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My Sissy Roommate

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Disclaimer: I enjoy writing these stories, both for your entertainment and mine. This story involves, gay sex, non-consensual sex and bi-racial sex. If this offends you, read no further. Like most writers, I do appreciate your comments and votes. Thank you.


It was 1996, my first year at college and my first time so far away from my home, my family and my girlfriend.

I eagerly looked forward to my freshman year and had already secured my dormitory assignments from my advisor. After the long drive there, I was anxious to see my roommate selection because I knew we had to endure each other for 9 months. I was really nervous about this and prayed he was a nice guy, hopefully somewhat similar to me and that we could co-exist peacefully in our forced inhabitancy.

Shortly after arriving and checking in with my floor supervisor, I found my dorm room. I loved it as soon as I saw it, much more spacious than I thought it would be, with big walk in closets. The room was vacant but I noticed that someone had already unpacked and claimed a closet, a desk and a bed. That was fine with me, as I actually preferred the side of the room he had left. I liked this situation already, his bed was crisply made, his computer was hooked up and he looked very neat, very organized and very serious about his education.

I was particularly impressed with his choice of books, so straight and neat on his shelf and desk. Mathematic logic, number theory, advanced trigonometry and even chess. I was also especially impressed with the software boxes of logarithms, calculus and algebra. At first notice, maybe my prayers had been answered. He was a numbers geek, just like me. I was a math major and this was looking very promising. If he was anything as serious about his education, like his books and his clean room indicated, I knew we would get along fine.

As I was unpacking, the door opened, and a short, slim fair complected kid walked in. He came over to me and introduced himself as Mathew, my new roommate. This guy didn’t even look old enough to be a freshman in college. His handshake was timid and weak, almost a gesture instead of a greeting.

As we talked, the first thing I noticed was that his smooth face was very effeminate, almost female model pretty. He had such dainty womanlike features. His hands were petite, his fingernails manicured and his arms were thin and pale. Totally underdeveloped, his body looked like he had never seen the inside of a gym in his life. Even his facial features were ladylike, his nose and cheeks were graceful and but his lips were almost obscenely full and plump.

His smile and the twinkle in his innocent eyes was just more confirmation of how pretty he was for a man. He seemed pleased with my personality as we chatted and got to know each other. He could have passed for a girl, he was just like me.

I stood 5 foot 7 inches tall and he looked shorter than me. I weighed 145 pounds and he looked a lot thinner than me. He had long blond hair that hung to his shoulders, parted in the middle and it looked very thick and clean, almost too luxurious for a man. My hair was blond also, but shorter. The first thing I thought was that we could have passed for brothers, or maybe even sisters.

As I studied him while we chatted, I got the impression he was studying me too, maybe also thinking how effeminate I looked for a man. I got the feeling he was very comfortable and very relaxed with my similar soft exterior. He was so talkative and so eager to get to know me.

All my life I had been taunted and teased from elementary school bullies to high school jocks and in the back of my mind, I was hoping that college would take me away from this hurtful tormenting into a more mature world. I was hoping for a world where your looks and body were not the most important things in life. I was hoping for a world where your brains instead of your brawn. would lead to acceptance and advancement. I had always hated how my stature and physique excluded me from the “in” groups during my childhood. I really felt comfortable with him, so, things were looking pretty good to me, I was very pleased with my roommate.

We had a lot in common. Mathew was from a small town in Iowa. I was from a small town in Wisconsin. We both had somewhat illustrious high school scholastic accomplishments, not only in math, but in other school activities as well. We were both presidents or vice presidents of the math and chess clubs at our schools. Between us, we held titles and achievements of school paper editor, school paper photographer, glee club membership, debate team involvement, independent tutors, city and state math competitions and honor rolls. The lists were comparable and endless, we both even played instruments in our respective school bands.

I felt very comfortable with Mathew and I sensed he was at ease with me and liked me also. Whomever placed us in a room together did a great job on matching personalities and scholastic similarities. Maybe there was hope for turning over a new leaf yet.

Throughout the first couple of months, we got along good, we helped each other out in our studies and homework. We socialized in our room, but rarely did anything outside the dorm together. Occasionally, we would go out and get a pizza together, but like me he didn’t drink either. We always got stares and sometimes smart ass comments from jocks when we went out together, both of us being kind of frail and perhaps pretty. They bothered me, but Mathew was bold and would just look at them and smile sweetly.

Other than sharing a room together, we really never saw each other much outside of it. He must have enjoyed a very private life of some sort though. I never saw him date or talk to any women and he rarely drove home on weekends. I on the other hand, would drive home probably every other weekend to see my family and my girlfriend.

My college life went on with very little to no harassment. I once complained to Mathew that the guys in the community shower on our floor seemed like they stared at me when I showered. He just giggled and told me, “That’s nothing, I get whistled at.”

I tried to co-ordinate my trips to the showers when they were empty but Mathew didn’t seem to mind on his trips. It was almost like he would purposely go when they were packed.

We had several members of the basketball team on our floor and they seemed to particularly enjoy giving Mathew a hard time. On more than one occasion, while Mathew was returning down the hallway to our room dressed in only a towel around his waist, I heard lewd and degrading comments directed toward him. He just smiled and laughed it off. I’m just glad they chose to vent on him instead of me.

I had a girlfriend back home, we had dated my last half year of high school. She was a year behind me, so when I left for college she still had a year of high school left. I thought she was very pretty, but I once secretly overheard my mom say that she was nerdy. She was also in the math club and I believe she was brilliant and had a great future ahead of her.

We talked about sex all through high school, probably more than she wanted to hear. We never went all the way, she could never get up the nerve to pull the trigger. Sometimes, I would resort to begging, but it would usually start a fight between us. Don’t get me wrong, I got a few hand jobs from her, and even got to play with her small breast sometimes, but we had never gone all the way.

Most of my weekend trips home would result in arguments, because my conversation with her were usually centered on when we will go all the way. I didn’t have a lot of options though, very few girls at college showed any interest in me and I just lacked the confidence to approach them. Sometimes I couldn’t concentrate on my studies because all I thought about was sex.

One Thursday night I told Mathew I was going home this weekend and would leave Friday afternoon immediately after my 1:00 class. The next morning, I saw him and told him I would be back late Sunday night. As I left the room with my luggage that morning, I told him to have a good weekend. He just smiled at me.

I put my luggage in my car and went to my 9:00 class. I was anxious to get on the highway after my last class and get home before dark. It wasn’t until my last class of the day that I realized I had left all my dirty laundry in the closet of my dorm room. My mother would always do my laundry when I came home, so as soon as my 1:00 class ended, I ran back to my dorm room to retrieve my dirty clothes.

When I got back to my room, I was surprised that Mathew wasn’t there. I knew his classes were over for the day and he rarely left the room. Stepping into my closet I grabbed my laundry bag and started stuffing all my dirty clothes in it. Just then, someone opened our dorm room door and when it opened it pushed against my closet door and almost shut it on me.

Mathew had entered the room with someone and I curiously peeked out the closet door crack that was almost fully closed, to see who it was. I wasn’t spying, it’s just that Mathew had never had anyone in our room since we enrolled and now he had a guest. I just thought this was strange and I wanted to see who it was before I stepped out.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Mathew was standing there in front of one of the basketball players from our floor. I just watched and wondered what they were up to. This was unusual, this was one of the guys that openly taunted Mathew, so it didn’t make any sense why he was in our room.

This guy was about 6 foot 10 inches tall, black, long and lean. I think his name was Mark, but they called him Marky Mark, or something like that. He didn’t talk to me and I didn’t talk to him, but he always gave me odd stares. He was muscular but mostly wiry and lean. He was wearing grey cotton jogging shorts and a white t-shirt as he stood in front of Mathew and put his hands on my roommates shoulders. I didn’t move an inch or make a sound, I just watched.

“Suck it like you did the other night in the shower, but take your time and suck it good and slow,” he demanded of Mathew.

Mathew flicked his hair out of his eyes like a girl would do and quickly fell to his knees. He wasn’t being forced to do this, it was obvious that he wanted to do this.

On his knees, in front of this black giant, Mathew stroked the front of his ballplayers shorts until a very large snakelike bulge began to stretch the cotton fabric out. For at least a minute, he just massaged and squeezed the bulge as it got bigger and bigger. Mathew finally reached up the pant leg of Mark’s shorts and moaned aloud as his hand made contact with the Mark’s bare cock.

“That’s right baby, all that cocks for you. I want you to take your time and give me some good mouth today,” he told him.

“You promise you’re going to fuck me before you leave with that big black dick of yours?” Mathew almost begged.

“Yea bitch, I’m going to split that tight pussy of yours good once you get me ready,” Mark taunted him.

With his hands up the leg of the ballplayer’s shorts, Mathew continued stroking Mark’s cock until it obscenely stretched the material of his shorts. The size of the bulge looked unreal as it strained for release from under the fabric. Removing his hands from underneath the leg of the Mark’s shorts, Mathew grabbed the waistband and untied the draw string slowly.

Mark’s cock was now clearly outlined all the way down the pant leg of his shorts. It seemed huge and I was amazed that I was curious to see it exposed. The bulge was just too big, it just didn’t look real to me.

Putting his hands on the sides of the waistband, Mathew slowly lowered Mark’s shorts. His eyes were locked on the now appearing thick hard black piece of flesh as he slowly pulled his shorts down, inch by inch. My eyes were locked on it too. Mathew was savoring this exposure, treating himself to a show of black cock.

I couldn’t stop watching from the closet as more and more of that long thick black shaft was uncovered and revealed. I was mesmerized and couldn’t turn away.

Four inches, six inches, eight inches were now exposed and the head of that big cock still hadn’t shown itself. Mark shuffled his feet some and seemed impatient.

“Come on baby, let it out, let it breathe, you know you want to suck this 12 inches of thick black meat,” Mark groaned.

Mathew finally pulled the shorts down quickly and just then, Mark’s cock sprang out and slapped hard against his t-shirt just once before settling into bobbing rhythm at a 90 degree angle from his body. I may have gasped aloud when I got a good look at it. It was a thick as Mathew’s wrist, longer than his entire face and standing straight from his waist. It curved a little to his right and was swollen to the max with thick heavy veins pulsing the blood into it.

I have never seen a cock this big in my life as I stared fascinated at what would happen next. Mark peeled his t-shirt off and threw it on the floor. His body, now fully exposed nude was pretty spectacular. Muscular, toned, hairless and with no body fat, he looked like a man’s man.

Mathew didn’t touch it, he just smiled and I saw that twinkle in his eyes. He just seemed like he wanted to drink in the size of it by admiring it before he went any further, As he knelt there, fascinated by this black man’s virility, Mathew licked his lips, maybe in anticipation or maybe by reflex like Pavlov’s dogs. Mathew just stared at it, he looked possessed, like he was in a trance. He seemed anxious, but he was in no hurry, he wanted this to last and he was going to enjoy this in the privacy of his room.

“Come on boy, suck that big black cock. Get me off before your roommate comes back,” he snarled.

In a new very feminine voice, not his own, Mathew purred, “Don’t you worry sweetie, I told you he was gone for the weekend, we have all day, and don’t forget you promised to do my ass too.”

Mark didn’t respond, he seemed irritated and Mathew finally said again in this girly voice, “Promise?”

“Oh yea, I’ll take care of that sissy ass, I’ll fuck it just like the pussy you want it to be. I love you little white faggot cocksuckers, and don’t call me sweetie again,” Mark taunted him again.

This was so degrading, so shocking, and I couldn’t believe Mathew was going to put this enormous cock in his mouth much less willingly wanted it in his ass. I didn’t think it was physically possible.

I couldn’t believe Mathew was gay. I couldn’t believe Mark was letting him suck him off. I couldn’t even believe how big his cock was. It was then that I felt a stir in my jeans. My cock was stiffening as I watched this play out before me. I wasn’t gay, but the rawness and the perversity of this situation was overwhelming.

Mathew, still on his knees, leaned forward and cocked his head to the right. He guided his open mouth to one of Mark’s large full balls and enveloped it between his full lips. Bracing his hands on Mark’s thighs, Mathew nursed ever so softly on just one of those big balls. Mark’s big cock twitched a few times bouncing off of Mathew’s temple and forehead. He just closed his eyes and thrust his hips forward a little to allow Mathew better access to his scrotum.

Mathew suckled that ball like it was the most fragile thing in the world. Ever so gently those full lips would tug on that ball stretching his nut sac downward, while Mathew stared up at Mark almost seeking his approval. The groans told the story, Mark just grunted and grit his teeth as Mathew cooed and fawned over it like it was a precious fragile trophy.

After a minute or two, Mathew moved to his other nut and repeated the same adoration he had given the first one. Slowly and methodically he payed homage to the black man’s balls that were probably full of so much sperm. Mathew seemed to be in heaven as he now released all his inhibitions and enthusiastically slobbered back and forth between each one. While drool ran down his chin, he never missed a beat, he was really enjoying this.

Mark grew impatient and dug his hands into Mathew’s hair. Pulling Mathew’s face from his nut sac, I could hear a “pop” as his balls escaped the suction of Mathew’s mouth.

“Suck my cock bitch. Put those pretty lips on my big dick now,” Mark demanded.

As I pressed my eye into the crack of the door for a better view, I could see Mathew was eager to oblige. While never taking his eyes off the ballplayers face, Mathew knelt up straightly leaned forward and put that bulbous head of that huge cock between full lips.

The tip was huge, like a small plum, but pink and glossy, as Mathew locked his lips down on it. I’m not exaggerating, it was at least two maybe three inches in diameter, unbelievably large compared to anything I could imagine.

I had now popped a full blown hard on in my pants. My five inches strained hard against my jeans as I watched. I’m wasn’t gay, but if any straight man had witnessed this, he would have had the same reaction. It was so hot, so freaky, so taboo and so sexy that I soon had unzipped and was now stroking my own hard little cock while I watched.

Mathew wasn’t being forced to do this, in fact, I think he was loving it more than Mark was. His eyes appeared to be in a dreamy trance as he massaged that black knob with his lips and tongue. He seemed happily lost as I watched his cheeks hollow from the suction he was applying to the head of that cock. He seemed the most content and happy I had ever seen him, while worshiping that big cock head with his mouth.

Mark just groaned and kind of arched his hips forward. With Mathew’s hair still in the grasp of both his strong hands, Mark tried to shove more cock in Mathew’s mouth. In one thrust, he shoved about 6 inches in and Mathew coughed and gagged. He tried to back off that fat black cock and adjust, but Mark had no mercy on him. He held him firm with his powerful large hands entwined in Mark’s hair and just stabbed in and out of his mouth, forcing Mathew to take what he was given.

“Suck that big black dick bitch, swallow it all, you know you like it,” he demanded of Mathew while he fucked deeper into his face.

I felt sorry for my roommate, but not only was he up for the challenge, he seemed to relish the abuse of his mouth and throat. While Mark forced himself deeper into Mathew’s mouth, my roommate struggled from his kneeling position to remove his own clothes.

Mark had now shifted his hands to my roommates ears and held him firmly in place while he rammed that big black cock in and out of his mouth. He really had a good grip on his ears and savagely pounded his mouth relentlessly, in and out. Mathew sputtered and gagged as Mark’s cock entered into his throat. Long deep strokes forced the shaft deeper into my roommate’s throat.

Mathew had now succeeded in removing his own pants and underwear and again I was shocked. My little, tiny, scrawny, skinny roommate had a cock almost as big as Marks. It was as thick as his own arm and at least nine inches long. It didn’t seem possible that this petite, effeminate man could possess such a weapon between his legs. Mathew’s cock was hard and swollen, so obviously, sucking this black cock really turned him on.

Mark really started pounding that face with his big black cock now. Mathew let him have his way, eager to please and hungry for that black meat. While Mark tightly held my roommates ears, he suddenly buried his cock deep into his throat in one swift motion. His entire massive 12 inch black cock disappeared all the way to his balls as he plummeted his cock hard and deep with no regard for Mathew’s throat.. My roommate choked and coughed as his throat was assaulted, but he never tried to pull away.

With the whole thing deep in my roommates throat, Mark pulled out about two inches and pounded it right back in until his balls slapped against Mathew’s chin. Keeping a tight grip on Mathew’s ears, Mark twisted my roommate’s head and he again pulled out just a couple of inches. Again and again, he just stabbed it back in, forcing all his length and girth into my roommates willing gullet. Over and over, he just fucked my roommates throat hard and fast, each time again pulling out only a couple of inches and ramming it back in to the root. All 12 inches jabbed in and out as Mark’s pelvis banged hard against my roommate’s chin and lips for the next five minutes.

My roommates throat seemed distended and swelled as the sheer size of that big black cock made it expand. Mathew’s face got as red as a beet, tears swelled in his eyes and poured down his cheeks, but Mark wouldn’t let up. He just ground all 12 inches into Mathew’s throat and punched it in and out as he groaned loud. I don’t know how Mathew breathed, I knew his throat was full.

“Suck my dick faggot. Swallow all that shit bitch. Eat my load you faggot motherfucking whore. Here I come bitch, eat my baby juice,” Mark hollered at him as he roughly pulled his ears and face tight to his pelvis.

Mathew choked and sputtered while the tears continued to pour from his eyes. Mark didn’t give him a chance suck anything, he just held my roommate in his strong hands and fucked his face while he forced his load down his throat. He did make him swallow it though, he never let up with his grip and just forced it down his throat.

As Mark came in his mouth, I could see my roommate’s adams apple bob up and down. Mathew swallowed and kept gulping down the ballplayer’s seed as Mark’s spasms wracked his entire body. As Mark’s legs trembled, jet after jet of cum flooded my roommate’s throat, but Mathew never let up and never let go. He took every single drop down his throat until Mark released him and pushed him away.

That big black cock was still rock hard and swung menacingly in the air, protruding straight out from his muscular stomach. Mathew had fallen over on his ass and remained on the floor, staring hungrily and lustfully at that black monster that he had just drained. Mathew just sat there and rubbed his own 9 inch hard cock with one hand while he squeezed his balls with his other hand. Mark panted and tried to catch his breath while Mathew tried to re-compose himself also.

Mathew, still using his girly voice, as he wiped the tears from his eyes and the drool from his chin said, “God that was delicious. I bet you shot 10 squirts down my throat.”

Still holding my stiff little cock in my hand, it was then that my belt buckle clicked loudly against the closet door. As Mark and Mathew quickly stared at each other, in a panic, I scooted to the back of the closet. Just then, my closet door swung open and there was Mark, with his still hard cock glaring madly, straight at me.

To be continued…

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