing while rubbing her through her clothes, I moved my head down to suck on her delicious looking nipples. Her nipples had softened after the attention from my hands stopped, but they quickly returned to full size. As I worked my tongue over every inch of her gorgeous and perfectly proportioned tits, I slipped my hand underneath the elastic band of her pants and thong panties. Once again, she started to protest. Again, though, she dropped her protest when my middle finger found her engorged clit. To this day, I can distinctly replay in my mind the sound she made when she started to say the word “stop” but ended in a gasp. Reluctantly, at her hands nudging, my mouth left her nipples and returned to her hungry mouth.

After a few more minutes of heavy kissing and rubbing her clit, she started to heavily moan. She started panting “Don’t stop, don’t stop” and after I gently pinched her clit, she screamed out as her orgasm crashed through her. After she calmed down, I used my right hand to nudge her right arm towards my cock that as hard as ever. I could tell she was inexperienced as she tentatively grasped my hard rod through my shorts at first. However, she was eager to please and broke off our kissing to ask me what felt good. Because I wanted this experience to last, I told her to grasp my cock under my shorts and slowly stroke me. I almost lost control when her delicate hand wrapped around me for the first time, but I held on by concentrating more on what my hand was doing. She was dripping wetness by the time she started using her hand on me and I slipped in part of my middle finger. With her pajama pants and thong panties constricting my wrist and the tightness of her pussy resisting the movement of my finger, it was difficult to push inside of her.

Reluctantly, I asked her to take her hand off of me so that she could slide her pajama pants and panties off. To this request, however, she flat out refused. She hastily explained that she was a virgin and did not want to give it up to someone that she just met. I was obviously disappointed at this response, but continued to rub her clit and caress the outer lips of her pussy in order to try and gain her trust by providing orgasms. After a few minutes, she was on the verge of cumming again, and when she came she pulled my cock fairly hard. While it didn’t hurt, I grunted from the shock of the sudden action and she apologized when she calmed down from her second orgasm. I saw an opportunity and told her that she should kiss it to make it feel better.

Again, she was hesitant and said that she had never done that before. I told her that it wasn’t that hard, and would definitely heal the “damage” that she had caused. After licking off her tasty juices from my hand, I pulled down my shorts and boxers, revealing my average 7″ cock to her. We kissed again and I gently pushed her head down. She took the hint and kissed her way down to my dick. Tentatively, she reached out with her tongue and tasted the head of my penis that was a little slick with precum. Apparently, she did not mind the taste and started to take my cock in her pretty little mouth. Now, I had no great pieces of advice for her, but, as per my experience, I instructed her to vary her speed and avoid teeth at all costs. She couldn’t take all of me in her mouth, but made up for that by at least seeming to be enthusiastic about giving me head.

I instructed her to use her tongue more, and she began to swirl it around the tip every time she pulled back. After one of those moves, I felt that familiar tingling in my balls, and asked her if she wanted to try and swallow my sperm. She stopped momentarily to say she would try if I wanted her to, so I told her that when I started cumming, to pull back holding just the tip in my mouth and swallow as much as she could. Almost immediately after those words came out of my mouth, I started to have the most forceful orgasm of my life. Xenia gagged a little as the initial gust of cum hit her throat, but quickly began swallowing. She swallowed blast after blast taking every drop from my pulsating cock.

After she licked up any remains of cum from my dick, she came up and cuddled next to me. My mind was literally blown away, but not even the great blowjob could keep me from thinking about what would happen the next night.

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